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Bicol, the philippines may 13-19, 2012 p 5.00

vol. xix, no. 46

Butanding Festival slated

DPWH projects lined up to ease flooding in Albay
Legazpi CiTy - The Department of public Works and Highways (DpWH) in Region 5 has lined up projects to solve the perennial flooding in the province in Albay, specifically in the second district. We are appealing to the public to please bear with us while we are reconstructing roads and bridges along the arterial road network, said
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DONSOL, Sorsogon The 2012 Butanding Festival slated on May 18 promises to be bigger and better this year.
According to town Mayor Jerome Alcantara, the celebration will be both solemn and ultimately festive this time because they will put

together the yearly town fiesta in honor of Sorsogons patron


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She iS coming . . .

to naga

3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY (054) 472-57-71 TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

Bikol reporter

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee). TOP END: The BSP-MB has predicted that our inflation rate will be in the range of 3-5% for this year. Statistical studies tend to show that the probabilities are towards the higher 5% - brought up by costlier energy and fuel. Our hope is for world price of fuel oil to taper down further (after breaking US$100 per barrel range) so that regional oil prices (on which our pump-prices are largely based) will likewise go down. The other consequence of an estimated upward tick of our cost of living (major basis of inflation) is the rise in interest rate (to curtail spending). Reality however, emanates from inadequate supply of basic goods (claimed by opportunists) which leads to importation (or smuggling into the country) of basic goods such as rice and corn, as well as meat and fish. The Departments of Agriculture and of Trade, and the Bureau of Customs must be vigilant even as they should coordinate well to deter smugglers. HOSTING: The 45th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of Asian Development was hosted by Phl attended by the highest number of countries and (5000) participants. Government claims that the Phl presentation resulted in putting back our country in the international (investors) radar. Our own financial problems were reported, enabling us to inspire funder-

may 13 - 19, 2012

Weekly Reflection


Inflation Climbing
opinions unlimited
countries in providing potential loans and investments support. The historic hosting is credit to our government leaders and private businessmen who joined hands to advance the best investment opportunities hereabout. The Filipino has so much talent to show. Hosting global meetings like this brings out the best in our skills and organizational systems. During my incumbency as president of the ASEAN Federation of Accountants, we hosted the regional meeting in Davao City in 1999 and our fellows were awed by our superb preparations. FUNDING GAP: Among the issues tackled during the ADB Meeting was the need for the capable Asian countries to fill the funding gap for the rest of the region. The investment-hungry countries include the Philippines. The conference gave us the opportunity to tell wouldbe financiers what and where we could utilize their funds. The financial leaders recognize our good financial recording standards and modernistic regulatory system (albeit at times overly strict). Potential investors can be tapped from resource-rich China (US$7 trillion) and Japan (US$6 trillion). Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and India are also mentioned. The Asian capital markets stand to benefit from the results of the ADB Meeting since detailed economic and financial statistics were exchanged among the regional leaders. Corporate borrowers should upgrade their financial portfolio in preparation for the entry of new global investors. PRIORITY: No less than the ADB president Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda (the ADB charter provides that the president shall be a Japan nominee) believes that the Phl energy sector is a potential developmental finance destination. He pointed out that the cost and pricing of energy is a key factor in expanding and improving business and industry hence must be properly and more urgently addressed by our economic leaders. Another potential priority area is tourism. This calls for development financing for additional tourist areas, improvement of our airports and air transportation facilities as well as modernization of our ocean liners and docking facilities. Boracay, Caramoan (CamSur), Legazpi (Albay), Cagayan de Oro City, Bohol and Ilocos are destined to be international entry points so we must speed-up the project accomplishments. PSALM: Trust in the Lord and do good. Dwell in His protected land and enjoy safe pasture.

Shapes and Sizes

Lately, on a rare visit to our hometown where I and my siblings grew up and where my late father used to operate a convenience store to support us, I came to gather that some of our contemporaries before, still in their prime, have either experienced sudden deaths or underwent very prohibitive invasive surgeries, which almost ate them down towards bankruptcies, due to some lifestyle diseases. I remember that, back then, when our corner convenience store was still open, I saw, with my own eyes, how cases and bottles of liquor and boxes of cigarettes sold out very briskly, like hot pancakes, in a matter of a day or two while rice and other household necessities and items just sat by waiting on the shelves... While there, since there was a feast day, I have the opportunity to celebrate the Holy Eucharist at our parish church, located at a hilltop, and met many of our townmates and, now, with their fast growing families. Seeing them and their children crowded together on the pews, I recalled the days, when we were still at their age, going on a swim by the river on hot noon days, climbing trees to fetch some fruits, going on fishing, excursions... It seems just when. In my homily, I cannot find any appropriate words to share but instead exhorted them to find encouraging and life-giving diversions. In our sole dear lives, let us not anymore repeat and pass on to the coming generations the mistakes and limitations that our parents, in their time, went through. We cannot blame anyone for all of these. Back then, our parents were merely confronted with shallow lifestyle options. Those were the days. Right now, we have to be thankful and grateful. Most of us had been given the golden opportunity to receive good education from the schools and colleges in a nearby city.This is now our time. We are now in the know of various alternative lifestyles and spiritual choices to improve our lives and that of our hometown. ... Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. John 6:68 Let us help and get active in the many ministries and communities of our parish church, as lectors, Lay Eucharistic ministers, servers... That also includes the on-going construction fundraising activities. This is our second home. It is our common spiritual home where , many of us, and, now your growing up children, received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. Where many of you have your marriages solemnized. Where I, many years ago, have my sacerdotal thanksgiving mass. And, where, on some sunny afternoons, we brought many of our dead parents and relatives for a requiem mass before we altogether sent them off to a nearby cemetery. Lets get on with our lives. Love our families. See to it tha they are always gathered close together. Love our vocations. With the grace of God, do everything that we can. Love our church and the community. Together we will have a happy and healthy lives that will go down to the next several generations down the line.

