Elemental Heart

By Stephen John Walton Jr. Copyright Stephen John Walton Jr.
ISBN-13: 978-1477620564


Elemental Heart

For my sons, Daniel John Hamilton and Nathaniel Pendragon Walton No father ever had more handsome and decent children. I love you both.


Elemental Heart


Elemental Heart Prologue

The Elemental Heart, an organ fashioned long ago by beings called the Bacrana. Created by a union of the most superior understandings of science and ancient magick’s, the heart was made for warfare with beings beyond the touch of mortal men. The blood it pumps is that of ancient Gods and Goddesses, and it gives its bearer the power to control one of the many elements of the universe. The Heart begs for war, constantly needing infusions of energy from other hearts to grow in power and strength. Some resist this call, and choose to draw energy from the sacred element for which they are aligned. But others desire the quick, dark path. They choose to hunt other Elementals and rob them of their strength through murder. There is no middle ground; there is only the next conquest.


Elemental Heart


Elemental Heart Chapter one North Africa 1918

The vile stench of recent death filled the air. Plumes of smoke wafted across the morning sky, clinging low above a canopy of trees that came opening up into a muddy field. This once lush plain of grass now marred with footfalls, broken weapons, and canon fire of the human’s First World War. In some places lay the small remains of human flesh. A finger here, a spray of slick organs there, all soaked in filth and blood. In the hours that had passed, the great human armies had moved and pushed to other grounds, but something more sinister had yet remained. As a wisp of thick gray mist passed before the tree line, a figure began to emerge from the east. All in black and hooded, the figure walked out onto the macabre grounds as if unaffected by the reeking of charred sinew. This person had but one purpose, and he had searched many days upon the surface of the Earth for it. He had heard whispers within his realm that his brother might still be enjoying the toils of mortal men, watching them in their lust for blood and war. However, that did not matter now. The figure had been sent by their father, with new orders from an evil long since passed and mostly forgotten by those whose lives were lived upon the surface. As the hooded man walked up a short hill before him, his foot slipped ever so slightly upon the discarded remains of a fallen soldier’s innards. He stopped for a moment to look upon the grotesque scene. His shiny black irises displayed small electric arcs of blue energy as he scanned the ground from beneath his dark hood. His head cocked just a bit, then he spat upon the ground in joyous disgust. How he loved the thought of another’s torments and how he hoped the monkey had suffered 6

Elemental Heart long before his demise. How he wished that he himself had caused this, for Cyclone Memnon loved being a scourge upon the living, and he wore that badge with an immeasurable dark pride. Looking up over the hill and into the field beyond, he saw a large black tent among a cluster of old misshapen trees, their branches reaching out and away from the dwelling as if attempting to escape from the evil within. It took Cyclone one moment to discern who was there. “Brother.” He spoke to himself with what could be called a somber joy, for he had not seen his older brother in many, many decades. Though Cyclone could not love as most understood it, he did not care but for a seldom few. And it was one of those that he had been sent to find. The flap upon the temporary dwelling blew open without a single touch from the Dark Lord. Cyclone moved inside the make shift chamber with his usual nonchalant speed, the ancient warrior only finding it necessary in his old age to move quickly at the coming advance of an enemy. He cared little for the manors of others or the respect for their personal space. Yet this was his older brother’s chambers, and a measure of respect could and would be shown to a fellow son of Xavian Vortex. As for almost anyone else on or under the surface, if they wanted it bad enough they could kill him for any respect, or try. Within a few moments, Cyclone took in the smell of the place, the scent of the air showing obviously that his brother had been cooking. From the look of the hacked and skinned limbs hanging from sharp hooks about the room, he could tell what his brother was engrossed in the creation of his favorite cuisine. Moments after his entrance he heard a shuffle from further back in the tent. Slightly cocking his head, Cyclone watched for the figure within the darkness. He shifted his eyes from light sensitive to the native sight of his people whom could see perfectly in dim light or absolute darkness. Soon enough a 7

The runic like lettering looked as if they had been made with a thick brush and most likely with human blood. Especially with this meat grinder of a world war they now hopelessly engage themselves in. so easy to catch and to be forgotten. Cyclone was not sure. Whether he did this because he was insane or not. and sometimes his mind wondered unto a single task.” “Pity. I have not tasted flesh in near a decade. “No thank you brother. The sound seemed not to make his brother aware of his presence.” Cyclone announced aloud crossing his legs as he sat. It was widely known that his brother had gone mad with age long ago. muttering to himself and carrying a steaming pot with both hands. The small table was covered with scattered maps marred with notes and scribbles in his native language of Vulraniese. he just simply did not care. He was slouched as he walked. The figure walked slowly. Cyclone arched his thin eyebrows before purposely clearing his throat aloud.” Cyclone sneered craning his neck to the side as he lied. “I can scarcely remember a time when they were as plentiful as they are now.Elemental Heart cloaked image emerged from the shadows. or just without care for it Cyclone was not sure. “I have lost the taste for it I’m afraid. completely unaware of Cyclones presence. “I have discovered a recipe for an excellent jerky. “I see that you have not lost your taste for long pig. So the Dark Lord sat in the nearest chair that happened to be before a small desk.” 8 . The Dark Lord then realized that his brother knew he was there. As his brother walked into the front area he came to a long wooden table lined with knives of all sizes and covered in small portions of meat and blood. this generation of monkey is very lean.” The cloaked figure replied as he placed the iron pot on a hook above a small fire. would you care for some my brother?” The man replied in an ancient raspy accent that would be barely understandable to modern ears.

” Cyclone said back as he fingered through the papers before him with little interest. the jerking motion almost cracking his neck from the speed at which he turned his head in Cyclones direction. “Their requests or their summons.” His brother spat instantaneously. “Unlike the youngest of our father’s warped children. the middle child of an ancient three. “Perhaps he would enjoy some man flesh with me.” He finished glancing up at the ceiling of the tent as if looking up at the Valkira hated bright sky.” He briefly glanced to Cyclone. He cocked his head in the direction of the sitting lord before uttering silently. but knew this would change after uttering a single sentence.” “Tell our eldest brother that he can waddle his short fat ass up here if he needs my council!” His brother snapped. when only less than half of this planet is engaged in the conflict. “You have been summoned to Vorexia. “The throne has put forth the summons. I will stay upon the surface while my eyes attune to this… accursed star. 9 . And he did not mind that his twisted brother paid him little direct attention. It gave rise to a slight smile. Cyclone looked up from the scattered stack of yellowing maps and came to stare at the cloaked man. If they were not so weak. “I care not for the needs of those peasants. his irises showing electrics arcs dancing within them.” Cyclone stated coldly with a certain perverse joy. something along the lines of love after not seeing him for so many years. I may have to respect their conceit about the matter. Deep within him.” Cyclone informed shifting slightly in his seat and awaiting the almost definitive reaction he would receive for delivering such an order.” Cyclone informed. “It is not Yanpre who summons thee. Almost immediately the man stopped working. he wanted to show his elder brother.” Cyclone enjoyed the taunt.Elemental Heart “World War they call it. His brother nodded slightly at the comment with a slight grunt as he continued with his labors about the small cooking fire. “You have no choice.

” After speaking. All but their terrible dwarf brother Yanpre Vear was relaxed in the fact that Earth was their home. he stared into the air above his brother for a moment. dismissed the idea that their father would ever return let alone return with news that he had found the God of the Valkira people. had left earth for the stars in search of the messiah of the Valkira people. Their father. he claims to have found our… Demon God. The figure slowly turned.Elemental Heart “Father has returned?” He could almost not believe his own revelation.” Anton Torel again looked into his younger brothers electric orbs. like Cyclone. “Just this moon. Slumping down. After many perplexed 10 . more questions arose about their fate than if he had never been heard from again. the delight of his next words unable to be hidden by anything less than the personal truth of the matter. he could completely understand his brother’s amazement. and to know at long last what fate is beheld for our people. In truth. “Then he has found his God?” The man asked as if stunned by the revelation. Torel had. A gaze that was held for many seconds before the silence was broke. and one day theirs to rule. with no intention of returning to Earth unless he had found the demon God. my insane brother. Xavian Vortex. Cyclone leaned forward closer to his brother‘s face as a slight smile made its way across his own. But with the return of their father now apparent.” Cyclone replied shifting his legs and brushing away imaginary dirt upon his dark leggings. “And we are summoned to hear the commands of Vulrintutakon. and pondering walked across the small space coming to rest in the chair opposite Cyclone. The flickering of small electric bolts played within the man active irises constant and steady before coming to rest upon his visitor. “Yes Anton.

For reasons unknown to me at this time. It appears father has been ordered to consolidate all of our forces into one grand army for a single purpose. Loud shearing explosions could be heard with thunderous booms of falling rock shortly thereafter. my brother. When the two of them arrived within the great cavern. it was Cyclone Memnon who continued the conversation. Lights of all shades peppered their massive surface from several open portals. but soon it will be twice as grand. of which I would enlighten you. The under city itself was already very large.’ He spoke attentively. messengers are being sent to all but a few of our under cities and all of our surface encampments.Elemental Heart moments. “Go on. most likely to accommodate the thousand or so Valkira that would be soon calling this place their home. nor can I.” Anton spoke more to himself then to his sibling slightly rolling his eyes. As we speak.” It took only a few hours for the two Valkira to reach the surface above Old Vorexia. “Vorexia is to be rededicated. They are to report back to the Valkira stronghold. It took them twice as long to navigate the tunnels that lead far underground into the city.” “I can hardly wait. Great spires were dotted amongst the place from ceiling to floor. But I am sure father will explain all when his sons stand before him for the first time in over two hundred years.” Anton replied now fully engaged in the conversation and leaning back in his chair leaving his ancient eyes locked upon his younger kin. Anton instantly recognized the workings of Darkstone Elementals creating new open spaces to be filled at the fresh edges of the great cavern. “Yes my brother. “And there is more. which will now be called Valkira Prime. False lights of blues and 11 . Pronounced stone buildings carved from the living rock lined the smooth grey streets.

How he detested humans. The first of these buildings was set against the southeast. to cast off their own Elemental heroes? If the Valkira had won that ancient war thousands of years ago.. Citizens could be seen going to and fro. food or fodder and nothing more. they would have mercifully and simply killed all their prey and had been done with them. It was not long before Cyclone had begun to usher him toward the holiest of hollies in Old Vorexia. His people had come from the stars long ago. The logic was simple to him.Elemental Heart purple hues illuminated most of the structures giving the imposing dwelling an ominous grandeur. a simple yet strong radiance of several colors blazed like torches from the carved organ of elemental authority. Most of which were shown holding the hearts of their fallen enemies. Kill or be killed. animals that they were. the elite acted as hectic and rushed as near immortals could be. there was no middle ground. troublesome eyes of the surface monkeys. One of his regrets was that they too had left their own saviors behind. How righteous could they have been. for it was his people that had built such a majestic place far from Bacrana hands and the prying. It held many small individual spires. most with just a single window all in a dark gray mold 12 .. Statues of fallen warriors from the Valkira past were set at various intersections. sisters and sons. The area in the south of the great cavern that held the three most important buildings in the entire under city. their Elemental brothers. some it seemed in a mad rush to perform some hectic duty as a servant of a major house. The Triple Torn. and slowly they levitated toward its apex above the entire dark majesty of the great Valkira cavern. It jutted out from the cavern wall wide from the bottom and rising to a point just below the dark ceiling. lesser beings. Anton Torel looked over Old Vorexia with a kind of fondness. having been abandoned on this backwater rock and left to rot by the conquerors of the Vulrana people. In other cases.

women held almost no power at all. called The Crimson Ward in a rough translation from 13 . but even then nature herself found a way around this. Something about how their ancestors had genetically constructed them to be sterile. they were either able to reproduce. For everyone knew that Cyclone Memnon loved his visits to the Azora Temple. allowing as little human blood within the family lines as possible. This was difficult because most Elemental women could not reproduce. it was up to the Mistress of the Temple to ensure that all fertile girls reproduced with the strongest of males. At its bottom was the gated entry to the place. unless they found a meager amount of luck to be attached as the matriarch of a powerful house. He was sure that his brother Cyclone would be happy to show him the newest meat in town. and that many a young woman held him within their nightmares both waking and asleep.Elemental Heart lined with purple. or used for the sadistic whims at the hands of their male masters. surrounded by small luminescent statues of various demonic creatures. Other than matrimonial capitulation. To be the Mistress of the Temple held privilege and rank. At any rate. This place was known as the Temple Azora. was positioned to make sure that with each generation the Valkira elemental heart grew stronger. all in mid coquitos. Anton made a mental note to visit the Temple before he made his eventual and surely awaited leave. From the center of its top down to the entrance at the bottom it appeared to look like an elaborate bolt of lightning that split over the buildings grand entrance. The second most sacred of the three was the Valkira Academy. Its manager. The Temple Azora was a place where the genetic perpetuation of the Valkira race was upheld. the Mistress Azora. For in his patriarchal society. It was also the responsibility of the Temple’s keeper to subjugate mortal girls from the surface and test them to see if they could handle the burden of becoming pregnant with Valkira offspring. as to keep the lines filled with more powerful Valkira Elementals with each passing generation.

As the two brothers floated down to the entrance floor. The arch was fifty feet high by thirty feet wide and built of huge solid blocks of perfectly cut gray stones. corded and muscular. and at its base was a small lip only a few feet in height bearing inscriptions of ancient law and civil servitude. Besides his pecks was his first set of arms. If this creature were real. up between its legs hung the Demon Gods' great cock as a show of patriarchal dominance and power. He had long considered his tenure at the Academy. Vulrintutakon. A great archway served as the Temple/Political center’s main entrance.Elemental Heart their native Vulraniese tongue. Atop its neck between hulking shoulders was the great dog faced God. Located south-west of the main building. It was a long. The House of Kon. At its heart was the largest statue in the entire city. It stood sixty feet tall from the floor. At long last they came to the southernmost corner of the under city. Anton Torel had taught there many times as well as taking the position of Dean for several decades. There. Above them were human like arms. great talon hooked feet led to strong legs bulging with gray muscle. it could be called the sight of momentary death itself. As the two brothers strode proudly into the great hall some 14 . and to use their magick’s and skills to strengthen the elemental heart. was the seat of power over all Old Vorexia and every place thereafter. the Valkira Academy was the place where young warriors learned how to kill. The complex had been built for the single purpose of ensuring its students would concentrate more on murder and warfare in a dull environment of blood. yellow eyes looked down upon the entrance as if alive and watching each visitor with vicious contempt. yet never wishing to return to the position. the bottom of the main hall could be seen. Atop it. His torso lined with ripped abs going up to a broad chest. Its snout above a row of snarling teeth. shorter than normal ones with more clawed hooks then hands. multilayered building with rich dark reds painted in Valkira glyphs around every portal. time served.

Elemental Heart people from the open higher levels looked down upon them. The brothers hesitated for the briefest of moments. At its top was another flat surface about sixteen feet wide. Coming down from up high about the ceiling. A flicker of mental suggestions caused the glyphs inlaid upon the stone doors to swing open slowly with an ominous sounding slide. worlds with names no one remembered. The men were stocky and bore ancient gleaming armor more for ceremony than protection. The two kept walking around the statue to the opposite side of the hall. the throne seemed to reflect absent stars as if it had swallowed them long ago. the cone of pale light showed a set of white steps that went round in a wide circle below a dais. At its center was the throne of Old Vorexia. High at its back what looked like two ancient serpents intertwined into a point. At the end of the hall they arrived at a set of large stone doors guarded by a pair of Valkira Knights. events in a history that only few living Valkira could remember. Upon noticing who these men were. but the brothers gave no notice. There they walked down a long passageway adorned with holographic pictures of stars and long unseen constellations. The steps lead up to a central platform not six feet from the black marble floor. and then walked stoically inside the next chamber past its attentive guardians. Made from the charred and black stained bones of creatures unknown to this world. the Knights immediately opened the stone portal. with the large skulls of ancient Bacrana Elementals as the hand rests. and could have done so blindly from many centuries of haunting this ancient palace of dark elemental strength. All were of lesser houses than they. and therefore mere subjects of the great House of Vortex. Entering the wide chamber only a single source of light could be seen. The bottom of the chair was wide and looked 15 . The arms of the throne were sleek and dark as if made from the blackest onyx. taking in the ancient and obviously superior technology than the surface monkeys had.

heard every tale with an open ear. It was an omnipresent sight. For not only was 16 . No other ancient thrones in all of the Valkira under cities were as majestic or even came close to being its equal. and furthermore. meant to strike fear into its visitants as well as showing it to be the ultimate power in all the realms. As well as doing this. considered almost laughable compared to the seven to eight foot tall Vulrana Elementals among whom he first called kin. Yanpre Vear was a dwarf. Learned every lesson by watching. Yanpre Vear did not take kindly to being treated with such disrespect. he would have not even been allowed to live if it had not been for his prestigious heritage. the finality of it all was the most feared man in all the Valkirium. and pushed further and further. In his place. So Yanpre pushed the very boundaries of his elemental heart. sitting mid-way up the white marble stairs was the oldest of the three sons of Xavian Vortex. Conceived within a century after the arrival of his father's race. Once. He did this for many good reasons. but even more so to the naturally seven to eight foot tall Vulrana. Its owner however. Yanpre took from life what nature had robbed him of in the first place. Yanpre was not only short in human terms. pushing so far to the very threshold that many times the dwarf would simply faint from exertion. most of which no one alive but his father could remember. Yanpre was the first known biological son of Xavian Vortex. He was too small to be taught any of their weapons or hand to hand combat traditions. As the young lord took in more and more. it bolstered his insatiable need for knowledge from which he knew true power was attained. These native warriors both gigantic and powerful laughed silently at the dwarf hybrid when Xavian was not to be seen. He was an outcast. very long ago. Yanpre quickly put an end to anyone who mentioned his height. was nowhere to be seen.Elemental Heart like the folds of ancient robes. he learned all he could from those ancient solders around him. Strengthening it as if it were his sword arm.

His short height offset by the steps on which he stood. Of all the beings within this world only four meant anything at all to him and within moments. ‘I’ve missed you. For a moment he found something relative to joy. “I come bearing heart. Clad in the jet-black robes of Valkira nobility. Even when Yanpre's face was not visibly expressive. he had an exceptionally low tolerance for failure. “You have spent too many years upon the surface my brother.’ “Good that you stay within the safety of these caverns my 17 . and eaten too many Manimals. Yanpre stood before them. The Imp of crowns slowly raised his head at the approach of his kin. You have grown fat and ugly in your precious sunlight. and welcome home. three of those would be within the same chamber for the first time in over two centuries. as if he had not smiled in many long years. “Hail and well met. the distinct scowl lines were still present.” His brothers spoke in the customary reply. his voice shrill yet mid pitched. his hair was long and just as black. and more power in his short stubby fingers than most Warlords held within the folds of their rib cages.” Yanpre spoke in Valraniese. Black orbs filled with electric arcs scanned as he looked over his family. He had an image to maintain after all. Save the haphazard rows of silver that marred the perfect dark color. His eyes held the small electric arcs within his irises as was common for the direct descendants’ of the father of the Elemental race.Elemental Heart his mind sharp with a wit that could cut like a razor. The smallest of smiles came across his ancient face in what most would call a painful looking motion.” Anton knew this was his oldest brother’s way of saying. also in their father’s native tongue. but this quickly passed. I love you. His face was almost as the shade of white pearl except for the bushy black and silver strands of his eyebrows and wild beard.

he motioned up with one pale hand. He came to rest in his throne with the same fluidic movement. Yanpre came down the last few steps to kneel beside his brothers in respect of their father presence. long black fingernails at its thick yet boney tips. As if formed out of the blackness behind the lighted throne.” The three greeted in his native tongue. dancing as if happy to feel their master's grace once more. The father of the Elemental race slid forward to the top of the nearest steps. along with enough sarcasm to choke an elephant. hooded and bearing a long cloak of what looked like fabric caught in-between dimensions. His face was all but hidden. Small lips were wrapped in a thin silver mustache that came down into a long bearded point just and few inches below his chin. Upon his entrance. What could be seen of it was the tip of his nose down. Vortex slid back without looking behind him and with no noticeable movement of legs.” Anton replied without a moment’s lapse. untwisting themselves and coming to rest hunched at the sides of his great seat.Elemental Heart brother. “Raise my sons. all of which was the palest of white. “It’s lovely to have the whole clan back together.” Cyclone spoke openly so his brothers could hear. Yanpre. The star like lights emblazoned upon the throne slowly came to life. The stars light would make you look… shorter. stepped an ancient figure that stood eight feet tall. The serpents too began to move. before they heard wisp of air within the windless hall. being the oldest. was given the respect speak first 18 . The three shared what could be considered a laugh. if that be possible.” Vortex spoke in a deep booming voice that echoed strongly and would have done so even if the hall could not support such reverberations of sound. “Hail and well met Father. Even the shape of his body was hidden by the constant distortion of his robes. As he spoke.

ever the skeptic. So he stepped forward and began as much of a heartfelt greeting as the evil dwarf could muster. “I ask that you release our forces. took two steps closer to match his oldest brother in distance to the throne. making them fat and lazy. He let the last of Yanpre’s voice reverberate within the hall. yet plainly. The Ancient Valkira knew almost no other way to speak to anyone. The only thing that kept his sarcasm in check was the fact that the only three people who outranked him in society were the only other three in the room. as only his ego would allow. He chose his words carefully. “ Cyclone. and then began to issue his orders. as was your orders.” Yanpre stepped closer to the base of his father’s throne. “Father. As the veil of time closes in upon his return to his people. But I fear that during your absence. was only to occur if you had found your lord Kon. while the Elementals' heart has grown in size and strength. “Great father. “The command to bring our forces together is not mine. we must obey each command. and the Australians in Tempra nor have doubled in number. as you had said. The Elemental under cities of Elvin Galorn and Southern Core have prospered. They have slowly passed without the wisdom of our great Elemental father. we have waited many years for your return. And in his absence we have seen the calm of cold war numb our ranks. the Valkira heart has become stagnant. my powerful son. Since you are here now. you have been absent for over two hundred years. Your return.” The air around Vortex seemed to shift as the transient folds of his cloak whipped slightly about his legs. for we are his chosen people. not gather them into one whole here. The treaty of Narn has held us all at bay. he who created us all. They are mandated by the one true Lord and God.Elemental Heart with their father. and his words are law. and therefore an extension of God himself. but let them loose all over this globe to finally take what is rightfully ours from Bacrana and Monkey alike. I suspect you feel 19 .

This one was also very tall. but they still could not be certain. Vortex again began to speak again. He could not believe the gall of his brother’s words. guessed to be male. As it came into full view. The top of its brow and head could not be seen for it was covered in a bright silver helmet. it is inside a pure pitch black. a high priest of the one true God. Its hands were rich dark green and had three long fingers with a shorter thumb. He had practically called their father a liar! Asking him to show proof?! The dwarf lord reminded himself to chastise the pup shortly after this reunion was over. Anton however. no nails could be seen. From there it was attached to the shoulders of its robes with small chains to a long cloak. It came down to the floor and shown the same bright silver outside with ridges and more markings. and spikes from brow to back that grew larger as they proceeded. adorned by an even darker red sash from top left to its right waist bearing glyphs and markings they could not understand save one. Xavian motioned his left hand out next to him. and large black almond shaped eyes that flickered with some kind of lizard like green lid from outside in. And 20 . At first glance. “This is Skulwring. another figure appeared. Its neck was dark green and thin. At its feet it wore what looked like black boots covered mostly by slivers of metal that looked to be a form of silver. It wore a robe of mostly blood red. standing at an even seven feet. It had sharp studs lining its edge. leading up to a small jaw and mouth. where is this Demon God? And when may I meet him?” Yanpre shaking his head gave a side glance to his youngest brother that would send most men into a fetal positioned panic. It had two slits for a nose. simply gave an almost unnoticeable chuckle as their father continued. The iron cross of Vulrintutakon that was held aloft at the things left shoulder. mostly because of the brother's ingrained sense of patriarchy. So I ask you father.Elemental Heart to have found him. which came down around the sides of its face and behind his head all the way to the base of its neck.

How perhaps he could use these herbs as well as some monkey to create a meat pie. I order you to do as follows. you are the most militarily educated of my children. You will prepare our people for the coming conflagration. “Anton Torel.” “Anything father.” “We are to endure your absence again Father?” Yanpre asked after the shock of seeing the alien had passed. former Dean of the Crimson Ward. For his is the will of Kon. This you must do my son. Upon your return you 21 .” The Dwarf replied. Absent and unhindered by the false morals of lesser beings. He was engrossed in the thoughts of how this alien might taste with some pepper and garlic.Elemental Heart in my future absence is to be the voice of Kon on this world. your brothers. and Skulwring who will now take charge at the Temple of Kon. Anton thought he had heard his father call his name from someplace far away. Because of this. “You will go back to the surface. You are the wisest of my sons. What would it taste like? Could he jerky the green creature? Did it even have meat to use? All this was ripped from his thoughts as again and this time for sure he heard his father call his name. When he speaks. You are to create a circle from which you will administrate the power of my throne. you have lived longer than any other creature born of this world. You are the most vicious of all the Valkira since the time of our creation.” Anton Torel replied with his raspy accented tone.” “It shall be done father. you shall bear a task I have designed for you. You have been upon the surface more than any ancient who now lives. In my absence you are to oversee the formation of Valkira Prime. it is to be obeyed. For this. bowing slightly. then moved back to stand beside Cyclone. The second eldest snapped into full attention at the sound of his the impatient voice.” “My son. Within this circle shall be the heads of all the former Valkira states. “But what of our people? They are in need of your guidance.

the unseen terror of children. Do you understand?’ “Yes Father.” Cyclone Memnon. the scourge of mortal and immortal men alike.Elemental Heart will coordinate the training all surface born Elementals. Always you have done what I bade without question. The mad man instantly began to think of the last recipe he was working on. As you do this you may find female born. And as last rumor had it. and the prestige. We will need many Warlords who will not be hindered by the light of the closest star. For the pride of it mostly. yet as many as he murdered he had never gotten a clear chance to kill the immortal himself. and thank you Father. And for this I have a mission for you as well. almost.” His son replied. You are to create a new chapter in our ranks. It shall be done. in this task when the treaty had been signed by his father and the Arch-Mage of Southern Core. But to 22 . You never linger. You are silent death. Cyclone had ceased. Their job is to thin the population of the surface Elementals. He had personally charged himself with this task long ago. but eloquent in your brand of viciousness. If so. the Valkira Assassins. “Cyclone.” Anton kind of heard what he was told. the salamanders. without showing or leaving any sign of us. a Valkira Warlord who several times had faced members of that accursed line of Rah. the waking nightmare of women. Ensure that the treaty of Narn is not prematurely or openly broken.” Vortex said aloud. descendants of the Elemental hero of home world Liam Rah. you are to usher them to the Temple Azora for breeding. the fire casters. But most of all. and never gloat. Kill without being seen. You end lives with the shortest of strokes. “Yes father. who can kill as well in daylight as if wrapped within the fold of night. even if you had them. your primary mission is to end the line of Rah once and for all. bringing them into the Valkira ranks. “You are the most brutal of my sons. but understood ‘return to the surface’ clearly. still lived somewhere upon the surface.

Cyclone had only a single. yet ominous reply.Elemental Heart be mandated now to complete this task by his father. For as the ancient lore had it only a son of Rah could slay the demon god. and the seeming enlightenment that perhaps the demon god Kon really did exist made this task even more paramount. The Dragonfyre line will cease to be. scorn and pain my father. “It will be done with blade.” 23 .

His breath heaved throwing pains that ricocheted through his immortal lungs. It took him several minutes to realize. Yet Liam’s only concern was spiriting the boy away as far and as fast as he could. This was music he knew well enough to know that a symphony of destruction was about to play. Liam heard a rustle from the treetops accompanied by a strange sound that mimicked a wisp of wind. Several times he almost tripped over the roots jutting out from the forest floor. The boy still in shock from the horrors he had witnessed just minutes before. He regretted even to admit to himself that he honestly could not keep up this escape even if he were not holding the last of his kin. The Hero of home world had to stop for a moment’s respite. Great pales of heated sweat flowed down through his short gray hair as billowing plumbs of mist wafted off into the night air.Elemental Heart Chapter Two Ridley Creek State Park Ridley. 24 . he was not as strong as he used to be. 1987 Liam Rah sprinted recklessly through the dense nighttime forest. His old yet solid body fell against a nearby tree. Such a light would give them away in the pitch darkness of midnight easily he thought. He brought up his right hand close to his face. Pennsylvania June. He knew well that his irises burned with exasperated power from his elemental heart. The terrain leaving him no respite as it rose and fell. but still managed to stand even with the added weight of the youngster. The refection of twin crimson lights showed upon his aged skin. He looked up to see at least three forms taking flight with great haste overhead beneath the showering moonlight. His ancient elemental arms grew heavy from the burden of carrying his nine-year-old successor.

But the descendants of these men were naturally nighttime beings. He hoped they could not see him. He was slightly aware that his Grandfather’s voice 25 . When a small calm came over him at the realization that the boy had not been hurt. John Llue Rah was completely numb. and hurried off once again into the night. the wood splintered as the iron locks gave way to his force. As he did. and placed the small boy upon it. His job was to save the last of his murdered clan. Searching his memories for a place to hide his lineage. Even as his legs burned. he leapt forward over a fallen log and out into an open field before him. and then he could make the attempt to slay their assassins. Liam darted quickly to it staying within the darkness of the tree line. His small amber hazel eyes locked in place. and their night eyes were very keen. starring somewhere within limbo. He quickly began to go over this familiar terrain in his head. Just as quickly he ran inside and shut what was left of the barrier with haste.Elemental Heart But rather than be its audience. With a furious kick. He couldn’t be too bothered with that now. Liam scanned over the lad with his crimson bright eyes. and searched him with his hands for any wounds. So the ancient salamander took in two heaving breaths in an attempt to calm the red of his eyes. He had no control over his body as it rocked back and forth in the slightest of movements. he could hear at least two more Valkira flying in formation overhead. Once there. He had unknowingly let his liquids drain into his underwear. he would take steps to be its conductor. Liam wasted no time when he came to the old wooden door of the cabin. he could finally take notice that the boy was in a state of shock. his eyes darted to the west. Looking about he spied a small wooden chair. an old colonial cabin came to mind. His keen orbs spotted the outline of the nostalgic colonial cabin now used as a tourist attraction.

It is older than any record by man or elemental. and Liam continued as he handed the boy a small satchel. you are not to cry out or move. “This relic is of ancient power and evil. It is the one thing that can save the future. After a few moments he could make out the phrases ‘are you hurt?’ and ‘come back to me son’. So the ancient squared his shoulders and spoke as directly to the young man as possible. and with it he became mildly coherent. Let nothing creature or man hear you. Clear your mind of all other things and listen very closely to what I am to tell thee. Stay silent as a still night. And it is imperative that you survive this night. His eyes fixed upon those of his Grandfather staring back at him in a glowing shade of crimson. They would not stop until they were all dead. After what he had witnessed less than twenty minutes before. at times resting on that of Liam’s. and only people of our line who carry the dragon’s blood 26 . He needed to take care of the Valkira now hunting them outside. above all. No matter what you see or hear. Do you understand me?” The boy moved his once innocent eyes to and fro. There were too many other variables in play. was the prize. Liam knew there was little he could do at this moment to comfort the boy. Liam knew that he. and simply listened to what his grandfather was trying to say. but his brain would not let those sounds form into intelligible words. The boy nodded slightly. As if his mind was locked and kept running in a cycle of disbelief at the nightmares he was forced to realize.Elemental Heart was speaking to him. So he swallowed the spit that had gathered about the inside of his lower lip. He felt a sharp pain across the right side of his face. Perhaps they had not noticed him escape with the boy. and then almost began to cry. But it didn’t matter. You are now the last of our line. The pain was too great and the shock still too heavy upon his fragile young mind. nothing in his world made sense. “Johnny you must listen closely. The boy motioned no.

as well as his personal logs. and Liam knew he could spend no more time explaining himself to the boy. and as we go on most of us become insane. and for this I am sorry my love. Liam Rah. more than just this Earth shall burn.” With that sentiment Johnny’s eyes became fixed upon Liam’s. But he had no time to make up for it. the flaking and red trimmed pieces of the garment swung loosely to the floor. Do you understand son?” Again the boy nodded. But it is a fact of who we are. the first salamander. stood and turned to his fate. and the bearer of the Zyton. He had to hope that Johnny would discover these things on his own. He turned once more to look at the last of his kin. the hero of home world. He mouthed the words ‘I love you too Grandpa’. true. “Johnny. but no sound could be conjured from his small throat. And with that. Perhaps one day find his way to the ancient Hall of Tides.Elemental Heart may use it without fatal consequence. Liam put his arms around the young boy in the most powerful hug he had ever given him. so will the thoughts of your mind become wilder. and always remember that I will always love you. The ancient Elemental squared his broad shoulders and walked to what was left of the old wooden door. It is to be hidden from all else and passed only to members of our line for if either it is lost. Emotions run deep within our lot. You must remember to temper your thoughts and emotions with understanding and calm. You will always be hunted because of who you are. Then it was over. As he removed the blood stained undershirt from his body with the heat of elemental fire. At least there. the slayer of Vulrintutakon. As important as they were. he cursed himself under his breath for not teaching him all these legends before tonight. With 27 . the Dragonfyre. to be a salamander is a hard thing. or we die out. he knew the boy could find enough pieces of the puzzle to fill in the lessons he had yet not been taught. For as your heart grows stronger. Stay strong.

This pleased Liam. His brow furrowed. From his hands flew fourth a stream of fire so bright and so intense it was as if day were suddenly spawned from the ominous dark. Quickly and as silently as he could Liam sprinted over fifty yards from the cabin to an adjacent field. He could feel his eyes once again bearing the crimson glow of his hearts power. the Dragonfyre. Therefore. Liam took several steps backwards away from the tree line.Elemental Heart a sincere yet half smile he spoke one last thing. and die fighting my lad. grinning a warrior’s grin. Every sense that made Liam who he was had now forced all his faculties into gleaming precision. His eyes sharpened into crimson daggers that were ready to strike hard into the chests of his prey. This was the place where the dire symphony was to be conducted. it had been decided. Then as if grease lighting threw up both of his hands at the forest edge.” He said in his native tongue. the ancient warrior slipped back into the night toward the tree line. With it an old pride consumed him. he allowed a grin to form across his ancient face. proclaimed himself to his would be assassins. Liam Rah. and when he was convinced there were no hidden eyes about. “I am Liam Rah! Slayer of Demon Gods! Born of Bacrana! Who are you to think you can challenge me! Come fourth and face me infants! Or crawl back to your mother‘s breast 28 . He then heard the unmistakable sound of three pairs of Valkira boots swooping into a landing somewhere in the forest to his right. The flash of it caused trees within its path to immolate instantly. and made three now very visible Valkira Assassins cover their eyes from the great painful flash around them. Moreover. “Live well. Liam slowly opened the portal to peer outside. A long ago feel from his warrior past now crept into his being and steeled his heart. and his grin became courageously menacing.

Younger and less experienced as they may be. Liam leapt forward into a roll. These were Valkira. Liam guessed in an effort to intimidate him. A fourth had been silently creeping up behind the ancient. Liam threw out his arms as a globe of fire energy exploded outward in all directions throwing the three Valkira several feet away with colossal force. The three instantly attacked Liam. and he was sure what stories they had heard about the fallen before him would make these Valkira wary of any tricks the old man might use. With a fluidic movement Liam brought his arms up and crossed them over his chest. drawing long daggers in both hands as they came. The Elemental's aura lit up with flames then collapsed in toward his center mass. He hunched down a bit as a lite orange haze formed around his body as the ancient drew upon his elemental energies. All in tight fitting black uniforms from head to toe. and was caught by the sprays of liquid like fire being flung as if hit by a cannon. indeed.Elemental Heart and weep silently. a joke to him. “Well?” He spat as if dealing with a group of children. Liam threw his arms out to his sides as if they were. They would be gravely disappointed if they even attempted to believe that he was at all shaken by these half-bred Vulrana. Elementals descended from the dark half of his native world. Before the energy had even dissipated. These were seasoned Warlords. It would not work. grasping one of the Valkira's fallen daggers as he did 29 . for you have seen the face of death itself! Shaken and wetting yourself from the sight of me!” From around the fire lit trees blazing like living torches came three men. Liam knew well these were far more powerful and dubious then any mortal opponent. Each looking him over in silence. The three came to stand ten feet before the ancient. Liam knew his old nemesis Xavian Vortex would not have sent green horns to slay him. But they had never faced a foe like Liam Rah. Just as fast.

His mind sped up all his reactions into a flow of unparalleled swiftness. Deeper and deeper into a rage so acute. But this was all in vain. and sporting an aura of flames. Liam darted over to another Valkira attempting to rise to his feet. his lungs did not hurt and took in air as if new. A spray of blood escaped the Valkira’s lips heaving a spray of blood that showed itself in red splatter about Liam’s heaving chest. breaking his neck in a loud crunch killing the Valkira instantly. that he was conceived nothing within any realm would escape his wraith. As he came down he did so atop one of the assassins driving the weapon hard into the Elemental's heart. his eyes lit up with a bright blue as he screamed from his gaping maw. The assassin stopped short and brought up his hand. The Valkira’s head shot up from the ground. The Ancient put both hands about his enemy’s head and turned it clear round. With burning eyes of crimson. shutting his mouth instantly as he struck home into the brain. Liam leapt toward the third in the forest with complete abandon. Within seconds a flash of quantum energy that looked like multicolored lighting surrounded by a plume of ethereal mist flew from the Valkira’s heart and into Liam’s. The transfer took only seconds with the last of it coming from the assassin’s eye sockets leaving them devoid of all color and smoking as if cooked. many years. spewing forth a tunnel of cloudy wind from his palm at the ancient. His bones hardened his heartbeat strong and true. The Valkira had no time to move as Liam drove his stolen dagger up into the soft pallet of flesh beneath his jaw. The Heartrage had taken hold.Elemental Heart and spring boarding up into the air. Liam had not taken a heart in many. Yet his salamander mind began to wander. Turning his head to the open field he caught the sight of another Valkira beginning to run in his direction. Yet as the power of that creature’s soul filled his chest it spread like wildfire throughout his whole body. For Liam knew the tricks of these creatures and shot fourth a bolt 30 . His muscles greeted this energy with jubilation’s of twitches.

The perceptive old elemental of fire transferred into an insubstantial form of living flames and passed harmlessly through the curved blade dodging to his right. Liam continued the turn abandoning the weapon and grabbed the first attacker by the back of the neck. After his pronouncement he held a wide menacing smile. gaping wound open enough to see the fire bolt still in flight behind him. leaving a burning. the blade came to life in bright flames. for this were not the first time Liam stood alone upon a hopeless battlefield. It was an invitation to all those in the area to come and greet a fiery death. and counters for them all. he grabbed the assassin by his masked face and bent him backwards driving his right knee into the back of the fools head. As he breathed in the smoke rising up from its charred remains he let out a mighty howl into the silent night.Elemental Heart of fire from his mouth that traveled clear down the center of the vortex continuing through the chest of the Valkira. A Valkira swung an axe lit by a purple energy at Liam’s head. Not stopping to take his essence. He dodged instinctively 31 . He turned and sliced across the chest of one attacker. The salamander dodged to his left and turned driving his dagger into another attacker’s heart. Reconstituting into solid form. Another came straight for him thrusting a katana to Liam’s belly. Swooping down from the starlit heavens and breaking up through the ground they came. The Bacranian had moves for moves. Liam walked out into the field stepping purposely over his latest kill. and all who tried meeting a fatal and gruesome end for their efforts. gleefully noticing that the invitation was accepted by many. then stepped left in a half turn and cut up across the chest of another. From all directions they came. All of them attempting to kill the Dragonfyre. Quickly Liam picked up the discarded sword and as he did. lifting him slightly off of the ground and breaking it with a crunch with a single fiery hand. From air and earth they attacked.

Liam brought the blade around again decapitated the creature for good measure. the legends say it was this being that tore Kon’s soul from his mortal coil. He was short. and gray matter could be seen by the light of Liam’s fire. Cyclone Memnon watched his men being torn apart one by one. the Dark Lord never had a more loyal servant in recent memory. He had the normal black hair. The younger Valkira had been in the first group of assassins the Dark Lord had trained.Elemental Heart forward and turned completely to cut across another decapitating him in a clean stroke. only about five foot five. was simply amazing.” Cyclone said more to himself than to the second in command at his side. this hero was proving his merits. 32 . leaving his forehead openly exposed as his frontal lobe started to seep out. to be as quick and agile as to fend off the thirty or so Valkira Cyclone had sent in his first wave. His brow was thin. But for all his deadly aspirations into Cyclones second in command. Nevertheless. After all. but what are legends if not ancient stories of hero’s past? At the moment. Sprays of blood. “We may need reinforcements. The Dark Lord nodded slightly in approval. His jaw flew completely off. pale face. It would have been a shame for this Elemental Hero to have gone down with not a fight. In the same motion he lent back to avoid a strike to his head and brought up the katana in a vertical chop that past clear through the face of his latest attacker. Not that Cyclone indulged himself to believe in such religious rubbish. and dark eyes of those native to Valkira Prime.. Scarfus. muscle.. Cyclone turned his pasty face slightly to the left in the direction of his second in command. He saw in this a new found respect and admiration for the Bacraniese hero of home world. his face fitting to the same save for a wide mouth and several scars that showed his accent into the position. “How many shall I call milord?” Scarfus replied scanning the battlefield before coming to rest his dark eye’s upon his master.

Working through the panic. dodging and striking. Then in the midst of it all. if you could call it that. the mass collapsed to the sides of a rising monstrosity. “All of them. and earthy orange. but found that small strikes were breaking through his defense leaving wounds about his entire body. the fire elemental felt within the heat of battle the energy of enemy reinforcements. Not forty feet away from Liam the grassy earth began to bend upward as if reaching for the stars. Its massive chest was rocky and colored in a combination of browns. As the nearest aggressors were blown away into the night. Its head. Its arms were almost human like save for the solid exterior and the two club like boulders it had for 33 .Elemental Heart Cyclone waited and watched the violent demise of his ranks before deciding. abandoning weapons and fighting bear handed only to pick up another temporary axe. more seemed to be rushing in to take advantage of the newly acquired space. a Darkstone. They ran in from the forest and came down from above the surrounding trees. all with vivacious energy and attacking with pure recklessness. Liam did his best to keep up with the terror. rust. Liam shot out with another powerful globe of fire all about him. Some of the Valkira took to hovering. was a misshapen boulder that had two bright yellow orbs for eyes and a crusty gaping maw for a mouth that roared in the night like a primeval titan. but most fell about him as well. Out of the flying dirt and debris of slain bodies came up into the air one of the terrors of Valkira Prime. As the dirt and rock that once lay beneath the ground tumbled over. The enslaved creature looked as though it was forged from living rock.” As if Liam wasn’t fighting franticly enough. some covered in explosive flames. or sword from a dead or soon to be slain enemy. a terrible rumble shook the earth with such magnitude that every standing person including Liam had no choice but to fall to the ground. dagger.

He leapt up and forward. This transformation was the effect of the Zyton. These rays solidified into red-scaled wings that Liam used to flap his way up onto the creatures left shoulder. the Salamander deflected a blow from a war hammer to his chest. With each strike from his now armored hand a bit of the creatures rocky head began to chip away. as he did thin rays of fire shot out from his back. he griped as tightly as he could upon a jutted edge on the left side of the creatures head. he began to strike blows with his right hand into the back of its head. by slamming down hard upon the head if the thing. Liam felt the distinct pain of a dagger driving into his left thigh. leaping again from the beast flapping his scaled wings to the other side of the battlefield behind the raging monster. a blue flaming aura and after its leave. The same began to happen with his arm. and with it Liam abandoned his strategy. But it was not long before its Valkira brethren began to show it some support. Upon landing. a red-scaled gauntlet had formed with a point at the elbow. Liam’s form began to change. Quickly rising to his feet. He didn’t have the time and frankly needed all the help he could get. and taking a glancing blow to his right hip. With a grunt. With each strike. This gave him a few moments to remove the dagger from his leg while gathering his bearings. But Liam was not about to give it that chance. of which he had left with his young kin. The Darkstone slammed both of these onto the new earth mounts beside it and pushed itself up further as it raised one of its knees in an attempt to make footing upon the surface.Elemental Heart hands. The sting of the blade ripping 34 . His hands lit with a blue flame and then settled upon his skin as a reddish scale armor replaced the flames covering it. He did not question why it was happening without the artifact. Liam used the excitement of the pain to crush the overextended attacker’s larynx with a knife-handed chop and move toward the giant opponent. With a menacing grimace.

the old warrior looked about. as the boulder slammed down with an exploding discharge right next to his feet that kicked up dirt with a shower of grass. Arcs of deadly molten fire sprayed out among the Valkira in all directions from Liam. as all trained Elementals knew. some of your opponents could deflect. But Liam had no time for such worries. Quickly he jumped to his right in an attempt to dodge the blow. Their eyes wild with energy. Liam was taken aloft with it attempting to escape the slew of incoming attackers. and if this were to be exhausted it could cause sudden death. reflect. Some were very well trained and could dodge these affects with some ease. The dammed bastards of Valkira Prime just kept coming. that this form of attack was dangerous for two reasons. Liam rose grabbing the boulder as the Darkstone elemental raised his mighty arm. It took him a moment to realize that a huge boulder fist was coming straight down in his direction. If he did not use whatever he had. taking the power into their hearts and using it to revitalize their own strength. their thoughts of nothing but blood. or even absorb this energy if they were strong enough to do so. he was dead anyway. as a cluster of assassins drove in around him at a frantic pace. Several Valkira took to flight after him but 35 . The intensity of the heat burned enemies alive and left imprinted red scorch marks along the ground after each blast. As a slight spray of blood shot out with the last of the daggers edge. Liam now wounded at his leg had to rely on his elemental fire to stave them off.Elemental Heart back out of his muscle was not an unfamiliar sensation. but one he had hoped never to feel again. Some could even absorb his energy. Time was not on his side he noticed. The second being that this reckless use of energy drained the elemental heart quickly and would leave Liam weak and vulnerable. Liam again shot our flames in all directions using his open palms to direct each shot. Liam. growling and shouting as they came. The first being that when overwhelmed by an opposing force. they broke in at all sides attempting to usher in this ancient’s demise.

Liam summoned a steady stream of fire bolts from his open palms in a fierce projecting stream. The Darkstone elemental brought its other hand up to instinctively protect itself. coming to stop just in front of the beasts face. and as it did Liam took to a hovered flight swiftly. With a continuous stream of lighting quick fire bolts that the Darkstone’s eye exploded. When the great beast had finished bringing its stone arm up.Elemental Heart were knocked from the air by bolts of fire energy from Liam’s crimson flared eyes. and then fell back to its right with a powerful crash. The Darkstone lumbered in a wobbled stance for a moment. 36 . then followed in the same fate with a great cracking boom. The titan howled as it felt the fire elemental’s armored appendage drive home deep inside its glowing cavity. The blasts ricocheted at first. nor apparently feel him as he swung round the creatures head and tried to drive his arm into the monster’s eye. Liam’s fist struck what felt like solid stone behind the blazing color of its orb. Yet it appeared that the Darkstone's eye was not soft as a normal eye should be. The Valkira screamed dropping straight down as he grabbed his own. But it could not spy Liam. even as he felt the sting of something hitting him in his good leg. blowing apart the things boulder hand in a massive explosion. Liam kept up his attack for a few seconds more. thankfully to Liam squashing some of the Valkira beneath its titanic fall. As it did. it looked for its target ready to level another blow. With all his might. The Heartrage had taken over the ancients mind. Liam did not stop pounding fire at the goliath’s massive eye. his focus completely on death and destruction. One in particular took a nasty bolt into his face. the orbs melting away from their sockets in a sticky blood filled ooze that slid out in-between the Valkira’s fingers. but then began to heat its unharmed eye to fracture. and looked down to see a spearhead coming up through his thigh. Its head glowed red from the heat within. Liam again felt something jabbing his once good leg.

but the wound upon his arm made the attempt feeble at best. I may 37 . “It is good to see that the Hero of home world is worth every legend told about him. but his legs were both tired and infirmed. and brought the long weapon up for a killing blow to his elemental heart. then was stabbed in his right arm by a flying dagger. the Valkira pulled the spear from his gut with a wet slurp. For his effort. He leaned and swatted away a blow to his left from a sword. Liam looked directly into the eyes of his attacker. Liam screamed in pain and dropped to both knees. a Valkira drove a long spear into his gut just above the right hip. For if you were to fall easily. drifting back into the darkness of night. He cocked his head slightly. He instinctively grabbed the spears shaft with his right hand. The Fire Elemental attempted to stand.Elemental Heart With a force not his own the spearhead pulled him to his right and toward the ground with aggravated speed. as blood began to flow from the wound like a thick red waterfall. “Stop!” Came an order from somewhere near. and then straightened it as he removed his hood. As he did. Liam slammed down upon the earth. his face covered in by a black mask and showing no hint of who he was or his reaction to the event. An evil grin grew across his pale face at the delight of finally having this moment within his murderous grasp. The blade stuck into his upper arm penetrating into the bone. The Dark Lord ominously closed in to stand before Liam’s kneeling form. The wouldbe killer reluctantly obeyed. not that Liam would have known him anyway. rising once again in a futile effort to defend himself. Liam pulled the dagger free with his left hand. What was left of the Valkira numbers began to circle their prey with menacing smiles. In his place a hooded Cyclone Memnon emerged. hoping to be the one to take the ancients powerful heart. He could not help but hold a certain reverence for the man. But still he gritted his teeth and scowled at the man in complete defiance. He had hunted him for countless years as he had his entire line.

But as he did. his eyes colorless. “I just wanted to give the reverence due the Dragonfyre himself. “Valkira!” He shouted out to the whole of his core. With that. “No.” “Are you just going to flap you tongue?” Liam spat as blood fell from his mouth with every panting breath. he walked again to Liam’s body overlooking it.Elemental Heart not have believed you were him. and let’s go home. Arcs of ethereal energy criss crossed around Cyclone and entered his elemental heart from chest and back. Over and over they struck Cyclone into his. It took Cyclone a moment to get back to his feet. After nodding in approval. Liam screamed as great bolts of red energy flew from his chest. Cyclone drove the spear directly into the ancient salamander’s elemental heart. Turning back. some directly into his eyes. So much so that Cyclone had a hard time holding onto the spear. he looked the simple weapon over. The surge lasted several seconds until a single bluish orb wrapped in red energy slowly emerged from Liam’s heart. his eyes betrayed the amount of power now held within him. Liam stared right back at his eyes. Liam’s husk fell smoking and silently to the ground. and gave another menacing smile. Without hesitation. giving a slight nod in respect. I would not give you the chance to recover…” Cyclone replied matter of factly.” 38 . disgust held in his gaze that had never seen an equal.” Cyclone then turned to the Valkira behind him and motioned to have him give over his spear. the respected mortal enemy of my father. Within an instant. He knew very well that the man was dead for he could feel his ancient power churning within himself. as they glowed a wild blue from their center out across his sockets. grey and smoking without the energy of his hearts life. the globe shot directly into the center of Cyclone knocking him back several feet. The Dark Lord looked about at the carnage surrounding him. “Burn our dead. He spat upon the ground.

an Akashan. Johnny dared to open one eye and look up. He had watched the entire battle play out in every sequence. I was a friend of Liam. and priestess of Elvin Golorn. she took only one step closer to the boy. But it did not come. He could hear a conversation outside in the night and hoped no one could see the cabin so far away.” 39 . Her features were lovely.” The female voice said in a melodic tone. With a concerned smile. In its place was the voice of a woman. “Don’t be scared young one. Come young Rah.Elemental Heart John Llue Rah had dared to look out the window of the cabin after hearing the first explosion of his Grandfather’s elemental power. “I am Elainia Luna. She wore blue and white robes that came all the way down to her sandal clad feet. He had considered going out to see the body of his Grandfather. He watched as the Valkira flew off or ran out into the night away from the scene. There he saw a woman of blond hair and green eyes. and all those who call him kin. But when he heard the slight creaking of the broken wooden door. he knew his life was about to come to an end. it is for me now to protect thee. and had summarily been mortified at the sight of someone killing the only family he knew to have left. few staying behind and burning the bodies before leaving in a massive fire. almost goddess like. But that hope was stopped short and it seemed more people had come to the field. Johnny shut his eyes tight and waited for death. I am not here to harm you. Johnny dashed away from the window and hid beneath an old wooden table. With the sight of them.

Wave after wave broke upon the nearby shoreline leaving suds in its retreat. but one Joseph had no need for. Opening his blue orbs. Joseph closed his eyes. but he lived with six other people. The blond haired young man held in his right hand a rolled substance of some sort. This one is a blue bathrobe and slippers. Joseph let a smile take over his face.” The blond greeted bringing his feet up to rest upon the tabletop without care for his brother’s view on such things. just long enough to smell the aroma coming from one of his housemates. all but one older than he. Sitting down beside him came to rest another young man. and bright blue eyes that were as of now becoming bloodshot with every passing moment. The rod rocked the white surface of the table ever so slightly shaking a perspiring glass of ice water upon its surface. and then blew the smoke 40 .Elemental Heart Chapter Three The ocean breeze blew lightly over the white sands and up underneath the white plastic table’s umbrella. He had long blond hair the color of honey. It was a sweet scent. and exhaled with a certain calm that only his isolation could provide. held it for a moment. “Mornin Bra. It’s affects upon the mind were knowingly unwelcome to him. taking in a deep breath through his nose. and that’s the way Joseph Antonio Force liked it. It was a private beach after all. This was why the twenty one year old Air Elemental got up so early in the tropical morning. Jeffrey Aaron Waters turned his head toward Joseph as he took in a long hit. which made Joseph roll his eyes as its smoke drifted across to his side of the table. “Do you think it’s possible to awaken before you smoke yourself into a stupor Jeff?” Joseph asked looking over at the boy with bemused look upon his once calm face. There was not a single person anywhere on this beach.

“Are you excited?” Joseph asked. relaxing him in the morning’s cool air. One that we know well and have visited every summer since coming to this island. “Seeing as we will be leaving this beautiful tropic weather for the dismal seasons in the northeast.” Jeffrey took in a deep drag of his joint after making his little speech. but held a certain place in his heart for Jeffrey. Temperatures in the thirties. “Today’s the day big brother. even if they showed it with frustration. I would think that you would be grateful that were not moving into the bible belt or some other depressing area.” “The upper south east.” Joseph corrected. twenties and below. slightly grinning as he watched the steady free fall of waves along the shoreline. the blond smiled back with a cheesy grin. As it dissipated. Can’t you appreciate that?” “I’m not going to consider Seaside Maryland a resort community bra. Truth be told they all did. along with enough money to get us started out right. His eyes fixed out in to the water. the answer to your question is no. I will not be enjoying our trek north. “What’s so funny?” Jeffrey asked seemingly bemused. 41 . Joseph in turn waved his left index finger in the slightest of motions churning the smoke into a small twister and back into the face of Jeffrey. Or some other place with no ocean view. “Whatever.Elemental Heart at his friends turned head. as the calm of his weed taking over the boy’s mind.” Jeffrey stated as he relaxed back into the deck chair. The waves will not be as tubular. and the girls are not as tanned as I‘d like. And even more grateful that mother is basically giving us our first house.” Joseph shook his head giving out a slight chuckle. “We will be in practically a resort community. Joseph loved all his adopted family. And I’m sure the weed there is not this good. the fact is that we will see snow for the first time in almost eight years.

slightly shaking his head. proceeding to grab a half gallon of orange juice. the seventeen year old opened the container and began to drink. With his right hand. It seemed to some of 42 .” Joseph replied with an even wider smile. He did not want to be bothered in the least until he had had at least one cup of freshly brewed coffee. Mathew simply ignored the sound from his orphan brother. It was excessively early to begin spouting off his beliefs on what was polite house educate and what was not. and adversaries as anything else. his presence was met with a very under the breath grunt from Kenneth. it was almost always Kenneth that would gripe about what was right as far as respect for others. went straight to the refrigerator. The two were are much brothers. Kenneth was not a morning person. Of all the members of this odd family. friends. in all that there was a lot of love in their relationship. His huge corded arms were crossed beneath his large head. he scratched his short black hair then resumed his statue like pose.” “You should switch to coffee in the morning. ”I’m the only pot head you have ever known. His brown eyes scanned over a local newspaper as he waited for the morning coffee to finish brewing. Yet still. was never a problem the two ever shared.Elemental Heart “You’re the crankiest pot head I have even known. Jeffrey stared at his friend for a long moment before breaking out into laughter along with his orphan brother. Kenneth glanced over at the tall boy with a disapproving glare. Kenneth McCoy leaned over the center island in the kitchen at his communal home. Any attempt to conversation with him would be met with purposely cold silence. And truth. So when the very awake and morning type that was Mathew Hunter came practically skipping into the kitchen. but saying nothing. Jeffrey slowly turned his head to Joseph bearing a frown. Without a second thought.” Joseph continued.

He looked down at the paper Kenneth was reading in a passing moment’s interest. So Kenneth begrudged himself to speak on this subject. I knew it would happen one day but… why so soon?” Kenneth heard the gurgle from the coffee pot sounding it was done. Mathew glanced at him for a moment before turning back to look out at the morning beach. they were being kicked out of the nest. then he craned his deeply tanned brown neck to look outside at the patio. So he decided to go with it. “First off.” He quickly answered.J. “Try to act like men. She’s all we know. it didn’t bother Kenneth what anyone thought about him anyway. He had not expected his brother to reply. Then all of sudden she gets word from Elvin Galorn and now we get cut loose? I mean. Elainia has been our mother since most of us were ten. His brown eyes searching and coming to realize that Joseph must be outside enjoying the morning air. Mom is a priestess before anything. he took another swig of juice and then ran his hand through his short brown hair. He reached up into the cabinets and took out two cups preparing them both for the morning elixir. Then closed the refrigerator door and brought the container over to the countertop. More to annoy Kenneth than anything else. Today. It bothered him not at all to be thought of this way.. She got 43 . The nearly seven foot boy arouse from his stool and started around toward the far counter. “Jesus Ken. coming to the conclusion that it was really all going to happen. what are we gonna do without mom?” Mathew asked more to himself then to his brother. When Mathew finished his long drink of O. he gave a loud sigh.Elemental Heart them that Kenneth was an eighty year old trapped in a nineteen year olds body. “You know what I mean. Kenneth on any normal day would have let his words hang in the air with no response. But this was not any normal day.

“Good morning my most excellent brothers!” He exclaimed knowing full well the loud pleasant greeting would annoy Kenneth to no end. “Morning Mama. it would end with him being angered and wanting to rip off his jovial brothers blond head. Kenneth extended his arm toward Elainia holding a freshly made cup of Joe. Every lesson about honor and duty would mean nothing if she didn’t answer her Goddesses call. the sliding glass doors across the room slid open. we are not little orphan boys anymore. We are men. who put his head down as if a sad child and came to hug his surrogate mother. Her blond hair was barely brushed and her makeup unapplied.” As Kenneth’s words came to a close. Entering was Jeffrey bearing a wide weed induced. It was clear that the beautiful woman who appeared in her early thirties had just woken up. joy filled grin. As she moved from the hallway and into the kitchen. “Good morning baby. As if on cue. He knew full well that if he began to speak. she was instantly greeted by Jeffrey. Secondly. Elainia looked over at her 44 . “Morning pothead! Have you taken your daily dose yet?” Mathew asked matching Jeffrey’s happy demeanor. Her lower lip puffed out and rubbing her cheek upon the top of Jeffrey’s head. “Why yes good sir! And Mary was most accommodatingly pleasant this morning!” Kenneth shook his head to himself as he started to retrieve some sugar from a cabinet to his right.Elemental Heart orders.” Jeffrey said nestling his head and wrapping his arms around her. and so should you. “I knew I heard the most annoying boy in the whole of all the world.” Elainia’s melodically accented voice said aloud as she shuffled into the kitchen wearing a plush pink robe.” Elainia replied. and should begin acting as such. and she is going to follow them. I respect that. resting his head at the side of her bosom.

with a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. she gently started to try and break free. Both Mathew and Jeffery released their mother. He had seen these acts of affection a thousand times. As she 45 . Mathew grinned at the events before him. After a few moments. and Jeffery took a seat on a nearby kitchen stool. “My boys are leaving me today. I didn’t.” Mathew couldn’t help but become a little upset by the realization. She accepted the hug. Today would be the last time as he saw it. Mathew went back around the center island. So the young man took it in and let it light up his face as well as his soul.” Kenneth replied. I saw you were being swamped by grown babies.” Elainia said with a warm smile.” She said keeping her attention on Jeffrey. taking the cup and nodding thankfully to him. Just before it might have spilled. The only woman in the world that could ever melt his heart was his mother. Kenneth as if on cue took the cup back to let her give the two boys a full hug. Elainia kept her gaze on the abnormally large and grumpy boy. “Thank you again sweetheart. At which point. “Sleep good Mama?” Mathew asked turning and resting his back on the center island behind him. letting out an ‘awe’ he walked over to hug Elainia opposite Jeffrey. but today was different. Kenneth replied with a nod and a half smile.” Elainia informed moving out of the embrace and trying to get back to her morning elixir. “Don’t mention it. Mama need’s caffeine now. “No. Kenneth was able to give his mother back the coffee. holding out her steaming cup behind Mathew as far as she could stretching out her arm.Elemental Heart stoically masculine son. glancing over at his brothers before giving her a quick smile and going back to drinking his own brew. lovingly rocking his slightly taller yet hunched body about her. “Ok little boys.

After a few moments. Sitting down she brought the paper into her view and took another sip of her coffee. She really had no interest in the paper this morning. Though the young man had calmed in the last few years. For years after his family’s death. it had always been Johnny who’s had stood out with a certain degree of depression and anger. Each having their own personality quirks.” Kenneth informed. But she did make him smile. but something still remained. “Your paper is on the counter Mom.” She spoke walking over to her designated stool. she looked up and out the screen door to the patio. and hard to reach. she continued to grin at Kenneth with her deep green eyes. so they all understood his behavior to a degree.” Kenneth continued half motioning to the center island with his large corded arm. Everyone knew that he meant John Llue Rah.” Jeffrey chimed in. He had become better at controlling these emotions. the only one with a comfortable back on it. and that was enough to please the woman. his large form casting a shadow over her blocking the sunlight coming in from the opposite window. Kenneth could not help but nod a bit and give a full smile. Elainia was happy though. the young fire elemental had been difficult. “Yeah he’s taking in the morning away from us heathens. for she knew he was too proud to show emotion in front of the other boys. “Rob left outta here earlier with grumpy. “Joey outside?” She asked the group before taking another sip from her cup. it was more a routine than anything else. “Thanks Kenny.Elemental Heart brought up her cup. unruly. 46 . “Where’s the rest of the family?” She asked putting the cup down on a coaster. Kenneth walked over and sat upon a stool beside his mother. he was still considered to be quick to anger. All the boys had been orphans of slain families. hidden from view as he faced the cabinets. with help from mostly Elainia and Robert.

“It is unproductive to keep such fears to yourself. The loss of his family was an ever present reminder of who he had not become. Even at some points used those images to fuel his training in the elemental arts. His skin was slightly tanned from the tropic sun. he may have been the calmest salamander ever to walk the earth.Elemental Heart John Llue Rah was not the small boy from all those years ago. and what he had lost. Had he not been through those events in his early childhood. It drove him inward to a point. Such things had created an anger within the young man that sometimes could not be controlled.” Robert Hamlin spoke in his native British accent. but not without a small amount of muscle. His hair was long and brown. and his skin seemed never to really tan well. but over the years with the help of his surrogate family. as he listened to his cleric-like friend and brother behind him speak. he had learned to deal somewhat with the constant nightmares of his family’s assassination. He was a rare type of Elemental. Johnny was now nineteen. altogether a very handsome young man. an Elemental of 47 . Ten years had passed since the death of his grandfather in Ridley Pennsylvania. He wore thin round glasses held aloft by a pointy nose. But he had seen such things. and to harbor such hate within you still. He wore a white muscle shirt and white and black shorts. He was five foot seven and lean. But the horrors of that night were still very much with him. John had to fight hard to take in the lessons of his mother and older brothers to stay calm through the burning fire that was his past. and those memories constantly haunted him. almost always a light peach color. Robert was five foot nine and thin. His amber hazel eyes looked out over the ocean. held in place by a ponytail. standing upon the white sands of where he now called home and overlooking a churning sea before him. His features were thin to match his body.

