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Ohm Gum Ganapatheye Namaha:

Sri Jagajjanani Temple, Nandyal!------The only 2nd temple of its kind in the World!!
The Official Blog of Sri Jagajjanani Temple, Nandyal!
Main Mantra of Sri Jagajjanani Matha is Ohm Ayim Hreem Sreem Sri Jagajjananye Namaha: Dear Readers, Devotees, Pilgrims & Well wishers, This is Bala ratnakar from Vijayawada, a dedicated devotee to Our Universal Mother Goddess, writing about the World famous Temple and the only 2nd temple of its kind is Sri Jagajjanani Temple at Nandyal. Sri Jagajjanani Matha (Ammala Kanna Amma) which is located at a holy place called Nandyal (A scared place where Nava Nandis located) in Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Introduction: Sri Jagajjanani Temple in the name itself indicates that this is the temple for Mother of World (Mother of All Gods and Goddess). In Telugu language Jagamu means World and Janani means Mother (SriJagajjanani means Mother of World). The Goddess located here is Sri Jagajjanani, she is mother of Universe. When I visited the temple, I got best relation with Sri Jagajjanani-The Goddess when I am watching her Idol. I am (and you also say once you visited there) saying that this is the Idol which we cannot see anywhere else in the entire world except in this Temple at Nandyal.

Temple Importance and its Rareness: Here I am giving best explanation about the temple and its importance to visit. This is the only 2nd temple of its kind in the entire planet except the 1st one in Himalayas near Lake ManasaSarovaram, which is already collapsed and thats why this is the only temple which is consisting of Sri Jagajjanani Idol in entire world. Temple contains Gopuram which is very beautiful with various forms of Matha as Idols on the shrine. Gopuram of the Sri Jagajjanani Temple: Gopuram means temple dome or top in telugu, this temple gopuram consists of all the forms of gods and goddess and lifes on earth they are Mukkoti Devathalu, 66,000 Crores of living beings, Kalpa Vrukshamu, Holy seven sages, Holy seven mothers (Spatha Matrukalu), Nava Durgas, Astadasa Sakthi Peetalu etc. So the gopuram of the temple is also a rare and sacred thing there. Sri Jagajjanani Temple History and Idols Importance: This is the real thing happened long ago, when the life is started on the earth. When the Sri Jagajjanani Matha decides to start the life on earth, she first came to earth and she incarnated herself as a Idol near ManasaSarovaram in Himalayas above 19,500 ft from the sea level. Every day all Gods and Goddesses came here and make bath in ManasaSarovaram and pray to Sri Jagajjanani which she resides near to the lake. This was briefly described in our Vedas, Old Manuscripts like Kapalika Vidhi, Vamakeswara Tantram, Koula Achara Tantram, Sakthi Sthal, Devi Bagavatham etc. There is no husband and wife form for this Sri Jagajjanani as she forms both the Husband and wife forms when she needs them. First of all, Matha gave her male forms as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. And she gave her female forms of Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi respectively to Trimoorthulu as wifes to produce, develop and stop the life on Planet Earth. Sri Jagajjanani called with various names in various places like Maha maya, Yoga maya, Adhi Para Shakthi etc. Out of all she is the Holy Mother of Universe so called as Sri Jagajjanani which fits for all names in the world. Long ago how she incarnated in Himalayas with the same form, now she again incarnated at our Nandyal, which is very holy place for Hindus. About Sri Jagajjanani Idol: The Matha idol located here is very rare idol, which consists of 8 hands and called as Asta Bhuji and contains 5 faced Shiva in her Stomach, and Sri Maha Vishnu at her Feet as a Padha Peetam and 4 faced Brahma in her left 3rd hand. And Brahma came from the stomach thread of Lotus of Vishnu. On the right hand side, she holds Moon in 1st hand, Earth in 2nd hand, Sun, Lakshmi Devi in 3rd hand, 3rd eye, The Trisulam(Weapon of Shiva which is given by Sri Jagajjanani) in the 4th hand also called as Abaya Hasthamu(Means the holy hand which gives Boons to her children). And finally she is under a Big Snake which contains 17 heads as an Umbrella, on her vehicle which is a Ferocious lion which she likes always. Her Idol indicates that All universe is emerged from me, all gods, goddess and life came from me that is also called as ViratSwaroopam of Sri Jagajjanani.

