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1.What If?

If I had a leg amputated, would you stay with me? Blair sighed. Only Humphrey could mess up her tanning session by asking mind-blowingly pointless questions. She reajusted her Chanel sunglasses on her nose. I guess so. I did get used to the fact that youre from Brooklyn What if I lost all my money and I couldnt pay rent anymore? Then I would make you move-in with me and you would become my trophy boyfriend Dan laughed. The idea wasnt completely revolting. He looked at Blair, laying on her deckchair, the light Hamptons wind twirling some locks around. What if Humphrey! Blair sat up on her chair, pushing her sunglasses on her head so she could directly give him her angriest glare. I am in vacation. I dont have time for your pessimism. Its not pessimism. It could happen, you know Then well see when it happens

She put her sunglasses back on, lied back on her chair. Dan closed his eyes too, enjoying the sun on his face. He had never been a big fan of summertime. He just loved it with Blair. What if I got offered a job in Argentina? He looked over at Blair, who had pursed her lips but had not answered. He stretched an arm to poke her on the side. She hit him. Why would you be offered a job in Argentina? she asked You dont speak spanish Dan thought about it. Thats true he said. Blair grunted and got up. He had ruined everything. She went back inside the house they had rented to make a smoothie. She was surprised Dan didnt follow her, but stayed on his chair, eyes fixed on the ocean. When she was done, she went to call him. Dan? I made smoothies Dan got up and joined her inside. He accepted the glass she was offering him, taking a sip. What if a British millionaire came and offered you a manor with sheeps and hunting parties with Prince William? Blair laughed at the idea, and because Dan looked so serious asking such a silly question. She leaned in to kiss him.

I would ask him if he would be able to write poems about me. Because the man he would want me to leave can. Dan seemed to think about her answer while he was sipping on his smoothie. So basically, whatever happens, you would stay with me? he asked. Blair rolled her eyes with an exaggerated sigh. I guess. I mean, I wouldnt have found better so Dan then took her glass and put it down with his on the kitchen counter. Then he grabbed softly both of her arms. I love you he said, looking her in the eyes. Blair was surprised, and she knew he could see it. Dan had told her a thousand times, but that moment, she felt like he was trying to say something else. I love you she replied, nevertheless. Then one of his half smile broke onto his face. What if I asked you to marry me? What would you say? Blairs eyes widened, along with his smile. She tried to steady her breathing, not wanting to I dont see why the answer would not be affirmative. Dan put his hand around her waist and lifted

her to sit her on the counter. He took her face in his hand, grazing her cheeks with his thumbs. Thats always good to know he whispered, before kissing her full on the mouth and untying her bikini top


It was starting to get painful. Her stomach was desperately trying to push out something, even though she didnt have anything to vomit anymore. She was going to die. Ugh. Im going to die She would be utterly ashamed of her position if she didnt feel so bad. At that instant, the cold porcelain of the toilet against her cheek was the most relieving feeling she could experience. Youre not going to die, Waldorf. Is this your first bender? She didnt answer but got her head inside the toilet to throw up some more. She was actually starting to feel better. She sat back against the wall and tried to ajust her blurry vision so she

could look at Humphrey sitting against the wall facing hers. His eyes were red and he was sweating. You dont seem to be in a better shape than me she told him, working on steadying her breath. But I havent barfed yet he replied Im better at this than you. At not barfing? The slang word coming from her sounded so strange to Dans hear. At drinking he precised What were you doing in high school, if you werent drinking? Having a straight A curriculum and earthshattering sex with Chuck Bass she snapped back. Dan burst out laughing. Vodka always made everything funny to him. What is so funny, Humphrey? Sorry. But look where it got you. Not in Yale, but in a NYU bathroom, with me, Dan Humphrey, because your precious Chuck bailed on a romantic night with you. Again. Blair frowned. How dared he? You dont know anything about my life, Humphrey. Shut up. The look on her face made him stop laughing. She was right, it wasnt funny. A girl being

abandoned by her workoholic, self-observed boyfriend wasnt funny. Even when that girl was Blair Waldorf. Dan looked at her eyes gazing in the air, her worried frown, her fingers rubbing her skirt nervously. Actually, a girl being abandoned by her workoholic, self-observed boyfriend wasnt funny especially when that girl was Blair Waldorf. Youre right he said Drinking makes me kind of an ass. He struggled to get up, but managed to get himself on his feet. He held out a hand to her. Come on, Waldorf. Ill walk you to your room. Blair didnt hesitate to take his hand in hers, and she became aware of how strong Humphrey really was when he managed to stand her up without her putting any effort to it. Being up made her dizzier, and her knees couldnt bear her weight anymore. She felt Humphrey holding her by the waist before she even realized she was collapsing. Oh boy she heard him mutter. The next thing she was aware of was the feeling of him gripping her thighs around his waist, while her front rested numbingly on his

back and her cheek pressed against his shoulder. He started walking, or staggering was more like it, and she liked the way her body was bouncing against his with every step he took. Humphrey? she murmured, so low she was sure he hadnt heard her. But he had. Yes, Blair? he answered with the same tone. She liked his smooth voice saying her name, and the vibration coming out of him as he spoke. Drinking was definitely not good for her. When we get to my room she paused to restrain a burp. Blair Waldorf did not burp. You wont try to sleep with me, will you? She felt his chuckle against her cheek. Did you smoke too? Dan asked. She wanted to hit him, but she was too weak. Its only fair that I ask she said You did kiss me tonight, remember? Yes, he remembered. Dan could still taste her apricot lipgloss on his lips. I remember you running to the toilet to spill out your dinner afterwards he answered. Mmmh, completely understandable reaction They didnt talk more until he got in front of her door. When Dan put Blair down on the

ground, she could still feel his body against her. She leaned onto the door and looked up at him. Dan watched her as she held up her hand to touch his cheek. There are two of you she said, smiling. Two Dan Humphreys He smiled too, the corner of his lips reaching her thumb. What a nightmare that might be for you he said. Her hand dropped and bumped loudly against the door. Everything was silent after that. Can we go for another round? she asked Will you take me on your back again and walk around a bit more? Dan shook his head, still smiling. Im sorry, I am far too weak for that. Maybe some other time. Im going to remember you said that, you know she warningly pointed her finger at him - actually next to him, to the other Dan Humphrey he figured. You might be the best human horse Ive ever encountered. Ill take the compliment Dan said. Are you going back to Brooklyn, now? Dan shrugged I do live there, you know. Ill get a cab

Okay she said. She left the door to put her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down to kiss him on the cheek. Goodnight, Humphrey she whispered against his unshaved skin. Dan felt her breath on his ear and it made him shiver. When she started to pull away, he grabbed her waist and pushed her against her door, bringing his body flush with hers. The he tilted his head lightly to the right, positioning his lips centimeters above hers. Humphrey she whispered, her breath on his lips. Yes? he answered. Im drunk she said, as if the notification was necessary. Me too he said. She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into their second kiss of the night. It started sweetly, their lips brushing and dancing on the others. Then he felt the tip of her tongue grazing his upper lip and granted her access. As their tongues were mingling, the alcohol and her Guerlain perfume led him to bring a hand on her thigh and wrap it around him. The broke the kiss for air, but let their foreheads resting on one another.