Johnny had become more agitated than was usual in his later years. but as they neared both the anniversary of Liam’s death as well as the day in which they were to leave. and the most gods awful screams I had ever heard. he was not as strong as his other orphan brothers.” Johnny kept gazing out into the ocean as if locked in a stare with the living element. How many of them there were. He was opposed to violence. His mind frozen with the images of death. Every one of them at some time headed his advice for they knew the power of his intellectually fuelled objectivity. his eyes shifting from their mortal color into a bright crimson red. I will show them the same horror they bestowed upon me!” Robert walked up to stand next to his brother. “You’ve never seen death like that Rob. and turned his head to face his brother’s angrily 48 . every day I try. He had had this conversation many times with Johnny. “I try not to Rob.” Robert consoled looking over his brother from behind. though he was not physically weak. and knew that if he stayed in place with such memories he would grow even more enraged with each passing moment. The speed at which they hacked my family.” He continued.” John Llue Rah replied clenching his teeth as the images of those evil beings tore apart the man he knew as his grandfather. “I will find them all Robert.Elemental Heart Akasha or life-force. and much worse. He put a hand on his right shoulder. flashes of those deadly assassins came to life in split second within his mind’s eye. He had seen Johnny this upset before. you know that. His place among them was more a spiritual father and healer. “And when I do. How fast they came in. I can’t help but think of vengeance. and there was nothing you could have done. the sprays of blood. especially now on the eve of this terrible anniversary I want them dead. Nothing you had any control over. all of them. His strength came from his mind mostly. “That was a long time ago John. It’s like a filter in my mind that only lets the darkness through.

Within a few moments. you are going to stay with us. He turned away from the beach. maybe start a family of your own. it shall be done by me and me alone.” Johnny looked back out at the great blue trying to calm his furious mind.” Robert bade his brother. The Akashan closed his eyes for a moment’s time. and closed his now crimson eyes.” He replied under his breath. Robert took his hand away from his brother. Perhaps one day. “I would not burden another being with the name of Rah. “Go back to the house Johnny. “I need a moment. “If there is anything that need be done by my line. But hunting Cyclone Memnon and the Valkira is not going to bring your family back. the young man’s features calming significantly.” “See you back at the house.Elemental Heart bewildered profile. You will come to Seaside and start a new life.” Johnny looked over at his friend. After Johnny was several yards away. his orbs staring directly into Roberts eyes as if he were going to strike the taller man. Robert let fly all of the energy he had absorbed through his eyes in a terrible spray of 49 . Roberts bluish white eyes were slowly filled with a crimson hue until the Akashan could no longer take in any more. The man used the hand upon his brother’s shoulder as a conduit. “No matter what you think. Johnny took in a lung full of air and let a heaving sigh. Johnny wanted no family. “Please. a better one then you have ever known. pulling into himself the excess energy Johnny’s elemental heart had summoned out of frustration. walking away as his older brother wished without question.” Johnny replied tranquilly. his irises came to life in a bluish white glow. Then as he opened them. did not want to even think of passing on the poison of his bloodline. It was this connection that had caused so many around him to die in the past.” “May I?” Robert asked politely.

before subsiding along with his glowing red eyes. “That boy is far too strong for his own good.” Robert let out shaking his head at the once pristine sand.Elemental Heart flames upon the sand before him that lasted several moments. 50 . Shoulders slumped. Robert took in several lung fulls of air. exhausted and worn. As his eyes scanned the ground. they came to rest upon a sheet of newly formed glass surrounded by white sand.

for which she garnered both wanted and unwanted attention daily. hoping for this to be a good day. Sometimes she would just let the young girl cry and sit beside her while stroking her blond locks. and flip-flops at her long feet. Samantha regretted being so 51 . her body was thin with a hint of an athletic build. Samantha’s Grandmother was her entire world now and she loved every moment she spent with the beloved old woman. taking in the awe and calm that this place provided her daily. taken from her just a year before. The seventeen year olds large breasts showed a fair amount of cleavage above her blue bikini top to which the boys always gave notice. Overall. Samantha stood at almost five foot six. she was the most beautiful of all the girls in Seaside. even when the crone was lecturing her about something. When her grandmother would hear her distress. filling out her bikini in only the right places. the short old woman would come into her room with a readymade cup of chocolate milk and console her for an hour or so. She wore a see through shall of light brown. many times had driven her parents mad with worry or anger. It was the anniversary of her parent’s awful plane crash. She tapped her ringed fingers upon the wooden rail. A gust of wind came over her.Elemental Heart Chapter Four Samantha Jennifer Lee stood upon the boardwalk in Seaside Maryland looking out at the waves crashing upon a nearby beach. whipping long blond hair about her shoulders and lightly freckled face. Her skin was fair. Samantha still missed them very much. sometimes feeling the pain overwhelm her. but mostly if not always she felt from the wrong type of boy. her thin lips gave way to a pretty yet slightly crooked smile that creased the natural lines around her mouth. her deep blue eyes scanned the water’s surface. with body fat only where it mattered. Samantha was by nature a rebel.

she was never taken seriously by a lover. She miscommunicated a lot by using and saying harsh words not really meant with any offence. Samantha was also a rough lot. With as many leader like qualities as the girl could nurture into a positive possession of character. Always needing another of her friends to be with her. along with her habitual running from problems had led to an image of her that she herself could not understand. giving them the impression that she thought she was better than everyone else. She had a hard time admitting when she was wrong and at times re-envisioning events to suit her own needs. Today she would as much distraction as she could muster. though not always using the best of chosen words. and just wished she had them back in her life. as because of this. This. in a vague attempt to dull the pain.Elemental Heart troublesome to them now. These things were perhaps because of the tragic event of her parent’s death. Some of her closer friends suspected that she may even enjoy being hurt. and the cure she had found for this was a good beer buzz. Samantha did not want her mind to wander into dark places. The young woman had tried many times to find the right guy to make her feel like life was worth the living. This made most of the girls about Seaside dislike her as well. She had a slight problem with selfishness. and a cute teenage boy to help her forget her worry through passion heated engagements. but it really was anybody’s guess. But no amount of sadness or anguish would bring them back. but always taken as though she was a stuck up pretty girl with too much of an ignorant attitude for her own good. or a boy to make he feel wanted. Everyone saw her as the ‘pretty party girl’. So she spent her time with friends or boys. mostly thinking inwards and only about herself. But Samantha had a terrible problem with confidence. She said what was on her mind. to fulfill some kind of self-sustaining prophecy of emotional doom. she always seemed to fall short. laughs with her three close friends. Those that could see past the crass parts of her personality had no 52 .

She was a 53 . She had long auburn hair and bright blue eyes. Several men of all ages glanced over at the pair acting the fool with one another chit chatting up a storm as they went. Kathy or ‘Kay Kay’ as she was called by her friends looked over a rack of shirts standing outside of the shop entrance. her mind was always more on volleyball or sports and other more feminine things like make-up and clothes. In a giggled march the two walked hand in hand down the boardwalk toward the direction of the nearby shops at the other side of the sun warmed wooden panels. Her body was thin and her breasts small. She just needed to stay away from the drama. they spotted the other two of their close nit social circle. Samantha heard a welcome and familiar voice call out to her from behind.Elemental Heart doubt. She turned to meet this person with open arms and a wide smile. “Window shopping. where else?” Rebecca replied in her mousey voice. The young girl was nineteen and tall. Beside her was her best friend/part time lover. She was average in beauty. She had short brown hair and a very athletic build. The girl was shorter than Samantha standing at about five foot four. that deep down she was a good person. kissing each other briefly as they met. and perhaps stop creating it for herself. standing at five foot nine. Melissa Cane. Melissa was a very open and giddy bisexual. but complemented by her garment nonetheless. “Hey you sexy bitch!” Samantha yelled giving her friend a big loving hug. As they made their way to an open clothes shop. the cute teen approached in her white bikini and brown sun hat. “Where's my girls?” She asked giving off a short laugh that always seemed to come off as being nervous. None of which she really cared for. “Come on!” Rebecca started to walk off grabbing Samantha’s hand almost bringing the girl off her feet. with her brown eyes and strong set face. “Hey hussy!” Called out Rebecca Green.

“Sup Bitches!” She exclaimed. Samantha kissed her back and then laughed as she was released from the embrace. “You girls coming to the bonfire tonight?” Carl asked unable to be overly obvious as he looked over Rebecca's legs. “Where’s it at?” Melissa asked glancing over at the boy before returning to her window-shopping. As Samantha and Rebecca approached. but took nothing away from her deeply tanned face and gorgeous painted features. Today she had foregone the uniform bikini and instead wore a pair of short shorts that hid almost nothing and a sleeveless reddish shirt that complemented her dark black hair. “Hey girls.Elemental Heart girly girl. “Hey Carl. The shorter three compared and asked advice about the look of several clothes. while Kay Kay stayed to her own thing occasionally looking over at her sexy companions with a provocatively thoughtful smile. As they cooed over one another a boy walked over to the group. There was also no comparison to the level of proud lesbianism that was Kay Kay. Everybody native to Seaside knew that Stone beach was where every teen party was held. then giving Samantha an over exasperate kiss on her lips. and then went about looking over the latest outfits on display. Samantha had been with girls before but was nowhere near as passionate about them as Rebecca was.” He said with a smile. He wore a pair of black shorts no shirt exposing a washboard stomach between two muscular arms. where else?” Carl replied shaking his head.” The four replied in kind. nails. Kay Kay’s voice the only one not stimulated by the presence of a sexy male. Melissa smiled and gave them both a wide hug. with her hair. Sam and Rebecca exchanged greetings. He was about six foot with short light brown hair and brown eyes. Her large sunglasses did not show her bright blue eyes. and face always done up. Far from an asphalt road and any nosy adults who would want to break up their underage drinking and 54 . “Stone beach.

Stone beach was the preferred spot to get it in. 55 .” Rebecca cooed with a pout face.” Rebecca insinuated retrieving a see through black shirt from the nearest rack. “It‘s not like someone won‘t have beer. “I don’t know Carl.” Melissa joked shaking her head and going back about her shopping. “Becky trust me. “What do you think Sam? With the purple or black bra?” Then she turned to Carl. I got you. if you go it then use it. “Well then I might have to be your date. “All good. “You’re such a slut Rebecca.” Rebecca replied with a devilish grin. I gotta run. Kay Kay just ignored the trio and went about doing her own thing. “Then I guess you’ve got a date. “Or none?” She teased. See you tonight ladies!” Carl pointed at the troupe before he was off running out onto the boardwalk almost colliding into a couple walking by. I don’t have any beer money. She put it up to her chest and looked at Samantha. Ok. as did Melisa. Then the boy yelled to a nearby friend catching a football being thrown to him by a friend. But I’m not sure. Rebecca rubbed the shirt over her chest back and forth saying.” Carl grinned deciding the imagery was too much to handle at the moment.Elemental Heart loud music. “I’m not stupid.” Carl replied nodding with a smile. Free beer bitches!” Samantha laughed. He looked back at them once smiling as they laughed at his near fall. Kay Kay looked disapprovingly down at Rebecca as Melissa shook her head at the girl.

bringing it to bear down quickly upon its intended target. and her hair was a rich mixture of blackberry and deep purple. He raised his hand once again. The mark added to several others that bled from just below her neck down across her lower back. The Dark Lord had broken her spirit. With the crack of leather. Her cuffed wrists chained to anchors above her head. This had at one time been a very pristine and well-endowed woman. But as he brought the whip around for the next blow his wrist was caught by purple and black nailed hand. and lips just thick 56 . she slumped loosely facing a grey stone wall. Cyclone watched a line of blood slide down her back and into the crack of her ass. Cyclone raised the leathery whip again and ordered it to come crashing down upon her left thigh. Her skin was like porcelain with a round face and thin nose.Elemental Heart Chapter Five Cyclone Memnon raised the whip high above his head. and he could feel the blood beginning to swell his thoughts. only for his eyes to meet that of the Mistress Lynn Azora. Her form was very curvy. Now. whimpering as light sobs summoned tears from her eyes. he would break her from within as well. the whip broke skin upon the back of a young woman chained to a nearby wall. but those words were met with no redemption. Her once beautiful curly blond hair was marred with fresh blood and dripping with sweat. her ankles bore the same burden but spread open and tied to hooks about the marble floor. eyes painted with a rich dark in the old Egyptian style. She had at one time earlier taken to begging for him to stop. and soon. The girl let out a cry of pain. ready to strike her other leg. Her irises were a light yellow. This aroused him greatly. Cyclone turned his head quickly to chastise who ever had dared stop a Lord of Valkira Prime. with points that arched up to her temples. Her eyebrows were thin and waxed.

He lowered the whip and came to a normal stance as Lynn let go of his arm. Women have been killed outright in the street for much less. “I thought the bitch sterile. but honestly he did not care either way.” “Really?” Cyclone spoke in mock ignorance. and the ONLY woman in all of Valkira Prime to hold stature and prestige. 57 . He looked over Lynn’s attire. Under normal circumstances the Mistress Azora was the all-encompassing manifestation of sexy. Cyclone let his rage subside momentarily. I did not realize you were in. But at this moment. High-heeled black boots that came to her mid calve.” He lied again glancing carelessly over at the blonds bleeding form. “Lord Memnon I believe the girl has had enough. “Good that I was. It was rare if not ever that a woman could insult a man in this society. a bitch with enough power to get almost any man barred from the use of her girls services. The inches below her belly button up to her breasts were exposed. From her shoulders down over her large breasts was a thin purple and black shirt that hung loosely and met nowhere within the middle. Not that he believed anyway. At her waist was a multi colored belt studded all the way round. she was the picture of feminine wraith. Her legs exposed up to a pair of black velvet shorts. “Mistress Azora. But this was the Mistress of the Temple. you know damn well the difference between a slave and a virgin. unless your manhood like your mind has become limp with age?” Cyclone enjoyed the jibe. “Lord Memnon.” Cyclone lied.Elemental Heart enough to be perfectly proportioned.” Lynn said with an irritated tremble in her voice. And it would be you who would answer to Yanpre for the death of a potential breeder. He replaced the snarl on his face with that of an evil smirk. lest this girl may be dead within the hour. Still a bitch that she was. But Cyclone was not among them.

” He agreed.” Cyclone let the words hang in the air as he began to walk away leaving Lynn standing alone in his truth. or take aim at my face. Remember that before you attempt to defy me. “Pity you were born barren. and keeping your wits alive myself. walking past the decorative pools at his left side. 58 . promising silently to himself to punish that slave brutally when the mistress of the temple was not present.” He started turning back to look menacingly deep into her yellow eyes.” She stabbed. “Perhaps you no longer have seed to give.” Cyclone again let his rage subside. wiping the sweat from his naked chest with a towel he had left upon a nearby marble stand. I answer only to the throne. Passing through them he came to the chambers second set of doors. Enough of my seed left within you to make an army of powerful young. But before he could open them to the outside of the temple.” Lynn walked closer to the Dark Lord standing tall and defiant in the face of his arrogance that he wore like a badge of honor. Before him was the tall wooden doors that led to the central waiting chamber. His muscles tensed as he prepared to strike her face. The Dark Lord was finished for the time being. I AM the Mistress of the Temple. the doors opened themselves from the other side. He continued down across the marble floor.Elemental Heart “Mistress Azora. Lord Yanpre Vear. “A Mistress now yes. And not subject to you or any other male within the realm.” Cyclone began to walk. I am no longer a servant of the Mistress. There. floating at his eye height was his brother. “That was long ago Lord Memnon. “But always a whore. and the bondage chairs to the right of the great hall. and instead returned to the sight of her with a smirk. But her next words cut him even shorter still. Cyclone raised his head to her with a threatening scowl. “I believe it was not that long ago I was visiting your chambers.

As he approached. I never got to finish. and take her to the medic. But this was his youngest brother.” He spat silently before leaving.” Yanpre announced himself. “Mistress Azora. “It happens to some men with age I have heard. causing panic and fear based sub-servitude in his wake. another helpless female left terrified I presume?” The Dwarf jibbed with some dark pleasure. the Mistress of the temple called over a eunuch that served as one of the temples guards.” Cyclone replied motioning behind him with his head in a slight jerk.” Yanpre spoke in his raspy voice. deserving of some small respite from his magnificent cruelty. When this was done. As he came to the more open area of the now vacant center he saw Mistress Azora’s beautiful form unshackling a young woman from the gray rock wall to his right. “Hail and well met Yanpre.Elemental Heart The dwarf stared at his brother face.” The short Valkira insulted patting Cyclone upon his left shoulder before he continued to levitate past the man and into the temples main hall to keep his arranged meeting with the Mistress of the Temple. she begrudgingly turned to greet the Steward of the Valkira throne. “Is it?” He asked. “Cyclone. “I’m never sure. Yanpre descended to the floor of the marble hall and began to walk. The large guardian came to his mistress and helped her to support the young slave. Cyclone turned and watched his brother float away with a half scowl.” “What can I do for you milord?” 59 .” She said to him kneeling down to the floor to meet him just below his eye level. “Pity. Usually he would allow his very presence to hang in the air for a few moments. “Hardly. “Fucking midget. Lynn turned to look at the dwarf then issued orders to the guard to have the woman brought to the infirmary.

and his heart shows promise of the elemental void. She understood well what the dwarf was asking. and empowered as are all his nearest kin.” Minutes later the two members of the High Council sat in Lynn’s private chambers. As she sat he followed suit.” 60 .” Yanpre nodded and took another sip of wine. then commanded them to move through telekinesis. giving the place an almost surface like feel. Lynn knew that in public. I expect him to be quite tall. It was a fairly large room lit by four grand candle operas made from works of iron. one to her and one to sit upon the desk before Yanpre. he could be quite understanding and at times even charming to a small degree. when the two of them were alone it was quite cordial. The boy has a destiny that is too important to be left to chance. “No milord. Several paintings adorned the light brown walls. Azora’s chair was plush with fuzzy purple cushions and made out of stained oak as was her large desk covered in ancient tombs and registries. smaller but comfortable looking nonetheless. And it is imperative that he survive the trials. Either way.Elemental Heart “I wish to speak in private. He has the eyes of his father. I want him strong and trained in our ways. The furniture was all Valkira made with brown textures and Celtic like knot work. “Does he show any… Abnormalities?” Lynn smiled a bit. But in private. Across from her chair were two others. and she offered the Dark Lord some wine. “How fairs the child?” Yanpre asked after taking a sip of Valkira wine. After he accepted she leaned to her right and used her mind to order a wine jug to pour into two separate glass goblets. “Soon he will need to enter the academy. But it must not be known who his father is. “He grows quickly. Yanpre was an intolerable bastard. even friendly in some instances.” She answered.

such a thing is unneeded at this time. You have done very well taking charge of this matter. “That is good to hear Lynn.” Lynn began. “Lord Vear.” The Mistress retold. She was ready to open up with some concerns of her own. 61 . He nodded slightly and looked down into his goblet. You have been both kind and caring to the last.” Yanpre gave an almost never seen smile. But I appreciate your concern. “For those of us born into this realm naturally in-firmed. but was not sure how to begin. and I would accept nothing less. “Milady. it has been a terribly hard road to the top.” Yanpre replied easing back into his seat. “I presume you mean the escape attempt?” Yanpre asked. even when in the place you live. “Last week. for a woman to speak her mind IS. I had to kill three surface born elemental women.” She started just after swallowing some of the sweet Valkira wine. “May I speak openly?” Yanpre smiled.” Lynn returned a smile to Yanpre. a fault. Had she been surface born. She looked over the rim at the dwarf lord.” He finished taking a sip of wine. Her face was beautiful to behold when not stressed with the toils of this patriarchal realm. “Speaking your mind has never been one of your faults.” Lynn nodded then took a sip of her own goblet. “It was indeed.” Yanpre started.” “As it is at the behest of the throne that I take such actions. knowing full well that she needed to tread carefully over such a matter. I would be more than happy to reserve a young virgin to move him from innocence. I do them with every respect due such an order. Do you want him paired? He will soon begin his first changes into manhood.Elemental Heart “I understand milord.” “I have concerns over the future of our race milord. continue. her eyes almost in a seductive pose. her beauty would have been that of a living legend. “Please.

It is my opinion that if our girls were treated better. The small electric arcs within his irises dancing upon the dark reflection of the liquid as he thought.” “That was tried once. This is why 62 .Elemental Heart “Yes milord. “I feel that the reason our people have such a hard time increasing our numbers may not be a physical one. He had an image to maintain after all.” “Your point?” Yanpre asked appearing agitated but really just enjoying his time away from the throne room. You ask me again. it is hard to but women do bare children every year. than the mind and spirit would coax the body into being more. “I am not asking for equality. he had given more than enough already. productive. “Perhaps it is time to give more freedoms to the women of our realm. with the promise that they will spring more children from their wombs if I make them… happier?” Yanpre looked over the Mistress with a small measure of contempt. and uprising. I remember it clearly. rebellion. and I allow it. who have told me that in their realm. and I allow it. long ago. to allow you to give each girl a grace period in order to become accustomed to her new role. Now you wish me to free the slaves. Yanpre still said nothing for several moments. and bring them out from under religious boot. “You come before me milady.” Lynn had haggled with Yanpre Vear enough in the past to have just the slightest glimmer of hope that her words would strike true. becoming surprised when he did nothing but take another sip of wine and watch her awaiting her point on the matter. When women were allowed to have equal footing with a man it caused nothing but chaos.” She watched to see how Yanpre would take this news. I regret to inform that one was with child.” Lynn corrected knowing his thoughts. and then looked down into his cup. “I am asking that we treat the future mothers of our generations with a measure of personal dignity. In his mind. and ask that I allow you to raise the age in which a girl can receive a man. I had talked with surface born.

I suggest you remain happy with that for now.” 63 . “And I shall then have better company come to the room. may be the best in Valkira Prime. “Can we not share good company and drink wine?” He asked with a wide toothy smile.Elemental Heart things are the way they are now. “Everywhere I turn it’s always something!” “Then have more wine milord. What would you have me tell my father upon his return when women walk the streets openly without escort? When they can talk back to a man or openly defy him? No Mistress Azora. and that is power enough.” Lynn replied forcing a smile. “But I could use more healers for the Temple. A woman has already what a man instinctively wants. you have the pleasure of sitting in the highest seat a woman can hold.” Lynn began.” “Surely I am.” “HA!” Yanpre shouted almost causing Lynn to jump from her seat.” Yanpre started leaning forward just a tad.” “My dear. “You’re company.

he just wasn’t good at showing it most of the time. Johnny shut the back doors to the van. Johnny could feel one of Kenneth’s parental speeches coming. I’m sure Joey will appreciate you company more. “I just can’t drive for almost a day in the same car as him I’d end up breaking his face.” Kenneth nodded a bit unsure of how to continue. “You’re like a brother to me John. “Don’t worry daddy. I feel the same way about them too. Grew up with no parents most of our lives. “Besides. “Look Johnny. fryer Hamlin talked his sense into me.” The large boy started.” Kenneth took another minute. this talk was genuinely difficult for him. I’m not going anywhere but with the team. Were a family and families stick together. All we have ever had was each other. If anyone tried to hurt you or Rob or anyone of us they’d have to get through me 64 . We’ve all had it hard. I’m not very good at expressing myself sometimes. Nonetheless he continued as best he could. He took a moment to collect his words as to emote them properly.” As the boys finished. he was knowingly not good at the whole ’caring’ thing. Especially when it comes to those I really care about. I don’t think you’d fit into Mathew’s Camaro anyway. Anyway I just wanted to say that… I don’t care whatever comes up against us. and steeled his reserve. Kenneth turned. And as much as Jeff and Mathew sometimes get on my nerves. “I overheard that you were thinking of running off.” Kenneth said as he put the last of his suitcases into Joseph’s minivan.Elemental Heart Chapter Six “I’m riding in whatever car Jeff isn’t.” Johnny replied shifting some of the bags.” “Don’t worry big guy. looking down from his high height as if a parent looking at a child. It wasn’t that he didn’t care.

Or I’ll hunt cha down. and I ain’t no bitch. “Awe look at the bromance goin on. Don’t ever think a runnin off. “When isn’t he pissed off? The old grump. “No matter how big or how many. her blue and white robes clung tight to her body from breasts to midsection then flowed free about her legs. She wore her feminine war paint in shades of blue. Turning quickly and walking past Jeffrey giving the boy a slight push with his shoulder before going through the garage and back into the house.” Kenneth finished. “Nobody messes with the family.” Johnny started. The Earth Elemental didn’t really bother with his plate. Jeffrey walked out into the driveway. As they released one another. 65 .” Jeffrey retorted with a sly grin before biting into the fruit.” Kenneth rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand. Elainia had prepared a large breakfast for the boys after getting herself together. But he didn’t care.” Was all the big guy needed to say.. The priestess worked franticly to keep up with the feast. with black eyeliner that accentuated her blue orbs. Figured that after Kenneth said the word ‘love’ that he would have to make a threat to save his own hard-ass ego. the two shook hands and gave each other a half hug followed by a pat on the back. “No. and then kept on. “Why do you always try to piss him off?” Johnny asked shaking his head and bearing a grin as Jeffery came to stand beside him holding an apple. With that. “I love you Johnny. Understand me short shit?” Johnny smiled at the sentiment. Can I get a hug big guy?” Jeffrey asked in an attempt to irritate Kenneth.Elemental Heart first. and you will be a sorry ass. which was being consumed by Mathew with carnivorous abandon. that was just how Ken was.. His attempt succeeded. Her hair was washed and combed.

As he took his first bite. Mathew glanced at his brother. You can come with me then. “I’m going to need to go back before year’s end. He gave a slight glace over at Mathew watching him consume bites of his breakfast that were unable to fit in his mouth moments before. “Is this the last time I have to play chef for my little army?” Elainia spoke from the nearby kitchen finishing her mourning routine. I wanted to though. “You’re a pig. The trek to Elvin Galorn doesn’t take that long to get to from old Avalon. You will no longer have to fill the endless pit of Mathew.” Robert said sitting very proper at the table beside Joseph. eggs. “Have you heard anything else from Priestess Alura?” Robert asked. a small portion of egg fell onto the floor. As soon as I get you boys off today I’m going to start the trip to old Britannia.” Joseph continued after staring at his brother for several moments. completing it with another piece of toast drowned in maple syrup. hardly having touched his small plate of food. “Yes Mother. Mathew nodded with a grunt moving to sit down at the table. “No.” Joseph chimed in after a sip of orange juice. I have a few more tests to finish at the Healers Grove. cheese and bacon. The woman sat down at the glass table beginning to prepare her plate as she replied. “Can you chew?” He asked.” Robert replied trying to consume a piece of his 66 .” “Never got a chance to go there with Rob. Elainia came from around the island that separated the kitchen from the dining room holding a final plate of bacon. Mathew kept munching for a second before stuffing even more food into his already full mouth. “Over your plate Mathew.” Joseph joked cutting his pancakes.Elemental Heart After picking up some toast he topped it with sausage.

” Robert added. The collection of scrolls. books. How he wished his orphan brothers would grow up quickly. His senses instantly aroused by the rich smells around him. A lot of good people passed through that place. “I take it your riding with Rob and I?” Joseph asked already knowing the answer. 67 . please watch the stuff in the basement. it seemed that it was either he or Robert that acted as the resident father when Elainia was away. Now he knew that role would soon become a full time job. allowing herself a light laugh. “Got the last of the stuff packed into the van. not at all taking the joke with any humor and grumbling something under his breath about the boy. “Use a plate. or at least act semi mature.” Kenneth thumbed to Mathew who just nodded and consumed the last bite of his food. He came round the table to a chair next to Mathew and began to create the same type of breakfast sandwich as his younger brother.Elemental Heart pancake. “You two had better not kill each other when I’m gone. “No worries. “Yeah heathens. “We should offer to take Jeff too.” Answered Joseph.” Kenneth stated beginning to eat his breakfast.” Kenneth replied. And do not destroy the beach house please? It’s been used since before the nineteen hundreds. memoirs. “God’s please.” Robert joked with a wide grin. I’m not as much of a heathen as dufus here.” Spoke Joseph. please. “And please. “We may need some comedy. “It’s not me you gotta worry about mom.” “I’ll make sure they behave mom. Elainia shook her head.” Kenneth stated as he constructed his breakfast sandwich.” Mathew hardly got out past a mouth full of food as he started to make another sandwich.” “No. Kenneth entered the room at that point. paintings. It’s the immature pot head out there.

“She stopped mid-sentence in an attempt to word herself right. Though she knew better. yet. but she didn’t trust them with such things. and a slightly devilish smile on her face. The Seaside beach house had been used by her and several of her friends over the centuries as a hideout and trove for all sorts of things. Maps. 68 .” The woman looked over each of them with a motherly stare they had all come to know very well. You can look through it if you want to and as a matter of fact. hoping just a little that her youngsters would listen.” Robert stated. and when you do just be careful. historical documents.” The priestess pleaded. she could always hope. as the thoughts of learning some ancient secret teased his imagination. If given more time.Elemental Heart have been collected for a very long time. The list went on and on. Not that she didn’t trust them. and if you read anything about my past. it might be a good idea to get more familiar with your ancient history. and like all loyal sons. feared. she would have set them up with something safer and perhaps less valuable. “Got some eh. “But just please be careful with it all. “I’d really like to look through it mom. “Try to keep an open mind… ok?” Elainia asked with a gleam in her eyes. The young had a tendency to let their passions overrule simple logic. Hundreds of years of wealth and knowledge were stored in that place. private diaries of fallen comrades. It may help you understand what our people have gone through in the past and why it is so very important. “I know you will. some of the people who gave me them to keep are no longer with us. she had no problem with bending a grown boy over her knee and giving a proper old-fashioned lashing. locations to other under cites and hideouts. And if she found that they had not headed her words. good stories you never told us ma?” Joseph started. The very fact that she was giving them this sacred location was all due to the haste at which she needed to leave.

“Please try to play nice while Mommy is away children. “Aw you never cook. That was unless it had to do with grilling outside. She thanked him in kind. The whole of the table lit up. I made dinner last Saturday. The levity of the room gave way to Jeffrey and Johnny now coming to join the whole family at the table.” Kenneth replied shaking his head as the group around the table followed suit. even Kenneth gave out a small chuckle. “Cause I know I can’t cook for shit Bro!” Mathew laughed. After a few silent moments Johnny complemented to his mother that the food smelled good. in which case Johnny was 69 . “Uh yeah.” Jeffrey defended himself not even bothering to look about at his clan.” Elainia giggled in a way that could only be described as elegant.” Jeffrey cut coming to the kitchen with Johnny in tow. The two began to reach into the mass and grab food for their already placed plates. “Come on dudes. “The hell you will. as Johnny at in the chair between Kenneth and Elainia. In truth.Elemental Heart “Oh I am so reading that shit. giving him a pat on his arm. “That would require you to be able to read Jeff. “At least one of us is honest.” Johnny let out glancing over at Mathew with a smile. Rob scooted a bit to allow Jeffrey to sit next to Mathew.” Mathew managed to get out around the food in his mouth. the only one of them that had any kind of talent in the kitchen was Robert.” Jeffrey said reaching across the lazily stabbing some sausage and grunting as if the idea would actually cause him strife.” Mathew gave a side glace to his brother.” Jeffrey replied continuing to fill his plate without care for the wave of laughter coming at him. “Guess I’ll have to do the cooking when we reach Seaside. The entire group laughed. and it smelled like you forgot to take the plastic off of it.

and he tried to enjoy it. The Priestess looked over the row of fine young men standing in the driveway before her. To protect them from the evils of the world they would eventually and undoubtedly face. she felt as if they really were her offspring. and I have 70 . There was a certain joy about the table as if they were all about to embark on their usual summer vacation and be back by Augusts’ end. Elainia kissed and hugged each one of them. all except Joseph who watched the people around him with a half-smile. It was an illusion that they all shared. they had managed to develop into boys with good morals and a decent sense of character. He knew in his heart that this would be the last meal with his entire family. Nodding at them with misty eyes. But as far as having a learned hand at the stove it was Elainia that was ever the chef. even Kenneth himself shed a tear from a large watery eye as he said good bye to the only mother he had ever known. These had been her sons and pupils for so long. Every motherly instinct within her wanted to stay with them.Elemental Heart the man for the job. All her love poured out for them. A few hours later the boys were getting ready to begin their journey north to Maryland. But. and a falsehood that they were hoping for. “You are a very special group of young men. In a moment of emotional weakness. keeping him from truly enjoying his family as if an impending doom awaited them. at least that was something. But his pragmatist nature locked one foot in reality. she began to give her final words of wisdom. and she could not help but be brought to tears. but those lessons devolved into an ability to boil water for hot dogs. How proud she was that even with all their differences. It was Joseph’s nature to look at the worst in any situation. giving respective advice to each. She had tried to teach the boys to cook for themselves.

“If you become overwhelmed for any reason and need a place to hide.Elemental Heart been very proud to have been able to raise most of you. you are also special because of the diversity of elements you are tied to. Now your faces 71 . The two looking down to the side understanding the unsaid message. It should be more than enough to get you all started. “Don’t worry mama. When you get to Seaside. you must not realize who you are messin with!” The Water Elemental jovially leaning forward and getting laughs from Mathew and Johnny.” She let her words hang in the air for a moment. And if they do I'ma tell em. Making sure to look at Kenneth and Jeffrey respectively before continuing. and had to buck that authority accordingly. you will find a chest in the basement. The rest of the crew laughed except Joseph. You must not arouse suspicion. And as long as you work together and as a team. In our day if you were discovered you could just move into a new town. I think you will all do fine. and Kenneth. be good!” Elainia scolded shaking her finger at the boy with a grin. It is rare to have all five points of the sacred star in one small clan.” “Cops can’t catch me ma… I’m way too quick for the trough!” Mathew zipped with blurring speed round the whole group. “Even so young man. ain’t nobody gonna even try. remember that Camp Sirus further north. Robert. “And remember that the humans are everywhere. and don’t do something stupid that will get you arrested or put on the news for Goddesses sake. contradicted with bemused glances from Joseph. More special then the wonderful group of good men you have become. Of course Jeffrey noticed their oldest brother scolding Mathew for the outburst. So you will be under a microscope that none of us older Elementals ever had to deal with. who issued orders for Mathew to come back and stand respectively with the others. Each of you has strengths and weaknesses that will be complemented by the others.

If ever the choice arouse. Good luck honey. is never discovered my son. That tie felt terrible in its own nature.” As she finished. and gave her a final hug. He had prayed to his grandfather that he never had to use it. Elainia brought up a tan satchel the boy had not seen in many years. The young Fire Elemental walked up to Elainia. As the group dispersed and went about getting into either the minivan or Mathews IROC Camaro. everyone agreed in their own personal way. At the sight of it. As he did. It had saved his and his brothers lives. she called out to Johnny biding him come back.Elemental Heart can be posted all over the web. but the cost had been 72 . This feeling made him completely uneasy. But to have it on his person was like denying himself an addiction. and crowded her in a suffocating embrace. But I believe it is safe to assume that you will be forced to discover these things on your own. yet powerfully seductive. It scared him even to have the Zyton in his presence. the group surrounded their surrogate mother. he would rid himself of the thing without a second thought. “This of course belongs to you. The sickness of the Zyton had infected him once when he was very young and had no other choice. who waited a moment before timidly taking it from her as if the bag carried disease. his only cure was to try and forget. his eyes wide open as if he had seen a ghost. and he had curse Cyclone Memnon for ever putting him in the position of having to use the relic. I understand Liam went through great pains to keep this hidden. giving them kisses on their cheeks and heads. like you. he stood straight and lent his head back. so please be careful. I am sorry that such a thing is tied to your fate. All together. last of the Dragonfyre line” She began handing the bag to Johnny. She laughed and cried. There is no other advice I can give you on this matter. his eyes still wet. I will be thinking of you often. Honestly he didn’t even know how. He did not know exactly why.” Johnny looked down at the bag. but he felt it like an ever-present weight upon his soul. “Make sure it.

” After her words. and another. The Water Elemental procured a Zippo from his pocket. Now hurry before I don’t let you leave. but desperately wanting that to be so. the woman clasped Johnny’s head with both her gentle hands looking him directly in the eyes. added by another. “Just remember that you are a good man. and still to her. and worry. The hard rock filled the car and blasted out of the open windows announcing that Mathew Hunter and crew were now embarking on a road trip. Jeffrey shook his head from side to side placing a joint in his mouth. I won’t let anyone know of it. not the relic. a great feeling of uneasiness came over her.” Elainia watched as the last of the boys loaded up. Watching them leave off into the future she honestly wondered if she would ever see any of them again. Jeffrey scrunched his eyebrows still holding the three joints with 73 . Ok?” “Ok Mom.” “I love you too baby boy. love. The IROC sped off spitting dirt from the road as it did. they were little boys in some respects. Or use it if I can help it.Elemental Heart his attachment to the thing. Mathew and Jeffrey sat in the front seats with Johnny sitting in the back crammed in among the bags that would not fit in the trunk. “Thank you Mother. The great love that she had lavished these young men with were that of a woman never having a child. And you control your own actions. all three banging their heads with exasperation and singing along to Van Halen. and so these were her children. From inside the Camaro sounded the first rifts of one of Mathew favorite songs with an earsplitting proclamation. She had raised these young men since before there ascension into the first days of manhood.” “I fear my son that may one day be your destiny. It was a mixture of concern. I love you. but after several bemused attempts the small torch would come to life. striking it for a light.

he gave it to Mathew. he took between the fingers of his left hand. and then happily took the joint from Jeffrey’s mouth. As he lit one.Elemental Heart his lips and kept striking the flint as if it would magically fill with fluid. then letting it out after his words in a grey spray of smoke. Jeffrey finished taking a sip of rum from a silver flask. “Why does he drive like that?” Joseph complained just starting out onto the asphalt road. “He’s in the car with Jeff. The hand in front of his face instantly rid itself of the flames by wiggling it fingers. Johnny nodded as he took in a clean hit from the back seat. “And lots a pot!” Jeffrey interrupted bringing up an ounce or so of marijuana in a sealed clear plastic bag. who took it without a second thought. He’s probably high already. continuing to laugh with the other two stoned boys in the car. He’s more responsible than Jeffrey by far.” Robert hoped clinging on to a basic faith in his younger brother. beginning to light the joints with the most welcomed fire. until a peach hand appeared to his left with its finger tips alight with small flames. “Fourteen to fifteen hours of road time gentlemen and we got lots of rock…” Mathew shouted favorably aloud over the music. the smile on his face widening to the point of being cheesy.” Kenneth assumed sitting in a lone seat bolted into the back of the minivan. threw the Zippo haphazardly behind his seat. “I knew you would be good for something. “I give Mathew more credit than that. He immediately handed it over to Mathew. Then the third he puffed in twice sticking out his chin. taking a sip before passing it off Johnny behind 74 . Jeffrey widened his eyes.” Jeffrey joked holding in the hit. Then the second.

There is nothing safe about that vehicle at the moment. 75 .” Mathew retorted. glaring over at his brother with half open eyes. for anyone in or out of the car. He will be fine. “Yeah. Almost immediately the speakers began to emit Ziggy Stardust. Mathew cranked the volume to an ear splitting level as Jeffrey and Johnny sang out.” Robert said to himself rolling his eyes.” Robert defended with waning faith.” Robert stated looking through his brown book bag. ‘Breaking the law! Breaking the law!’ “Elainia gave me directions. “There is no one even on this road. “This is gonna be a long trip. After several silent moments Jeffrey let out.” Kenneth commented shaking his head in frustration. “He has Jeff in the car with him.” “The speed limit is forty five.Elemental Heart him. sure..” Jeffrey stated with a frown upon his face. “You’re a pussy.. “Got any music in this box with wheels?” Kenneth asked rummaging through a book bag for something to munch on. “He has never been pulled over and has never gotten a ticket.” Joseph stated flipping his left hand from the wheel in disbelief. “Why?” Mathew asked bewildered looking back and forth from the road ahead to Jeff’s high stare. “Pussy. praying for a shot of Nirvana.” Matt shook his head. He can’t possibly be doing the posted limit.” Joseph answered putting a tape into the radio. and then increased the speed to sixty. and you’re only doing fifty five. “Look how far away he is already.

“What?” Joseph asked.” Joseph wondered. You’re doing forty two at best. “We’re all going to the same place anyway? The way I see it. “Do the damn limit at least.Elemental Heart “I’m surprised she never brought us there. I’m actually quite interested in what we may find there. “Where did Joey go? Did we take a wrong turn?” Jeffrey asked looking back and forth from the passenger side rear view mirror to the window behind Johnny. I’m just being careful. Johnny turned and looked over the piles of clothes stuffed into the back of the car.” Johnny replied to the open question. Just imagine what kind of technology is down there. From what she said. “I don’t think Mom wanted to take the chance of it being discovered.” Joseph replied. “We lost them already. Or the information we could garner from the history of our ancestors. “We’re really loaded down in here. “It’s a forty five man.” Kenneth said with a slight attitude.” The large boy stated scratching his chest through his black sleeveless. if we get there first we can throw that terrible old television out.” Kenneth ordered. 76 . It’s supposed to have been built from the first ships that landed on Earth. “I don’t see them. “Really Joe?” Kenneth asked looking bemused.” Mathew said making a left turn into a busy intersection.” Kenneth leaned forward between the seats and past his brothers to look out of the windshield. “Maybe I should have gone in the other car.” Robert groaned under his breath. the Hall of Tides hasn’t been used in over a thousand years.

“We used a boat!” before spilling some beer on his red shirt from his over dramatics while stumbling forward. “This way girls. As the girls walked down a short but steep rocky path. “Yeah well…. Don’t ask how we did it.” A passing boy wearing a fishing hat and a pair of sunglasses yelled out. and Kay Kay walked down the sandy dirt path to Stone Beach. Already they could hear some music playing and the chatter from other neighborhood teens. they came to a small-enclosed beachhead perfect for unwanted attention. “It is way too early to be that drunk. He’s got longevity. Rebecca took the cup from Carl and started to drink it. But before he could answer. It is anyway right?” Carl let the insult pass for the chance of a better future. Samantha and the other girls laughed at the boy as they followed behind Carl down to the shoreline. Don’t worry about him. The girls were greeted by a few people as they entered before Carl came over bearing a smile and holding a red plastic cup. Rebecca. is that for me?” Rebecca asked bearing red lipstick and puffing her almost completely exposed breasts at the boy.” Carl said retrieving some cups and handing them to the girls. Melissa. we got a keg down here.” Kay Kay remarked watching as the drunken boy stumble away with a slight laugh closing her words “Awe that’s Marcus. All four were decked out in recently bought clothes.Elemental Heart Chapter Seven The sun was beginning to set in the sky as Samantha. he’s been drinking since this morning. At his feet 77 . “What’s up ladies?” The lightly buzzed young man greeted with happily lit orbs. all but Kay Kay in skirts with bikinis underneath. “Hey baby.

” He stated irritably. adorned with small studded jewels at each point. Around his neck was an inverted pentacle. Drake was five foot nine. “I don’t understand. didn’t I hit that well enough? Those were some hard pounding hours. “What’s the matter baby. “Hey dickhead let her go!” Melissa yelled smacking Drake across his face as Samantha shifted trying to break free. “Hey Drake.Elemental Heart was a large blue bucket holding a keg surrounded by packed ice. medium build with dark reddish hair and brown eyes. The girl squirmed a bit as she felt his embrace. but no model to be sure. “Yeah.” Drake implied as he put his unwanted arms around Samantha. Today he wore black shorts with a black sleeveless shirt and dark colored sandals. As she turned around.” Samantha replied with over obvious disdain. “Hey Sam.” Samantha replied trying not to roll her eyes but failing in the attempt. a twenty three year old Drake Nolen came into view. her face knotted up with annoyance. seriously disgusted.” Samantha said trying to roll out of his arms.” Drake stated looking sternly into slightly taller male’s eyes.” He continued. “I thought we were getting serious. this is my girl. “Hey man I don’t think the girl wants you touching her. We had such a good time the other week. “Yeah that’s what happens when you don’t really wanna talk to somebody. He had rugged features that were handsome enough. “You haven’t returned my calls.” The young man said with a sly air about him. 78 .” Drake replied still clutching onto the shorter female. “Mind your own business jerk off. He had a short-cropped beard and short hair that met together with thin side burns.” Carl said looking over the situation before him slightly disgusted and stating the obvious. As the girls got their drinks Samantha heard a familiar voice call out her name.

Then pushed Melissa so hard she flew from her feet hitting the sand upon her back. Kay Kay grabbed a nearby towel and started to clean off her friends wounds. most of the other party goers began to circle the scene.Elemental Heart Drake did let the Samantha go. his nose flowing metallic crimson. “She’s not your girlfriend. his eyes flaring with anger. After all. Kay Kay leaned down a checked to boys injuries. Drake needed prove no more lest this boy felt the need to die. his intimidation display was done. and a nasty bump on his eye socket that would turn into a nice shiner. getting into Drakes face shoving the man. The young man felt every adrenal gland in his body pound.” Carl stated without a moment’s hesitation. This is between me and my girlfriend. They were not strong enough to do so. As they pushed Drake off away from Carl. but Drake let them do it anyway. His heart raced as he mashed his teeth. 79 . his superiority asserted. Carl’s face began to explode with sprays of blood as the people in the forming crowd began to chant ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ Samantha and Rebecca came around to the head of the fight and both grabbed Drake by his shoulders in an attempt to pull him off. “What the hell is your problem man?!” Carl yelled. “Stay the fuck out of my shit lil boy. Drake threw one powerful gut busting punch that left Carl with no air in his lungs. Carl instantly threw down his cup. The younger boy fell back upon the sand. which had no effect. “What is she with you?” “Maybe she is!” As Carl spoke those words it was like a challenge to Drake’s authority. and without a moment’s notice Drake was atop him thrusting punch after punch into the boy’s face. off balancing Carl more than anything. His lips were busted and bloody. With that.” Drake replied coming chest to chest completely unintimidated by Carl.

Samantha. Afterwards. replaced by a scowl as Rebecca continued. walking him away from the 80 . “Wanna beat me up now?!” The young girl exclaimed shoving him in the chest. yet protested not in the least. Samantha’s face betrayed this shock. He looked back only once at Rebecca. “You worthless piece of shit! What the hell is your problem! Samantha doesn’t like you! She is not your girlfriend! One stupid drunken lay does not give you the right to go around beating people up!” Drakes grin dropped. As Rebecca calmed down she turned around to see Carl now sitting up with the help of Kay Kay. “What a douche baby. “It’s not your fault Sam. “You wanna beat somebody up for going out with Sam! Well how’s this asshole!” With that said she grabbed Samantha by her arms. Many people around them hooted and hollered in approval. Rebecca led into him. holding the side of his head with her hand. in slight shock.” The girl helped up her date. then with a menacing scowl walked away from the scene feeling slighted. Drake shook his head in the slightest. “Oh baby are you alright?” Rebecca asked kneeling down and feverishly looking over the hurt boy with cooing abandon.” Rebecca assured her. When Rebecca released her. “But what the hell was his issue?” “I’m so sorry Carl. went with it for the moment. “Come on Carl. “I’m ok. who in that instance gave him the finger accompanied with the nastiest look the cute teen could summon. and pulled her into a full on French kiss holding her ass for good measure. even Kay Kay looked up smiling at the brazen display. let me try and make our hero feel better.Elemental Heart As Drake looked down at the bloody boy with a wide grin.” Carl started.” Melissa said wiping the sand off of her new skirt.” Samantha apologized kneeling down to look him in the face. Rebecca turned back to Drake and continued her rant.

” Samantha let out one of her patented nervous giggles. Both Samantha and Kay Kay just looked at Melissa. Cyclone pushed a few buttons on the terminal. Kay Kay looked over the two shorter girls shaking her head. “You always manage to interrupt me during supper. and then spoke aloud. an expression of awe upon their faces. “Get me Anton Torel. then uplinked itself with the Valkira communications network. Cyclone saw his older brother starring back at him.” She admitted nodding. along with several other smaller screens that were interchangeable for other service options. “Well at least he’s gonna get laid. but when completed.” Melissa stated openly in middle of the other two. “What? It’s true.” She let out looking back to Rebecca and Carl retreating over a sand hill and out of sight. On the wall above the control terminal was a holographic raised screen fifteen by twenty inches showing a black back ground with the Valkira cross lit in dark purple.” 81 . sitting in a lavish black chair facing his personal computer terminals.” Came a deep voice from the speakers by the terminals artificial intelligence. “Yeah. which brought up a communications screen. The screen changed to a search mode. “I would. The process took only a few minutes. Before him was a flat tabletop adorned by several raised holographic glyphs in his father’s native language that served as a keyboard. The Valkira lord inputted his command clearance.Elemental Heart now dispersing group and toward a more private location.” Melissa continued still watching the pair disappear from sight. He body rested. Cyclone Memnon sat alone.” “Yes Milord. As she did the other three teens came to stand next to each other watching the pair leave. “Sluts.

” Anton motioned his hand as if waving off a servant. Bring your assassins along and raid a surface camp.” “That may be true brother. From the looks of his environment. It seems that the Temple is in need of fresh slaves. “Why don’t you come up here and retrieve some.” Anton laughed. He rolled it back and forth with his palms looking down into the red liquid. and their fat is succulent and sweet.Elemental Heart Anton opened placing a plate down beside him.” “Just do as your told brother.” Anton scoffed at the idea. “You’re always eating brother. which made Cyclone a bit jealous. Take some Elemental bitches for a change. so just lie and say they are without a man’s touch. only to have to turn them over. and have no time to collect slaves.” “Well what is it you want Cyclone? I’m sure I’m busy with something at the moment. it may be even more rare to find a virgin than an Elemental born female.” Cyclone shook his head holding the drink in both hands at his stomach. “This is the nineteen ninety’s. The walls in his room were earthy and uneven. “Virgins. But that feeling quickly passed.” 82 . His older brother was sitting in a chair that looked even more comfortable than his own.” Cyclone turned away from his console to retrieve a goblet of wine. Not common monkeys.” “Our eldest brother requires virgins born of Elemental blood. I’m busy training Surfacelords. he was living underground at the moment. I don’t care. He was no slave trader. “Tell the impish fat ass to crawl up the surface and catch some then.” Cyclone then sipped from his cup. It is not you that has to hear the dwarf’s mouth on a regular basis. I tire of hunting for young girls. They have good meat on them. “Yanpre asked me to contact you. “We received another transmission from father this afternoon.

” Cyclone said raising his goblet toward the surface above him.” “You do not seem enthusiastic about this prospect. such a thing cleanses the world of the weak and impotent. What brings me to fear are their atom bombs. It seems my brother. Not that I am opposed to such raw hatred.” “He say’s to expect his return at the outset of the tenth solar cycle. What will become of our inherited kingdom? Will it be the Valkira class that rules on high over lesser beings? Or will we be the kings of a barren wasteland. “It is not that I do not believe such a force could raid and destroy the monkey forces. They kill each other over such small matters as differences in color and culture. He had not really cared to contemplate such matters. And ready our influences within the human governments to receive final orders by that time. bereft of life and luxury?” Anton thought on this for a good moment. But will father not be at the head of an interstellar armada? Will not such a force pry the monkeys from foot to grave?” Cyclone reached for a jug to fill his goblet.” Anton stated knowing full well his brothers concerns. But now that his 83 . panic driven animals.Elemental Heart “Oh?” Anton said curiously. he began to speak again. The potential that they. “I agree. that conflagration will soon be at hand. in their ignorance may actually fight until the last of them remain. “We are the lords of our realm. It is the realization that the monkeys by nature are destructive. We are to begin implementing our spy networks in the final phase. Doing so. “Regale me of this new message from our distant father and his demon God. They will be much harder to subjugate as their technology grows. Not some alien tribe or otherworldly creature. I grow tired of sitting beneath the ground and waiting to be ordered to do what is natural to me anyway. We should have enslaved the monkeys centuries ago. They still fight over invisible God’s and knowingly false doctrines.

what kind of a world indeed would we be left with?” 84 . If his valid fears were to come to fruition. it was something to think about.Elemental Heart youngest brother mentioned it. what kind of a world would be left upon his precious surface? “Yes my brother.

Another of the three knelt down. So he moved his hand to the screen and as he did. the three were inside what looked to be the kitchen. in height. Within seconds a crackling hiss could be heard as molten metal fell away from the thin space between the door and the door jam in small glowing pools.Elemental Heart Chapter Eight It was well past midnight in Seaside and the air felt damp as though it were about to rain. The shadows of the three passed through the light from the alleyway behind them. A second later. who was not short at all. All of them were wearing complete black from neck to foot. All was quite that night with the exception of the local alley cats hissing in territorial displays. pressing a single finger upon the brass door handle. Three forms passed into a back yard through an open metal gate. The tallest wore a mask that looked like that of a mime with a happy face on one half. and a sad face on the other. Other than that. the door moved ever so slightly in their direction. The middle one. They crept silently in the moonlit yard all the way up to an enclosed patio made of wood and enclosed metal screens. probably one of those stray animals. not a creature could be heard. At their heads however. The forms crossed easily now thought the portal and to the inner door that lead into the house. The tallest of the three turned to the other two that were with him. One shadow drew larger as its master came closer to the screen door. Quietly he tried to turn the handle only to find it locked. The shortest of them. wore a hockey mask that had flames drawn upon it covering all but the top right side that was left all white. they wore very distinctive masks. his hand became insubstantial. wore a mask that 85 . That was the way they liked it. Something in the distance had knocked over a trash can lid. Easily enough. The cloudy form reached pasted the metal mesh and unlocked the screen door with ease.

the two passed through the kitchen area and into a dining room.” The Mime continued. The first door they passed was slightly open. When he was a few steps away. then passing by the front door they began to climb beige carpeted stairs. Her large breasts heaved up and down as she breathed. and the mime peered inside. Slowly the white sheet above them both began to slide 86 . “Firelord. The Mime turned to the Dragon and pointed to continue down the hallway. There he spied a bed bearing a sleeping couple. Sure footed. The sheets rose and fell in tandem. come with me and secure the girl. The man was in his forties. Slowly they crept to the top that led into a long white walled hallway. on the mantle and small tables about the room had a display of pictures. Eerily the Mime stood at the foot of the bed. The Dragon quietly obeyed.” The Mime spoke quietly to the hockey masked man. betraying the couples light breathing within their slumber. It had flairs around it’s outside that were painted in sparkling gold. From there they reached a living room with all the normal furnishings from couch and loveseat to television.Elemental Heart looked like a red dragon. stalking down the corridor with care not to make a sound. the mime crept inside the master bedroom. lumberingly obviously overweight. silently commanding. Firelord nodded saying nothing. but showed healthy promise of being so when she was younger. The wife however was not terribly beautiful. stay down here and guard the entrance. his head slightly cocked as he watched the pair sleeping in peace. and her skin showing only the smallest amount of wrinkles. The Dragon nodded also keeping silent. Her hair was wavy and dark. and he snored at times with great booms from his large flat nose. His head was balding. “Dragon. its mouth was left open from the upper lip and coming down at the sides of his lips. The family appearing loving and with various other friends and kin.

His stealth kept them blissfully unaware even as he mounted himself above the older woman. but allowed the frightened woman to turn and watch her husband’s fate. As he held it there the man began to flounder in panic and pain. The cloudy blanket restrained her from any major movement. before shooting open again with the realization of the intruder above his wife. “Shhhh…” The mime hushed to her. The Dragon slowly stalked with great anticipation down the hallway to a white door adorned with mediocre drawings in colored pencils and brush paints. At its center was the reassurance 87 . The Mimes other arm became insubstantial shutting the woman’s mouth completely while spreading out to hold down her arms and torso in a sheath of elemental air. the man began to stir. and as he did the woman met his gaze with shaking wide eyes. The Mime looked from the husband to the wife. The chaotic actions quickly awoke his wife. He tried to yell but it was stopped short.Elemental Heart down away from their bodies. much worse. All she could do was look over in terror at the sight of her husband. choking on a barely seen force with no hope of escape. The Mime gradually began to climb up the bed over the woman. Soon the husband’s lugs would implode from the unseen force. He looked over her. Then after a loud suctioning snore. Her fate. before the end. The husband opened his eyes for a moment then closed them. mocking her. who also attempted to scream but was met by a similar fate. stalking the top of her body on all fours. The mime’s arm again became a clear cloud as he jammed it into the man’s mouth all the way down his throat and into his very lungs. would be much. smelling her scent and taking in all the power over which he now held. His body flailed and shook as his the most terrible gurgling sounds came from his open mouth. as if everything was going to be alright.

Climbing atop her. He ended to movement with a bite to her lower lip that drew blood as she was thrown back down upon the bed. After taking in the moment. From the neck of the shirt to the bottom he ran his wet finger. all along its center scorching the white of the shirt into a 88 . He walked to the side of her bed and looked over the sleeping teen. She looked up at the masked man in horror. She appeared completely at peace. So yet again the Dragon placed a single finger upon the lock. the Dragon brought his right index finger to his mouth and licked the tip with his tongue. but it was met with a vicious left cross to her face. Stunned and her eyes rolling the girl fell almost limp as the man pulled her up to his masked face. She opened her mouth to yell for help. This pleased him. brushing his left shoulder on a sign upon the door that read ‘Rebecca’s Room. Again she tried to fend him off but he slapped her across the face with such force that blood began to drip from her nose. He let her sleep for a moment before slowly making his right hands way closer to her throat.Elemental Heart that the Dragon had been looking for. Rebecca was clad in a pair of blue panties and a small white shirt. with a hint of sweat glistening off her young sun kissed skin. kissing her with exposed lips. her vision began to return along with a sharp pain at her lower lip. Some of the makeup applied earlier in the day was still present on her face. As Rebecca began to shake off the effects of the strike. and after a second or so of hissing the lock gave way. Rebecca’s eyes snapped open as her hands instinctively went to pry off the assailant’s arm. He tried to open the door. the Dragon mounted upon her hips. Then in an instant he grasped the girl’s neck in a tight choking grip. and knew that the parents were as he moved being taken care of. but again another lock. he had the girl all too himself. Keep Out!’ The Dragon could hear the muffled sounds from down the hall. Silently pushing open the door he passed through the portal.

a retrieved a cold chicken leg he saw on a plate. the terrible flat sounds of strikes. Before she had a chance to recover again the Dragon leapt up and in-between her legs. Again he heard the whimper of a young woman. It would not be the last of the evening. Again. Downstairs in the kitchen. But still. the sight of her dark nipples arousing the Dragon greatly. and within. she made a last attempt to scream. The Dragon had many plans to defile this disrespectful female from without. the hockey masked figure could hear the bouncing of springs upon wood. and the jerking of the bed upon the floor. Rebecca looked back up in realization of what was about to happen. It made him almost ill to hear the sounds of the mad men above him. he almost dreaded the day. The girl coughed moaning in pain. and the muffled whimpers of the young girl. bringing her knees up with the inside of his arms and pinning her down with her own appendages. 89 . as if it were some rite of passage. it would be his turn.Elemental Heart small orange line. Soon the material gave way and opened exposing her entire torso. a thin red burn marred her from neck to navel. keeping his attention to the task at hand. With that he moved to the refrigerator. he tried not to think about what went on overhead. It was met by another strike. He tried not to visualize the horrors.

quite beautiful even after three hundred years of life on this world. Over the last century Elvin Galorn had become more of a city that centered on the temple. or the moon Goddess of Terra. but rarely if any actually called the place home. For this. Her hair was a long pale blond that came down over her blue robed shoulders. The High Priestess was the leading voice in the Temple of Luna. Elvin Galorn. but had not an unhealthy look. The Elementals of the once great under city were not procreating fast enough to fill the social void. and thin nose above full red lips. after the sudden death of the former High Priestess. Its only saving grace was that the place was the center for the Akashan arts. A city which had over the last century.Elemental Heart Chapter Nine High Priestess Laura Alura was a tall woman. the city had been visited by foreign dignitaries asking them to either join or be resettled in another elemental city many times over in the last fifty or so years. She was also the spiritual leader of the Elemental under city. One such dignitary was Talon Gerard. As much as Elvin Galorn had been the center of all Elemental Akashan’s upon earth. but would eventually leave and return to whatever surface encampment they had come from. Life Elemental would come from the world around to attend the school here. had dwindled in number due to migration to the new world. it had still become small and weak with the lack of any real defenders to protect the place. She had sat in this position for over eighty years. The skin on her face and hands were pale with lack of sunlight. Talon Gerard was a short fat Elemental that served under 90 . so slowly the great cavern was falling into a future ruin. yet looked no more than forty. She had stark green eyes that were painted in light blues. Healers from all over the world would make pilgrimages there and stay for a time.

“Milady. They had silver headbands about their heads. “My dear Talon. At their right sides they held a long sliver spear standing upright from floor to a short distance above their heads. but such a merger would see every clan within the new world had the opportunity to be schooled in the Akashan arts and under the protection of the army at Southern Core. The treaty between South Core and Old Vorexia has maintained the peace. And our city is rich with culture and history. They wore sliver boots that came all the way up over their knees coming to a point over their lower thigh. The High Priestess sat on her throne of pearl and silver. Any offer by the 91 . At his legs was a pair of dark pants and at his feet a pair of black boots. Elvin Galorn has had no problem protecting itself for over nineteen hundred years. The portly man wore a robe of browns and amber gold over a brown v cut shirt that showed his hairy chest. adorned with Celtic knot work. From a pair of thin white shorts covered the nether regions. times have changed over the last two centuries. both in the appearance of young women. “It would be wise to accept Taron’s offer milady. but they also had toned muscles and were as deadly as they were sexy. At his head was a wide brimmed hat with a golden ribbon tied about its top. The joining of Elvin Galorn and Southern Core would mean not only the future protection of the Temple of Luna.” Laura replied in her melodic accent. while around his neck were several gold chains with one holding a jewel encrusted seal of Southern Core. Around her were two temple guards. The Priestess’s guards may have been beautiful. They wore a see through white fabric from around their necks and over their breasts leading down to their silver belts. upon which was the seal of the triple goddess.” The Ambassador smugly stated. The two cities even have a steady trade agreement.Elemental Heart the banner of the dubious Arch-Mage of Southern Core. To even whisper of moving would be unthinkable. which strengthens this alliance even further. with their hair tied up into a knot.

I have had numerous reports from the surface clans of rape. “Such things said aloud could ruin the relations between our cities. This is just a precursor to a larger campaign. Talon corrected his tone after eying the movement. The Priestess’s guards stood a bit stiffer. not Valkira that made the last open assault upon an Elemental city. The woman closed the doors behind her and moved only about five feet into the chamber. This treaty of theirs has only stopped the aggression between the major cities. “Ambassador. and then turned her attention back to Talon Gerard. kidnapping and murder from these ‘Valkira assassins’.” Talon retorted.” The fat man negotiated with an air of arrogance about him. ten years ago as a matter of fact.” Talon Gerard’s face lit up a bright red as he nearly bellowed at the High Priestess.” As he spoke the wooden doors twenty or so feet behind him opened. “Ambassador Gerard. Laura adjusted herself slightly at the remark. To think that these actions are not ordered from Vorexia is folly. I think it is wiser now to fear the humans than our Valkira brethren. more out of instinctual disgust then the uncomfortable words. Light from the outside chamber poured in showing only the dark outline of a woman in hooded robes entering the room. One to which.Elemental Heart Arch-Mage not only carries the protection of our great city. Laura moved her eyes to the woman with a slightly relieved expression. Upon my city. but the protection of any harm from the Valkira. “Our relations as is are tenuous at present best 92 . we will defy with all our strength.” “Lady Laura it was humans. I have no interest in becoming cozy with the patriarchal slugs of Valkira Prime. and that the attack upon Southern Core was a rouse to murder the former Arch-Mage and place Lord Taron in his stead. “Such accusations are unfounded and hearsay!” He almost yelled. it is well known that the human assault was instigated by none other than Yanpre Vear. respecting the audience of the High Priestess.

