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Sept. 2012

Published date: Aug. 25, 2012

Update the
people. I have never not been able to help someone with an issue whether it be city or personal. Now, I am not a family counselor, but we have a heck of a group of girls working at your Chamber that can pretty much help you with Nina Akinanything you ask and with President/CEO a smile, too. That cannot be found online. No matter how much we have online it will never replace that oneon-one conversation, the pat on the back. Its easy to say NO in a letter or e-mail, but not to your face. Take advantage of what we have to offer. Elections are just around the corner! Its a big race this year a new President and three new council members. Stay connected to your community, be a part of our Governmental affairs. I am sad to see that there are not more people running in the different districts. So this makes me refer back to our time poverty state of affairs. Dont forget we are here for you, our members.

Save the Date:

We will be having a Membership Drive December 10th! We are looking for new members, so keep an eye out!

Learning to change in a rapidly growing world

I am weary of reading books about this or that and how I need to do this or that. But, we have to. I have to keep on top of the current trends. I went to my last W.A.C.E. (Western Association of Chamber Executives) academy and I graduated this year! (Whoa Hoo). Its been three years of learning wonderful information from the best in our industry on how to run a successful chamber. One lesson I learned this time was these three very important trends in our culture. 1) People are more demanding and less patient. 2) Everyone loves new fresh and different ideas. 3) Everyone is suffering from Time Poverty. Doesnt that all make sense? Its just not the chamber world that is feeling the ouch of society, its everyone. What struck a chord with me was the Time Poverty issue or trend. Everyone is pressed for time. I never really thought about it, but do I find myself saying to my friends, I thought my life was going to get less complicated when I got older, than worse! How this struck a chord for me pertains to the Chamber world. We worry all the time that our members do not come to our mixers and they dont attend our events. I found it relative to the whole time poverty issue. I hate to think you would skip one of our mixers to watch the Family Guy, but I think it might be true. We have to re-adjust how we think about things and understand that our members are pressed for time. With the onset of our computer generation everyone gets the information they need online. You see less and less people attending events because they are just plain tired. I understand that concept all too well. But I am here to remind you of what the Chamber really means to you. That bit of human touch you cant get online. The Chamber has always been the friendly face to help you with information about your community. But even more, we are here to put you in contact with the right

2012 Officers
Chair of the Board Kohler & Clark Screw Products, Inc

Art Clark

Immediate Past Chair Tulare Adult School Vice Chair of Membership CEO of the Tulare Fair

Marie Pinto

Chair Elect Citizens Business Bank Vice Chair of Finance M. Green & Co.

Philip Smith

Geoff Hinds

Crystal Cota

Patrick Isherwood
Vice Chair of Governmental Affairs

6-8 PM Wednesday, Oct. 3 Senior Center 201 South N St. Tulare Light refreshments will be served
See Map below for District Zones

Candidates Night - Join us and become informed

2012 Board
Tulare Historical Museum

Terry Brazil

Sterling & Smith Funeral Homes

International Agri-Center

Kerissa Postma-Chapman Crystal Cota

M. Green & Co. Land OLakes

John Thomas
Bank of Sierra JD Heiskell

Sue Ann Hillman Linda Nogues

Bacome Insurance Valley Business Bank

Simone Frazier
Legal Counsel Horswill, Mederos, & Soares Tulare Regional Medical Center Tulare County Fair

Melissa Freitas
Will Tiesiera Ford-Mercury, Inc.

