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Saint Albert the Great

8000 south Linder avenue BURBANK



Thirty - first SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME - November 4, 2012

You shall love the LORD, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:5


All are In this House of God

MASSES SATURDAY 5:00 PM (Sunday Obligation) SUNDAY 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (English-Polish) - 12:00 PM 6:15 AM, 1:30 PM and 5:00 PM (Polish) 6:30 PM (Spanish) WEEKDAY MASSES (Monday-Friday) 6:30 AM, 7:30 AM (Polish), 8:30 AM SATURDAY MASS 7:30 AM ( Polish) 8:30 AM FIRST FRIDAY ADORATION - All day, Bilingual Confessions 5:00-6:00PM, 6:00 PM Mass (Polish) HOLY DAYS Please refer to schedules printed in the bulletin prior to the Holiday. Vigil Mass - 7:00 PM (evening before Holy Day) SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays at 3:15 PM Baptismal Preparation Class Last Monday of month at 7:00 PM Parish registration and attendance at the Baptismal Preparation Class are required prior to Baptism. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE All wedding arrangements must be made with a parish priest at least 5 months prior to scheduled date. All couples are required to participate in a marriage preparation program. Parish registration is a requirement. Times of marriages are as follows: Saturday 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM

RECTORY ...(708)423-0321 or (708)423-0322 PLEBANIA (po polsku) .(708)423-0321 lub (708)423-0322 For Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage, parish registration, convert instruction, prolonged illness at home. PARISH WEBSITE E-MAIL PARISH BOUNDARIES North-75th St. East-Cicero, West-Narragansett, South-87th St. Cicero to Austin) 83rd St. (Austin to Narragansett) MINISTRY OF CARE.(708)423-0321 Deacon Irvin A. Bryce Jr. PRAYER NETWORK....(708)966-4068 Mrs. Marlene Rybicki SCHOOL..(708)424-7757 Mrs. Marilyn Kurowski, Principal 5535 West State Road CCD OFFICE...(708)636-0406 Mr. Kevin Wiseman, Coordinator 5535 West State Road

Monday, November 5, 2012 6:30 - Marian Jelcz - Blessing 7:30 8:30 + Cusac Family +Timothy OSullivan Tuesday, November 6, 2012 6:30 +Demeter Bereznak 7:30 8:30 +Patrick Juris 1st Anniv. of Death +Theresa & Umberto Botta Wednesday, November 7, 2012 6:30 +Rose Piwowar 7:30 - Aniela Landowski - Blessing 8:10 - MORNING PRAYER OF THE CHURCH 8:30 +Maria & Ludwig Herbst 7:00 Thursday, November 8, 2012 6:30 +Sean Murphy 7:30 8:30 +Felice & +Michael Rizzo 7:00PM - PARISH HOLY HOUR Friday, November 9, 2012 The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica 6:30 7:30 8:30 - Freddie Tovar - Birthday Blessing Saturday, November 10, 2012 St. Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church 7:30 +Stanislaw Chlebek 8:30 +Mariano LiVolsi & +Santa Rizzo 5:00PM +Salvatore Imbarrato, +Stanley Ojer +Walter Marszalek, - Marilyn Marszalek - Blessing - Freddie Tovar - Birthday Blessing Sunday, November 11, 2012 Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 6:15 +Ludwina Mostowska 7:30 +For the Parishioners, +Bridgie Lally 9:00 +Anton Wright, +Dennis Miller +Barbara Tebo -Gene & Eileen Cerney - Blessing 10:30 +Matthew & Cecilia Wronkiewicz 12:00PM +John Bourke, +Benjamin Penny -Marian Jelcz - Blessing 1:30PM +Edward Skrzyszowski 1st Anniv. of Death +Edward Berdowski +Aleksander & Maria Skawinski 5:00PM 6:30PM -


will be celebrated in our church Sunday, November 4th at 3:00 p.m. for all parishioners who died during past year. All relatives and friends of the deceased are welcome to attend.

The Tree of Life is located in the back of church at our Shrine. You can establish a beautiful memorial to a loved one by inscribing a leaf with his or her name. The donation for a leaf is $350.00. The donation for a larger memorial, just under the tree, is $1,000.00 The money we collect is used for the maintenance of our church property. More information and forms are available in the rectory.

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Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Vocations
The Archdiocese of Chicago Vocations Office helps men discern a call to the priesthood through retreats, visits to the seminary and discernment opportunities. As well, the Vocation Office works with men to determine their eligibility to apply to the seminary for the diocesan priesthood in Chicago. Finally, the Vocations Office actively works to create a culture supportive of vocations through promotion, education, and parish based efforts to raise awareness.
More information on becoming a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago is available by contacting: Fr. Brian Welter Archdiocesan Vocations Office 312-534-8298

The 2013 Mass Book is Open

Please stop at the new rectory office (8000 S. Linder) if you would like to reserve Masses for your loved ones. New parish office hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Saturday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Closed Sundays

The Junior High Classes of St. Albert the Great Catholic School will be celebrating a Veterans Day Mass on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 8:30 AM. Refreshments will be served in the school following the liturgy. We would be pleased and honored if all of the veterans in our Parish would come and join us. Please feel free to share your stories, photos, uniforms, and memories with the students. Displays may be set up in the school library. If you would like more information regarding this very special event, please call the school office at 708 424-7757. Remember, a veteran is anyone who has served in our countrys armed forces. We hope that everyone understands that they are welcome to attend our liturgy and reception, not just our students and veterans. We hope to see you Monday.

