Executive Summary

Hypermedical Life Science & Technology, Inc.
Two Websites: www.Hypermedglobal.com www.rapiddetoxrecovery.com Hypermedical Life Science & Technology, Inc., is a medical technology company based in San Diego, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has one U.S. patent granted (patent number 6669661), one separate Taiwan patent granted, and 4 additional U.S. patents pending. Since 2009, the company has had annual revenue in excess of 1 million USD. Founded by a cardiac anesthesiologist with 23 years of clinical experience and 15 years of experience managing medical business, Hypermedical has a team of science and business advisors consisting of cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, and engineering professor with clinical and academic affiliations to University of California San Diego, University of Nevada School of Medicine and City College of New York. The technologies from the US and Taiwan patents lead to (1) safe hyperthermia treatment to cure cancer and AIDS, (2) safe hypothermia for brain protection, (3) safe anesthesia to achieve rapid detox and termination of opiate addiction in 8 hours. (4) Portable Ultra Violet Light Device for rapid sanitizing for larger areas in hospitals and public spaces. (1) Cancer cells and viruses can be significantly eradicated by heat, hyperthermia. This is a well-known biological fact. What has held back the wide application of hyperthermia in the treatment of cancer and viral infections, e.g. AIDS that are unresponsive to other treatments, is the risk of damage to the tissues in the human body sensitive to heat injury, such as the brain. Hypermedical has developed a patented technology to protect the brain to theoretically enable using hyperthermia to achieve curative treatment of cancers and viral diseases such as AIDS. (2) Low temperature, hypothermia, slows down metabolism; another biological fact. When the human brain is threatened with damage from lack of oxygen due to cardiac arrest, stroke, trauma, respiratory failure, chronic disease, extreme old age, shock, sepsis, or other organ system’s failure, timely short-term or long-term protection of the brain by hypothermia is desirable. Hypermedical now has the patented technology to achieve that objective. See our patent-pending Cool-Head Device. (3) The same brain protection technology has enabled us to stop opiate drug addiction under special anesthesia, in just 8 hours. More than 400 patients have been treated since 2007.

Our website www.rapiddetoxlasvegas.com is the number 1 result on Google search for keywords “rapid detox”. Our Video is number two on Youtube with the keywords of “rapid detox”. See video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl2QRk0wgtw (4) Hospital-acquired infections, infections spread inside hospitals, spread of contagious diseases such as the flu, SARS, H1N1, pandemics in nursing homes, schools, airplanes, buses, trains, and other public spaces are a costly concern to all. Hypermedical has a patent-pending invention in proto-type that can reduce the magnitude of this problem: the UVG device. This portable, high-output ultra-violet light device has two operational modalities: open or enclosed. In the open mode, the device can gradually extend the light tubes and achieve 99.9 % bacterial reduction in 10 minutes on surfaces within 10 feet. In the enclosed mode, the device will not shine UV light outward, but focus the light inward to an air passage chamber through which room air is continuously circulated. Air-borne bacteria and virus are eliminated at a rate of 2000 cubic feet of air scrubbed per minute. The market for Hypermedical’s 4 devices and services are estimated to be greater than $30 billion USD annually. In order to accelerate business expansion Hypermedical Inc., with current annual revenue of $1.2 million, is seeking outside investment of between 5 to 20 Million USD , representing 20% to 50% equity ownership. Contact: MBA Dr. Thomas C. Yee, MD CEO Hypermedical Life Science & Technology, Inc. (Hypermed) Company Websites: www.hypermedglobal.com, www.rapiddetoxrecovery.com TEL: (702) 813-3888 Email: DrThomasYee@gmail.com