He was for a moment captured by her beauty.” The High Priestess dismissed the Ambassador with a hint of venom in her regal voice. Talon turned and began walking to the doors behind him. recognizing him from years ago when she had visited his Elemental under city.” Laura spoke with misty eyes. She locked eyes as well with the man. As long as Southern Core has Valkira temples within its city. Take this message back to your master.” Laura took Elainia by the hand and began to usher her to a room behind the throne chamber. “My dear sweet sister. As the portly man exited the hall. “What fun would we have then. if not to watch the men of our race puff out their chests and stroke their egos for our amusements?” The high priestess joked giving way to open arms and a hearty laugh. “Come.” Elainia replied coming to the throne area with a half grin.Elemental Heart Ambassador. then kissed each other momentarily. taking a long second to look over her face and voluptuous form.” Elainia replied in kind. With that. “Hail and fare thee well. great sister. it has been far too long. “It is men like that that makes me fear for the future of our race. “If only the world were ruled by women.’ Laura spoke aloud before rising at the approach of Elainia. no offer or exchange will be accepted by Elvin Galorn. “Indeed it has.” Talon spoke with a slight bow. “We need comfortable chambers and agreeable wine. the chamber guards followed behind them all the 93 . As he did he caught sight of Elainia Luna standing in waiting for her turn at audience. Hail and farewell.” As the two women began to walk across the sleek white marble floor. The two girls embraced one another holding the hug for many seconds.” “Very well Lady Laura. Laura let out a sigh of relief. Laura took Elainia’s head in both hands as the lesser Priestess bowed slightly allowing Laura to kiss her forehead.

the chamber guards stopped short and stood at attention at each side of the door.” Elainia said admiring the false image. “Always sister. Laura raised her hands out at her sides palm up. Walking into Laura’s private chambers. “Want to see something cool?’ The Lady of the temple asked. The walls were lined with what looked like oak boards. “That is why I always manage to find my way up there. The High Priestess stopped mid room just before the table and looked at Elainia with a hidden smile.” Laura moved the tray to the coffee table and began to pour out its contents. Elainia noticed the room was wide and long with several brown leather couches in the middle of the chamber with a short square coffee table in the center. There was no desk or great chair as in most hierarchical rooms.” “Well it is. “It gets so damn bleak down here. Nice to have the illusion of the sun. then spoke ’Tereth” aloud.Elemental Heart way to a single wooden door leading into another room.” Laura said moving to a stand against the left wall and retrieving a serving dish with a jug and two cups made of glass and pewter fairies. “It looks almost as if it were real.” “We were creatures made for the surface sister. and every few feet or so there was a portal that looked like a window. Then turned and moved to stand opposite her friend and superior.” Elainia said smiling widely and moving to see out one of the windows. “It’s a gift from one of my girls. magick can be one of the only comforts. “That is amazing.” 94 . When the two priestesses passed through the portal. With the sound of the word. the windows around the room lit up as if mid-day along with the sound of light wind and bird song. even when a kilometer or so underground.” Elainia smiled. But being so far underground there was no way that it could be so.

an education. and then sat down opposite one another. But at times I wonder if I have done them proper.” “It will not be woodsmen that hunt them I fear.” The girls sat in silence for a moment. This fear caused her to worry more for their safety. it was out of her hands.” She said with a smile.” She requested with a warm smile. But in as far as warfare. They are as if sprung from my own womb.” “Why is that sister?” Laura asked. But she had to accept that as of now. “So tell me about your boys. I feel I lack in some regards. “They are strong and fine. “I am a healer and a priestess. Laura knew what was about to be asked.” Laura stated. “I am sure that they will find themselves sister. and had taught them manors and edict. I can teach how to absorb energy from another and a few other tricks. If they have you to nurture them from saplings. I know enough of combat to get me by but having never studied it. Elainia nodded. I am sure that they shall grow into tall and fine trees. and began without waiting for the question. I hope I have not retarded their grown with my lack of knowledge in such matters. the question had been in her mind since 95 . Then still holding her glass after a sip Elainia raised her head to meet Laura’s eyes.Elemental Heart Laura handed Elainia one of the glasses and proposed a toast. After fixing their robes and getting comfortable Laura opened conversation. Elainia repeated the same and they both drank from their glasses.” Elainia was reluctant to except this. “To absent friends. She had given the boys a safe home. I’ve raised most of them for nearly ten years. The two shared a momentary stair. Some impulsive and others more reserved. “You wish to know of my summons. she had fallen short. but these boys are to be warriors.

” Elainia concurred. “This army is called the Falokon. “It appears that the rumors of Valkira abandoning their under cites all over the globe are true. They have stamped out all the sects of their culture that sought peace with the Bacraniese Elementals of Southern Core.Elemental Heart she had first received the message. but remain loyal to their people. they have consolidated themselves into Vorexia now calling it Valkira Prime. “Xavian Vortex is said to be coming to Earth as we speak at the head of a great army from the stars. “But to remain ignorant of this is unacceptable.” Laura held everything in for a moment.” “This cannot be true.” “So they are pulling in the reigns to secure their dogma. But as you know I have no love for the sons of Vorexia.” “Agreed. “Circumstances at this point beg for a bending of the rules along with a small leap of faith sister. “Several months ago a dialogue was opened up between one of my Priestesses on the surface and a Valkira Warlord.” “You now listen to the rumors of Valkira? How can you trust any of their lot?” Elainia asked with reasonable suspicions.” Laura admitted.” As Laura finished those words Elainia’s eyes opened wide with disbelief. And their leader is said to be Vulrintutakon itself. “I am unsure. His name has been kept secret for obvious reasons.” Elainia said still in a state of disbelief. “After a fashion. They seek to change some of their beliefs.” “Of that I have no doubt. From what my source has gathered. until Elainia bade her to continue.” Elainia said taking another drink. there are members within the new Valkirium who are leery of current cultural stigmas. But that is not all. yet perpetuating their lack of any respect toward the women of our cultures. 96 .” Elainia supposed.

uneasy of what she was about to ask her friend. He will meet you here in two days.” “Alright then. “How would I even get to the Valkira city?” Elainia asked with a hollow voice. to discover if this is true. Elainia was the only woman she trusted. I know you won’t. When you have done so. I need a person inside Valkira Prime to confirm these rumors. “I will not fail you. “Believe me sister.” “No my dove. Then from here.” Laura came to sit next to her and put her hands over the other woman’s. But I believe that your long years and keen mind can handle such a dangerous task. to the Valkira surface encampment. Little more was known of the culture to even guess how she would survive. Then she collected herself. But in truth.Elemental Heart Laura sat forward. I have asked the Australians to do this but their council will have nothing to do with it. her vacant eyes staring down into oblivion. She knew that she would face horrors there. I want you to return to me with all haste… if that be at all possible. Yet the thought of such an ancient evil coming back to take revenge upon the people of this world. And yet you are also the dearest of my friends. looking Laura in the eye. And so dear sister.” 97 . “If I trusted anyone else with this task I would have them do it. I ask you to travel to the Valkira city.” Elainia replied in a hushed tone. Plus it had been her High Priestess to ask this of her and to say no would be to take shame.” Elainia replied.” “I understand my Priestess. but how terrible they would be was unknown to her. The life of a Valkira woman was to be a slave at best. “The only assistance I could get from the Aussies was a guide to a surface trading post for the Valkira. was enough to make her take the request seriously. So to ask this of you breaks my heart in the doing of it. “You are the only person I trust to ask for such a thing.” Elainia sat back taking in the full realization of what she had just been asked. being untouched by the goings on of the under city as of late.

Elemental Heart Chapter Ten The IROC turned down a dark road. The sounds of sliding came from the road off of tiny grains of sand that made the warm tires slip just a bit. But the black and gold Camaro kept itself upon the asphalt. At the other side of the driveway was a tall brown fence that lead all the way back along the short lane that almost fell into a two story garage wide enough for a single car and a motorcycle. curving around the corner to face a driveway that was wide enough for one car. the machines engine running hot from the long journey. its destination drawing closer. The boy had been driving almost constantly since noon the day before. “You remember what side of the street the beach house is?” The driver asked with foggy eyes as he emitted another yawn.” Johnny replied yawning himself and stretching within the close quarters of the car. That and the presence of yard amenities such as seashells and fishermen sprawled over almost every garden in the neighborhood. This block looked like more of an upper class city suburb then a vacation beach town. Mathew Hunter looked out of the windshield rubbing his left eye with his palm while giving a long yawn. Most had porches. The structure was all 98 . all looked to be built in the early nineteen hundreds. The IROC came down the street to another house. This one had a wide open porch that spread from the houses right side all the way around to the left. “My side. With a tired expression he turned to Johnny now sitting in the seat beside him. but the smell of salt air and the presence of sand gave way to the nature of the area. The car traveled down a block that was rowed with two story houses on each side. it’s down a few more houses. some did not. Jeffrey passed out aloft a pile of clothes in the back seat. and all had wide yards that led full of grass to the main street.

cut in half by a 99 . until he found the light switch. It was not very big. A few trees lined the back of the thick grass giving some shade during daytime sunlight. The headlights lit up that side of the house reflecting off of the large white doors and cascading back across the cars dark hood. As they came to the back porch. all of which look as though it had not been maintained in years. Once they stepped inside the small screen enclosed porch they came to another door leading into the kitchen area. Instinctively he reached to the inside wall for a light switch. raising his hands up high together until a slight crack released some pressure from his tight spine. the other boy stretching as well. flipping the thing into the on position. As the car turned into the driveway Mathew came to stop just before the closed garage door.Elemental Heart white with a brown roof. Mathew took out his keys and opened the screen door. A red glow came over Johnny’s right fist. fenced in with the same tall brown wooden fence. Mathew stopped the engine but left the lights on. Mathew opened the portal. At the center of the yard was a fire pit. Mathew looked about the walls. Looking over the hood at the tall house Johnny came into view. Instantly the kitchen lit up in unremarkable brilliance that slightly blinded the pair until their eyes could adjust. It was as wide as the property. Walking around the back they glanced over their yard. The room looked like an old style kitchen save for the newer stove and refrigerator. “Damn where is it?” Mathew swore unable to find the light. Stepping out of the car he gave a mighty stretch. though one that they had come to know well over the many summers spent there. The boy raised it letting the orb begin to glow brighter. used many times by the boys during several summers spent in the area. the wood and glass door creaking. Then the two looked up at their new home together. bathing the entire kitchen in a red hue.

His eyes lit up as well. over which he could hear the mumbling of his brother downstairs talking to himself about how he needed to fix this and replace that. “Just like I remember it. 100 . The living room lit up instantly from a light in the middle of the ceiling.Elemental Heart wall that came up to about four and a half feet with a small ledge. Each step up the stairs was met by a creak of wood. Johnny passed this door he had used several times. and then further toward the front of the house into at living room.” Mathew said walking through the kitchen and around a small table fixed with three chairs. The floor was carpeted in a similar brown. Johnny walked past him to the front door. and the various playtimes’ that accompanied them both. which had a few stains in it from the boy’s messy past. It was almost ominous looking as if reaching into his mind from his second childhood. Into the room on the right he entered. The inside of it was white with a brownish colored trim. again searching for a light switch but this time hitting home on the first try. He could hear the fighting between his brothers. There was a fireplace that hadn’t been used in decades.V. There were two brown couches and a love seat to match. From there it opened up to another small room on the right. At the end of the kitchen was another open doorway into that room. and a window cut into four pieces of a half-moon near its top. Mathew looked around taking in the moment as Johnny stepped in behind him.!” Mathew exclaimed shaking his head at the ancient thing. and an entrance into a large dining room. and a television so old that it didn’t even have a coaxial input. “We are so getting a new T. At the other side of the door to the left was another open doorway that had a white door to the basement. But the boy kept going not even bothering to look for a light. the scolding of their surrogate mother. He let his body begin to raise a reddish aura that illuminated everything within ten feet around him. starting up the carpeted stairs to his old room.

101 . which lead a person to walk to their immediate right. the space now almost felt knew to him. The posters of various rock and metal bands adorned the walls with one exception. If he could manage it. This would now be not just a summer room. Johnny walked forward to the bedroom door in front of him. falling upon it face first with arms outspread. one at the far right end and another with a mirror attached to it on the left. There were two dressers in the room.Elemental Heart acting as flashlights that searched the blackest areas of the second floor. Even though he had slept here many nights. Instantly the room came alive with light from a single lamp at the other end of the room atop a light brown nightstand next to a single bed. From where Johnny stood there was two doors one that lead to a bedroom and one that lead to the second floor bathroom. The young Fire Elemental scanned the room with his reddish amber eyes. Almost as soon as the light came on his aura and eyes dimmed. he wanted to fall fast asleep upon the comfortable spread. Before him was his queen sized bed. Around the corner from him to the right was the master bedroom. At the top of the stairs to the left was a long banister held up by white painted wood columns. with twin pillow cases to match. Slowly he opened the familiar space. which had been portioned off to make room for two. There it opened up to a long hallway from a window at the back of the house to an intersection of two rooms toward the front of the house. it had a dark green and gold blanket adorned with Chinese dragons all over the comfortable looking thing. but one to spent in year round. There was a wall a few feet from the top of the stairs. a poster of a red dragon climbing over a lava spewing volcano. Johnny walked over to the bed. As it gave way he reached inside the right wall and flipped a single switch. taking in the feeling of his old space with a sense of relief. It was as he remembered it to be.

” Mathew said aloud leaning against the door jam. “Kinda weird being here without mom eh?” The Earth 102 . “I should make him help me fix that damn thing. He didn’t realize it until this moment. Then looking about the room and letting out a sigh he looked back at Johnny still laying peacefully on his bed. As he passed the front door he entered another dark chamber barely lit by the living room light. “I see you found your old room. Johnny was still spread out face down on his bed.’ he thought. “No one is taking my bed. He knew from experience that there was no light in this open room. ‘I wonder how many Elementals sat at that table?’ he mentally asked himself.” Johnny replied muffled by the covers. Next he walked into the dining room. Matt leaned against the wall at the sight of it. and swore under his breath as he mumbled about installing a light fixture for the place.” He swore.Elemental Heart Mathew walked past the stairs as Johnny ascended. a place he knew as well as the kitchen. but he was going to miss Elainia more than he knew. He walked to his left and checked the light in the small first story bathroom that came partway into the room from beneath the stairs. He saw that the mirror was still leaning out of place on the floor from an incident involving Jeffrey last year.” He muttered under his breath. “Damn Jeff. ‘It must have been very important to her. Mathew stood silent for a few moments in contemplation. He could faintly smell the lemon cleaners that his mother used frequently on the cherished table. Beneath the beautiful crystal and glass sat a long oak table that Elainia had spent numerous hours keeping clean and as unscathed as possible. more worried about the condition of the house than anything else at the moment and taking inspective inventory. He turned round a white knob on the wall slowly bringing a chandelier above to life.

Jeffrey took his mouth away from one girl’s tit. The girls met his actions with more approving giggles and saying ‘Oh Jeff don’t tease me baby’ as the cooed and rubbed their bodies on his with lusty force. They giggled and caressed his head with their naked breasts knocking a pair of sunglasses off of his beaming face. “Besides. They cooed ’oh Jeff baby we love you’ and ’take me now Jeff’ as he took the massive joint away from his mouth and said aloud. “It’s time for Smokey Smokey!” As he began to take a hit the girls stopped fighting and started to run their hands all over him ruffling his half button shirt. and then slowly turned to face his brother arm propped on his right side. it was quickly replaced by a devilish grin.Elemental Heart Elemental asked. Mathew looked away with a strange half grimace and a nod.” Jeffrey said breaking up the fray. being met with a kiss from another at his left side. I so love my life. slobbering over the thing as if he were going to consume it. Ladies.” He said reaching down and raising up a lit joint the size of a Cuban cigar. “There is enough of me here for everybody!” The horney young man assured. Johnny didn’t move for a moment. “I love my life. Jeff nodded in approval and continued to laugh manically as the girls around him started to fight each other over his affection. “Ladies. “Jeff’s still sleeping man…” Mathew stated. “You miss her too?” Johnny answered Mathew’s question with one of his own. in an attempt to remove his pants. As he did another young girl approached and knelt down before him.” 103 . Jeffrey Aaron Waters dreamed of he was on a large brown leather couch surrounded by half naked girls almost is own age. The young man laughed and turned his head to kiss one of their nipples. Then looked back at his brother with an unsure look.

The door hit home with a sharp thudding pain. The boys fell to the ground with his words.. Mathew reached up to the car door and raised his head into the open window. unable to stand at their feet and holding their stomachs in jubilation. His eyes ripped wide open as he punched forward hitting the seat in front of him with a dull thud.Elemental Heart With the sound of an air horn. “Up yours! Both of you!” Jeffrey’s voice rang out from the inside of the car. causing Mathew to begin roaring once again from the other side. then brought the fist back holding it in pain as the sound came to a silent stop. “Douche bags!” Jeffrey yelled scrambling. Mathew managed to sound off the air horn in two small bursts causing Johnny to laugh even harder. “Hell with you virgin! Let me out!” Jeffrey cried forcing open the passenger door hoping to hit Johnny with it. tears running down his cheeks. but it was met with laughter anyway. 104 . save for the constant laughter outside from Mathew and Johnny.” The boy said in-between laughs. the screaming of his brothers inside the IROC abruptly awoke Jeff. Attempting to catch his breath. “Oh Jeff baby do me!” Johnny’s voice came up from the ground outside the car. “We’re home… Jeff baby. spazing out and throwing everything around him in disarray. “Oh no shit!’ Jeffrey yelled still in a fit of waking anger. quickly recovering from his euphoric slumber. again making the boys outside roar in another fit of explosive laughter..

To his left at the head of the table sat the steward of the Valkira throne. and was set in the middle of an oval room with dark walls that had lit candle holders all around the place. The table was long enough to sit over ten people. and a scar that went from his forehead to left cheek. and respectfully was given a seat upon 105 . holding a scowl of disapproval at the whole of the universe. a thin aristocratic Valkira male that seemed to wobble slightly every time he spoke. but after the joining of the houses was granted a seat on the ruling council over Valkira Prime. Next to his absent brothers chair was Skulwring. He wore his traditional ceremonial robes of red and silver. He was tall and broad with dark hair and eyes. Across from him. The ceiling was low and shaped like a half egg. was an empty seat meant for his brother Anton. his odd black eyes flickering from outside in. The little man looked menacing as usual. an imposing Valkira man who was never without a full array of weapons from dagger to axe. Yanpre Vear. The Lord had once been the king of another under city. As he wrapped his fingers upon the solid table he took note of all those within the room. who was on the surface collecting virgin breeders and overseeing the training Surface Lords for the upcoming subjugation of the monkey race. with purple murals painting into it that glowed with an eerie light. Next to the High Priest of Kon sat Lord Zeecan Dale. The image disturbed Cyclone.Elemental Heart Chapter Eleven Cyclone Memnon sat in his ruling council chair at a long dark table inside the Temple of Kon. marring his eyebrow with an empty line where hair never grew. To his right was the Lord of Exium. not that he would show it in the slightest. He also had been a king of his own city before the reformation of the houses.

Most of 106 . From the main entrance way walked in Mistress Lynn Azora. you are excused.” “Milord. He gave the High priest the lightest of sneers. with flairs of gold and bronze. The Dark Lord would be happy to dispatch him if ordered at a moment's notice. Yanpre did not like being the second to speak. “Our birthrate takes precedence over all else Mistress. She came to an open seat beside Lord Exium. and all of our intelligence operatives to direct the monkey governments away from space defense and exploration. did All Father say when the fleet will arrive?” Lord Exium asked shifting in his seat.” Lynn apologized walking in past an array of other lesser lords. It was her job to be sexy and regal at the same time. that tied at her shoulders seeming to open up her exposed midsection even further. “They by nature whether they realize it or not are tied to the movements of the heavens.” Spoke the alien from his small lipless mouth. Her sexy form accentuated by the presence of a flowing see through black cape. there was the matter of a birth to handle. We are to begin preparations for the arrival of the armada.” Yanpre answered slightly annoyed. “And how are we to stop the monkeys from reaching for the stars?” Zeecan Dale inquired. He wore robes unlike the rest of the group. For it was his as Steward to excuse or not the members of the ruling council. “At the outset of the tenth cycle around our star. then went on about business. and also with an air of strength that Cyclone’s patriarchal senses did not approve of at all. who was happy to adjust himself in order to get a better view of Lynn’s body as she sat. He also wore a sash of hunter green that was the royal color of his former city state.Elemental Heart the ruling council. He spoke with long vowels that irritated Cyclone. “Please excuse my tardiness milord’s. “Lord and Father of our people have sent a message to us. Lord Vortex wants every available Warlord to begin exercises upon the surface.

” Yanpre thought aloud sitting back in his chair. the one true God shall arrive upon this world. “This is a good idea. but also incite their religious fervor. “Order the Warlords to incite any natural disaster possible while running their exercises. preferably on areas where it will damage monkey infrastructures. How he wanted to cut off that man's head. 107 .” Yanpre said right after the alien was done speaking. Until he remembered that she was a female. and had no right what so ever of speaking to men. “It does not matter to what God they claim to serve. her eyes fell solely upon the alien.” Cyclone gave the aristocrat a look of annoyance. If our operatives cannot accomplish this.” spoke Skulwring. “Soon. and for the briefest of moments enjoyed the presence of Lynn.” Cyclone then looked at the alien. It was bad enough to have to endure the words of a woman. receiving looks from everyone at the table. and supposedly more advanced species were not immune from such poisonous delusions. It was bad enough that humans steadily tried to kill or enslave one another over their smoke and mirror messiahs. He did not like the sound of his words. “Not only could we disrupt the monkey production and infrastructure. however they phrase it in this age.” Lord Exium glanced from Mistress Azora to Yanpre with questioning eyes. “Religious men always have a way of retarding progress. “We will stop the monkeys by any means we have.” As she began to speak her next words. All shall be cleansed by the fire of conflagration.” Lynn suggested. Or sons of Gods. yet intelligent ones at that.” Cyclone almost smiled. It seemed even older. or anyone in any way other than beggaring for their almost worthless lives. then we ourselves will take this matter into our own hands. “We could insight natural disasters.Elemental Heart them still pray to solar gods.

“You do not like that that woman sits in on our affairs I believe.” Yanpre stated as Cyclone brought his brother a goblet of wine. you may ask him what part of the world it is you wish to rule. Both were wondering the same thing. The Temples Mistress has been a part of this council since its formation. Cyclone stayed behind. The Dark Lord walked round behind his brother’s chair to a small table upon which a server tray was placed.” Cyclone opinionated before taking a sip of wine and sitting at his proper seat to Yanpre’s right. “Speak your mind my brother. of course her ascension is circumspect. it is our way. “And when he arrives.” Yanpre slightly laughed as he took his goblet. “I think you are upset with the changes she has instilled at the Temple. In truth.” Cyclone replied without hesitation.” With those words Yanpre looked into his brothers eyes. Everyone knows she murdered the last Mistress. “You have never liked Lynn.” Yanpre stated still sitting within the comfortable folds of his dark chair. setting it before him on the table.” 108 .” Yanpre replied. Yanpre’s words however were met by smiles of acceptance for the whole of the council save the alien. But his job at this time was to do as he was ordered.Elemental Heart “What exactly is to become our city once All Father arrives with his army? Are we to rule the whole world as promised?” He asked. and Mistress Azora. and nothing had to be said.” “The conditions surrounding her ascension have always been circumspect. As the Council shuffled out of the meeting chamber. “Father has our best interests at heart. “I do not like that a woman sits in on such affairs. Yanpre had no idea how this was going to play out. Cyclone took a goblet in hand. or terror if necessary. pouring himself a cup of wine from a tall jug atop the tray. “She is a Valkira. Keep the peace by words.

He understood now that his brother would be of no use in unseating Lynn Azora.” He said turning and walking out of the chamber. both their irises showing the blue electric arcs of their common bloodline.” Cyclone spat angrily. “That is for me to decide. Girls could not know a man until a certain age. Since Lynn had taken power at the temple. “Some of us have had to climb to power through terrible adversity. So he raised his goblet. Cyclone was a pure sadist. moving his eyes across the room. “It is up to the Mistress of the Temple to run things as she sees fit. we all have our vices I suppose. Apparently he felt a kinship with the woman that he himself could not understand. and drank its contents down in one gulp.Elemental Heart “Rightfully so brother. “Well my brother. and had loved the freedom to torcher any woman he chose in his spare time. “And what if the way she runs things is not in the best interest of our kingdom brother?” Cyclone asked leaning to the side of his chair and locking eyes with Yanpre. “I shall see you soon.” Cyclone stood walking to his older brother and patting his shoulder. This one thinks she is equal to men and that is not acceptable.” Yanpre smacked the pup down from his high horse.” The dwarf reaffirmed. she had changed many of the laws therein.” Yanpre knew well what his brother was most upset by. women were protected from excessive beatings. taking another sip of 109 . “We need a more… subservient female to run the temple. not you. and Yanpre sometimes hoped that he would grow tired of this annoyance and return to the surface himself.” Cyclone nodded to himself as he spied his brothers matching eyes. This angered the ego driven patriarchal ideals of his brother. and every girl in the temple was granted a time to acclimate to their new life as soon as they were kidnapped from the surface world. Yanpre watched as his brother left.

This had gotten very boring he thought.Elemental Heart his wine as his eyes traced the movements. 110 . The dwarf could not help but smile at the thought that soon. Cyclone would be possibly creating some chaos. Some chaos would be a welcome and entertaining change. he had been spending his years ensuring order. For as long as Yanpre had been sitting as steward.

and take a much needed nap. The Air Elemental was more than happy to be done with the long journey. “I ran out to the store and picked up a few things. He planned to respect this place and make it his home. But as he came to stop the van behind Mathew’s IROC. flipping something that smelled vaguely like sausage but he wasn’t sure. his borrowed heritage. What he was sure of.” Jeffrey said raising a plate and scooping something from the stove onto it. was the smell of morning coffee. Robert swung down out of the passenger side door thankfully relieved to hit dirt. For her to give over this home to them was not only an honor but a privilege.” Robert said aloud receiving a smile from his brother. “Oh thank the Gods. the rest of the group slowly rose around him with yawns and stretches. He was proud of his life. The moment that Joseph turned the ignition off his door was opened. “Thought I heard you dudes rollin up the drive.Elemental Heart Chapter Twelve Joseph’s van pulled into the driveway as dawns first light shone through the morning sky. “I won’t” Kenneth said walking all the way through the kitchen and into the next room. He wanted nothing more than to get to his room. As he swung open screen door he could see Jeffrey standing at the stove. He had for several hours been the only one awake. “You don’t have to eat it. the young man stepped out giving a short stretch as he looked over the beach house with a smile while taking in a lung full of the salty air. and his mother. He gave his legs a long stretch and started off to the back yard.” Jeffrey replied without a second thought.” “What is that nasty smelling shit?” Kenneth asked moving into the kitchen past Robert who’s face lit up by the insult. Joseph came in from the back door behind Robert moving 111 .

“Where the hell’s the T. overlooking the scene almost completely uninterested. “Naw.” Robert observed coming to sit at the closest chair.” Jeffrey replied with a yawn. but decided to let Kenneth go off on a tangent. “Where’s fric and frack?” The Air Elemental asked easing into a short padded chair as he continued to chew on the small piece of food.” He said to his friend jokingly.” “We should unload the van and probably do the same.Elemental Heart him aside. “We can get to all that later.” Then he turned his head to Jeffrey’s back.V. After blowing it off and chewing on the black substance he nodded with a grunt of approval. then moved to sit opposite Robert at the small kitchen table behind Jeff.?” Kenneth called out from the living room clearly agitated. black jeans atop black leather boots. “Everyone’s in a great mood today. Joseph looked down at the cooking food over Jeffrey’s shoulder reaching in to taste a piece. He knew where it went.” 112 . and tired as all hell. “Matt’s upstairs taking a shower and Johnny is passed out in his room. “Where I’ll be as soon as I eat.” Joseph spoke with a yawn. At his side stood Jeff. “So what’s Casanova planning on doing this morning?” A half hour later Mathew stood in front of the closed garage door. “Come on man find another spot to put down roots. Jeffrey laughed at the large boy as he continued to fill the room with sizzling smoke from the stove.” Robert said putting his head atop his hands on the tabletop and letting out a tired sigh. His hair was still wet and combed back. he had on a tan sleeveless shirt. Just try to be up by mid-day so we can get the house in order. “What do you want me here for man? I need sleepies. a pair of black sunglasses fixed in his collar.

ginning widely. “Yes sir I shall. When he saw the lines of dust on his fingers he searched around with his eyes and grabbed an old rag hanging from a hook upon a nearby wall. Mathew looked on in complete cheer at a black and chrome nineteen sixty five Harley Davidson sportster. Mathew reached down and pulled the old massive door aloft. It’s probably filled with old newspapers and cobwebs n shit. who was out riding his bike. nodding to himself in macho glory. “For years mom never let me go into this garage.” Mathew said coming to stand happily next to the sleek machine.” Jeffrey complained slumping his shoulders in exhaustion. As it folded into the inner roof of the garage Jeffery’s eyes lit up in disbelief. “And you shall be a bad mutha on this my man!” Spoke Jeffrey making sure not to miss any of the dust with the cloth overly-enthusiastic. “Dude! This is sweet!” Jeffrey exclaimed running his hand over the bike. With a nod and a smile Mathew took the sunglasses from his collar proudly placing them upon his face. “And I claim it. At that point. and the girls will rip off their clothes at the sight of my approach. In late afternoon the whole house had arisen. as the boys began to walk inside together. But one year when everyone was at the beach I managed to get it open. helped to clean up a part of 113 . “It’s a garage Matt.Elemental Heart Mathew didn’t even respond. marred only by a thin layer of dust. a look of pride upon his face. The teen just stood staring at the closed door.” The Earth Elemental wished. everyone but Mathew. And the heavens will open up.” Mathew recanted standing with his arms now crossed over his chest. Turning back around the Water Elemental began to dust the classic with adoration.

still programmed from childhood not to go down the dark stairs. There were trunks with unknown contents along the bottom of the walls. He reached for the cold metal and pulled bringing an old light bulb above to light. Book shelves at every wall held troves of books and scrolls. On a far wall he saw a map of the world. He decided right then and there what he would be doing this summer. Some neatly arranged and some haphazardly piled about. some so old he could not even guess. The floor was cement. Robert heard the thumping of what sounded like a marauding elephant coming down the basements wooded stairs. Robert began to work on the area at the rear of the house. He loved to be at the head of such a wellspring of ancient information and knowledge. while Joseph and Johnny picked up around the yard. he captured the wonders before him with an intellectual majesty that over took his sense of everything. he would need lots of private time. perhaps over a century old. The sound seemed to not faze him. and so he opened the door starting down still in the shadow of slight nervousness. Even Jeffrey and Kenneth seemed to be getting along. His smile would have lit up the room if not already illuminated by the light bulb. and an ample amount of coffee. But Elainia had given him permission before leaving. He stared at the entrance for a few moments. both sharing the vacuum between the different rooms on the first floor. his eyes pouring over the ancient atlas. Coming upon the basement door the boy stopped short. Scanning around he saw many paintings covered with linens and rope. Upon it were many arrows and names of ancient locations scribbled about.Elemental Heart the house. 114 . Robert carefully walked on the uneven boards over to the map on the far wall. But to do this. When he got to the bottom he felt a chain hit his head. As the light came on. lined with pallets that served as a raised floor to keep everything safe in the event of heavy rain. Robert dusted and wiped down the banisters and rails.

T’ written in an older style of English.” Robert replied half in and half out of the conversation. brunette ones. “This is more treasure than we have ever seen old friend. The young man strode proudly atop the Harley Davidson watching all the girls as he went by.) and replied with an eager grin. “This. and after a second of deep thought said aloud. skinny ones.O. “Looks like a heap of papers and maps to me. (whom he had always hoped would one day embrace his own intellectual aptitude. He ran an index finger tracing the coastline of the eastern shore of North America. and even a red head 115 .” Joseph immediately stated starting to look around the room at all the old memorabilia. “What is all this Rob?’ Johnny asked the intellectual of his clan. athletic ones.Elemental Heart “What’s all this?” Jeffrey said aloud from somewhere behind him. Jeffrey looked dumbfounded. “So there’s no treasure?” Mathew Hunter glided on the busy afternoon streets of Seaside. my dear boy is all the collected knowledge of our mother and her friends. blond ones. and it’s all ours for the learning.” “So you have a cerebral hard on right now?” Johnny jibed as Joseph slowly turned bearing him a devilish grin. Johnny returned his smile as Joseph nodded in approval. Six hundred years of history and experience. ‘H. short ones. Robert turned around from the atlas and looked at Johnny. “Of course it does. continuing to unwrap scrolls and frustratingly trying to read them to himself. There he came to rest inland somewhat near the Mountains in Pennsylvania. this is intense.” Robert replied as Joseph and Johnny came tromping down the old wooden steps. Tall ones. An arrow there had the letters.” The Water Elemental ignorantly admitted. “Wow.

Whenever there was trouble to be had. daddy is back in town. Looking about he spotted a familiar face down the next street by the ramps that lead up to the boardwalk. Mathew Hunter himself!” The boy laughed elongating each of his words as he spoke. Mom gave us the beach house. “What’s up Mikey? How are things around here?” “Completely boring for three seasons and kick ass for one. “Holy crap man. Mathew made an immediate turn in that direction and pulled up to where he saw his old friend. “No way man! That’s way too awesome!” Mikey exclaimed with a nervous body nod. but meant no disrespect. all wearing barley nothing and all getting an almost equal amount of attention from the boy as he drove by. Before he had even stopped the bike. Mathew stopped the bike and kicked out the stand shutting the motorcycle off. He smiled. “Yes ladies. Mikey had been a child hood friend for several years.” Mathew said to himself while smiling at the girls. Jeffrey and Mathew were usually all in it with Mikey right there with them. 116 . dismounting the bike before giving the other teen a strong hug. a boy about eighteen wearing a pair of black shorts and a green t-shirt bearing the likeness of Bob Marley began to laugh.Elemental Heart here and there.” Mikey replied. The teen ran a hand through his dread locked brown hair as he removed his sunglasses showing large brown smiling eyes. “Yo is Jeff at the house man? I just got some shit that will blow his resonated mind man.” Mathew informed removing his sunglasses. He laughed a bit more at the boy then with him. a group of several young women waved at him and one even blowing a kiss at him asking if she could get a ride.” Mathew’s grin widened to the point of cheese. Stopping at a red light. “So are you all here again for the summer?” “Maybe longer than that. The boy used to drive their mother nuts but all in all he was just a harmless stoner.

“I’m sure our Mother has had many pets and friends for which she has never mentioned. I need a moms like yours man!” Mikey wished hoping in place for a second. Mom never mentioned having a dog. “Wow man. “Hey dudes! I found it!” Jeffrey yelled from a few feet away with an insane energy in his excited voice. “He looks cute. “I wonder who the dog is. “Wow look at Mom. You wanna ride over?” Mathew asked. “Is your mom there?” Mikey asked in kind. Johnny and Kenneth came closer to the painting looking it over. wearing an old Victorian dress in colors of whites and blues.” Joseph said after he had just unwrapped a painting. Both she and the animal were painted to look very pleasant. It was of Elainia. “Is this your ride man?” Mikey asked pointing at the Harley and moving to stand next to it.” Mathew said patting one of the handles. He raised it high and turned it around taking care not to hit it on anything.” Kenneth stated turning his head slightly cockeyed. “Check this out.” Johnny stated then began wiggling his finger about the animals tongue. “Don’t touch it.” Mathew replied shaking his head at Mikey’s innate fear of Elainia. In her lap was a small white dog. “Nope.Elemental Heart “Yeah Jeff’s at the house with the rest of the clan.” Johnny said getting even closer to the thing.” Joseph suddenly ordered tearing the painting away from him. Their eyes widened with interested stares at the image they saw.” Robert’s British voice echoed slightly from another part of the basement. “Came with the house. 117 . “Then hells yeah man!” Mikey agreed with way too much enthusiasm.

“Yo stoner brother. “Now this is treasure!” Jeffrey exclaimed showing the coins to Robert smiling. “You should come down here!” Johnny called out over his disciplining brothers. “Yes Jeffrey I believe you are correct. As he knelt they saw that the container was filled with old Spanish gold from a pre-colonial period. As they complained Mathew’s voice called down into the basement. “Jeff you got company!” A moment after Mathews call Mikey shouted down into the basement. and almost hitting Kenneth with the lid before racing up the 118 .” Robert replied shaking his head. ‘come on man’ and ‘don’t be a joy kill’. “No parties. grasping some of the treasure and inspecting it as if they knew how valuable the coins really were. Jeffrey lifted up two full handfuls of the gold in pure excitement. “This calls for a party!” Jeffrey demanded.” Joseph commanded. “You guys having a circle jerk down there?! What’s with all the excitement?!” The teen’s voice cried down into the room. All of the boys fell prey to the excitement. what is goin on man?!” “Awe damn!” Jeffrey shot up simultaneously shutting the chest. they saw that he had opened one of the old iron chests. which was met with comments to shut up from both Kenneth and Joseph. “Naw you should come up here!” Mathew shouted. Robert just rolled his eyes and gave a slight chuckle. Laughs and hoots were exchanged between them as even Kenneth found a large smile sneak upon his face. letting the coins fall like rain all over him as he laughed manically in the shower of gold. Both Johnny and Jeffrey complained with calls of. “I’m rich bitch!” Jeffrey yelled out in the direction of the stairs with a maniacal laugh following the excited statement.Elemental Heart As the boys came around him.

” Robert said looking the whole group over. his smile widening. bringing them over to the shaded area under a few trees growing at the far side of the yard. “Right here dude!” Jeffrey yelled. Johnny looked up at Joseph with a grin. “Shit never changes huh man?” Mikey asked with a grin. but as always the sea air wafted among them being only less than two miles away. Jeffrey grabbed a set of fold out chairs. The sky was cloudless and perfectly clear. Kenneth and Robert exclaimed in unison. Robert nodded. “Man I got some shit to share with you!” Mikey exclaimed with a nervous wobble as he brought a joint out of his pocket holding it up before the blond.” Jeffery hugged Mikey as soon as he reached the top of the stairs. “OUTSIDE!” Joseph’s voice rang from the basement. “Naw it’d just put me to sleep. “Come on dude! Mom’s not even here!” Jeffrey yelled back down. “Where can we light this?” He asked. “You comin man?” Mikey asked Mathew as they proceeded out the back door. Then backed up and commenced to give each other their ‘secret handshake’. Jeff took in the familiar scent 119 . Jeffrey shook his head with a laugh and ushered his friend into the back yard. the air was crisp and not humid at all this afternoon. Jeff and Mikey stood out in the back yard as they had done a hundred times before over the years. Kenneth swore under his breath. “Well. “Now the whole clan is back together I suppose.” Mathew kindly rejected. his excitement matching his old friends. Joseph shook his head in disbelief.Elemental Heart stairs to greet his old friend. “OUTSIDE!” Joseph.

” 120 . Taking in a hit.” Mikey replied attempting to laugh among a coughing fit. Kinda hangs out with the younger crowd. Rashad moved. “Right on man. “So what’s new around here? Any news on the old crew?” Jeffrey asked swatting a misquote away from his neck.Elemental Heart momentarily noticing the subtle difference from the salt air back in Florida. His little brother Carl is still around. “Yeah I think I can do that.” He spat under his breath at the insect. Jeffrey began to inhale. “You need a job man? My dad needs another person to help me run the arcade. he missed his beach front yard.” “What plans man? You’re already high. they run the parties down at Stone Beach now. happy to see his childhood friend. Dumb ass got caught stealing a car.” Mikey began easing back in the multicolored lawn chair and passing the joint back to his friend. he passed it over to his friend who was now moving to sit in one of the fold out chairs. “Too early for you fuckers. “Jeffrey accepted. so did Lexi. “Well let’s see. “Besides I got plans for the future. The boys shared a laugh then went on for a few moments appreciating the nice weather and familiar company. “Well when aren’t you?” Jeffrey asked forcing Mikey to expel his smoke with a laugh. “Ted’s in juvy.” Mikey asked with a smile. as he nodded a waft of rich white smoke passed between the two. “He wants me to have help. Just for a second.” Mikey joked.” Mikey said with a smile. “He says I’m always getting high there man. “Why can’t you run it yourself dude?” Jeffrey asked passing back the refer. Jeffrey’s mind drifted slight before he got to thinking of some other faces he hadn’t seen since the year before.” He quickly added in before he took in his awaited hit. Mikey struck his lighter bringing his little white joint to life. right on.

He had known Carol as long as he had known Mikey. “Whoa. Jeffrey nodded with pursed lips in conformation. “Carol was a really cool chick man. “Yeah man.” “That’s freakin heavy dude.” Jeffrey said unable to grasp the horror. No witnesses and the cops have no idea where to even look. right out of her home.” Mikey accentuated the word fox with a long x. “Yeah her parents moved to San Francisco in the winter. Parents were killed. “Oh I almost forgot man check this shit out. not even a hint of her. After it happened all the neighborhood kids got together and combed every spot we knew. It’s been all over the news since it happened. Something about her dad getting a job there. “Oh and there’s a new girl that moved here at the end of last summer.” Mikey said before taking a hit. “What about Carol?” Jeffrey asked looking over at his friend. But nothing at all.Elemental Heart “Lexi moved?” Jeff interrupted. 121 . time to get on deck man.” Jeffrey answered as if the word was forbidden to say.” Mikey shook his head almost bringing a tear to his eye. Rebecca’s still around and so is Melissa and Kay Kay. is he still a-” ‘Uh-hu. “Wait.” Mikey replied putting down the joint next to his seat.” Jeffrey laughed. We need to find a woman for Johnny. “Oh good.” “Yeah no one saw that coming. Her names Samantha and she is a little fox.” “Yeah.” Jeffrey stated giving the joint to his friend. right in their bed. “A couple of weeks ago Carol was kidnapped. she was one of us. truly nefarious shit.” Jeffrey agreed. Cops are warning all the kids in the area to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. who is a big freakin lesbian now.

In her hands she held a jug. Her robes hugged like satin. and gravity did the rest. The tall white figure was marvelous to behold. small illuminant orbs that mimicked sunlight almost perfectly. Elainia walked forward coming to the 122 . They were held aloft by nothing of which she could see. The water was clear and blue. as if all the joy was being drained from her slowly over time. and looked over by a statue of the Goddess Luna herself. The trip she was about to begin in less than a day’s time would test her very soul. Without taking her eyes off of the statue. She had not prayed at the temple in many years. she had never tried to figure out the magick of the lights deciding the mystery added to the majesty of the sacred place. which was thick and green around a square marble floor.Elemental Heart Chapter Thirteen Elainia walked into a well-lit area that served as a sacred grove. she began to remove her clothes. which periodically poured clear water into the pool that seemed to sparkle slightly as it emerged from the statue. At the center of the marble was a small pool that served as a sacred bath. Above which she wore a toga that exposed her left breast. obviously crafted by a master. Elainia looked back at the statue of her Goddess. not to mention her mind. Elainia gazed upon the likeness with a certain understanding. and probably damage her body. though she had prayed. every curve of her body as they fell to her feet. There was a certain kind of sadness about her face. She entered through an opening of a hedge. as she too felt joy slipping from her world. She looked around at the lights above her. clasped at the top of her right shoulder. The Goddess stood upon a pedestal with beautiful white sandal clad feet. The soft fabric fell to the sides of her arms. It was easy enough to do with a single stroke from both her hands upon the straps at her shoulders. leaving her naked before the pool.

you were covered in dirt and racing off into the sunset. “Lightmare Voon. The instance she spoke of was over fifty years ago. and found a smile reflecting in the water below her. Elainia let the grin fall away from her face. before uttering a prayer. placing her slender toes within the pool. “Goddess Luna. Elainia instantly recognized the voice as she looked down. yet I feel it is your will for me to see this done. When the pool grew silent.” With that. The beautiful Priestess stood waste high in the sacred bath. I come before you at the head of a great task.” The voice replied. They would see each other from time to time. and then their oaths to their respective cities would split them up again. All I ask great lady is that you protect me from any undue harm. She did not realize that the grove had been visited by another person. keeper of the secrets of woman. They had talked once 123 . Then ran her hands over her head and straightening her soaked hair back behind her.” A male’s voice came from behind her in a thick Australian accent. the form spoke. and hold the love of my sisters within the folds my heart. I can see you later.” “But when I returned. A mission so terrible that I have no words to describe my fears. Keep my mind sharp and keen. she stayed in place looking up again at her Goddess. Lady of the night skies. Slowly she submerged herself within the clear water. her Goddess spilled out more of the holy liquid hitting Elainia upon her brow. “Last I saw you. As she rose sopping wet and dripping. the Priestess sank back into the pool in an attempt to relax her worried mind. protector of children.” She said not bothering to turn around. who stayed respectfully at the edge while she prayed. removing her foot from its trappings. “If this is a bad time. Elainia and Lightmare had been lovers on and off for over four hundred years.Elemental Heart edge. my lady was nowhere to be found.

with a buttoned red and black flannel shirt tucked into his pants. and when Lightmare had left on the commands of his elders Elainia did too. and his face was strongly rugged. A slight beard had started to grow. turning sharply to face the man. They shared a home in Italy for a time. For she was as loyal to her sisters at Elvin Galorn. Lightmare had seen many naked women in his time. With that. If he could in fact change her mind at all. and nothing ever seemed to get in between that fact. and after giving him a few 124 . and because of their pasts knew he would be hard pressed to change her mind about accepting the mission. his distress overtook his racing thoughts. and handsome.” Lightmare spoke with all the truth he could muster about his voice. As much as he wanted to let his eyes look over her hairless body. His arms were thick and crossed over his wide chest. She noticed this. Finally she had had enough of this circus romance. But as the world grew larger. and looked at her with blue eyes from beneath semi long dark hair. but that had become only talk. which complemented his solid features. Elainia rose standing only knee deep in the water. Atop his broad shoulders was a thick neck. He had a square jaw as if set in stone. AS he discovered the reason for the summons to the Elvin under city. and had been.Elemental Heart or twice about immigrating into one of their native cities. “I was never your lady though was I?” Elainia responded with a hint of gloom. When message of this task had come through he had jumped at the opportunity to see his love again. and still are to this day. “You always were in my heart. A belt of leather around his waist. He was as she feared. He was nervous. tall. as he was to Tempra Nor. He did not like anything about the idea of Elainia going into Old Vorexia. strong. the trained warrior kept his gaze directly at her eyes. He wore boots with blue jean pants above them. and seen his x lover ten times over. never to return. they had little time for one another.

” He admitted. and then took the offer allowing Lightmare to bring the clothes over her head.Elemental Heart moments to succumb to his male nature. The place was alive as all the shops were now open for summer business. I suppose not. walking forward he picked up Elainia’s robes. and neither of us could turn away from them. They were so close she could feel his breath. The feel in the atmosphere 125 . You for your sisters. Her heart trembled at the proximity. she had not lain with a man since him and that had been a very long time. “Well we all have our duties. She instead took this energy and turned it into anger. Jeffrey. They locked eyes for a moment as if trying to read each other’s thoughts. “We both had our duty’s Elainia. wondering what could have been as she left the groves edge.” Elainia turned to face him directly. “But had I known that I was sent here to lead you to a certain doom. and me for my brothers. Mathew. Robert. “But that was never enough to keep you at home was it? Even to this day?” She asked in a flash of anger. His heart dropping as did his head with a pale thud of heartache echoing from the center of his lonely chest. she continued to speak. Lightmare took the comment in stride. which she would naturally be in his presence.” “Is that supposed to lessen the pain? Or the many moons that I spent waiting to feel your embrace?” She asked fixing her robes with a very subtle fury that could only be noticed by those that knew her extremely well. It took her every ounce of power to stop from getting aroused. Johnny and Mikey strode down the boardwalk just after nightfall. don’t we lover?” With that. She held a spiteful look upon her pretty face. Then he came to the pools edge and motioned an offer to dress her. I would not have come at all. “No. Leaving Lightmare watching her. the Priestess stormed off out of the grove.

Various groups of people walked all about them. and used this ability almost constantly. and clusters of teens made noise and shouted to one another enjoying the beautiful night. He was handsome and sometimes charming enough to get any attention he wanted. freshly made cotton candy. made sure to make their acquaintance always remembering their names. Mathew would look over girls and mostly they would look back. followed by a cat call from the boy and the occasional provocative conversation. Families. though the Akashan did his best to leave the drama part to his siblings. Everyone knew them. He knew it. capable of pulling girls at almost a moment’s notice. and if they didn’t. Lifeforce was his elemental power. Robert was a student of the Akashan ways.Elemental Heart was comfortably familiar to them passing along the various lights flashing along the entire walk. they were the money makers. Mathew was the resident player of the clan. Robert watched over his younger brothers with an easy stride. He was not opposed to the occasional drink or smoke. What he long ago considered is a life without drama or unnecessary joy. lovers. He was responsible enough not to get into any real trouble. He maintained this image by never really coming down too hard on any of them. but considered cool enough not to be kept out of the loop. or even flirtations and casual relationships. Jeffrey and Mikey were the social bugs. Back and forth they would talk and banter away with various groups of teens of all ages. Smells of hot dogs and pizza. Making deals and securing connections. casting upon them the sweet aroma of the salt filled air. warm peanuts to french-fries wafted through the air inviting any who were hungry to by their seller’s wares. and almost everyone wanted something from them. They knew almost everyone. 126 . rather always trying to talk sense into his friends when the opportunity presented itself. and the boys loved every minute of it. movers and shakers. The waves broke up upon the shoreline sending wind ripping across the group.

letting a momentary flash of anger fade by stuffing the problem into a tight corner of his mind and concentrating on something more pleasant if he could. His heart was cut in twain. So he lived in the moment hoping the next would keep any drama from his very emotional mind. but his thoughts could turn to darkness swiftly if he allowed them to. He was a deep thinker when he was calm and contemplative. But this was also his weakness. shooters equipped with life sized guns attached to them. So to keep himself from letting stress affect his demeanor. so he put in a good word while he was there assuring him a quick interview. Always wanting to help someone if he could. sit down race cars games and space games all reflected off of mirrors about every wall. With it. 127 . a terrible rage that if allowed to break free. But there was also a darker side to the young man. It was a teenage boys dream. already knew Jeff from the past summers of the two’s friendship. so Jeff pretty much thought he would be a shoe in. Mikey took Jeffrey inside to get him an application. and watching over those he loved with tireless abandon. Mikey’s father. and he never knew if he could reassemble his fractured self enough to be a whole person again. his blood pressure was quick to rise. Just inside were claw machines and ticket games. The boys came to stop at Mike’s father’s arcade called simply. He always tried hard to be lighthearted but found that when something bothered him. the Funzone. could easily threaten lives. Goodman. The place was wide open on two sides with dazzling lights over all around the outside edges. Further in were a variety of video games from classics to new. protect those that could not protect themselves. one that threatened to bring him over into a more vengeful realm. Below his surface Johnny held the images of death and pain close to him. It was the main paradox of his compartmentalized mind. second only to girls for some. Mr. In the back of the place was an enclosed room that served as the coin exchange and office.Elemental Heart Johnny was at heart a white knight.

he caught the sight of Melissa. “I like this girl. the girl made introductions.” “I feel sorry for America’s youth then. With a single yell to them. walking with Kay Kay and another blond girl he didn’t recognize.” Sam implied straightening her face. ”Pleasure to make the acquaintance of one so beautiful. the girls came over full of smiles and giddy comments to one another. “Most of the time yeah. and welcome to the ocean of my eyes. “Matt I want you to meet Samantha. then stopped suddenly. He lifted it up to his lips kissing the back of it lightly.” Mathew replied with a charming grin while giving the tall girl a handshake accompanied by a half hug. so be gentle. “Does that shit really work on simple bitches?” Mathew was caught by words.Elemental Heart The rest of the boys stood outside. lowering her head while looking up at him from the top of her eyes. “A whore gets paid. As he did. “You still a whore eh Matt?” Kay Kay said completely unaffected by his charms and if possible.” Robert admitted unable to contain his 128 . “Hey sexy you back for the summer?” Melissa asked moving to hold Mathew by his arm.” “Samantha eh?” Mathew asked reaching for the girl’s hand. “Well well well… look at the sweet beauty I have been blessed enough to behold! How have we been ladies?” Mathew flirted hugging Melissa. Except Kay Kay of course. She’s new here.” Samantha laughed and bobbed her head like a valley girl. cheerfully glaring at him. his face unable to hide a surprised expression. who simply nodded with a warm grin at her old friends. But before he could answer. watching Mathew make attempts at getting the number of every cute female that walked by. I give my love for free. He recovered quickly replying with a warm smile.

the light freckles about her face. everything down to her long feet and hard attitude. “And how is this little princess?” He harmlessly flirted.” Jeffrey smiled turning to Melissa. Oh how he had missed Kay Kay honest sarcasm. Her angel soft dirty blond hair. leaving her still looking at him for another moment and wondering. “What is up my brutal bay-be gurl!” Jeffrey exclaimed bringing up his hand to meet Kay Kay’s with a handshake halfhug. With a word from Melissa she was drawn into the conversation taking place around her becoming distracted. Johnny had never felt so instantly drawn to a female. the girl noticed and looked back. Johnny took in a long look at the new girl. Samantha thought this was cute. the stark blue of her eyes. jus tryin to make it work is all. before he nonchalantly moved his amber hazel orbs across in the other direction. no words were necessary to emote his thoughts. Jeffrey and Mikey came out entering the fray. Johnny locked eyes with the seventeen year old. “You know babe. Something Mathew had taught him during one of his ‘get a girlfriend before you’re too old’ pep talks. “Hey Jeff how’s everything going?” Kay Kay greeted looking down at the shorter young man with a nodding smile. she thought. having to this day never even kissed a girl. He’s trying to look uninterested. They stared at one another for several moments as the others talked. her thin nose and large breasts. he wanted to leave the woman with a mysterious first impression. As he stared.Elemental Heart humor.” Robert added. Everything about her was attractive to him. While the others talked and got reacquainted. Johnny had to concede to this advice. As the group of them talked. 129 . “Indeed.” Kay Kay commented under her breath receiving an amused nod from Robert. “Pity she’s straight. Johnny was relieved at the distraction.

“After that thing the other week everyone tries to stay together when we’re out.Elemental Heart “Good baby boy. Samantha turned her head as she passed Roberts back.” Melissa said giving quick hugs to all the boys but Johnny. Jeffrey never made advances on any girl Kay Kay liked and in return if Jeff ever needed a troublesome girl taken care of… “Mikey have you seen Rebecca anywhere around?” Melissa asked trying not to laugh at the obviously stoned boy searching the air above him with glassy eyes. who was watching the girls leave.” 130 . The group exchanged good-by’s as the girls moved off. “Well we gotta go guys. who stood strategically in the back away from the action. She and Jeffrey had an excellent understanding and friendship. looking directly at Johnny. When they locked eyes. Samantha mouthed ‘good by’ smirking seductively as she passed the silent words.” Samantha interjected from their side with a curt smile. Is there a gathering at the stone tonight?” “No. “We got all summer baby boy. “Well I’ll keep a weathered eye on the horizon for her. “Naw man and we’ve been on the walk for over an hour now. and if there was she wouldn’t go there without one of us with her.” “What’s the hurry?” Mathew replied turning to face Jeffrey.” “A bloodshot one you mean.” The seventeen year old informed.” Mikey replied nodding still unable to grasp the horror of their kidnapped friend. The thought sobered him up momentarily. Johnny let a slight smile grace her exit as he gave the young woman a flirtatious nod. “Thought you’d a tried to nail one of em. see ya later. As the boys watched the trio walk away. Jeffrey spoke aloud to Mathew over the sounds of vidiots at play. I’ve missed you!” Melissa replied giving him a long embrace that didn’t bother Kay Kay in the least.” “I can understand that girl.

Feeling out of touch and distraught by the death of his parents. Eddie was not really a bad person at heart. Eddie was a tall boy standing at five foot eleven with blue eyes and a long brown hair tied at the back of his head. which Drake found useful at his side. they had passed away due to cancer in almost the same year. This had caused a culturally rift between them that was only crossed by familiarity of his kin. This made him the perfect protector. reasonably handsome and without the burden of a conscience. wolves. Eddie had only been knocked down twice in his life. not bothering at all with if they had a man with them or not. After all. Eddie nodded and made a few cat calls to the teen girls passing by. At his wrists were studded leather bracelets. His parents had been middle aged when they had brought him into the world. if they were real men then they could show it. and other various creatures. and get put in their place for the trying. this loneliness turned inward into a dark place that he carried with him always. as well as an assortment of large metal rings shaped to form eagle heads. At his side was Eddie Howard. He was an imposing figure. The young man of twenty two was lean. Today he was wearing his leather vest atop an ACDC T-shirt.Elemental Heart Drake walked down the Seaside boardwalk looking around for any sign of his girlfriend. In Eddie’s way of thinking. at least when he was younger. By the time he was eighteen. He had been slighted by her refusal to hang out with him the day before at Stone Beach. with the logos of various hard rock or metal bands on them. or sleeveless Harley Davidson shirts. almost always wearing black jeans and heavy black boots regardless of weather. but after a night of considering the events he had decided to begrudgingly forgive her. His shirts usually consisted of either uniform black. she was beautiful and what young girl wouldn’t want him? He was strong and tall. Eddie traveled from his home town with no one to guide him into his early years of manhood. and one of those people 131 .

” Drake replied still scanning the walk for any signs of Samantha. burn their house to the ground while they sleep. He stopped in place and took a short walk over to the beach side of the boardwalk. Who are they?” Drake asked glaring over the group. I got a few.” After a few more minutes of searching Drake caught the sight of Samantha standing with her girls and another group of young men he didn’t recognize. and if they make a move.” “I love your lack of morals.” Eddie said turning to walk backwards staring at a passing girls ass. “I say we wait a few hours. After a few moments the group broke up and the girls began to walk away. I’m as new here as you man. looking over to see what Drake was spying. “Eh. “Fuck the cops. “What are they gonna do to us?” “I don’t know. “I don’t know. Eddie came up beside him. follow them home.Elemental Heart walked with him now. As they did.” Drake laughed. “Let them try. he watched the interaction between the groups.” Eddie spat. then turning about fully walking back to stand beside his friend. “HA!” Eddie chuckled. through me in jail.” Eddie corrected looking out at the beach.” Eddie began. “I don’t understand why you just don’t go to her house. “Her Grandmother doesn’t like me. “Looks like she found some new dudes to talk to.” Eddie instigated. Leaning against a rail. Said she’s call the cops if I showed up again. Drake craned his neck to 132 . he noticed Samantha turn around and say something to a boy hiding in the back of the crowd close to the Funzone entrance.” The other boy jokingly snickered. “I’ve never seen them before.

Elemental Heart see the boy’s response. He seemed uninterested, his head nodding but saying nothing in return. Drake smiled at the sight. But then the boy looked back up after Samantha had turned around, and watched her with intense eyes as she melded into the passing crowd. Drake made a mental note to watch this boy, and if he tried to make any moves on his girl, he would find it to be his last moves on this Earth. Drake stayed for a few more seconds watching the boys begin to step down the north end of the walk. Then he started to march in the direction the girls had gone. “What we doin now?” Eddie asked whipping his head to and fro to catch glimpses of the pretty girls passing by. “Making sure my girl is alright.” Drake replied without a turn. “Can’t have any douche bags thinking they can make a move and not get the beating of their lives.”