Dennis Mederos John Barbadian Geoff Hinds Ronald Smith

Lonnie Tiesiera Dennis Mederos

Legal Counsel Horswill, Mederos, & Soares

Professional Staff
President / CEO

Nina Akin

Sherry Carson
Office Manager Information Specialist

Director of Membership and Sales Information Coordinator

Andi Cabrera

Linda Howarth

Vickie Kuntz

is the official monthly publication of the Tulare Chamber of Commerce 220 E. Tulare Ave. P.O. Box 1435 Tulare, CA 93275-1435 686-1547 email: web: For advertising information call: Jennifer Guinn (559) 735-3235 the update is published in partnership with the Tulare Advance-Register

the update

Tulare Regional Medical Center medical tower construction update

Tulare Regional Medical Centers (TRMC) Medical Staff and members of Tower Power; Employee Campaign Committee were invited to tour the Medical Tower construction during the first week in August. Harris Construction staff moderated the tour noting the curb, gutter and drive approaches on Cherry Street are complete. This drive allows for appropriate Emergency Service Vehicle access to the Emergency Department entrance of the Medical Tower. The south wall is approximately 65% complete and the sidewalk was started the week of July 23, 2012. Construction in the basement is progressing at a steady pace. Approximately 70% of the Gypsum Board is installed. The areas in the Basement for our new in patient pharmacy and central sterilization are clearly defined with the Gypsum. The mechanical area of the basement has 65% of the equipment installed, including the chiller. The First floor MRI slab, nearly 12 of concrete, has been poured and framing work continues in the MRI room. Structural light supports are being installed in the Emergency Department. TRMC Staff touring the Medical Tower were excited to see the size of the Emergency Department. Members of the TRMC Medical Staff were excited to see the framing on the second floor Doctors Lounge and locker rooms. Approximately 70% of the wall framing has been completed on the second floor, outlining the Pre-Operation, five Surgical Suites and Post Operative care areas. Installation of the light booms in the Operating Rooms and Endoscopy Suites has begun. The main mechanical supply and return ducts have been run from the second floor to the roof. The shaft framing around these lines has also begun. The cooling towers were put in place on the Roof this month. All roof piping and equipment is progressing, including the connection of the supply and return lines from the chillers in the Basement to the cooling towers on the Roof and plumbing runs from the 9 boilers in the Penthouse. Approved with the original expansion plans and permitted by Caltrans prior to commencing construction of the Medical Tower; Fabrication will soon begin on our Helipad. The steel for this structure is located at the fabrication yard in Bakersfield. To schedule a tour of the Medical Tower, under construction, log on to,




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August 25ww, 2012


tulare chamber the update

Tulare Advance-Register

Transferring assets to a 529 College Plan

Congratulations to those who have been accepted into the Leadership Class of 2012 : Patty Rocha, Tulare Outlet Center Art Clark, Kohler & Clark Jerod Boatman, City of Tulare Louis Navarez, Tulare Fire Department James Ussery, Code Enforcement/City Donna Sonnichsen, Tulare Advance-Register Bryce Gowin, Gowin Green Julie Christianson, Tulare Regional Charlene Dawson, Tulare Regional Brandon Ormonde, Dennis Mederos Ashley Vanderpoel, JD Heiskell Tammie Weyker, Tulare Co Supervisors Deborah Thrasher, Tulare Emergency Aid A 529 College Savings Plan may be an attractive vehicle for those looking to save for a childs education.1 If you have already committed college-earmarked assets to another type of financial vehicle, such as a Coverdell Education Savings Account or a custodial account for a minor beneficiary, you may want to investigate transferring those assets into a 529 plan. Making the Move From a Coverdell Amounts transferred from a Coverdell account to a qualified tuition program (IRS lingo for a 529 plan) are viewed as qualified education expenses by the IRS and are therefore tax free as long as the amount of the withdrawal is not more than the designated beneficiarys qualified education expenses. There are several reasons why a college saver may want to take this course of action. n Consolidation with a more generous contribution limit: Whereas Coverdell accounts limit contributions to $2,000 per beneficiary per year, 529 plans typically allow much higher lifetime contribution limits in excess of $200,000 per beneficiary in many states. n No income restrictions: Unlike Coverdells, 529 plans generally do not impose income limits that restrict the ability of higher-income taxpayers to contribute. n No taxes or penalties: Moving assets from a Coverdell to a 529 does not trigger taxes or penalties. But there are also some drawbacks. Keep in mind that Coverdells and 529 plans are still relatively new, so legal and procedural precedents for specific strategies may not be well established yet. Since the funds in a Coverdell are owned by the beneficiary, any assets moved to a 529 plan owned by a parent could be construed as a transfer of ownership from the beneficiary to the parent. This could raise legal issues down the road if the parent subsequently changes the beneficiary. Whats more, Coverdells can be used to pay for primary or secondary school costs, whereas 529 plans are limited to college expenses. Relocating UGMA/UTMA Assets Many 529 plans accept rollovers from custodial accounts established for minor beneficiaries, such as those created under the provisions of the Uniform Gifts/ Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UGMA/ UTMA). Be aware that the money in an UGMA/UTMA account belongs to the minor, so any subsequent withdrawals after a transfer to a 529 plan may only be used for that minor. Also, since contributions to 529 plans must be in cash, UGMA/ UTMA assets first need to be liquidated, with any capital gains taxable to the minor. Moving Savings Bond Assets The third option for a transfer to a 529 plan involves cashing in qualified U.S. savings bonds and contributing the proceeds to the plan, in accordance with the

