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AvondaleAvondale-Waterview Historical Society Incorporated

November—December 2012 No. 60 Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

Waterview School
I was personally dismayed to hear that, after all the to-ing and fro-ing of the plans for the Waterview end of the SH20 project, the decision has come down that the school is to be demolished and relocated over this coming summer break period. The school, however, is working on a wonderful heritage project to collect and present images and memories from the school’s past, over six decades. You can find more information here:

December meeting: Bring your old cup
As suggested by Alison Turner at the last meeting, if you’re coming along to the December meeting on Saturday 1 December — bring an old cup, something from out of the bone china collection, or even just a favourite, to partake of our usual post-meeting cuppa and refreshments.

Guest Speakers
December: Partington’s Mill talk, by Lisa Truttman. February: Bruce Harvey, author of a number of books on West Auckland, will talk to us on the wreck of the HMS Orpheus (1863) at the Manukau Heads. Next year marks the 150th anniversary of the disaster.
or contact the school directly.

Auckland Council Unitary Plan
While it was wonderful that I received invitations to attend early stakeholder feedback sessions on the Unitary Plan from both the Albert-Eden and Whau local boards, I found the process overall immensely frustrating and ultimately disappointing. All the legacy council district plans have to be amalgamated into one unitary plan — hence the name — with submissions starting in March next year. But my main focus as your President is on heritage. And after attending two sessions, I’m still very little the wiser as to what exactly Auckland Council intend to do regarding this aspect. Lack of information provided is one thing — while residential, environment and business proposals were well documented and information fully provided as to the proposals to date — similar for heritage was not provided. To cap it off, I was invited by the Whau Local Board to the wrong session all the way in the Trust Stadium in Henderson. The session on the real guts of the heritage proposals for the Western Auckland areas was apparently on another night entirely. Some information came forward at a meeting the Character Coalition had with Council staff at the Town Hall during the last month — but still, I feel I am unable to provide any kind of informed feedback as to this component of the Unitary Plan. The Albert-Eden Local Board did quite well considering the vastness of the topic — their first session in early October covered all the aspects, including heritage (although, of course, Council hadn’t been able to provide details on that at

Dorothy Elaine Bollard, known as Elaine, died in October aged 84. Elaine, along with her son Richard and Margaret Bassett, connected me in with the heritage of John Bollard and his family right from 2001, and all three joined the AWHS. I still remember Elaine’s kind hospitality when I visited her to peruse the volume of the Avondale Road Board minutes still in the Bollard family possession, and it was Elaine I turned to as a contact regarding wording on interpretive signs here in Avondale which have appeared over the years, ensuring John Bollard’s name as one of the founders of our district is not forgotten. My condolences and sympathies to the Bollard family regarding their loss.

Next meeting: Saturday 1 December 2012, 2.30 pm St Ninians Church St Georges Road, opposite Hollywood Cinema

that point in time). I thank them for including the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society in the discussion. One aspect about which I did raise concerns at the Albert-Eden meeting was regarding the restriction on public notification as proposed at this stage for

heritage character areas (those to be applied in future). All I know is from a power point slide, which was why I had looked forward to further information from the Western Cluster meeting. Hopefully, the information will be available to view when the general public are able to make submissions from next year.

Waterview Precinct Plan
This was received via email from Auckland Council in late October. Among the proposed actions and initiatives (these from the plan proposal out for public submission until 16 November):