In this universe, the more random events, the more probability for spontaneous order to arise; even if the probability is infinitely small. Thus, random events and spontaneous order are directly proportional. If some God had anything to do with the rise of living beings, then he could’ve stopped participating since the dawn of his perfectly planed physical laws; physical laws that allow spontaneous order from random events was the only ingredient needed. Evolution ever since! This view in a sense justifies the absurd extension of the universe, since without it, not enough random events would have existed such as to allow for spontaneous order in a meaningful way, the type and complexity of spontaneous order required for life. So why is the universe so big? Because without it we could have never come to exist. The existence of life and conscious behavior gives clues to the size of the universe. Since we are highly improbable, our mere existence is compelling evidence that we live in a universe that is at least relatively infinite in size. A more interesting question now would be why are the physical laws what they are? Some other questions are: What other set of physical laws can allow for spontaneous order to arise? Where is spontaneous order more pronounced, in the micro or macrocosms? If it’s the same it would be an indicator that the laws are in reality the same everywhere. From a scientific perspective, the laws of the universe are set up in such a way that allows for natural selection to produce wonderful and complex things. I wonder, why these laws and not other laws? So again, the only thing a supreme being would’ve needed to create a grandiose and evolving universe was to have absolute initial chaotic conditions abide to such set of laws. And here we are, beings capable of understanding these laws, the same laws which gave rise to us. Here we are, marveling at the incomprehensible enormous size and beauty of our universe.

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