Elemental Heart Chapter Fourteen

It was open house at Temple Azora. Every Warlord from all over the realm was invited to taste the pleasures the slaves of the Temple provided. This was usually held only for the strongest of the Valkira race, but the ever declining birthrate of their species called for drastic measures. So the great hall of the place was happily filled from wall to wall with males taking advantage of this special occasion. They crowded the restraining chairs in groups waiting for their turn at the beautiful young females freshly plucked from the surface. The girls were not yet completely broken, their wills being forced in bounded leather straps. Some twisted in horror begging for release. Others lay motionless with empty eyes, silently asking for the either the session to come to an end or their lives. When these limp females began to flounder, they were met by whips of disapproval. Punishment always followed a lack of inspiration. It was not the place of a sex slave to decide when their torment was over. At the other end of the hall the girls who had been conditioned into their new role, begged for men to come and join them. They would ride enthusiastically atop a Warlord. Writhing in a seductive as they pushed themselves down upon their master’s cock. Heavy juices flowed freely from within the folds of their feminine places. Bare feet beside the thighs of men below them held just a hint of dirt from the floor adding to the dirty nature of their business. To some this was as much an arousal as the action they beheld, sometimes joining the pair with passionate abandon. A slave, after feeling the warm seed of the Warlord enter her would switch immediately to the adjoining man or move after the act of penetration to find another man to please. This part was never difficult even in the later hours of the night. To become 134

Elemental Heart pregnant meant they were exulted into a higher class of woman, the breeding class. They would then be treated for a time like royalty. Given proper medicine and care, good food and drink followed the announcement of being with Valkira offspring. This allowed for better living quarters and of course, the ability to decline their presence at the next orgy. It was the highest honor a woman could achieve in Valkira Prime, if only for the short time it took to bear a child. As Cyclone Memnon walked down the center of the great temples hall he took in every sight as he passed with carnivorous eyes. This was his favorite part of Valkira life. He watched as a sexy young female was accosted by several men. She was about twenty from the look of her, with long curly black hair and olive skin. Aside from her head and brow, all signs of hair had been removed from her sweat glistening body. A powerful Warlord with ripped muscles picked the girl up and placed her upon a makeshift bed of several satin blankets and pillows. The girl laughed, obviously broken into her mold. Pushing herself atop his now wet appendage, curling her thick lips as she wrapped shapely legs about him. Every grunt from the man was met with sounds of sexy approval from the young woman, who in truth wanted nothing more than for him to expel his seed. It was the perverted truth of the matter that all she wanted to was to become pregnant by the momentary lovers child. Cyclone nodded in approval as he passed them and moved to the next low lying stand. Upon it was a seasoned veteran. Another dark haired woman of around twenty five, bearing the stretch marks of already having given birth and knowing the respite that followed. With each thrust from above and below her, deep slides of penetration exciting her as well as her masters. The chaotic dance shook the woman’s toned legs up over the standing man’s arms. She let her head drift back as her long hair draped over the man lying down behind her. The slave’s eyes rolling back in momentary pleasure as she endured the uneven rhythm of the 135

Elemental Heart two men inside her. As the actions of all three came to its apex, all groaned with climatic abandon. The slave girl let out a slight laugh before she felt the hands of the man beneath her wrapping his hands around the back of her neck stopping her ability to breath. As the oxygen within her lungs turned, the Warlord gave in a final fury of deep powerful thrusts. The lack of air gave rise to wave of orgasm in the slave forcing her muscles to tighten about him. Within few heated moments both exploded together in rich secretions of sensual fluids. A powerful heat within her pulsated even after the Warlord released his grip, allowing the slave to gasp for much needed air. Falling back down upon her lover, the muscled man atop her broke their perverted union leaving the dark haired woman with a strike across her sweaty face to remember him by. The Dark Lord enjoyed this but loved the new girls even more, the ones that had yet to accept their fate and still showed a hint of defiance needing to be broken. Cyclone knew well the difference between a girl playing this role and one truly feeling violated. He enjoyed the latter of those immensely. Looking to his right toward the restraining area, he spotted a girl much too young to be in this hall. He was surprised that Mistress Azora even let the young girl into the event, but so much the better. She was small and thin, perhaps only five foot four. She had light blond hair and brown eyes, with such little fat that every turn of her body showed ribs. Cyclone moved closer wishing to take in the full aroma of the display. Bound by the hands of Valkira holding her wrists, the young woman pulled down in a futile display of rejection. Her painted eyes ran slick with sweat and tears down the sides of her defiant face. With gritted teeth the woman turned her head from a tongue that came down from the man within her, tasting her salty cheeks before coming upright. The Warlord, twice her age, gripped the slaves this legs bearing them down upon to smother her large pale breasts. She continued to struggle for a few 136

Elemental Heart moments more as her master drove himself deep within her. A thudding slap of his seed bearing fruit became erythematic with breath. Soon the young woman simply laid her head to the side looking someplace into the abyss, her eyes vacant of expression. As the slaves struggle became silent, a strike from another man beside them awoken her senses as the sting of pain emitted blood from her nostrils. Again she began to fight as the adrenaline from the hit quickened her into action. This of course, was what the evil men wanted. It aroused their kind; it filled them with a sick patriarchal elevation that was the promise of their demon God. Cyclone found this amusement to his liking and decided this was where he would begin his night, with the final breaking of this young tight bodied female. It would be he that extinguished the last of her defiant flame and strip her of all sense of independence. As he came to stand just behind the Warlord penetrating the young slave, he steeled himself to throw the male off and take his place. It was then that the words of Lynn Azora cut through his immanent fantasy like a razor. “Get OFF of her!” The Mistress screamed cracking a whip about them to make her point. The men reluctantly scattered at the sound of the Mistress of the Temple, running off to recover and find other pleasures of the night. They dare not defy the Mistress of the temple, lest they be barred from ever again enjoying the pleasures the sacred place provided. Cyclone stood in place, gritting his teeth and looking over the wounded girl. Her body, covered in many slick liquids, fell limp without the strength of the Warlords to keep her in place. Her head turned to the side once more, and a stream of fresh tears marred her once pretty face. Lynn walked up to the young girl with a disgusted look upon her. The woman snarled as she turned her head to Cyclone. “Lord Memnon, you have lived long enough to know that this girl is years younger than is acceptable in these halls!” The Mistress 137

Elemental Heart stated as if ready to strike the male. “I was ready to commence.” Cyclone bluntly stated still starring over the broken young woman. “I don’t care! She is too fresh to be in this hall!” Lynn scolded coming to stand at the side of the Valkira, her eyes wide and furious with rage. Cyclone took a moment to come to the conclusion that he would not have the pleasure of breaking in this young woman. As that realization took hold, the blood leaving him below filled his body with a sexually fuelled wrath. He turned his head to meet the arrogant female’s purple and black painted eyes. “But she WAS in this hall! And I WAS to be next!” Cyclone turned his entire body to stand face to face with the Mistress. “It is your job to place these girls Mistress, and since your reign many things in this hall have changed. One of which being your condition of what time is proper for breeding! I remember an age when a woman’s first night was enough to have her bare child. It is my belief that your ‘changes’ is what has dropped the rate of birth within the Valkirium!” “Lord Memnon,” Lynn began standing straighter and centering her voice. “There are some morals that cannot be disputed or wavered. One of which is the time when it is appropriate for a woman to receive a man, and that is not before she had had time to acclimate to her new role!” Cyclone let his rage subside into a wide devilish grin. He relaxed himself taking a step back from Lynn. “Mistress Azora, this is Valkira Prime. Morals have no place here.” The man began to walk past Lynn moving to another scene of sexual debauchery. As he did, he turned again walking backwards. “And even less for females. I would watch thyself Mistress. Lest your tiara be ripped from arrogant head.” With that, the Dark Lord proceeded to begin beating a passing female while tearing her to the ground. Azora could do nothing but watch, and how she hated men, but Cyclone most of all. She watched as he pulled the girls 138

Elemental Heart hair back bending the woman’s spine. As the slave yelped in pain from the force of him he managed a look right at Lynn, as if trying to make her remember his sense of pleasure from their past. After a momentary stare, Cyclone continued to beat the woman as if to force her already submissive pose. As blood began to run freely from her face, he licked the metallic tasting fluid with a wide arc of his tongue before driving his hard member inside her beaten form. As he did so, Lynn’s mind drifted with fear as much as hatred. Cyclone had raped Lynn when she was young many times over and those memories like many others had never fully been driven from her mind. Such memories are what drove the Mistress to do everything within her power to protect these women however should could, but not openly. For if she was ever unseated, she feared what puppet would gladly take her place, and reinstall the old practices of the Temple. For now, she had to not only watch, but provide such evil men with the fantasy’s they had been promised since puberty. One day, she hoped, this nightmarish place would find its eventual end. “How fairs the Vessel of Kon?” Skulwring asked standing in a wide open chamber that served as the amphitheater for his sermons. A pulpit of sorts was wide at the bottom rising into flat top, made of a black mass of dark metals. Engraved in the thing were the sliver outlines of human like skulls, all gaping as if in petrified fear. The pulpit was centered upon a great dark wooden stage, which held large red drapes tied to the wall at each side. Behind the pulpit by about thirty feet was a slick black stone wall. Upon it were symbols and glyphs in Vulrintutakon’s native demonic language. They were unremarkable and seemed only as dark impressions, which only came alive when the great Kon was ever present. Which to date had been never. “Father’s seed is growing well. Soon the boy Zevin will 139

” Yanpre replied floating midair to keep at eye level with the alien. hovering up a little to get in front of his jet black almond orbs.” Yanpre Vear said more to himself than to the Priest of Kon. and used a labor force for the coming subjugation of Bacrana.” The Priest spoke as if looking into the future. With the elimination of the Dragonfyre line.Elemental Heart begin his training into manhood. You shall be the lords of this realm. and he is now dead as our Lord God commanded. and as such shall enjoy trade from the many worlds under the protection of the Empire. For all we know the place is a myth. The last to know its location was Liam Rah.” 140 . I fail to see how this truly matters.” Skulwring commanded. “The Valkira have held our foothold on this world for several thousand years. under its protection and subject to the taxes and conscription’s thereof. if God has a fleet at his disposal why not just look for the thing? It can’t be far from this system. “So we are to make the pilgrimage to home world then. what of the Valkira?” Yanpre asked trying to get within the view of Skulwring. He has been perfectly manipulated to house the soul of our great lord and must be prepared for the joining upon God’s arrival. “No harm must come to the future vessel of Kon.” Yanpre thoughtfully answered. “The Hall of Tides has never been discovered. It‘s native sentience will be thinned out of course. only one thing holds us from conquering the world held so special by heretic Gods. “And what fate awaits our native realm I wonder?” “Terra will be brought into the fold of the Empire. and shall be duly rewarded. the wormhole that leads to Home-world. and how have we progressed in finding the location of the star map?” The tall alien questioned moving to stand before the pulpit. lest God be unable to make the rest of the journey to Bacrana.” “The location of the singularity. “Yes Lord Vear. “What of my people Priest.

” Yanpre’s face lit up sharply. The opening of the Nexus brings the essence of Vulrintutakon’s home plane into existence. ignoring even the primitive knowledge of these… monkeys. end of discussion. There would be no talk. and from the flesh and blood a new world would be fashioned. But as he made his leave.Elemental Heart Yanpre spoke matter of factly from behind the priest. “Be sure to have the boy Zevin looked after and come to no harm. even if he did not understand the reference completely. and moved to levitate past the pulpit and out through the curved rows of seats leading up before the stage. everything would die. In three thousand years you do not think that this system has not obeyed the laws of space and time?” “I did not realize…” Yanpre started only to be cut off by the arrogant alien. If that were to happen.” Skulwring replied over his shoulder. He did however understand the description of events. None of which was at all acceptable. “I have seen this already once before.” The alien threatened.” Yanpre understood that it was a threat. “How ignorant your species is. hinting arrogance in his alien voice. And that Lord Vear would be the end of life upon this world as you now know it. God would have no choice but to open his Nexus on Terra. They were inferior. Numerous creatures for which there are no names will run across this planet like a virus. You could not have known hiding beneath the surface of the world. They will kill everything that exists. I would hate to see Kon reach this world with no vessel to carry him to the Promised Land. “Everything in space… moves. The short lord had had enough of this talk. the Priest began again. “Of course you did not. He made a mental note to garner any and all information about this Nexus as soon as he could. He did not like the insinuation that the humans were more intelligent than his own race. “Then I shall make sure that Zevin meets his intended 141 .

with a rod that held various Valkira uniforms of several different dark colors and fabrics. which were unlike the entrance and cut from living rock. covered in thick brown furs.Elemental Heart fate. Taking off his robe like cape. “When the Dragonfyre was slain. Cyclone entered the room thankful to see his wide bed. as if infused into the floor. About the stone walls were several jagged lines of purple that gave off a false light. On the floor was a dark brown rug that covered almost the entire space.” He lied. “He was decapitated. Cyclone retired to his personal chambers. he threw it over the back of the chair.” The alien said postponing Yanpre’s leave. Between the lines were several murals of Valkira combating Bacrana. “One more thing. Stopping before it. drained of his overactive energies.” The dwarf shortly replied. The door was dark as were the walls. Taking it 142 . and a few of beautiful naked females bound by thick straps and cutting wires. Later that night. the image faded and worn with long years. He entered his room that resided atop a spire in the center of Valkira Prime. coming to the edges of the walls and folded slightly under. When it was met by silence. and let the falsehood hang in the air for a moment. Far to the back left was an archway leading to his bedchamber. Next to it was another room. the Dark Lord began to remove his clothes. and then continued to unbuckle his black jerkin. There was a closet of sorts that was more like an indentation into one of the far walls. brightening the room in an off white with a light purple hue. the dwarf lord casually flew forward exiting the amphitheater. Cyclone looked to his left at a full length mirror just for a glance. He gave the thing a glance and proceeded to a small chair at the other end of the room. possibly a bathroom bathed in complete darkness. A picture hung above the bed of a woman long since passed. his heart was not absorbed of course?” Yanpre paused for the briefest of seconds.

As he slowly lowered the knife. Cyclone looked to his left and spotted the image of Liam Rah starring angrily back at him. He threw the jerkin over the back of the chair. The Dark Lord hastily reached down to his leg and pulled a knife from his boot. and then turned to come at the ghost only to see his own reflection in a readied stance before him. when he noticed another figure in his peripheral vision. staring into the mirror. the man sent his eyes searching about the room. When they found that he was indeed alone. including one very nasty looking one just to the right of his Elemental heart. The Dark Lord furrowed his brow in confusion. 143 .Elemental Heart off several battle scars could be seen. Cyclone sat down upon his bed and for several minutes.

Jeffrey lumbered half-awake down the stairs almost slamming into Johnny as the youngster barreled his way up. would not. the beautiful roundness of her full breasts. Mathew and Kenneth set out to getting a better television at the behest of Mathew. things began to feel like what would become normal. He did not want to seem like a bumbling fool. “We hittin the walk later?” Jeffrey asked scratching his chest through a fluffy blue bathrobe. All in all. “Yeah gimmie a little bit. Johnny thoughts drifted to the image of that beautiful girl still haunting his mind. The pull of her was so strong. he had never taken the time to have a girlfriend. whispering to him that he needed to be alone and avoid unneeded attachments or the drama 144 . and Johnny did the morning dishes afterward. Jeffrey shook his head half-smiling managing to have a thought reach lips from brain. all these things came to mind when coming across her among friends at the beach. which was the norm in the past and seemed would be again.Elemental Heart Chapter Fifteen After a few days at Seaside.” Johnny responded still climbing the stairs. “Don’t tempt me bra!” Jeffrey yelled up as he passed round the banister rail into the living room. sell himself short because of inexperience. The devilishness of her demeanor.” He joked as he reached the top. the stark blue of her eyes. His fate had always been in the air around him. Jeffrey woke up late. “You should go like that. Johnny could stand it no longer and after a couple of days it was time to make his first move. her laugh that sounded designed for nothing but sexy trouble. Robert and Joseph cooked breakfast. her thin lined smile unlike any he had ever seen. and Kenneth insisted he went to make sure they got the best deal to be found. but he could not. Avoiding the collision with good humor.

“Yeah like two weeks ago. “Nope and… Nope. “Well it seems that it happened again. Jeff walked into the kitchen where Robert and Joseph sat reading their newspapers.. As in our Carol?” Robert asked in shock.” Joseph 145 . In the few times this week that he had been around the blonde. Opening the cardboard flap he began to drink. “Is it possible for you to use a glass. sensations he had never felt before exploded into being. it seemed enough for him to break his own mold.” Jeffrey replied before taking another drink. I thought you read the paper every day?” Jeffrey replied groggily. Jeffrey walked over the fridge casually pulling out a quart container of milk. and with his free hand began to openly and vigorously scratch his crotch.” “Carol. But this time. The thought that this may be a bad thing never even crossed his mind.” Joseph spoke aloud still reading his half of the morning paper. Nobody’s has seen Carol since. “There was a first?” Robert asked. completely engrossed in the morning ritual.Elemental Heart that came with it. still waking up and rubbing his eyes. Parents killed. he felt an untamable need to follow his passion. he would say it was a little of both.” Jeffrey interrupted after a short but hardy belch. At the same time. He had never been in love or in lust before but if he could describe these feelings. and perhaps do that in the privacy of your own room?” Robert asked flipping to a new page with an aggravated rustle without even looking at the boy. “There was another abduction. “Mikey said it was real messed up. His eyes ran over his two friends as he took the container away from his mouth. “Yeah. There was something about Samantha Jennifer Lee that seemed to fill his heart with something hotter than elemental fire. his glasses rising over the newspapers top edge to look at his brother. From what the police say the bodies of the couple were a few days old..

” Joseph said aloud. “We should do something. Neighborhood watches and local firemen have been alerted to the disappearance. He was at that moment. Jeffrey moved to look over Josephs shoulder as Robert leaned forward putting down his paper flat on the tabletop and putting all his attention into the recount.” Joseph read a part of the article aloud as the other two boys listened intently. “This is so terrible. “Damn right. Hardly able to grasp the words he had just said.” Jeffrey nodded bringing up his hand to flip back his disheveled long blond hair. it’s not like she’s some strange girl.” Joseph continued noticing the amazed looks. I can’t see not trying to help find her. We should do something. It would be like one of us going missing. and when he got an idea into his head. knew her parents.” Joseph meant ever word he said. seventeen of the twelve hundred block of Seaside was missing upon the discovery. We’ve talked with her.” Robert agreed still in shock. “I mean it.” Robert pointed out. gone to her birthday parties. Citizens are asked to come forward with any information on the girl’s whereabouts.” Jeffrey said to Joseph for the first time in a long time. “Joseph. in total agreement 146 . or any witnesses who may have seen anything the night of the invasion.Elemental Heart indicated. his eyes racing over the black and white text. and as he met their unbelieving gazes. “Yes it is.” Jeffrey whispered. The other two boys looked at their fatherly brother. They never knew Joseph to jump into a heroic role. “Police say that the girl Rebecca Green. far be it from me to not value life in any form. “Love you brother. there was little anyone could do to change his mind. he reaffirmed his statement. and Carol for that matter. “We knew Rebecca. But we had strict instructions from Elainia not to get exposed or involved in anything that would lead to our discovery.

which was very rare. The boy was used to Jeffrey’s unannounced visits into his room. and as he never had a girl with him. He looked up at the boy shaking his head waiting for the reason for his intrusion. and Robert tried to organize the group.” “What?” Johnny reacted instinctively in shock.” It was mid-morning by the time the boys had all met together with Mikey and a large group of local kids. who started back up to his room to get changed with renewed energy a healthy amount of moral vigor. Robert nodded with a concerned look about his face. “You heard me.” Joseph replied sharing the eye locked moment sincerely. We’re going out to look for her. Along with them were local police and the forensics unit. The locals had called every friend in the area they knew. “Call Mathew’s cell. and they now crowded an entire street corner not far from Rebecca’s home. Some of the Parents of other local children and an assortment of adults watched from the police barrier. Just can’t see this any other way. As did Jeffrey. still working the crime scene. “Get your shit together. happy to see Joseph taking on a more leader like role. Rebecca Green was kidnapped. never cared that about his brother’s lack of respect. but 147 . saw the logic in his words. “I’ll get right on it. Johnny was in his boxers pulling up a pair of red shorts. Joseph put down his paper. “John-nay!” Jeffrey shouted opening Johnny’s bedroom door without waiting for a response. and let him know what’s going on. Jeffrey. “You too buddy. and some came over to the crowd of teens and twenty something’s still waiting for a few more people to show up. and after considering it a moment. Mikey.” Robert lovingly obeyed.” Their leader ordered.Elemental Heart with his line of thinking.

The police and neighborhood watches will be following any leads they have and combing the area too. If she escaped she’s probably scared and hiding.” “Agreed. “We have to be careful. “Very much agreed. everywhere you can think. Robert proceeded with his speech. The teens gossiped and chatted about what they had heard on the news and what they speculated. Its broad daylight and we cannot afford to get caught flying through the air or some dumb shit.” Robert began in a raised voice. “I think that goes without saying but your right. “I think we will help more if we take advantage of our…. “Go ahead Robby. unique abilities.” Kay Kay added after Robert. But Rebecca was one of us.” “Also don’t count out any places you don’t normally hang out in. This made Kenneth give the girl a look of admiration. With that the crowd started to slowly disperse in different directions. We know all the teen hangouts.” Johnny replied without hesitation. The Akashan nodded with raised eyebrows as Jeffrey’s voice could be heard in the background cheering Kay Kay with. make out areas.” Kenneth looked straight at Joseph.” Joseph said quickly nodding.’ Shaking his head. How he loved Kay Kay. creating a tornado of voices. “We need to look everywhere the adults wouldn’t think of. Robert called his them into a circle and started to reveal a plan. ‘They do not know who they are fuckin with. We got a lot of clicks here. Concentrate your searches on places you may have seen her before. so any place she may not have hung out at should be searched. Kenneth gave the woman a high five. “Hideouts.Elemental Heart the dysfunctional nature of the young people made this very difficult. No fancy 148 . drinking spots.” Kay Kay gave over the floor. When it was just the six brothers. and every spot in between. hangouts. Finally Kay Kay yelled over the crew with a booming voice that caught their attention instantly. “Ok people! Let’s get to it!” Mikey cried out.

“Mathew. “Joe. “Everyone keep their cell phones on just in case. “Where ya headin?” Kay Kay asked as the girls came within a few feet of the boys. “I’ll ride with ya. Johnny looked up in the air 149 . As they reached the vehicles. “Kenneth and I will take the cars and search the streets. “Jeffrey.” The tall girl said going to the passenger’s side without waiting for a response.” Robert stated.” Kenneth and Johnny started off to Mathew’s IROC and Josephs van parked only a short distance away.” Jeffrey replied somberly. Johnny stood facing a very pretty and smiling Samantha who said nothing.” Johnny purposed. take a stroll on the bayside area all the way up to the sand hills. Kenneth looked to his left at Johnny rolling his eyes. looking him in the eyes. take a swim. Yeah I got that. With that.Elemental Heart stuff.” The large young man stated opening the driver’s side door and climbing in. Search the coast lines for any…. “I think I can maybe find a few high spots when no one’s looking. “Me too!” Melissa giggled following her girlfriend.” Joseph interrupted. give a call.” “Bodies. “Nice to have a choice in a free country. and shuffling her feet with a curt grin.” Mathew agreed.” Robert cemented the order. I’d say take to the skies…” “But it’s broad daylight. “And I will go with Mikey and help coordinate the others. see if we can find any sign of her that way.” Robert finished.” “Got it. and Samantha approached breaking off from the main group of people. You find anything.” Kenneth replied bringing Joseph's keys out of his jean pocket. Kay Kay.. Melissa.” “Just be careful there are a lot of eyes out there right now. “Gonna drive up and down the strip.

” “Not originally. “And how many girls do you know?” “A few. Johnny finally got the nerve to speak up. “Pennsylvania. or ignored her thinking she was too 150 . Florida Keys. The car was silent for several minutes. As they got in. Johnny to timid to begin a conversation and Samantha playing shy.” “Where?” She looked over at him befuddled. Johnny inserted the keys and turned the ignition bringing the engine roaring to life.Elemental Heart above him. She said it was too unbearably hot in the Keys this time of year.” “Ahh…. “So you’re a Florida boy. After a short while. Yeah I guess.” He opened.” He responded giving her a quick glance then looking in the rear view.” She retorted with a slight grin. he looked over at her and motioned for her to buckle up before starting the car. Mom used to bring us up here almost every summer. A few more moments passed.” He answered concentrating on the road. “Keys. Samantha nodded at the beastly sound and rolled down her window as they started off.” She stated. Most teenage boys jumped at the opportunity to talk to her. then back at the still grinning girl and moved to the IROC without a word.” He lied momentarily trying not to give away his inexperience. ‘originally’.” “So where are you originally from then?” The girl teased with emphasis on the word. Minutes passed before Samantha decided that this game was boring and opened the conversation again. “So you’re a tourist. “A what?” “Summer folk. She promptly followed walking to the opposite door. “You’re not as talkative as most girls. “Oh I thought we were playing the silent game. Samantha was having a hard time trying to figure this boy out.

Biting her lower lip she decided it was only right to open up about herself in a similar way. and someone replies with ’sorry’ as if they had anything to do with it.” Samantha looked back out onto the road. stress. her voice hollow. she had found a person that might truly understand how she felt too. “My parents were killed when I was nine. So she prodded at him with some more questions. It reminded him to much of what had happened that terrible night.Elemental Heart pretty and they would not have a chance. and the peer pressure from the gorgeous female drilling holes into his head won over. She’s raised me ever since. The fact that he was not openly chasing her affections was a puzzle to her that her ego needed to solve. It took the thick headed young man a few moments to realize this. She could see that this boy was handsome. But Samantha wasn’t too vein about her beauty.” “Foster Brothers. “My parents died in a plane crash not even a year ago. But the combination of nervousness. As if her eyes locked on the side of his head wasn’t enough. Not only to ease the tension she had undoubtedly created but in the hopes that perhaps. “I was put in a shelter of sorts for a few weeks. “I hear you guys are all brothers. She was one of the chosen few who tried to be both beautiful on the inside and out. and probably still feels. before Elainia took me and a few of the others in. but wanted to know what he looked like in heart and mind. not fully understanding. She was selfish to an extent. He didn’t like to talk about his parents. “I hate it when you say your parents are dead. more a taunt really to explain himself. but not overly so. She felt downright awful for questioning the boy so hard now. She knew well what he must have felt.” She began the tale.” Johnny frowned as she spoke. Johnny gave the girl another glance but it 151 .” He said obviously uneasy. Samantha starred at Johnny with questioning eyes.” He answered.

“I was supposed to be here for two weeks. “Felton Delaware. and the naturally pretty young woman had just become even more so to him.” Johnny let her words hang in the air.” She toyed with a slight 152 . He in that briefest of moments began to feel something for her he had only to date felt for his orphan brothers.” She simply replied. “So where are you originally from?” He mimicked her from before. I remember when we got the call…. “Then I’ll forgive your ignorance. but a bond of future friendship had just sealed this girl to his heart. It wasn’t so much sadness. “I know.” She replied again instantly. Without even a second thought he put his hand over hers clasping it lightly. “I feel your pain. Johnny removed his hand and placed it back on the wheel.” He spoke softly to her. and now this is home. “So you’re not from here either?” He asked. but a feeling of deep companionship. “No. A mist of water formed in her eyes but kept from shedding any tears. “Have you ever been to Delaware?” She asked. leaving Johnny gaping without words to emote. “I was visiting my Nana while they were going on a trip together. “Do you like it better here or there?” “What kinda dumb fucking question is that?” Samantha replied in a mock attitude.Elemental Heart was not returned. “Obviously. So he decided to try and change the direction of their conversation. he knew that his emotions ran deep and did not want the sadness of this to overcome him. Samantha felt his touch upon her hand and nodded staring out the open passenger side window. or to keep her within its fold as well.” The girl stated instantly. Something so terrible had just tied the two in his mind.” Her words trailed off for a few moments. More than a caring for a girlfriend or a lover.” The boy responded with a long ‘o’. reflecting on the not so distant past.

“A white boy who doesn’t know that he’s white? A corn-fed gangsta?” She answered shaking her head as if he should have already known and letting out a nervous laugh. “What. a Yo boy. Samantha slowly turned her head with a click of her tongue and leaving her mouth agape. Johnny I don’t think we know each other well enough to make such an assumption. After almost three seconds he asked the inevitable.” He asked still amazed at what he had just asked 153 .Elemental Heart wave of her hand.” He replied laughing to himself. “Ya know.” She replied before he could finish his sentence. that’s cute. “Johnny. “Well now Mr. Johnny kept giving her glances as she pretended not to notice. “What color are they?” “Blue thong.” She looked at Johnny as if he were stupid. For a few seconds there was a comfortable silence.” Johnny was never so forward with a female. Yo boys and drugs. who could not contain his jubilant state. Johnny’s eyes opened so wide they could have pushed his eyebrows right off his forehead. Next thing you’ll be asking what color my panties are. The look of shock on her face was hysterical to Johnny. She shook her head at him half-closing her full lips into a shit eating grin as she turned back to the windshield. He returned the look with a double glance and a questioning smirk. cornfields. “Oh I get it.” “Yo boy’s? What prey-tell is a ‘Yo Boy‘?” He asked with a laugh.” Samantha said less than a second later. but decided for the first time in his life to just go with it. I know we’re bonding an all with both our parents being dead but to be so personal… geez. Samantha smiled at making the young man laugh. The smile upon his face widened. “You’re a… you’re kind of a bitch aren’t cha?” He taunted. “It’s nothing but flat land.

a cat running along a fence. Joseph stood atop one of the hotels close to the southern end of the boardwalk. and as they did. his vision increased by a hundred fold.” She replied curtly. “You alright. There he spotted a car at a local gas station. He brought in his view as his irises darkened from a glowing blue to his natural color. an empty plastic bag being carried by the wind and a drunk slouching against a wall all within the same intersection. The boy gasped heaving breaths of air holding white knuckled onto the steering wheel. He could easily spot a group of teens hurrying along across a street then blocks away. His eyes started to glow a slight blue. “Bitch.Elemental Heart and heard. He moved his eyes slowly further down the main drag about thirteen blocks away.” He swore under his breath. The excitement of the past few moments getting the better of him. Looking about. “Red light. and its owner filling it with fuel. The Air Elemental stood overlooking the North West edge of the roof scanning out for any sign of Rebecca Green. he noted none of them resembled his abducted friend. he tried to center himself as he leaned back into the seat shaking his head. He tried to look further when he spotted a girl resembling Rebecca. Focusing in on their faces. a pair of people walking out of a convenience store.” Samantha asked in utter but confined amusement. “Yeah I can see that. 154 .” He replied putting on his best lie. but had found the limits of his Elemental eyes and could not make out if it was her. “Oh shit!” He yelled stomping on the breaks causing the IROC’s tires to squeal while swerving a quarter of the way into an intersection.” She teased nodding with a smile. “Hey!” She cried followed by a punch to his arm. “Yeah I got this.

The Water Elemental stepped closer to the ocean. Jeffrey held within his Elemental heart a kinship with the ocean. and the cold breeze cutting across his bare chest. and swore under his breath. Once there his eyes came to life in a fluorescent explosion scanning down the street in the direction of the girl. the boy looked around him to make sure he was unseen. and this is what made his treks into his native element so hard to perform. and knew her heartbeat well. The euphoric pleasure he received whenever in the living pool would call him like a siren. Reeling in his perception the Elemental walked to the east side of the building. made this his home. begging him never to make landfall. When she came into focus he could see it was not her. He had lived in unison with the ocean most of his life. It was a part of him as much as he was a part of it. He would have to literally tear his mind from the place in order to emerge a land walker again. With a short run and a mighty launch the Air Elemental leapt across the distance in a matter of seconds. Joseph looked down at the street and saw no one was there. He looked out at the tide. He commanded his eyes to focus upon the person. brought calm over him that in certain respects. then jogged to the North West corner of the building. Removing his shirt and cell phone he put them both atop his sneakers. The rhythm of the waves. spotting a long haired blond down by the underside of a pier. standing at the miniature waves breaking at his toes. He looked out with normal eyes. only to reveal that it was his brother Jeffrey. Jeffrey kicked off his shoes placing them higher than the wet sand that marked tide line.Elemental Heart he saw the roof a casino across the street to the north. and backed up several feet. As it did the boy 155 . It was an addiction that never ceased. taking in the magnificence of this natural event. A small taste of water touched his toes. Landing with a slight thud on top of the casino.

“Whose green duffel bag is this?” Melissa asked from somewhere behind the driver's seat. before he jetted off. “We haven’t unloaded everything yet. When the pure excitement of his living heaven passed. her eyes trying to scan each passing street. “Just tell me when to turn. Even the glow of his elemental eyes faded into the color of the surrounding water.” Kenneth replied slightly agitated. “You’re gonna have to tell me where that is.” Kay Kay stated. down deeper into the ocean. until it was as if he were transparent image of himself encased within the power of the sea. he went about searching every bit of shoreline both ocean and bayside. and the deeper he got he could feel his body change.” Kay Kay suggested continuing to look down every street they passed. The more the salty liquid touched his skin the faster he proceeded with haste. “On Sixty Third Street.. for any signs of his lost friend. he did not find any.. It would take an hour or so before the boy remembered why he had come.” Kenneth impatiently shot back. Just make a seat and sit down. “We should probably check the bayside roads into town too. Without a second to waste he began to walk into the breaking tide. “What’s all this crap?” Melissa asked rummaging through the bags in the back of the van. Slowly his cells transformed into more liquid state. “Maybe we should look at that old abandoned warehouse off of Sixty Third Street. 156 .” Kenneth said forced to run a yellow light from the constant distraction around him. Fortuity he thought.” Kay Kay replied giving Kenneth a dumb look.Elemental Heart closed his eyes taking it in as if tasting a well prepared meal.

” Kenneth toyed. “Lookie what I found!” Melissa cried coming to the front of the van with an outstretched arm. “Too bad you don’t have a vag. He glanced again over at the passenger seat. “Nah-uh. But I respect your personal decisions.” Kenneth started then looked at Kay Kay. “Well it’s a shame that you don’t. I didn’t have my license last year. The young man looked over at Kay Kay still smiling.” She played turning her head and laughing to herself.” Kenneth answered. stop going through my shit!” Kenneth was now getting a headache. He even for a moment forgot how much Melissa was annoying him. She was a tough girl. the both of them chuckling together. not very beautiful but attractive in a warrior sense.” Kay Kay shook her head now folding her arms. holding a large bag of pot in157 . and I mean a lot. “Can you control your bitch please?” He asked. “I don’t know. can you stop going through my shit please.Elemental Heart “Mine.” She observed pinching at his muscular arms. “Two inches and fifty pounds of muscle tends to do that. “Well I’m so glad that my homosexuality doesn’t offend you. Kenneth couldn’t help but chuckle. After hearing him laugh to himself finding a bit of amusement in their conversation. “Ohh what’s this I see?” Melissa announced aloud to herself.” He said turning down Sixty Fifth Street.” Kay Kay continued with a bemused expression. “You’ve changed a lot since last year. “I’m bi honey.” Melissa shouted out from the back. she started again. I was so worried about losing your respect Kenny. “Too bad you get more of it then me. “And I don’t know where anything is this way.” “Started a little late didn’t we?” The tall girl replied. “And I don’t trust or control anything that takes dick. using the name ‘Kenny’ in reference to him because she knew he hated it.” She let out with a taste of venom.

as he reached down with his mind he came to almost touch it. looking bewildered between the bag and the road. trying to use his powers to feel out any life other than them. It was some yards ahead and beneath the ground.Elemental Heart between her friends. but something was different. It’s 158 . “Well we’re heading further up to an old beach spot. What he found was a gopher burrowing into a hole. With a nasty frown he tried to keep his eyes on the road as he cursed to himself in hushed tones. He closed his eyes and concentrated. It was then that he felt another source of life. Letting the essence of life beneath him flow through his fingers. “In a black book bag. and jogged high atop a dirt mound just next to a large abandoned warehouse in hopes it was Rebecca. “You find anything man?” Mikey asked as he got closer. He had felt a pulse of life moments ago. squatting down putting a single hand upon the earth. “Where did you find that?!” The large teen asked with a boom in his voice. nothing. “Fuck-ing Robert!” Robert walked alone far ahead of the rest of the group. So the healer stepped over to where he had felt the life force. At first he dismissed this as another gopher. “No. before a voice coming closer stopped him mid scan. “Black and dark green or all black?” “All black.” Melissa replied as the bag disappeared from his view. It felt like multiple echoes beneath the earth by at least thirty feet. Robert sighed looking out from the higher point with his Elemental eyes.” Kenneth turned his head back to the road gripping the wheel so tight it made a squeaking sound beneath him palms.” Robert lied momentarily startled and rising to his feet a little disoriented from having to quickly reel in his mind’s eye so quickly.

he followed the pack along the top of a high cliff overlooking the water. Then the Akashan dismissed it as most likely some form of subterranean life. making their way down a slope to the water’s edge some fifty feet down. his glowing dark blue electric eyes looking them over before turning to make his leave. Dirichter Vear was five feet eight inches tall with thick long black hair that hung about his shoulders like a great mane. One by one they passed through a slit in an old chain link fence. a small nose and a thin jaw around it.Elemental Heart not used anymore after the cops found out about the place and starting raiding it. hard to see from beneath his decorated Valkira robes. His face was Valkira white with a few small scars here and there but otherwise untouched. Less than thirty feet below the pack of searchers above was a cavern of sorts. The short barbed cages were not tall enough for a grown person to stand. The ground was filthy with loose dirt and the stink of dried sweat from the prisoners kept tight within several cages about the walls. The smell of feces and other human filth filled the place. There he stood amongst an array of old tables covered in maps and open scrolls. He wore a go tee that was thick and full of hair. others with pots and assorted cleavers stained with crusted blood.” Robert stated giving the spot another moment of thought. They huddled in separate cages backing all the way up to the wall in the face of their captor. and kneeling within two of them was Rebecca and Carol in tattered clothes and faces covered in tear streaked dirt. but it’s worth a try right?” “Yes Michael. And with that. Every place we can think of is worth a try. The thick and flowing dark garments swooshed behind his black boots as the Warlord proceeded through a thin passageway that led into a larger chamber than the last. He had a fair amount of muscle with a few extra pounds of fat. The walls made of heat blasted sand and packed rocky earth. At the ceiling was a blue fluorescent 159 .

He has a powerful grasp of both weapons and the elemental fire. Valtor T’Zan’s young salamander is doing particularly well. At the other end of the cavern was a computer terminal of sorts. As of now he assists in the training T’Zan’s younger students. working on something displayed on one of the monitors and muttering incoherently to himself. Sitting at this terminal was his uncle Anton Torel.” The Ancient replied. Dirichter walked up to stand a few feet away from his uncle announcing his presence.” “I more than understand this Nephew. too unstable.” “I am not a servant of monkeys. He shall make a formidable Valkira one day. he may have mistaken him for Yanpre. Their stink fills place.” Anton stated. with several holographic screens and raised controls all in the Valkira language. “I spoke with your father 160 . If Anton had not known who he was. The Valkira lord turned his swivel chair completely around to face his proud second in command.” Anton Torel greeted in the old fashion. “But necessary for the coming war uncle. “Yet Father would not want feral animals brought to the temple uncle.” “They will be cleaned and cured well before they are beaten and raped. “How goes the training of our Surface Lords?” “From what I gathered.” Anton spat. Yanpre would have opened the conversation with his usual insulting demeanor.” After a few moments the younger Valkira began anew. He also shows great promise of leadership. hooded and cloaked showing only his pale face and electric irises. “Hail and well met nephew. “I don’t trust salamanders. “Greetings uncle. But then again.Elemental Heart light source in the shape of a Valkira glyph that shinned dimly over everything.” Dirichter assured. The Ancient looked much like he had less than a century before.” The Warlord opened in a strong voice not unlike his father's. “I see our guests need tending to.

his mind leaving the present remembering the centuries past. but is not Vulrintutakon the one true God?” Dirichter asked with true questioning upon his pale face. too new to the world to understand that so many battle hardened murders and blood soaked priests.” “How goes their progress nephew?” The Ancient spoke turning back around to continue on his work. But come along with acceptable speed.” “Ha…” The Ancient spat again. He wishes to increase our numbers before the whole of the world is wiped out.” Anton Torel stopped typing for a moment’s pause. Their attitude is a perfect fit for the Valkira class. is like a never ending cycle.Elemental Heart today. “We are forced to recruiting human born Elementals with no knowledge of anything. my brother wills us to hasten our collection and spirit them to Vorexia. and the deafening horrors of children and men lying cold in pools of rancid fluids.” 161 . “I shall have my associates double their efforts then. bearing gold and silver have had that mantra over the thousands of years I have lived upon this world. None of which has ever once produced a God to speak of. No one seems to learn. “Have we learned nothing? Or do our people share the same fates as the monkeys we so proudly claim dominance over? Time my nephew. “Not that I am aware of. God is found at the edge of a blade.” Anton stated not caring if his opinion was valid. but repeat the mistakes of their forefathers. What depths have we sunk to in order to fill our ranks for a faceless God?” “Pardon me uncle. “They are more human than Elemental uncle. “My young nephew. His pale hands shifting holograms hanging in mid-air before him.” “They run low on slaves?” Dirichter asked.

” He replied then silently sighing.” “They may pay you more for it. “You can’t very well be brought to a Valkira slave post wearing the robes of a priestess. You’re supposed to be passed off as a surface born if you remember. 162 . This woman was in his heart as well as his thoughts. he quickly looked up trying to save his honor. “It is the will of my High Priestess. he did not want to leer but he found this very hard.” She looked over her shoulder at him before putting on her shirt. but he had already been seen. As she finished getting dressed the woman turned raising her arms out to the sides then letting them drop to each of her thighs with a smack. and more so over the last day. “And my duty. Taking in the shapely nude figure before she dressed. “How do I look?” She asked dawning her new attire. you remember that word… duty?” “It has been drilled into my mind many times over the centuries.Elemental Heart Chapter Sixteen “Put these on. a white peasant blouse.” Lightmare stated coming to sit at a tiny table. “You are sure I cannot talk you out of this?” He asked again as he had already a few times before in the last day.” He answered with a slight smile. The room they were in was small surrounded in finely crafted stone walls. “Like a renaissance woman of the nineteen nineties. and therefore my Goddess. a pair of white socks.” Elainia replied disrobing before the Elemental male. and a pair of shoes on a bed in Elaina’s personal chambers. “And arouse too much suspicion. A dim light from two candles illuminated the place from a dresser across the room. Catching him in that moment looking at her.” Lightmare Voon tossed a pair of blue jeans. He ran his eyes over her as her back was turned.

“It is not. From there we will travel the rest of the way to the surface camp.” “So it’s a young girl no less.” Elainia replied with a hint of jealousy. yet dark with lack of life. “I took on a nymph by the name of Raina. “Yes. At each side of the traveling pair were large stone carved buildings that bared little sign of inhabitants. raised at Tempra Nor where the policies there have been slowly changing as of late. That time had passed long ago.” Elainia toyed. She asked to be my apprentice. the 163 . Pretty I’m sure. “No. Its many beautiful stone structures breathed lightly. on both counts.” He spoke matter of factly.” “Not my business. “When we get to the New World we will meet up with two students of mine. The once busy stone streets held a thin layer of dust and dirt about them from lack of use. Some of the open portals high up emitted light. The isolationism of the place kept her in the dark about world affairs and such. She knew as well as most. casting dancing shadows across opposite sides of the higher levels.Elemental Heart “Smart ass. and in some small part of her mind she blamed herself. Elainia loved the surface and all its beauty and scents. As the two chatted they left foot prints in their wake. “You travel with students now? I thought Tempra Nor didn’t allow their young to travel about until properly conditioned. and no I’m not sleeping with her. She’s a good girl. “We have to travel half way across the northern hemisphere.” He instructed. and I accepted.” She stated.” The two continued through the empty streets of Elvin Galorn. that they were not meant to be a subterranean species. Elainia remembered a time when this was a bustling city where one could not hardly walk unhindered throughout the streets.” Lightmare informed rising from his seat and beginning to follow his former lover.” She played walking for the door. As they passed into a cave leading up to the surface.

but they of course said there was no evidence to support Valkira involvement. turning to face him. it seems you never escape the throws of puberty. Lightmare stopped dead in his tracks. How hard life must be for you Lightmare. in no way trying to hide her jealousy. “Then as Raina and I were traveling through the American state of Georgia.” Elainia sighed. Unfortunately. “All though a couple of them were strapping. “I never said they were well endowed. you have two. The light from their 164 . and she’s been a good friend and ally ever since. “Men. One that calls you master and a young Georgia peach. It has been. Soon they would come upon the first rip. “My hot step daughters. We tried to take the case before Southern Core.” He lied. So I ended up letting her tag along as a student of sorts.” He retorted. Not unlike being trapped on a tropical setting with six well-endowed young men to heed your beck and call. but also my charges and therefore my sons. that town had been attacked by Valkira and all but a few of them were wiped out. Raina and Michele are like my daughters.” Elainia let herself laugh a little. Elainia’s an off blue white and his light colored orange that bathed the tight cave with enough illumination to see where they were going. “Are you going to give me shit the whole time were together? Forgive me if I seem to remember a woman of great love and friendship I once knew. Elainia stopped and looked him dead in his eyes.” The Priestess said turning about and starting again to the surface.Elemental Heart two of them began to emit a faint light.” “So instead of one young girl traveling with you. She was a gnome from a surface clan that had integrated into human society over a century ago. “Yes Elainia my dear. to have such burdens to deal with.” He said with a grin.” Elainia was laying the sarcasm on very thick. we came across a young woman by the name of Michele Rhodes.” “Well. and travel along the magnetic lines of the world through a portal that could be summoned there.

“Maybe not the whole way. “I understand you’re scared. his eyes wishing to find hers though they still looked off to the side.” Elainia said turning her head from his close proximity. reaching out with wanting fingers that ran through the locks of his hair. I instantly took this assignment. reaching round with his lips to find hers. “You think your ages old sweet talk can still work on me?” She replied pursing her lips. she found herself unable to break free. thought of us and how badly I miss you. “To further torcher me no doubt. “No. Elainia withdrew quickly tearing herself from Lightmare’s embrace. though her heart begged to feel his embrace. When I heard the order come down from my elders. the distance between them marked barriers of color.” He started moving closer to the woman.” He said taking the woman by her elbows. Once the shock of his movement had passed through the woman. “I love you. 165 . Not a day has passed since we have been apart that I have not thought of you. her ego again taking hold of her actions coming to slap his across his face. The woman tried hard to hold such distain for him. “El. Then as if tasting poison. She heaved with confused breaths. “I don’t…” Was all she could get out before he pulled her into him. The light of their auras danced within and around them both before coming together as if forming into one singular cone of light. their tongues searching one another. Deeply the two kissed for several moments. She brought her arms up over his broad shoulders. and heard your name. “I also understand that it’s hard for you to see me after all this time.” He continued coming to stand within a breath of Elainia.Elemental Heart auras slightly touching.” He proclaimed.” Elainia scoffed rolling her eyes and placing her arms about her chest.” She curtly replied.

Joseph reluctantly allowed a few of their friends and their friends of friends back to the beach house to relax and talk strategy. he’d rather have them at his house than out on the streets at night. always the entertainers. while Joseph got a shower and a change of clothes. “Yeah. he started setting it up in the yard next to the back steps. 166 . He managed not to curse. Jeffrey and Mikey. The way things seemed to be in Seaside as of late. carrying two large brown paper bags filled with assorted meats. the search had been called off for the day. He shook his head.” All day the boys had searched Seaside for signs of their missing friend. There were at least fourteen locals hanging out either in the back yard or having a beer in the living room.” Lightmare managed as he tried to rub the pain from his red cheek. Not even a hint of the girl could be found anywhere. After Johnny unpacked the charcoal heated grill from out of the garage. and all day filled with no leads of any kind. he came down the stairs having to step over a few girls lying across the living room floor with controllers in hand.Elemental Heart “You no longer have my permission to do that. Robert stumbling in almost tripping on the carpet. but shook his head in frustration at almost falling. as soon Robert and Mathew had gone to the grocery store to fetch food and beer. then having to navigate around the living room full of young people. created a special corner for recreational use by the unlit fire pit. but really didn’t care. This pretense did not stand for long. When Joseph had finished his shower. playing with one of Mathew’s many game systems now unpacked and ready for mindless use. When the sun started to hang low in the sky. “I forgot she was Irish. As he made it to the other side of the living room the front door opened. so do not try again!” She spat giving him a long heated stare before turning and starting off again down the cavern.

“Being lazy again eh?” Robert joked knowing full well Joseph was one of the hardest workers in the house. “Aw don’t worry daddy. “Well if no one was here I’d just…” Johnny motioned his hand as if firing a gun at the coals.” Robert smiled removing two large bags of chips and setting them on the table. Johnny shot Jeffrey a cold warning stare. “A lizard?” Samantha asked coming up beside the two.Elemental Heart “Need help?” One of the boys in the room asked. “Johnny get the grill out?” Robert asked heading to the kitchen. I’m… the big lizard.” The Air Elemental informed as he sat down the bag and started to remove its contents upon the kitchen table. “A what?” Jeffrey faked a stunned expression. Joseph took one of his bags from his arms and followed him in. “Not trying to care that there’s a million people in here. Though I’d rather have these kids here than out there getting into trouble. “I don’t know I’ve been upstairs. “I don’t want any freakin excuses dude. “A Salamander. “Can’t you even light a grill?” Jeffrey antagonized knowing full well that his brother was more than capable of starting a fire. 167 .” He openly replied as two people he did not know in the least passed in the tight kitchen quarters behind him on their way out to the back yard. Light this bitch! You’re a salamander for god’s sake!” Jeffrey almost shouted. Robert took him up on the offer and told him the car was just outside. “Naw baby I’m the lizard. or having it find them. like the lizard?” Samantha replied looking at Jeffrey as if he were a moron.” Jeffrey laughed walking away and yelling something. consider this a house warming party. beer in hand. the beer in his system making him a little more of a funny hard ass than usual.

Angrily he shot forth a short burst of flames from his fingertips at the coals. “What?!’ The boy shouted back.” Johnny stated becoming a little agitated at the unlit coals. “What?” Samantha yelled back confused before turning about again.” “Oh I like to wrestle. and then looked at Johnny. “Yer a pussy!” Jeff declared strutting over to the boy. but with the girls more so. A moment later he heard a familiar voice from above him within the enclosed porch.” With that Samantha walked over to her girls starting to talk with them. a little forward aren’t ya?” Johnny asked moving around some coals.Elemental Heart “Mikey!” He shouted. “By the way it’s an amphibian. “The Irish in me. “You sure are good at making assumptions huh Johnny boy?” Samantha answered his question with one of her own. “But only with the right boy. “Is he normally such a dickhead?” Samantha asked Johnny watching Jeffrey horseplay with his friend.” Samantha laughed.” She winked. Jeffrey returned the insult with a high pitched laugh. I think. The 168 . “Up yours Jeff!” Johnny shouted over his shoulder baring teeth. “Why do you always answer a question with a question?” Johnny asked with a smile while flipping some more coals around. The sound infuriated Johnny’s eyes lighting them up a hot amber red. “Don’t leave him honey he’s still a virgin!” Jeffrey yelled in their direction over the sound of fresh wood hitting the fire pit. but he’s really just playing around… I think. “Only when he’s drinking. Word of advice Mathew can get the same way. The black nuggets instantly came to life with an immolating plume in the grill that was much more exaggerated than it needed to be. “Your ahh….

“Now who’s the hypocrite?” Johnny looked back through the screen at his brother.” The Akashan stated letting himself lean on the wooden frame that supported the enclosed porch. but he had kept those events close to the vest. “Did she hurt you badly Robby?” The Salamander asked not looking directly up at him. and jaded me for the trouble. “She was my first love. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s lies. “She is a pretty one. 169 .” Johnny placed the grill top over the flames and went for a box of tinfoil that sat upon a dirty plastic table a few feet to his right. figuring that if he wanted to talk about her he would in his own time. He had remembered Robert being in a relationship once. “Some of us have had to endure lesser creatures. Johnny had never bothered to ask him about it.” “I know.” Johnny looked up at his brother for a second before fitting the metal grate with a sheet of tin. “I think you may need that push.Elemental Heart Fire Elemental looked up to see Robert's face looking down at him through the porch screen. a question was begged for. forward as all hell though. “Yeah she seems very cool.” Robert asked before taking a sip of beer. “Want me to put Jeffrey to sleep? I can make it look like an accident. finishing it with a short belch. Both he and Johnny glanced over at the water elemental trading loud mouthed insults with his friends.” Johnny replied cooling his eyes.” The older boy said before drinking the last of his beer. It had been almost a year since that relationship had ended. sorry. I don’t think you should be doing all do that.” Robert replied moving around the question. Robert just flashed a smile and continued to drink from his brown bottle. it’s the only part of us that does not regenerate. But being that this was almost referenced. and she is very much into you. “Funny thing about the heart my lad. “We got visitors. and at least you know she will be up front with you.

As for you.” Johnny replied. It had gotten to the point that beer money had been again 170 . Not an hour later the entire yard was filled with smoke and the smells of grilled food. appeasing the boys around the fire pit. curses. Johnny would see if perhaps he could be the same for him. “I was talking about love. There will be another. “As in I’d love to have another bottle. “I wasn’t talking about a shag ole boy. Johnny nodded to himself at the thought making a mental note. He loved all his brothers for different reasons. Johnny enjoyed her momentary visits. Robert for always being available with a welcome ear to lend. Never once doubting that she was just being ego stroked by it all. for when she came back to him all that sexual vitality was emptied out with comments and playful looks.” “I’m not planning on having sex Rob. I think this Samantha will be a nice first. also enjoying the way she absorbed the attention from others. Johnny watched as he left. She never even mentioned the ’virgin’ issue. and then made his leave into the kitchen door behind him. but he could not remember a time when Robert had ever opened up about his own difficulties. beer. The sounds that accompanied it were intermittent roars of laughter. or heed his advice when he gave it.” Robert looked down at his brother meeting his amber hazel eyes. and some talk of getting a girl to show her breasts. She was an obvious flirt which turned Johnny on in a way he had never felt before. Johnny still tended the grill. and weed.Elemental Heart But I try not to dwell upon such things. Of which the girl did.” It had been observed long ago that when Robert had drink it was followed by a thickening of his native accent. Everyone always seemed to talk to Robert when they had a problem. getting visits from every hungry person at the party and a few from a continually inebriated Samantha.” He continued with a smile. instead giving the boy healthy amounts of flirtation and sexually fueled attention.

She almost stumbled. but used him to hold herself up. but all in all it was simply their way of having fun by having things to bitch about. The neighbors in the adjoining yard were apparently having a party of their own. At one point the two yards had begun trading beers. for his convenience. As it got late a slightly drunk Samantha came close to Johnny wrapping her arms around his. Jeffrey could be heard from the kitchen informing his brother that the condoms were in the second story bathroom. he whispered something into her ear. The comments were always followed by a jovial expression and a laugh. and the second trip to the liquor store had commenced. and even a visit from one of their neighbors was met with an invitation to have some barbecue. As Mathew went in. As she rose to her feet she looked down at the almost empty grill. Johnny knew that nod very well and smiled in kind. As he got closer to her. “Are you gonna be ok to go home?” He asked. He then turned to Johnny and gave him a nod. After that he led her to the back door. The two grumbled every now and again about the antics of the crowd. They were obviously flirting from the way they were grinning and looking deep into each other’s eyes.” She said with an inebriated laugh. The boy held one arm above her at the wall.Elemental Heart raised. bantering back and forth about everything from politics to sports.’ At one point Johnny had spotted Mathew talking with a girl who was standing flat against the side of the house. “All your meats gone baby. already on their sixth beer of the night. But when a shout from the neighboring yard had asked for a ’Zima’. opening it and letting the pretty young female inside. enclosing upon her as they talked. Even Joseph and Kenneth managed to start having a good time. Jeffrey promptly stated that ’Zima’s were for pussies. Music from a radio outside blasted into the open air. and she laughed giving a sexy smile. half lit his 171 . and even shouts between the yards had begun all in good sport.

” Kay Kay replied as serious as the lit girl could be.” Johnny stated watching the girl struggle to keep her balance.Elemental Heart damn self. “I think so.” He opinionated opening another beer. I just met you. Johnny. “Really… you don’t!” He watched as Samantha called out Kay Kay’s name lovingly. “There you go again. “Oh shit Sam.” She explained correcting him bearing a crooked grin that looked ever so sexy to Johnny. “Can you say I’m sleeping over your house tonight?” Samantha asked. “You’re high. her boo boo face perfectly applied as she batted her eyelashes over stark blue eyes. She looked over her friend with lusty eyes and wiggling upon her just a bit for good measure. “I think maybe you should just stay here.” “You don’t make any sense!” Johnny called out as she walked away.” Samantha replied appearing to regain some of her composure. “I am not. holding the girl to his left side while feeling the warmth of her spirit. Her legs both perched over to one side.” She said almost falling over with laughter. “Making assumptions. “I’m drunk and high. “I didn’t say I wanted you to sleep with me.” Johnny reiterated with a half-smile.” Samantha said breaking away from his embrace and starting off toward Kay Kay. “And I’ll get shit if your Nana calls my house. with her arms around Kay Kay’s neck from the other side.” The girl lied standing tall and trying to be serious. Samantha begged and pleaded for several minutes with ‘pleases’ and ‘you love me’s’. coming to sit on the girls lap. holding herself to the gay young woman and sometimes giving small kisses on her neck while 172 . what do you want?” The tall girl asked in mock disgust. “Why Mr.

He didn’t even notice due to the constant numb all over his intoxicated body. 173 . and was rewarded by a single long kiss on her lips. “You little bitch this really isn’t fair. Jeffrey sat opposite him on the other side of the flames. You’re not even really gay!” Kay Kay protested over and over until she did eventually give in. “Box-tease. and was well on his was to catching up thanks to his friend Johnny Walker. Everyone was quite as they listened to music. At some point she had lost her shirt in a game of cards. wrapped in a blanket in haphazard toga fashion. She had sobered up enough to drink more beer. Kay Kay watched her leave shaking her head. who had eventually made it to the gathering. and wore a red headband she had gotten from another boy at the party. Almost everyone took a groggy notice. Johnny sat in one of them with his back facing the house. after which the girl went right back to Johnny.Elemental Heart pressing her body into hers. during the same card game with Samantha. which had been turned down to a softer volume long ago. Next to them was Carl. One teen boy just fell backwards passing out completely. his date for that night long since left. and a pat on the side of her sitting ass. Jeffrey held a red plastic cup that started to slip from his hand bit by bit. He is mouth hung half open. Somewhere around two in the morning only seven people were out back by the fire slumping in fold out chairs. The Water Elemental had lost some of his clothing earlier in the night.” Was all the lesbian could manage to get out. he looked about the treetops and stars as if either lost in a contemplative dream. Mathew sat alone slumped and chilled at the right of the fire. Johnny didn’t mind this at all. or hammered out of his mind. everyone then looking at him. Samantha sitting on the ground between his legs facing the fire. The cup in his hand fell to the ground spilling its contents.

It hit with a stinging force right at the boys temple. The boy brought up his fingers and smelled them and without a second or first thought began to try and suck off any beer they may have picked up. Jeffrey bobbled his head to look all about him. He eyed Mathew. sizing the distance up. and flicked the little metal projectile right at Mathews head. “You know you got a perty mouth boy?” Jeffrey taunted. Through glassy eyes the Water Elemental drunkenly glared at his brother with a challenging stare. He fingered in the grass trying to mop up some of the liquid now settling in the earth. When Jeffrey noticed that everyone was looking at him. making sure to take proper aim. he removed his digits from his mouth and looked over at Mathew sitting across the fire. audible enough for people close by to understand. “What the hell!” Mathew shouted after the cap hit home. “Look at this… pretty mutha fucka…” Jeffrey’s words catching everyone’s attention. 174 . Jeffrey looked back down at the cup. repeating his mumble. It only took him about three or four tries to retrieve a discarded beer cap and situate it over his shoulder between his thumb and middle finger.Elemental Heart Jeffrey shook his head looking down at his cup befuddled. his orbs locked. then shuffled to his left and sent his fingers to the grass once more. moving to look Jeffrey right in his plastered face. He scrunched his eyes a few times as Samantha and Johnny watched. The sound of it causing even Mikey to stop smoking his refer and look over at his friend confused. Jeffrey just stared back. He stared hard for a few seconds mumbling something incoherently. He wanted to manage the F word but the sounds fumbled inside his mouth. seemingly emotionless with his lower lip hanging down as if unable to reach its twin. “Up yours Jeff. Then in soft tones. both too drunk to even force a smile.” Mathew replied half out of it and slurring his words slightly.

When it popped off. “Matt n Jeff. you ain’t got it. Johnny turned round catching the outline of his face thought the screen.” Samantha wanted to offer to get him another drink. Leave me alone. Mikey looked from brother to brother. but forgot the idea a second after thinking it. letting loose a hiccup from the mental strain. “No. Samantha stood 175 . Carl had no idea what to do. He had been around these boys for enough years to know what was to come next.” Jeffrey taunted.Elemental Heart “You want da tittle? Huh? You want it don cha. “Jeff you’re just pissed off because you dropped your cup.” Mathew said to himself tossing his head back before launching forward over the fire tackling Jeffrey over in his chair. “Man I got the title. As the fight started everyone hastily got up and pulled away from the fire giving the two space to fight.” Mathew replied trying to ignore the stupidity of it. As the fight ensued. at one point having to jump slightly over the two as they rolled on the grass punching one another.” Jeffrey called it as he saw it. “You’re a pussy. and just watched the scene unfold confused. I got the title. “This mother fucker. The two started wrestling around with no regard for anyone around them. except Mikey. “What’s going on out there?!” Robert exclaimed trying to keep a hushed tone.” Jeffrey replied looking hard at his brother. and took another hit as he waited for the next eventual episode. he would be ready to avoid it. Who slowly rose and collected his things. while jabbing his thumb into his own chest.” Was all Johnny had to say. Samantha looked back and forth confused her half open eyes completely bloodshot. Robert’s voice called from the porch. and you’re too lazy and drunk to get another one.

“Did not realize who you were fuckin with. and preceded back into the house complaining about them as he walked away.” He ordered in to Kenneth. When they remembered that this was useless from many previous experiences in this situation.Elemental Heart next to him with a slight look of shock as she watched the two roll on the ground trying to get the other in a hold of some sort. Johnny looked on with a pain mimicking shrug and gritted his teeth.” The large boy grumbled to himself slamming the screen door behind him. But I think Jeff just got his head busted. Carl’s voice from another part of the yard stating ’that’s gotta hurt. The large boy had his shirt off showing great muscled chest and arms. With what seemed like little effort he heaved them up at his sides. Both boys tried to struggle for a few seconds. Kenneth dropped them both to the ground. “Get out there and break them up. “Good. reaching down to the two and pulling them both up by the back of their necks. like wood compressed chip board being stomped on. “Who’s winning?” Kenneth’s voice called out from the kitchen. while several of the others made an ’ooo’ sound. Shaking his head he walked out to the fray.” Robert disagreed.” Kenneth asked bluntly.” Robert said as the large boy went 176 .’ just after the group reaction. both agreed to be ’done’.” “No not good.” Johnny replied to Kenneth a few moments after the blunt strike. “Uh… I don’t know. “Aw shit. “Thank you Kenneth. opening the screen door to step outside. Just then a loud crack came out from the yard.” Kenneth’s voice called out. “Feisty son-of-abitch. “You done? Or you want me to finish it. off of their feet and away from each other. “They fightin again?” Robert asked shaking his head. turned. With that.” The behemoth grunted coming out of the kitchen.

He could not have asked for a better end.” Mathew continued stumbling away. As the girl rested her head onto his shoulder. As the red orbs watched the drunken group stumble into the house. “I need a beer!” Looking down from a tree behind the fence peered a pair of glowing red eyes. You have. “I mean it. the form of this person being construed by the thick foliage and the darkness of night. Jeffrey just laughed again. “Yeah…. Jeffrey just lay on his back and laughed stupidly to himself.Elemental Heart back into the home. Honestly. it jumped down out of the tree into a yard behind the tall fence. 177 . its eyes came to rest upon a topless Samantha clinging to Johnny’s arm.” Mathew said breathing heavy as he got to his feet. “Get your own drink man.. The red eyes frowned with disapproval. With an agitated snarl. she gave Johnny an embrace as he opened the door for her. his inebriated vigor restored. you're lucky Ken saved me from beating your ass. a nasty red mark across the left side of his face. “Yeah yeah…” Kenneth let out behind him before disappearing into the kitchen.” Jeffrey retorted looking over at his brother. he didn’t care what end that even was.” Mathew confirmed walking away from the scene. “I think I’ve had enough.

Her face in camouflage. especially within the fold of nights embrace. as was the tight bodysuit the Elemental wore. This would not grant her the ability to take hearts. Michelle was sure that at least one of the masters was an 178 . With the suns light now climbing. But as the morning sun crept higher in the east. her elemental vision focused in on each black tent she spied. she had decided this would be as good a time as any. The only thing the young Elemental had to do was get unannounced into the master’s tents and slays them as they slept. counting the minutes before dawn. the Earth Elemental began to lose patience. When she was confident that no one had heard her. She remained stealthy and silent as the angel of death itself. it appeared that the Valkira masters had settled in away from the accursed rays. The woman’s earth brown curly hair was tied back tight and secure. Her brown eyes brought to thin slits.Elemental Heart Chapter Seventeen Michelle Rhoads had waited all night in the brush just outside a Valkira surface camp. she rose slowly to a crouched position. When she saw two of the younger members take off into flight away from the camp. She left nothing to chance should even a single one of them pass her by. Two Surface Lords and four trainees seemed to be the proper number. She remained lying beneath the lowest hanging branches of a large bush. Slowly the Elemental slid back from beneath the bush crawling on all fours. but a dead Valkira was better to her than those rewards. She had spent all night counting the Valkira Surface Lords and their trainees. They had left their apprentices to take care of the day’s chores and act as sentries for their masters. She was careful not to make any noise. She dared not attack a larger force outright. silently cursing her large breasts for any rustling they caused against the dry leaves beneath them.

It wasn’t but a moment later that she noticed a young boy around the age of fourteen walking in her direction. he was training to be so. After a few moments the woman darted to the back of the tent. bringing him down to the dirt with her. As she drew the boy upon her. She was confident no one had seen her. she shifted slightly to match its likeness. Therefore in the end it did not really matter. She could wait. she had waited all night. He was a Valkira.Elemental Heart elemental of dark wind. Michelle moved her bark colored head to peer around the side of the trunk. As she glanced about the area now only twenty or so yards away. She hoped she could reach him first. from the use of flight she had seen moments before. a murderer. down a small decline to the trunk of another tree. all but the soft yellow hue of her eyes would give her away. So when she rose up almost fully to see over the foliage before her. Upon resting her back behind the wide trunk. her image shifted to appear the same color as its brown bark. stealth was key. she 179 . she spotted the back of one of the three tents. Again. Dark wind Elementals were hard to slay. the woman darted with incredible speed blurring left to the first large tree. Michelle whipped her head back around the corner having no time to curse herself for the rotten luck of sealing this young boy’s fate. With another mighty sprint she blurred even further to the left. The boy shifted violently and tried to yell or break free but to no avail. and if not. She did not have time to question her actions. In any case. Michelle drew him with uncanny speed behind the nearest row of bushes. She waited to make sure no one would walk around the back of it. When the young man came to be just a hair passed the tents edge. Michelle grabbed the apprentice by the front of his neck with her right hand and covered his mouth with the left pressing his back into her chest. depending on their natural skill. When she came to stop her image shifted back to a dark camouflage as she crept around to its soft corner.

The Valkira was so young and untrained it took but a moment to draw his life force. some place on the other side of the camp. causing only a short flash that held nothing to the sunlight passing through the tree tops. the woman again raced silently to the back of the nearest tent. The quick flash of light and ethereal energy passed in just a second. she slowly cut a slit into the fabric next to her hoping not to bring alarm to the occupant within. Michelle knelt down. and then she started a slow tip toe over to the cot. She wondered if this had been one of the men to kill her 180 . He was tall and broad. she slipped inside and took inventory of her surroundings. There were no large desks or tables. This time she put her hand to the soil. Michelle’s eyes glowed but for a few moments as she dumped the body off to her right side. When the new entry had been made. feeling out with her mind for any slight tremors in the area.Elemental Heart released his neck and withdrew a dagger from her boot. The woman drew closer to the head of his cot. All she could do was shake her head at the unfortunate situation and continue her hunt. As she drew closer she could see the rhythmic breathing of a Valkira Warlord. stabbing down upon his heart with a mighty force. When she could just barely see what was about her the woman put her dagger between her teeth and sought out the bedroll. The Elemental looked down to make sure nothing was near her feet. His young features and unfilled frame held no respect for his dead gray smoking eyes. and it took a few moments of held breath to let her eyes adjust to the lack of light. her head only inches from his. bearing the usual dark clothing and light ivory skin of his race. The place was pitch. Again she looked over the dead boy. She felt only the footfalls of the other acolyte. The Earth Elemental again rose to her feet just high enough to see over the bushes in front of her. When she was satisfied that she had been undetected. stepping lightly and with care not to make a sound. Drawing her dagger again. just a cot ten feet away and a folding chair beside it.

