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Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Directed by Michael Bay You won't hear me say that Michael Bay hasn't grown as a filmmaker. Transformers: Dark of the Moon expands to a brain-numbing 154 minutes, leaving the 2007 Transformers (143 minutes) and the 2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (149 minutes) in its digital dust. All three films are the cinematic equivalent of a street mugging, only the mugging is over faster. Bay himself is on the record as liking Dark of the Moon better than Revenge of the Fallen, so that should tell you how rank it really is. The only positive thing I can say about this 3D Hasbro theme-park ride disguised as a movie is that it deepened my appreciation for James Cameron and his handling of robots in The Terminator 1 and 2 and his use of 3D in Avatar. Bay is a master bungler, grinding a promising plot into hamburger. What if the robots were discovered by Apollo astronauts on the 1969 moon landing? What if the good Autobots were the only thing separating us humans from world domination by the badass Decepticons? What if Bay had the talent to put flesh and blood on the story hidden in the bowels of Ehrten Kruger's script? He doesn't. Despite having the finest technical talent at his disposal, Bay just flails around like a kid in a 3D candy store watching bots morph into cars and back again and battle each other like dueling refrigerators. Bay believes that you can indeed kick a dead horse forever and the profits his bot epics rake in prove him right. He's laughing (at us) all the way to the bank. In the words of Sentinel Prime (voiced by Leonard "Spock" Nimoy — what!), the risen leader of the Autobots and a daddy dearest figure to the heroic Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Got it. In Bay speak, that means the few movie critics left should shut the hell up and let Bay get down to the business of metal porn. It's not happening. Here's what you'll get to see for your overpriced ticket.

wonder. James root b. Is this the future of movies? God help us! Michael Bay. get another job — fast!). 1 hour c. you've been bitch-slapped) — is a movie bereft of wit. If a director could be jailed for using a camera to have carnal knowledge of an actress. sparring with a hunk of metal.See Bay give his hero. as the national director of intelligence. It made me heartsick to watch Oscar winner Frances McDormand. John Malkovich. and any genuine reason for being. But for every moment that works — a Decepticon named Shockwave wrapping itself around a building like a boa constrictor — comes thudding repetition that made me want to plead for mercy. By that I mean his uncanny gift for making talent look talentless. I fully expected him to transform into a hambone. 54 minutes d. 150 minute e. It's a mark of Bay's flair for the obvious that when a scene calls for McDormand to be nervous. 1 hour 30 minutes . How long this film. as a slimebucket. spouting jokes that die on his tongue. So in comes British model Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley for Bay to drool over. Michael Bay e. reportedly for comparing Bay to Hitler.. a. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf. "Make it stop!" were the words that ran over and over in my head. counters by chewing said scenery until you can't not notice him. LaBeouf only lights up when he reunites with Bumblebee — that's his car. Samuel d. Transformers: Dark of the Moon — high on any list of the worst blockbusters ever (move over Green Lantern. got the boot. See Bay use his magic on actors. Watching it makes you die a little inside. and Ken Jeong. imagination. he'd be doing life. a. he has her bite her nails. Who is the director this film. as an alien groupie? They should fire their agents. And what of Transformers newcomers Patrick Dempsey. Question : 1. Returnees Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson have it worse — Bay treats them like scenery. John Turturro. a new hottie. Bumble Bee 2.. See Bay devote the entire last third of the movie to a bot battle that damn near destroys Chicago. Sam's boss. playing FBI agent Simmons. The pair couldn't be duller. appears in orange makeup that makes him look like an Oompa-Loompa. Megan Fox. Kevin Hansley c. you've done it again. 154 minutes b.

1. It first published in Great Britain in 2007 by Bloomsbury Publishing at Soho Square. The author of this book is Joanne Kathleen Rowling. his Godfather Sirius Black. and more. the Chosen One. Death’ Title : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Author : Joanne Kathleen Rowling Pages : 607 pages Price : £ 17. Harry has already lost his parents. He Who Must Not Be Named and the leader of the Death Eathers. This book tells about the final confrontation between Harry Potter. Voldemort and his . the Symbol of Hope for both wizards and Muggle worlds and Lord Voldemort. Undesireable No. 7th 2007 This fiction book is the last sequel to the world bestseller book. In this last series.99. Lord Voldemort Time Release : July. Love versus death.REVIEW NOVEL Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ‘Love vs. more. At least a dozen characters we already knew died in this series and the others were tortured.99 Publisher : Bloomsbury Character : Harry Potter. Ronald Weasley. and his beloved teacher Professor Albus Dumbledore. Harry Potter. London. Good versus evil. It consists of 607 pages. he lost more. The price of this book is £ 17. Hermione Granger. the Boy Who Lived.