Kimberly Lindley, Jerry Hayton, Trish Arnold guidelines established by the IRS and the Treasury Departments Education Bond Program.2 You can find more information at the Treasury Departments Treasury Direct Web site: http://www.treasurydirect. gov/indiv/planning/plan_education.html.

Welcome Aboard New Members

Congratulations and thank you to the following new members that invested in the Chamber during the month of June.

1By investing in a 529 plan outside of the state in which you pay taxes, you may lose the tax benefits offered by that states plan. Withdrawals used for qualified expenses are federally tax free. Tax treatment at the state level may vary. 2Government bonds and Treasury bills are guaranteed by the U.S. government as to the timely payment of principal and interest, and, if held to maturity, offer a fixed rate of return and fixed principal value. Prior to investing in a 529 Plan investors should consider whether the investors or designated beneficiarys home state offers any state tax or other benefits that are only available for investments in such states qualified tuition program. Withdrawals used for qualified expenses are federally tax free. Tax treatment at the state level may vary. Please consult with your tax advisor before investing Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses associated with the municipal fund securities carefully before investing. The issuers official statement contains this and other information about the investment. You can obtain an official statement from your financial representative. Read carefully before investing

Chinas Alley Mexican Restaurant

212 South K St., Tulare 939 E. Douglas, Visalia

Paladin Investment Group 559-625-4005

Sequoia Energy Services

2012-13 TJUHS Dress Code

The Tulare Joint Union High School District recently revised their Dress and Grooming policy after sharing it with students, staff, and parents. Staff wants to ensure that parents and students are informed of the revisions prior to the new school year. As parents are back-to-school shopping for the teenagers, please refer to the policy as a guide. Our district campuses encourage students to dress appropriately for school and enforce a dress code for all high school students. Research has shown that student dress and appearance affect student attitude and conduct and that appropriate grooming and dress are a part of the learning process. We understand that students and their parents freely choose a style of dress that reflects the students individuality, but we also believe that there are standards of appropriateness in grooming so not to distract from the educational process. If you have any questions regarding the dress code policy, please contact the high school administration at your convenience. It is important to note that the dress code shall apply at school and at all schoolsponsored activities. All clothing shall be neat, clean and acceptable in repair and appearance and shall be worn within the bounds of decency, safety, and good taste as deemed appropriate by school administration. Please refer to the pictures included at the end of this article that address more specifics regarding appropriate and inappropriate shorts according to the TJUHSD Dress and Grooming Policy. The following guidelines are intended to define appropriate student attire: Student dress and appearance shall not be hazardous to the safety of anyone in the school. Any clothes, hairstyle, piercings, or styles of dress that may cause a threat, have a negative effect, or disrupt the educational process will not be permitted. No student may wear clothing that contains words that are suggestive or has suggestive double meanings of lewdness, obscenity or vulgarity. Clothing advertising alcohol, drug or tobacco products is prohibited. Any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook, backpack, or manner of grooming, which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or any other attribute, denotes membership in gangs, advocates drug use, violence, disruptive behavior or is offensive is prohibited. A behavior contract is enforced based on gang associated activities. See-through, midriff, fishnet blouses, spaghetti strap tops (straps must be one (1) inch or wider), low cut, revealing tops, muscle shirts, strapless tops, off theshoulder and undershirts are prohibited. Shirts cut low under the arm will not be acceptable. Shirts must be worn at all school activities including sporting events. Bare midriffs