Elemental Heart sisters only a year ago in Georgia. Again she let her eyes adjust to the light. violently shaken out of his slumber at the pain. and cursed herself silently for the forgetting of it. and with it. The young man could not have been more than sixteen. His body jerking with convulsions as blood sprayed out from his pressed lips. his youthful features showing his near innocence to the practice of murder. With eyes of silent fury she thrust the weapon through the man’s soft pallet shoving the weapon deep into his brain. The woman looked ahead at the thin slice of light creasing into the darkness of the room. But now her reserve was made of cast iron and her heart a void only filled with the blood of the dead. If she had to. With no regard for the dead. Her mind racing to remember which of them she had noticed the other masters enter a few hours before. All Valkira deserved to die. Michelle would have very well hesitated in this action before the loss of her family. Her brown eyes sought out the other two tents in the small camp. But she had forgotten which of them her target called home this day. She would have to trust her luck on this one. But it mattered not. Slowly the Elemental took the dagger from her mouth with her right hand and brought it about to point the tip at the bottom of his jaw. another dead enemy of Michelle Rhoads. wiping the blade upon his dark form. she would do it one at a time. She did not care. The Valkira’s eyes shot open. fixing in on a young apprentice fiddling with a short sword. Michelle pulled the dagger free from the slain Valkira’s jaw. she tip toed to the flap and peered just outside. Her heart beat a bit faster with apprehension at the thought of slaying the man. brandishing a sword and his pale cock with intentions to thrust in her living sisters with both? She did not know. Soon he too would join his master’s fate. With that done. Had this pitiful bastard happened upon her former home in a surface raid? Had he come as silent as she. and proceeded out the back of 181 . Soon the movement came to a close.

the woman thought of abandoning her plan. This was not going to be easy anymore. illuminating most of the room. Then one of them broke off from the conversation. she proceeded into the dark space. Michelle looked further to the left the tent. So with delicate hand. There were three cots and a variety of duffel bags. Peering around the makeshift structure she could not see the apprentice from this angle. They would undoubtedly be looking for their missing kin soon and perhaps try to alert their slain master. for he could not see her as well. There was a single folding table. on which was papers were spread out held down by two small rocks. But she had already killed one master and would have hated to waste her time for almost nothing. she cut another slit and listened in for any movement. Michelle shook her head and cursed herself again. and with a lighting fast sprint she was there in a second. Her eyes shot upward fast enough to catch the silhouettes of two young Valkira entering the camp from the west. Before she began her cut. When nothing was heard. Her tall well developed form stepping with care to the soft corner of the tent. which smelled of unwashed clothes. 182 . The next one was about twelve yards away. the Elemental again drew her dagger from sheathed boot. This was good. Coming to a stop. The Earth Elemental shot her head around searching for sight and sound.Elemental Heart the tent. She saw the two young Valkira speaking to the one who was working on his swordplay. Michelle looked out from her vantage point to see if anyone was closing near. and gave her a good view of the contents inside without much visual adjustment. the woman crouched quickly as a plume of dust wafted away through the air. Again she was met by the brilliance of daylight. the woman could hear the suction sound of dark wind Elementals in near flight. The light pouring in from the east shinned through the open portal. For a moment. The flap of this tent was half open. When she noticed nothing of note.

stepping back and thrusting his hands forward. face to face as fate would have it. But he turned his head quickly and prepared to thrust another jolt of air at the Earth Elemental. When no response came to him. as the killer jumped forward through the spray at the Valkira behind him. Leaning in. As his hands came up the woman dodged out of the way. Within a moment she could hear the young man calling his master’s name. Within seconds his heart was drained. Michelle had no time to spare. and splatter marks across his body. darted back into the other tent's ready-made rear entrance. She tried to rush in on him in an attempt to utilize his folly. She went into the dark place and knelt down hoping not to be seen. but the sting of a daggers edge piercing through the center of his chest caused his voice to falter into a bloody gargle.Elemental Heart making his way to the slain master’s tent. creating a mighty gust of air that knocked Michelle back into the tent atop the dying boy. 183 . The Elemental snuck back out the rear and as fast as she could. This one however did not make such an easy kill. the boy could finally see the horror of his masters gaping wound. The jutting of warm blood became her announcement of proclamation. and once more was met with the silence of the dead. Once more he called out his master’s name. She quickly recovered and made her way out of the back. As the flap to the tent opened once again sunlight came breaking through. falling to her left as the blast of wind kicked up dirt and forest debris in her former direction. Michelle wasted no time in slashing her dagger across the youngest boy’s throat. the apprentice entered the tent and made for the bed. The Elemental watched with intent eyes as the young man came closer to the cot. It was then she decided with bright yellow eyes to meet her combatants in the open. circling around to find the young man awaiting her from the front entrance. and his smoking gray eyes followed his body to the floor. Michelle could hear the others rushing to investigate the sound. It was then he turned and tried to call for help.

but felt another blow at her chest causing her to sail across the morning air and further back into the forest hitting a tree. and without a weapon. as the second shot of purple exploded the earth where she had been. leaving the glowing weapon to crash upon the trunk of a tree. but she moved with all haste rolling over and getting away. But as she did. Attempting to dodge again. a fist rocked her jaw sending the woman flying into the tents corner post. the Elemental came at his neck with her weapon. holding an axe made of energy that pulsated with a purple hue. This one was very tall and broad. hoping for a clean kill. and it materialized within his grasp. sporting a gash four to five inches long. In a blur the axe tried to strike her chest. The Valkira called upon another. pulverizing the wood and causing the tree to begin toppling over. Michelle got up dazed. for as it exploded some of its power struck her in the right leg dropping her to the ground. Yet again he tried to throw the axe at his enemy. the 184 . She went for her dagger but it had been lost. The axe disintegrated into pure energy after doing its damage. his eyes filled with a dark yellow hue that stared menacingly at the Elemental. he brought up the weapon shoulder high and threw it with incredible force. As he came at her. With haste she tried to get back to her feet. As she did another projectile came in her direction. she was met with half success. trying to recover her bearings. and again the woman dodged away. He grabbed at his face and wiped franticly at the foreign substance blocking his vision. With that. There before her was the other Valkira master. But as she closed upon his throat. The particles hit home blinding the youth. she scanned about trying to find the force that was assaulting her.Elemental Heart Michelle quickly scooped up a handful of dirt and threw it at the young man's eyes with great speed. the apprentice called fourth another blast of air sending the unaware Elemental further back into the wood. Getting up again. Her thigh dripped blood. Michelle instinctively grabbed at the wound.

Its tip covered in thick blood and small bits of meat. Raina glanced over at Michelle. her Georgian accent passing through creased lips trying to momentarily ignore the pain. The younger Valkira took in one look at his fallen master. Pulling her spear from his lifeless corpse.Elemental Heart woman looked up to scan for her attackers. I thought I left you a note to stay at the motel. as a pointed edge crashed through the canter of his chest. she brought her illuminant blue eyes level to her right. 185 . falling to the side. both circling round a small grouping of trees. “I thought we had discussed this. Raina Tiber let the body collapse.” Michelle replied. Raina watched as he left. With a single mental command the weapon collapsed inward until it was but a few inches long. The woman shook her head and brought her spear up level with her stomach. It was then that Michelle was ready to die. but die with the disdain of pure toxic aggression. but her wounded leg would not support her. The woman’s normally beautiful features in a menacing scowl bearing down at the Valkira apprentice. and then turned round taking flight as fast as he could. leaning more upon her left leg as the master enclosed holding another of his glowing weapons. Putting the small cylinder into a side pocket of her dark jeans. letting her orbs cool as he fled in all haste. She cried at her attackers with a feral and hate filled scream. The Valkira raised his axe for another throw. Again she struggled to rise. waiting for him to make his next move. and she fell right back down. who still looked ready to kill. The Younger Valkira came at her from the left. Michelle gritted her teeth and tried to make it to her feet. before a cascade of life energy passed out of him and to a figure behind.” Raina started in a thick Australian accent. and moving to look at Michelle’s bloody wound. she approached her friend with disapproving look. the Warlord from the right. He looked down upon in it disbelief. “We did.

“I did what needed to be done.” The Earth Elemental toyed fluttering her eyes. Disobey that again. she looked through it for some bandages to mend the wound.” Raina spat as she bade Michelle to lie down. Whether or not we came across a group of Valkira does not mean we hunt them. “Well he isn’t here. and I had I obeyed. and I made a call. or their daughters sold as slaves.” Michelle let go through pursed lips.” Michelle replied trying not to wince at the pain of being mended. you very well couldn’t save anyone now could you?” Raina replied trying not to sound as angry as she was. Swinging a large brown backpack off of her shoulders.” The blond said taking her blue eyes from the wound to Michelle’s face. and I will not come to your rescue. I’m not about to let that happen. you would now be dead. “We are to meet Lightmare in less than a few days’ time. “You piss me off. That is for Master Lightmare to decide. “What?” The Aussie asked. Who knows what families would have been killed by this group. “You’re so cute when you’re acting like a mama bird. “Well if you go off hunting on your own and get killed like you almost just did. “We hunt as a team.” “Raina?” Michelle’s southern voice calmed.Elemental Heart “I knew the moment I read it that you would be out here.” Raina mandated beginning to prepare a bandage for Michelle’s leg. not by ourselves. “You realize that right?” 186 .

But no kiss followed. He sighed with relief that he had not had sex with her. Her form curled up underneath the soft blanket. 187 . talking with the girl for about fifteen minutes. Made him feel good not only about himself but about life. with her angel soft hair disheveled about the pillows. Quickly the boy recanted the night in his head. the sound waking her up with a pleasant expression. As his salamander eyes quickly adjusted to the morning sun. “Time to get up baby girl. Wanting that experience to be a sober one if he could help it. The young woman just let him look into hers. he noticed Samantha sleeping silently beside him. The sound of her breathing and movement of her sleeping body made him feel more at peace then he had ever felt in his life. just a reflective dance of hazel and blue.” She stated blinking slowly and smiling at him. “You have incredible strength for a boy. He was happy that she was as beautiful and cool chick as Samantha seemed to be. Johnny stared at the girl for several minutes. Smiling the beautiful young woman looked lovingly into his amber hazel eyes. but none the less. She was so pretty he thought. She turned over to look at him with a cat like yawn.Elemental Heart Chapter Eighteen The next morning Johnny raised his pounding head shielding his eyes from the sunlight pouring into the room from the window behind his bed. He recalled going to the room. this had been the first time he had ever had a girl sleep in his bed. Johnny leaned over her face and kissed her cheek. both locked in the moment as if about to kiss.” He emitted softly into the tiny precious folds of her ear. Everything about her turned him on. and then falling to sleep. this showed itself with a smile that he could not help having at the sight of her so still and comfortable in his bed.

“Coffee’s on the counter.” As the two came downstairs it was apparent that more than a few people had stayed overnight. and as rare as they were to find.” Joseph’s voice carried over his half of the newspaper. When the smell of Samantha’s fading perfume made it’s was across the table. both with a cup of coffee within arm's reach. “You never once tried to take advantage of me. The girl moved ever closer almost molding herself into his chest. Bodies. Every piece of living room furniture had a person or two on them still fast asleep. “I don’t think you could scare me off baby.Elemental Heart “What do you mean?” He asked returning her pleasant gaze with his own.” He offered with an approving smile. They snuggled as she rubbed her head underneath his and gave a euphoric sigh. “Won’t get far in this crew without liking coffee.” He replied unable to contain his widening grin. Johnny was almost happy to smell morning coffee as it floated thought the air from the kitchen like a siren calling out to him.” She said with a hint of disappointment in her words he thought.” Samantha replied with a curt nod and a smile. “I don’t drink coffee but thank you. and did not care if it had been too soon. Both he and Samantha entered the room spotting Joseph and Robert during their morning ritual. Couples sleeping next to one another on the floor using small pillows from the couches or rolled up shirts and coats behind their heads. some half naked. Johnny was one of the good ones in her opinion. 188 . she wanted to keep this one around. The boys had papers out in front of them. She really did feel attached to this young man already. “Maybe I don’t want to scare you off. were strewn from room to room. Robert lowered his paper looking inquisitive at the two. You’re too sweet to me.

Then silent curses from the living room as someone navigated thought the sea of teen bodies. Both Joseph and Robert lowered a corner of their newspapers. Finally Jeffrey emerged into the kitchen wearing his bathrobe. “Are we still a virgin this morning?” Jeffrey answered with an attitude. His hair was pointing in all directions. who just blankly looked back at the boy. the boy placed the frozen bag of vegetables upon his right eye and slouched back. Footsteps thumped down the stairs loud enough for all to hear at a slow pace. “You look like hammered shit. “You got something to say too?” Jeffrey asked preparing for another go. “Good morning sunshine. are we feeling good and refreshed this morning?” Johnny asked with a wide grin. He went straight to the refrigerator opening the freezer leering half awake at its contents.Elemental Heart “So much for no wild parties at the house eh Joe?” Johnny kidded making himself a cup. Jeffrey found a bag of frozen peas and took it in hand. Jeff tired and beaten and Joseph now amused. As he sat. “No point. still groggy from the night's sleep. Jeffrey turned his head to look at Robert. The Air Elemental raised his paper once again and continued to read.” Joseph stated plainly. They then looked at each other with mock surprise. and did nothing to hide the many bruises accompanied by fat upper lip that were his badges from the shuffle a few hours before. Jeff beheld his brother removing the bag. Closing the freezer the Water Elemental shuffled his feet over to the kitchen table and sank into the nearest chair.” Robert replied raising his paper too and 189 . spying the sore young man respectively. “Are we complaining?” Joseph asked bemused. Samantha could not help but smile so she looked away from Johnny out of respect trying not to laugh. The two shared a look at one another.

Elemental Heart beginning to read again. “What time is it?” Samantha asked looking around for a clock.” The Water Elementals voice came from under the frozen bag of peas. “I’ll walk you.” Robert informed from behind his paper. “You got a job?” He asked. “Man I got work this morning too.” The girl said looking back at Johnny. “Take the Van. “Almost nine thirty. It was a beautiful early summer morning.” Jeffrey complained placing the bag back on his face. “I gotta get home.” The boy offered putting the cup of coffee on the counter top.” Joseph stated nodding before bringing the paper back up.” Jeff replied bringing his head to rest on the table’s surface. “Funzone. A small porch out front large enough to 190 . Johnny and Samantha parked the van right in front of Nana's house. “Can everyone stop talking now please?” Jeffrey asked in more of a juvenile plea than a request.” Joseph’s offered plainly. It was a two story. gotta be there by eleven. Joseph put the paper down flat on the table. which now rested atop his tired head. “Thanks daddy. as even he too seemed happy with the pleasant morning weather. “Proud of you. appearing fairly old but kept up well. Johnny noticed a random dog crossing the street. The mid-morning sun bathed everything in its radiant light. As Johnny came around the front of the van he took his first look at Samantha’s place. reflecting off of the sidewalk with an almost blinding brilliance. complete with the calls from the local sea gulls and passers by wearing shorts and T-shirts.

The room had a light colored carpet. From the rear of the place could be smelled the cooking of some kind of breakfast food. more cabinets and a refrigerator. 191 . There he saw a medium sized kitchen area. and started to the kitchen begging Johnny to follow her.V. that much Johnny could discern. All in all. and proceeded down a short hallway and into the kitchen. The front door had a thick window pane build within its upper half. At the left of the room was a long counter top that had a white microwave and several containers for sugar and other things. on which there were almost no marks of any kind. In front of Johnny was a large glass window bearing a white and flower print drape that was pulled aside letting the sunlight in to lighten the place. The living room was covered in old pictures of friends and family long since passed. was Samantha’s grandmother. The colors of the house were white and a royal blue. The young man had never dated anyone before. and included a wooden porch swing. He put on his best game face. Samantha called out to her Nana telling her she was home. a very nice home the boy thought. so he was a little hesitant about the encounter. The girl threw her light jean jacket over the back of a polyester chair. Various paintings adorned the walls from artists of which Johnny had no knowledge of. to which he accepted bashfully entering inside behind her. Samantha ushered him up to the front door and asked him in. passing rows of old family pictures as he went.. and therefore had never had to meet any potential girlfriend’s parents. with a small wooden table at its center equipped with four chairs.Elemental Heart comfortably hold about eight people. A television stand held an old style T. along with a cabinet lining the wall above. that lined all the trim and the window shutters. At the right of the room were the stove and oven. The couches were made with bright fabrics and bore colored flower print on them. Sitting in the seat opposite Johnny in the room. obviously this grandmother took great care of her things.

” Johnny had no idea what to say or do. he had manors too Nana. knowing full well they had just been caught. Samantha kissed her grandmother on the head. “Not only that. save for the strength of a warm smile she managed from her wrinkled face. “Nana this is Johnny.” The old woman let out causing Johnny’s mouth to drop open slightly in amazement. “Nothing to talk about really.” The old woman knew a lie when she heard one. then proceeded to the stove to see what her Nana had cooked.Elemental Heart The woman was short and appeared frail.” Samantha lied. If given the option.” She said still looking over the boy. “Come sit down honey. that’s why she’s on birth control. “Pleasure to meet you mam. “That’s why you had a boy bring you home. Nana looked up at Johnny’s bewildered face with a smirk. Although he felt this way. “Nice to meet you Johnny.” Samantha introduced more interested at the food than proper introductions at the moment. She looked up at Samantha with old blue eyes as the younger girl came round to give her a stooped hug. Her hair was tied up with grays and whites with a few streaks of silver. Hasn’t even tried to kiss me yet.” Johnny respectfully greeted coming to the table before the crone in respect. just a night with the girls. the Fire Elemental just sat in his best posture and put 192 .” She motioned to the shocked young man. this was the most uncomfortable situation he had ever been in his life. he would at this moment tuck and run. “It’s ok young man. Johnny decided that at this point. He just stood there with his eyes wide and mouth shut. “How was your night dear?” She asked.” Samantha blurted along with a nervous laugh while looking for something in the cabinet. This old woman was nobody’s fool. “He’s better looking than that troll you brought before me the other week.” She replied before turning her head toward Samantha. “Sure it was.

“I assure you we are just friends Miss…” Johnny tried to hint for a last name to hide his current panic. “You don’t have to call me Miss Lee. Then the girl went back to the stove beginning to eat another piece of bacon. completely amused at his apparent discomfort. If he didn’t know any better. Nana told Samantha to get Johnny a plate. “A gentlemen?” Nana said bringing her head back slightly. “And how old are you young man?” She asked. struck a match and began to light the thing.” Johnny was having innocent difficulty with this whole situation. saying that ‘all young men need to eat. “Not at all this is your home Mi… Nana. “You like em older don’t ya honey?” Samantha just gave a cute smile and a quick nod. She placed them next to her grandmother with a smile that she in turn gave to Johnny.”. he could feel his face begin to blush as his stomach churned. a look of mischief upon her lightly freckled face. only people I don’t like have to call me that. Then she removed what looked like an unfiltered cigarette. and then turned to look at Samantha who was now chewing on a piece of bacon.” “Yes mam… I mean Nana. “And he calls me Miss? I like this boy Sam.” “Do you mind if I smoke?” The old woman asked. “Nineteen Miss…” Johnny said clearing his throat unsure of Nana’s last name. “Nineteen?” The old woman made a mock expression of surprise. which he tried to refuse but was overruled by the older woman.” Nana said aloud as she turned back to face Johnny. Just call me Nana. Samantha brought over an ashtray with a small silver container and a pack of stick matches. As a plate was set before Johnny the boy tried to eat some of the bacon and sausage as a waft of smoke came across his 193 .Elemental Heart both his hands folded on the table top.

as the second hand smoke began to offer some respite. smoking her pot and looking into the past with gleeful orbs remembering the past. he decided silently to himself.” As Nana recanted her past. He was a well-respected young man. The young man’s brows furrowed as he tried to chew the first bite. and I was only fourteen. feel the warmth of his heart as he wrapped me in his arms. “He had a good job then. he would have had to laugh at himself. His eyes never left the old woman.” Johnny became more comfortable with every passing moment. You could see the passion in his eyes. Then…” She cut off as if confused. His family owned a horse farm and sometimes we would have the old barn to ourselves. But things were different back in those days. I remember. He continued to eat his breakfast beginning to let himself feel at ease. turning to Samantha with a questioning glance. “What is it you kids say today?” Samantha just shook her head confused still chewing on her meal while standing by the stove. “Don’t worry about the age thing dear. Yes.Elemental Heart nose. He had to stop for a minute and ponder what he smelled. When I was sixteen we would venture out together sometimes. He definitely smelled refer. Remembering the phrase. letting his imagination take in the tale with a smile. As we’d begin to unpack he would take me in his arms. full of manors and youthful pride. Johnny listened intently. Johnny continued to eat slowly as she recanted the tale. the intricacy of the situation now growing more than complex. my husband was a good six years my senior when we met. Beautiful place.. I sometimes wonder if it’s still there. “Then we would ride in the afternoon back to the stables. it was refer. John’s face stopped mid 194 .” As she said this. and that’s what mattered to my father. “Oh yes. Nana turned back to Johnny and continued her tale. If he wasn’t so nervous. Then he’d ride that donkey like there was no tommara.. taking the horses out in the morning and stopping for a picnic by these falls out in the hills.

“And let me tell you honey he was hung like one too. his eyes widening.” The old woman admitted taking another hit. Samantha brought herself right up in front of Johnny. “She must like you. We should invite her to the next party. to Samantha’s roaring amusement at him now. Next thing you’re gonna tell me she was involved in moonshine during prohibition. the moment beginning to lighten in retrospect of it all. “I know I’m right.” “You’re probably right.” The girl tried to communicate between fits of laughter. “He’s easy.” “Well you could have warned me that your Nana was some kind of pre-sixties. A second later the piece of food flew free from his mouth.” Samantha said after her jovial explosions calmed.” She began to laugh again.” With that Johnny began to violently choke on his food. “Really? Cuz I think her and Jeff should get together. “Oh I’m sorry Johnny. “Do you have any idea how completely strange that just was?” Johnny asked exasperated at everything from the first steps into the kitchen. The old woman looked up behind Johnny at her granddaughter with a look of achievement.” Johnny was starting to show a real smile now. I’m so sorry. sex crazed prodigal hippie or something!” Johnny yelled as Samantha laughed uncontrollably following him to the Van. I think they would get along swimmingly. tumbling onto the open table before Nana. still a vibrate smile on her face.Elemental Heart chew. Samantha rushed over and started to pat his back in an attempt to help. Does she understand that expression? Nana continued. The girl stood there for a moment as if 195 . “I’m gonna like this one baby doll. pounding his chest to knock the substance free from his throat.

“And why is that?” “Because you want it. Samantha shook her head and pursed her lips. “Well are you gonna kiss me yet?” Samantha replied looking at him as if he were stupid. a musty smell from the thing crept up into Johnny’s nose. “So… What?” He said back. leaving Johnny in the kitchen with Robert.” Johnny yelled out of the window before starting the van. He looked down at her taking in her pretty features. and Joseph. She looked up into his eyes.Elemental Heart waiting for something. The original thirteen colonies were outlined. he was instantly taken off balance by Jeffrey rushing out to get to work. Johnny’s smile grew wider as he began to step backward to the driver’s side of the van. Kenneth. “See yah daddy. “No. he saw the outlines of what was then perceived as the territories and shores of north and Central America. All three boys were standing over the table looking over some old maps that had been brought up from the basement.” The boy played. not yet. The frantic pace calmed as the Water Elemental shot out the back.” Samantha responded under her breath. As he got closer. “So?” She asked shaking her head slightly. 196 .” He replied opening the van door. her blue irises glistening in the sunlight. The girl giving Johnny a sexy crooked smile as she watched him drive off. while he allowed a smile upon his face as well. as well as the many Native American. “Really?” She said flipping her hair back as if that should bring him running. As the van turned at the first stop sign. “You’re gonna crack one day boy. The unscrolled paper looked brown with age. “Oh is that how we’re gonna play this?” Samantha asked folding her arms and leaning on one leg.” As Johnny walked into the back door of the beach house. “Good bye baby-girl.

and tried to read the ancient writing. “To move here.” Robert confirmed with his thinking cap firmly in place.” He guessed. and is said to hold technology and information straight from Bacrana herself. “See snatch.” Robert replied still looking over another part of the map. “That is a Bacrana territory. “That my boy is said to be the resting place of the Hall of Tides. before the American expansion. “Must have been an old Valkira city. “Alaska?” Johnny questioned unsure of his geography. “What‘s that?” Johnny asked again pointing to a part of the eastern seaboard of North America.” Joseph pointed to a scribble near Venezuela. shortly after our ancestors arrived on this world. “Land… land… land…” Kenneth said out loud.” Robert replied tracing the map in that area with his finger. “Yes Joseph. “Look at this. It’s never been discovered by the Valkira. Valkira Prime. A symbol there showed a red triangle with two straight lines at both of its sides.” Robert looked over the symbol with hungry eyes.” Robert pointed to a place high in the north western edge of the map. or as it is now called. As Johnny drew closer he leaned over the table like the rest of the group. “What’s that?” He pointed to an outline and a scribble in their ancestral language. “Yes John. somewhere there is the location of Old Vorexia.” All four boys said in unison. A true historical prize in my humble opinion. has not been used since its creation.Elemental Heart French and Spanish territories. he hungered for what knowledge he could gain from what lay inside. Apparently there were several in the Americas before Europeans began snatching everything. 197 .” “Why?” Kenneth asked. If it certainly were there. “But all were abandoned early in this century. Build by your grandfather Liam Rah. He couldn’t wait to find out if that indeed was the place of legend.

” Robert reached into a crate beneath the table and put it on the table. because it’s all in Bacraniese. with several inscriptions in Bacraniese. I believe I may have a better idea of what we are dealing with. it is said to house what remains of the ships that brought our ancestors here and something about a key to home world. “Ain’t that crazy?” Kenneth said aloud as everyone but Robert looked at him. Once inside. Upon its surface it had the name ‘Ter’nal’. The young man adjusted his glasses then opened it up over the map.” Robert shifted on his feet and grabbed a glass of water from the counter behind the group. Fire. “Mountains Joseph. and as fate would have it not far if not below Camp Sirus. It was very old. but I have another book I found that may help. the Pocono Mountains to be precise. Earth.Elemental Heart “What are those?’ Joseph asked pointing to some symbols that lay all around the Tidal hall. but once I get through it. we were right above the damn thing. “We were there as kids. Water.” 198 . Both Johnny and Kenneth helped to keep it from rolling back up. placed at several points upon the entrance. “Kind of. Akasha. At first glance it looked like some kind of ancient book of secrets. It’s going to be a tough read. He died sometime before the turn of the last millennium. the Hall is said to be located within a mountain in east central Pennsylvania. and Air. “First thing we would need to open it. which according to this says we should need all five main elements to do it. before the keys. and bound in leather. Displayed upon the thing was what looked like a large circular door. Not sure what that means. “This is the diary of an Elemental named Ter’nal.” “Does it say exactly where it is?” Joseph asked now fully interested in the tale.” Robert replied reaching across the table for another large scroll.

There was certain uneasiness about Seaside as normal vacation goes were choosing other places to take their families to visit. It was a bright and brilliant day at the boardwalk in Seaside that Johnny. he was also very nervous at the prospect. Johnny preferred to enjoy the buildup and the apparent subtle agony it was causing the impatient young woman. Robert read Ter’nal’s diary with great interest. and Johnny spent almost every waking hour with Samantha. Though he still had yet to make a move on the girl. Samantha. Johnny excused 199 . then the peddling of marijuana. At this point the police were more worried about murders and abductions. you could not tell that there was anything amiss. Kenneth and Joseph worked tirelessly on fixing up minor projects on the house. As was the minor drug trade in the area. Over the days Jeffrey continued to work his job at the Funzone. During the day however. A curfew had been imposed that made the normal summer nights short lived for the teens in the area. and Melissa came to stand outside the Funzone chatting with some of the locals. and those who could not afford the alarms spent money on new locks for their windows and doors. but not without a lack of her trying. The news had been constantly running the drama in coordination with the police. This however did not stop the parties at Stone Beach. Sales in home alarm systems had risen by nearly thirty percent. Families still went to the beach and walked along its shops and restaurants. still undetected by the local authorities. Matthew chased tail with reckless abandon. but nothing had come up. Although he was becoming curious what it would be like to be with a woman for the first time. everyone was uneasy. A noticeable increase in police presence could be seen. In short.Elemental Heart Chapter Nineteen Over a week had passed with no leads on the missing girls.

Johnny walked to and opened the blue door.” Johnny replied irritated. Matty has slayed ten Samantha’s in the last week alone. The steady and chaotic buzzing of electric tones in all their various glory filled the air like a gamer’s wet dream. dick.Elemental Heart himself walking into the place. Jeffrey was counting some money for his drawer at that moment and looked up.” Jeffrey stated plainly with a superior inflection in his voice. After a moment he looked back at Jeff who was still eying him. and don’t change the subject are you gonna nail the broad or not? You’ve got a family reputation to uphold. The boy headed straight for the cashiers cage. As he entered. “Kiss her yet?” Jeffrey said now looking up at his brother with an inquisitorial glance. “Surprised you’re not in here getting high. He noticed how empty and plain the room was. “Nothin. which was an enclosed room with a door to the left of it. 200 . “Sup puss? What cha up too?” Jeffrey replied still counting out his various bills. A large plastic shield with a slot at the bottom served as the exchange area from dollars to tokens. As Johnny got to the exchange area he knocked on the plastic shield.” “Do her yet?” Jeffrey asked half paying attention. Then he came to sit on the ledge of the cashiers table. out with Sam and Mel. he shut the door behind him as he noticed the almost complete reduction of nose in the room. “What’s up bitches?” Johnny greeted.” Johnny stated looking to change the subject. but appeared to be air conditioned. looking over his brother with a faint smile. Figured I’d stop in and see the workin man. Seeing his brother he waved him in. “When’s the last time you got laid Jeff?” Johnny asked pointing at the sitting young man. “I don’t get high at work. Johnny huffed and looked around the grayish blue walls in an attempt to keep from getting mad. “No.

Here you go.” The kid said turning and leaving the area. When these kids are here they’re mine! I’m lookin out for them. they run on tokens. Not just to Mikey’s pop but to the community. then back at Johnny. When the boy received it.” The boy then putting a ten dollar bill through the slot at the bottom of the clear plastic barrier.” Jeffrey turned back to his counting.” “I wasn’t accusing I was just sayin.” He said to himself under his breath. “Lemmie get a dime.” Jeffrey retrieved the money and cupped his hand beneath the slot giving something to the boy.” Jeffrey half yelled at the boy as if he were stupid. “Gonna spend ten dollars and talk about weight?” Jeffrey replied to himself shaking his head as he pocketed the money zipping his bag back up “Probably your mothers money anyway. and I have to be a responsible adult about this shit!” As Jeffrey ranted to his brother. “Brother these machines don’t take dimes OR quarters.Elemental Heart “That’s not the freakin point. “I have responsibilities now.” Johnny barely got out before Jeffrey started up again. and back through the glass. “My bad lil man. “And don’t come in here with your accusations about me getting high at work. looking around behind the boy and at every corner he could see from behind the obstruction. Johnny sat watching the exchange shaking his head in suspended disbelief. I want a dime. as if the whole event were as normal as buying a candy bar. He then sat back down and went into his book bag beneath the counter top. then looked at it. “Naw man not tokens. 201 . “This better be weight. Jeffrey stood.” The thirteen year old said plainly as if he had done this a thousand other times. lil cretin. a boy about the age of thirteen came up to the window.

the salty sea air being blown over them by the crescent waves of the shoreline. The sounds of games being played. “I know that my shit isn’t laced. and the calls of the seagulls above and all around them. “Shit. oh nothing. it must be Jeff. “What’s that honey?” Samantha asked coming to his right side wearing a blue bikini top with black short shorts and flipflops.” Johnny replied once he realized he was being spoken to.” Samantha said looking out at the people crisscrossing before them. When a smile graced his face showing his contemplative calm. “What if Mikey’s Father find’s out?” Johnny managed to say after a few more moments.” Johnny said aloud coming to a stop outside on the boardwalk still shaking his head. 202 . “I’d rather not talk about it. Therefore little Billy or Sarah will get a proper high. “Did you just sell that kid weed?” “What you think this job pays great or something?” Jeffrey replied as if nothing at all was wrong.Elemental Heart “Are you serious right now?” Johnny openly asked in amazement.” “Oh. Johnny shook off his thoughts and took in the scene around him. the smells of food being prepared. “Huh. This had been their home for many summers. he’s a customer too.” Jeffrey replied beginning to help another customer. ok honey. and a welcome change to the work of the school year.” Johnny had nothing to say. “It’s a win win situation. “You just sat there and talked about watching out for the kids an all the responsibility shit.” “I am. it’s embarrassing. simply staring at his brother.” Jeffrey confirmed placing the book bag back under the ledge. Johnny felt a peace that only this place could give him. eat something. and go home safe and sound.” “Unbelievable.

Samantha gave his finger a light but long kiss. As Johnny began to rise to his feet. The small look of shock she wore from the sudden movement gave way to a seductive and playful grin. his face so close to hers that she could feel his breath. The feel of her moist gift warmed his entire body sending fever into his mind. The strength of it knocked him completely off his feet.Elemental Heart Samantha took notice. The sudden attack heated his elemental heart with the rage of immolation. He could hear that person talking to her in complete disrespect.” She said moving closer to him. and that too made him clench his teeth. his eyes began to burn with a crimson hue. The two stood there motionless for several moments. he caught his reflection in the glass wall about the Funzone. And as the initial shock of the moment passed. as if the world around them had stopped. He brought his right hand up and traced the thin lines about her smile with his finger. and grasped the girl with both his arms. The boy leaned in. and that made him even more upset. A flux of emotional energy stormed throughout him sending shock waves through his chakra. Johnny turned his head to look at her. He saw the wrath promptly displayed through his 203 . He could hear Samantha arguing with someone. hitting the cement beneath him with such force that the solid slab gave way to a slight crack. her eyes looking up at his with mischievous energy. “Hell with that!” A voice yelled as Johnny felt blunt force strike him upon the side of his head. It was then he could feel the beating in his chest begin to grow. Then in a fluidic motion turned to. As he did. “You know you’re really cute when you smile. crashing passed Melissa who was talking to some friends behind the two. Johnny scanned both of her stark blue eyes. the light freckles of her face. closer and closer until their lips were close enough to be joined. Johnny lay there upon the cement for only a moment before he could feel his anger rising from deep within.

“Hell with you!” Drake screamed back pushing at Johnny’s chest to knock him down again. Johnny took the entire force of the push with little effort. and not in front of Samantha. Drake was confused for a short time. With soothing long gasps of air he calmed his eyes slowly. normally he was the strongest against anyone.Elemental Heart glowing eyes. waiting for the next strike. and stood staring at the boy as if asking his to do it again. Although he could have decked the man. “From the looks of things I don’t think she wants anything to do with you. not here in public. He could not stand in this way. standing to Johnny nose to nose. Johnny was again losing his cool.” Drake assured Johnny clenching his jaw. Johnny began to use some breathing techniques that Elainia had taught the boys for just this kind of situation. Johnny stood clear up and set right off to confront his attacker. As soon as they had cooled. His amber hazel orbs moving back and forth. until there was but his mortal amber hazel. “You have a deadly problem now little man. “I’m lookin now jerk off! What chew got?!” Johnny yelled into Drakes ear with a shaking jaw.” Johnny looked wide eyed and completely defiant at the taller man. But it had no effect whatsoever. 204 . noting the power in his face. The boy wasted no time in getting directly into Drakes angry face. The man was still shouting at Samantha uncaring as to notice Johnny’s presence. and from the smell of your breath I can figure out why. His mortal eyes wide and the veins of his neck protruding.” Drake ordered looking straight into the eyes of the shorter male. But he soon did not care. “You need to find yourself another bitch man. He stared at himself for a moment. he decided not to. but instead used words to bash the ignorant ass. the lines of frenzy upon his brow. this one’s taken.

” Eddie’s voice called out coming across the boardwalk shoving people aside in his wake. and then began to crack his knuckles underneath his assortment of metal fighter’s rings. Eddie didn’t even flinch or move to look in his direction.” Kenneth’s massive shoulder butted in between the two with uncanny speed.” Spoke Joseph coming to stand a few feet from Eddie’s left. the force of the action forcing Johnny a step back while shoving Drake a foot away. nerves like shining armor. The man rubbed his hands flat before him in a mock prayer.Elemental Heart “No you got a big problem. the tension in the air thick and hostile. only momentarily shaken by the size of his new adversary. “Alright boy’s break it up!” A Policeman in shorts and a blue t-shirt yelled walking over to the crowd.” Mathew Hunter’s voice came as he positioned himself to Drake’s left side. “I may not even have to do anything. “I’ll see you around. Johnny came to stand beside his brother as people about the boardwalk stopped to take notice. both looking directly at the eyes of the opposing men.” Drake said in a low tone as he turned and started north down the boardwalk. Eddie walked to within three feet of Kenneth with a smug grin sizing the larger opponent up. with hearts hard as steel. instead kept his eyes locked with Kenneth’s. Drake gave a slight sideways glance in Mathew’s direction. “Then you'll enjoy these odds. “I like a challenge. “Hey meathead. The Larger boys head dipping closer and closer to in jagged threatening movements at Drakes. Johnny watched as 205 . Yet Drake stood his ground. The two brothers stood side by side. little man. “Or I’ll take everybody in! Now move it!” The boy’s stood steady for another moment.” Eddie continued having to look just an inch or so higher into Kenneth’s face. then returning his gaze upon Johnny.

” Was all Kenneth needed to say.” Joseph stated in a fatherly manor remaining with the lessening crowd.” Eddie promised then turning to leave with his friend seeming amused at the conflict. “Who was that asshole?” Kenneth asked giving one last look north of the walk. Eddie turned his head around one last time giving him a nod and a smirk. turning to look at his brother’s face.” Eddie 206 . “I don’t. “We hooked up once a few of weeks ago. his face still brooding and dark. “What did he want with you?” Johnny asked Samantha. “Thought you didn’t give a shit about cops?” Drake more than asked stomping away from the arcade.” Mathew walked into the arcade after giving his opinion. Samantha shook her head.” Kenneth started. “Drake and Eddie. “Anytime.” Kenneth gave Johnny a pat on the back walking away from the crew.” Melissa blurted out with a scowl. he’s a jerk from the floor up.” The comment was met with a perplexed look from Johnny and a cynical head nod from Samantha. couple of douche bags. As the crowd began to break apart. Plus I don‘t think our benefactor would like us on the evening news. Bemused looks darkened the face of them all. “Good luck with that buddy. His teeth still mashed together as he spoke.Elemental Heart the boy walked away. spitting on the ground in his direction. “I’ll catch up with you big guy. “Looks like you got a girl complete with drama. As they gathered. Now he thinks he owns me or something. “Well at any rate. but the odds were not in our favor. both the large men silently agreeing to continue this encounter at a later date.” “Well Johnny. the brothers came together in front of the arcade. “And I can see this becoming troublesome.

the odds are always in our favor. “ Drake stated looking back in their direction once more.Elemental Heart replied not even shaken by the encounter. was thinking about eating something at a nearby pizzeria. 207 . and as of that moment. “Brother.

“I believe so.” Raina replied coming out of her tent with a blanket rolled up under her arm. Michelle wearing a thick camouflage jacket for protection against the deep chill. and two camping chairs. all glory. and we are definitely north of the boarder. No back-up. The air was cold as far north as they were. The woman came around to the fire and sat on one of the chairs. warming her hands against the heat of the flames. no hope.” Michelle bit into her sandwich as she gave her opinion.” Michelle grinned finding a small tinfoil wrapped sandwich and beginning to open it. “She’s a priestess of Luna from what I understand. After she did the girl leaned forward toward the fire again. Perhaps he had something unexpected to do before he got here.” Michelle said matter of factly staring into the flames as she chewed. Lightmare gave me these coordinates. She’s a stone cold warrior. “Could you do it?” Raina asked after a few moments of silence. There were two tents for both her and her companion.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty “This is where we are supposed to meet them isn’t it?” Michelle asked going through a green camper’s bag at her feet. “She’s going head first into Valkira Prime. “I’m interested to see what she’s like.” Raina informed unfolding the blanket and putting it over her legs. “What do you mean?” Raina asked trying to shake off the shivers. Michelle looked over at her friend still chewing on her 208 . Their camp was set beside a small stream that flowed through a thick wood far from any city or town. Before her a large camp fire roared surrounded by small stones. “She’s a warrior. no escape route.

Elemental Heart sandwich. She pondered the question for a few seconds as she ate, and then looked back at the campfire. “Let me tell ya Rain,” Michelle started off in her thick Georgian accent. “There are pussy cats, and there are mountain lions. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I was a pussy cat once, all pretty and sassy. Every boy in town wanted me but uh,” She looked at Raina. “I don’t like boys if ya ain’t already figured that out.” Michelle and Raina shared a smile before she looked back at the shrinking flames. “My father didn’t much approve of my girlfriend, tell you the truth I can’t bring myself to speak her name. She was just as sassy as I was all piss and vinegar. We had ourselves a good ole time.” “Your Father had a problem with you being gay?” Raina asked before throwing a few more sticks onto the stack immolating wood. “It wasn’t that he was close minded or anything. Just you know how hard it is for our kind to have kids, and he really wanted a grandchild. He was ninety one then, looked like he was forty five though. Took him and mama over thirty years to get pregnant with me. At some point papa got tired and had two other girls with another woman, but he did love my mama more than anything. Always come home to her. Have to give him that at least.” Michelle wrapped the tinfoil back around her sandwich placing it back in the camper bag. Removing a whiskey tin from the bag, she proceeded to take a much needed swig. She passed it to Raina, the girl gleefully taking a sip herself before handing it back. As she did, Michelle continued. “So Daddy had me start talkin to this boy from a close friend of his. Said his line was strong with Elemental blood and I should try to have a child with him. Told me he wouldn’t hate me if I lived a double life. Considering he did it for so long I can see why now. So I started tryin to date him. He was nice, tall and strong, very respectful and well mannered, and as horny as a toad 209

Elemental Heart like all young men. But I could never bring myself to let him go all the way. Just never felt right to me. So then one day I decided that if I was gonna try and do it I might as well get good and drunk, an gave him permission if I passed out.” Michelle laughed at the irony of it. “When that night came… so did they.” Michelle took a hardy swing from the tin looking intensely into the flames. She began to rock a little bit trying to calm her nerves. She hadn’t talked about that night since it had happened. “The town watch didn’t even get the alarms off. I remember being so drunk I couldn’t even stand, just lying there with him naked as a jay bird. Then the horrible sounds of people starting to scream and children crying as pieces of homes were being blown apart in all kinds of elemental terrors. Great breaking booms as if the earth itself was flipping up over us all. Winds like I had never even heard blowing cars and street lights all about, the bleak screams of hundreds as they died. They were everywhere, and by the time I got dressed and outside, he had already left to go fight. He was one of the first people I’ve ever seen killed right in front of me. This ominous black figure standing behind him with a sword through his chest, he lifted that fine young man up and took his heart right there in front of me. Never forgot that sight, never forgot his face. Pale as a winter’s snow, and with these eyes that lit up like they had captured lightnin. So I ran as fast as I could and somehow got away.” “How many people?” Raina asked somberly, her eyes unable to leave Michelle, who still stared into the flames as if looking through them. “Out of five hundred and thirty six in the clan, less than thirty made it out alive. When we regrouped and went back, the whole town was like it was wiped off the earth. Scattered pieces of things everywhere, some of the foundations were still on fire. But no survivors, I even checked to see if my old house was there but it was long gone. As if it was plucked from creation, as if my 210

Elemental Heart family never existed. News called it a tornado.” Michelle turned to look at Raina who was still staring back at her. A look of inescapable horror was about Raina’s face. “From that day on I was a mountain lion. Couldn’t change back if I tried, truth is I wouldn’t know how. So you ask me if I could do what this woman’s about to do? The answer is definitely no. If I ever go to Valkira Prime, Ima gut every one of those bastards from navel to nose. Cut off their nads and stuff em right up their dead ass and sew it shut. If I go there, it’s not to infiltrate. It’s to murder every last one at those son’s a bitches.” Raina watched as Michelle took another drink and gave the tin to her. The Australian female was at a loss for words. In her city of Tempra nor, they were isolated from the horror of the rest of the world. Safe on their continent without a Valkira near to challenge them, this was her first real description of what her people called 'the madness of the outside world'. She now understood why her people stayed so isolated. But for her part, she saw this as perhaps wrong. Clans like Michelle’s had no protection from the Valkirium, and that in itself was a travesty. “Ya know Michelle, I’m glad you’re on my side.” Raina admitted before taking a drink. “I think your kinda cool yourself.” Michelle replied with a grin. The woman thought of perhaps just for a moment, trying to come on to the other Elemental, but decided against it. There was still a gaping wound in her heart from the loss of her last love. Since then she had not pursued and other lovers. The pain of that loss still held her to the darker parts of her beating heart. “Still though, I wonder if they are ok.” Michelle continued trying to change the subject. “Perhaps it’s just a minor difficulty holding them up.” Raina wondered taking another sip of the tin. Elainia fell upon the open sleeping bag, her naked form drenched in sweat from the both she and her lover. The woman gasped for 211

Elemental Heart air brushing away her blond locks from her glistening face, her bright blue eyes shining lightly from beneath her matted brow. A great smile crossed her lips as she gave way to a fulfilling laugh. This was shared to the naked man at her side, as he too gave rise to the sound. Soon she turned and put her head upon Lightmare’s broad chest, fumbling her fingers through its hair. Lightmare had not expected to make love to his heart’s desire. But the advance from his former longtime lover was met with chemical fireworks. As soon as the woman had kissed him, he fell under her ancient spell, and without reservation or contemplation was removing both their clothes and going about the work of releasing decades of pent up desire. He hadn’t remembered just how blissful it was to be inside his beloved, but in the past few hours those memories came rushing back. The feel of Elainia grasping about his waist with toned peach legs, pulling him into her as she arched her pristine back. The soft moisture of the sensual Priestesses lips as they sucked upon him in many places begging for his release wherever he choose to place it, these memories filled his mind with great salvation and thunderous joy. The two laid there in each other’s embrace for a long while letting the mood speak without the use of words, both looking at the inside of the green tent as if that were the limits of their world and happy to be under such a delusion. Lightmare would occasionally kiss his lover on her forehead tasting the salty beads of sweat escaping her skin. As he did, he looked down upon her amazing body only slightly diminished from age. Though it did not have the tight wrappings of a fresh young girl, she appeared to be in her late thirties and as well a body can keep for an Elemental woman who was centuries old. But he preferred this type of body, he preferred her, as he was older himself it seemed to fit perfectly with him. And in fact at the moment turned him on more than a spring chicken ever could. Elainia enjoyed the moment for what it was, a moment in 212

Elemental Heart time. Soon she should face horrors so depraved that she could not even begin to imagine the terrible complexity of it. So instead she had decided upon the night before reaching Lightmare’s agents, she would one last time feel the warmth of her heart. Before the nightmare of Valkira Prime took her into its fold, and her heart may very well lose its love for life. So again she looked up at her lover. His strong ancient features and his stoic warrior heart was more than anything to keep her to him. But what has always intrigued her about this man was his ability to love without care or worry, the compassion of this Elemental of fire was as warm as his innate skill. She had once more, as she had a thousand times, silently thanked her Goddess for him. “We were supposed to meet your trainee’s more than six hours ago.” Elainia said still fondling with the hairs on Lightmare’s chest. “I had more pressing matters to attend to.” Lightmare replied kissing her again upon her head. “Pressing matters?” The woman joked with a smile. “Yes.” “Of what nature milord?” “Much needed primal negotiations.” Lightmare replied as they both laughed for a short moment. Lightmare brought his hand around from behind Elainia’s back and started to lightly stroke her blond hair, a worried look began to creep upon his face. “Don’t go.” The Fire Elemental begged softly. “I have to.” She answered as silently. “No, you don’t.” Elainia rose up, and arched her upper body over the man’s. Her hair falling about her shoulders as she looked him in the eye, her full breasts brushing over his stomach. The Priestess waited and chose her words but only for a moment’s time. “We’ve had this discussion.” She replied as the euphoria dripped away from her beautiful face. “You had this discussion at me, not with me.” He clarified. 213

Elemental Heart The woman knew his words rang true, and could not find the immediate words to respond. “We only have a vague understanding of how things work in Valkira society. But from what we know of it, we understand how women are treated in their realm. I don’t understand why a man is not being sent, and furthermore I don’t understand this mission at all.” “We need an infiltrator in the under city.” Elainia spoke as if the logic of it was all she understood. “That’s filth. We have spies in Southern core. Anything we need know can be found there.” “No my love, this cannot be. Southern Core will not be the place in which Xavian Vortex will coordinate with his people. No information or any real intelligence will be garnered there. It must be Valkira Prime.” “Then why not send a man?” Lightmare kept trying to dissuade her. “Because a man would be easily noticed, he would have to provide his master at some point or what house he was from or know the ceremonies involved. It has to be me.” She as much tried to assure herself as she was him. “But women are slaves there… and worse.” “More the better to not be noticed, I'll just be another ignorant slave girl whisked away from the surface to an unknown place. I would have the perfect excuse not to know anything about them or how things work, much as I already do. Perhaps I will simply become a house servant or something of that nature.” Elainia’s logic was met with scoffs from Lightmare. He could not stand the idea of his lover being treated in such a way. “And what if they find out who you are?” He asked bluntly. “They will not.” Elainia hoped, and then gave her lover a long open kiss upon his mouth. The man sat up and embraced her with both his arms pulling her tightly to him. He brought one of his hands up and held the side of the woman’s face, gently pulling 214

Elemental Heart her an inch or so away to speak. “I will not last long upon the surface of this world with knowledge of you in such a place.” The Elemental stated with a sincerity that showed itself in the subtle hue of yellow crossing his eyes like a faint crescent moon. “When I am ready, I will find a way to call upon you.” She assured him. “What if I cannot wait that long?” “I will find a way, I will be alright.” She replied. “Then why is the fear embedded in my words hidden behind your beautiful eyes?” He asked. A valid question for which Elainia had no easy reply, and again she simply embraced him with long kiss. Elainia reached down to grasp him again, stroking him gently. If she could not sooth him with words, she would do so with passion. So once again she mounted her lover, longing to feel the pulsating heat of his salamander seed inside her once more. Yanpre Vear stood looking down over the open courtyard at the Valkira Academy. The balcony that supported him was made of metal grates and completely open to the cavern air. Much easier for the schoolmasters of the place to jump or fly down when their lessons had not hit home, or a student needing valuable vicious instruction. For the open courtyard was for the training of several grades of young Valkira, fighting their way up the short social and academic latters. Not long after they had been taken from the nannies that served in a wing of the Temple of Azora, these young boys were immediately presented before the Dean of the school. It was then decided which of the elements the boy in question best served, how strong he may become, and then put to that task. Some young men did not survive this place. But since the return of the all father over seventy years before, the Dean had tried not to let a great number perish in these proving grounds. Instead, the Dean 215

with flairs of colorful energy lighting up the many shadows that were always present in The Crimson Ward. He watched as nearly two hundred pairs of young Valkira fought each other with weapons or by hand to hand combat. his people had stormed the surface. fifty years before then.Elemental Heart moved the less powerful Valkira young into more subservient positions like priest hands. They had in effect lost the best chance for them to attain world power. When sane. In truth. builders or scribes to lessen to improve the numbers. The boy was showing his inexperience with the weapon at hand. firing their bolt action guns. Their exulted narcissism and isolationism had truly cut the heart of their people off from the rest of the world. He also knew that the alien Priest had been right. His extremely short hair beaded with sweat and danced down over his fierce brow. The electric arcs of Yanpre’s orbs focused down upon a pair of boys training in swordplay. His eyes settled upon one boy in particular. the hundreds upon hundreds of years spent underground had stagnated their own growth. Yanpre now knew it for sure. His people were ignorant of many things. Some trained using their elemental powers. something Yanpre now began to see as the days of his father’s fleet drew nearer. But it was true that something was lacking in their society. He was only about the age of eleven but tall for his age. The humans had been happy in thinking that they were the most evolved creature in the world a hundred years ago. The one he cared about was clad in only a pair of dark shorts and matching shoes at his feet. flying primitive vehicles and some still using horse back as their main mode of transportation. the Earth would surely be theirs by now. Yanpre enjoyed this 216 . but still pressing with uncanny fervor. But no. Anton was the best trainer he had ever known. he wished his brother Anton still served as master of the school. The Valkirium was a warrior race bent on creating and perpetuating the most powerful Elementals the world had ever seen. If just then or perhaps even better.

” Yanpre replied thought the corner of his mouth. another figure appeared from the hallway behind him. The taller Valkira looked down over the proving grounds with some approval. The Dean rose and came to stand one step behind Yanpre and to his right. completely beyond anyone's control. “It would help Milord. His hair was short and dark. to better assign him to proper classes and training. “How does he fair?” Yanpre’s scratchy voice asked from beneath his thick and wild black beard. As he watched from his high vantage point. he is proving himself most eager to learn Milord. As a man responsible for the training of all the Warlords in the city. Finally settling his pale blue eyes upon the boy in which Yanpre had such interest. Yanpre had been quite vague as to the boy’s purpose and origin. “Hail and well met Lord Vear. but not pressed. 217 .” The Dean replied in a deep voice accompanied by a thick Valkira accent. if I knew what you were grooming him for. “Rise.” The figure said not daring to look up at the smaller Valkira. “In the short time he had been with us. The tall Valkira male wore long red robes over his tightly wrapped black clothes.” Yanpre afforded the Dean of the Academy a measure of respect.” The Dean had been confused as to the purpose of this boy since he was first approached by the steward of the Valkira throne. as was the customary greeting if you did not want your legs torn off at the knees. yet was careful not to get too attached. he needed more answers than had been given him. He knew this boy had many trials ahead of him. his face pale with lack of sunlight.Elemental Heart display.” Yanpre ordered. The man knelt down on all fours bringing his head lower than Yanpre. “I want him conditioned. “Leadership caste.

Then advanced tactics in social suppression and power delegation.” The man looked confused.” The man had more to suggest but was cut off abruptly by his superior. The boy will not be given a proper instruction. “That will not be necessary Dean Rowle. His eyebrows came almost completely together as he looked to the other side of the balcony. the Dean had put together another question for the Dark Lord. 218 . “But Milord. He will be allowed to return home whenever he needs it. He will not take part in any of the trials. After a few moments of pondering.” Yanpre replied somberly. that is all that is needed. I shall have him ready to rule the world.” The Dean said nodding to himself. “One day his mind will not be his own.” Dean Rowle said utterly confused. nor will he be put in any unnecessary harm’s way. The boy will be conditioned. followed by a year of fundamental warfare. Is that understood?” Yanpre commanded turning his head slightly in the Dean’s direction. mental conditioning. he will not need it. and manipulation. and several courses in torture. these conditions will severely retard my schoolmasters. in eight years’ time. “Before the end. “We may not have eight years.Elemental Heart “Then I shall have him start with basic curriculum.” “I don’t understand sir. unless otherwise instructed by me. “How much time do I have with him Lord Vear? I may be able to shorten the years of his refinement if I have him take extra classes each semester. His eyes still fixed on the young boy. He will not be inundated with advanced classes or subjugated to any War or Surface lord. “Zevin will not be confined to this place. glancing down at his short superior.” Yanpre replied again through the corner of his mouth.” Dean Rowle admitted. before rising into the air and away from the school.

Maybe she could have done something to stop it. Or maybe she just wished she were missing from the world too. and one day would surprise her with a visit to her Nana’s home. resounding the loneliness of the empty place. She missed her Father and Mother so much. Johnny put both the dishes on the nightstand and came to sit next to his woman. “She’s never going to come back is she? Just like the others.” Johnny placed his chin lovingly on her shoulder. the final realization that her parents were now dead. But such things were stricken from her mind as her boyfriend walked into the room with some food he had heated up for the both of them. The girl thought perhaps she should cry. looking down at the picture in her lap. Their arms around each other’s shoulders. Samantha had felt that same hope for 219 . Samantha almost wished she had slept over that night. but she waved it off still thanking him for it.” Samantha asked grimly knowing her boyfriend was as lost on the subject as she was. as they faced the camera with gleeful smiles. No sign of her had been seen since the day before her home was invaded. Again the young woman’s mind went to her parents. Samantha traced the outline of Rebecca’s face with her finger. These were the silent thoughts that she never let anyone hear. “Don’t think like that Sam. He put his arm over her. you never know what can happen. but had shed enough tears that year that it seemed no more could be summoned.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-One Samantha sat on Johnny’s bed looking at a picture of her and Rebecca standing in the girl’s backyard. Johnny handed her a plate. But that dream never came to fruition. and now it seemed Rebecca was gone too. and with it. wanted to cry. The hollow thump in the center of her chest beat again. She too had thought that maybe they had survived the plane.

Now that I’m at the point where I don’t think about those things anymore. I don’t know if that’s how I was made or because of what I saw. took me years to learn how to calm down and to not focus on the hate. I try to keep it locked deep inside me where it can do no harm. then placed it behind them on the bed. I can’t let myself linger on it for too long. unsure of how his words might affect her. “Yeah. my two big sisters and my twin brother. There wasn’t much truth he could share with her in regards to himself. my natural mother. I sometimes have to look over old pictures to remember them. That night was so terrible. “Guess I should know that huh?” “No. but let it pass as quickly as it came. I try to shut it out. I forget the name of it. “Do you remember what your parents looked like? I have a hard time remembering mine anymore. but there is a monster beneath. so he tried to move around the subject as best he could.” “Why?” Samantha asked looking at him from a side glance.Elemental Heart Rebecca momentarily. “There’s a rage in me. He looked down at it for a moment while thinking of how to answer his girlfriend. But we weren’t identical twins. But after a short thought on the matter he started with the truth.” Johnny said with a smile. When I was younger I was always angry at the world. that I sometimes have trouble dealing with.” Samantha asked letting the picture fall to the floor. “You’ve spent a long time not thinking 220 . I just look at what pictures I have of them. Johnny bent down and retrieved the picture.” Samantha answered for him. So when I need remember what they look like. “To tell you the truth.” “You had a twin?” Samantha asked mildly intrigued.” She replied.” Johnny replied beginning to feel uneasy with the conversation. “Fraternal. I put my mother and brothers through a lot. Stephen. “Yeah. my father.

She stayed steady as she could. the feeling of this boy loving her made her wet with excitement. “What’s wrong with your…” Samantha began before a quick double knock sounded from Johnny’s door. All this made the young man warm from within and hard from below. Opening up to the girl had slightly fractured the walls he had put up around his heart. and felt his own from deep within. I understand. As she did. dancing over one another with an understanding and a longing they could have only felt with each other. Every freckle on her face looked as if she were kissed several times by an angel. Samantha fluttered her eyes slightly awaiting her man to make his move. “Yo John-nay!” Jeff exclaimed as the two turned to the 221 .Elemental Heart about it. but this time not agony seeped out but a freeing feeling he had never felt before.” The two looked into each other’s misty eyes. she began to move slightly matching his speed. accompanied by Jeffrey Waters storming in a second later. He looked upon her thin nose and the dark eyeliner she wore accentuating her beautiful blue orbs. As the color became more noticeable. Very slowly he lent forward to his emotional salvation. Johnny could feel her needs. Her thin jawing came to a perfect chin and above it a slightly crooked smile that was troublesomely inviting. careful not to give away too much desire as hard as it was. Samantha watched him look her over. His heart beat faster with the slow approach to her lips. They stayed locking in an embrace of stark blue and amber hazel. she noticed the faintest of crimson begin to emerge within his eyes. He had held onto his promise from that morning not to kiss her because she wanted it. it would be greatly appreciated. she had no other choice but to think that his irises were beginning to glow with the slightest crimson hue. small yet plump as they were. Unable to stop the feelings building up like a tidal wave within her. At this moment. since then that feeling had changed.

assuring that not a single person was to go without that night. then remembering the moment before. The same could be said for a cluster of people. as did a select few brave young women who had followed suit. “Oh… nothing. Music filled the oceans salty air.” She said rising to her feet and taking both his hands into hers. emanating from speakers that had been strategically erected on tall stands around the small enclosed beach. A group of people had already shed their clothes and were skinny dipping off the rocky shoreline. passing a bottle and picking harmlessly on one another. jumping through the waves and holding their dates with charismatic abandon. beer. Stone beach. For 222 . “Asshole. Matty. She nodded to herself thinking she must have been imagining things in the heat of the moment. but all in all were not pointed at or ogled. with not a single hint of abnormal light. “Come on. let’s go party. “What?” He asked somewhat confused. They received cat calls from the more randy young men. and most agreed just to have a good time. the girl turned back to Johnny and held his chin with her thin fingers moving his head to look into his eyes. music. Everyone here knew or knew of another.” Johnny cursed under his breath still looking in the direction of the door with an annoyed huff. “Come on you guys! Party. Many people had brought an outstanding assortment of beer and other things. us.Elemental Heart door with a snap. The night’s heat had caused some of the boys to disown their shirts walking about topless. party!” With that Jeffrey slipped out of sight behind the open door with the stomping of footfalls down the old wooden stairs. Samantha frowned at the unexcused entrance. There she saw his amber hazel irises. For this kind of open behavior was common with such events at Stone Bach.” Stone beach was full of teens and young adults behaving badly and creating a ruckus that filled the air with the sounds of laughter.

“No.” Jeffrey began. and that guy wearing a Metallica shirt.” The DJ went from slightly enraged to complete confusion as Jeffrey put his arm around the young man’s shoulders and began to point out at the various people. hand you a white woman and call it a day. and that guy wearing a Biggy smalls shirt. He stared at him as the boom base surrounded them. Jeffrey walked up past a line of tiki torches to the stand where the DJ had set up his sound equipment. in moderation it’s all good. “See that guy. “Do you think maybe it’s time to diversify the format a little?” “You don’t like my music dude?’ The kid asked scrunching up his features at Jeff. “And in re-al-ity.” Jeffrey replied with a displeased look. “But you’ve been playing rap for a half hour straight.” The DJ’s face became even more marred with insulted disbelief. wearing a Soundgarden shirt.” Jeffrey made quotations with his finger while saying the previous word. “Look I know I’m supposed to kiss your ass and hate myself for something that happened like over a hundred years ago that no one alive had anything to do with.Elemental Heart mostly in the end. everyone went home happy.” He said nodding and pointing at the DJ. Frankly. “And that girl wearing no 223 . As the Water Elemental came to stand next to a young black kid working the music. But before he could begin to argue with Jeffrey. having to talk in a slight yell over the loud music. “Yo what up man?” The kid asked taking a pair of large headphones off so he could hear. the Water Elemental cut him off trying to explain himself and ease the tension. until the boy noticed his presence and nodded. Well you got one fan. “You got a request?” “Yes I do. it’s getting old. But we live in a place called re-al-ity. you need to change the format to suit the crowd. and that guy wearing a Nirvana shirt.