and population of elves. goblins. Those all confirm the author as a mistress of a story telling. Hermione. safety. and centaurs. This is a fantastic book! I absolutely love this one. However. This book is as fresh as the bright blue sky. created a taboo and jinx to his name and made terror in Wizard. At last. 450 pages d. You should have this one! You will not regret buying this book. The spellbinding. He must leave the warmth. The story is excellent. He did not know which path to choose as he was standing at the crossroads nut he must follow without fear or hesitation the inexorable path laid out for him. She succeeded in created her own fantasy world with every detail that can make the readers swim into her imagination and flood with feelings. Those things made Harry often wished that he were not as a leader of Resistance Movement. Joanne Kathleen Rowling gave the best unpredictable ending for this one. You will feel like this old world seem brand new after read this book. He wished him only an ordinary boy who felt free to burn in love with Ginny Weasley and could go hang out with his friends.. Harry has been given with a dangerous and seemingly an impossible task. There was no more teenage romance. Muggle World. The Order of The Phoenix as what all people taught of him. whose book will be read. in their adventure they found ‘Hallows’ which were said that those only a myth. I give it a standing ovation. Ronald Weasley because Ronald envied with Harry’s embrace. My eyes can be welled with the tears of delight or my face can flushed with happiness so recently.Death Eathers were infiltrated the Hogwarts and Ministry of Magic. In this last series. Harry. seventh installment of the Harry Potter series. Each page is full of breathtaking emotions. make you won’t to miss any word. The crisis and ending is unpredicted. and companionship of The Burrow. Horcrux is a secret magical object in which Voldemort has stabbed parts of his soul on it. 607 pages c. 550 pages e. 500 pages b. You’d probably break down and cry if you never read this one. He wished he could not to be responsible for all the disastrous. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is all about action from the start. the conflicts in society but accidentally. the warmth of Christmas. The darkness really felt. Joanne Kathleen Rowling told in a spectacular way the answer to the question that have been so eagerly awaited. Harry must entered the Forbidden Forest then he must did battle not only with the Death Eathers but also the Lord Voldemort himself. Indeed! Quetion : 1.. richly woven narrative. twists. This book can make my passion split up. that of locating and destroying Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes. and read again. How much pages in this Novel. We can see the darkness in this series as we see when the skies are changing in all the shades of blue. 670 pages . a. and Ron were avoid the crowded of life. reread. journey to the Hogsmeade and even Quidditch but both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire put a little bit competition between Harry Potter and his best friend. and turns at a breathtaking pace. the true master of writing. which plunges.

25th 2011 I will not make the same mistakes that you did Aku tidak akan membuat kesalahan yang sama yang engkau lakukan I will not let myself Aku tidak akan membiarkan diriku Cause my heart so much misery Menyebabkan hatiku sangat sengsara I will not break the way you did. Aku tidak akan melanggar seperti yang engkau lakukan.REVIEW MUSIC Title Singer Genre Length Release : Because Of You : Katty Pery : Pop : 3:00 : March. a laugh everyday of my life Senyum. tawa setiap hari dalam hidupku My heart can’t possibly break Hatiku tidak mungkin istirahat . tapi semua orang di sekitarku Because of you Karena Engkau I am afraid Aku takut I lose my way Aku kehilangan caraku And it’s not too long before you point it out Dan itu tidak terlalu lama sebelum engkau menunjukkannya I cannot cry Aku tidak bisa menangis Because I know that’s weakness in your eyes Karena aku tahu itu kelemahan di matamu I’m forced to fake Aku terpaksa dalam kepalsuan A smile. You fell so hard Kau jatuh begitu keras I’ve learned the hard way Aku telah belajar dari pengalaman pahit To never let it get that far Untuk tidak pernah membiarkan hal itu sampai sejauh itu Because of you Karena Engkau I never stray too far from the sidewalk Aku tidak akan pernah menyimpang terlalu jauh dari jalanku Because of you Karena Engkau I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt Aku belajar bermain di sisi yang aman jadi aku tidak terluka Because of you Karena Engkau I find it hard to trust not only me. but everyone around me Aku merasa sulit untuk percaya bukan hanya diriku.

tapi semua orang di sekitarku Because of you Karena Engkau I am afraid Aku takut I watched you die Aku melihat kau mati I heard you cry every night in your sleep Aku mendengar kau menangis setiap malam dalam tidurmu I was so young Aku masih sangat muda You should have known better than to lean on me Kau seharusnya tahu lebih baik daripada bersandar padaku You never thought of anyone else Kau tidak pernah memikirkan orang lain You just saw your pain Kau hanya melihat rasa sakitmu And now I cry in the middle of the night Dan sekarang Aku menangis di tengah malam For the same damn thing Untuk hal menyebalkan yang sama Because of you Karena Engkau I never stray too far from the sidewalk Aku tidak akan pernah menyimpang terlalu jauh dari jalanku Because of you Karena Engkau I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt Aku belajar bermain di sisi yang aman jadi aku tidak terluka Because of you Karena Engkau I try my hardest just to forget everything Aku mencoba segalanya bagiku paling sulit hanya untuk melupakan Because of you Karena Engkau I don’t know how to let anyone else in Aku tidak tahu bagaimana membiarkan orang lain masuk (dalam hidupku) Because of you Karena Engkau I’m ashamed of my life because it’s empty Aku malu dengan hidupku karena hidupku kosong . but everyone around me Aku merasa sulit untuk percaya bukan hanya diriku.When it wasn’t even whole to start with Saat hati itu bahkan tidak utuh untuk menjadi landasan Because of you Karena Engkau I never stray too far from the sidewalk Aku tidak akan pernah menyimpang terlalu jauh dari jalanku Because of you Karena Engkau I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt Aku belajar bermain di sisi yang aman jadi aku tidak terluka Because of you Karena Engkau I find it hard to trust not only me.

Her mother looked emotionally dependent to Kelly.Because of you Karena Engkau I am afraid Aku takut Because of you Karenamu Because of you Karenamu Because of You .. The best friend e. Katty Pery c. It's hard to open his heart. One Direction d.. And then he lived with his mother bad. But because of her mother's experience. a. Because he did not want to get hurt. Avril Lagvine e. He is still too young to bear the burden. In an interview. and Kelly did not want that. Jhon lenon 2.Because you This song is pretty sad when we go into meaning. A girlfriend d. Relationship with her mother b. Question : 1. Relationship with her father c.. Mothers experience . This song is tell about. a. Will jackson b. Who is the singer this song. Kelly Clarkson said that the song tells of relationship with her mother. Kelly becomes a difficult one to approach. His parents divorced when he was young. Kelly grew up in families that are not intact.