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LIVE LIFE WITHOUT DEFICITS The following article is taken from the October 2012 publication "Voice of the

Covenant" - by Jesse Duplantis Ministries. In my ever, ongoing task to GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD WHAT IS A DEFICIT? What is a deficit? Some people think that the word is only related to finances but, to me, that word means nothing more than lack. It’s the opposite of what God wants for you, which is abundance. You see, you could be living with a deficit of health, a deficit of joy, a deficit of peace, or a deficit of prosperity. But that’s not what God wants for you. God wants you and me to be full and entire, wanting nothing. In other words, living a life of abundance, a life without deficits! When you have a deficit in any area of your life, whether it’s spiritual, physical or financial, it causes you to struggle in life. Deficit spending in the world today causes a lot of trouble. People buy what they can’t afford and feel happy for a moment, but when the bill comes in, you sure don’t see them smiling. Many people live with a deficit of health. In my family, we have a lot of heart trouble, cancer, and diabetes. Well, I know that we are a family that lives in a health deficit, but I’ve decided that it’s not for me. I’ve decided to live without deficits of health. So, some of my family calls me crazy, but I don’t care. I am choosing the report of the Lord over the report of my family. It’s called an abundance of health, and I like it! I also grew up in poverty. I hated it. Nobody likes to be broke. Sure, I grew up and made a lot of money in rock music, but that money wasn’t prosperity at all; it was just money. Prosperity is God’s abundance and I may have had a fat roll of money in my pocket, but it was worthless compared to the abundance of Christ! Once I got born again, I still didn’t understand the concept of prosperity. I had a traditional view and accepted a deficit of prosperity. It wasn’t until 1991 that I got a revelation of sowing and reaping and, since then, I haven’t looked back. I don’t want to live in a deficit of God’s prosperity. I choose to walk in His abundance! If Jesus tarries and I go by the way of the grave, I want to go out with joy. I want to say, “Lord, into Your hands I commit my spirit” and then, Foom! I’m out of here! That’s part of living my life without deficits. No sickness, no poverty, no misery, and no other curse from the enemy is going to cause me to live in a deficit, or below my benefits as a believer. Jesus Christ came to this Earth so that I might live free—free from the curse of sin and all its effects and deficits. I’m not genetically linked up with anybody but the Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I’ve got God in my life and that means that I don’t have to live in lack. I’m living a devoted life and, to me, it’s the only way to live!

and financially. Lord. I’ve obeyed You. so to speak. ya know. but not intentionally. In my ever. “and His seed is blessed. to David. I remembered that it was David who.” “No. we can have it all— spiritually. he understood the value of true repentance and honoring God by giving his best. I’ve seen many ministers go through a lot of financial trouble. even self-inflicted ones. I live by faith and not by sight and. I’ve never had a financial deficit. “Jesse. financial deficits were not a part of the life of the righteous.” David said about God in Psalm 37:26. It’s because you’ve adopted the David Principle. You can see that David had something in his life that carried him. and lendeth. I’ve made mistakes in my life. “He is ever merciful. at least most of the time. said. through many rough times. and now am old. do you want to know why you haven’t had a deficit?” I said. the Lord spoke to me and said. I realized that. “it’s not because of your faith. “Well. to get out of the “deficit” mentality and realize that with Him. Then. Lord.” Who is the seed of the Lord? You are! I am! We are the children of God and I believe that God wants us to live in abundance. I guess it’s because of my faith. David had a sensitive spirit and a soft heart for God.LIVE LIFE WITHOUT DEFICITS The following article is taken from the October 2012 publication "Voice of the Covenant" . The David Principle? What’s the David Principle? I have never heard of that. In prayer one day. Jesse Duplantis Ministries. physically. “I have been young. nor His seed begging bread” (Psalm 37:25). . and I’ve wondered why so many have struggled.” He said.” I thought. yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken. ongoing task to GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD NO FINANCIAL DEFICITS FOR ME In all of my years of ministry. on his deathbed.