“But when you get a chance hit me with some Doggystyal!” Mathew finished giving the kid a thumbs up before leaving to go back to his girls. Some of which is good. cracking a smile while looking over the different types of music. “You got a lot of different musical tastes goin on around here.” With that he got a slight laugh from the DJ. Then spotted Mathew off to the left talking with two very pretty bikini clad young girls.” Mathew yelled. but I don’t suggest trying to create a mosh pit here. and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this. “This is good. “Are you changing the music?” Mathew asked bewildered. but you’re a minority in this city. “Mat-tay! Get your cd’s from the car dude!” “Point is big man. me and this fine lad are negotiating as we speak!” Jeffrey replied over the booms of base around them. which is purely awesome.Elemental Heart shirt. but it killed real metal and for that I will never forgive. “In moderation!” He cried to the DJ.” Jeffrey warned holding up his right index finger as if pointing to God. “Who’s Judas Priest?” The DJ honestly asked. “Thank God. I’d like 224 .” The DJ nodded in disbelief. Hey man I love you!” Jeffrey yelled to the kid in the Slayer T shirt.” The DJ stated with a half-smile. never say that again in my presence.” Jeff continued. Some are into really heavy metal. “Attempting to. this is good and this is good.” Jeffrey replied with a serious look about his face as Mathew walked up to the DJ stand and handed Jeffrey a large black CD binder. “I may have to slap you.” “You are the craziest white dude I have ever met.” Jeff informed as he opened up the case and laid it before the DJ in full view. “Matts got a soft spot for snoop. “But honest. “Now some of these cats are younger than us.” He stated pointing to several albums as he flipped through the book. and thank you. “And that guy wearing a Slayer shirt. “Look. and they might be into Grunge.

or he was going to have to hijack this poor black kid's turntable. 225 . John Llue Rah watched the conversation at the DJ’s platform from thirty feet away with a raised eyebrow and a half smile. standing next to Johnny with Melissa in tow. Ok?” This concluded Jeffrey’s negotiations. Either it worked. he turned round and pointed one last time at the DJ. “Good shit. in a weird Jeff inspired way. “So huh.” “I agree with you on that. The right corner of his mouth arched up as he gave a slight nod to himself.” Mikey managed to get out before taking a hit of his joint. what’s up over there?” Johnny asked amused. He almost let slip some of the liquid onto his 'ride the lightning' T-shirt. we can do this.” The DJ nodded. eighties metal. Before getting too far away. “Oh yeah?” Johnny asked widening his grin. “So let’s try to mix up the sound with some current rock and rap. “Braheim’s tryin to get the DJ to play some rock man. Looking back up. but the beer fell harmlessly down to the sand at his black shoes. and I’ll work on getting you that white girl!” “Get the hell outta here dude. “Has Jeff always been an asshole?” Kay Kay’s voice came from the boy’s right. before raising a red plastic cup and taking a sip of its contents. and of course my personal favorite. “Ok ok. her usual disapproving frown fully present.” The DJ agreed taking some of the cd’s out of the case.Elemental Heart to get laid tonight. “Do a good job. “He call him a racist yet?” “Naw I think there actually getting along man.” The DJ laughed as he went about his work.” Mikey replied with a jutted nod and a wide smile. Mikey walked over to his right also looking at the two by the turntable.” Jeffrey replied leaving a joint on the table before beginning to walk off of the stand. and no Country for the love of the God‘s.

cutting into Kay Kay’s personal space.” Johnny let out as Mikey cracked a lung filled giggle. With its announcement came several shouts of approval from various parts of the beach. it may have very well been a possible threat. of which the tall girl didn’t take offense.” Melissa said reaching up and brushing her hand through Kay Kay’s hair. The crowds began to mix as some of the girls began dance near the center of the sand. Drake gave Johnny a short hate filled glance before continuing to the other side of the enclosed beach.” She said with a mischievous grin that would make a saint blush. “I’m gonna have to kick his ass out of principle. Just then a new song came over the speakers of a more modern grunge tune.” Melissa spat out looking above at the outcrop to Stone beaches entrance. From the natural size and athletic build of the tall young woman. The young man happily strolling along bearing his patented smile. with his arms around two shorter girls. or worse depending on your personal disposition. Just then Samantha walked up to Johnny and put her arm around him. The whole crew watched as Mathew threw his head back laughing at something he had said and in an instant his dates 226 . “Oh great. mister wonderful is here. But… he’s getting better. Samantha pointed over to their right at Mathew walking away from the party to make out cove. dropping his joint into the sand with an open curse. “Let’s just try and have fun people. The taller woman looked down at the girl with a slight smile. Mikey nodded his head expressing that he loved the song being played.Elemental Heart “Naw he had to work on it for several years. He’s not worth it anyway. staring the man down and letting her eyes follow him till he was a decent distance away. There the group spied Drake and Eddie coming down the rocky path giving nods to some of their cronies. “Your boy scored a double.” Kay Kay said aloud to herself.

having to fill the things with so much the point of smoking it was pure over kill. “Because we live in a male dominated patriarchal society that enlists outdated useless religious Bronze Age rhetoric to keep the modern woman as powerless and feeble as humanly possible.” Kay Kay smiled.” Johnny stated. “Fine then a slut. “That would be wise of you. Jeffrey had just begun to fill his plastic cup via the tap of a keg held in a large blue ice filled chest.” Kay Kay recited as if she had used this argument many times before.” Melissa corrected. “That’s a more accurate description. As they reached the top of a short sand hill covered in spurts of tall grass. when Carl approached slapping the young man lightly on his back. “Remind me never to debate you Kay. “What a man whore. Mathew moved down and gave both the girls a mighty smack on their respective asses sending them giggling down the other side. “Whore’s get paid honey.” Key Kay offered. “What’s up my brother?’ He said after the motion. Jeffrey looked over as he squirted the beer into his cup with all approving eyes.” Jeff replied unhappy about his current state.” Kay Kay said shaking her head. “Why is it that men can act like that and girls can’t or they get called names?” Samantha interjected. “Not me at the moment. he had 227 . “Awe my feminist baby!” Melissa yipped standing on her tip toes to give Kay Kay an accentuated wet kiss on her cheek.Elemental Heart followed suit. glancing over in complete agreement with her friend. Although he had personally decided that blunts were a complete waste of weed.” Johnny said looking up at the girl over Samantha’s golden hair. “Wanna change that?” Carl asked sniffing a long brown blunt that he had proudly rolled himself.

” The girl replied taking off her shirt bearing only a thin black bikini top. For Johnny it was a win-win. “I love Billy Idol. “Shall we proceed elsewhere Sir?” Jeffrey asked in a mock English accent.” She replied with a short laugh. Samantha grabbed Johnny’s hands and pulled him out into the middle of the sand where a group of teens had already been dancing. recognizing it instantly. he never really liked to dance. Johnny rolled his eyes. “You picked Rebel Yell. He returned the smile with a nod to himself.” He continued surprised. The girl happily took hold of her boyfriend forcing him round to her full attention. Samantha skipped back from the short line at the DJ’s stand. “I though you liked eighties music?” Before he could agree. But the combination of affection and alcohol raised his confidence several fold. “I doubt nothing. “Rebel Yell?” Johnny asked her. attempting to seduce him as well as relieve herself from the heat. “What did you do?” He asked suspiciously grinning.” He said after taking in an eye full of her beautifully large lightly freckled breasts.Elemental Heart not had a chance to smoke all evening and found the invitation welcome. the mass of bodies 228 . She looked up at Johnny with a wide smile that looked as cute as it did mischievous. Samantha smiled widely as Johnny’s eye’s opened in surprise at her the girl’s request. As he finished filling his cup he turned to the younger boy with an agreeable look about him. The two began to dance with one another within the crowd. His eyes moving down at the young woman. Johnny could easily tell that she had something flaring around in her imaginative mind. It was at that moment a song began to play.” Carl invited beginning to walk toward the water’s edge some feet away. “Oh nothing. “Let’s go.

Samantha threw her head back showing the beauty of her thin pale neck. rubbing the skin upon their naked stomachs against one another. Johnny instantly cared not for anything or anyone around them. she looked upon him with a sexual energy he could not help but feel throughout every part of his body. As they moved together their bodies began to rub upon one another. opening his heart in ways he had never felt before. Johnny held upon his face the most serious look he could muster without instinct. Everything around them seemed to slow down and fade from existence. He knew at that moment. Johnny glanced over her chest then up to her jaw line. All that remained was the music about them. Her eyes scanned down to the side of them for a moment whipping her head in a sexy motion. then brought her orbs level again with his. A short look of surprise overcame his face but only for a moment’s time. He pulled the girl closer holding his hands to her lower back and bringing their hips together. The sexy young woman traced the boarders of his abs with a single searching finger. The feeling of it made him stiff with absolute vigor. placing his right leg between hers. The woman rose up her arms again and put them around the slightly taller boy’s neck. holding her hands together and pushing her midsection into his with jubilant invitation. at one point Samantha reached down and pulled Johnny’s shirt clear off over his head showing his lightly muscled chest and arms. allowing her dirty blond hair to fall behind her like a curtain of ecstasy. The two stayed locked in embrace and stare.Elemental Heart moving in chaotic motion in a wave of haphazard energy exploding upon the small beach head. but in lust with her as well. He felt a heat within him that melted away every barrier within his mind. as Samantha looked up at him with her stark blue eyes slightly biting of her lower lip. he was not only in love with this girl. As Samantha Jennifer Lee brought her head back up to meet his eyes. His 229 . taking in every sensual movement.

“A thousand miles with you. for you. “For money to burn. and pulled them down between them.Elemental Heart eyes wide as if hypnotized by the gorgeous young woman holding him.” They both stood there before one another motionless as the music filled every space between them. She cried more. As if the universe herself had willed this moment into being. “I walked the world with you babe. and of that he had no doubt.” Johnny took over singing silently to his beloved. grabbing a hand full of his brown hair between her fingers. more more!’ The two held each other lip locked in a passionate embrace. Slowly they enclosed upon one another.” Johnny took her arms gently by the wrists. lip-syncing the song at him and to him. The action made the young man squint his eyes slightly and smile. her angel thin hair and her troublesome blue eyes entranced him like nothing in his life ever had. I dried your tears of pain. he was about to receive it. She was the one. their lips met as Billy Idol cried ‘In the midnight hour. Their heads motioning back and forth as they changed from tongue kissing to lip biting in a frantic display of raw sexual charisma. Johnny let himself be the moment. But if he had needed further proof.” She mimicked running her thumbs across Johnny’s cheeks as if wiping away invisible tears. The chemical reactions within both their forms came to a point of no return. The synergy between them pulling their bodies into a mesh of mingling sweat and hot skin. Their tongues searching each other’s mouths as Johnny’s arms held the girl pressed chest to chest. as Samantha used her full and slightly crooked lips in the sexiest pose. The look in his eyes betraying any emotion he once tried to hide. For the first time in his 230 . “I’d sell my soul for you babe. “A million times for you. everything from her scent to the shape of her form. Samantha let her pinned arms come free and up around his neck once again.” She mouthed with her patented mischievous smile.

Eddie grabbed his arm near the shoulder to stop the enraged man.” Eddie said releasing his friend and giving him a sly grin.” Eddie spoke silently as he watched the pair leave the dance area holding one 231 . “I want you to find out everything you can about that kid! And all of his useless friends. his angry eyes never leaving the kissing pair. “Why not?! Hell with all of them! We can kill every one of these losers easily!” Drake shot back.Elemental Heart life after his family’s murder. But then with an easy smile. “Not here man. he remembered that all good things must end. You'll get the most pleasure that way. almost cared about their fate. so you can take your time with it. Eddie looked over at Johnny and Samantha still holding one another after the song had ended. shocked by Drakes apparent strength. He saw the aura of love between them and for a moment. He was in love. and that his own fate had been sealed years before. “I’m gonna kill them! Both of them!” Drake cried out through mashed teeth beginning to stomp in the direction of the dancing crowd. and in love with the most beautiful woman he had ever had the pleasure of laying his hurt and broken faith upon. hate to be you. and with it all the tension and aggression of his past years fell away as if a snake shedding skin. I want names and where they live. He could feel in this moment something profound as well as enlightening. “Divide and conquer brother. Besides I’d wait till later. “I’d hate to be you little man. No one could ever save him.” Eddie pleaded. The force of it nearly took Eddie by surprise. I’ll burn down every one of their houses one at a time if I have to!” Drake ordered turning away from the dancing group and storming away from the beach. not now. he felt truly enthralled about anything. His heart chakra opened like a floodgate. so why should he care.

Elemental Heart another. 232 .

. “And that rascal over there is Michelle Rhodes. “This is Elainia Luna of Elvin Galorn. and always thought three steps ahead. “Well met.” Lightmare reluctantly ordered.” Elainia responded giving a sincere smile. “Once your things are packed. this was wrong from jump-street. “Hello Master. then wait for me out of sight. next to you of course my love. In his opinion. “Hello Raina. “Hail and well met. “Glad you could make it.” He introduced the blond Priestess. her camper bag still having to be strapped together though.” Lightmare turned to Elainia giving her a foregone look.. we move for the trading post.” Lightmare replied putting his hand upon Raina’s left shoulder. I want you girls to come most of the way. The tents had been folded and the sleeping bags rolled.” Lightmare joked. They looked to her consort awaiting his instruction.” Michelle joked rising to greet the pair. “I want you close just in case something goes wrong. She knew the man well enough to know when he was ready to give orders. 233 .Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Two As Lightmare as Elainia reached the campsite.” Michelle said turning for a moment then setting back about her work. Michelle was fast at work packing the site up. “Thank you Mare. Elainia nodded although the woman had not seen it. Raina was just starting to fold her tent as she noticed the two coming to land just outside the area. Hi Elainia. One of the meanest women I’ve ever met.” Raina welcomed leaving her work behind and coming to stand before him respectfully. nice to meet you.” Raina said bowing slightly to her. Lightmare was a natural leader.

with a single chimney emitting a grayish black smoke. He had considered just taking to fight and botching the operation himself. but his honor held him to his word.Elemental Heart Several hours later. Lightmare walked onto the outskirts of the Valkira trading camp.” The Priestess asked trying not to stumble on the uneven ground.” Elainia asked just loud enough for her lover to hear. giving the feeling of dusk that Lightmare found fitting given the situation. with Lightmare holding a knotted rope behind her back. with scattered grass patches and some small puddles of mud about the southernmost corner of the draft place. He did not enjoy this at all. “If it’s to get you out of here. It was large enough to hold maybe thirty people. This was indeed hard given the rough terrain. and almost hoped that someone in the place would recognize one of the elder Elemental pair. done. even if he now regretted that word immensely. The roof was made of thin sheet metal that was mostly rusted. and snow as the steep incline proceeded. “I need you to check in on my boy’s for me.” He replied trying not to be seen moving his mouth. Elainia was bound at the wrists. Around the place where many hills that lead their way up to a high mountain behind the structure a mile or so off. Make sure they are doing alright. I need you to do something for me. There could be seen thick trees at the mountain base. The area around it was mostly dirt. The woman wore a tight blindfold around her head. The sun shown low in the Alaskan air. and from the sounds of banter inside. made of flimsy wood panels that looked as though they would collapse at the first sign of heavy winds. was maybe a third full. “Honey. which kept her from sure footing. 234 . But Lightmare made sure not to walk too fast or put her in the way of any troublesome obstacles. The Valkira trading post looked like a frontier salon from the American old west.

” Lightmare again reluctantly agreed. sweetheart.Elemental Heart “You could come with me. The motion almost made the woman fall. Most of the talking stopped as the Valkira sitting about the place turned and looked at 235 . “Ok.” She spat out. more nervous about her coming slavery than his query. “You have been holding a son of Rah? Why did you never tell me? He should be kept in Tempra nor!” Lightmare yelled as quietly as he could. and now to know there was one remaining was like finding the fabled city of Troy.” She demanded. He is the last. Why had she never told him this? Passing off this information was the most well-kept secret in the entire Elemental world. What is it?” “There is a boy there named John Llue Rah.” He agreed. of the Dragonfyre clan. The reality struck home as Lightmare opened the simple wooden board that served as the trading posts entrance. “Promise me you will check in on the boys and make sure they are alright. None of which had to do with the success of the mission at hand. A tale once told as myth. we could do it together.” She replied with a hint of venom in her voice. Everyone knew that the line of Rah had ended.” Lightmare almost stopped her in her tracks. He wished they were further from this place so he could discuss the matter in detail. “I cannot explain now. now made real in a moments time.” Lightmare hopingly offered. and kept secret. He ushered Elainia inside the dank place taking in the smell of stale beer. and there is something else you must promise not to tell Tempra nor or anyone else. but your reaction has something to do with the questions you pose. “Alright.” “I will my love. sweat and trace amounts of urine. “Where are they?” “Seaside. but he kept her balance with the bindings. He wished a great many things at this moment. “I’m serious.

As he lead them to a sectioned off corner to the right of the door. One of the dark Elementals nearest to them spit tobacco on the floor at their feet. When Lightmare didn’t immediately move. The room was dark save for a single window letting light into the center of the room. The Fire Elemental grabbed her as 236 . conversations began to once again commence in the main area. dirty man walked up to Lightmare. and bearded faces with stale eyes. “You don’t talk much. jeans at their legs. pushing Lightmare away in a quick movement. let’s see what you got. Soon they came upon a door to the left. the Valkira continued. and the trio walked through it. Elainia broke free from the bindings. keeping pace with the Valkira slave trader.” The Valkira slave trader said coming to sit behind a small desk that looked slightly less dilapidated as the rest of the building.Elemental Heart the pair. Lightmare stared at the Valkira almost bringing himself to slay the bastard just as a short. Tearing the blindfold away from her eyes she violently started for the door throwing fists at her lover as she tried to retreat from the room.’ The trader observed. “I talk about money. plump. let me see. Lightmare ushered the would be slave in front of him. As he did. then beginning to untie the knot binding his lover’s wrists. “Yes. “Well.” Spoke the short Valkira brushing his mid length brown hair back with an open hand out of his dark eyes. As he spoke. “Well. Some of the ruffians went back to having a drink and playing cards about the circular wooden tables that looked in bad need of maintenance.” Lightmare retorted. “Follow me then.” Lightmare looked at him for a moment. “Bringing in?” He asked with a French-Canadian accent.” Lightmare reluctantly answered. Most of them wore combinations of tan and leather trench coats. the Valkira took a dark bottle out from a drawer in his desk and began to sip its contents.

Elemental Heart she struggled by twisting and hitting him with mock force. It was then he realized he was being forced to play the part. caressing her body parts as if she were just an object devoid of feelings or sentient rights. and then looked at her shirt. tearing from the supposed pain. The woman acted as if she had been hit much harder than she had and began to shuffle. pulling her up off of the floor and onto her feet. until the woman stood in the center of the room nude and shaking. As he looked over her breasts fondling them for a moment. and set his frustration on playing the part. “Don’t mark the bitch!” The Valkira shot up waving his hands for Lightmare to go no further. the Valkira pushed her hands away and ordered her to keep them at her sides with mild threats of pain and anguish. Lightmare watched as the man circled her inspecting her naked form. and seek riches? Tell me traveler I have never before seen. Lightmare’s eyes began to glow a dark orange above clenched teeth. A pinch here and a slap there. With two mighty tears he ripped her shirt from her body to inspect her form further. The Fire Elemental let his eyes cool somewhat. “I still gotta sell her after I buy her from you!” The slave trader came over to Elainia. He eyed the woman’s face. The short man nodded at her full form. With internal hesitation he outwardly raised his hand and smacked down upon Elainia’s cheek. casting her to the floor as she too played her part. finding her features acceptable. Lightmare held in his anger as best he could as he watched the Valkira remove all of Elainia’s clothes. why is this single woman so 237 . “So how much?” Lightmare asked sounding more like a Valkira with every passing word. then brought his beady dark eyes to the taller man. “You come here with only one girl. not even a young one from what I see albeit a beautiful one. Holding one arm over her breasts and another down below.

Within a moment’s time. “Let’s see if you’re telling me the truth. As the woman gasped from exasperation. Removing it as quickly as he had stabbed. Only the small pool of blood on the floor. and the smeared color about her body betrayed the existence of the former wound. “Truly now?” The Valkira walked closer to the naked woman grabbing her by the hair wrenching her neck just a bit. the Valkira took out a small dagger and shoved it into Elainia’s belly just above her pelvis.” Lightmare responded trying hard not to act as if the woman in the room he were trying to sell into slavery was not the love of his long life.Elemental Heart special?” “She has skills.” 238 . “What kind of skills? The Valkirium is full of whores you know.” The Valkira nodded to himself before bringing his eyes up to meet a very disgruntled Lightmare Voon. he allowed the woman to fall upon the dirty floor. the man stood up and nodded. “Where did you find such a prize?” “Elemental clan. a faint bluish white glow emitted from her fingers as if coming from the bones within.” “She’s an Akashan. “Well met. With a move so sudden and unpredictable to Lightmare’s eyes. Lightmare used every ounce of willpower to keep still as he watched his lovers hands go instinctively to the wound. “You wouldn’t tell me if you were would you dear?” He asked her tear streaked face. Soon both her hands glowed the bright color as did her eyes with great strength before the light abated. With complete satisfaction. North American eastern states. the trader moved her hands to check how well she had healed. The blood beginning to cover her nether regions and thighs as the fluid seeped up through her fingers. running across her exposed skin.” “Really?” The little man asked with an arched eyebrow.” He said watching the dark red fluid begin to gush from the wound.

“Put this on. “Don’t look so grim brother. This little bitch will make you gold today. He knew this was but a small taste of what she would soon endure. His face locked in pain.” The slave trader threw Lightmare a small brown leather pouch. walked out of the room morally defeated. yet with strength and living will within her eyes. He wanted to throw it back directly at the man’s face along with a glob of spit. His elemental fire burned hot within his blood. hers in silent assurance.” As the Valkira turned his back to the man and went for his desk. “I just needed to see if your claim was true. He wanted to rage. Lightmare turned giving one last short look upon his lady. but did not care for it at all. which will see me gold as well. It made him sick to have to be there witnessing this. he vowed to enter the Valkira city one day and free her. Though I see no stretch marks. But a single glance from his love looking up at him in such a demeaned state. Lightmare looked down at his heart.” The slave trader grinned throwing a thin white gown with a single brown leather strap at her from a small closet. accosted and molested. If he did as his heart wanted.Elemental Heart Lightmare replied through pursed lips. I hope she will breed. But instead. Even the fact that she laid there in self-sacrifice made him want to free her even more. then all this day’s farce would be for nothing. calling to him to lose all control. One thing the Valkirium is in dire need of is healers. “Here. The two spent only a few seconds with each other’s eyes. “Well sweetheart. But he knew that was not what she wanted. For this he would not wait too long. As Lightmare caught the bag noticing its weight. we got a trip ahead of us.” The Valkira said trying to ease his state.” As Lightmare walked further away from the trade post he 239 . bade him to keep his composure. She lay there bled and naked. he wanted to caste down this entire place and murder every soul within. Silently as he looked down upon her.

Given his emotional strength at the moment.Elemental Heart looked at the small bag in his hand. it must have landed somewhere in India. 240 . Without a second thought. he threw it as far as he could.

they took a few moments to kiss. “Anything with you is worth any wait baby. I was boxed in. Samantha felt so warm in his arms. I never wanted to be this close to a woman. The two bantered back and forth as they strode the best the inebriated pair could. The silent night replied with the echoes of their voices reflecting off of nearby houses that lined the long road. The thought of losing a person I love. and then stared into each other’s shinning eyes.” Samantha joked grinning. the thin lines of her young face arching as she smiled. They both took in the Seaside air with much joy. as Johnny wanted nothing more than for her to be within them. and looking deeply into her gorgeous blue. She looked at him lovingly. occasionally kissing one another. as if opened up to a new age that filled their lives as well as their lungs.” 241 . I’m sure enough to tell you. I never intended to find someone like you. “You know Sam. A lot of things have happened. that I am in love with you. I just want you to know that for me. holding one another in a long embrace. When they had finished necking. felt cut off from myself. In all that. “Was it worth the wait?” Johnny asked raising an eyebrow. He smiled warmly beginning to speak. For a long time I was angry at everything. “Well John boy it took you over two weeks to finally kiss me.” The girl answered kissing him once again with searching tongues. holding in dark secrets only for me. some things I haven’t told you about yet. is my greatest fear. As they came to Samantha’s front porch the pair stopped.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Three Several hours after their first kiss Johnny walked Samantha home along the quiet streets of Seaside arm in arm. Backing away from each other by a short distance. Johnny put his hands at her sides holding her. this is real. They shared many smiles and laughs.

and as they both held that knowledge together and for each other.” Samantha stated moving inside the house. but a new found lust for life.” Samantha started. But in the here and now. “Yeah.” Samantha suggested holding her hands at Johnny’s chest. Tonight’s been great. “Ya know Johnny. That’s what love is. well I don’t think I’m gonna push destiny any harder tonight. her eyes playfully looking him over. and I’m damn happy to be in love with you too. the loss of the past made such a discovery have that much more a sweeter taste. The metal sound of the tumblers falling into place marked the slight opening of the portal. The two rocked slightly in each other’s arms as if consoling a long lost friend. waited longer than I would have for just a kiss. You always treat me with respect.Elemental Heart “Awe Johnny. “I knew from the first moment I laid eyes on that boy by the arcade that there was something special about you. looking up at him.” “All the same I don’t wanna be disrespectful. “You should come in for a while.” The boy replied. they had found what little existed. She said nothing as she put her key to the lock.” As Johnny finished his remark Samantha slowly moved away to her front door. Before stepping inside the girl turned to the still waiting boy standing on the porch. They had both had journeys in life that lead them to believe that there was almost no love left for them in the world. and she likes you. As she did Johnny’s eyebrows came together in wondrous 242 .” The both of them looked over each other for a few moments before coming again into an embrace. that’s what love does. found not only peace. “Oh Johnny. You’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. Besides I don’t think Nana would appreciate a visitor so late.” Samantha tempted him with her sexy smile. With the finding of it. think I’ll play it safe from here on in. the greatest explorers never got anywhere by playing it safe. “Nana is dead to the world right now.

he was not sure. the young woman breathed out an irritated sigh and began to bark at the arrogant man standing tall and uninvited in her home with a superior look about his face.” Johnny said watching the door close. Surprised by the intruder. After the shock of it.” “Good night. The memories of her conquest that night leaving a mischievous grin upon her pretty face as she turned.” Drake let the word fall from his mouth 243 . But as to which side he leaned to at the moment. “But you’re just too hard headed.” “Hey douchebag I said get the fuck out of my house!” Samantha reiterated stepping forward to stand in the man’s face. I’ll be up for a bit if you change your mind… good night. Samantha entered the house and set about turning on the living room light. Samantha jerked her head in the direction of the sound. she started to turn toward the kitchen. her body slightly jumped. “Stupid bitch. Doing so. “What the hell are you doing in my house dick? Get the hell out!” Samantha ordered acting completely unafraid though in her heart she indeed felt fear.Elemental Heart amusement as she turned back to him holding the inside of the door. before turning with a smile and heading down the steps.” Drake said as if inspecting the walls. He needed this time to consider the possibilities and the eventual perils. “Having a good night bitch?” Drake’s voice came from the hallway. Putting her bag down onto the nearest spot by the door. The young man stood there for a moment’s time contemplating the remark. the young woman did not notice the shadow looming in the hallway by the stairs. “You had a chance to avoid all this you know. “And I think you’ve waited long enough to make some discoveries of your own. He had managed to resist not only his own inner yearnings but Samantha’s advances for a couple of weeks. too damn willful.

he stood tall admiring the sight of her naked beaten. After he pulled her shorts and panties off over the girl’s feet. but you just don’t listen. “This could have gone a better way for you Sam. “This could have been forever Sam. His eye’s flared a dark crimson glow as he reached grabbing the other man by his neck and belt with uncanny speed. Johnny went immediately to Samantha’s half naked body 244 . the forces of his hits were unbelievably strong and she had trouble even finding her center. that she was cast upon the nearby couch in a daze.” Drake’s eyes had a disturbing calm about them as he walked nonchalantly over to the couch. and out the wide kitchen window causing an explosion of wood and glass into the back yard. Samantha couldn’t even reply. The girl moaned before coughing as blood began dripping from her nose.” With those words a blast of fire from an unseen force crashed into the front door. Johnny took the man off of his feet sporting a terrible grimace. “Pity. your just gonna be another dead.Elemental Heart looking down at the female as he raised up his arm and back handed her with such force. Drake covered his face with the inside of his arm shielding his eyes. As she began to rise. breaking it apart and sending pieces of wood flying all about the room. her head still spinning.” Drake said beginning to unbuckle his jeans. sending her to the middle of the floor. his actions were slow and deliberate without a hint of moral indecision. Samantha began to come into reality as Johnny’s form rushed into the room straight for Drake. Before she could gain any barring Drake was over her pulling off her shorts. but now you only get one more night. A glint of expectation appeared in his eyes as he bit his lower lip. sexy bitch. Again Drake landed another blow to her face. Drake grabbed her by the back of her hair jerking her up. taking off in a short run and throwing Drake clear down the hallway before him. Samantha tried slowly to get to her feet.

Samantha screamed in horror scrambling backwards away from the arcing flames and making it all the way to the wall. She had to take a moment to believe what she saw there. as he did his best to try and get the girl coherent.” She replied terribly groggily. finding a terrible rage in his chest at the sight of what Drake had done. Coming to stand at the entrance to the living room was Drake Nolen as she had never seen. the girls face became amazed. Thin trails of blood came down from his hair over the sides of his 245 . There was no hiding it now. Johnny looked back at his girlfriend now realizing what she had spied. I don’t think he’s coming back. The girl sat upright huddled in fear as the sounds of slow footfalls came from the hallway.” Johnny believed looking to the hallway and finding nothing in it but pieces of glass reflecting light about the floor. had he felt differently he might be in his way to finish the job. “Sam! Sam are you alright?!” Johnny yelled trying to cradle the young woman’s head. and then looked up at her boyfriend. Had he probably just killed the mortal. Samantha blinked her eyes wide as she came to. His eyes were bright with a glowing crimson red. “Johnny. and he would have to explain it. “Remember when I said there were some things you don’t know about-” Was all he could get out before a thin stream of flames came crashing into his left side sending him clear across the air and out the space where the front door once stood. But the need to protect Samantha came naturally first. “Drake…” She managed to get out. “I think so. why are your eye’s glowing?” The girl asked forgetting everything that had just happened at the unrealistic sight. When she was sure of what she was seeing. “I know. But now was not the time.Elemental Heart covered in small shards from the front door. He looked her over.

“Funny. Not only do I get to kill you. After a few moments the clearlike red aura about Johnny’s hands began to fade. as he too showed his still glowing eyes as if the last embers of a fire. the man could see that Johnny was using a skill unknown to him. But something remained.” Drake said as his eyes flared a little hotter. His clothes had been burned but not him. “This just keeps getting better. as he did a strange clear aura overtook the area around them about three feet in circumference. exerting the flames as they hit his enemy’s body but seeming to have no effect. causing his eyes to burn brighter and a glow to begin forming at the skin over his Elemental heart. As the man looked to Samantha crouched against the wall.” Johnny replied as Drake shot forth another stream of flames.Elemental Heart glowing dark orange eyes. He had a grimace that was heated by a dull reddish light from within his throat. Drake shot furiously with both hands at Johnny. and ceased his assault. The waves of the aura shuttered as they absorbed the incoming fire. Drake realized that Johnny was not shooting back. The two Fire Elementals locked eyes from across the room. His clothes were torn and betrayed the shattered window as pieces of glass still fell from his dark T shirt. A menacing grin upon his snarling mouth as fire engulfed his hands like two molten balls of lava. and then that something came. I was about to say the same thing. His eyes went back to the doorway as if waiting for something. Johnny rose up his hands. Slowly stalking back into the house was John Llue Rah. After the confusion of the situation had passed. As he did. He yelled in excitement. Drake watched in some amazement as Johnny dismissed 246 . but I get to take my first heart. his right fist burst with an aura of flames that licked his skin. The Salamander gritted his teeth as he took in the energy. as Samantha whipped her head back and forth astonished by the unbelievable sight of the both of them.

the young woman shot up thinking only of her Nana. As Drake favored 247 . Drake grabbed Johnny by the neck and head butted him. and showed a glowing pair of crimson eye’s. shooting back a short but horrific blast of fire that hit home upon Drake and exploded over him causing several small fires around the Valkira as he bounced between the hallway walls before coming down upon one knee and looking back at Johnny bearing wild teeth. Johnny let out a gasp of air as Drake quickly raised his hands up again for another blow. But this time Johnny moved aside as the strike came down. then another kick to the side of his knee buckling it. His first punch found its way across Johnny’s chin stunning the boy for a moment. In a sudden realization of what was happening. Then Drake came at him again raising his hands up and clasping them together. heart. Drake landed another hit to his side. sending the younger man back a few steps. The mad ruckus of the Elemental men setting the place a light with small fires about everything in the room that would catch. bringing the mass of knuckles down onto Johnny’s chest. “My turn. Johnny winched at the pain being to hit with such force. As Johnny began to walk at Drake the young Valkira left his kneeling position and went into a full out leap launching himself at the other Salamander. Samantha watched as the walls around the place began to immolate from the fray.” He said with a deep resounding voice.Elemental Heart the absorbing mist about him. The two Elementals hit each other with abandon sending arcs of fire out around them. but he had fought with his brothers many times and knew well how to bounce back. and ran without care to the stairs. rushing up with all haste. and fists. He starred right back at the confused bastard with a slight laugh and an evil grin. missing entirely and sending Drake off balance. Johnny kicked up at him and hit his ribs. and as the blows struck home a blast of fire preceded them along with inhuman strength.

When he appeared in the open doorway.” Johnny commanded as gently as he 248 . and he had to get her out of there. “She’s dead.Elemental Heart the hurt joint and bent down. The Valkira covered in a suit of fire that caught everything unlit to immolate as he passed.” The young woman shuttered eyes looked up at her boyfriend with a tear-streaked face. Samantha could not. The pain about his body disoriented Drake. he found another kick to his face sending him back onto the now fire soaked couch. crying for the first time in months with flooding tears. he did not feel the hands of his enemy lifting him up to stand loosely by his limp legs. There was four doors along the upstairs hallway of which only one was open. Without a second thought. Johnny was not sure if Drake had caused this. which lead to an attic he supposed but spent no time lingering on the matter. However. he could see a pool of blood upon the sheets. an explosion from the first floor resonated throughout the house sending flames up the stairs. we have to go. he caught sight of Samantha cradling her Grandmother who was motionless. Johnny started to the kitchen to finish the job. again casting him out of the kitchen window. Samantha rocked holding the old woman in her arms. and the empathy within him gave the girl a short time to mourn. As the Elemental came up to the second floor he scanned the unfamiliar space. Johnny put one hand on Drakes shoulder and used the other to come at his face with a wild flaming fist that struck with such force it cast the man through the air along with a stream of intense flames. He could survive a burning house. As he passed the stairs he heard Samantha scream. but it really did not matter at this point. “Sam. He knew well what she was feeling. Johnny let himself sit in the moment. Passing around the banister to the doorway he dodged a string coming down from the ceiling. he abandoned his pursuit and stormed up the fiery steps. As he walked closer to the bed on which they laid.

Samantha cried as she rested her grandmother’s head upon her pillow. Johnny brought her to the top of the stairs. “There’s a window….” He tried to convince her as the house began making the sounds of its own destruction from below. She loved you. “Sam. Samantha yipped in pain as a flame hit her leg. Samantha put her to beautiful rest upon the imminent pyre of her bed. As he went round to release the folded stairs. and slowly bringing her to her feet. Reaching in he pulled out a pair of blue shorts handing them to Samantha pleading with her to put them on. Johnny leapt back up to stand beside her looking about for an escape route. The smoke so thick and rising above them like a thick blanket. “No.” Samantha replied holding her chin on top of Nana’s silver hair while rocking back and forth. Then he beheld the door to the attic as a plan began to form in his mind. he unfolded the stairs before ushering 249 . Samantha continued to sob as Johnny led her out of the room.Elemental Heart could to his crying girlfriend. then down the stairs at the sea of fire below them.” She answered mildly oblivious and still in a state of shock. I can’t leave her. she would want you to run. She stepped back up to the second floor behind him shaking her head from someplace between the worlds. is there a way to the roof up there?!” He asked over the cracking of the burning level below them. Johnny went for the string without thought and pulled down the door. starting to usher her down before forgetting his immunity to the heat would not be shared by her. She could not leave the woman without Johnny taking her by the arm. “Honey. her eyes still locked upon the old woman until she was out of her sight. the Elemental began to fear for Samantha's life as she started to cough from breathing in the poisonous fumes. Brushing back Nana’s long silver hair with her hands. Johnny looked back at her. he noticed a clothes basket next to his feet. As she did.

Soon Johnny stood upon the most level part of the house’s top. just the shattered glass and wood streaking across the grass. So out the window he went. carefully stepping onto the ledge testing its strength. pushing aside some dusty boxes and an old fake Christmas tree in the way. With help from Johnny she made it out before slowly following him up onto the roof with fear preceding every action. the young woman put her bare foot out of the window trying to find the ledge. When he was satisfied that it would support them. She climbed first. After a few supportive words from her boyfriend. The girl came to the window and looked out obviously scared. From the third story height he knew that Samantha could not make the jump. it would be too much for even his strong Elemental legs to endure. Johnny headed straight for the window at the rear. Johnny could see flashing red and blue from the window facing the front of the house knowing it must be police and fire crews. he called into the house for Samantha. Johnny opened it as far as it would go and stuck his head out into the night air. Coming to the window. he followed behind her. He had no intention of being questioned by police or news people.Elemental Heart her up into the attic. He saw no sign of Drake which was welcome. Nevertheless. even if he tried to carry her through the fall. which was a little more than an odd slant. He walked near the 250 . so that exit was not going to work. The soot from the smoke marring Samantha’s face with only the streaks of fresh tears showing it true. the thick smoke also finding its way into the freshly opened portal in waves of grey. He did spy a ledge that might be able to support them just long enough to get the few feet needed to begin a climb atop the house. though he maybe could. As soon as he got up into the dark place it was easy to spot two windows at each end of the attic. He saw the dancing red glow from the fire beneath them casting shadows into the back yard.

Samantha jumped up as Johnny held her by the legs. Johnny cursed his luck quickly remembering how sore his brothers would be about all of this. Johnny took in a deep breath and tightly shut his crimson eyes. From here. looking about worried and wearing a horrified expression. “Now wrap your legs around my waist. commanding his Elemental heart to beat fast with energy. do you trust me?” He asked more for his own fears than hers. “Sam. His eyes shot open burning a crimson hue as he mashed his teeth.” He commanded as another great ball of flames began to eat away at the lower levels. and wrapped her arms around his neck holding on with dear life. But there was nothing he could do about that right now either. He hated the sight of what he knew as such a strong woman looking so meek and afraid. The Salamander summoned all his strength. and brought Samantha to her feet in front of him. Time as well as circumstance was most definitely not on his side at the moment. but also many of the locals in the neighborhood had begun to form a crowd around the street. He went back to Samantha. Doing so.” She replied under her breath looking back at him worried. He came to the edge at the rear of the house beginning to judge the distance and height again. who stayed low to the rooftop huddled and scared. “Yeah. two sets of small fangs formed from the enamel of his K-9's. he formed the only plan he could think of. But that was not on his high list of priorities at the moment. Johnny threw 251 . rising up and hugging the outside of the once beautiful home. “Then put your arms around my neck and hold them tight. Samantha did as she was bid.Elemental Heart front and saw that not only had the fire crews arrived. Johnny held her close looking her in those scared blue eyes.” He ordered to his shaken lover. The girl shook from adrenaline. wrapping her dirty feet behind his back.

A few people managed to take some pictures upon its third pass. Slowly they began to circle the house using the heat of the air to raise them even higher. Johnny spotted a nearby grocery store making for the roof slightly unable to breath from the grip of her arms. Instantaneously. The Elemental skidding several feet before Samantha realized they had stopped. the Salamander fell forward off the roof extending his wings. then straight ahead. two flaming rods poured out from both sides of his spine by the shoulder blades. extending perhaps six to seven feet like the embers of burning paper. Johnny flew with all haste. As the crowd witnessed this there were awes and cries as to what this evil thing may be. When she did. carefully holding Samantha as the girl shook holding on with everything she had. Stepping to the edge. stores. the flames cooled into a pair of red-scaled wings that stretched out into the night air like two great flaps of fiery terror. beginning to glide down as he arched up to gain lift. As he did. The twin fires grew in size and width. her mind unable to grasp what was going on. The Elemental glided down turning to his back and crashing onto the roof. Unable to breathe or loosen Samantha’s death grip. until the fire rods grew very large. burning apart what was left of his shirt. Johnny’s Elemental form looked down again holding the young female. One police officer drew his weapon at the sight and prepared to take aim. houses. The awe inspired sight left many bewildered. and streets below her at incredible speed that made her tuck her head back into Johnny’s chest and hold so tight it began to choke him. the girl climbed off him with all haste and tried to 252 . She managed to look over her shoulder and saw the tops of trees. unable to take their eyes from the sight of it. and why it seemed to be carrying the young woman around the immolating home.Elemental Heart his head back looking straight up at the sky straining with all his inner might. but was too amazed to continue the action. the flying creature took off high into the east. But with that.

but still unsure of how she 253 . I’m still the same boy you’ve known for the last few weeks.” He said holding his right hand out to calm the girl. having never known about his alien heritage.” “The hell you are!’ Samantha cried regaining some of her composure. gawking at the Elemental as if he would kill her should she move. his mighty scaled wings lifted up and extended toward the heavens encapsulating themselves in flames. then looked at the tattered and burned shirt over him. When no reply came. before calming as if they had eaten the things whole. “Is this better?” Johnny asked having to hunch over. “Look I-” Johnny cut himself off realizing how he must have looked to her. “It’s ok. he looked up at the girl who seemed to be taking all of this in well by now. his showing skin looked red as if sun burnt. The fire grew until they engulfed both appendages. but tripped suddenly falling down. Johnny stood up and wiped dirt and small stones from his pants. “It’s alright. his teeth returned to normal retracting inside his gums. When they too had receded. the girl frantically crab walked backwards until she reached the barrier of an access door behind her. When only it seemed the fire remained. Ripping the remains of the thing from his body. As they did. Johnny took in a deep breath facing to the sky with tightly shut eyes. noticing her state and tried to console the young woman. So with an uneasy sigh. As Johnny arouse. they pulled themselves into Johnny’s back once again. Grunting in pain. Her fear of this unknown keeping her paralyzed with fear as her back slammed against the metal portal. There she sat. He glanced up and over at Samantha. the Elementals glowing red eyes cooled into their amber hazel appearance. shaking against the door twenty or so feet away. he went about returning to a more mortal appearance.Elemental Heart run. holding his knees and breathing heavily as if he had just run a mile.

” She replied slowly regaining her usual wit. the love in his eyes begging her to accept his hand.” He said rising upright. Slowly Johnny helped her up to her feet.” He clarified. not at all. The matriarch had always been there for her. “Do you trust me?” He asked looking at her with worry. I’m still the same person. blazing into the night like a massive pyre. Samantha stood beside her lover and watched the far away scene with great sadness. Carefully the girl considered it. just didn’t tell you everything about me yet.Elemental Heart should react. gazing out across the town at the glowing home now turning to a fiery ruin. “What are you?” “A Salamander. “Granted. “No. “A demon?” She asked. Even when she was giving advice that Samantha thought of as too negative. I promise. “Well that’s something you bring up before a first date John Llue Rah. that would do for now. always taken care of by her grandmother. When they were facing each other Johnny wanted to press his lips into hers and hold her tightly. but we don’t have the time right now. He could tell from her body language that she still didn’t trust the situation.” He said extending his hand to help her up. “I’ll explain later. not at all understanding the reference. and really. he couldn’t blame her.” Johnny began to walk closer to her but stopped short. “Are you hurt?” “I don’t think so. So many nights she had cried in that place. she 254 . So he turned walking to the edge of the roof with her in tow. but didn’t want to push the situation any more than it already had. She was with him and not running away. “It’s ok Sam. then moved her soft hand to take his. “An Elemental of Fire. Samantha shook her head slightly.” She replied still looking him over.” He stated.” He said trying to ease the tension. That had been her escape as well as her prison from the peril of her lost family.

255 .” Johnny replied reaching in and taking the girls chin with a curled index finger. He reached around pulling her into a tight embrace as she sobbed lightly. Her eye’s wet and full of concern for her future. Her life as she had known it. and with her.” Samantha replied looking from his chest to the glow several blocks away. “I don’t have a home. “You have a home. she just blinked a few times. Johnny knew her feelings all too well. was now completely over. Johnny loved Samantha with all his heart.” Johnny said after kissing the thin blond strands upon her head. But all he could do now was hold her and be there. “Nana.Elemental Heart always took it in and processed her point of view. “Yes you do Sam. “We should go home. and couldn’t stand the thought of her in pain. and now she was gone. He brought her head up to look into her wet blue orbs. She had been her rock through many different and troubling times. give her support. I am your home.” Samantha creaked from someplace low beginning to tear. the last of her family.” Samantha didn’t say anything. putting her head back on his chest looking out at the scene just a mile away. and be the best friend he could be.

What does it matter?” Jeffrey replied seeing at all nothing wrong. almost hitting Robert’s arm as he swung it open.” Jeffrey nonchalantly informed.” Joseph noted watching Mikey enter. “We should talk about his later. All had been filled in on what had happened by the time Jeffrey arrived through the back door. “What do you mean. Mikey knows?” Robert sternly asked having to shift his glasses. “Oh that sounds great man. “Dude.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Four Samantha sat at the kitchen table wrapped in a gray blanket and sipping some chamomile tea Robert had made for her. “Drake’s a Fire Elemental. “You did what?!” Kenneth yelled about to jump clear across the room to pummel the boy. 256 .” Mathew informed looking past Johnny. Sitting at the table around her was Robert and Joseph at their usual chairs. Mikey knows. appearing as mean as the gentle man could. “It’s ok. Johnny and Mathew stood by the counter while Kenneth leaned over the open portal between the rooms overlooking the table. garnering nasty looks from everyone including Samantha. “Told him like two years ago.” Jeff replied grabbing a bag of chips off of the counter and opening them as if nothing was amiss about the situation. “The asshole you guys told me about?” Jeffrey asked pointing at his brothers. he’s basically family. “What’s up dudes?” Jeffrey asked looking about the room and sensing the grim atmosphere with concern. Everyone the room shook their heads at his words in suspended disbelief.” Mikey’s uneven voice came preceding his entrance into the kitchen.

“Drake tried to kill Samantha. “The cat’s out the bag now anyway. Upon their arrival. “Samantha. “Which brings me back to the question of. “That was more like both of you baby. To which Joseph looked over at Robert. I’m not entirely sure if they resembled us. Samantha gave him a hard look.” Johnny said aloud.Elemental Heart “How come the pothead knows what going on and I don’t?” Samantha managed to ask. a most serious aura about him as he spoke. they were unable to return home and settled here.” He continued with a stoner’s laugh. for which Jeffrey gave him a ‘pound’ with his fist. He kept his eyes level and straight. his eyes moving from the girl back to his brother. but what is for certain is that they could procreate with human 257 . But not before killing Nana and burning down the house. Jeffrey went from happy to serious in a heartbeat. Robert nodded. Kenneth understood that expression and confirmed his statement with a nod. what the hell are you? And are all of you like my hell bent demonic boyfriend over there?” “I’m not a demon. “We are the descendants of a race that came to this world over three thousand years ago. about the house I mean.” Joseph kept his eyes on Kenneth for a moment to make sure he knew what he was saying. “I prefer herbalist. “And?” He asked.” Samantha corrected. we are called Bacrana.” Mikey cut in happy with himself and nodding.” Johnny corrected with a sneer. “Well. “That’s right man.” Robert started looking across the table at the disheveled young woman. ready to go seek the future dead. and gave him the same look. “He got away. still obviously upset about being kept in the dark. setting himself ready to explain the whole deal. his other confidante.” Johnny continued leaning against the counter with folded arms.” Kenneth started looking at Joseph.

“Yes and no. “I could ask around. The Young woman was no dummy. Robert scratched his chin pondering the question for a moment then leaned in over the table toward Samantha. Joseph is air and I am an Akashan. heal faster and in some cases within minutes. “Shut up Mikey.” Mathew scolded with a laugh. “Life-force. do you know where Drake lives?” “No. “And there is a form of Elemental called Void. It wasn’t every day you found out that your lover and his family were aliens with super powers.” “You guys are like super heroes!” Mikey shouted with great exhilaration. never asked. “Well if he’s rouge then this won’t be too hard to handle other than the fact that he’s homicidal.” Mathew said allowed as he folded his arms about his chest. 258 . and absorbed this new information like a mental sponge. Mathew and Kenneth are earth with different skill sets. We can live extremely long lives.” “Johnny said he’s an Elemental.” Robert started again. among various other skills that are different for each of us. Thus our hybrid ancestors were born. “That’s for sure but is he alone?” Kenneth posed to the group. “What about Drake? Is he a Fire Elemental too?” Samantha asked now full of curious questions. “Samantha. Are you all like that?” Samantha asked honestly. “Johnny is a Fire Elemental. We are physically similar to full humans but with many abilities that your people do not possess. Jeffrey over there is a Water Elemental. but they only come from the descendants of the Xavian Vortex.Elemental Heart females.” Samantha answered.” He explained.” “A what?’ Samantha didn’t understand the term.” Mikey offered receiving nods from both Joseph and Robert.

“What about the news?” Joseph asked just after it was mentioned without missing a beat. “I’m so sorry baby. “Fire police are still unsure what caused the fire. I couldn’t believe what I heard on the news. the thick smoke still rising from the charred frame and immolated frame. The whole lot came into the room like a heard of buffalo. Everyone in the kitchen could hear the yammering of voices till Kay Kay’s was recognized.” Johnny said pondering the possibilities of everything involved.” Kay Kay answered feeling a little rushed. not wanting to take any chances.Elemental Heart “But if he is a Valkira this just became a whole new level of screwed. Kay Kay bent down and gave the smaller girl a powerful hug. “Well they said it might have been the kidnappers because Sam wasn’t there. a knock came at the front door startling everyone. and the tall girl basically ran into the room without care for invitation.” Kay Kay let fly with an unusual amount of emotion in her voice. and Kenneth left the room griping about who was making such a damn racket. some finding seats while others stood but all eyes glued upon the set. putting a caring hand upon her head. Just then. although 259 . Just then. Mathew followed him to the door just in case the visitor was hostile. “That Samantha’s house burnt down and all they found was Nana’s body. “I’m so happy you’re ok honey. The bang came again with a steady beating this time. Mathew could be heard calling for everyone to come into the living room.” “What else?” Joseph impatiently asked as the television in the living room came to life. Upon it was a reporter at the location where Samantha’s house used to be. Upon seeing Samantha. The television was on very high as a man could be heard talking through the loud speakers.” Kay Kay looked down at the girl after mentioning her grandmother.

” Joseph agreed nodding and folding his arms.) and flew over the on looking crowd. Seventeen year old Samantha Jennifer Lee was not found in the house.Elemental Heart foul play had not been ruled out. the entire picture was blurry and looked like a winged black mass.(Joseph gave Johnny a sideways glance. Misses Lee was found in her bed. But at that point. “True. cause of death most likely smoke inhalation though an autopsy may reveal more. A strange report from the scene was the sighting of something large that was flying around the house. safest place right now.” The television screen popped up a picture of a dark and unclear outline of Johnny carrying Samantha through the air. “That is for the best. 260 . I need a little time before they start grilling me about what happened. The only victim in the fire was one fatality. “We gotta take you to the police station honey. “She should stay here tonight. His large wings spread out with a hint of red at their edges. police ask anyone who has information on her whereabouts should contact your local law enforcement. There was another resident living here that had been unaccounted for. being thankful that the picture was as unclear as to what it actually was. no one was paying attention to it anymore.” Kay Kay stated with wide eyes. Several snapshots were taken with cell phones and one camera.” Samantha admitted moving closer to Johnny for support. Kathy Ann Lee age sixty four. When the picture came off the screen the reporter played interviews with people that witnessed the event. “What did happen? Cause you look like hell rolled over on ya.” Johnny near demanded holding onto his woman.” Robert agreed getting a side glace from Joseph. Johnny nodded to himself. and we managed to get the camera shot. but all in all. “I don’t wanna go there tonight.” Kay Kay reasoned turning to face her friend.

a terrible grating low pitch growling from deep in his throat. a look of amusement slightly showing at his friend’s frustrations.” Joseph started for the kitchen. “And I ain’t leaven till she I know Sam’s safe. When Joseph heard the door shut behind her.” “Never took you as cocky Rob.” Joseph replied not arguing with another set of eyes and ears around the house that night. The sounds he made resonated in the low ceiling and wide walls within the underground chamber which he stood. “I want that boy dead! Both of them! All of them! Every one of those arrogant bastards!” Drake almost commanded forgetting his place in the hierarchy of the room.” Eddie stated biting into an apple.” Kay Kay sneered.” The tall girl said before heading for the bathroom. The clothes he wore had been burned and tattered. You guy’s sure have a high opinion of yourselves. he spoke in a hushed tone.” “That’s fine. And for God’s sake don’t mention anything that shouldn’t be talked about around people. He was so upset that spit flew from his mouth as he spoke. “You just had your chance to kill them both brother.” “Thanks Joey. showing true the nights events. “You can take my bed Kathy. Veins of frustration pulsated at his temples betraying his fast beating elemental heart.Elemental Heart Robert returned the look before speaking. His eyes red and his teeth mashed like an angry ancient god. “We have enough friends that know about our family secret already!” Drake angrily pounded his fist on the long black table before him. “Given the circumstances I believe some time for reflection is in order. This is also the safest place in my opinion. Samantha needs to get cleaned up and rested. “I want a watch at all times tonight. “Don’t start with me Eddie! Not now!” Drake threatened 261 .

just moved few weeks ago after high school. “Drake had me do some snooping around about them. “Mathew Hunter.” The Valkira master turned his head slightly to his nephew Dirichter Vear. John Llue Rah. 262 . “I think you have learned your lessons well. not together when they’re in full force. “For a Salamander that is.” “What about the girl Milord?” Dirichter asked his uncle glancing down at the Dark Lord. “All I’m tryin to say is if we’re going this route. “How did these being come to rest here?” Dirichter asked looking across the table at his two apprentices. Jeff-” Eddie was instantly cut off by Dirichter’s voice. what surnames do they claim as their own?” “Well. Firelord. then we should pick them off one by one. “What do you think Master?” The Valkira apprentice turned to face the other end of the long table. “Death shall befall her as well.” Anton’s nephew stated with some ire. but Drake had an instability about him that chaffed even Dirichter’s nerves at times. “They come here every summer from what I hear. The infant Valkira was known to be emotional as all salamanders were. who stood ever present at his left side. his dark hood low over his face showing only his pale nose and mouth.” The Ancient ordered as if to kill was a painless act.” Eddie tried to reason.” Eddie swallowed and put the apple down retrieving a piece of paper from one of his back pockets. Joseph Force.” Anton Torel replied from his wide chair. “I am alarmed that we did not detect Bacrana movements so close to our current headquarters. Kenneth McCoy. I got their names and the address where they live. bemused with Drakes performance. I will not leave anything to chance.Elemental Heart bearing yellow teeth.” Eddie managed to get out still chewing on a piece of apple. “We must find out what clan they hail from. Yanpre’s son stood with folded arms.

was said to destroy him again upon his return. “Perhaps not all were killed. The Valkira master looked up at his nephew. “Were you not there with your uncle. “The line of Rah must end. “This is what we shall do. A relic used to destroy the body of Vulrintutakon.” Dirichter recounted to his uncle with some pride. To find that a boy had escaped the Valkira assassins was bad enough in and of itself. This boy may have it! To save his brothers honor and return this relic to his father. They were the last. Lord Memnon? Should you not know?” The Ancient asked his nephew with a hint of disdain. “We killed all in our path. was more than enough for the Valkira master to put on his best game face. “Could it be?” Dirichter snapped his head to his uncle in disbelief. But not a single Valkira that night had found the Zyton after searching the house and grounds. he leaned back on his wide black chair.” Anton Torel spoke quietly as if this were to be a secret. so he could then present it before Kon. in combination with the clan of Rah of the Dragonfyre line. This was grim indeed not only for his father’s future plans but for the reputation of his brother Cyclone Memnon. His mouth hung open in thought as he tapped his fingers upon the dark wooden table before him.” Eddie jibbed receiving a grunt from his fellow apprentice. Looking about the cave walls and back to his nephew.” Eddie added continuing to eat his apple. the masters’ irises dancing with electric arcs as was his kin's. that’s Drakes favorite boy. what was that last name?” The son of Vear abruptly asked. “John Llue Rah. “They are all orphans. I watched Liam Rah fall and his clan slaughtered before him. We must draw him out and finish this 263 .Elemental Heart “Wait. Anton thought deeply of the current situation.” The Dark Lord began.

” Eddie answered finishing his fruit in a final wet crunch. for good or for ill. and it would be Anton Torel that sealed the fate of planet earth. his eyes filled with hate.” Anton leaned in prepared to explain his plan.Elemental Heart quickly. this is how the future would go down. The Ancient looked more alive than he had been in a century or more. and if played properly. I can‘t see her not being sought. Yes. 264 . as he was of his own power and strength. she’s only seventeen. his fury leaving him winded and mute. He was as sure of his plan. “You say this girl Samantha is his lover?” He asked acquiring all the information he could in creating his plan. “Probably with them. Drake nodded in agreement unable to speak. grant him a gift that would gain the respect and admiration of his Father and Brothers. but I’m sure the police will be looking for her. “Where is the girl now?” Anton asked looking to Eddie with his electric filled orbs. “Then this is how we shall dispatch them.” He looked at Drake who was still seething with anger. This would set the Valkira world to rights. With all the kidnapping that’s been baffling them. His electric eyes buzzed with thought of action.

Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Five Things had eventually calmed. “Nobody is doubting anybody. I don’t think it’s just that easy. none of us has ever killed anything before. and the group gathered about the kitchen table beginning to talk once they heard the water running through the old pipes in the house. “If we knew where he lived I could go handle this situation right now. “What’s that supposed to mean?” The Salamander asked 265 .” Joseph began.” “This coming from the hot head?” Jeffrey laughed from the back door receiving a heated look from Johnny. Johnny had sent Samantha up to take a shower with some of his clothes to put on afterward. After the tall girl had left for bed the brothers wanted to have a pow wow and discuss strategy. “You doubt me little brother?” Kenneth asked taking the comment as an insult to his abilities. exposure is likely. “Anyway we look at this inevitable confrontation. and the energy in the place subsided enough for the oldest boys to think straight. “You would just handle it? You act like you’ve actually killed another person before. Kay Kay had gone upstairs to sleep in Joseph’s room.” Johnny cut in sitting at the table in the chair nearest to the entrance to the living room. “Really?” Mathew asked sliding down the counter to the refrigerator to make room for Robert.” Robert added gathering coffee grinds to make the third pot of the night. “But he has a point.” Kenneth stated leaning over the open ledge from the adjoining room.” The Earth Elemental spat out arching his eyebrows and yet stating the obvious. “We have a serious problem here.” “And exposure is exactly what Mom wanted us to avoid.

if that fact were any different I’d say let her stay here. “She’s a minor John even if she is seventeen. “These guys may have forgotten what you were like to live with a few years ago but I don’t. who stood still smiling back at him in cocky defiance. this situation has become very complex. “I’d trust Robert’s guesses than most men’s facts. So be careful where you intend to tread.” “I wonder what they’re gonna do with her?” Johnny asked more to himself than his brothers.” Jeffrey finished. “I say we get Samantha to the police station tomorrow before the cops come looking for her here. “I’ll go with Johnny and Kay to drop her off.” Robert gave his opinion. then there may be a master hidden someplace nearby.” Mathew stated looking over at his brother. nodding while looking straight into Johnny’s irate eyes. Once she’s safe. “Johnny has spent many years learning to control his rage Jeff. Their leader leaned heavily in most cases on his intellectual brothers valued thoughts.” Joseph retorted defending his little brother. And if that be so. “I would make an educated guess that Drake‘s friend is also an Elemental.” Joseph stated trying to get a grip on their predicament. “That’s a lot of guessing Rob. Johnny still held his hot orbs upon the Water Elemental. we’ll head back to the house and start the search. and from that line of thinking I surmise that we are dealing with a Valkira clan. After that we comb the area and look for Drake’s hideout. finishing pouring water into the back of the coffee maker.” Robert said preparing 266 .” Joseph said leaning back into his chair as the thing creaked.Elemental Heart folding his arms. You got a killer in you brother.” Kenneth offered his thoughts on the matter. In which case. He knew Robert never gave an opinion unless he had put some effort into the thinking of it. of that I have no doubt. “Agreed.

His first heart.” “I know. what if Drake is one of the people behind the abductions?” Robert added turning round and leaning on the counter receiving questioning expressions from the entire room.Elemental Heart a cup with sugar and cream.” Robert went on thinking on the fly.” Jeffrey said looking over at the Salamander with a measure of compassion. I believe were your words. I don’t like it at all.” Robert admitted. Don’t worry brother.” Johnny replied looking up at Jeff letting the worry of it all show on his face.” “Another thing I was thinking about. “You guys will still see each other.” Joseph stated bringing his hands up behind his head and staring into open space deep in thought. “Your intelligence is scary sometimes. Couple that with what we know of Valkira social beliefs. and we have a murderer with no respect for the female half of our species. was ready to rape and kill her.” Robert replied modestly. “I’m just worried about her. He had killed Sam’s grandmother. “Right. and tried to kill Johnny when he got there. But thank you.” Johnny replied pondering Robert’s point. “Nor do I. and mentioned if I remember his recount of the situation correctly. “Just deductions made from the facts at hand. As well as one that is required to take a Bacraniese heart as a right of passage. Right now she needs you and every friend she has. We know he was surprised at the fact that our dear brother was also an Elemental. “I don’t like how big this is getting. “Well think about it.” Mathew said shaking his head at the Akashan. 267 . that Drake was going to drain his heart. so we have a homicidal young man with a superiority complex and a decent amount of Elemental aptitude.” “Yeah that’s what he said.

“Do you need some more time alone?” Johnny asked clearing his throat. The boy knocked upon the door. This had been his mental trick for years when awful memories of the past crept up from his more darker recesses. and was met with Samantha’s voice inviting him to come in. still looking at his lightly stained headboard. Her lids 268 . her wet hair being brushed slowly to take out any knots. His inexperience at love making made him uneasy on top of that. The hallway was lit by a single light marking the entrance of the vacant bathroom with a shadow. Then after a second they came back up to meet her own reflective gaze. one day he would see his love nude. She had managed for a few minutes to forget everything in the world. What he needed he decided. “No. Johnny felt like he had to avert his gaze from the wet girl looking in the direction of the bed. Turning his head to his bedroom door. As he entered. and then allowed himself to relax in the realization that at any rate. But her love’s logical query brought her crashing back down into reality. Blood rushed to his face as a slight feeling of embarrassment came over him. “Not having any next of kin. was a change of subject to get her shapely form off of his mind. Johnny had of course seen a naked woman before. he saw the girl standing by the mirror wearing only the white towel wrapped about her breasts covering down to a slit exposing her left hip. “I wonder what they will say to you tomorrow?” Johnny started. where can you go?” Samantha put down the brush onto the dresser as her eyes followed the item slowly. he noticed that the yellow light from his lampshade shown from underneath the small gap. Johnny widened his eyes for a moment as if astonished by the situation. but not this close and surely not in his own room. why?” Samantha asked unaffected as she stood at her reflection preening herself. She stared into her reflection.Elemental Heart Johnny came to the top of the stairs.

and a life where she had for the first time felt true love. putting her hands on his chest. I refuse to lose you.” Johnny implied with all sincerity. The probing muscle battling with his. “The state might take me. Johnny couldn’t help but squeeze the beautiful blond girl as he felt her tongue enter his mouth. The thrill and shock of the moment causing him to forget all else in the world. The feeling of Johnny’s hands over her drying skin sent shock waves 269 .” Johnny admitted somberly. Torn between a terrible empty world of loneliness without her family. “I can’t let you do that. leaving her completely alone with only their memory to comfort her. He walked up behind the woman hugging her from behind and wrapping his arms around feeling the dampness of the barrier between them. He lent in his head upon hers kissing her wet hair. “I don’t know. “Maybe we could just run. she needed to have this moment. as they had now become her needs. creating a mixing of saliva had his mind sending chemicals into his body that had never been put to good use. I don’t know.” Johnny turned his head to look at her. The two held one another almost timid at first. Looking slightly up at him she fluttered her blue eyes a bit before leaning in for a passionate kiss.” She replied with a hollow voice. but as the lasting kiss became more excited they held each other tighter and tighter. Samantha reached up and held onto the boy’s face pulling it harder into hers.Elemental Heart tightened atop her blue eyes as she thought of her entire family.” Samantha said leaning her head back upon his. She could no longer resist her wants. now all slain and somewhere in the afterlife. and again only they existed within their own pocket of time. and then resting his cheek upon the back of her head. The girl turned about still within her boyfriend’s embrace. “I can’t lose you Sam.