Idol History and its Obtaining: Here I need to tell about the Pioneer Mr. Siva Naga Pullaiah garu and the Team of friends 4 formed as a Unit named as Sri Durga Friends Unit, who construct the legendry temple on his own by getting help from the Nandyal villagers and the other people in and around. Long ago in the year 1983, like every year, Mr.Pullaiah and his 3 friends were on Bhavani Dheeksha and visiting various holy Hindu places on the part of Dheeksha, they went to Ahobilam, which is very sacred place for Sri Lakshmi Narashimaha Swamy. After visiting the temple and god, they sat near a tree and chit chatting about the Gods. Then suddenly one hand was put on Mr.Pullaiahs shoulder from back side, all friends turned that side and seeing at Divine and Holy Sages called Yogullu in Telugu Language. And one yogis hand was on his shoulder and he shocked from that and got strucked in their peaceful presence appeared on the sages face. That yogi called Mr.Pullaiah and gave one Old Painting(Some hundreds or thousands of years Old) of Sri Jagajjanani, which was never seen before by any normal human on earth. Yogi said that, This is the form of Sri Jagajjanani which was seen long ago by our Guru(Teacher) during Tapas(Meditation) and make as a painting by his disciple and forwarded to next generations later on. This Sri Jagajjanani is having only one temple on earth which was at ManasaSarovaram Lake in Himalayas,( Now The area of ManasaSarovaram comes under territory of China, but Sri Jagajjanani Temple place comes under territory of India). That old and legendry temple was collapsed and remains partially due to aging, so you need to build one temple for her in your home town, which becomes famous in next generations. After taking that painting into his hands from them, they disappear into the forest. And later for many years he kept calm and thinking about its possibilities. In the year 1988 they formed as a Unit named as Sri Durga Friends Unit for devotional purpose by all 4 friends. But in 1996, Mr.Pullaiah decided to build a temple for Sri Jagajjanani. So he purchased a land in his home town Nandyal with his own money, and later to built temple he start collecting donations from the people, who are interested in this. He collected nearly 18 Crores of Rupees and he started construction and yet going on. One fine day a normal stone was carved into the famous sacred Goddess Idol, we are calling her as Sri Jagajjanani. As per the words of Mr.Pullaiah garu if you visit this temple once that results is equal to visiting of Hindus 108 sacred places & temples in India.

Temple Timings are :

on every day.

About Poojas and Festivals in Sri Jagajjanani Temple: Here in this temple Rahu Kala Poojas, Amavasya and Pournami Poojas are very famous as it is Sri Jagajjanani Temple.

Rahu Kala Poojas: This is famous Pooja which is done normally in Durga Temples, but here Sri Jagajjanani is most best temple to do this poojas, as Durga Matha is also came from Sri Jagajjanani. This poojas are going on here daily at particular timings of Rahu Kala on the particular day. Week day Sunday God). Monday Tuesday Rahu Kalam Time 4:30-6:00 PM Reason to do Pooja on that particular Day. for Childless, Health, Job, Energy, Sarpa Dosham(ill Effect of Snake

7:30-9:00 AM 3:00-4:30 PM

for Happiness, Marriages, getting Houses, Married Couple Happiness. for Childless, Obstacles removing, clearing debts, long married life. for developing arts, agriculture farming, getting contracts & tenders for education, job, politics, Starting good works.

Wednesday 12:00-1:30 PM Thursday Friday Saturday 1:30-3:00 PM

10:30-12:00Noon for self confidence, ladies married life good, wealth. 9:00-10:30 AM for Saturn and all planet ill effects in birth chart.

Note : Anybody who started rahu kala pooja in Sri Jagajjanani Temple will do for 21 weeks on the same day which they started. E.g.: If you start on Sunday, you need to do pooja on every Sunday till 21 Sundays at Sri Jagajjanani Temple. This is the rule here in Sri Jagajjanani, but this is not possible for all people, you can get a break for this 21 weeks like 15 weeks for some time and 7 weeks for some other time, but there is no gap more than 1 year in between, if the gap goes beyond 1 year then you need to start again from the very first week. Note :The above said break is just to facilitate the devotees not exactly told by the temple. Once you visit the temple you can get the Poojas and pooja samagri details. All are invited to do Rahu Kala Poojas here in our Legendry Sri Jagajjanani Temple, Nandyal.

Sri Jagajjanani Mandala Dheeksha: This is the Dheeksha which belongs to Sri Jagajjanani in this temple, you can take this Dheeksha at any Durga Temple nearer to you. But you need to end up this in this temple after visiting Sri Jagajjanani at Nandyal. This was taken by anybody women or men as they wish. Men to be take 40 days compulsory, women may be Dasara days or 11 days or 20 days or 40 days as per their facilitation on every year. Types of Dheeksha: 1) Mandalamu: This is to be started in between 16-10-2012 to 20-10-2012 as per your facilitation. 2) Ardha Mandalam: This is to be started in between 04-11-2012 to 8-11-2012. Ending Dheeksha: You need to end up Dheeksha in between 24-11-2012 to 28-11-2012.

