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Media Violence Wouldn’t one think that having billions of people play violent video games makes them

want to go out and cause violence? Also, having violent films promoted in the United States raise violence in today’s society? Well wouldn’t people think they would stop promoting it if it caused violence in real life? Well, media violence doesn’t cause violence in real life because tests produce unreasonable results with failure of a manipulated variable, teens are more influenced by adults they live with, and people of the same gender and households plays a bigger role in violence rather than media violence. When trying to prove that media violence causes violence there are no proven way of showing that. One can’t prove media violence causes violence because most teens watch media violence. The tests that they do have produce unreliable results. 200 to 300 elaborate experiments on media violence have not found much (Downs). Teenagers are born with the tendencies instead of learning to do it from media violence (Blake). In addition, Teens are more influenced from adults then from media violence. Teens who smoke are mostly influenced by adults of which they live with or purlieu with who proceeds to smoke in their presence (Blake). It is known that teens always want to be like their parents and do things the people of the same gender do. Which brings them to be more liable to cause violence rather then from media violence. Also, Teens are proven to learn aggression from their household rather than from media violence. A Psychological Theory suggested that interactive nature of many of new media may affect children’s behavior more powerfully than passive media such as television and that tests against media violence can’t be developed well and is inaccurate (youth violence). Watching Media violence causes some aggression but is very uncommon to lead to serious violence such

. If someone lives in a bad area like Compton they are not going to be influenced by the TV they are going to be influenced by their environment and the people they live with. Media violence is not to blame for violence in real life. Works Cited Blake. “The TV is not to blame for violence but the lack of social skills. assault. Media Violence Does Not Put Teens at Risk. It’s the base area they live in. murder. etc. Print. Boston: Houghton and Mills. In conclusion. Let alone of all proven facts that media violence doesn’t cause violence in real life but are more influenced by their social life and the way they grow up. The TV is proven to just be for entertainment.” said William Triplet (73-74). 2008. Lorraine. If it causes a lot of violence then wouldn’t everyone think the government would remove it from the television? Well none of that has been proven to cause rape.

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