The feeling of her full white beasts pressing into his chest brought even more desire rushing though him. It had made him believe that he could never get this close to a woman. and those old feelings turned into something else. which made her lovers eyes burst into crimson flames. a tension and anger he constantly had to conceal. The pain of his past a constant monster begging to be set free. As they kissed. controlling him. As he stripped down to nothing she moved her hands down. Johnny could take no more. spinning her about and throwing her upon the bed with great force. He had spent many years secretly waiting for such a moment. Her large tan-lined breasts staying youthfully in place. With gritted teeth he mounted her looking fiercely into 270 . As she went for his pants he moved her hands quickly beginning to remove them himself. she looked up at him with a slightly shocked expression. Yet the young woman moved her finely shaped legs open with submission. It took many moments before Johnny realized she was completely exposed. “Ok. a passion that begged him not to be controlled.Elemental Heart from her head to more sensual places. Samantha was taken back when Johnny took full control. and making him harder than he had ever felt. The girl put her hands back up to his face starting to suck on his tongue. stroking him with a tight grip. He raised his eyes to hers breathing deeply as if punched in a fit of lust. making it wet with anticipation.” Johnny surrendered accepting her kiss as he removed his shirt exposing a muscled chest.” Samantha commanded before attempting to kiss him again. she brought her hands down and removed the knot at the top of the towel letting the fabric fall to the floor with outstretched arms. “Don’t think about it. Yet here he was. The woman put her fingers about his stomach impatiently waiting for her prize. and drew back a few inches looking down at her tight naked form.

“Take me! Get it all out!” Johnny growled for a moment as she spoke. “That’s right baby. an uncontrollable pulse from some place below. connected and exasperated. It felt like a pulsating stream of liquid heat entering her body and forcing her to once again tighten down upon him uncontrollably. Samantha began to bite him all over as she came. Samantha had felt her lovers orgasm before but this was different. kissing again with great passion. The motion within the bed was as excited as it was wet. causing him to get even more excited and thrust harder and faster. She brought up her right leg and rested her foot upon his calve. The thin lines about her lightly freckled face became more like anger than love. It was a euphoric feeling that took the strength from his stride forcing him to plunge deep inside his lover. When Johnny’s lips left 271 .Elemental Heart her beautiful stark blue eyes. With a mighty cry the pulse shot though him and out into her. Samantha felt him enter her and the feeling of passionate elemental heat that came with it. As they kissed with heated actions the Fire Elemental reached down and put her left leg over his right arm at the elbow. With little effort he drove himself deep inside of her. as he continued to push and pull out with great exhilaration. The two stayed in place. lightly biting and sucking on her light red breasts. Her pelvis exploded with physical enthrallment as she pushed herself down and into him. causing him at some moments to pause and savor the feeling.” She said with her thick pursed lips making a slightly crooked snarl. Johnny reached down with his mouth. Both panting. it was much more. biting around it as she moaned with eagerness while giving him words of naughty encouragement. tightening over him. the wet tightness of her causing him to stop kissing to stretch out his neck with mashed teeth. The girl held onto his back lightly scratching it. then took his lovers advice. Within minutes he felt a sensation he had never felt before.

There he saw a very surprised Samantha Jennifer Lee mounted on Johnny fully nude and facing the door.Elemental Heart hers. “What do you mean?’ He asked looking over at her unsure of her words.” She said still panting with a wide crooked grin. Jeff closed it laughing as the keys struck the wood with a clanking thud. “Now we have to work on longevity. Doing what his elder brother asked the boy trodden up the stairs still half asleep and made for his brother’s door.” In the morning hours. 272 .” She cockily implied with her ego ever-present. we got all night. he knocked on the door twice saying his brother’s name opening the portal at the same time. Jeffrey Waters had been asked by Robert to go see if Johnny was awake yet.” He replied moving off of his lover and lying next to her on the bed. the girl turned with sweaty face looking upon him feeling a great sense of personal accomplishment. With his usual care for others personal space. her eyes wide with surprise. “I needed that. eventually finding a set of keys flinging them at the door with exaggerated speed. “Jeff!” Johnny scolded laying his head completely back over the edge of the bed and resting his crimson eyes on his brother.” Samantha replied playfully. Johnny’s eyes cooled down to their amber hazel as he rested upon his elbow at her left side. As he released her leg from his grip. “Besides. “Oh don’t worry baby you were great. “Nice tits Sam!” Samantha bent back hastily toward the nightstand franticly looking for something to throw at the invader. thank you. She quickly scrambled. the girl let out a laugh and a sigh. “Jeff!” Samantha yelled. “I think I did too. “Oh shit!” Jeffrey cried now fully awake.

Johnny nodded as Samantha put a bowl of cereal before him on the table. Jeffrey didn’t push any further than a jovial grin. Everyone knew but no one mentioned it. “Pervert.” The Water Elemental said pointing to the ceiling. which Johnny was thankful for. Hubba hubba!” Jeffrey cried opening the door again just enough to call into the room. Resting his arms on the top of the chair. As Samantha opened the refrigerator searching for a drink. they received looks from both Jeffrey and Joseph. “Shut up. while Robert remained glued to his newspaper. he looked to his fatherly brother Joseph.” “You know what I mean. 273 .” When John and Samantha came into the kitchen a short time later.” Samantha said throwing a blueberry at Jeffrey’s head as the boy laughed.” He said looking at his younger brother. “Nice freakin tits.” Joseph replied without a facial flinch. To which Jeff had no choice but to let out a small chuckle. Then he shut the portal again and proceeded downstairs laughing to himself. Johnny thanked her and gave her a short kiss with proclamations of love following. nothing happened. I sent Mathew out to see if he could pick up a trail on Drake but he found nothing. Joseph went back to reading his half of the newspaper and picking at a bowl of fruit at his side. just the noise. get a room.” Johnny reiterated. “No John. Jeffrey glanced at the two with a wide grin. continuing to eat a bowl of cereal before him on the table. Johnny grabbed a chair and turned it round sitting on the thing back first. “Come on guys.Elemental Heart “Hey Sam. “No.” Joseph let out folding the newspaper and putting it on the table before Robert. “We do need to take Sam to the police. all the way hearing a disdainful growl from Samantha as he descended down. “Anything happen last night?” He asked.

” Jeffrey joked after the hit. 274 . “Yeah baby. that’s how I like it. Be mean to me.Elemental Heart “Shut up!” Samantha ordered coming to smack Jeff on the arm.

” Kay Kay quietly spoke down at her friend.” Kay Kay admitted appearing uneasy and pacing just a bit. The girl was holding onto her boyfriend. Never got into any major trouble but the sight of a cop makes me nervous. I don’t like them. and had reluctantly come to turn herself into the police as if some lost child. Joseph and Kay Kay walked with the other two up to a desk. she as most of her new friends did listened to the advice of Robert and Joseph. I think they mess things up more than help by far. Joseph made his way to a row of metal bound plastic seats and sitting upon one.” “I hate these places. where the officer behind it took the couple into a room down a nearby hall. “Yeah well I can do without it. “Why’s that?” Joseph asked watching the tall girl walk to and fro like a caged beast. unsure of what was to happen to her. “I was a bit of a hellion in my earlier years. Government has too much to do with our civil liberties. and worried that she would be moved far away from her friends new and old. “They’re supposed to make you nervous. All she had now was her boyfriend and her friends. Joseph and Kay Kay walked into the Seaside Police station with Johnny and Samantha in tow. and they don’t like me.” Joseph stated finding her position rather amusing.” Joseph offered as he shifted attempting to get comfortable on the hard surface. watched as Kay Kay walked over but remained standing. That’s their job.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Six A half hour or so later. Still. “We’re probably gonna be here for a while. and she couldn’t stand the thought of losing any of them. “Might as well sit down.” The tall girl looked out the clear glass double 275 . moving her eyes about the place nervously.

The girl pushed open the first set of doors with a confused look upon her face.Elemental Heart doors they had entered. The force of it so awesome the thing exploded into the air most likely killing the driver inside. Moving toward the glass doors. If it could die or be destroyed. Within three quick seconds several balls of fire erupted from the standing man.” Joseph spoke aloud to himself as Kay Kay turned to him confused. “What the-?” Kay Kay barely got out before another car about the group burst into flames with a great whopping boom. so fast. she thought she could see masks upon their faces. It stopped suddenly as the driver began to yell and curse at them. from passersby attempting to flee. Joseph ran outside as the second explosion went off. she noticed something odd in the distance that didn’t look right to her. now!” Joseph ordered as he practically 276 . His brows furrowed with worry at the sight of the elemental destruction. Trash and discarded papers began to whirl about as the sky just above the area started to darken with ominous black clouds. “That’s not like them. but it appeared that there were three figures walking in the middle of the street a block or so away. “Get inside Kay. it looked like a stream bombarding the vehicle. As Joseph continued to give an opinion. hurrying see what was going on. and moving vehicles without prejudice for any of these things. She wasn’t sure. “Like who? What the hell is going on?!” Kay Kay yelled as the wind all around them kicked up into a torrent. The mighty gray billows swirling about the sky raining a hail of lightning between them. it was being done so. Not broad daylight. As the figures walked closer. still focusing on the approaching trio. As she passed through the first set of doors to the outside a car came to almost hit one of the three. Bolts of the natural force struck down upon everything around the three. she squinted her eyes in an attempt to see farther.

for he walked in the open daylight wearing his mask as did the others. with the quick blasts hitting home and shaking the car until the gas line ignited. sticking his head out the window cursing at them to move. The mostly three story buildings around them were gleaming in the mid-day sun. which bothered the three none at all. Drake’s eyes lit up a dark orange from behind his dragon mask creating a thin glow thought its slits. called up to the heavens with open arms and electric blue eyes. The Elemental of Void.Elemental Heart forced the girl inside following close behind. his open palm shot fourth a stream of fire balls that exploded upon the car with furious speed. a green midsized car screeched to a halt right in front of Drake. some in fear.” Dirichter smiled to himself as he summoned his innate strength. Passersby on the sidewalks gave strange glances to the mask bearing people walking without care mid-street. His aggravation was met with a rising hand. Within a few minutes. the people around the street began to gather in small clusters along the sidewalks. his fingers shaking with arcing 277 . The light did not hurt his sensitive eyes too much. As lighting streaked from cloud to cloud Dirichter called some to his hands. A man in his forties with a round face and balding hair couldn’t believe the gall of these idiots. its rays reflecting from every window as they passed. Slowly raising his hand as if taking in the drama of the moment. “Stupid monkeys. some curiosity. The sky above them became a low gray ceiling of storm clouds that rumbled as if Thor himself were captured in the plumes. The car exploded launching it up into the air. Dirichter Vear stalked the littered street with his subordinates at each side slightly behind him. crashing down immolating in steel and blood some fifteen feet away. The Fire Elemental stared back at the driver without any hint of moving. With that action. Soon the hood blew off as the engine broke apart.

then coalesced around his group. As it cruised through the sky Drake fired a massive ball of fire at it. The survivors of the blast cried out. As the bolts hit the group. Bullets whizzed past them as Dirichter held out his hands calling fourth a rain of lightning bolts. Reaching out and stomping down with his left leg. exploding the vehicle and turning it into a fiery missile that crashed into the parking lot taking several cruisers out along with it. Blood began to stream down her forehead as Eddie grabbed the car by the front with titan like hands lifting the entire thing up bearing a snarling face.Elemental Heart electrical strikes. threw it across the air in the direction of the police station. Eddie laughed as a car tried to escape passing him on his left. The woman inside banged her head upon the wheel snapping back into her seat. Eddie brought one of his mighty arms beneath the front of the car and with a thrusting heave. Only to be stopped and put to 278 . The Elemental held the small car up by its front with the rear high in the air. The Valkira threw forward his hands and let the collected bolts rain straight into a crowd of people watching in disbelief. their bodies flew apart in morbid explosions of bloody organs slamming home in pieces to the wall behind them. the lightning abated back into the clouds as the missiles continued to come at them. The streaming jagged points of light came together creating a blue dome of energy that shielded them as they walked toward the agitated police officers. When the dome was constructed. The woman inside held onto her bleeding head and screamed as she watched Eddie’s eyes flare with a red glow mashing his teeth in strain. spread at first. the appendage turned into a fiery pillar that made the car crash into it as if it had hit concrete. Police officers began to pour out of every door around the building drawing their weapons firing at the three Valkira. crawling away from the scene as the rest of the people in the area turned into a mad rush of fleeing and frightened cattle.

calling forth more lighting from the dark sky above. We’re under attack. one crushing three officers as it landed. “What’s up Ken?” Mathew asked as he munched on something. Several bolts came crashing into a cluster of the men causing the cruisers they hid behind to be cast aside into the air. attracted by whatever conductive materials they could find around them in a dance of death. his dark eyes darting from the dial pad to the oncoming Valkira. they tore limbs and exploded others. making their way to the police station his friends had entered just minutes before. Faint arcs of electricity remained after each strike. “Get your ass down to the police station. When he saw one pick up a car and toss it. Kenneth sat in the driver’s side of Joseph’s van when the first car was destroyed. “Just get Jeff and come down here. he slowly got out catching sight of a vehicle flying through the air aflame. snapped six more police officers with powerful electric shocks so strong. Quickly he dialed a number and put the phone up to his ear.” “Under attack?! By what?” 279 . he was lightly impressed save for the fact that the action had apparently killed the driver inside. “What’s going on brother?” He asked now worried himself. Having to move around an SUV parked behind him. Kenneth saw three Valkira attacking everything in sight. Then calling forth another fray. The sound of the fire hitting it had caused the muscled youth to look from the driver’s side window. Dirichter then aimed his arm at the police fire. Within a few seconds the receiver sounded with his brother’s voice. When he realized the sounds were coming from behind the van.” Kenneth ordered in an unusually worried tone. never hearing Kenneth in such a state before. Kenneth reached in his pocket hastily taking out his cell phone.Elemental Heart the asphalt by a barely visible blue shield.

blur your ass off.Elemental Heart “Just get down here as fast as you can!” Kenneth ordered with great assertion. He could hardly believe the sights outside. “Jeff’s at work. being taught as a growing child that the Valkira would never dare attack in open daylight. As he entered the waiting area. 280 . “We have to try. I’ll txt him and be right there. “Look. There the four watched as policemen were being struck down by an array of lightning cutting across the parking lot like the hand of God. They both looked confused as they made their way through a rushing crowd of police. “Are you fucking serious?! What can you do?!” Kay Kay shouted while turning to them as if the two had lost their minds. dodging through the sea of aggressive people.” The comment was met with a nod from his brother. From what he gathered those rules had changed and not for the better. exploding into flames before striking home and murdering them two or more at a time.” “Don’t drive Matty. As another group of police passed them. “What the fuck is going on?!” Johnny asked with his eyebrows so close they could have been mistaken as one. Johnny and Samantha jogged out into the waiting area holding hands to meet up with their friends.” Joseph said pointing to the clear doors as Kay Kay stood in horror. Kenneth made his way into the glass doors rushing as fast as he could. he gritted large white teeth.” Joseph stood aside with Kay Kay as it seemed all the police officers in the building were rushing outside to meet the onslaught.” Johnny said aloud then turned to Joseph. Just then. killing all the unfaithful in his path. Cars and trucks of all sizes flew through the air at the haphazard lines of shooting offices. laying eyes upon his brothers. “We gotta stop them.

” Joseph said putting a hand on his large shoulder and looking the taller man in the eyes. He had to make the right call here. So he took a brief moment to look over his logic before turning round to the whole group. In either case. 281 . unsure of his plan. Either they couldn’t or wouldn’t. He returned her gaze with a strong look that made her relax just a little bit. but didn’t. Joseph walked to stand beside Kenneth. and he looks real powerful. “Yes sir. “Kenneth I need you to take the girls back to the house and wait for us there. The girl leaned in kissing him on the lips. still looking at the chaos outside. “You want me to what?!” Kenneth cried more insulted than anything.” “They’re trying to draw us out. “Expose your weakness to get to you. and used this knowledge to convince him to listen. most likely the master. “They could have come to the house last night.” Joseph stated with surety.” Joseph clarified. Eddie and someone else. “What do we do Joe?” Kenneth asked ready to fight. Johnny turned and held his woman who looked up at him with trembling eyes.” Johnny looked confused. they probably thought if they got to Sam that it would draw you out. “I called Matt. then leaned back with her blue eyes darting back and forth between his. He’s on his way and Jeff is at work but he said he’d text him. “Why do you say that?” Johnny asked looking back at Joseph. Drake.” “Good. He knew his brother.” Kenneth reluctantly obeyed.” Joseph said then looking to Johnny.Elemental Heart “It’s them.” He commanded. “I need you to protect the girls. knew he was a protector. “You guys a flippin crazy let’s just get out of here!” Kay Kay protested thinking she was the only sane person left in the room.

” He replied. For now he wanted to see if there was anything on the news about the apparently public battle. “You’d better. “You too. Completely covered in a black robe 282 .” She said quietly amongst the horrible sounds of windy explosions outside. How they would explain this with a natural disasters or some other mundane explanation was beyond him. As he was taught. Joseph looked over at Johnny. whenever there was an episode upon the surface.” Robert Hamlin turned on the television as soon as Mathew had left to help his brothers. but the humans had a great knack for finding dull explanations for phenomenal events.Elemental Heart “It’s ok Johnny. There he saw a strange figure. Of course this was not always so. As he searched for anything about the situation on the television. He was trained in defense as most Akashan’s were. He was a bit upset that Kenneth had not asked him to come. Robert was a pacifist and had never thrown a blow in a real fight. his eyes starting to turn. such things could not always be swept under the rug so easily.” She mouthed as Kenneth watched for any signs of harm in the immediate area before taking the girls quickly to the van on the other side of the lot. “Now what?” Johnny asked his older brother. “I love you.” Johnny called silently as she watched. “We find the roof. it was done with as much discretion as possible. Robert put the remote on top of the television stand and went to the portal opening it. “You’re the hero right?” “I’ll see you after. a serious look upon his face. He was sure his talents would become useful after the fact. a knock came at the front door. but mainly he was a healer. but understood it.” She replied as Kenneth began to usher the girls out to the van. But with the advent of the internet and information technologies.

this time by the neck choking him. raising its head to show a pale white face and eyes that seemed to have electricity dancing within their irises. He leaned down slightly coming uncomfortably close to the boys head. His attempt at protection was met with a terrible red colored lightning bolt that hit the boy. the figure stood ominously saying nothing.” The figure replied in an accent Robert did not recognize. “Yes youngling. Before Robert could say another word. “Where is the Zyton?” He asked in his deep raspy voice. The Ancient snatched the healer again. Robert tried to shake off the pain about his body as Anton walked up to him grabbing his shirt with one hand.Elemental Heart with a hood over his head. “Can I help you?” Robert asked a little worried at the sight of such a strange man. His body wracked with pain as blood emerged from several cuts about his body. forcing him to the floor. In a terrible crash the Akashan slammed home into the white wall at the top of the stairs. The Elemental tried to regain his footing. “I want the relic. Robert’s body fell from the broken wall and onto the floor as pieces of the barrier fell down upon him. Anton continued to fire the red energy from his hands weakening the healer even further. The healer put up his hand charging it with a bluish white glow. but found himself unable to recover quickly as Anton slowly strode up the stairway.” “I don’t know what your talk-” Robert’s lie was cut off as the Valkira Dark Lord tossed him to his left through Johnny’s bedroom door shattering it upon impact. The force took all the remaining wind out of Robert. causing blood to start running from the 283 . you could say that. He raised the healer up above his head striking him again and sending Robert up the entire staircase. Anton Torel threw both his fists into Robert’s chest sending the healer across the small space into the stairs.

As the other officer tried to shoot Eddie the Elemental simply grabbed him by the hair. “Who are you?” Joseph called down the Dirichter. truck. or you can live I don’t care. He tossed the dead man to the ground before looking up and noticing the two boys above. who starred up at them with glowing eyes. I will find the relic either way!” Anton promised restraining himself from crushing Robert’s windpipe. Not a single car. bringing him up to his knees. as the other Fire Elemental removed his mask to give his enemy a snarling stare. or van remained unscathed. Robert could hardly knell under his own power and began to choke at the applied pressure and attempting to swallow the taste of blood in his mouth. 284 . up there!” Eddie pointed at the brothers. “You can die. stomping onto the injured man with such force his lungs exploded from his mouth in an explosion of blood. Splatters of blood and guts were scattered about in pockets of crushed or smoking human remains. When he was finished the assault. Johnny and Joseph walked across the wide flat roof of the police station. In the parking lot below an officer pulled an injured comrade across the asphalt to a burning car trying to protect him. The Three Valkira had all but killed every person in the area. smashing his knee into the officer’s face shattering bone. When they got near its edge they could hardly believe the scene unfolding before their eyes. Johnny took a special moment to lock eyes with Drake. But his attempt was left futile as Eddie made a mighty leap some thirty feet. Joseph and Johnny looked down at the three. again Anton gripped the boy by his neck. used as exploding projectiles by the Dark Lords. “Dirichter. smiling beneath his hockey mask.Elemental Heart corners of his eyes and nose as he convulsed. He didn’t even have the strength to bring his eyes up to meet the Valkira.

His glowing blue electric eyes set upon the pair. Dirichter dodged away from the blast as his companions moved respectively away from the incoming missiles.” Joseph called down trying to stall for time. Joseph quickly brought up his palms summoning a strong gust of wind casting Eddie back in a tumble over the bike.Elemental Heart “A Valkira!” The man replied moving his mask up to rest atop his head. “So you must be the last son of Rah?!” “So I’m told. then turning his attention to Johnny. Tell me. staggering for a second. Joseph took to the air as Johnny fired. Again Joseph swooped up into the air and flew round to Eddie who was trying to pick up a police bike. fire shooting from his back forming into dragon scaled wings. were you hiding in a cabinet wetting yourself as I drove my blade through your father's skull? Or shitting in a closet while I raped you sisters and defiled their corpses?” A mighty yell came resounding from the Salamanders throat as Johnny's orbs blazed crimson. tossing him violently into a burning car close by. He brought his palms to bear firing a thick stream upon the horrible man. The Valkira turned to the officer rapidly calling a blast of lightning from his fingers that struck the mortal in his 285 . Warlord of the Valkirium and they slayer of all things Elemental. “Things are about to change young one.” Dirichter toyed with his prey. “I am Dirichter Vear. “If nothing else!” Dirichter laughed. Joseph came crashing into the Valkira setting him off balance. coming up and swooping down catching Drake by his shirt. then launched at his attacker. when we slaughtered Liam’s kin like spring pigs. “I wonder how I missed you? I was there that night you know. Out of left field came a shot from a police officer’s gun almost hitting Dirichter. Eddie dropped the bike.” “I thought Valkira never hunted in daylight.” Johnny spat down at the Valkira. and race or time of day will matter little as conflagration comes.

The Warlord managed to stand having been hit many times over the centuries.Elemental Heart eyes cooking his frontal lobe. The Valkira 286 . With each fell came a pan caked disk of fire. adding a burn to each powerful thud. When Dirichter caught sight of Johnny it was too late. and with battle hardened experience returned the blows. The winged Salamander flew in. He drove his hands forward at Johnny throwing out a stream of the charged energy that wrapped itself around the boy sending him flying through the air with a terrible cry of pain upon a still-burning overturned cruiser. tossing him again through the air and into the solid wall of the police station. Johnny hit it high and bounced off slightly. As he sat up he felt Dirichter’s hand clasp his tattered shirt. The man fell to his knees bearing charred black holes where his eyes had once been. Falling forward to the ground. shaking his head in an attempt to hasten his senses into action. He tried to recover as quickly as he could. “I want to kill him!” Drake called out rushing to where the boy had landed holding a dagger in his right hand. sliding down the stucco faced barrier into the bushes below. As Johnny’s head smacked on the muffler with a metal thud sending stars across his eyes that nearly caused him to pass out. As the Valkira came down he rushed forward bringing up both hands with outstretched fingers charged aglow with an electric field. But his strikes were weakened by the continued assault from Johnny. punching the Valkira directly in the face. But a moment was all he needed. But it did little to dismay the Valkira lord. liquefied gray matter leaked out of his head with a slurping plop. Dirichter leapt into the air driving his knee into Johnny’s jaw sending the young man back a few feet. hitting him about his head and screaming in mindless rage. Dirichter eventually got a forearm in at his left blocking a frenzied swing. then came at Johnny with a tight right jab stunning the younger Elemental for just a moment.

” Drake stalked forward prepared to slaughter his prey. but all seemed natural to him in the heated moment.” Dirichter replied now bearing a smile and wide eyes. they sank very little into the mulch and concrete sidewalk leaving impressions of his footfalls burned into the ground. All the young Elemental could see was his enemies in red as if a colored veil had been put over the whole world.” Drake spat raising his weapon and taking a readied stance. With each footstep he now took. his fanged teeth so close together no division could be seen between the enamel. “Get her done. His eyes burned crimson hellfire as he stood with folded wings behind him.” Dirichter said aloud watching the scene unfold. “To watch a God slayer be awoken. Drake was struck along his entire right side. The auras of these people were glowing with rippled spires of energy around them. the power lifting him up and casting the Valkira apprentice back into the parking lot several feet away. “What?” Drake asked coming to walk very hurt and limping to his master. “A wonderful thing you know. The 287 . and letting out a low terrible growl that reverberated through his chest. As Johnny walked forward through the bushes. Rising from in front of the wall was Johnny. His abandon being met with a stream of fire climbing upwards from behind the thick green foliage. The boy’s shoes had burned off and laid in a molten mass of fabric and rubber. they seemed to immolate. the once green and vibrant plant life turning brown before igniting within moments as if the sun itself were passing them by. “Well it’s time to put him to rest. “Well go ahead.Elemental Heart quickly hopped over the bush. The Elemental brought up his right arm wiping the blood from his nose. John had never seen the world this way before.” The Valkira lord said turning his head to look at the foolish apprentice.

Drake stabbed forward with the dagger but Johnny dodged sideways punching in at Drake’s exposed side. The Salamander growled in pain. tired of the hit and fly tactics of the Air Elemental. and as if instinct. Eddie had stopped trying throw objects minutes ago. because Joseph would just swoop down and crash into him only to take to flight once again. Johnny grabbed for the wound with both his hands.” “Enough of this!” Dirichter cried out sending a swarm of bolts at Johnny casting him again into the nearest wall. The cut was deep and bled instantly thick and red. the force of it taking all the wind from Johnny’s lungs. Eddie would try time and time again to lift something up to use as a missile but the object could never find its mark. “Sorry about that. “But I was aiming for your face. After inspecting the wound he looked back up at Drake. Joseph had considered trying to help his outmatched brother. Always being blown aside or dodged easily by his nimble adversary. summoned a fireball from his right hand sending Drake several feet back but not off his feet.” Drake started his taunt. The throw landed lightly as Drake continued his movement turning in a full circle and thrusting forward again only nicking Johnny’s stomach. who had regained his balance admiring his handy work. “Drake! Kill him!” “Come down here and fight me straight up you pussy!” Eddie cried out above him. Drake managed to step back dodging a flurry of fire soaked fists coming at him before ducking low and jumping up with the daggers blade pointing out from the bottom of his fist causing a long slice up Johnny’s chest. The last son of Rah flinched just a moment before punching at the Valkira again and missing entirely.Elemental Heart heat coming off Johnny not bothering him as it had those plants. but was afraid that doing so would combine the three into 288 .

rapidly unpacking about forty feet from where he stood. With a grin behind his mask the Valkira began to walk to the humans. or further if that didn’t work. Now at the end of his rope. He stopped short. “You are about to become downright useless to me Akashan. He could not throw fire or fly. spying Robert in the corner of the place bleeding and weak. “Faggot mother fucker!” Eddie insulted as the gun ran out of bullets. Joseph grabbed at the wound as Eddie continued to fire the gun. which against Joseph gave him a severe disadvantage. So abandoning his usual strategy. Anton walked back into Johnny’s room. the Valkira reached down to the bottom half of a dismembered police officer retrieving his gun. Within his grip the weapon took on a fiery glow. blood spray came raining down through the air. periodically coming back and beating Robert for information that never came. But with the tactics the Elemental of air now used. He then turned his attention to a swat van that had pulled up. With a cry of pain. the thing becoming infused with elemental power. But he knew from the aerial view of what was going on. that he needed to help his brother soon or he wouldn’t have one with him. or I will kill you there 289 . Eddie’s powers relied on his powerful strength and close attacks.Elemental Heart one force making their advantage even greater. ready to take out his frustration on some lesser creatures. just before the bed and looked down at the pitiful Akashan. mid-room. he was ready to bring the boy to the point of death. flying to the nearby rooftop for cover. he began to fire at a rapid pace until one flame-soaked projectile hit the flier in one of his legs. that was near impossible. Pointing it at the Elemental circling above. All he had to do was get the flier in his grasp and he could crush him like a worm. “Tell me which of these rooms is the son of Rah’s.” Anton let the Life Elemental know his intent. The Valkira had searched every room.

he tossed the thing up flipping it over.” The Dark Lord said beginning to stalk toward the huddled boy. “I wouldn’t betray my brothers either. but mustering a middle finger at the man. he moved to the bed and threw open the nightstand finding nothing there. Connecting the dots.” Robert managed to get out barely able to speak. “Hum” The Valkira grunted looking about the room. The marks of torn skin around his eyes and lips left trails of blood both old and new dripping onto his clothes. A terrible looking thing made from leathery skin. There he found a mask.Elemental Heart lying in a pile of your own entrails. finding them coming to rest upon the closet. Anton threw the picture and began to rummage through every drawer tossing its contents about. being held by a slightly taller boy both the perfect description of the Elemental John Llue Rah and his human bitch Samantha Jennifer Lee. His eyes finally settled on a dresser with a large mirror built onto its top. Even as a heap of broken mass. fashioned from the living face of a warrior God that once stood against the Valkira God.” He said opening the door and spying a leather sack on the top shelf. but found only floor beneath it. Anton continued to scan the room with his electric eyes. was a picture of a couple at the beach. There at the edge of the frame. Taking it in hand he opened it to look inside.” Anton walked up to the reflection taking the picture in hand inspecting it. Robert remained defiant and true to his family. and as legend had it. “On the other hand. Looking down at the bed. Placing it back into the sack. What he saw was a beautiful young blond girl in a blue bikini with voluptuous endowments.” “Respectfully sir… sit and spin. When he found nothing. the Dark Lord turned around withdrawing a dagger from the folds of his robes. With a wide smile he moved to the door slowly. “Can’t have you healing your brothers if they manage to escape 290 . a heart left alive is energy wasted. “Perhaps I do not need to kill you after all Akashan.

you’re getting your ass handed to ya today!” Kenneth let out as he punched forward at the Valkira. Behind him were two girls. “I don’t care who you are.” The Dark Lord replied as cheerful as one could be holding the leather sack at his side.” Anton replaced his dagger from someplace beneath his robes making his way to the stairs.Elemental Heart my wards. “Let me guess. After several blows the large boy tossed him down into the space between the open portal and the empty room to the 291 . “Well. only one of which he recognized from the picture.” He kept on as Robert opened his one good eye wide in fear. “Anton Torel is my name. Kenneth grabbed him at both his shoulders head-butting the Ancient causing him to drop the bag upon the stairs. Anton caught his fist with a grunt. you’re pissed you couldn’t get a part in Star Wars?” Kenneth asked as his irises began to give off a sliver glow. Slowly walking down he spied the very large Kenneth McCoy about to take his first step upstairs. As Anton’s head snapped back. Kenneth jabbed in with his held fist making Anton hit himself in his own face with the back of his own hand. It only took him two seconds to realize this youngling was much more physically stronger than he. sending the Valkira crashing into the wall. starting to punch him relentlessly about his midsection. Kenneth called for the girls to wait by the van outside as he turned Anton’s body.” Anton said as Kenneth kept calling for his brother. He forced him against the wall. Kenneth took him by the throat with his right hand and punched him in the side of his head with his left. “Robert! Where you at?!” Kenneth’s voice came from the lower floor. a proud son of Xavian Vortex himself and a lover of fine human cuisine. “Perhaps another time then.

slamming the large Earth Elemental against the door of the downstairs bathroom snapping its entrance in half.” Kenneth informed Anton as he came down to the bottom of the stairs. Still his will to live reached out. crawling into the bathroom for fraught cover. After many electrified tosses the Dark Lord released Kenneth. “Ima stomp dat ass. This only made Anton laugh with great enthusiasm. The large boy reached down and picked the Ancient up by the throat preparing to pummel his face. The Dark Lord slid back his hood showing a pale face and long white hair tied back with a knotted black string. the Valkira chuckled as he went back to the stairs retrieving the leather satchel.Elemental Heart left of the front door. reaching out with a long arm holding onto the wall for support.” Anton let be known as he came back into the room spying Kenneth’s legs trying to stand just inside the tiled bathroom floor. He arched his eyebrows looking at the youngling flailing with pain still desperately attempting to see. bleeding. “For I am one of the 292 . Anton grabbed Kenneth’s forearm with both hands as his eyes quickly changed from electric blue to red instantly shooting several arcs from his eyes and into Kenneth’s. The Earth Elemental dropped him immediately stumbling blindly in pain into the empty room while grasping uselessly at his own face. Kenneth lay weak. “Hiding will not save you Bacrana. breaking apart the frames while causing the entire structure to shake under the strength of the blows. A silvery red blood drawn line came from the corner of his mouth being quickly dejected with a hurling spit. He slammed the boy from wall to wall several times with appalling might. “Impetuous child!” Anton cried as he let red energy rain from his hands. Entertained by the weak and futile display to flee. Kenneth grabbed at his eye sockets as Anton stood tall. and without his usual vigor. The Ancients powers picking up Kenneth and shocking him as the bolts wrapped around his body like a lethal cocoon.

“Keep away asshole! I will mess you up!” Kay Kay warned holding the weapon tightly and unafraid. Small red electric arcs excitedly danced between Anton’s fingers before shooting powerful bolts once more at the boy intending to finish him off. I don’t see it. Quickly he brought his hood up to protect his sensitive orbs. he raised the young woman high into the air jerking her uncontrollably. “Really?” Anton replied sending a single red bolt at the tall girl and wrapping her in it. The Valkira’s innate powers struck the mirror. casting it back at Anton with such force the Valkira flew clear out of the large window behind him. The Dark Lord landed upon the front lawn in a mighty crash of debris taking the wind out of him as he hit.Elemental Heart oldest and most powerful of our race!” He gloated having to remind the youngling who he was fighting. forcing the Valkira yelp in pain and cover his face. With just a bit more willpower. he tore the girl in twain. Kenneth mustered all his agility.” Kenneth’s voice spat as he poked his head out of the doorway. Kay Kay grabbed a nearby shovel leaning against the side of the house and held it up ready to fight. The enraged lord stood up hearing the cries of the women nearby at the other side of the yard. With a fraction of his will. The Ancient shook off the blast as arcs of reflected red began to fade from around his body. his face showing many bruises beside a blood-soaked mouth. Anton snarled bringing up his free hand. moving quickly to hold out the broken bathroom mirror as a shield. launching her two halves away into the daytime sky in a 293 . “Well. keeping his slow march forward at the girls while bearing a sly grin. As he got to his feet. Kenneth’s unsure and desperate plan worked as the mirror reflected the red energy. Then the accursed mid-day sun shown true about his eyes. Samantha began to back up into the driveway at the sight of him. But this did not cause any fear in the Valkira at all. he started toward the welcome sounds of fear.

Elemental Heart trail of organs and blood. flailing uncontrollably as her body flew through the air to the waiting villain. 294 . the entire world went black. As she tried to scream she found that she had lost all motor control. “I have had enough for one day!” The Valkira bellowed as Samantha tried to flee down the driveway past Mathew’s Camaro. and sent another bolt down collapsing around the girl and drawing her all the way to him. To Samantha. Anton brought her to his arms slapping her face with a colossal backhand. Anton would have none of it.

“I wouldn’t stand there if I were you!” Joseph called back. his main concern was his family. Dirichter pondered the words for a moment before a mighty fist came crashing in at the right side.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Seven Joseph limped to the edge of the roof trying to view what the scene below him. It seemed Firelord had created a shield of fire about him the melted incoming bullets with ease. The large Valkira apprentice spent little time breaking bodies before over turning the swat van collapsing it what remained of the swat team about him. He had no time to deal with that at the moment. Joseph let out a mighty cry. “Really youngling?! What could you possibly do to hurt me?! I am better than you in every way!” Dirichter cried out almost about to laugh. The twister crashed in-between both Drake and Johnny. The force pushing them 295 . He needed to know what condition his brother was in. his eyes shifting from the man to his right. casting their bodies in two separate directions across the lot. As the circular cloud dissipated. “You’ve become a pain in my ass!” The Valkira yelled up with amused fury. “Not me!” Joseph replied with a grin. looking up at the Air Elemental with a small measure of respect. and with all his innate strength summoned a gust of wind with everything he had aiming it to come down upon the pair in the form of a small tornado. Dirichter came to stand where the vortex had been. causing havoc. Looking directly beneath him was Drake holding Johnny’s limp body by the neck. At the moment it seemed Eddie was involved with a swat team. but it saved Johnny’s life and at that moment that was Josephs only concern. It may have caused harm to them both. launching the Valkira into a nearby police cruiser. preparing to strike with a dagger to take his heart.

” He said with a measure of proud conceit. Mathew punched forward with both his fists catching the man in his chest with a force that bent the cruiser inward and cast it clear across the parking lot. Both the boys shook uncontrollably as continuous bolts electrocuted them from the dark sky above. “An I look sexy doing it. “I wouldn’t give him any time to recover!” Joseph advised as Dirichter began to climb upon unsteady feet. Mathew Hunter skidded to a stop. Johnny came to fall upon the ground after Joseph’s tornado.” Mathew nodded. The arcs of energy spanned around and within them. his shoes smoking from the friction of the hurried run. But from 296 . “”Damn you’re good. He scanned the chaos around him before looking bewildered up to his older brother leaning over the edge of the high roof. “Right!” Mathew replied looking from his brother to the Valkira launching himself into a darting blur. Coming at the Valkira with uncanny speed. almost all the way to the place where the Swat team once tried to set up shop.” Joseph commended. eventually making both of the boys fall completely to their sides shuffling in pain. He could hardly make out the outlines of the people being slaughtered by the masked man some feet away. flying down to hover next to Mathew as he watched the entombed Valkira come to a metal wrapped stop.Elemental Heart together several feet before Dirichter landed upon broken asphalt as the car skidded to a screeching halt. As the lighting ceased their still jerking bodies spasmed without any motor control and grunting in shear pain. bringing Mathew to his knees and causing Joseph to fall from flight violently crashing to the ground. “Yeah. Mathew hardly got the words out before a rain of lightning marred the proud scene. “Sorry I’m late!” He apologized gasping in lung full of air.

A great spray of blood flew from Johnny's chest like red rain. he turned starting off to his group.” Eddie reached down and picked Johnny up by his hair. He noticed a metal rod jutting out of a concrete block and started over to it. “I’m sure it will piss Drake off that I got to kill you. Taking off his mask. Eddie brought up his large ringed fist and smashed it upon the helmet protected skull of an officer with a loud crack. But truthfully. The Salamanders wings were dissipating into thin streaks of fire caused by his weakness until they could no longer be seen. How the Firelord loved his innate strength. he came across Johnny trying to make it up to his feet. Eddie realized this sign and nodded to himself at the sight of it. and punched straight into it with a fiery fist blowing the concrete block apart. the Valkira apprentice looked about for a weapon. Steadily he placed the rod to Johnny’s open back. holding his side still very hurt from the battle with the other boys. Picking up the rod he banged it against the ground to let any loose pieces fly.” Eddie spoke with a scowl driving the rod through the young man’s back. Eddie looked on proudly at what he had done with a chuckle. Dirichter took notice of the event from across the burning lot. He grabbed the piece of metal. his eyes bereft of life. holding him up to his knees.Elemental Heart the sounds of screaming and breaking bones Johnny could pretty much tell what was going on. then walked the three and half foot rod over to where Johnny was attempting to make footing. Remembering that his allies were also fighting now some distance away. outstretching his arms he giving a mighty howl accompanied by a maniacal laugh. Eddie let his victim’s body drop forward onto the ground. The man fell limp and broken to the side of the van. I don’t really care. as Joseph and Mathew looked up from the ground at their brother lying on 297 . “Good by Johnny. But only a few steps in that direction. With a yell he called to Eddie giving him praise.

He could not help from being disgusted by the death that surrounded the three all about the place. Jeffrey finally came into view. “Over there.Elemental Heart his side visibly impaled and very possibly dead. The Water Elemental spied his two downed brothers. Helping Mathew to his feet. Jeffrey scanned his eyes around. Skidding to a stop and almost crying in the gory pool.” Mathew pointed to the impaled figure lying motionless near the street. rushing to their side. As he approached. 298 . he nervously inspected the form as it gushed with blood from two savage wounds. “Where is he?” Jeffrey asked. angered for not getting there sooner. though it made him sick with pain as he hunched over holding his ribs. only able to watched as Dirichter called for his men to flee.” Johnny managed as blood spat out of his mouth. “Johnny! Johnny! Talk to me!” Jeff cried leaning over the boy and inspecting his bloody face.” Mathew bade him grunting in pain. Jeffrey ran as fast as his legs could take him over to his fallen brother. the young man scanned about with his eyes taken aback by the destruction around him. It would not last long though. “This shit hurts. As the Valkira began to leave together at as quick a pace as they could. Mathew shook his head as his eyes lit up yellow trying to summon enough strength to get to his feet. having to jump over a few pieces of debris along the way. The Earth Elemental attempted to remain standing. The effects of the lightning still made it hard for him to control his movements causing him faltered several times. Joseph tried to stand as well but was too beaten to do so. The Fire Elemental’s eyes burned with all that was left of the strength summoned from his elemental heart. “What the hell happened here?!” Jeff exclaimed almost unable to verbalize the words into coherent sounds. go see Johnny. and he knew it. “Johnny.

With no further strength in his limbs. “We have to get him home to Robert now! Jeff. just gonna do some recon. Joseph flew in to the back yard of the beach house holding his dying brother in his arms. He knew well that he could not take them one on three.” Jeff announced taking off into a full run. His nostrils flared as he looked in the direction of the fleeing Valkira. Mathew hoped for his brother’s sake. They’re too strong. Vengeance took a hold of his thoughts. can you get home on your own?” He asked as Joseph took to flight holding Johnny in his arms. “Don’t do anything stupid bra. “Don’t do it Jeff. I can get him there the fastest. Jeffrey rose to his feet with anger more like rage. He tried hard to walk on both his legs.” Johnny replied winching in great pain and struggling to hold breath in his lungs. but that didn’t concern him now. but still fatal if not healed soon. that he was not that stupid. Joseph hovering unable to stand from his gunshot wound.” Mathew said to himself watching the Water Elemental give chase across the street. but staggered down to one knee still managing to hold Johnny aloft. “Matt. “I’m gonna… gonna die. both Mathew and Joseph came to them in a hurried rush.Elemental Heart “How the hell are you still alive?” Jeffrey asked surprised to hear Johnny’s voice. The barb was too far left of his heart. As he held his brother.” Mathew tried to warn him. forcing his mind to sputter as his adrenaline pumped in massive amounts throughout his body. he called into the 299 . “Moron doesn’t… know his anatomy… Never hit my heart.” Joseph ordered keeping his head fastened as tight as he could amidst the chaos of worry for his kin. but thankful nonetheless. “Don’t worry brother. pick him up and hand him to me.” Jeffrey looked about the two wounds and realized Johnny was right.

“Sleep. The dying boy’s eyes shot all over the room trying desperately to run from the sensation though there was no escape. Robert pushed everything on the table aside to the floor with a crash ordering Kenneth to lay him there on his side facing him. “Apply pressure around the wound!” Robert ordered as Johnny cried from the numbing of pain. Soon he would return to the city of his father with a prestigious gift to be kept in the sacred 300 . “Get him to Robert. a slight crimson pinhead of light coming from the dying boy’s eyes. Anton threw the limp body of Samantha into a small cage not even tall enough for the girl to stand in. He locked the enclosure. “Good Goddess!” Robert cried out.” He commanded.Elemental Heart house urgently for Robert. “Get him in here!” The healer hurriedly yelled going for the kitchen. A pity he thought. passing the ones next to hers along the wall. careful not to further injure Johnny with the door frame as he passed through it. They were full with young females destined for Temple Azora. Over and over he shouted out until Kenneth emerged from the back door looking beaten and downtrodden. As Kenneth rushed in. “Holy shit!” He exclaimed at the sight of the rod running clear through his midsection. “What happened?!” Kenneth asked rushing over across the grass cautiously scooping up the gravely injured boy with his mighty arms.” Joseph ordered. causing Johnny’s view to fade into shadow. for he could use some human flesh to gnaw upon right now in celebration of his personal victory. Robert said his name over and over until his bleeding brother’s head came to rest looking at him. A quick flash of bluish white light came from his palm. don’t worry about me. Robert put his hand upon Johnny’s head uttering one word. Robert soon appeared from the open doorway looking dire himself.

So he sat patiently waiting for the system to connect. The group only came up to the area in front of the long table at the other side of the room as was always the norm. but Dirichter did have a few words to say. I take it the battle went well?” Anton purported from the activities of the boys. This shall make your uncle Memnon very pleased. Sitting in the large padded wooden chair he struck a few holographic glyphs upon the raised desk bringing his many monitors to life. all the way to his chair before his communication center. The Valkira master made his way through the soft earth tunnels into the main chamber that served as both a war room and his personal quarters. Within moments the room was filled with the laughter and loud voices of his subordinates praising one other. patting Yanpre’s son 301 . More from the younger Valkira than his nephew. I come bearing heart” The younger master greeted sounding brighter than usual.” Anton praised the Warlord. save for Dirichter who strode all the way up to his uncle’s chair. But for someone as old as he. As he did.” Dirichter celebrated as he slapped the back of his favored uncle's chair. in-between his smaller tables for cutting and curing long pig. that excitement was to be savored.Elemental Heart vaults beneath the temple of Kon. For the first time in many centuries he was excited about something. He glided past the long table in the center of the chamber. telling him that it would take at least several hours before communications could be established. unable to defend themselves or… to save the last son of Rah. I conceive even a promotion may be in order. “Indeed those Bacrana are a depressive lot. “So the line of Rah is ultimately fallen. “Well met nephew. the sound of an opening door from the chamber down the hall could be heard. He waited for many moments before a series of runes in his father’s language lit up upon the raised screen. Anton sat back and cursed his luck. “Hail and well met uncle.

”No my favorite nephew.” “There has only been one of our race that could survive the Zyton’s power without becoming a slave of Vulrintutakon or worse. and will not be used. with this relic comes inconceivable power. coming closer and closer until they were recognized as familiar tones. I’d hate to be put into a position that would take me from the surface. this relic will go to the vaults and stay there until your grandfather returns to Ter-ra. The sounds started as if far in the distance. ancient and monstrous as it was.Elemental Heart on the proverbial back. “Though to me it sounds like power wasted. Even after he relaxed his body completely the pain remained lighting up his nerves like wildfire. Imagine what we could do with such strength. As his eyes opened he spied the hazy outline of barely visible outlines. The person who wields this relic has the power to slay Gods. “The prestige will be enough for me uncle. It took several moments before Johnny could see Robert’s form standing above him looking in the direction of the television.” Muffled voices came from a distant darkness.” Dirichter enviously spoke wide eyed as he looked over the ugly brown wrinkled thing.” Dirichter could hardly believe his eyes.” Dirichter obeyed slightly dissatisfied at not being able to utilize the relic of their god. “This will go directly to your grandfather.” Anton let slip before taking the Zyton out of the leather sack next to him. Do you understand me?” “Yes Milord. then wracked through his torso like a wave. “And great peril. He heard 302 .” Anton informed looking over the ancient evil mask. a pain from his chest straight through to his back pinched at first.” “You may be surprised where our people are headed young one.” Anton replied. Starting to take in deeper breaths. “Uncle. “I was successful as well. with more seconds the scene began to slowly come into full view.

“How do you feel?” “Like hammered shit.” “What’s up brother?” Mathew asked looking over the end of the couch into Johnny’s view. then nodding after checking his wound. but the bruises around his face made it hard to do. worry about you right now John. you were moments from death. “Healing you almost killed Rob.” Joseph admitted standing stoically in place.” Spoke Kenneth out of view on the other side of the room watching the television for any more reports on the day’s events. “You must have a strong heart.” Robert admitted. are you aware?” Robert asked looking over his bandages.Elemental Heart Mathew’s voice saying Robert’s name. The white wrapping had only a small blot of red where he had been shot. So far they had been lucky enough not to have been recognized.” Johnny nodded trying to smile.” Johnny replied trying not to breath heavy to save himself some pain. Normally these wounds wouldn’t last more than a half hour upon the Akashan. Joseph stood leaning against the far wall just left of the television with a bandage wrapped around his right thigh. “I’m starting to worry about our lost sheep. “Don’t worry about it. but that could change at any minute. 303 . As his full vision returned he began to notice that he was not the only one hurting at the moment. “You almost-” Johnny started. but he had apparently forgone his own health for that of his brothers. then the healer bending over him and inspecting his eyes. you should thank him. He leaned there with folded arms bringing his eyes around to look into Johnny’s. “John. He gave the hurt boy laying on the couch a nod and a smile. “Good to have you back.” Robert ordered lightly patting him on the head. which was returned in kind. “I don’t doubt it brother. Robert’s right eye socket was marred with purples and blacks accompanied by many deep cuts about it.

” Johnny said wincing in pain from speaking. didn’t look like you would when I saw you last brother. He didn’t think the event had taken so much from their leader. Kenneth glanced across the room at Joseph with a look between confused and disbelief.” Jeff received a steady nod from Mathew and looks from everyone except Johnny. who could not turn from the couch to look. “Where the hell have you been all day? It’s an hour past nightfall. “Can’t believe you made it. What’s our next move?” Jeffrey asked looking over his right shoulder to Joseph.” Jeff cried aloud coming to knell next to Robert and clasping a hand on top of Johnny’s left. No one ever came out but I found the way in.” Robert congratulated bringing his eyes back to Johnny’s wounds. collect our things and leave.” “Good work Jeffrey. “Waited for several hours and looked the place over. “Bra!” Mathew shouted clasping hands with his brother and giving him a half hug. especially his courage.” Joseph scolded more worried than angry. “Heard my name. He had suspected that leaving Seaside would be a part of the plan.” “Robert pulled me through. they got a base there beneath the sub floor.Elemental Heart “If Jeff doesn’t get his ass back here soon I’m-” Mathew almost finished as the boy in question walked into the open front door. Anybody miss me?” Jeffrey Waters announced aloud with his usual flair. “Recover. “Flee? That’s your answer?” Jeffrey quickly stood turning around to face him slightly irate.” Joseph stated matter of factly. 304 . but to not take retribution was inconceivable. “Followed those bastards all the way to the old warehouse on Sixty Third. “Oh damn.

“Everybody that’s been killed. “Joe. go to their house. “Thank you!” Jeffrey continued giving Mathew a side glance.” Kenneth started instantly getting Joseph’s attention. “We should gear up. Joseph had nothing to say as he leaned against the wall folding his arms and mashing his teeth together.” Joseph frowned as he said those words. they attack us and our home. even if some did not want to admit it. The beaten crew stayed in place taking in what had to be done.” Everyone stayed silent for a moment. And so what if we got beat! We weren’t ready!” “Like we are now?!” Joseph yelled back. “We have all been outmatched. and you’re ready to run?” Jeffrey almost yelled at Joseph throwing his hands up. Elainia had taught them to be stealthy and to 305 . A certain fear came over them as a whole. “We have to do something. Johnny almost died along with almost every cop in Seaside. It was apparent that ego’s had been bruised along with skin and bone.Elemental Heart “That’s bullshit. “What?! Hell with that! Had we not come here those jerks would be killing and kidnapping everyone in town. we should have never come here in the first place.” Mathew stated taking a step forward. “Hell yeah!” Mathew conquered with the statement almost as heated as Jeffrey about the idea of running. Their mother had taught them to avoid confrontation. “Hold your breath cuz you won’t hear this too many times in your life. but could not bring himself to admit it. they all knew it. He knew in his heart that the other boy was right. but I agree with Jeff. We have been discovered. He held a heated visual lock with Jeffrey trying to take in his logic. and kick the shit out of them!” Jeffery yelled even louder. What do you think we should do?” Joseph almost yelled defending his position with his own logic.

we need to have a plan. He started to tear with thoughts of what they would do to her. but they were all thinking it. “That was my fault. his elemental heart putting everything it held into healing his wounds. In this area they were severely lacking.” “More the reason why if we do this. 306 .Elemental Heart choose carefully when and where to use their powers and not to commit to open war. “Where’s Sam?” Johnny asked choking slightly on the words. and Kay was killed in the process. He was an ancient. “Tell him. “She was taken. His orbs tried to ignite crimson but fell away with a lack of strength. Joseph more so because he didn’t like to be challenged. it would take all of us to put him down even if we could. His emotional pain held him paralyzed. Mathew agreeing shortly after. “Hell yeah!” Jeffrey yelled back stepping up into Joseph’s face. and Jeffrey because he chose his battles in the family and stood his ground when he knew he was morally right. it wasn't.” Johnny’s eyes shot open as Robert spoke. “She was taken.” Robert recanted to Johnny.” Joseph stated readying to commit to an attack. and subconsciously they all knew it. “That Valkira was no ordinary elemental. and how much he loved her. No one wanted to say it. “Just run in there and tear the place apart?” Joseph raised his voice at the boy. Jeffrey and Joseph still looked into each other’s angry eyes. bust in there and kick some ass.” Mathew said still looking directly at Joseph.” Kenneth spoke under his breath feeling though he was too weak to protect the girls.” Jeffrey said through gritted teeth. The large boy prided himself on being the biggest and the strongest. “No Ken. and in less than fifteen minutes he was proven weak and wanting. unable to move his eyes from his Akashan brother.” Robert said looking up at the largest of the clan. “I got a plan.

Joseph gave Jeffrey one last hard look before releasing him from his grip. “I’m in charge! Not your temper! If we do this it’s gonna be done my way! On my terms!” Joseph turned his head to the rest of the group still trapping Jeff to the wall. In a quick fluid motion.” Robert said checking Johnny’s wounds again.” Joseph ordered backing up with a severe limp and coming to stand at the entrance to the kitchen. 307 . pressing into his chest with great force and glowing blue eyes. he grabbed him by his shirt turning him round slamming Jeffrey into the drywall. The rest just watched as the scene unfolded before them with suspended disbelief.Elemental Heart Joseph had taken enough lip from his younger brother. “Try and get some rest.” Robert admitted. “He’s right. I’m going to clean up out brother’s blood from the kitchen floor. looking back into his brothers glowing blue eyes still defiant. Joseph hardly ever lost his temper. I will heal each of you in turn as my powers recover. “Listen to me. The eldest brother had obviously been pushed to the brink of his mental limits. listen to me right now!” Joseph exclaimed as Jeffrey tried to struggle away ever pinned by the weight of his older brother. The Water Elemental shifted his shirt with a shoulder jerk. when we have the advantage of the sun. “Anyone got a problem with that?!” No one on the room dared to speak.” Joseph let fly from his mouth before staggering into the next room freshly hurt from the quick action. When no one answered him. “Get some rest. “We attack just before dawn. and he had never grabbed any one of them the way he did just now.

” Rebecca called out from the adjacent cage into the new girls. “Thank the Gods you’re alive!” “Keep your voice down. She heard the familiar voice again from her right and turned to look at the source. “Samantha wake up. The girl was obviously depressed beyond repair and severely malnourished from the look of her thin face.” She tried again. “Oh my God Samantha they got you too?” Rebecca said almost about to cry. only lit by a few light bulbs stringed together along the earth ceiling above her small metal cage. covered in dirt and wearing nothing but a pair of filthy red shorts. “Rebecca!” She snapped forcing the girl to come 308 . “Drake and Eddie. “Rebecca!” Samantha yipped coming to the cages edge and reaching through clasping hands with the other girl. As she took in her surroundings the girl noticed she was in mostly darkness. covered in what looked like a thin layer of dry mud above several abrasions around her once pristine teenage body. “You don’t want them to come in here. She was unsure if this matted look came from being dipped headfirst into a mud puddle or from weeks in this place without a shower.” Samantha said silently getting no response from her friend.” “Who? Who took you?” Samantha asked trying to figure out as much as she could. When she touched it she let out an expression of pain that snapped her senses into awareness. Everything on her mostly naked form.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Eight “Samantha. They take us sometimes and do things…” The girl let trail off as she looked past Samantha with vacant eyes. but Samantha reasoned the latter.” Rebecca hushed. and two other guys I never saw before. Samantha started to stir bringing a hand up to her bruised face with a grunt. “Rebecca. There she saw her lost friend Rebecca Green.

” Johnny watched as the reporter on the television told the story of how Seaside was now in a state of martial law. Robert patted him on the leg and again asked him to get some rest. “Them. Lost someplace within her own mind attempting to find some respite to escape the horror of her new reality. just like mother showed you.” Rebecca replied looking to the other side of the room.Elemental Heart back to reality. All of them holding young girls apparently abducted as well. “Oh my God…” Samantha could barely get out at the sight of it. then stood up and walked into the kitchen where Joseph and Kenneth sat at the table. Samantha looked back at her friend.” Johnny said still lying in the couch. They were both almost fully 309 . but it kept falling back to thoughts of his lover.” “You need to heal right now John. There Samantha saw a whole row of low cages maybe twenty or more. “I can’t let you all go out there alone. With Drake as her master who knew what may be happening to her as he lay there incapacitated. “Who is us?” She asked holding Rebecca’s hand even tighter. He tried to keep his mind distracted with this. His bandages had been changed again while the noise from the television played on in the background. “Concentrate on that. Apparently.” Robert replied sitting in a chair beside him facing the Elemental. How she was somewhere with those beasts probably scared and alone facing the horrors of the place. the National Guard had taken temporary control of the city. Seaside was not the only place missing their children. who had again left this world taken refuge within herself. “I wanna fight. They were all mostly naked and covered in filth. starring back at the new girl with empty eyes amid worried expressions.

“It’s not your fault.” Robert was cut off by Joseph.” Joseph rose up from his chair and stared off again as if looking out into another dimension.” “What?” Robert asked as Kenneth lifted up his head listening.” The leader said his eyes snapping back into reality. But Joseph still kept his eyes in another world.” The Akashan said trying to get some response from the other man. the Air Elemental started off past them and into the living room. “We need daylight but we can’t let them out under the sun. With that. We’re the products of a pacifistic lifestyle brother. But all Kenneth could get out was to look back at him and say ‘Brilliant’ shrugging his shoulders.” Joseph continued as if not hearing his brother at all. Robert noticed that Joseph was looking more beleaguered with every passing hour. “Joseph you’re not making any sense. drinking coffee to pass the time. She taught us how to hide. how to self-heal but never once were we brought to know the sword. Robert came round and sat down beside him.” Robert tried to get through but to no avail. “Good job Robby” Joseph said clasping the healer on both his arms and looking past him somewhat. by default it IS my fault. how to absorb elemental energies. “Brilliant. “Mother also never taught us how to fight. “That’s it. “Mother asked me to lead. These men were Valkira and are trained to kill with rage and hate. He turned to his behemoth brother sitting in the chair to his left looking for answers. to rain lighting from the sky. obviously uneasy about the mission at hand.” Joseph replied unable to break his self-loathing. 310 . Absolutely brilliant.Elemental Heart healed thanks to their elemental hearts. “That’s how we can even the odds. Robert’s face shifted having no idea in the faintest what Joseph was talking about. receiving confused looks from both his brothers.

Blood flowed freely from it now as if pushing poison out of a wound. As he did this he arched his head up as if straining to force out the pain inside him. A tapping came to Mikey’s bedroom window around one in the morning.” Robert turned sitting correctly in the kitchen chair. “Yes I believe I am. grunting primeval sounds from deep within his throat. his eyes fell flat as did his head about the pillow falling to sleep within moments. The bone fragments within snapped back together forming solid bone. The waking boy stumbled across his dark room thinking some impatient customer was throwing rocks up to his second story bedroom window. As the fire ate away at the once white wrappings they exposed the deep fleshy gouge next to his elemental heart. then 311 . He managed through years of memory where everything in the dark space was from his bed to the curtained portal. But at that point Johnny was exhausted. only stubbing his tow once and cursing whoever it was that had dared to disturb his nightly slumber.Elemental Heart “Yes.” Johnny laid on the couch with his eye’s flickering in and out a hot crimson. his brother Joseph floating in the air beside him. the muscle came together in threads bonding with blood and twisting back together into fine strong meat. He mashed his teeth. As he pushed aside his curtains and opened the window. Mikey wiped his eyes and looked below them to make sure that what he saw was the truth. he would will himself to be ready. and with it the meat and muscle far beneath began to stitch itself together at a rapid pace. The bandages wrapped around his chest began to turn a brownish black then came alive with flame. The sinew sprayed itself all about the interior of the wound clamping back into strong fibers and preparing the skin to smooth over as if nothing was ever there. Before dawn. he was greeted by Jeffrey Waters standing upon a pillar of flowing water that formed from his feet.

Holding it for support was Jeff. we need ya. The muscle was still bruised. “I’m coming too.” Spoke Johnny rising up covered in a brown blanket.” Jeffrey replied with a wide grin.” Joseph stated in his most serious tone. walking to the only open entrance to the place and traveled down the wooden slope to Joseph’s van. Mathew took the panel. A half hour later Joseph used a power drill to take the last screws out of one of the mirror panels off on the wall at the Funzone. Kenneth took the thing from his human friend slowly placing it into the back of the van.” Robert called back from the second floor. as the large mirror came loose from the wall and handed it to Mathew who was standing next to him. The gouge had almost completely closed.Elemental Heart looked back up at his friends in disbelief. Joseph scanned over his younger brother with thoughtful 312 . “Holy shit man you can fly too?” Mikey asked grinning as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. “Saddle up dude. “Robert. just a minute. only showing hints of dried blood around it. Getting there he placed the thing carefully on the sidewalk. “I don’t think that’s a good idea John. you ready?” Joseph asked walking into the house as he yelled up the steps. Johnny let the blanket fall to the floor showing his wounds. still favoring his chest. “I can do this. but showed little in the way of the damage done less than a day before. From there. stacking it alongside two others.” Johnny said trying his best to stand tall. showing no pain or fear. “Yeah. and leaned it up to Mikey who was waiting for him by the back of the open van.

The Salamander went for a shirt that had been brought down for him earlier and placed at the back of the couch. then collected his false demeanor before continuing outside. got it?” Joseph made him promise. but shrugged it off knowing that as soon as he could such apparel would just burn away. He knew in his heart that if he left Johnny there. And then he would be just a random element in his plan. as fresh blood surfaced from the wound. Joseph couldn’t have that. then rushed back outside to his van. Begrudgingly. “Promise. the stubborn young man would find his own way to the warehouse. all he could do. “You stay with me and do everything I say.” Johnny replied. he thought quickly of a part his lame brother might play. not with so much at stake. He stopped for just a second. Joseph called one more time for Robert to hurry up. considering how well he knew his stubborn sibling. It was after all. 313 . He had no time to notice the crossed fingers behind Johnny’s back. Johnny started off to the front door but found another serge of pain jolt his back.Elemental Heart eyes.

