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Klassen 1

Jeffrey Klassen

Professor Kanter

Communication Skills 1016

January 23, 2007

A Drinking Experience to Remember

We all have experiences from which we learn. Some of them are more painful

than others. The most significant of these for me was the time I caved to all the peer

pressure I had received and decided to get drunk.

It was a chilly fall Saturday night and my junior year in high school and I had just

finished another physically demanding game of football for the school I attended. My

family had gone over to a neighborhood party to celebrate a new neighbor moving onto

the street, so I decided to walk over to see how everything was going.

I arrived at the party and I am greeted by a large number of my neighbors at the

door. They were all excited to hear how I was doing in school and how I did that day in

my football game. After the initial greetings, I sat down at a table with some of the people

at the party and began to eat dinner. The host of the party, Rodrigo, walked up to me at

the table and asked, “How are you doing?” “Good,” I sai and he asked me what I wanted

to drink. Excited to use some Spanish I had just learned at school, I replied, “Una

cervesa, por favor.” This means “one beer, please”. He was impressed, so he quickly

handed me a beer. I slowly sipped it down. I determined that I was in the mood to drink

more that night, so I went up to the cooler and slyly slipped one out, stuck it in my coat,

walked out the door, and consumed it quickly throwing the empty bottle down the drain.
Klassen 2

Seeing how easy this was to do the first time, I repeated it twice more, chugging each one


After about 30 minutes of this, I was nicely buzzed and decided I wanted more

alcohol, so I called up my friend Ryan on the phone. He was excited to hear that I want to

drink, so he picks me up and we go back to his house. We got to his house and discovered

that it was vacant. His liquor cabinet was not. He started pulling out bottles, looking for

the ‘good stuff’. As he pulled each bottle out and handed it to me to put on the counter

behind us, I stole one or two shots from each of the approximately ten liquor bottles.

Then he came upon the ‘good stuff’ which happened to be a large bottle of Smirnoff

Vodka and handed it to me. By this time, my judgment was significantly inhibited and I

proceeded to chug a significant portion of the bottle. As we put the bottles back on the

shelf, I seem to remember myself sneaking a few more shots from a few of them. It was

time to go home so that I could get in bed before my parents came home from the party.

It is on the drive home that all the alcohol decided to hit me and the rest of the

night comes in brief clips and Ryan’s recount of the story.

I stumbled into my empty house. Ryan and I went up to my room so I could get

ready for bed and he could use my laptop. The only notable event that happened before I

passed out on my bed was that I apparently was humping my wall for a few minutes

while Ryan checked his fantasy football team. I told Ryan I was going to bed so he made

sure I got into bed okay and he left.

I pass out and everything is so-far-so-good. I would be asleep well before my

parents got home and all I would have to do was make up a story in the morning to

explain why I was feeling so horrible and why I went to bed so early. No big deal.
Klassen 3

I remember waking up feeling horrible and puking all over my bed. I decided to

try to get my sheets into the washing machine so that I could clean the puke off of them. I

got them down the stairs and into the washing machine. I hear later that I actually got the

washing machine started with the correct amount of detergent. I began to feel horrible

again, so I ran up to the bathroom right next to my room and empty my stomach of more

of the night’s party juice. I did this just to hear my parents come inside, see vomit I had

trailed behind me on the way to putting my sheets in the washer, and yell up in alarmed

voices to see if I was all right. I passed out.

I wake up five hours later in a hospital room containing my terribly upset parents,

an exasperated nurse, and a catheter that had just been painfully removed from one of my

more vital organs.

Needless to say, my parents were not impressed with my behavior. They told me

that I had been brought out on a stretcher in front of more than 20 of my neighbors who I

not only live around, but do weekly landscaping work for. I had been humiliated in front

of two dozen of my friends and customers and I had let my parents down. All the trust

they had in me, I broke over one stupid night that did not even turn out to be any fun.

Largely because of this event, drinking plays a minimal role in my life today.