Humphrey Waldorf She pushed him lightly away to look him in the eyes, him, the only Dan Humphrey she was seeing. Youre not going back to Brooklyn she said, reaching around her back to turn the doorknob.

3.Of the pedicure

Blair was now used to wake up at the loft. She was used to feel his Target sheets against her skin, she was used to smelling his cologne and she was used to see Cedric reigning over the room when she looked up. Mornings in Brooklyn werent as quiet as morning in the Upper East Side. She could hear all the cars driving by, the rolling of the skateboards, the children walking happily to school. She had gotten used to that too. She stretched a little, noticing that she was alone in Dans bed. Blair got out and opened the door of his room. She could smell fresh coffee. She smiled, in anticipation of seeing Dan, barechest in the kitchen, making

breakfast. She sometimes thought she was more in love with this sight than with Dan himself. Except breakfast was already set on the table, and Dan wasnt in the kitchen. She found him sitting on his couch in his underwear, clipper in hand. What are you doing? she asked. Dan looked up at her, surprised at first, then offered her a smile. Good morning he said Did you sleep well? Fine she said. She took a step forward, a bit hesitantly. Sowhat are you doing? Dan looked at her, his brows furrowed. He held up the clipper, because it was obvious. Im cutting my nails he said. When he brought his right foot on the couch and reached it, Blair gasped. But why? Why what, Blair? Dan was starting to get worried. Why are you doing this? I mean, why dont you get someone to do it for you? Because I can do it myself Dan answered, in a oh so obvious tone. Blair went to sit on the chair facing him. She watched, somehow mesmerized as

manipulated the little artifact on his nails. You are sonormal she said. Dan laughed Right, because youve never seen somebody cutting their nails Blair shook lightly her head and Dan stopped laughing. What? Blair, are you serious? She nodded and Dan brought down his leg slowly. Wowthis isweve had so different lives Yes Blair said. Well, youre going to have to catch up on doing normal things Dan told her. And youre going to have to catch up on paying for services Blair said Its not like you dont have the money Dan groaned slightly Lets go eat breakfast The got up together. Youre going to wash your hands, right? Blair asked, just to be sure. Of course, Blair, I wasnt raised on a barn Only in Brooklyn Blair murmured as she was making her way to the table. When Dan came to join her, she could see that he was tense. So she reached over the table to take his hand in hers. You know I dont mind you cutting your nails

yourself. And doing the dishes yourself and cleaning the bathroom yourself Dan seemed to relax, as a smile appeared on his face I know Blair he squeezed her hand And I love the way you command caterers when you prepare parties. Authoritarian Blair is sexy Blair gave him a smile before going for a severe expression Eat your breakfast, now Dan moaned Mmmh, such a turn-on After breakfast, they each took a shower. Dan went first and waited for Blair afterwards. They both had errands to run in Manhattan before going to their weekly visit of the MoMA. When she got out of the bathroom, all dressed up for the day, she had a malicious smile. What is it? Dan asked, unable to prevent a smile from forming on his face too. Blair went to stand in front of him and presented him her hands. Dan took them and placed a kiss on each of them. Blair giggled. No, you idiot. Although I much appreciate you worshipping me this way, its not what I wanted you to do. Okay, so you gotta help me out Dan sat back against the couch. Look at my nails Blair urged him.

Dan looked. He didnt see a difference, because he didnt know how they looked before. But if Blair was telling him to look, there had to be one. Thats when he understood. Blair Waldorf, did you cut your nails yourself? Blair gave him a proud nod, and he got up, laughing. You are so adorable he told her, pulling her into a kiss. I love you It really wasnt that bad she said I mean, I wont do it all the time butit might be useful if we ever get stuck on a desert island. Dan laughed again, trying not to show how touched he was by the silly fact that she imagined being on a desert island with him. Okay, lets go Blair was the first one to exit the building. She was already lifting her arm to hail a taxi when Dan stopped her. What? Blair asked, surprised. Dan simply pointed at the town car waiting a few steps from wherethey were standing. Blairs eyes widened. Daniel Humphrey, did you order a car service? Yeah, I mean, its not like I cant afford it Dan

shrugged nonchalantly. Blair threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with so much passion, they got whistled by a teenager passing by. She rested her forehead against his. I love you

4.Good morning -> 2

Dan had been awake for a while, but he hadnt opened his eyes for two reasons. The first one was that the brightness of the morning would remind him of his drinking path of the previous night, and he didnt handle well hangovers. The second was that when he opened his eyes, he would have to acknowledge that the person he was drapping his arm around, the person lying quietly over his chest was no one else than Blair Waldorf. The feeling was not bad. It was actually the contrary. Her skin felt soft against his, and the hair was gently tinkling his arm. They were both still naked, only covered by one of her sheets. It was not too hot, it was not too cool. It was just good.

Dan knew Blair was awake too, because her breathing had become less loud and because he just knew. He liked that she hadnt jumped off the bed, away from him. But he wondered if she remembered, if she was aware that he, Dan Humphrey, was the one she was cuddling with, and not Chuck Bass, her boyfriend. They say the freshman year of college is a time for all kinds of experiments, and Dan visibly was not an exception to the rule. But still, he thought that if he had known before how good it felt to wake up with Blair Waldorf in his arms, he would have tried to make it happen much sooner. Instinctively, he moved his hand to stroke her back, and regretted it when she moved. Now was the time she would jump and kick him out and never talk to him again. But that was not what happened. Blair actually moved to nestle closer to him and press her cheek harder against him. It was the only signal Dan needed. He wrapped his other arm around her, eyes still firmly shut, while she pushed herself higher on his body. Their lips met sloppily, because they were both tired and sore, but confidently. At that moment, both of them knew that it was the

only place they both wanted to be at. Why did you wake up? she whispered against his lips. It felt so nice I didnt realize I was awake right away Dan said I thought it was a dream He moved his lips on her neck, delected by the sigh escaping her. But I like being awake with you right now Dont say that, Humphrey Suddenly, Dans entire body was aware of Blairs nakedness. He was now remembering all the spots of her body he had gotten the exclusive chance to explore the previous night. Blairs alarm went off, and Dan never hated technology progress more. She moved away from him to stop it, then sat on the bed, turning her back at him. I have to meet Chuck in a hour she said. Okay Dan simply replied Blair got out of the bed and walked to her dresser. Dan remained on the bed, watching her naked body move. She looked so beautiful this way, Dan did not understand the purpose of all her sophisticate designer clothes. Blair got dressed in a skirt and a blouse, still not looking at him. Then she picked up his clothes on the floor and handed them to him.

