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Media Contact: April 13, 2012 Claire Kinzy Release 214-712-1330 Twitter: @AHAdallas http://www.goredcorazon.


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American Heart Association Presents Vestido Rojo to Educate Local Hispanic Communities (Dallas, April 21, 2012) Each year, 1 in 3 women die of heart disease yet only 50 percent of women are aware of the signs of a heart attack. In the Hispanic community, these statistics are even worse. This is why the Go Red Por Tu Corazn movement was created to educate Latina women about the risk factors of heart disease and to empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices. On Sat., April 21 the Dallas Division of the American Heart Association (AHA) will host Vestido Rojo at Pinkston High School in West Dallas from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This half day conference is specifically tailored to the Hispanic community to help educate women about the dangers of heart disease and stroke within their culture. Vestido Rojo is a one-day event reserved for hundreds of women to receive a bilingual message about heart disease. Women will receive complimentary health screenings and participate in workshops delivered in Spanish and English designed to help them and their families live heart healthy. There will be presentations on diabetes, nutrition, healthy Latino cooking demonstrations, Zumba classes, health screening, lunch and much more. Women will also learn about the risk factors and warning signs of heart disease and stroke through our Ama Tu Corazn presentation. All sessions are bilingual and the entire event is free. Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of women, killing 1 in 3 women over the age of 20. Thats more than the next four causes of death combined including ALL forms of cancer. That means that everyone in America and in the Hispanic community knows someone who has been affected, or killed, by heart disease. Ninety percent of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease which is why it is so important we spread the awareness on this

national health threat. Women who Go Red are more likely to make healthy choices including: losing weight, increasing exercise, changing diets, checking cholesterol levels and talking with their doctors about heart health plans. For more information on the Go Red Por Tu Corazn: Vestido Rojo event or to register, please call 1-877-365-0093. Advanced registration is required is for women only, no children please.
About Go Red Por Tu Corazn Go Red Por Tu Corazn celebrates the energy, passion and power we have as Hispanic women to band together to wipe out heart disease, the No. 1 cause of death for Latinas. Thanks to the participation of millions of people across the country, the color red and the red dress now stand for the ability all women have to improve their heart health and live stronger, longer lives and be there for their families. About the American Heart Association The American Heart Association is devoted to saving people from heart disease and stroke Americas No. 1 and No. 3 killers. We team with millions of volunteers to fund innovative research, fight for stronger public health policies, and provide lifesaving tools and information to prevent and treat these diseases. The Dallas-based association is the nations oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. To learn more or join us, call 1-800-AHA-USA1 or any of our offices around the country, or visit