They all looked over the massive structure together. deteriorated from lack of maintenance. and at that time.Elemental Heart Chapter Twenty-Nine The Warehouse on sixty third and front streets had been a productive economical asset in Seaside. and some had not. Almost all of the large windows in the place had been knocked out by passing storms or from the adventures of hooligans. 314 . All of them orphans. and fought one another as brothers do. enclosed in most places by a rusty chain link fence that went from the cliff overlooking the ocean around the wide boundaries of the place. raining down a yellow light that did nothing to help navigate through the darkest shadows of the night. until it had been abandoned more than thirty years ago. unsure of what was to happen in the hours to come. Only a few of the lamps still worked. A few trailers that had long ago become useless sat in a row along the far side of the trailer lot. all six of them coming to stand together side by side at the open entrance to the lot. Only a central in-closed one story room still stood unaffected. grown together. It had mostly been a warehouse and distribution center for the last ten years of its active life. They had gone through pain together. and now looked like a dilapidated and hollow concrete structure marred with the erosion from decades of salt water air. but nonetheless a necessity. The asphalt lot around the three sides of the old place was tarnished with eroded holes. The building loomed before the boy’s as they exited the cars. most of the walls had been gutted out to make room for storage racks and forklift travel. Still for all of them. but sure that they would do everything in their power to protect one another. Large flat tires held up leaning frames whose sides had caved in. Slaying those who had tried to kill them once already would be difficult. some had known their families at an age of recollection. they looked at one another as family.

can truly understand their likeness in another? They were bonded by experience and love. They were forged though loss. they used what little outside light came in through the dilapidated structures various holes until Johnny ignited his aura bathing everything about them in a dark orange hue. already mapping the place out and knew just where to go to execute his plan. Traveling into the darkness. For whom but those who have been forced to share similar pains. laughs and good times. They resented having to make this change. past the open gate and heading straight for a wide open door at the top of a small concrete ramp. went against 315 . They had always tried to make the most out of every situation.Elemental Heart They had helped to teach one another and protect each other. as the rest of the boys came to a large pair of metal doors near the very north end of the building. and unrelenting murder and slavery. They had thought of a life of work and recreation. this awful but necessary change. Traveling into the realms of the Valkira willingly. Finding the best in this one was like asking them to betray every moral they had ever been taught by their foster mother. All that had been taken from them faster than the young men had had time to adjust. Jeff broke off taking his position outside by the cliff. prepared to do what was necessary to end these lords of fear based control. that comes after you die someplace inside. Joseph started off as the group followed. To come here with the intention to murder. The group encircled around the door casting serious glares down at the subterranean entrance. they moved to a set of short stairs leading to the sub-basement. prepared to engage the most powerful and hostile of enemies on planet Earth. Joseph had been here an hour before. Now they were together in battle. There was a loving bond that existed between these young men as if they had been blood brothers. This was something the boys had thought they would never be doing. As they arrived.

“Ok. This one was recently constructed from the looks of it.” Mathew grinned slapping the intellectual on the back with enough force that the man had to readjust his glasses. sneak in find the girls. Something had to be done. pulling the thing open and exposing another long 316 .” Kenneth finished with a nod. or to their family. “Bloody well hope so. He went for the metal door handle turning it with care. begged them to betray their own principles. “Then cave this bitch in. you three know what to do right?” Joseph asked more for his own sanity than their own sake.Elemental Heart every tenant of their beliefs. as Kenneth and Robert stayed close behind spying everything while staying as quiet as possible. we got this. “And into the underworld we go. and get them out. The walls here were made of solid concrete and had a musty smell of mildew. Too many people had been hurt.” Robert added blinking his eyes and feeling an overwhelming concern for everyone’s wellbeing. tip toeing to another door just sixteen feet away. Mathew stalked down the chamber. The doors to the subbasement opened slowly. the look upon his face seriously grim yet at the same time held anticipation. Mathew trying not to make a sound but the metal hinges still creaked with age. This had gone too far already.” Robert let out bearing an uneasy smile. Softly Mathew crept in. “Don’t worry Doc Robert.” Mathew answered as if Joseph had not drilled his entire plan into the boy’s head three times already. It was their moral structure that now. Not that he wasn’t worried about his brothers. if any of his kin were hurt he would feel that it was his own doing that caused such travesty. “Yeah Joey. lest these malevolent creatures do more harm to others. “Just make sure I’m out of there before you go ape shit?” Asked Robert a little worried.

nodding to Mathew and staying hidden from view just outside the door. Drake lay on his side facing the wall making only the slightest of rhythmic sounds. Mathew’s peeked his head around the opening into the room to their right. one to go. holding enough room for the bed and a dresser. there were two rooms left. facing what looked like a bunch of straggly lit. raised screens arranged like a holographic web. At the far end of the room appeared a chair of some sort.Elemental Heart chamber made of what looked like heat blasted sand and packed earth. Arriving at the next opening on the left was a chamber that housed a long wooden table with several smaller ones around it. Eddie slept snoring from the bottom bunk. He stayed close to the walls while scanning the area trying to make out the rest of the interior. covering himself with a blanket that went from chest to mid-calf as his feet stuck clear off the edge of the small bed. From what he could see. Mathew pointed to his own eyes and down at the chair bidding Kenneth to look himself. The lights split at every intersection. Three down. trying not to disturb the light bulbs that hung from the dirt ceiling by a continuous string leading down the entire length of the chamber. after which motioning for Kenneth to follow him. Mathew pointed to Robert then to the room. one up ahead on the right 317 . Only the few feet in the center served as a walkway between the two pieces of furniture. Kenneth followed in having to duck most of the time. Kenneth scanned the room. From the slight movements around the chair in the distance Mathew could tell that someone was there going about some kind of work. The chamber was very small. Coming to the first intersection. Mathew thought to himself as he sneaked past the large room. There he spied a bunk bed with a sleeping Drake and Eddie upon it. steadily creeping as he moved down the earthy passage. leading into different rooms along the length of the passageway. only a few feet away at the opposite earthy wall.

at least he assumed. he didn’t want to alert the prisoner to his presence just yet. Slowly he crept to the nearest room. Mathew set about moving to the voice as silently as he could. They looked at the boy with pleading expressions. creeping low to the ground. But instead he found a face he had not seen since last year.” Samantha whispered coming out of the cage and hugging Mathew tightly around his neck. “We need to get her and get out of here. as his irises blazed a yellow hue granting him the strength to pull the thing apart. Then a whispered shout from further down the line called to him by name. It seemed she was sleeping or in a daze. “Those rest. “What about the rest?” Samantha quietly asked with a serious frown pulling away from him as she stepping back. but you are my brothers woman. There he saw a huddled and half naked Samantha. “Oh thank the God’s. There he saw a row of small cages in a dimly lit room. darting his eyes around in case someone was hiding about. As he did a sharp stretching sound followed that ended with a low ping.Elemental Heart and another further down curving to the left. Carol’s body appeared limp and although he wanted to try and help the girl. taking a careful look around the side of the entrance.” Samantha pointed across the room to the fifteen or so girls now alerted to the presence of possible freedom.” He pointed to the first girl. Coming to the enclosed box of iron bars. he could barely make out the form of a girl in a fetal position.” Mathew replied making the attempt at a joke in the serious atmosphere. Carefully he crept over to the trap. 318 . lying in the first metal cage along the wall to his left. “What rest?” Mathew asked in hushed tones. Mathew grabbed the lock telling her to keep quiet. he hoped that he had just found Samantha. “Not that I’m opposed to being smothered in breasts. kneeling in the small cage around her. some almost coming to the point of sobbing. From his vantage point.

Elemental Heart “Shit.” Mathew cursed under his breath. “Ok, Ken and Rob are down here with me. I’ll open the cages, you get them out.” “Ok, but there’s still one more.” Samantha informed following Mathew to the farthest cage. “Where?” He asked pulling the first lock apart with glowing eyes. “The one called Dirichter took her about a half hour ago. They went out into the hall to the right.” Samantha recounted as she turned to look at the hallway. “I don’t know what’s happening to her; she isn’t screaming anymore.” Mathew stopped for a moment to look at his friend. After a few moments of contemplating what she meant, his eyes opened wide with the horror of the realization. His eyes drifted down to a girl no more than seventeen in the cage before him. Her petite body covered only in a pair of ragged underwear. Everything else was covered in dirt and streaks of sweat that led down her frail nude form. At her skin marred with whip marks that looked many days old. As he looked at the young woman’s eyes, he saw the depressed stare that came back up at him. Once again he looked at the entrance to the wide chamber. “Oh I’ma bury these mutha fuckers…” He quietly spat with piercing yellow orbs now pulsating with fury above clenched teeth. “The Zyton? Well brother, this is a surprise.” Yanpre Vear cheered as well as the evil imp could from the raised monitor before Anton. “It should be brought to Valkira prime and placed within the vaults at once. Tell me, how did you come to find the relic of Vulrintutakon?” “From the last son of Rah.” Anton replied bluntly. “What?!” Yanpre shouted as if the whole world had just come to an end. “Yes, it seems the youngest of all fathers sons missed one 319

Elemental Heart that night. But fear not brother, he has been dispatched, and his bitch captured for fear she may be with child.” “Kill the girl and be done with it then.” Yanpre demanded. “She is quite a beautiful thing to behold brother. If she is not with child, then it would seem a shame to waste such a female.” Anton replied. “Your son’s tastes are not unlike our brothers, I fear some of our stock may be broken in already.” “Very well but this is on your head brother, and tell my son to find his own woman lest I make sure grandchildren are no longer an option. I will have no loose ends. Bring all you have to Valkira Prime with all haste. You have done well brother; I look forward to seeing you, Yanpre out.” With that, the short hairy man disappeared from view leaving only deep purple Valkira glyphs on the raised holographic screen. Anton reached for some human flesh that had been recently cured at his side, taking time to enjoy the succulent meat. As he chewed he looked over his victories. He had destroyed the life of John Llue Rah and all those he loves; he had taken his woman Samantha Jennifer Lee, and would have her any time he choose, and if he choose to. What a grand life he lived while in the wake of destroying other people’s lives. In the end, he cared not for any of them. All he wanted was what he wanted, and then they could all be disposed of. Used up and dead for all their trouble, for he cared only for his own personal wants. The name of Anton is and always would be synonymous with the power of selfishly using others for his own whims. Kenneth looked down the dimly lit passage at the first girl coming out of the chamber Mathew had taken just minutes before. He shook his large head disgusted at the state of the young woman, motioning her to come closer and stop at the other end of the guarded entrance. Then another came out of the room, then another, then another. Kenneth’s eyes widened at the trove of stolen half-starved filthy teens lining up behind the first to reach 320

Elemental Heart him. Shaking his head again at the sight, he looked into the war room to see if there was any movement coming from the chair at the other end. He spied Anton's form reaching beside the chair. Quickly he motioned the girls to move past the door, quietly ordering them further down the passageway to where Robert now stood. One by one the girls passed, the stink of them filled his nose making him feel even worse for the young women than he had before. Finally he spotted his brother creeping out at last with Samantha in tow. Mathew turned his head looking further down the hall to the last room where Rebecca was hoped to be. After nodding to his large brother, he moved to the last room of the place. As he began to stalk the corridor to Dirichter's personal chambers, Samantha split off meeting up with Kenneth. Mathew slowly made his way to the Dark Lord's entrance way, peering around its edge, only to witness a horror inside that made his entire body cringe. There he saw Rebecca standing limp about the far wall. Dirichter stood behind her beating the girl’s naked form, a leather strap flying through the air from his evil grip. She was bleeding and broken. Dirichter brought the whip round once more before rushing behind the girl as she whimpered. The Valkira wrapped the whip about her neck as she stood chained in place, then drove himself forcefully into the unwilling young woman. As he punished her with unwelcome thrusts, Rebecca let out small cries from her throat. With every push, Dirichter pulled harder upon the whip again and again. Mathew gritted his teeth turning and almost slamming his back against the dirt wall behind him. He could not even as much as he wanted to, attack the Valkira until the other girls had been safely taken out of this nightmarish place. So the Elemental had to wait and listen to the terrible sounds coming from the room, hating each moment as it ignited the rage building within him. 321

Elemental Heart With every grunt from the portal by his side, his anger grew with the anticipation of the first strike. His brothers needed to hurry, for with each passing moan Mathew’s patience grew thin. As the girls passed Robert, the Akashan motioned for them to be as quiet as possible, not wanting to arouse the sleeping Valkira boys before the proper time. Passing, he counted them; coming all the way up to fourteen by the time Samantha made her way to his position. Robert patted her on her back lightly and mouthed ‘good to see you’ as she passed by him nodding and ushering the young women before her on. Joseph watched as one by one a line of filthy young women came out of the underground entrance looking worse than anything he had ever seen. He watched as some of them began to cry, wanting to say something to them but finding his words unable to pass his lips. The Elemental closed his mouth, tightening his jaw as two rock hard balls of cartilage and flesh formed under his ears. Shaking his bewildered head at the sight of it, he nodded to his brother Johnny as Samantha passed. Johnny stood trying to act as if the pain throughout his chest wasn't throbbing, begging him to find a place to lie down. The Salamander noticed as the girls began to emerge from the stairs, scanning each one over as they passed and praying for his lover to emerge. When she finally did, he strode fast to her with no care for the intense pain wracking his body. With all wanting he wrapped his right arm around her with more relief than he had ever felt in his life. The feel of her brought a mist to his eyes as he placed his cheek upon her soft hair. While she embraced him tightly saying his name, he made an uncontrollable cry of pain that resonated from his torn from. “Watch yourself Sam, he's really hurt.” Joseph hushed to her quickly pointing to his brother’s chest. “Are you ok baby?” She quietly asked, raising his t-shirt 322

Elemental Heart shocked at the sight of the wound. “By the God's.” “Just a flesh wound hun.” He lied causing Joseph to roll his eyes at the comment. “John, take the girls to the car.” Joseph bade him, not wanting the boy involved in the fight if he could help it. “Ok, I'll be back” Replied Johnny, ushering the motley crew together with Samantha's help. “And if I have anything in the van, find something to cover them with!” Joseph ordered shaking his head once again. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. Although he did not expect so many captives, he was glad that they were now out of that nightmarish place. The young man silently cursed himself for ever thinking of leaving Seaside without a fight. Had he convinced his family to do so, who knows what would have happened to these young women. Not to mention Samantha, not only his brothers love, but a woman that had come to be a friend. Joseph Force turned back to the entrance way into hell with a menacing scowl. Never again would he allow himself to think of such a poor choice. Never again would he ever think of turning away from his friends. He let that feeling well up inside him, like a pot about to boil over. Feeling the press of his teeth within his mouth, he went about preparing the next stage of his plan. When the last of the girls had gone from sight, Robert nodded down the long earthy passageway to Kenneth who in turn nodded to Mathew. Each got ready to do their part, sneaking into each of the three rooms individually. All of them held a feeling a dark trepidation save Mathew, who also felt a rage he had never held before. Mathew slowly turned, stalking in behind the Valkira joyfully thrusting and unaware of anything else but his sick pleasures. As 323

Elemental Heart he reached the back of the sweaty man, he quickly grabbed him from behind pulling him away from his bleeding captive. Dirichter struggled as he was brought back several feet pawing at the arms around his neck and head. The Valkira snarled bringing his arms back as far as he could and placing an electrified palm upon Mathew’s skull. The shock hit the Earth Elemental with crackles and snaps but Mathew’s anger was only heightened by the pain. With great speed he released Dirichter, pushing his back and casting the Dark Lord forward into the table at the left of the room. Violently he grabbed the sweaty man by his shoulder, throwing him hastily into the opposite wall. Still coming at him, Dirichter prepared to bring his energy filled hands to bear. But Mathew’s speed was still too great for him to overcome, and with this uncanny speed Mathew blurred in, beating him all-around from head to stomach with lightning fast strikes. Hit after hit landed in a flashing blur supported by bright yellow eyes. Mathew could not be blocked or parried as he hit Dirichter so fast that the heavy aftershocks of numerous meat packing smacks took any breath the Valkira had from his lungs. Finally with beaming orbs he slowed to normal speed, giving one last mighty hook across Dirichter’s swollen face, sending the beaten lord down to the floor without sense or reason. Standing over the beaten and bloody man, looking down upon him with a justified hate in his eyes Mathew considered kicking him until his disgust subsided if that were even possible. But a sound from Rebecca's throat caused him to cease this line of thought. He turned and looked at the girl still strapped to the wall, and quickly moved to his beaten friend. With a mighty pull he tore the hook supporting her, leaving the woman to fall straight down with no strength left to support her swollen legs. Carefully he knelt holding onto her bruised arms, helping her to rise, as she slowly placed her filthy feet upon the dirty floor beneath her. “It’s alright honey I got you.” He said supporting the 324

Elemental Heart young woman and looking her over as if he himself wanted to cry. This girl had been his friend for many years; she was like extended family to him. Even then he felt the need to drive his very fingers into Dirichter’s chest cavity and tear his heart out with bare hands. Rebecca’s face was covered in bruises, a fat lip sporting fresh blood, obviously from her recent terrible encounter. Her head shook as the girl hunched over as if unable to grasp the world again. She tried to stand, hardly able from the stinging pain swelling between her legs. Mathew removed his leather jacket placing it over her while holding onto her arms as if she may fall apart at any moment. It was all he could do, and that to him was just not enough. As he helped the emaciated and emotionally damaged woman out of the room, she abruptly stopped confusing the young man. Catching sight of Dirichter still limp and laying half propped up against the far wall, Rebecca stared at the bloody heap. A look of anguish crossed her young face. Slowly she began to stalk up to the beaten mass coming to stand just above him. She started to cry, but that depression turned into a rage Mathew had never seen in her before. She kicked the downed man with such a fury Mathew’s jacket flew right off her back to the floor behind her. Her entire body trembled as she grabbed a shelf set into the wall by deep anchors and used it as leverage to sustain her flying feet. The girl kept up with such abandon that the anchors gave way, sending her crashing upon the floor as the shelf came spinning down with her. This did not stop the enraged fury as she scrambled over on all fours picking up the shelf and slamming it down several times upon the Valkira’s head until his pale skin began to give way to bloody bone. Blood splatter hit the young woman all about her breasts and face from a squirting vein launching the metallic taste in her mouth straight out of Dirichter’s beaten skull. When Rebecca had lost the strength in her arms, she dropped the shelf to the floor at her side falling to her bruised 325

many times composing that music himself. Mathew decided he had seen enough. From the pure fury Rebecca had just displayed. Kenneth permitted his heart to overtake his eyes beaming silver with elemental power as he ran right for the first small table before him. she went from a hurtful sneer to a maniacal laugh in seconds. Kenneth dodged to his right just in time to avoid the shot.” Anton sneered letting his eyes brighten and sending fourth jagged bolts of red from his outstreatched fingers directly at the Earth Elemental. Another series of jagged red bolts tried to hit home but instead met the wall behind Kenneth. You have already decided to invite it upon yourself. He grasped the girl up slick with sweat and blood. striking the dirt floor and blasting out a large hole of earth where he once stood. So when he heard its notes of chaos coming from someplace within his underground chambers. Anton knew well the sounds of disorder. Looking over the beaten heap. Mathew watched in horror as the girl went insane before his very eyes.” Anton informed bringing his hands together meeting fingertip to matching fingertip. and was prepared to finish the Valkira off should he begin to fight back. “I can see no point at times like these for words of assured death. forcing the laughing woman out of the room dragging her back into the passageway. He did not expect to see the large boy from the beach house standing at the other end of his war room with folded arms. “As you wish. and now the blood covered joy that had gripped her. But that was apparently unneeded. staring him down. At first he understood it completely. looking about her blood soaked body covered in the thick red fluid.Elemental Heart knees. “Ready for round two asshole?” Kenneth nodded to the Ancient ready as ever to let the beatings commence. caving in that 326 . the Ancient stood up out of his chair and turned with deliberate speed to see what craziness had come over his current abode.

trying blindly to make his way to the back of the room. Kenneth picked up the table before him and held it as a shield. hoping to hit him with the exploding projectile. Kenneth picked up the side nearest to Anton and tried to flip it on top of the Ancient Valkira. the broken table stopped midair. in most cases deflecting them back at the Elemental in a hail of showering blades. As the bright vapor subsided. crushed by the strength of Anton’s electrically powered grip. eventually grasping a row of blood stained knives and throwing them at the Ancient. But before it struck home. When Kenneth ran out of objects. Splinters of timber from the table shot out across the room in a rain of thick shards.Elemental Heart section of the room with powerful booms of falling earth and sand. Kenneth quickly scanned about starting to grab for anything in sight. As the table cracked in half with a heavy crunch. obscuring everyone’s view in the chamber. colliding straight through with a great loud snap. “Take this…” Kenneth slammed his fist into the Ancient’s 327 . Wood and energy exploded engulfing the room for a moment’s time. Anton easily shot them from midair. Anton found himself beholding four of the largest knuckles he had ever seen in his long life. being encased in Anton’s energy grip. Kenneth reluctantly let go as the small table was pulled forward across the room. Anton reached out with his hands and let fly more of the red lightning. a crest of arcing red energy snapped to a point quickly tearing down cracking the table right in half. Kenneth kept up his distraction throwing the first table he cleared. taking hold and wrapping around the wooden shield. but again Anton took it from the air crushing it happily as close to Kenneth as he could. he dashed straight for the long table at the center of the room dodging powerful sizzling bolts as he went. From mid-top. When the younger Elemental came to the thick wood he rose up his mighty arm forcing it down upon the table.

As he got to the chambers entrance he looked back with an air of intellectual arrogance and shifted his glasses back up his sweaty nose. Robert watched as they passed with a muddled look about his face “She’s gone mad?” He questioned himself as both Eddie and Drake stirred from their slumber and shot up awake. Swiftly the Akashan turned to the bunk bed. “Magic use’n…” Again he crashed his knuckles into Anton’s gut. crashing back into their respective beds.Elemental Heart face. he slipped. “You old ass…” He swung a wide left hook knocking Anton back in the other direction. smashing his right fist into the Ancients gut with great force. “Who is YOUR daddy?” He said as cocky as the Akashan could possibly 328 . initiating both the Valkira to fall limp instantly. dragging the manically laughing Rebecca with him. “Tricky…” Kenneth grabbed the meat between Anton’s right shoulder and neck. “Go back to…” He commanded as he pushed upon the boy’s forehead with a glowing right palm. “Mother Fucker!!!” He brought him arm all the way back over his right shoulder. The monitors detonated in heavy sparks as the controls shorted out all about the Ancient. Staggered and trying to stand. colliding into the Valkira’s face and sending him clear over his chair into the control panels behind it. Robert stood tall striding out of the room. crashing down to one knee holding onto the broken control panel for support. Anton’s body fell limply to the floor but not all the way as he kept his feet beneath him stopping the tumbled fall. “YOU!” Eddie howled alerting Robert. Her voice almost masked by the first sounds of explosive power coming from the war room. Mathew passed the room Robert was in with the still slumbering Valkira apprentices. When the two began to snore loudly under his potent spell. “Sleep!” Robert continued bringing his bluish-white palm across Drake.

“Come on!” Mathew cried an instant later. “What’s the situation?” Joseph questioned as Mathew brought the girl up. As Johnny and Samantha reached the two vehicles with the pack of abducted girls.” Robert said to himself shuffling backwards out of the room still looking over his work with some pride.” Joseph ordered. “Quite right. Again he noticed another naked and filthy girl. “Where’s Rob?” Joseph asked as Robert came double stepping up the stairs with an unusual spring.Elemental Heart sound. dawns approach was just starting to lighten the sky from the east over the wide ocean. He had no time to dwell on the terrible reality of it all. “What now?” The Akashan inquired looking back and forth at his two present brothers. Within a moment the young woman began to sob loudly. Joseph watched as Mathew carried the screaming girl up the concrete stairs from the sub-basement with some difficulty. Mathew approached Joseph holding a large mirrored wall panel across his chest starting back down the stairs again. But this time apparently out of her waking mind.” Mathew responded as he wriggled to get Rebecca off the last step and over to an exposed steel beam ten or so feet away. yet still sounding as if she were laughing at the same time. starting off with a slight limp quickly grabbing another panel from the stack about the nearest wall. “This is about it. Go tell Jeff to get ready for us. instead kept his concentration on the task at hand. “We stick to the plan. When he got to the steel seat he let the girl fall to the floor as gently as he could. Robert nodded then started to jog away in a northeasterly direction. which was more comical then could be taken seriously. Joseph then turned. The Fire Elemental opened up the back of the van telling the girls to get in as Samantha 329 .

but he managed to bring his eyes up to her beautiful blues. The young women crammed into the Van. “Go get em. As long as he could behold those precious orbs in his mind there was nothing he felt he could not do. feeling an overwhelming pride at the bravery of her lover. Her curvy frame. and large dirty breasts made it hard for him not to notice. starting off back to his brothers. The sight of those eyes looking back at him was the pinnacle of paradise.Elemental Heart helped him to move the group. “Then go help your family. When this was done. favoring his chest as he traveled as fast as he could go. he stood facing Samantha. but not all were able fit. “You’re my family too you know.” He whispered giving a worried glance at the ruined warehouse looming over them.” She reacted with a crooked little smile. submissive pose. having to make some room in the IROC for the remaining girls to sit. “I know baby… I know. Johnny moved to the other car. “You have to go back don’t you?” Samantha asked after he could find no words in his throat to emote how much he was glad to see her again.” She whispered to him as he made his way across the sandy street. “They’re my family. But quickly he broke. I have to.” 330 .” Johnny kissed her deeply and with so much passion that the girl wanted to wrap her arms about him.

331 . The sight of it made him a momentarily nervous before recalling what his native element was and letting the feeling subside as fast as it had come over him. His eyes scanning over the Water Elementals profile. seeming to pull the moisture from the morning air around him in a hazy blanket of mist. the water itself defied gravity coming alive in a spinning colossal spire of seawater shooting up into the dawning sky a hundred feet into the open air. and promised himself to take such intuitions more seriously the next time he had them. but instead of swirling down deep into the water it seemed to be rising up off the ocean surface. It made a sound like a roaring waterfall and a tornado all at once. As it increased in speed it grew in size. being careful not to slip on any loose rocks or dirt. Robert made his way over to his brother watching Jeffrey standing about with outstretched arms. He jogged along a short strip of tall grass between the building and the cliff face forty feet high overlooking the ocean waves. and various other things caught up in the mighty spinning tower. spraying seawater around the boys as if it were a heavy rain. and the sight of it took his breath away. he watched in some amazement as Jeffrey engaged in summoning his power from deep within. Sighing. Robert turned his eyes down over the cliff face with a bit of unease. As he came into a small clearing Robert remembered being at his place just a few weeks before. crabs. After several moments.Elemental Heart Chapter Thirty Robert raced outside through an open doorway at the very northeast corner of the building. sensing then something beneath the earth. He cursed himself for not trying to make any sense of it. From the ocean below a whirlpool churned in great swooshing splashes of saltwater. Robert could see fish. The Akashan spied Jeffrey standing at the cliff face holding open palms out before him as if trying to catch the ocean itself.

“Quite right! I’ll just let you know when!” Robert fumbled behind him waiting to give Jeffrey the proper word. he hoped that word would come soon. Lightning shot out of his eyes and his hands surrounding 332 . shaking with exertion and strain as his eyes blazed a radiant bright blue. “Know what. but kept slipping weak against the broken control panel.” Anton smirked as the Elemental stalked to him. he made ready to end this bastard here and now. the red energy began to pull at his skin attempting tearing his body asunder. He threw his head back and called everything he had out from the depths of his soul. From the look of strain that his powerful brother was emitting. While he beat him. His limbs stretched and contracted violently creating tears on his skin as the Elemental howled in horrific pain.” He spat grasping the cleaver tightly in his right hand. raising the Elemental viciously aloft. Retrieving it with surety. As Kenneth closed in. Finally the Dark Lord slammed him down on top of the first half of the long broken table. The large boy scanned around spotting a meat cleaver off to his right side laying still on the dirt floor. He had played weak for long enough. Kenneth watched as Anton shifted trying to regain his proud posture. Kenneth cried in agony as the Valkira Ancient tossed him side to side beating his body against the falling dirt of the walls and ceiling. smashing it into several pieces as he crashed the insolent child down upon it. “I have had enough of this Bacrana! I have walked this world for countless centuries! You are not the one to bring me down!” Anton Torel screamed in bloody murder.Elemental Heart “Joseph said to stand ready!” Robert yelled over the loud raging torrent. “I’m gonna cut yer God dammed head off. “Rob… now… is not…. Anton let fly his lightning tendrils wrapping up the man and squeezing him. the time…!” Jeffrey replied barely able to speak.

Faster and faster it swirled about him arcing from limb to limb and body to floor. Kenneth raised his bloody arm covering his eyes. They crouched behind the reflectors holding them up with their shoulders as Kenneth slowly moved with labored breaths to help support the panels between Johnny and Joseph. Anton screamed at the unbelievable sight. “Hey asshole!” The Salamander affronted over the sounds of the energy consumed air.Elemental Heart him in a massive aura of red phantasmal energy. when he heard one of his brother’s voices from behind. starting to crawl as fast as he could out into the passageway. Soon as he passed the threshold of the chamber. causing everything it touched to explode. The place began to shake chaotically with instability as earth fell down all about them. “Ken stop goofin around and get back here!” Mathew called from around the corner of the wide entrance. and ceiling. Joseph. The energy grew hotter and stronger with each passing moment. Johnny then stood clear up waiting for the energy consumed Valkira to look where Kenneth had once been. The walls caved in as did parts of the ceiling as the final frays hit Anton and surrounded him with an enormous electrified force. wall. firing forward without thought and hitting the standing mirrors as Johnny instantly ducked down behind them. As Anton prepared to fire his massive red blot he looked forward spotting the formerly thought dead son of Rah standing at attention and giving him the middle finger. “Let’s get out of here!” Joseph ordered as the group 333 . Kenneth shook his head at the satire. and Johnny came to stand in a row holding up a mirror panel from the floor up. Mathew. The titanic multi jagged bolt reflected back encompassing the entire war room. tossing anything not nailed down around him spinning about. shredding his cloak and tearing the skin off of half his skull in a shocking massive burn.

Elemental Heart dropped the mirrors and started for the exit. He backed up all the way to the fence and yelled out to Jeffrey. His head ached as his fingers shook physically imitating what he felt in his thoughts. almost completely drained of all his elemental vigor. Robert saw the earth near his feet begin to cave in amidst the trembling all around the place. Jeffrey’s eye sockets were encompassed in bright blue as if he were a terrible specter. “Jeffrey! Do it now!” He screamed through the violent wind and hard rain of the raging torrent. Recovering from his empowered state. slapping them to the earth in the direction of the newly forming hole. he still had one card yet to play. Most of the sea water slammed home into the hole forcing its way through until there was nowhere for the liquid to go. When he felt strong enough. He sent out his mind’s eye to feel the earth above the very center of the place. All but Mathew ran the entire way. coming over and crashing into the hole as he brought around his hands in a fluid motion. rock. he pulled down causing a central cave-in that spewed dirt. “Matt! Let’s go!” Joseph called in snapping Mathew out of his concentration. Mentally he commanded the spire to curve above him like a slinky. Robert held onto the chain link fence as he was covered completely in the typhoon. Great breaking sounds came from all about before the seawater found its way to the cliff starting to drain down from whence it came like a great waterfall. The Earth Elemental turned just past the entrance to the first room summoning his innate powers. Seawater sprayed out around them covering the entire area. Mathew turned and started to jog slowly. When he had found it. 334 . who had spun his water spire into a hundred foot pillar that was at least twenty five feet wide. he mentally pulled down at that point in the earth. His eyes burned bright yellow as he stretched out his hands looking down the crumbling passageway. and sand into the place in a thundering roar.

” He said to himself before shaking some excess water from his short brown hair. There was no sign of Jeffrey in the area as the last of the water fell over the cliffs edge.” Mathew stated. as if the muck had come to life. Finally the shapes of the four boys began to emerge.Elemental Heart When Robert could finally breathe. “Remind me not to follow your plans… ever. shaking off the disgusting substance with disapproving words. He managed to sit up. The huge spray lasted for several seconds before calming into a giant pool that hurriedly came rushing out every sloped entrance the muddy liquid could find. “Well at least it worked… I guess.” Kenneth joked seemingly back to his old grumpy self. Many fish and small sea creatures tossed about dizzy and confused about their new surroundings. had become a pool of watery sludge that let go of several air bubbles slowly over many seconds. knocking everyone from their feet and soaking all in its tidal path. The liquid flew out into the open warehouse. “That’s what you get.” Joseph noted slipping to the floor as soon as he thought he had a footing. “Brilliant Jeffrey. looking about through water glazed lenses at the inundation forming a small whirlpool where the earth had caved in. 335 . he took wide open gasps still holding onto the old fence that had fell atop him under the strain. slowing to a faint crawl. Several more seconds passed before movement started at parts of the floor. once open and musty. The entrance. brilliant. “Jeff?!” Robert called out soaking wet and sitting in fresh mud. attempting to stand while wiping off his filthy water logged apparel. All across the floor of the place was covered in a thick layer of sand filled muddy water that laid on everything like a blanket of filth. A great rush of seawater and mud shot out of the tunnel blowing apart the doors and sending Mathew spinning out of the concrete subbasement like a giant water cannon.

A thick stream of blood mixed in with the sandy dirt all about his chest and leaking onto to the dirty ground. “And then another shower. “Shit I’m sorry man. “Here here. bleeding and covered in filth. Soon as we get everybody together have Rob look at it. The boys continued to banter as they helped each other walk to the nearest exit. They limped and cursed.Elemental Heart “I need a shower.” Mathew replied shaking mud off his arms with some of it being tossed in Kenneth’s freshly hand wiped face.” Kenneth added helping Joseph from the ground. The Air Elemental moved Johnny by the left shoulder looking at the wound. “Ok I lied. This was a set of open bay doors at the west end of the warehouse leading into the trailer lot.” Johnny admitted pushing off his hands and wincing in pain.” Joseph let the lie go for now. laughed and insulted.” Mathew continued looking over himself disgusted at the sight.” “I need a drink. It did not appear as healed as the chest. the pain from his back and chest lighting up every nerve in between. Right now he just wanted to get everyone home safe. “I got the first round. Johnny limped slowly to his brothers trying not to show how much pain the obvious injury was causing him. “Hey… Jerk!” Kenneth scolded getting some of the stuff on his teeth and having to spit it out.” Mathew apologized as Joseph came over to check on Johnny. almost all the way to the 336 . It wouldn’t serve him to beat the falsehood into the ground. “Your god damn right you do. giving rise to the lie that Johnny had given him back at the house. “I feel better huh?” Joseph mimicked from earlier. It was open. this shit’s everywhere. “It looks like hell.” Johnny said leaning against a wall and hunching over.” Joseph offered while patting Kenneth on the arm for his efforts.

grasping the rusty steel with all his might. His skeletal teeth clenched together with hate. Anton moved his eyes to a steel beam just ten feet away. Soon the undamaged side of its face was exposed enough from the dripping goop. all injured with bloody scraps and fresh bruises. The large steel went all the way to the exit and stopped suddenly hitting the concrete walls. The bubbles became movement. the beam came loose and was sent sideways at the lot of them. Only half out of the nasty stuff he watched as the triumphant Elementals laugh as they helped one another out of the wide warehouse. The group found it hard to get to their feet and at the moment didn’t try. As the mud fell away from its head it exposed a creature whose skin and meat had been burned half off. The large thing hitting them all. causing large cracks around the old warehouse doors. Before they could mount any kind of defense or react. he cast out his red tendriled lightning. lifting the four from the ground by their chests and flying toward the open bay door. Anton Torel. to the lower right side of his jaw line was nothing but a bloody mass of bone and charred meat. When they finally stopped the chaotic toss not one of them didn’t cry out in pain. the boys turned round from the great metal tearing they heard behind them. From mid-top of his head down across his nose. The four young men were cast violently through the air finally coming to skid across the asphalt lot outside. as his red eyes stayed aglow with merciless rage. That appendage pulled its master up and out until a head and a pair of shoulders emerged from the liquid soup. which then became the shape of an arm reaching out onto the floor. The boys landed and rolled in several ways. One 337 . to show the Valkira Warlord. Several bubbles came out of the newly made mud pool that had once been the entrance to the Valkira hideout. Ripping the beam from its supports. With an outstretched arm.Elemental Heart great open doors.

Anton began to walk at them too. every one of them with eyes aglow. Joseph took to flight directly at the Valkira lord but was grabbed by one of Anton’s tendrils and brought down upon Mathew with a loud crash. “No…. Great snaps of red electric arcs passing all around the Valkira and clasping onto the exposed metal frame. speeding up to a blurred run that was stopped by a bolt from Anton sending the boy wide left into the air. “Then let’s start one. “We don’t have an old fashioned way.” Johnny offered getting up to his feet first. pushing himself up to a sitting position and watching Anton’s approach with unbelieving eyes. red flairs coming off him and electrifying everything within a twenty foot radius like a crimson plume. The first to come was Mathew. “I say we so it the old fashioned way. “When all fails-” Mathew stared finally getting up. fresh out. The concrete chunk tossed by Kenneth almost hit the 338 .” Kenneth informed the second he got up to his feet. “Ok. “Fuck it!” The whole of them said in unison. what’s the plan?” Joseph asked the next to his feet. Kenneth broke rank and grabbed a loose piece of concrete readying to make a throw. The four marched in the direction of Anton Torel. I’m sick of this prick” Johnny added his eye’s flaring crimson. and cared not for his need to recover as his thirst for vengeance superseded everything else. as Johnny opened up with a steady stream of fireballs from just outside the bay door.Elemental Heart by one they looked into the open bay doors and watched as Anton rose from the distant mud pool and started surrounding himself in his patented red lightning. The Warlord was as ready as he had ever been.” Joseph voice struggled along with his body. “Any more ideas?” Mathew grunted holding his ribs and attempting to sit upright.

and started shooting more fire at the Valkira with only his right hand. who even though tried to dodge was still caught in the maelstrom. The Ancient abandoned his assault upon the last son of Rah to meet the incoming Earth Elemental. changing the direction of his jagged bolts. “Son of Rah!” Anton shouted bringing everything he had at the Salamander with outstretched arms. so he send Joseph into an electrified tumble roll straight into the big man casting them both outside again with all his might. but was struck down my several lightning strikes leaving burns about his chest and face. who was ducking to his left to dodge the incoming balls of yellow fire. Anton reached out again with his electric 339 . It was then that Anton did not take notice of Joseph swooping down and punching him across his skinless face. The Valkira master simply smacked them away with an electrified hand. almost laughing at the feeble attempt. thus steadily shocked into the north western corner of the place. Anton knew better than to let Kenneth McCoy within striking distance. Johnny got back up very much in pain. unable to lift his left from his favored wound. which grasped him and slammed the young man to the ground near Kenneth who had climbed back into the warehouse trying to make way to the Ancient’s direction. hitting and then grabbing Mathew sending him against the nearest wall with a force that took all his remaining strength. As Joseph reached the high faltering ceiling above he dove back down only to be met by Anton’s tendrils. The lighting spread across the open warehouse till they found their mark. As Kenneth jumped up inside the bay door he tried to pick up the steel beam.Elemental Heart Valkira. Kenneth dropped out the open bay and onto the asphalt as Johnny climbed up into the warehouse wincing in pain for his efforts. Anton turned and saw Mathew coming in with uncanny speed to his right. visibly shifting his jaw as the Air Elemental shot straight up into the air above him. A collective hail of red lightning spread out at Johnny.

and the Dark Lord could use the quantum energy to heal his grievous wounds.Elemental Heart tendrils grabbing both Johnny and Mathew with his extended hands. “You might need to put a band aid on that before it gets infected. The Valkira reached into the torn rags that were once his perfect cloak. before noticing Anton gliding out of the window and coming straight at him with his dagger gleaming in the dawns early light. “Good God!” Robert said aloud in shock. “You’re supposed to be dead. and they all had reached theirs. As he got closer to the weak and wounded pair he saw another figure out of the corner of his eye. Anton reached down picking up the healer. He took no notice as a large shadow that began to loom over the field all around them like a great cloud above.” Robert informed coming in an open window directly to Anton’s right. “Akashan! Your heart would make an excellent mend wouldn’t you say?” Anton asked raising his dagger ready to strike. He wasn’t sure if it was one of his surviving subordinates or not. retrieving his gleaming dagger and stalking toward the two battle damaged Elementals. It took him few seconds to shake off the shock. but taking their Elemental hearts would kill them even faster. “You may want to turn your attention from killing me for a 340 . but word quickly cleared that matter up. turning his back to the east and holding Robert high aloft. A lipless smirk upon his imperfect face dripping with living blood. The Dark Lord turned to him with knife in hand completely bemused as the exposed muscles on his face visibly shifted in a picture of slithering wet meat. crashing them together over and over again like puppets until he finally let them fall to the floor beaten and weak.” Robert shot out of the window covered in red lightning landing in the center of the drowned field. Using their powers to exhaustion would kill them. he knew well the limits of younglings.

His eyes widened at the sight of a living Titan standing in the sea behind them.Elemental Heart moment. Seawater poured over and through the warehouse coming out on the other side of the building and moving anything and everything in its tidal path. are fucking with!” The huge mass of sea water pointed at Anton with a gigantic flowing hand. The Elemental swayed as he stood with no defining characteristics other than his mortal shape. and then turned his head slowly trying to look out for trickery. do not know. he dropped Robert. who scrambled away as fast as he could on all fours. The Valkira lord frowned in confusion. Samantha and the other girls screamed as the giant wave came at the vehicles washing over them and pushing the things up and over on their sides crashing into one another. consuming him with seawater as the Elemental poured its entire body forward over the open grass. collapsing the fence as it hit. smashing into a guard rail there almost being thrown all the way over and down the cliff as the girls inside screamed in terror. There was a collection of seawater with all the power of the ocean standing over seventy feet tall in the shape of Jeffrey Aaron Waters. “You. washing the trailers in the lot aside as if they held no weight at all. But it was like shooting bee bee gun at a freight train. its booming baritone voice came from a barely defined watery maw. who you. The red arc’s cascaded without and within the massive form with no effect. As the last of the great wave 341 . The Valkira screamed in terror dropping his weapon and throwing up both his hands firing all the power he had at the thing.” Robert suggested slightly afraid and moving his eyes from the blade before him to something high above Anton Torel. As Anton watched the titan complete his form. A great wave washed over everything. Both Car and Van came all the way to the end of the street. Jeffrey brought back his titanic arm driving it forward to the ground where Anton stood.

obviously weak and in terrible pain. As the last of the tidal wave began to wash away. Johnny took several seconds to properly get on his feet. His wound hurt like mad. shuffling away from the Dark Lord in a very slow. groggy and heavily soaked. ruined and turned upon their sides. But none were in sight. and tried to send out a red tendril to retrieve it. “No fucking way. he saw that the boy had opted to turn left behind an enclosed room at the near center of the place. he saw the Valkira Ancient not far from where he lay. everything seemed shifted. deliberate pace. but most of it had been washed away. The old trailers had been swept across the lot and were stacked next to each other at the south western corner almost lying across the street. limping. Blood from a wound at his back dripped down across him. He dared not let himself cough the water out of his lungs. Looking up. As he kept on. Inside the warehouse. though very hurt himself. the vehicles simply fell back upon the sandy street. Pieces of the chain link fence remained intact.Elemental Heart subsided. He watched as the Valkira began to put his hands beneath him and pushed up to get back to his feet. and every movement shot wracking pain throughout his entire chest cavity. but could not stop the natural reaction and did so doubled over twice as hurt. and limped at a slightly faster pace than his prey. The Ancient got all the way up to his feet. He had been brought 342 . slowly getting closer to Johnny. Anton was happy to see a shining reflection of his blade by the morning sun from a corner about the floor. Anton watched as the last son of Rah tried to escape. He slid his right leg across the floor as the bone at his ankle had been bruised badly during the powerful but short lived monsoon.” Johnny said to himself looking all about for any of his brothers. a barely conscious John Llue Rah shook off the water and sand about his head. and Anton smelled the scent of death in the air.

he laughed a laugh that echoed throughout the large dark room. His brother Cyclone would be publicly scrutinized should this pup be found among the living and that would be inexcusable to his family’s house. and he had to make sure for himself that this child be put down now before he could spawn any offspring. He moved in. Anton knew if he retreated now. which were very far and very few between. The meat about his head began to slowly heal up and reformed his once absent ear. “In the womb of darkness. he could be back at full strength within a day. I am king!” “Then let’s crown you with light!” The Salamander cried as he lit up his entire body in bright flames. Anton continued to follow Johnny round the left until he spotted a door into the central room just coming to a close. changing the pitch darkness into an intense all consuming glow. In the most fluidic motion John Llue Rah could summon from his broken form. shutting the door behind him. As his orbs shifted from light sensitivity to his native infrasion. that it took a full three tries before the power took hold and brought the weapon back to his waiting hand. “You choose your ground poorly son of Rah!” The Valkira Ancient called as he laughed. The Dark Lord smiled as he shuffled over to the door that led into the large central room. dropping his dagger into the floor before him and crying in a hysterical pitch. he cared not for the love of feelings of others. Anton opened up the door finding a very comfortable darkness inside.Elemental Heart to such a point of weakness. Anton grabbed for his eyes with both hands from the shear pain to his orbs. he dropped to the floor 343 . His only care was himself. With the close of the portal a pitch black atmosphere surrounded him causing the Ancient to remember how soothing it felt to his natural subterranean orbs. But so might the last son of Rah. Anton was the destroyer of lives. and those he called family.

And then it came. John decided then and there he was no longer a child. A snarl of defiance about his wretched half burned face was his last emotion upon the living world. An explosion of quantum energy erupted from the Ancient’s chest. now full of vigor and filled with life. he was the last of the Dragonfyre line. Shades of crimson red. Anton looked down upon the weapon in disbelief. and would fear no Valkira for the rest of his days. He held onto the handle sticking out of the Valkira lord’s chest staring him right into his hurt eyes. and silver transferred itself from one host into another. a mist of water within his own. his eyes smoking over and completely gray. Johnny stood tall and strong. causing both bodies to shake uncontrollably still within each other’s grasp. He dropped the useless body to the ground but not before retrieving the blade. Rising up with mashed teeth. and now he was meeting their fate by his own hand.Elemental Heart grabbing the lost dagger. This has been one of the men who killed his family all those years ago. The former Ancient lay motionless and smoking from his mouth. chest. And he would wear that badge with honor and pride. mouth and eyes driving itself straight into John’s. 344 .. which he kept as a souvenir of his first heart taken. and eyes. Come what may. Anton’s mortal coil fell completely limp. Not only empowering the moments ago weak Elemental but healing his wounds completely in the process. When the transfer was complete. bluish white. then grabbed Johnny by both his shoulders and leaned into the flaming young man.. They stayed locked to one another until all that was in Anton Torel’s Elemental heart found its way into John’s. he drove the blades edge straight into Anton’s Elemental heart. John Llue Rah looked over the body for a moment using the full cascading illumination of his own fire-lit dark orange aura.

“Trade up?! She’s my baby!” Mathew complained letting his hands fall from his head looking as if he were going to cry momentarily. “Whoa hold on a minute! I saved your ass!” Jeffrey defended shoving his finger into Mathew’s soaked and filthy chest. “How do I explain this to the insurance company?” “Nat-ur-al dis-as-ter. great flood bullshit!” Mathew shouted shaking his hands at the sea. “Time to trade up.” Robert asked helping Joseph walk over to the van from the east side of the warehouse. The vehicles came crashing back down to their tires in two distinct booms. “You did this. “I think I’ll go back to England for the holidays.” Joseph admitted not sure if he wanted to laugh.” Mathew accused half tuning and pointing at the wreckage as Kenneth moved the cars with his heaving super strength. “I wonder what the holidays will be like this year.Elemental Heart Chapter Thirty-One “Aw hell naw!” Mathew looked at his IROC Camaro lying on its side against Joseph’s van. “I’m hoping uneventful.” Kenneth suggested limping across to the cars ready to help the trapped girls out as well as he could. “Yes you did.” Jeffrey defended himself.” “No I didn’t” “We were doing just fine before that act of God. I could use….” Joseph turned his head to look into Robert’s eyes as the 345 . “No I didn’t. both of his hands gabbing onto his short wet hair in exasperation. the sounds of Jeffrey and Mathew arguing recoiling around the entire clan. Uneventful would be a nice change..” Jeffrey joked coming to stand next to his favorite brother.

She had never seen the big guy bashful. A trace of dirt still marred her angel thin blond hair and stuck to her face at some places. 346 . and that he had saved them twice now from certain death. who was shaking his head at the sight.” Robert corrected. “Johnny?” She whispered to herself. “Look at this asshole. she watched as a figure proceeded across the warehouse grounds with a confident stride. Looking up across the scene. Telling him over and over that he was their hero. “No you don’t. kissing him deeply with great excitement. “A holiday…” “Know what. watched a perfectly healed and completely dry John Llue Rah walk up to the beaten water logged crew. Don’t thank me all at once. When Samantha had gotten out of the car she wore a black jean jacket she had found in the IROC that was now soaked with saltwater. “You Ahh… You feel pretty good eh?” Mathew said continuing to shake his head with a look of disdain.Elemental Heart intellectual verbally stumbled.” Joseph lied as Robert called him on it.” “Johnny!” Samantha cried running up and wrapping her arms around him. noting several times that he and Elainia had gone to the British Isles and that no one ever wanting to come along. but so had her body been washed by the unwanted and scary shower.” Jeffrey cried aloud as he and Mathew. and thought she spied a hint of red about his cheeks. “I took care of it. I’ve always wanted to see England. She watched as some of the older girls fawned over the strong and muscular Kenneth. “Well eh… Johnny replied puffing out his chest and tapping his pecks a few times for good measure. The girl wiped at her matted mane several times before simply blowing some air past her bottom lip up over her face.

guardians. But in the end.” Joseph remarked looking over at Robert. ‘what the hell’ and a raging party commenced.Elemental Heart “Fa-king ass-hole…” Jeffrey said aloud nodding and curling his upper lip with a frown. “Hey Matt your car looks like it was rolled in shit. After the boys had managed to get both the vehicles back to the house and parked in the driveway. Mikey and Jeffrey sat outside by the small bonfire with a cluster of people from the boardwalk smoking themselves into a tizzy. Mathew slowly nodded with a look of disbelief.” John called out. the eldest brother decided. Joseph had almost reluctantly allowed a celebration party. “He he he…” Jeffrey laughed as he nodded. they set about returning the abducted girls to their homes. All of them thanked the boys for the rescue and promised not to reveal the specifics of their escape. But from the barrage of questions they received by parents. “Oh it’s good to have the whole lot back together again. “Go to hell flamer!” Mathew replied giving Johnny the finger. “What? Do you see my ride?” Mathew yelled back across the area. “Have the big guy push it.” Robert sounded off. they figured that a future visit to the beach house was not a fore gone conclusion. “Ok who’s driving?” Joseph called out. By the second night. and law enforcement. Seaside was still under martial law and many questions about the boy’s involvements in the events that week were still up in the air.” Kenneth insulted. Loud banter and declarations of pussydom were being 347 . but completely agreeing with his brother’s assessment.” Jeffrey cried out. “I am serious about England. “Shut up Jeff.

letting him know that it was not at all his fault. and given the same situation. The girl was still nowhere near feeling normal. Carl and Rebecca sat together alone by the back stairs. for he certainly still did her. John and Sam nestled into one another for several hours in nothing but their bed sheets. and Carl had taken it upon himself to keep her talking and tried to be there for her in every way that he could. to something Jeffrey would say outside. who was always kept with a mug full of beer. Melissa sat teary eyed with a beer in hand talking about how much she missed her best friend and occasional lover Kay Kay. Mathew Hunter sat beside her. The lovers lay upon the soft surface holding one another drenched in sweat and each other’s fluids.’ So the two boys laughed over everything from hell to high water. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him. Kenneth still blamed himself for her death. going over his admiration for the deceased. To which Melissa hugged him and stroked his short black hair. ‘No. The occasional rush of young people would pass through the tight corridor at times. taking care of his old friend in every way he could. Kay Kay was as much a protective soul as he was. But with the events of the past weeks it would be a long time before she could even bring herself to feel safe enough to even kiss the boy. and a random thirteen year old that had tried to sneak a beer. and drank special punch together. that was a special punch. Through it all. she would have done the same as he. kissing with much passion and taking time to stare into each 348 .’ To which Robert replied. Carl decided he would be there for her and wait it out. He consoled the girl with a dignified heart.Elemental Heart dispensed by the Water Elemental. so much so it impressed Kenneth who came to sit with them. To which Joseph told the young girl ‘Go get some of the punch in the fridge. Robert and Joseph talked around the kitchen table over the loud music of ACDC playing in the next room.

Elemental Heart other’s eyes. John had never seen nor wanted to see another woman in his life that looked as absolutely beautiful as Samantha Jennifer Lee. The woman was all he ever wanted, Strong willed, sexy, intelligent, loyal, and beautiful, he took in every aspect of her that warmed his heart like nothing else in the world. She was his heart, his passion, and most of all, his family. Nothing else in the universe could ever mean as much and she did to him. Samantha had never felt like this for any other man than the one holding her now. John Llue Rah brushed her face with his fingers staring into her wonderful blue eyes, and then took hold of her chin with a curled index finger, kissing her before sucking on her bottom lip. Sam rolled back her eyes and reached down for him. When it responded to her call, the girl mounted atop him and slowly got to work. Her passion was her lust, and this man was what she lusted for. She knew with all her heart that he would always adore her, and planned on giving him all the time in the world to do just that. A knock came at the front door that could hardly be heard over the loud rock n roll from inside the house. So the knock came over several times over before Mathew got up from the couch and went over to the portal, opening it up half way to peer outside. There he spied a tall dark haired man in blue jeans and a thick leather jacket. Behind him were two women. One was sort of tall and had long curly brown hair with brown eyes; she was sexy in a strong looking way but not mannish. The other girl was petite and had golden hair with blue eyes. She looked the likeable type of girl and greeted his eyes with a sharp almost fairy like smile. Mathew looked back at the man and shook his head. “Look man if you’re not the police or a man with a badge I’m sorry to say the party is full. So you’ll have to go find yourself another house to crash.” Mathew informed feeling he had no time for strangers. “I think you misinterpret my reason for being here mate.” 349

Elemental Heart The man said speaking in an Australian accent. “I’m lookin for the owner’s of this place.” “Am I supposed to know you?” Mathew asked now with just a hint of confusion. “Ya mum sent me.” The man replied seriously. “And from the looks of things, I’d say she was right to do so.” “You know my mom? Prove that you know my mom.” Mathew dared steeling his face. The man lowered his eyes and let them grow into a deep red hue as he looked into Mathew’s. As he did, the brunette behind him showed her eyes to light a dark green, and the blond woman’s a slight purple. “Me names Lightmare Voon mate, and I’m here to make sure you’re alright for ya mum.” Mathew arched his head back inside the doorway with a beleaguered look across his face. “Guys! We got company!” He yelled into the house. The light from the morning sun showed true through the plastic covering that had been pinned up to cover the damage caused by Anton Torel. Its brilliant light shining directly into Kenneth McCoy’s eyes, stirring him from him inebriated induced slumber. Slowly the lumbering lad rose from the floor. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room, he noticed a slight discoloration upon his torso. With awakening inspection, and to his complete dismay, he noticed that his nipples had been painted over with nail polish, the inscription ‘Behemoth’ had been written upon his belly, and he now dawned woman’s underwear as his only garment. “Jeffrey! Mathew! I’m so going to fucking dismember you two! Son of a-”


Elemental Heart Epilogue

A mud hole stirred under the moonlight where Jeffrey Waters had poured his Elemental power into the Valkira hideout. The dirty soup twisted and bubbled as if something was swimming underneath of its surface. Within minutes, a mud soaked hand reached up into the sea air trying to find a grasp with which to pull itself up. It failed many times over until a form burst into the air dripping with wet sand and other such filth, hovering in the night like a specter of death. Within minutes Dirichter Vear stalked slowly into the area where the body of Anton Torel laid slowly decaying and being chewed on by small rodents. Muddy boots stood next to his beloved dead uncle as he watched the scene with pure hatred and disgust. His eyes lit up in a fury as did the two figures behind him, wanting nothing more than revenge for the fate that had befallen their glorious leader. “Uncle, I shall avenge thee.” Dirichter promised holding something in his shaking left hand. The Valkira turned and walked out of the room into the open moonlight pouring in the old warehouse from its large broken frame. Soon Eddie and Drake followed behind covered in drying mud, their irises aglow. “And when I find the last son of Rah, I will use his own weapon against him.” Dirichter stated holding the Zyton up to shine in the moons rays. “And I will take his heart, and with it all his glory!”


Elemental Heart Acknowledgments

I would like to thank Nicole Quinn, for being supportive of this endeavor and spending countless hours of hearing babble about aliens, Elementals, underground cities, and a love life between imaginary people. I would like to thank my entire Family, Christina Walton, Robin Abbot, and Judy Miller for being with me in the darkest of times, from which I finally came to a place where I could write this book to escape my despair. I would like thank the following persons for helping me with the labors of the self-editing process. Stephen Annand, Sandra Burns, Rob Wills, Judy Miller, Jolene Lenhart. I thank Kelly Quinn, for providing me with a bed and medicine when I needed them and being a person for whom I know where I stand. Many thanks to Thomas Burns, Caroline Burns, Tommy Jr., Colin and Krystal Burns, for always being there with open arms and hearts, and being the ideal family to which I am forever jealous and appreciative to have in my life. Untold amounts of thanks to Jessie Edward Howard, who since we were fourteen years old would listen to my ideas about the Elementals and helped to create scenarios, characters, and events during the early years of development. Without your wonderful imagination, I would not have some of the characters I have today.


Elemental Heart Finally I would like to thank Jennifer Lee Moore. There are many things I could put here, and in truth, many have already been. I think it's easy enough to say that we have both changed many times over the years. That we have both done things that in our later years we were not proud of, and cannot change. Through all of this, with everything that has happened on both sides, I can say this with absolute certainty. Since the first time we couldn't stand each other, I have always loved you. No other woman in my life has ever meant to me, what you do to my heart and through struggles, imperfections, every heated argument, that fact has never changed. We managed at one point to make a beautiful son, and at others, to look into each other's eyes with more passion than I could ever emote in words. It is my hope, old friend, that one day we may be more than that. But even if not, you will always be within the personal, inescapable grasp of my heart. Tell our son, that Daddy loves him, and misses his family very much.


Elemental Heart An excerpt from the next installment of the Elemental Saga

Elemental Brimstone
Rah Family Home, Ridley Pennsylvania June, 1987 The house shook as if a great gale blew outside waking Stephen Janus Rah from his slumber. The small dirty blond haired boy shot up out of bed hearing violent screams from the down stairs. He looked all about his dark room, whose only light came from shinning moonlight through a window by his bed. Stephen whipped his head over looking for his twin brother, but found that his bed was empty. Without dwelling on it, the boy quickly realized that his brother had most likely gone over to his grandfathers as he sometimes did, preferring to sleep there than in his own room. Stephen heard another loud crash from the first floor. This time, accompanied by what sounded like the suction of fire and wind twisting together. As he moved to his bedroom door he could hear his father yelling loudly, telling his mother to get the boy’s and their sisters and run. Then in what could only be described as a wet sloshing chop, he no longer heard his father’s voice. Stephen opened his bedroom door just a crack to see out into the hallway. As his left eye passed the meridian of light and spied his mother crawling up the steps. The sight of his mother looking weak and severely hurt made his small reddish hazel eyes open wide as blood began to spread all about her midsection seeping through her pale nightgown. His mother looked up at the door noticing Stephen, at which point he could see her mouth the words ‘run’ without hardly an accompanied sound. The young boy stood paralyzed in place, watching as a man in a black uniform stalked up the steps behind her. His face 354

Elemental Heart was very pale and menacing, with eye’s that looked as if they had captured lighting within them. The figure looked down upon his mother with a troubling grin as he removed a lone dagger from its sheath at his side. He stood there for moments, taking in the victory of the event with sadistic joy. The bleeding woman whimpered as she attempted with her last pulses of life to get to her children. Stephen watched the form above his mother reach down grasping a handful of her long dark hair, and wrenched her neck up before bringing the blade before her windpipe. She managed to look up at the crack in the door to her son, with one last unspoken plea for the boy to run. The figure struck at that moment, slicing across her neck, leaving a spray of blood ejecting across the open air and all over the floor. His mother's eyes rolled back in her skull as she emitted her last sounds upon this world, a horrible wet gurgle that was music to her murders ears. The young Rah boy backed away from the door slowly with his mouth agape at the horror of what he had just witnessed. His head moved back and forth as his small hands shook, unsure of what he should do. He stopped, hitting the edge of his bed, as he heard his Grandfathers voice from outside. The sound of the old man caused the murderer standing in the hallway to hurry down the steps with several loud rushing thuds. Stephen ran to the window to see the commotion, but as he got to the clear barrier all he could spy was several beings in black uniforms running or gliding into the nearby tree line in a swarm of evil. With wet eyes, the boy thought of trying to open the window for escape, but looking down realized he would not survive the fall. Reluctantly, he looked back to the bedroom door. He did not want to have to see the gruesome display held beyond the portal, but slowly he approached the once safe entrance taking every step with careful worry. Opening the door with caution he looked upon the sight of his dead mother lying in a pool of blood splatter that lingered all 355

his eyes flaring with yellow hue. the man’s head fell forward. When he had gotten around the woman. Stephen wanted to cry but the boy was in such shock that no emotion could escape his fear stricken face. unhurriedly approaching him bearing a dagger in his left hand. The Assassin brought up his blade readying it for the killing blow letting out low growl. the smoking orbs looked down upon the steps to where it would fall. completely unnerved and waiting to join her fate. He watched as the man smiled. Stephen watched as the man pulled back for a thrusting strike. The pale man looked down wide eyed at the point jutting out from his body. as another man with a pale face stared at him from the bottom of the stairs. Stephen barely managed to bring his nine year old eyes up at his savior after the dead man toppled to the floor atop his mother’s motionless legs. but was stopped instantly by a blades edge protruding from the center of his chest. The pale man approached up the stairs closer and closer stalking his prey. as blood began escape his mouth in a steady thick stream. When the mighty torrent of energy had subsided. When he gazed wide eyed upon the 356 . Stephen walked bit by bit stepping around the wet floor not wanting to get any of it on his bare feet. holding it at his side. his eyes devoid of color and life. The dead man slumped forward crashing upon the staircase as his murderer retrieved the blade. he found that he could get no further. The transference brought with it a sizzle in the air around the enclosed area as did a rush of sudden wind as if they were standing outdoors. Stephen could do nothing but stand frozen in place beside his dead mother. a deadly precision upon his mind and taking in the drama of the moment with a sick enjoyment.Elemental Heart about with dots and streaks upon the carpet and white walls beside her. Within a moment his body jerked upright in a spasm as yellow colored quantum energy ripped from his heart and eyes bending backwards behind him.

His face was chiseled with a well set jaw and a strong brow that sat atop glowing orange eyes staring back at the youngling with a strength Stephen had never before seen. and watched in horror as they passed the kitchen where his older sisters had apparently been violently slain as well. and I have come to save your life. Stephen watched from over the man’s shoulder as his home grew further and further away before being completely hidden by the foliage of the thick wood. “Are you hurt?” The man asked quietly before looking over his shoulder and down the stairs to his back. The girls propped up over the dining room table with thick slices of meat taken from across their necks. running straight for the forest beyond in the opposite direction where the others had fled moments before.Elemental Heart apparent hero. he was stunned to find that the man was also bearing the same black uniform as did the men who had been killing his family. The man carried Stephen out into the night keeping to the shadows as they did. He remembered in that moment never to feel safe no matter where he was. a Valkira Surfacelord. and both his sisters were dressed for the occasion in their own dark fluids all about their torsos. As they got to the lower floor Stephen could not help but take notice of his Father spread across the living room in several pieces. He didn’t take his eyes from the sight of it for some reason unknown to him. “I am Valtor T’Zan. his hair was long and brown and tied back into a ponytail. His father’s once mighty and proud form dismembered. Stephen could do nothing but shake his head. still paralyzed from recent events. He was tall and his face was nowhere as pale as the other men.” The man said grabbing the young boy and hastily running down the staircase. Blood seemed to be the color of the night. or who he was with. what was left of his chest still smoking. he was truly lost for the first time in his young life. 357 . He did not know what to think or what to do.

Elemental Heart 358 .

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