Dan took them, smiling because Blair Waldorf had touched his underwear without cringing. It was a strange morning. She sat at her desk while waiting for him to get dressed. When he was fully clothed, she took a purse, a pair of heels and they both exited the room. The halls were silent. As soon as they were out, Blair hit her forehead with her palm. I forgot to fix my hair she said. Then she turned to him and looked him in the eyes for the first time that morning What have you done to me? she asked in a desperate voice. Dan had a little smile, shrugging. This cant happen again she told him, very serious. I know Dan said Even though it pains me He didnt regret telling her that, and even less when he saw the way Blair looked at him. I want to say me toobut I cant I know, Blair. Its okay She nodded, relieved that he could understand. So I guess this is goodbye she said Yeah. Ill see you around Dan tried to control the small pull in his heart as he turned around to walk away. He had done only a few steps when she called him. Dan, wait

He turned to face her again. He could see she wanted to say something, but either she could not find the words or did not want to find them, because she just looked at him. He walked back to her and leaned down. He paused when his lips were just above hers, and when he was sure she wasnt going to move away, he kissed her softly. Good morning he said.

5.College experiment

College is the time for experiments. Dan knows it. During his four years at NYU, his life has been granted for all kind of new things. Discover of traditional Maya cuisine. Discover of Old School Hip Hop. Discover of Blair Waldorf. Falling for her was probably his biggest, and most perillous experiment. Still, three years later, he does not regret it for one bit. Dan often says that one of his biggest regrets was not realizing who the real Blair Waldorf was before they were stuck to work with each other on a Philosophy paper.

Socratis, Plato and Freud had given them more elements to argue about than they had ever had. Still, both of them liked those kind of arguments. It was how they managed to get to know the other, and realize that a book should never be judged on wether it is displayed on the shelf of a Manhattan penthouse or one of a Broolyn loft. Although they disagreed about Philosophy, Dan was surprised to find Rosemarys Baby paused on her computer once when he visited her. Then, when he really thought about it, it was not that surprising. That was when Dan understood that he had never given much thoughts about Blair Waldorf, and that it might have been the problem in the first place. That was also when his brain seemed to decide to catch up on lost time, because after that day, she was all he could think about. Dan understood that he was in love with her when they disagreed on Degas, then she managed to make him agree with her. It occured to Dan how insightful and resourceful she could be, and that it was what he wanted. Except he could not have it, because she was with Chuck Bass, and she was Blair Waldorf. Still, each time they came accross in a NYU

hallway, they way her glare lingered on him would spark hope within him. When she told him she was transferring to Columbia, Dan was certain it would be the end of them - whatever they were. It turned out to be quite the contrary. The difference was that they met at her penthouse, and as he often stayed late for movies, she would offer him the guest room. It went on this way for months into their sophomore year, until one night Dan didnt go to the guest room after the movie. Dan wasnt with Vanessa anymore, so he could not feel the raging guilt Blair was feeling. It didnt stop her from reiterate, leaving deep red marks on his back with her nails everytime, so the memory would burn him as much as her guilt did. Then one day, she was the one who came to the loft. Dan was surprised to see her, and he liked the smile she had on her face. He was sure he was dreaming when she told him she had broken up with Chuck, because she had realized her heart belonged to someone else. How easy it had been to be Blair Waldorfs boyfriend afterwards was mind-numbing. That was another of his biggest experiments.

Which doesnt mean that all experiments had to stop there. When Nate told Dan he was having a party for all his friends who had just graduated, Dan decided not to go. Even dating Blair Waldorf didnt make him appreciative of Upper East Side parties. Still, playing Scrabble with Rufus and Lily was not as much fun as he remembered. So if going to Nates party was his only option to get out of there, he would gladly take it. Besides, Blair was supposed to be there. He does indeed find her there. What he doesnt expect is finding her straddling Serena on a chair, their mouth locked and hands tangled in each others hair. Then Serenas hands go down to grab Blairs ass and the male guests start to cheer. Its fucked up. And kind of hot. But Dan is getting older, therefore he is becoming the jealous type, so he goes to break it, getting booed by the spectators. When Blair looks at him, her eyes are glimmering and her smile is easy on the lips. Hi she says with a singing tone Care to explain? Dan asks, nodding toward Serena dancing on a table.

We had too much she stops to let out a small hiccup tequila Mmmh I can see that He lets her wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him feverishly. Did you like what you saw? she asks against his lips. I would be lying if I said no Dan whispers, stroking her hair But you know Id rather have you for myself So why dont we get out of here? Blair asks. Dan laughs, because she is visibly too drunk to do anything but clinging on him. Lets go to your place and watch The Postman Dan suggest Ouiiii ! Blair shouts in a high-pitched voice, clapping with excitement. She falls asleep as soon as the cab starts. Dan puts her into bed, making sure to change her into her pajamas and wash off her make-up before, and lies next to her. She nestles next to him right before he falls asleep, and Dan is grateful for College education. Blair Waldorf has been his greatest experiment.


Lily almost didnt hear the sound of her phone ringing. It was put on her bedside table, and she was so deeply asleep that the buzzing just seemed to be a simple bug. Then in a half sleep, she remembered there was no way there could actually be a bug in her house. She was Lily Rhodes Humphrey. So she opened her eyes to see her phone moving on the nightstand. After a quick look on the clock, she got worried. It was only two in the morning. Then when she saw Serenas name, her stomach grew tight. Serena, darling, what is going on? she immediately answered. Mom. I need your help. Its Blair. Lily woke up Rufus, to tell him something was wrong. He insisted on coming with her, so they both put appropriate clothes on and took a cab to the Waldorf penthouse. When they arrived, Serena was standing in the living room, wearing a robe and Nate was there as well, also in his pajamas. Whats going on? Lily asked, her breath short.

Serena and Nate looked at each other then back to Lily. Come with me Serena said. She led them to the kitchen, and Nate followed. When they got there, Lily was not sure what to understand from what she was witnessing. She could see Dorota checking someting in the oven. There were kitchenware displayed on the counter, quite unusual for two in the morning. But the strangest was, without any doubt, Blair, sitting in her pajamas at the kitchen island, her gaze wandering in the air, eating very slowly a cheesecake? Its been this way for half an hour Serena said She woke up, went to wake up Dorota and told her to bake cheesecakes. Well, she didnt really woke up Nate said She is obviously sleepwalking. Or sleepeating. Its never happened before Serena gave her mother and Rufus a desperate look I didnt know what to do so I called Nate, but she refuses to talk. She just wants to eat. Well, stop giving her cheesecakes Rufus suggested. We tried that Nate said Dorota baked four little ones, and when she started washing the

kitchenware, Blair gave her this look Nate shivered a bit, reminiscing. So I am now baking big one, so she can let me sleep for big day tomorrow Dorota said, her eyes fixed on the over. Lily sighed, uncertain of what to make of the situation. She approached Blair carefully, and put a gentle hand on her shoulder. Blair, darling, you have to stop eating It was as if she hadnt talked at all, nor touched her. Blair continued to look nowhere and eat her cheesecake. Blair? Lily insisted Perhaps you shouldnt Rufus said Its well known that waking up a sleepwalker is never good Lily gave up and went back on her husbands side. What are we going to do? Serena said. Shell fall back asleep Rufus said, with a reassuring tone. You think? I dont know. We should call Chuck Nate suggested. We are not calling Chuck Serena opposed. Who do you want to call? Dan? Serena opened her mouth, then closed it.