will not be allowed. The length of shorts must be within the bounds of decency and in good taste as appropriate for school. All shorts, skirts, and skorts must reach to mid thigh. Biker shorts shall not be worn as outer garments. Bandannas are not allowed at school or at school-sponsored events. Towels, T-shirts, folded shirts or any other clothing article cannot be worn around the neck, draped over the shoulder, or hanging from the pocket. No lanyards hanging from pocket. Caps and hats are not permitted on campus. From November 1st to March 1st, beanies will be allowed outdoors and must be: - Solid black or white - No designs other than district school logos and color. Upon approval by site administration and for sun protection, students are allowed to wear a full brim hat that is constructed of cotton or canvas material, capable of being folded up while in the classroom. These hats must be: - Free of any type of logo or writing. - Solid white or khaki color. - Removed upon entering building. No bagging or sagging clothes are permitted. Pants must fit at the waist, hips, crotch and thighs. Belts must be tucked into the pant loops. No inappropriate holes or frays will be permitted. Wallet chains are prohibited. Foot wear must be worn at all times TJUHSD Dress Code The Tulare Joint Union High School District encourages students to dress appropriately for school. All clothing shall be neat, clean and acceptable in repair and appearance and shall be worn within the bounds of decency, safety, and good taste as deemed appropriate by school administration. Please use these guidelines of acceptable and not acceptable attire when purchasing back to school clothing.

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who renewed their membership during the month of June.
Renewing Members Coulters Interiors LeBaron A.S.F. Ross Wealth Management David Damron Richs Business Options/Amway Global Amdal InHomeCare Giottos Alarm Tech Hancock A/C & Heating Palm Bakery #1 Cal-State Distributing, Inc. Oak Valley Apartment Homes William F Adkins OD Marjorie Risi Keller Williams Realty Tulare County Bravo Farms

Members Renew Chamber Investment

Circles of Excellence
A program of the Tulare Chamber of Commerce

Presidents Circle
J.D. Heiskell & Company Lagomarsino Group Res-Com Pest Control Saputo Cheese USA, Inc Southern California Gas Company Tulare Advance Register Tulare Outlet Center Tulare Regional Medical Center

What are the expectations for government from its citizens?

With the recent rash of bankruptcy filings from several California cities one might question just what exactly are the responsibilities of a city to its citizens? Perhaps an even better way of looking at it is to determine the difference between the wants and the needs of what services should be provided. The recent budget discussions and subsequent passing of the 2012-13 budget has highlighted many questions regarding priorities and allocation of the limited amount of resources available to local governments. In the case of Tulare we have seen the reserves of once nearly $16 million reduced to $5 million. Of course all this was during the backdrop of a contracting economy but it still begs the question of why we didnt change some of the functions we do in order to save some of the reserves. Much like a pie, the budget has been cut into slices with the largest pieces going to public safety resources such as police and fire. This is a definite need of the citizens. This has been and is a priority for the Council and the citizens of Tulare, though police and fire would have been cut if the original budget would have been passed as some on the Council had said they would do. The problem has been that the size of the pie has gone from a family style to a medium sized. The revenues from 2008-09 totaled just over $43 million and dropped all the way down to $33.5 million in 2011-12. That $11 million drop represented a 25% reduction in revenue. During that same period the expenditures of the city continued to outstrip the tax revenues that were coming in. The budget that was passed is still a work in progress. With new issues cropping up as we move forward I would encourage all the citizens to get involved to make sure that we allocate your valuable tax money for the needs of Tulare. The time for choice has drawn to a close for many municipalities such as San Bernardino or Stockton. The choice for Tulare is whether we face challenges head on or do we try to kick the can down the road.

