“Necessity is the mother of invention” and it is this necessity or intense desire to connect and the desire to express the views of the ever-thinking mind which lead to the evolutionary concept of ‘communication’. And ever since Phoenicians developed ‘alphabets’, innovative ideas to devise accessible means never took the backseat, but, the driver’s seat – an unequivocally genuine statement. Time bears the testimony to the varied advances made in this area with a consistent flow of remarkable concepts and cutting-edge technology. And there were these huge entries of microphones, phonographs, gramophones, wired telelinks, T.V, computers, APRANET, cellular phones, etc. ‘Simplicity’ was invaded by ‘intricacy-with-minute-detailing’ and it thus became the ‘go-go-word’ of the techno geeks who were brainstorming in their hi-tech state-of-the-art research labs in churning out technologies and devices that are twice and thrice and may be even more smarter than their prototypes. ‘Electromagnetism’, a fundamental natural force was exploited in data transfer through wireless modes. This principle found application in the cellular domain and this along with other tools and features are being incorporated in our present ‘smart-phone kit’ to give its users a thrilling experience. The mobile domain is rapidly getting impregnated with distinctive key features and specialties. When the bygone generation insisted just on passing an information through a mere telephonic conversation via simple phones, the newfangled present day generation had this huge propensity to use networking technology to stay connected to whomever they wished to. Thus ushered in an era where common telephone related words were replaced by more hi-tech words like GPS navigation, Android Operating System, 2 G, 3G, GSM,GPRS,WCDMA(Wide band Code Division Multiple Access, Flash Memory, HSDPA ( High Speed Downlink Packet Access), iDEN( Integrated Digital Enhanced Network), ICE( In case of Emergency), Hot Swap, DUN(Dial-Up Network), HSCD( High Speed Circuit Switched Data), HRPD( High Rate Packet Data), EDGE(

2 way text messaging etc. music player . tele-video conferencing. 2010 . These updated versions empowers these portable gadgets with high data speeds. airtime billing charges calculators.. The hand-held device thus gets updated o and on with numerous mind-boggling features. There is yet another fleet of technologies that are on the anvil to be worked out.Enhanced Data for Global Evolution). Cellular technology has made life so simpler and easy by empowering these telephonic devices and such a power doesn’t require more space but just a limited space our pocket in our dress can accommodate.flight mode functionalities et cetera. Written by: Rupali Bordoloi Student: Assam Agricultural University Dec 17. always-on data access. Wherever we go the power tool in our pocket will best serve us. greater voice clarity.

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