Finally, she pushed a tired sigh and waved in the air to indicate them to call Chuck. Lily took out her cellphone and dialed. Chuck answered after the fourth ringtone, and Lily tried to briefly explain the situation. She wasnt sure he had understood everything, but he was entering the penthouse ten minutes after hanging up. Chuck tried to talk to Blair, but she didnt answer. He tried scaring her, but she didnt react. He tried insulting La Dures macaroons, but she continued eating. Then seeing her made him hungry, and she almost stabbed him with her fork when he tried to take a bite from one of her cheesecakes. She has gone mad Chuck finally said, rubbing his hand. Its been an hour now. I am calling the doctor Serena said, typing a number on her phone. Wait Chuck said. He took out his own phone and dialed a number. Lily instantly knew what he was doing. Humphrey Chuck said Come to the Waldorf penthouse, now. Chuck, no! Serena scoffed as he hung up You know they cant see each other! My bad Chuck didnt seem worry at all. I am

going back to sleep, now. Call me if there is anything new. He left with no more ceremony. Twenty minutes later, Blair had started on the big cheescake, and Dan was walking inside the penthouse. He looked surprised to find them all standing in the kitchen, and Blair eating a cheesecake. Serena briefly explained the situation, then Lily watched as Dan approached Blair the same way she had done earlier. Blair? he said softly Its me. Its Dan Blair didnt look at him, continued chewing, and Lily saw that her daughter was on the verge of imploding when Blair said; Hi, Humphrey They all stood still. Dan looked at the others. Go on Lily encouraged him in a whisper. Blair Dan repeated, still very softly Why are you eating cheesecakes? I thought you didnt like that. I didnt. But now I do. Blair answered Its good. Its good for me. I just didnt know that I could like it. That it would be good for me. But now I do. She took another piece with her fork, but before putting it in her mouth, she turned to Dan.

Do you understand? she asked Dan smiled I do Blair nodded and continued eating. The fork Lily whispered to Dan. Dan put a hand around Blairs wrist Its good that youve discovered that. But you have to go to sleep now. You have a big day tomorrow. Youre getting married. Were getting married. Blair nodded again. Then she took another bite before putting down the fork. She took the hand Dan was offering her and let him lead her out the kitchen. The others followed. Serena and Dorota went up with Dan to help him putting Blair back to bed -and make sure he didnt see the wedding dress- while the others waited downstairs. Dan came back downstairs and told them everything was alright; Blair had fallen back asleep. He went back to Brooklyn with Nate, and Lily and Rufus went back home. As they were getting under the bedsheets, Lily thought about Blair and Serena, when they were little girls. Now, she was going to witness one of them getting married, and starting a new life with this boy she could only approve of. Then another thought made its way to her

mind. She tried to ignore it, at first, but it revealed to be too strong. Rufus? she whispered Mmmh? her husband answered, half asleep Arent you craving for a cheesecake, right now?

7.Waldorf strawberries -> 2,4

Come on, Dan! I can assure you, youll like her. She is smart, she loves litterature and I heard she was a little slutty Vanessa sipped on her frappuccino, eying Dan like she had just displayed the perfect argument. Why would I be interested in slutty? Youre a college freshman Vanessa shrugged. Dan shook his head and carried on writing his philosophy paper. He didnt look up when he heard Vanessa push out a profound sigh. Im worried about you, Dan. You seem lost, these days. Is it about Serena and Nate? No Dan groaned. Then what is it? Dan didnt answer. He didnt want to admit

that something was going on, but it seemed like he couldnt hide it from Vanessa either. So silence was his only chance of her letting it go. Eventually, Vanessa gave up. But he knew shed come back the next day with the same plans of setting him up with this girl she had met. Dan didnt want to go on a blind date. He didnt want to go on any dates. He wanted to stay home and finish this damn paper on time. God, what is she doing here? The exasperation in Vanessas voice and the way the word she came out of her mouth indicated Dan of the identity of the person she was so annoyed about. Blood rushed through his veins, his heart pace quickened in a few seconds, but he didnt look up. He was refusing to give anything away. But all of his senses were aware of her presence in the coffee shop. He could feel on his skin the cool air that came with her when she opened the door. From the corner of his eyes, he could see she was wearing an orange skirt; it made him want to look all of her, her skin probably suited so well this color. He could hear her hundred dollars heels clinking on the floor, getting closer and increasing his heart pace more. Then when she stopped next to his

table, he could smell her perfume. The exact same one he had gotten to opportunity to smell about a month before. Hi she said, and then Dan had to look at her. Their eyes anchored in one another and Dan found his throat dry. Is there anything we can do for you? Vanessa asked. Blair looked at her, but did not seem to take her rudeness into account. I just wanted to let you knowyou wont be hearing of Georgina again; all of her stuff disappeared this morning. She looked back at Dan. So from tonight, its going to be just me. Alone. Probably with some sushis, because Im into sushis these days. Then she looked at Vanessa, and Dan had a hard time not to hyperventilate. Either he was crazy, a complete fool that had been rendered insane by those doe-eyes; either she was sending him a message. UmthanksI guess Vanessa said, looking at Blair more than suspiciously. Blair gave them a light smile and a small nod, and walked awkwardly to the counter where she ordered a coffee.