My experience at the Sri Jagajjanani Temple: I went to temple at 10:30 am on 16-09-2012, from outside, temple is looking normal as it is under construction. The main temple Room was on the first floor and by a small step way I went to main floor there I visited Maha Ganapathi temple, as he is the 1st to pray before all, because this boon was given by Sri Jagajjanani to Ganesha on his Birthday. After visiting him, later I went to Visit my loving Goddess Sri Jagajjanani, but as per the Priest order I made 3 rounds of Pradkshinas to Matha. Later I was asked to sit in front of a Sri Chakra Peetam to do KumKumarchana Pooja which is on her front side. And after pooja done to Goddess, Mr.Pullaiah invited us(All Devotees who came for the 1st time to the temple) into the inner room of the temple and there I got Sri Jagajjanani full view to see heart fully. There we are standing for a while, when he is explaining about Sri Jagajjanani Idol and her Temple importance. He explained all the stuff which was explained by me as above in this Blog. After that I visit Kumara Swamy temple, I took the lunch in the Temple premises. Next I waited for Rahu Kala Pooja(For details check in Poojas Section in the same Blog) at 4:30 to 6:00 PM on Sunday to Goddess. I did Rahu Kala Pooja there to Sri Jagajjanani in front of Idol. I stayed and spend nearly 10 hours in the Sri Jagajjanani Temple on that fine day.

Note 1: The Children below and equal to 15 years of age are not allowed into Inner Room(Garbalayamu) of the Sri Jagajjanani Temple. Reason: All humans who are taking respiration having 3 Nadis in their body, called as 1) Pingala Nadi 2) Ada Nadi 3) Sooshma Nadi, Sooshma Nadi is in between 2 eye brows where divine energy is concentrated, but In the children which are aged below 15 there is no Sooshma nadi fully developed, so they are unable to connect and concentrate to the God through Nadi. Thats why they are not allowed inside room in the temple. Note 2: Sri Jagajjanani Temple is always open even in Grahanam Roojulu(Sun or Lunar Eclipse days). This is the 2nd temple after Sri Kalahasthi Temple, which is open on Eclipse Days in our AP state. Reason: All the planets & entire Universe are created by her and there is no stopping of Dharshan on Grahanam Rojullo(Eclipse days). I got a wonderful experience in front of Sri Jagajjanani Matha, i.e., when I am seeing into her eyes I got some new energy which is never felt by me till that time, except once in SaiBaba Temple, Shirdi long ago. I request you to focus on the Idol and mainly on her face. I dont know whether this will be happened to everybody, I felt happy for this as her blessings are always with me till my last breath. Finally, I am very much thankful to Mr. Siva Naga Pullaiah Garu, Sri Durga Friends Unit, Temple Workers Team(Suresh, Karthik etc) who helped me allot during my visit to the Sri Jagajjanani Temple, Nandyal for providing Books and Facilities there to stay. I am happy to Explore all this to the Entire Planet through Internet. By Bala Ratnakar.K, Vijayawada/Hyderabad. I wish you a Happy Journey. For further details : Address : Sri Jagajjanani Devasthanam, Sri Durga Friends Unit, Nandyal-518501, Andhra Pradesh, India. Mobile: 9866727123, 9963364879

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(Blog): How to Reach Sri Jagajjanani Temple: By Bus: You may reach by buses(APSRTC) from all over AP and from other states also. Those who are coming from other states you first reach Kurnool Town(Andhra Pradesh), from there temple is nearly 80 Kms by bus to Nandyal. From Nandyal bus station, temple is about 5 Kms long. By Train: There are no direct superfast or express trains to get here. But 2 passenger trains from Secunderabad and Kachiguda stations daily. The time taken is approx: 10 hours. Better way is coming to Kurnool Town from Hyderabad/Secundrabad (4-5 hours journey) by superfast or express trains and from there better to reach Nandyal by Bus (80 Kms). From Nandyal bus station temple is about 5 Kms long. By Air: The nearest Airport is Hyderabad International Airport, Shamshabad, which is nearly 215 Kms to Kurnool and from there by bus you can reach Nandyal(80 Kms), from Nandyal bus station temple is about 5 Kms long. By Own Vehicle: First you need to reach Kurnool Town (Andhra Pradesh) from anywhere, if you are coming from Hyderabad/Secundrabad it is 230 Kms distance by road, then from Kurnool town you need to reach Nandyal which is 75 Kms distance, from Nandyal to Sri Jagajjanani Temple is 5 Kms long. Nearest Tourist Places: 1) BanaganPalle which is 40 Kms from Nandyal. Veerabrahmendra Swamy Temple and Matam is famous in Banaganapalle. 2) Belum Cave Just 25 km away from BanaganPalle, there is a 2nd largest cave in India. The name of cave is Belum Cave. 3) Yaganti Hindu pilgrimage place, which is named for Sri Yaganti Uma Maheswara Temple. This is 14 km west of Banagapalle on the Banaganapalle-Peapully road. 4) Mahanandi is located east of the Nallamala Hills near Nandyal(15 Kms from Nandyal Bus station), Kurnool District. It is a village surrounded by thick forests. Within 15 km of Mahanandi, there are nine Nandi shrines known as Nava Nandis. Mahanandi is one of the Nava Nandis. The Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple, an important shrine, is located here. This ancient temple dates back over 1,500 years.