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Cinematic Spaces: Unit 2: Secret Lairs Peta-Gaye Brown

The Jurassic Period The Jurassic period is wedged inbetween the Triassic period and the Cretaceous period. The Triassic Period ,characterised by heat, vast deserts and warm seas (Wright,2012), this period is very dry and high in contrast to the Jurassic period described to be more like a rainforest. The Jurassic period is separated into three parts the early ,the middle and the late Jurassic Epochs. The Land had started to divide, there was no longer a large Pangea Landmass the supercontinent had separated into Norh America, Eurasia and Gondwana (the Jurassic Period,2012). Oceans were starting to form and sea life started to evolve, the surviving land animals from the Triassic period evolved and dominated the land while Archaeopteryx started to dominate the sky. The early Jurassic period thrived of dinosaurs, small dinosuars, the giants they evolved into came later on near the middle and late Jurassic era. Other Triassic animals didnt survive the mass extinctions that occurred (Palaeos,1998.) But there were small mammals, the same size as rats and the sea reptiles dominated the oceans. The weather started to change also the Triassic dry land started to become moist and started to produce shrubs (Weather wise). The Middle Jurassic Period saw an abundance of plant life from; horsetails, fern, tree fern, Pentoxylaslean, conifer and monkey puzzle. The world looked more like a rainforest filled with an amplitude of life. The late Jurassic period had a lot more plant life and it had grown into a full rainforest. Reptiles, birds, cephalopods, insects, arachnids, barnacles, snails, jellyfish and synapsids filled the land. When the Jurassic period grew into its full glory it came to an abrupt end that turns the Jurassic period into the cretaceous Period. There are three theories to how this era ended, through a flood basalt eruption. Which is a volcanic eruption that can occur for tens of thousands-possibly millions of years(Flood basalt eruption,2012). The lava can spread for miles and the atmosphere is filled with sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, that can result in acid rain(Flood basalt eruption,2012). The second possible cause is through climate change this doesnt give animals enough time to adjust to their environment killing a lot of animals (Climate Change,2012). The last theory is through an impact from meteors that was able to produce a large shockwave across the world that produced dust and debris that disrupted the earths atmosphere, this change in the climate would have eventually killed the dinosaurs.


Definition no.1: A woman who presides over religious rites, especially in pagan religions(The Free dictionary,2012).Defintion no.2: Christianity -A person ordained to act as a mediator between God and man.(,2012)These two definitions help me to understand that the priestess is a person that is insightful and able to hear and see visions from God. A priestess in the christian religion is represented by a the cross a bible . In Tarrot cards a high priestess is described as, Knowing, Physic, Oracle ,Secretive and influential(Priestess tarot card reading,2007). The high priestess is said to carry a scroll that has the answers to philosophical revelations. (Priestess tarot card reading,2007)

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