Whats with her? Vanessa whispered to Dan I bet all her minions ditched her and she has no friends, so shes trying to make small talk with us to pass time Dan coughed, trying to regain his speech capacity Yeah, probably Blair didnt say goodbye, and just left, coffee in hand. But then, Dan looked through the shops glass and saw her dropping her coffee into a bin. So that night, he left the loft at 7:30. He stopped by a Japanese restaurant, and took the biggest assortment of sushis they sold to go. At 8:00, he arrived at the NYU dorms, but didnt go inside right away. He was nervous, he was starting to sweat and he wasnt sure he knew how to breathe anymore. Then he realized that he was carrying sushis, and decided to go up because it was raw fish and Dan figured it wouldnt last for ever. At 8:30, he knocked on Blairs door. She took exactly sixteen seconds to answer. When she opened the door, he saw her dressed in a robe, and she wore slipper. She didnt have any make up on, but boy, was she beautiful.Thank God she said, opening the door wider as an invitation for him to step in. I

was starving She took the tray in her hands and went to sit on her bed while Dan closed the door behing them. Then as if he had done it a thousand times before, he took off his shoes, his jacket and went to sit next to her on the bed. She put the tray on her laps and picked a sushi. Dan followed. They both chewed silently, not looking at each other, but listening to the others breathing. How have you been? Blair finally asked. Dan was fast to swallow his sushi, but took his time to answer Busy. You? Same, I guess she said How are the classes going? Pretty well Dan answered. He wanted to pick another sushi, at least to have something to do with his hands. But his stomach had grown so tight, he couldnt possibly eat anything more. How are classes going for you? Fine Blair shrugged. She started eating another sushi and Dan just stared at Georginas empty bed. He didnt know what he was doing there, and it made him so uncomfortable. He was actually trying to find the strength, or the courage, or the heart of getting off the bed and leave the

room. Have you been thinking about me? She asked the question like anyone asks a question; in the tone of inquiry and curiosity. But Dan was sure he perceived something else. Something that sounded a bit like hope. Every day he answered, deciding to be honest. Me too she mumbled, like she didnt like her own answer. I know youve been thinking about yourself, Blair. She laughed, mouth closed and smile on the lips. Youre funny. Since when are you funny? she asked, taking another sushi, and Dan felt comfortable enough to pick one too. Im not. Youre probably just tired Blair looked at him for the first time since hed arrived, so Dan did the same. Her eyes examined his face. Then she got closer, lifted her head and closed her eyes. She stayed like that, and Dan understood what to do next. He closed his eyes too, and bent his head to kiss her on the lips. The kiss was short, but when they stopped, they rested their foreheads against each

others. Humphrey Blair whispered What is going on here? I dont know. But Im not going to lie and pretend I dont like it, Blair Blair took in a deep breath, then exhaled Me neither This time, she was the one kissing him, and it made Dan smiled. Only their heads and lips were moving, the rest of their bodies were still. Then Blair opened slightly her mouth under Dans, and he took the invitation and found a way with his tongue; they both pulled away, cringing. Sushi kiss does not taste good Dan said No Blair agreed, shaking her head with a smile. She took the tray of sushi and put it on her desk, where she picked up a small box. Fortunately for us she said, hopping back on the bed I had thought about desert She opened the box and Dan discovered strawberries covered in chocolate. Blair took one and lifted it to his mouth. Dan looked at her hesitantly as he bit into the fruit; Blair was simply smiling. She was not realizing how hot the situation was.

She ate the other half of the strawberry, and they had eaten three of them, she dropped the box on the bed and went to kiss Dan again. She took his head in her hands, as she was getting on top of him, straddling him and biting his lips. When their tongues met, Dans brain was shut off enough for him not to overthink the moment, but not enough to stop his hands from getting on her hips and bringing her closer. They eventually broke the kiss, both out of breath, and Blair took one of his hand his hers, lacing their fingers together, while the other grazed his slightly unshaved cheek. Thats better she said. I must admit, Waldorf strawberries are yummy Yummy? Really, Humphrey? He laughed, and kissed her again, softer this time. That kiss lasted longer, because it was less rushed than the one preceding. Then at some point, they set aside the box of strawberries and they both laid under the covers, talking, laughing, kissing, until they fell asleep. Dan was awaken the next day by Blair hitting

him on the head, commanding him to take out the tray of rotten sushis.

8.Blank page

Dan knows that trying to force things is never the answer to that kind of state; never works for him. But it is an option that he has to consider today, because he doesnt like what he is feeling, and he has to get out of it. He wants to write. He feels the need to write. But nothing comes. Nothing comes for so long, that he thinks he perhaps lost the ability to write, literally. So he takes his pencil, and scribbles his name on his notebook. Perfectly fine. He rips the page rolls it before stuffing it in his bag. Then he stares at another blank page; but really, the same. Because no matter how many pages he would rip off, he would still be looking at the same thing. A page devoided of his imagination. Dan doesnt know how long he has been sitting there. He assumes his study hour is about to finish, and it makes him sick. He has never lacked so much of inspiration. He is sitting

outside, the november air is dry and cold and he is probably going to get sick, because he forgot his scarf at home, this morning. A shadow appears on his page, blocking the very little time of sunshine of the day. He looks at it, and he can distinguish a head, on whick is proudly fixed what seems to be a headband. Great. Exactly what he needed. He doesnt have the time to send her away, because she talks before he can. Humphrey. You have been sitting out there for almost an hour, looking miserable. I mean, more than usual. Dan closes his notebook but doesnt look at her. Go away, Waldorf I hope this isnt about Serena she says, ignoring him. Because my birthday is coming, and I dont want to spend it listening to her wondering out loud if she still loves you, if you guys can get back together. I cant be the witness of the two of you not being able to make up your mind anymore You mean how the whole school is the witness of you and Chuck playing some twisted version of cat and mouse? Dan stands up and then looks at her. He is

taller, yet, by the look she is giving him and the way her chin is slightly elevated, it seems like she is the one in position of superiority. Like always. She doesnt seem the slightest bit annoyed by his retort. She just smiles, that Waldorf smile that transcripts both despise and confidence, and she says You dont know anything about Chuck and me Youre right, and I dont want to. You can rest easy, this isnt about Serena He starts walking back inside the school and almost feels the need to scream in frustration when he hears her heels following him. What is it about, then? Blair asks Why do you care? Im from Brooklyn You tried to help me with Chuck. Even though your advices proved uneffective, someone once said that its the gesture that counts, therefore I owe you one. Dan stops walking and turns around to face her, incredulous. The worst part is, she looks serious. And I dont want to owe you anything, Humphrey. Youre from Brooklyn Dan sighs Right. Well, I appreciate, but I dont think its from your area of experience. So

bye. He starts walking again, not even knowing where he is going; actually, he does. Away from her. Are you saying Im stupid? Blair asks, following him. Im saying you cant help me. No one can Oh, are you going to cry now? she says in a fake whimp It annoys Dan so much that it causes him to turn around, again. Poor Humphrey Blair continues No one understands him she chuckles You really are Lonely Boy Fine, Blair Dan says a little too loud Im having writers block. There, can you help me? Blairs eyes widen in genuine surprise Youre a writer? Dan stands there in awe I was published in the New Yorker last year he says and Blairs eyes widen even more It was a story about Serena. Your best friend. Doesnt ring a bell See, how could you help me, if you dont know anything about me? Dont fool yourself by thinking you are one of a kind, Humphrey. Youre still a human being.