Directors Circle
International Agri Center Land O Lakes

Ambassadors Circle
Acclaim Auto & Truck Accessories Adair & Evans, An Accountancy Corporation Bank of the Sierra Citizens Business Bank College of the Sequoias Horswill, Mederos & Soares Ruan Transportation Corporation Sturgeon & Beck, Inc. Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino TF Tire & Service Valley Business Bank Will Tiesiera Ford-Mercury, Inc.

Next time you dine out in Tulare, please visit one of our Member Restaurants!
A&W 133 North J St. Apple Annies 1165 N Blackstone Asian Grill 2169 E Prosperity Bella Notte 210 E. Tulare Ave. Black Bear Diner 1161 E. Tulare Ave. Bravo Farms 1691 Retherford St. Chinas Alley 212 South K St. Cool Hand Lukes 1470 Cherry Ct. Del Taco 1415 Hillman St. Dominos Pizza 424 E. Tulare Ave. El Pargo Bar & Grill 27 North Tower Sq Farmer Boys Tulare 1197 E. Prosperity Ave. Figaros Southwestern Grill 1348 E. Prosperity Ave. Fugazzis CA Bistro 1441 Prosperity Ave. IHOP 1004 Prosperity Ave. Kentucky Fried Chicken 845 E. Prosperity Ave. La Piazza Ristorante Italiano 1600 E. Tulare Ave. Papa Murphys Pizza 1582 Hillman St. Pizza Hut 1304 E. Prosperity Ave. Que Pasa Mexican Caf 1594 Hillman St. Salles Caf 2082 North J St. Subway 1362 E Bardsley Ave. 1083 E. Prosperity Ave. 302 North J St.

The Tulare Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize these members who have gone above and beyond membership investment in 2011. Their support is instrumental in the growth of the Chamber.

tulare chamber the update

Tulare Advance-Register


September 2012 page 3

August 25, 2012

Travel to Bali and discover Indonesias beautiful island escape

Dotted with small, character-filled villages, smouldering volcanoes rising out of lush rich fields, idyllic beaches and colourful reefs, Bali is the perfect island getaway. Fall in love with the warmth of the people, the ornate customs and welcoming culture that is synonymous with beautiful Bali. You will have plenty of free time. Optional excursions include: n Bali Reef Cruise and Lembongan Island Day Trip n Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour n Bali Lembongan Island Beach Club Day Trip n Bali Sunset Dinner Cruise n Bali Monkey Forest, Mengwi Temple and Tanah Lot Afternoon Tour n Bali Cycling Eco Tour with Buffet Lunch n Balinese Cooking Demonstration

and Gulingan Village Countryside Tour n Singaraja and Bedugul North Coast

Bali Mountain Tour And much much more!!

