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Oman Drydock Company

At Duqm Port

May 2011

Project Background and Objectives

Project Background
The Government of the Sultanate of Oman (GOSO) aims to balance its economic development all over the country diversifying the industrial structure by investing in non-petroleum industries
Establishment of Oman Dry-Dock Company (ODC)

Project Objectives
Contribution to Omani economic growth & development in Oman

Regionally balanced growth

Creation of Omani employment

Diversification of industrial structure

Shipyard Area and Dry Dock Facilities

Dry Dock 1 L 410m x W 95m x D -14.2m Dry Dock 2 L 410m x W 80m x D -14.2m

Superstructures in the Shipyard

Facilities & Plants (7) Dock Gates Dock Pump Jib Cranes Environmental Facilities Gas Facilities Slop/Sludge Facilities Air Compressor Plant

Equipment & Machines (10) Electric Power Incoming & Distribution Equipment Heavy Lifting & Transportation Equipment Shop Cranes Machining Equipment Nix Recycling equipment Painting Equipment Hull Shop Equipment Pipe & Outfitting Shop Equipment Welding Machines Small/Aux. Machines

Others Interior Design & Furniture IT System Scaffolding Various Tools Vehicles

Dry Dock Construction Current Progress of Work : Infrastructure 98.9% & Superstructure 98.4%
- Civil Infrastructure & Buildings: Major Work Scope completed in March 2011. - Superstructure: Major Equipments/Plants completed & commissioned in April 2011.

In-House Fabrication and Soft Operation

ODC repaired two Belgian vessels (JDN) in April 2011, as start of Soft Operation

ODC started In-house Fabrication in February 2011

General Ship Repair Works

General Ship Repair Works

Hull Work Outfitting Work Piping Work Machinery Work Electrical / Electronic Work Painting Work

Repair Facilities at ODC

Hull Shop, Dry Dock Pipe & Outfitting Shop Pipe & Outfitting Shop Machinery Shop Electric Motor Shop Blasting & Painting Shop

General Ship Repair Works

Major repair part of shipyard, mainly steel work on the hull and inside structure by cutting and welding

General Ship Repair Works

Steel outfitting repair such as hatch cover, deck machinery, steel door, ramp etc

General Ship Repair Works

Repair work of ships piping system such as ballast line, cargo line, etc

General Ship Repair Works

Repair work of ships machinery such as main engine, shaft, rudder, cooler, boiler, etc.

General Ship Repair Works


Repair work of ships switchboard, motor, cabling, panel, navigation system, communication system, etc.

General Ship Repair Works

Washing, Scraping, Blasting & Coating of Hull and Tank, Ship Marking, etc.

ODC Policy to become a Highly Competitive Ship Repair Yard

ODC In-House Manpower Labor Subcontractor Stock in ODC (General Stock Item)

Continuous Work Load (Optimum Level) Fluctuating Work Load (Depending on Ships) Common & Frequent Use (Steel Plate/Profile, Pipes, Nix, etc) Special & Non-Frequent Material (Spare Parts, Special Spec. etc) Common & Frequent Use (Lifting & Transport, Cutting & Bending, Machining, etc) Special & Non-Frequent Use (Reconditioning, In-Situ Machining, Test & Calibration, etc)

Material for Ship Repair


ODC Equipped Equipment, Machinery Subcontractor Outsourcing

Current Business Situation of ODC


Many Clusters of ship repair & new building related industries in Dubai Maritime City, Al Zadaf I/Z, Zebel Ali, Sharjah, Azman


No cluster related with ODC operation but only a few infrastructure projects such as airport, hotel and housing are on going

Business Opportunities in Duqm with ODC

Fabrication of Steel Structures for offshore/onshore Projects
Fabrication & Installation of Package Modules for Plants Repair of Boiler, Turbo Charger, Pump, Valve, Hydraulic System, etc In-Situ Machining & Reconditioning Ship Equipments & Parts


Galvanizing/Treatment of Pipe and Outfitting Test & Calibration of Tools, Gauges, etc in Laboratory Spare Parts & Raw Material Transportation and Storage Operation of Vocational Training Center Operation of retail shops in Dormitory and Guest House

Other general outsourcing services

Required Cluster in Duqm for ODC & Subcontractors

1. Subcontractors Own Workshop 2. Subcontractors Accommodation

Temporarily, ODC will provide office, accommodation and meal to subcontractors with minimum charge.


3. Major Ship Equipment Makers Service Office

4. Material Suppliers Warehouse/Stock Area

5. Easy Accessibility & Logistics

(incl. Immigration & Custom Clearance)

6. Entertainment Area for Clients