A disheveled, poor, uninteresting one, but still. What have you been reading, lately? What? Blairs question surprises him. She sighs, rolling her eyes, gathering her lips in a small pout, then asks again, more slowly What have you been reading lately? I dont know Dan browses his memory for an answer I guess, I havent been reading much Well, how do you intent to write if you dont read? Do you think so highly of yourself that you think you dont need to? Of course, I dont. I read The Sun Also Rises last month Its a lie, he read it when he was in sophomore year. Hemingway. Shocker Blair says with an unexpressive face. I can see what kind of writer you are, and I can tell you that youll always struggle to find your path if you keep reading people who inspire you This doesnt make sense Get out of your comfort zone, Humphrey. Take a risk You are telling me to get out of my comfort zone? Dan asks with a laugh. The end of his sentence is covered by the bell ringing, and they both look up.

Fine Blair says Do whatever you want. I gave you an advice, a much better one that the one you gave me, and you can do whatever you want with it. I dont owe you anything anymore She starts walking away, leaving him standing there, incredulous. Right as the hallway starts to get flooded by the flow of students getting out of the classes, Dan shouts to her back: Its the exact same advice! When he gets home that day, nobody is there, and his throat is sore. He starts to cook something, but then realize he isnt hungry. So he starts wandering around the loft, in his sweatpants, with absolutely nothing to do. Nate and Jenny are MIA, and his father probably at the Gallery. Vanessa is probably working with him, since she doesnt pick up and Serena is probably having wild sex with Aaron. Theres a knock on the door, and Dans body jump in surprise, and in gratitude. He opens it to find a man in some kind of tuxedo, carrying small rectangular box. Daniel Humphrey? the man asks. Yeah Dan says, not sure if he should be giving the real answer.

This is for you the man hands him the box Have a good day, Sir. Dan watches him leave, then shuts the door, taking a closer look at the box. He lifts the lid and finds a book. Aurlien, by Louis Aragon. Dan picks up to book to discover a small card displayed under it, on which in written in carmin letters Blair C. Waldorf. When he turns around the card, he reads, You owe me one. -W Dan looks at the book suspiciously. Then he decides that if he has nothing to do, he might as well read. Besides, he had never pictured Blair as a reader, being Serenas friend, and he was a little curious to see what kind of litterature she was into. By the end of the week-end, he is done reading. The story is depressing, really. But it does line up with the advice Blair gave him. Getting out of ones comfort zone, is however not easy. It is why its called a comfort zone. On Sunday night, Dan sits in front of his

computer, not totally ready to go to sleep. He keeps repeating to himself :Take a risk. Get out of your comfort zone. He remembers how Aurlien starts; with the description of a girl that the main character doesnt find pretty, and would have usually never looked. Dan takes a deep breath, and hits the letter D on his keyboard. About three minutes later, he is done writing the first sentence of he doesnt even know what kind of story: Dylan did not really understand why everytime he felt the burning urge to see Sabrina, take her in his arms and kiss her, he would come accross Claire Carlyle and her half despising, half confident smile.


Are you seriously telling me this right now? Im the one who never takes any risks? Blair puts her hands on her hips, shaking her head in disbelief. Come on, Blair. You are the biggest non-risk taker. Thats why we never go to Indian

restaurants, or why we are living on the 5th Avenue today. What? You heard me. Because not only you didnt want to leave the Upper East Side, but you didnt even want to go anywhere too far from Barneys. I mean, come on, Blair. I like to feel comfortable, what is wrong with that? The problem is that you have this safety zone that you never get out of. And without even knowing, you might be missing out on a lot of things. Blair rolls her eyes Please, enough with the Carpe Diem BS. Dan sighs, and takes his travelling bag. They stand in their living room, staring at each other. Dan knows she wants to say something, he can see it on her face. But, out of pride or something else, she doesnt open her mouth. So Dan does what he was already about to do before they started fighting. He turns around and starts walking towards the door. When he reaches it, he can hear her breathing getting louder. Wait she says. Dan turns back to her and she walks towards

him. Blair puts her hands on his shoulders and pulls him into a feverish kiss. Were you going to leave without saying goodbye? she asks when she pulls away. I was. It would have been a mistake You know it Then Blair pushes him toward the door Well continue this argument when you get back Dan watches her in disbelief Im gonna be gone for a week, Blair. Cant you let go of anything? Be sure to wish Nana a very happy birthday for me Blair simply answers with a smile. Dan groans as he makes his way out of the appartment. The flight to Florida isnt the most pleasant, and his grandmother criticizing every piece of clothing he is wearing when he lands doesnt improve his mood. Dan hates Florida. Everything is too bright. And the bagels are disgusting. However, he puts on his most convincing smiling face to pair with the event he and his family are celebrating. Its hard, because Nana invited her two best friends, Marsha and Corinne, and they all together could take Gossip Girl down with their nasty comments. Wheres you girlfriend? Nana asks as Dan

pours her a cup of tea. She got caught up at work. She was really disappointed about not being able to make it, today Dan answers, taking a seat with them at the garden table. His girlfriend works in a fashion magazine Nana says proudly to her two friends. Is she the one who sent you that gorgeous cardigan? Marsha asks, adjusting her glasses.Yes, thats her. She is so beautiful, and smart and polite. A real treat! And she is dating him? Corinne asks, pointing at Dan dubiously. I know Nana sighs. I keep telling her she can do better, but what can you do? You cant stop love. Its like Nicky and Sharon. She could do so much better Dan doesnt know if the most irritating is being bashed by three octogenerians or to have his relationship compared to a soap. Then he realizes that the worst is actually knowing who are Sharon and Nicky. Hey Nana! Jenny appears in the garden and Nana stands up as fast as she can to go take her in her arms. Dan is baffled by the difference of greetings

from Nana. Heaven, she is dressed like a whore Marsha says, looking at Jenny. Dan turns to her, quite shocked, but Marsha just smiles at him New York is a beautiful place, this time of the year she says. After tea, they all go out to Olive Garden for dinner, and Allison arranges so that the staff sings Nana Happy Birthday. But as soon as they are done, Nana complains about the noise. When they go back home, Dan avoids a chat with Jenny and his mother, and goes to his room to call Blair. I hate you so much for ditching me on that one he tells her. Blair laughs Ive had a good day at work, thank you for asking Im serious. Promise me to never become old Ill try Blair says Guess what Im wearing right now. The burgundy nightie Dan groans, and Blair adds Oops, one strap just slipped on my shoulder. Stop it, Blair Alright. I miss you I miss you too Dan sighs So freaking much. I hate Florida

I know you do, darling Blair says, compassionate. And Ive been thinking about what you said. You were right. Now thats turning me on Dan said and he could just imagine her rolling her eyes. Im serious. I have not been making a lot of concessions since we moved in together. But I want to make it right. There is going to be a surprise for you when you get home tomorrow.Are we going to have sex on the balcony? Are you going to let go of this idea, already? I will. As soon as we do it Blair laughs Its not about sex. Its much more profound than that, Ill have you know Im sure its about sex. I know how dirty you can be Dan Blair warns him A lady on the streets, a freak in the sheets, isnt that what they say? Alright, you obviously confused Nanas medications with aspirin Just a filthy, little Blair hungs up on him, and Dan laughs. Five seconds later, he receives a text from her. I love you. Dan is eager to take his plane back to New