or just relax on the beach. For more information call 559-686-

Member News

Buckman-Mitchell, Inc., has promoted Dianne Sumpter to Account Executive in acknowledgement of her expertise in commercial insurance. Sumpter has been in the insurance industry for over two decades, and has been with BMI for seven years. Since joinDianne ing BMI, Sumpter has Sumpter continued her education by completing the Commercial Insurance Representative (CISR) and Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) programs. She most recently earned the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation. Sumpter also holds an associate of science degree from College of the Sequoias. Through her experience and training, Sumpter has gained specialized knowledge for produce brokers and packinghouses, contractors, physicians, restaurants, religious institutions and grocery stores. Sumpter is also very involved in the American Cancer Societys Relay for Life, serving as team captain for the past 11 years. A mother of three daughters, Sumpter also serves as the Central California blood drive donor recruiter at BMI. I serve my clients with BMIs mission in mind that relationships with our clients and our community matter most, and to always deliver more than is expected, Sumpter said. Buckman-Mitchell, Inc., is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the West. For information, visit bminc. com. [ Grandmas House Block Party September 8, 11A 3P Grandmas House and the Tulare Regional Medical Center are making a difference in the community, as they bring together various service providers and vendors with services and products that will benefit those who attend. Face painting, balloon sculpturing, and various activities will be available for the children. Join us for a tour of Grandmas House and the Tulare Regional Medical Van. Food will be provided, as you visit the various vendors and discover what services are available to the community. [ Century 21 Jordan-Link & Company Tulare Office Top Agents for the Month of July: Top Sales Volume..........Deanna Souza Top Sales Units ........ Tammy Johnston Top Listing Volume .....Bruce Swanson Top Listing Units........Mitch Choboian [ Internationally known author, speaker and visionary, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, will speak at TulareKings Right to Lifes 17th Annual Making a Difference for Life Banquet on Thursday, September 6th, 2012, 6:30pm, at the Visalia Convention Center. Dr. Bruce We are so excited Wilkinson to have Dr. Wilkinson bring this event to Visalia. It will be radically different from anything weve ever had before ... shared TKRLs Executive Director, April Kesterson Dr. Bruce Wilkinson is known to millions of people throughout the world as a dynamic and inspiring speaker. He has given keynote addresses at major national and international events with stadium audiences of 80,000 or more. Wilkinson is well-known for working to help the

Construction at Tulare Regional Medical Center will require alternative access routes. See article below for details.

worlds destitute and suffering. Wilkinson brings an impressive background to whatever he does. He has written more than 60 books that have been translated into 30 languages, including several books that reached the number one spot on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Wilkinsons breakout book, The Prayer of Jabez, remains the fastest-selling book in history, with worldwide sales exceeding 20 million. It was also the first book to win the Christian Book of the Year award two years in a row. In addition to being in demand as a speaker and writer, Wilkinson is a gifted, visionary leader. He built the largest religious seminar organization in the world, Walk Thru the Bible, and has launched and led international and global initiatives such as WorldTeach, Beat the Drum, CoMission, and Heart for Africa. He has also led major tribal and racial and religious reconciliation conferences in Uganda, Namibia, and South Africa. In recent years, Wilkinson has turned his efforts to help those who toil to save unborn babies and assist their parents. The heart of that effort is The Great Turnaround Event, with a goal to raise $1,000,000 to save 100,000 babies. The event has been wildly successful where it has been held. Bruce Wilkinson says of these events, Its time for The Great Turnaround! Come join us. And lets turn it around ... together. Sponsorships for a Table of 8 are $495; individual tickets may be purchased for $65 each. For more information or to reserve your table, please call 732-5000 or visit [ Construction progress on the medical tower will require the front, circular drive of the Tulare Regional Medical Center to be closed to vehicle traffic. The pedestrian sidewalk will remain open. Beginning Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012, patient loading and unloading will be temporarily located off the Merritt Street entrance under the Tulare Regional Medical Center purple tent. We expect this phase of the construction to be completed within 12 weeks. Directions from Blackstone Avenue: West on Merritt Avenue; continue forward, after complete stop, through

Cherry Street; left into second driveway (Emergency Department); left into second parking aisle to purple tent for wheel chair accessible ramp and walking path. Directions from Cherry Street: West on Merritt Ave; left into second driveway (Emergency Department); left into second parking aisle to purple tent for wheel chair accessible ramp and walking path. [ Adam and Tami Brubaker are happy to be the new owners of the Tulare Grocery Outlet, located at 170 E. Cross Ave., in Tulare. The projected opening date of the store is Thursday, Sept. 27. Adam has over 25 years in routes sales, grocery, and retail. Tami has over 30 years experience as a bookkeeper. Adam and Tami are parents of six sons and three of them will be working at the store. We hope our business will reflect the same values and culture we have seen in the community of Tulare, namely a family friendly, safe and clean, small town atmosphere. Our family and the Tulare Grocery Outlet look forward to becoming integrated with the local community through participation and support of local events, said Adam and Tami.