K N O W T H E M A S S O N E W O R D A T A T I M E - B ow
We bow when we want to honor someone. Sometimes, we bow in submission before forces beyond our control. And we may even bow before an audience to receive their applause and recognition. Our lowered head or our bended bodies make a bow for many reasons. And when we bow our heads or bodies at Mass, we do so not surprisingly for different reasons as well. In the Creed, we bow at the words . . . and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man. We humbly and gratefully bow to the Eternal Word who humbled himself to come among us as one like us in all things but sin. We bow before receiving Holy Communion, a gesture of deep reverence before the mystery of the Body and Blood of the Lord. At the end of Mass before a solemn blessing, we bow our heads when we hear, Bow down for the blessing. In that moment, we submit ourselves to all the good and gracious gifts God wants to give us. Reverence, submission, and gratitude all this in a simple gesture.
LOVE GOD As we near the end of the liturgical year we listen to Gospel readings from the final stage of Jesus ministryhis teaching in Jerusalem. This Sunday Jesus is in conversation with one of the scribes of the temple. In a rare occurrence Jesus and the scribe agree on the two greatest commandments to love God with all your being and to love your neighbor as yourself. In todays selection from Deuteronomy Moses gives this teaching to the Israelites as the core of their life of faith and prayer, and Psalm 18 echoes this prayer with the words, I love you, O LORD, my strength (Psalm 18:2). Jews and Christians agree that our greatest responsibility is to love the one and only God, and that we cannot claim to love God without loving our neighbor as ourselves. Copyright J. S. Paluch Co.

LET US PRAY For the sick: Marilyn Buchalski, Leonard Young, Jim Lopec & Family, Eric Dulce, Pineda & Eckhart Families, Carmella Mazurek, Virginia Wolski, Dolores Magda, Arletta Ceynow, Bill Sullivan, Carmen Salonga Family, Cermak Family, Olga Garcia, Michael Mazurek, John Bello, Greg & Lupe Alvarez Family, Bernice Ciszek, Sonia Casper, Valerie Farbin, Barbara Iacullo, Irene Korosa, Mitchell Sidorski, Bill & Ruth Eichnamm, Diane & Robert Juris, Dorothy Reid, Erin DeValek, Salvatore Bottari, Theresa Lonski, Harriet Madey Alex Silverman, Don Kupiec, Richard Polancyk, Carol Berghuis, Johana Pusateri, Janelle Demski, Bussie & Hedderman Families, Sister Patricia Labuda, Walter Anderson, Denis Hedderman & Family Shirley McVane, Katie & LucyHedderman, Cheryl Korosa, Penny Prokop, Mary Ann Riccio, For the deceased; Ruben Cardona, Charles Zion.



Returns to St. Albert the Great! Saturday, November 17, 2012 7:00 p.m.
Rogers Hall (Church Basement)

Tickets: $18.00 in advance, $21.00 at the Door, VIP Seating $28.00 Refreshments and food will be available for purchase. 18 and Over Only, Doors Open at 6:00 p.m., Tickets will be sold at the door. For advance tickets, please contact Brenda Klamerus at 708-670-0675

ENERGY CONSERVATION The 5th Grade students will be participating in an in-school workshop on Tuesday, November 6th. This workshop is being sponsored by Nicor Gas and ComEd Smart Ideas program. You and your child will learn more about energy efficiency because of your childs participation in this program. Each family will receive a kit containing energy efficient products to be installed in their home. This is a wonderful opportunity to help address issues in regards to energy consumption in our world, and what each of us can do to use it efficiently. BOARD MEMBERS STILL NEEDED Please consider helping us to accomplish these goals to help our school to become even better than it is now. Room Parents are needed for each grade level, preschool 8th Grade. It is hoped that these Room Parents will be the start to revitalizing the Parent Association. Please discern if you would like to be considered to become a member of our School Board. The main qualifications for serving on the School Board is to believe in Catholic education, and the desire to help our school move forward. We are especially in need of members to serve on the Development Committee of the Board. ST. ALBERTS ON FACEBOOK St. Albert the Great School now has a Facebook page. You can access it by going to ST. ALBERTS RECYCLES Paper Recycling: There are four bins in the carnival parking lot behind the school for people to place paper in for recycling. Please use them to discard your unwanted newspapers and magazines. All of the money raised by this program goes to help pay for school improvements. Box Tops for Education: These boxtops can be found on numerous grocery items. At any given time, everyone has several dollars worth in their kitchen cabinets, desks, etc. Mrs. Porfirio will be having another contest (date to be announced) so make sure to save your BOX TOPS, each one is worth a dime, what a deal! Ink Cartridges: We are still collecting used ink cartridges from copiers and printers as well as used cell phones, etc. (we do not collect powder toners). There is currently a cartridge mountain that needs to be sorted, packed, etc. If you need to earn your parish points, this is a job that can be done during the daytime at school. Please contact Mrs. Porfirio for more information. Manna: Manna is a wonderful fundraiser that benefits our school. Gift cards!!! Thats what the program is all about. The Manna Program purchases gift cards at a discount and resells them to you at face value, and there is no service charge to you. If you want to purchase a $25.00 gift card for Kohls you pay $25.00, thats it. Instead of buying your cards at the store, simply order them from the school. The gift cards are preordered and pre-paid and your order is usually filled within the week. Orders need to be placed on Mondays by Noon. School families can send their order to school, and parishioners can drop their orders off at the Business Office.