York the next day. He misses Blair too much and he cant wait to see what kind of surprise she planned for him. When he opens the door, the appartment is silent. Blair? he calls, stepping inside. No answer. Dan puts down his bag, and takes out his cellphone to call her. He is about to push her speed dial button when he sees something that makes him jump. A Newfoundland black dog is getting out of the kitchen and making its way to the living room, where it settles on the couch. The dog doesnt even grant Dan of a look. BLAIR! Blair gets out of their bedroom, and smiles when she sees him. Oh, hi sweetie she walks toward him and kisses him How is Nana? What is that? Dan asks, pointing at the dog. Thats Lon Blair answers in the tone of evidence. Lon. Right. And what the fuck is Lon doing on my couch? Our couch Blair insists And he is our dog Dan looks at her incredulously, and Blair smiles at him, victoriously. Okay, I get it Dan says You wanted to prove

me that you can get out of you safety zone, you win. Now, send the dog back. Im not sending him back Blair says, falsly offended Hes family to us, now We are not keeping the dog, Blair Why? Does it bother you? Does it make you feel a little too out of your safety zone? Dan clenches his jaw, and Blair puts a hand on his arm. Come on, I made us brunch He follows her to the kitchen, reluctantly and when he sits at the table, Lon comes into the kitchen and lays on the floor next to his chair. Stop staring at me Dan tells him, giving him a dirty look. Tut tut, now you two be nice to each other, boys Blair says, taking the opposite seat. Since Dan has work to do, he barely sees the dog, that day. He doesnt talk to Blair, furious of the way she turned their argument against him. When night comes, Dans body is sore from sitting at his desk all afternoon, and he goes to take a quick shower before changing in his pajamas. When he walks into their bedroom, Blair is already in bed, reading a book. He gives her a haughty look before sliding next to her, and

closing his eyes. Dan Blair says. He doesnt answer, and presses his eyes shut harder. Dan she repeats. What? he answers dryly. You have to go walk Lon. Dan takes a deep breath. If he doesnt marry her, someday he is going to kill her.


What about Lancelot? Blair looked up to Dan, trying to decide if he was serious or not. Lancelot? That bastard who screwed over his best friend? No, thanks she snorted He didnt screw him over, Blair. He just fell in love. You cant control love Blair rolled her eyes, and continued to gover over the number of Waldorf Designs. What about Winston? she asked As in Winston Churchill? The man that scared his country so much that they refused to vote for him even though the war wasnt over? Dan

rose a suspicious eyebrow. As in the man who saved an ungrateful United Kingdom Dan laughed Its not really a trendy name Itll be once our kid is named like that Blair reached down to rub her swollen, sore stomach. Calm down, little man she whispered, and Dan looked up from his computer screen. Maybe you should go lie down he said. Its okay. He just keeps moving around, like he has to go somewhere He has to come here, alright. How late are you again? Blair narrowed her eyes Two weeks. You would think a devoted husband would know that Good thing that were not married, then Dan smirked a little. Blair looked down with a clenched jaw and Dan instantly regretted his comment. He was stupid. Sorry, Im an idiot. Im just impatient, thats all How do you think, I feel? I am not going to miss being pregnant. I just cant wait to have my little boy, running around Blair said with a

dreaming smile. I bet you wont be telling that when hell actually start running around Dan laughed Kids are tough, and Im not sure youre cut out to be a mother to a boy Ill just have to do whatever your mother didnt, and Im sure Ill be fine Ouch Dan put a hand over his heart, and feigned to be hurt. Blair moved uncomfortably on her chair, trying to stretch a sore back. Dan looked at her, grimacing and closed his computer. Thats it, Im taking you home He stood up from the table and went to around it to help her up. I dont want to go home Blair said, whining All there is to do over there is being pregnantWell watch a movie, but you have to go lie down Dan insisted gently. You want me to die of boredom so you can have the baby all to yourself Wrong, I just dont want you to have the baby in New Yorks public library As Dan was picking up her stuff, Blair had an illumination. We should name him after a writer! she exclaimed, and several people looked up with a

furious Shhhh Blair gave them all the stinky eye, surging her stomach forward. Dan put a hand on her shoulder and led her to the exit; he knew Blair would be far too happy to get into a fight with someone and scream at them What kind of cruel human being are you? Im pregnant! like she had done with the mailman, the personal shopper at Barneys and Dorota. I think its tacky to name your kid after someone he said, as they were leaving the library.We dont have to tell people that he was named after someone. Itll be our secret Dan laughed What about after your father Now, thats not really going to be a secret I like Harold Dan shrugged And I think he would be really happy Blair thought about it while Dan opened her the car door. He helped her get inside, and hopped on next to her. Harold she said She rubbed her belly and bent over to speak to it. Are you a Harold? The baby started moving around again, but not as violently as he had earlier. Blair looked at Dan with a smile.

I think were going to have a Harold Hes going to hate us, for that Dan returned her smile Hell probably have people call him H, or Harry I wont allow it Blair said. She rubbed her stomach again But Im going to love you so much Dan looked at her, while she rested her head against the leather sit and closed her eyes, ready to take a five minutes nap. She seemed exhausted, but she seemed happy. Dan reached to take her head closer to his, and kissed her temple. Blair sighed of contentment. A week later, Serena was calling Dan with a panicked, excited voice. Blairs water had broken. Dan ran, took a cab, then ran again to the hospital. They showed him to the room and his insides were melting. He was so nervous, he could puke all of his lunch. Blair in labor was not as scary as he imagined. He had expected a lot of yelling, of insulting people, of screaming out her pain and frustration. But he hadnt heard her say a single word. He understood that she was nervous, and took her hand, whispered encouragements. The hold of their hands didnt

break until she gave her final push, and the doctor hit the baby on the back so it could start crying. The sound invaded all of Blairs body. She could feel it in the tip of her fingers, in her stomach, in her heart. She was a mother. She looked over at Dan who was just standing there, pale, his eyes fixed on the baby. A nurse spotted him and helped him sit down on a chair. Congratulations the doctor smiled at them Its a beautiful girl WHAT? Dan and Blair asked in unison. You said it was going to be a boy Blair said Those kind of misintrepratations happen the doctor shrugged, and Blair tried to get up to go hit him. Dan pushed her back firmly against the bed, struggling to hold her into place until the nurse came over her with the baby wrapped in a little blanket. Blair then froze, and watched the little human being handed to her. She took her daughter with trembling arms, and tried to swallow the unexplainable sob. Oh my God she whispered Jesus, Blair Dan got closer to look at the baby in her arms Look at what you did I know Blair laughed, and didnt restrain the