We hope you will come by to visit us and share in our efforts to help support the community of Tulare. About Grocery Outlet: Grocery Outlet is a third-generation family run business, recognized as the nations largest grocery extreme-value retailer. Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Grocery Outlet currently encompasses 165 independently operated stores in 6 Western States. Grocery Outlets are located in cities large and small and serve all kinds of neighborhoods. Most stores are independently operated by locally-based families. We are truly a family business. The premise is simple: We offer brand name products at 40% to 60% below traditional retailers. Our offering is wide: groceries, frozen, deli & refrigerated, produce, fresh meat (selected stores), general merchandise seasonal products, housewares, toys, and gifts health & beauty, and a most impressive inventory of beer & wine. Our buyers shop the nation and the world by traveling thousands of miles each year just so we can offer the best brand-named products for less than you would pay conventionally. We love to save you money.

Iron Grip Grym 207050

page 4 September 2012

August 25, 2012


tulare chamber the update

Tulare Advance-Register

Sept. Calendar
Thursday, Sept. 6th
6:30PM Making a Difference for Life Banquet with Dr. Bruce Wilkinson at the Convention Center

City, school officials break ground for Mulcahy Park

Monday, August 13th marked a big day for Mulcahy Park! City and School District officials gathered along with citizens and Chamber Staff to break ground at the new park located next to Mulcahy Elementary School. Lovingly referred to as the park by many of the children in the area the, the grounds will now be transformed into a lovely playing field for soccer, baseball, picnics, and even a splash pad for the hot days the valley is so accustomed to. The park is scheduled to open October of this year!

Saturday, Sept. 8th

L Street Car Show Tulare County Symphony at Zumwalk Park

Monday, Sept. 10th

12PM Governmental Affairs Committee meets at Apple Annies

Tuesday, Sept. 11th

6AM-7PM Blood Drive at the Tulare Veterans Memorial Building, 1771 E. Tulare Ave. Ambassador Meeting (Time to be determined. Contact Andi at for more information.)

Wednesday, Sept. 12th

Tulare County Fair begins

Friday, Sept. 14th

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

July Mixer

Wednesday, Sept. 19th

11AM Bella Notte Ribbon Cutting

Saturday, Sept. 22nd

4-8PM Winemakers Social at Gateway in Three Rivers. Log on to for ticket.

Monday, Sept. 24th

6-9PM Night at the Library, $50. Call 685-4506 for more information.

Wednesday, Sept. 26th

9AM-1PM Tulare County Job Fair at the Convention Center Grocery Outlet Ribbon Cutting for chamber staff, city officials, and friends & family

Fairfield Inn & Suites

We were delighted that new to Tulare hotel, Fairfield Inn & Suites hosted our July Mixer. The hotel which opened in late February of this year was brimming with excitement that evening as members of the Chamber were given tours of the first floor queen suites, exercise room, board room, and meeting room. Mixers are all about networking with your fellow Chamber members and supporting the businesses we have here in Tulare. Several connections are made and business cards exchanged and lots of smiles and laughs shared. For more information on hosting a mixer or attending contact Andi Cabrera at or check our website for current event dates

Saturday , Sept. 29th

National Museum Day 8AM Grand Opening for Tulare Grocery Outlet, 170 E. Cross Ave., Tulare

Please send your event dates to

Tulare County Legislative Summit

October 26th, 2012 Tulare Galaxy Theatre 7:30 - 11:00 Congressman Devin Nunes Senator Jean Fuller Assembly Woman Connie Conway Continental Breakfast Provided

9/11 Tulare Memorial Blood Drive

Tuesday, Sept. 11th 6AM-7PM Tulare Veterans Memorial Building

Sequoia Beverage 207052

1771 E. Tulare Ave. Save time Make an appointment online:

Tucoemas 207051