Tandoori and Laab Pasta Recipe

Ingredients + Amounts:
Pasta: Tipo ‘00’ Flour Egg Salt 100g 1 A pinch/a quarter of a tsp

Tandoori Chicken (this is large amount of chicken - you don’t need this much for this recipe, it depends on you): Chicken Breast Lemon Juice Yogurt Garlic Ginger Jeera Powder Tandoori Masala 1 (3pound) Chicken 2 tablespoons ½ cup 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon 6 tablespoons

Salt Orange and Red food coloring

1 pinch 1 teaspoon

Laab and other ingredients Limes Powder Chilli Sweet/Thai basil Olive Oil Thai Mint (saranae) Red Onion (small) Ground pork Fish sauce 1 lime 1 teaspoon 2 stems 4 tablespoons 3 stems (1 for garnish) 1 150g 2-3Tbsp

Large Pot Large mixing bowl for pasta dough Fork for mixing pasta Plastic Wrap Chef Knifes Cutting Boards Pasta Machine Strainer Plate Spoon Medium pot with handle for laab 4 tbsp Measuring spoon Spatula Large Pan Wooden Spoon Tongs 1 1 1 Depends on how much pasta you make 2 2 1 1 1 (for presenting your dish) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Method / Instructions with times: Instructions 1. Gather all of the equipment 2. Add water to the large pot and put the stove on medium-high. You should fill the pot 2 thirds of the way up. MAKING THE PASTA DOUGH 3. Sieve the 100g of TIpo ‘00’ flour out into the large mixing bowl. 4. Add in a pinch of salt to the flour 5. Form a mound with the flour and create a hole in the center for the egg 6. Crack the egg into the center. If you have any excess shells or unwanted bits in the egg, use the cracked shell as a scoop to remove it. 7. Mix everything together with a fork, until your dough starts to form and everything starts to mix together. You still have clumps of flour and uneven coloration, but it should start forming yet be a little sticky and briefly mixed. 8. Flour your surface with a little bit of the Tipo ‘00’ flour to prevent the dough from sticking. 9. Knead your dough on to the surface by pressing it with your palm, folding it back together, and pressing it again, so on. You can stop kneading when there are no clumps left, when the dough is fully formed into a sculpt-able shape, when the colour is even all around, when it is fairly soft, when it isn’t flaky, and when everything is in one, solid, state. 10. Wrap your dough into plastic wrap and fold in the sides to prevent air from coming in. 11. Leave your dough at rest to soften. MAKING THE TANDOORI CHICKEN 12. Wash the chicken breasts with water from the tap 13. Apply to lemon juice into the chicken and mix it in by kneading the chicken 14. Leave the chicken to rest 15. Re-wash the chicken with water from the tap 16. Put yogurt, garlic, ginger, jeera powder, tandoori masala, salt, and food colourings into the chicken 17. Put the chicken in to the fridge, and leave it there  18. Take it out! 19. Put the chicken into the oven so that it can cook 20. Chop the chicken into small bite sizes. MAKING THE LAAB 21. Wash the mint, lime and basil, and leave them in a separate bowl aside. 22. Pluck out all of the mint leaves from the 2 of the stems, and put them in a bowl aside. Leave the last stem for garnishing. 23. Peel the red onion by cutting off the top of it, then removing its skin. 24. Thinly slice the onion with the chef knife. You want to make sure that it is thin so that when you eat the laab, it isn’t unpleasant. 25. Slice the lime into quarters. Make sure you also remove the seeds – you don’t want seeds in the dish! 26. Put the ground pork into the medium pot with the handle. 27. Add 3 tablespoons of water to the pork in the pot. 28. Cook the pork on the stove (medium heat), and stir constantly with a spatula to prevent sticking. Keep on stirring a cooking it until everything is one colour, and when the colour is whitish-beige. Also check to see if there are any pinkish-red-ish (raw) parts, so that your pork is fully cooked. 29. Remove the pot from the stove. Then, flavor it by squeezing all of the limes, adding the thin red onion slices, deep fried raw rice, powder chilli and the mint leaves. Also squirt 1 tablespoon of fish sauce, but you may want to start by only adding little by little and tasting it, or else it might become too flavourful. 30. Mix everything together with the spatula. Make sure you taste it to make sure that the flavor is just right. It should have a moderate, balanced taste of sour and salty that Time 5 mins 2 mins

1 min 1 min 30 secs 30 secs 2 mins

30 secs 7-10mins

30secs 30 mins 5 mins 5 mins 15 mins 5 mins 10 mins 3 hours 1 min 1 and a half hours 5 mins 1 min 2 mins 1 min 2 mins 1 min 1 min 30 seconds 4 mins

2 min

1 min

combine to make a striking, Thai flavor. MAKING THE ACTUAL PASTA 31. Remove the plastic wrap off the pasta and re-knead the dough on a floured surface. This is just to get all of the ingredients working again. To check if your pasta is good to use, lightly squish it with your fingers. If it is soft and smooth, it is ready to be used. 32. Flatten out the dough with your hands 33. Apply lots of flour to the flattened dough 34. Put the dough through the flat setting in the pasta machine to make it even. The setting should be number 3. Pass the dough through this setting thrice. 35. Cut the dough to the desired length. This is how long your pasta will be! 36. Put it through the machine in angel hair setting. Make sure that you have floured the dough a lot or else all of the pasta will stick together. 37. Boil the pasta in the large pot. Once the pasta has popped up, leave it for a few minutes, and then remove it from the pot with a strainer. Fresh pasta cooks much faster than pasta bought form the supermarket, so make sure that you are always watching on your pasta. 38. Put the pasta onto a separate plate, and put it aside. 39. Put the large pan onto the stove, with a medium heat setting. Then add the olive oil, and let it heat up. 40. Put the cooked pasta and the sweet basil leaves into the pan, and stir with the wooden spoon until the leaves have shrunk and have a darker colour. 41. Put the freshly cooked pasta onto the plate. 42. Add the Laab with a spoon on top of the pasta. Also add the tandoori chicken. You can blend the two meats together if you’d like, or you can leave them next to each other as seen in the photo (even though it clashes with the idea of fusing countries!)  43. Garnish your dish by adding mint leaves, or by adding whatever you would like! 44. ENJOY! 5 mins

2 mins 1 min 2mins 1 min 1min 5 mins

1 min 1 min 5 mins 1 min 2mins

1 min --

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