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Soft weapons form one category of the weapons used in Chinese Wushu. They were considered hidden weapons. in ancient times and are ideal for self-protection, The nine-section whip and rope dart are two common soft weapons. Apart from. giving a brief account of the origin, kinds, uses and development of soft weapons, this book is mainly devoted to the basic knowledge, routines and prac- tice methods of the nine-section whip and rope dart, It is illustrated with more than 200 pictures. It 15 a good basic textbook for the use of the nine-section whip and rope dart. ISBN 7~119-01883-3 | 9 IN ‘018836! > 7-E-3110P eq adoy pue diy U019925-euIN—suodeam 30S FLP (2 Chinese Wushu Se! LiKegin Li Xingdong —— FOREIGN LANGUAGES PRESS BEWJING Li Keqin was born in 1942 and graduated from the Physical Edu- cation Department of Hebei Nor- mal University in 1964. He is now deputy director of the Phys- ical Education Committee and director of the Physical Educa- tion & Research Office of the Daging Oil Institute. He is also a councilor of the National Com- mittee on Postgraduate Physical Education and a member of the ‘Northeast China Physical Educa- tion Committee of the Joint As- sociation for Higher Education as well as the Heilongjiang Prov- ince Higher Education Commit- tee’s Physical Education Section. In addition, he is a chief compil et of the Basie Theoretical Know- ledge for Physical Education and a chief editor of the Special Physi- cal Education Theory. aes Li Xingdong, born in Hei longjiang Province, China, in October 1953, graduated from the Physical Education Depart- ment of the Beijing Physical Culture Institute in 1979 with a specialization in Wushu. He en- tered the Chengdu Physical Culture Institute in 1988 as a graduate student in Wushu and received a master’s degree in pedagogy in 1987. He now works at the Theoretical Re- search Department of the Chinese Wushu Research Insti- tute. He was one of the compil- crs of the Chinese Wushu Dic- Honary and An Introduction to the Science of Wushu. He has published several articles on Wushu. Chinese Wushu Series Soft Weapons— Nine-Section Whip and Rope Dart LiKegin Li Xingdong FOREIGN LANGUAGES PRESS EWING