sob this time. They stayed this way for a moment, never looking anywhere but to their daughter. Then the nurse took her for a bath, Blair was moved to her room, Dan followed. She struggled to stay awake, to see her baby again, but she didnt even realized when, she fell asleep. When she woke up, she couldnt really open her eyes. She felt nauseous, and her whole body was sore. She tried to move, but each of her member was numb. Then she saw him, sitting on a chair, sipping on her Thin Mint Frapuccino, watching their baby sleep. Dan she said He jumped, dragged out of his reverie and looked at her. Hey, how are you feeling? he walked to her bed. He took her hand gently, and Blair felt tears forming in the corner of her eyes. I know she was struggling to talk, her voice was trapped under her tears I know that were notbutcan you kiss me? Dan swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat at her demand. He decided that their status wasnt really important. They just had a

baby, so of course he was going to kiss her. To thank her for giving him the incredible opportunity of being a father. He leaned down, and pressed his lips on hers, softly, channeling all the gratitude and the admiration he was feeling. When he pulled back, he could taste her tears on his lips. Hungry? he asked I have the perfect name for her Blair said, looking over at their daughter. Dan laughed Good, because I have been torturing myself for about five hours Ombeline she said, smiling. Dan instantly liked it. It sounded good. It was original. It sounded Blair. He nodded, to show his approval and turned around to look at their daughter, at Ombeline. Blair fell back asleep quickly, and Dan watched her, thinking about how infortunate it was that they couldnt make it work. Still, he didnt loose hope. Perhaps their daughter would be the key to bring them closer. Perhaps, someday, they would be happy together, they would be like any other family. Perhaps all of that would happen, and he just had to be patient, it was just a matter of years.

11.The best ever

Ouch! Humphrey! You just bumped my head! Dan chuckles against her lips Sorry, I mustve had too much champagne Certainly Dan presses her against the closed door, and Blair wraps her arms around his neck, giving in to his kisses. His hands start roaming on her body, and the height she is at is meddled by heat. She pulls away to catch her breath. Oh, what a night! she huffs, reaching the back of her neck to unclaps the collar of her dress. I cannot feel my feet anymore I told you those shoes would be painful, in the end And this dress itches so much I told you the fabric would be uncomfortable Shut up, Humphrey. It was my wedding, why would you deny me looking gorgeous on my wedding? Dan approaches to help her undo the corset, and kisses her shoulder You do look gorgeous. And this is impossible

to untie Blair takes off her heels and start wriggling her body. Come on, Dan, I need to get out of this dress. The finally manage to take it off, and Blair is left in the middle of the nuptial suite, in nothing but her immaculate white slip. She looks so beautiful, Dan cannot hold himself any longer. He lifts her by the hips, and walks with her to the bed. He drops her amoungst the pillows, and she laughs, before tugging him downward and over her. The kisses are feverish, they barely spent time together today, which is ironic, for a wedding day. Dan feels empowered by the knowledge that from now on, its the two of them, together, in the world. He takes off his tuxedo jacket and starts unbuttoning his shirt, still kissing her. Blair helps him get rid of his pants, and then Dan stops. He lifts a hand to stroke her cheek, looking her in the eyes. She is perfection. I love you he says Blair smiles, opens her mouth, then frowns. Did you bring condoms? she asks. What? Since when is this the answer to a declaration? I didnt bring any Blair says And my boobs

are so sore, I am probably ovulating, and you know Im not on the pill Well.. Dan pulls away from her I didnt think about it. I dont exactly keep track of your cycle Blair narrows her eyes at him, then sighs. Well, I guess this is it She pushes him away, and sits on the bed, untying her hair and letting it fall on her shoulders. Dan sits next to her. Are you seriously telling me that we are not going to have sex on our wedding night? Blair shrugs Youre the one who didnt think of protection, while perfectly knowing that it is definetely not the time for us to have children right now Dan shakes his head Unbelievable. Do you know that its half of the excitement of the wedding day? Imagining the hot steamy night that is supposed to follow? he crosses his arms I knew you would be terrible at this. Weve been married for six hours, and you are already failing at you primarly duty as a spouse. And you dont even cook Why would I? Blair reached to kiss him on the cheek I have my trophy husband to do it for me

Dan groans, and Blair laughs. She takes his hand in hers, and rests her head on his shoulder.Do you think I can still have people calling me Miss? Mrs. would just make me feel old andsomarried Dan looks down to her You do know that feeling married is the whole point of what weve prepared for the last six months and what we did today? The cake tastings, and the inviting people we dont really want to see, and the I love you so much it hurts please be my other half kind of vows weve exchanged today. Blair hits him on the shoulder I cant think of a more romantic way to describe the most important day of my life she rolls her eyes. Dan kisses her on the forehead, then bends down to rest his head against her stomach. Blair? She laughs, because his breath on her tickles her. Yes? Im horny Aw, Im sorry she strokes his hair Do you want me to leave you some time alone in the bathroom Dan turns on his back, his head still on her

stomach. Youre funny. I never knew that There are so many things you dont know about me. Fortunately, now you have all life to keep track of them Dan takes her hand, and places a kiss on it. She then lets her hand roam onto his chest, and over his abs. You look good she whispers Not good enough for you to want to jump my bones Blair bites back a laugh I didnt know you to be so romantic Fortunately, now you have all life to discover how much Blair cups his cheek, and leans down to kiss him. I love you she says, kissing his nose. I know. Im from Brooklyn, so I figured you didnt marry me for my enheritance. And love comes just after, soo.. She slaps him lightly. I would have married you for love, even though you were rich, ass She slaps him again and Dan stops her laughing. This is the most touching thing that youve

ever said to me he puts a hand over his heart. No its not. Remember when you cried when I proposed? I was crying for the extermination of my manhood. Do you know how humiliating it was to tell Nate Blair proposed and I said yes! I will never hear the end of it. So you werent the tiniest bit moved? Blair asks. Dan looks at her. He wants to keep talking in sarcarsm, but this just seems to be too big of a lie to tell. I dont think Ill ever be this moved again in my life, Blair. Blair smiles at him, and kisses him once more. Except this time, when she pulls away, Dan doesnt let her, and grabs her by the neck to keep their mouths locked. He pushes her on the bed and hovers her body with his. Dan, we cant she whispers as his lips make their way to her neck. Nothing tells us youll get pregnant he mumbles against her skin, starts pulling her slip up. What if I do? Dan stops kissing her, thoughtful. How about we have the kid, like married people do, then let him or her be the loser of

the family and focus our attention and love on a second one? He starts kissing this spot, just above her breast and Blair just knows arguing is pointless. She weaves her fingers through his hair, and relaxes. That could work she says in a gasp. Lets do it, then Dan takes off her slip Its a perfect plan We are going to be so damn good parents Good? Try the best ever