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I met InTASC standard 10 throughout my student teaching experience.

I had the opportunity to work alongside a fantastic first grade teacher. She is the epitome of what all teachers should model their work off of. Throughout the 8 weeks that I was in this classroom I was exposed to all sorts of collaboration. My mentor teacher and the other first grade teacher worked together all the time. All of their lessons were created from collaboration. My mentor teacher personalized her lessons added her own flare. Since I was able to observer their planning I learned how to collaborate and create lessons that spanned over multiple days, I even gave input into their lessons. Once it was my turn to plan for the weeks that I was full time teaching I had to jump into collaborating with my teacher, the other first grade teacher and the student teacher that was in that class. Being able to have a support team made bouncing ideas off of each other such a gratifying experience. Being exposed to this type of planning makes me want to find a school that insists and encourages collaboration. Student learning is enhanced through teacher collaboration and it can be seen in every lesson. I was also able to participate and even lead some parent teacher conferences. This was an experience that I was nervous to endure but so happy that I did it. I loved being able to talk with parents about their children and even learn about their home life. Being able to find out why some students were struggling and acting out was sad and enlightening at the same time. Sometimes student’s behaviors are overlooked and often seen as deliberate acts. When sitting down with parents I was really able to learn about the family and the hardships they were going through. The parents that showed up for the meeting learned a lot about their own child and all of them were eager to receive materials to further their students learning at home. It was great to see the parents want to take initiative on their children’s learning and education. I was able to go to professional development days where I learned different things about math, reading and even technology. On these days all of the teachers would gather and we would have a whole group lesson, we were then set off in groups to work together to create unit lesson. Every week teachers have professional development and are continuously learning. At the end of these days we were equipped with new tools to help us learn more about our students, as well as new tools and techniques to help our students learn more. In order to continue my development on this standard I will continue to attend professional development days. I will also seek out master’s courses to further my education. Both of these options are ways that I will be able to gain more knowledge which in turn will further my students growth and learning.