Thank You to all parishioners who purchased Pope John Pauls II favorite pastries kremowki. Profit ($7,271.81) will be used for the renovation of our Parish Chapel.

St i c k n e y To w n s h i p R e s i de n ts / A r e Yo u E l i g i b le f o r


WIC may be able to help you if you are: Pregnant or Breastfeeding / Have an Infant or Children up to age 5 / Work with limited income or have no income / Want to improve your familys health with good nutrition /For more information Contact Stickney Public Health District WIC Program (708) 424-9200 x 2158 Baby Food * Cereal * Cheese * Eggs * 100% Juice *, Milk * Peanut Butter * Canned Tuna/ Pink Salmon * Fruit* *Vegetable Vouchers * Whole Grain Products* This institution is an equal opportunity provider
November 5 - 9 at St. Alberts
Monday, November 5 11:00 am Seniors Club Tuesday, November 6 7:00 pm Bingo Wednesday, November 7 8:10 am Morning Prayer of the Church 6:00 pm Boy Scouts Thursday, November 8 7:00 pm Parish Holy Hour/Adoration Friday, November 9 7:00 pm Cub Scouts

The Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver will be here next weekend (November 10 and 11) with their magazine Echo from Africa and other Continents. They will ask you to subscribe to this magazine. Helping them, you will share in their daily prayers and their work for the missionary church.
In todays Readings blessings are pronounced on those who do not share the values of the world. Your marriage and family are blessed by the values you have in your Sacrament of Matrimony. Help them grow by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend. The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend is Feb. 15-17, 2013, For more information, call 1-800-442-3554



Prosimy o pami o naszych bliskich zmarych poprzez wypominki i udzia w Mszy witej.
W niedziel, 4-go listopada bdzie dodatkowa dwujzyczna Msza wita za parafian, ktrzy odeszli do wiecznoci w ubiegym roku. Zapraszamy ich rodziny, krewnych i znajomych na specjaln Msz wita o godzinie 3-ciej po poudniu.

Przypominamy rwnie o Wypominkach w Poniedziaki, rody i Pitki o godz. 7:00 wieczorem

TY TE MOESZ Mona powiedzie, e dzisiaj mamy uroczysto rodzinn, bo przypominamy sobie, e w niebie s wici, bdcy naszymi brami i siostrami, ktrzy si za nami wstawiaj i na wszelkie sposoby nam pomagaj. Bg poprzez swoich witych chcia nam powiedzie, e te wszystkie pikne treci, ktre syszymy w kociele, daj si przeoy na ludzkie ycie. wiadectwo, jakie pozostawili wici, jest wanie tak przekadni, takim ywym komentarzem do Pisma witego. To jest bardzo wane, aby usysze, jak Bg przez witych mwi do kadego z nas: ty te MOESZ! wici przede wszystkim byli ludmi bogosawiestw, o ktrych mwi dzisiejsza Ewangelia. Bya to dla nich najkrtsza regua i przewodnik yciowej mdroci. Gdy umierali, to nieraz z caego wiata zjedali si ludzie, aby zawiadczy o tym, co im zawdziczaj. wita Teresa od Dziecitka Jezus powiedziaa, e dopiero po mierci zacznie si jej dziaalno i e zele deszcz r na ziemi. Kto poobserwuje ycie Kocioa na caym wiecie, to zauway, e miaa racj. Pord witych jest wielu kontemplatykw.
Ks. Adam Ryb

Jeszcze raz dzikujemy wszystkim za wczenie si w witowanie wspomnienia b. Papiea Jana Pawa II poprzez zakupienie kremwek. Dochd ( $7,271.81) ze sprzeday zostanie przeznaczony na remont Kaplicy Wieczystej Adoracji w naszej parafii.

W rod 24 padziernika dzieci robiy race. Ju wiemy jak mona zrobi sobie raniec !!!