Sen. Sottos stand and CJ Corona to take witness stand

I am not a fan of Senator Tito Sotto but now I admire him. This has nothing to do with his being the majority leader in the Senate and the Impeachment Court but with his stand on two recent matters that I read in the newspaper. On May 5, 2012, the Daily Tribunes headline was no budget fund for DOT; Sotto demands avert pullout. The news was that Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto threatened to cut off his tourism budget to P1 when budget time comes around next year. Sen. Sotto is demanding the pullout of the reported P63 million advertisement placement of Its more fun in the Philippines in CNN spent by the government for its tourism campaign shown in Asia, the United States and Europe. He wants DOT Sec. Jimenez to justify the funding for this television commercial in the international news channel. This reportedly came about after Sotto complained about what he called highly unfair and damaging story carried out by the cable news network shortly after the commercial which featured papag among those living in slum areas. Papag refers to recycled fastfood leftovers sold or consumed by poor Filipinos. These

from my window
leftover foodstuff carries germs and could even be toxic, as one never knows how long these leftovers had been taken from the garbage cans then boiled and eaten by impoverished families. Sotto saw this week-long special feature of papag and could not help but raise motives in CNN for coming out with that feature. Why didnt CNN feature Sec. Manuel Villar who came from the poor but rose to become a billionaire? Why feature those scrounging for leftovers? I understand and share Sen. Sottos feeling after watching that damaging

feature on the Philippines. I believe it would be better to advertise through the airlines than the CNN. We can put a 10 minutes advertisement in selected airlines showing Its more fun in the Philippines which they can shot it to their thousands of daily passengers. This will have multiplier effects. Many people believe that the mouth is one of the fastest means of communication. ***** The Tempo dated May 9, 2012 reported that Sen. Vicente Sotto delivered a scathing privilege speech decrying the speed which the Department of Foreign Affairs had given three conflicting positions on the diplomatic immunity to Erick Bairnals Shcks , the Panamian and the fast dismissal by the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 50 of the rape complaint against Bairnals last April 30. What is the importance of Panama to the Republic of the Philippines? Why do we value our relation to that country to the extent of sacrificing the sights of a humble 19 year old Filipina? Senate President Enrile asked. Sottos privilege speech that told the
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the new face of Paniman

As the motorboat glided on the glassy water, it is summer and the sea was calm, around an island rock the locals called Matucad, we could see birds flying overhead and a jumping fish emerging from the water. My wife was so enthralled by the sight that she exclaimed, beautiful, beautiful. Although it was her second time to go on an island hopping trip, she could not hold back her excitement. The scene was really magnificent. My high school buddy, Kekoy San Pablo, a former Caramoan vice mayor and his wife were as mesmerized. From Matucad, we circled several island rocks nearby with the same magnificent view. The rocks are like prehistoric monsters surfacing from the ocean bottom to take fresh air and see what is above the sea. Their isolation, their silence and sometimes the sudden gust of wind creates a feeling you are in another world.

a QueStion oF privilege

salvador d. flor

But if you are adventurous, you will go there to see them for yourself. If you have seen the movie, Land That Time Forgot, you will have a pretty clear picture of the island rocks. Absent, however, are the giant dinosaurs and club-wielding cave men inhabiting the untouched world in the movie. The stunted trees abundantly growing

where there is soil in the stone mountains, the sharp rocks protruding from many parts of the islands like bayonets, the stories of sea spirits lurking in their forests contribute to the mysterious appeal. The island rocks with powdery white beaches are what have further drawn the hordes of tourists coming to the stone mountains. Your adventure starts when you board the boat bound for these scattered rocks. The continued filming in nearby Gota Beach of the TV survivor series has kept off limits to tourists the internationally known beach resort. But this has proved to be a bounty for nearby Paniman. The coastal barrio has become their haven. Tourism has completely changed the face of Paniman. Once a sleepy community of about a hundred families, it has today hotels and air-con cottages, two small steel wharfs for speed boats,

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may 13 - 19, 2012


Bikol reporter

Catanduanes new doppler radar safe from power outages

Legazpi CiTy -- The philippine atmospheric, geophysical and astronomical Services administration (pagaSa) assured disaster authorities that the multi-million peso Doppler radar in Bato town in Catanduanes and all other weather monitoring equipment set up across the Bicol region would not be affected by the threats of power outages, an official of PAGASA said on Thursday. Landrico Dalida Jr., PAGASA regional director, belied earlier reports that the newly inaugurated Doppler radar equipment in Catanduanes would be rendered unoperational in times of weather disturbances due to power brownouts currently occurring in the island province. Dalida, in a phone interview said, as a contingency measure, the Doppler radar equipment in Catanduanes has a 75 KVA generator set and five drums of diesel fuel to supply the needed electricity requirements in times of power blackout. The Genset could power up the radar and monitoring equipment installed at the Doppler station, including its lighting facilities, he said. Dalida said that the PA-



Pristine beaches and islets abound in Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines Sur.

CNNgo lists Caramoan one of Phls ten best beaches, islands

piLi, CamSur The philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands, all of them quaintly tropical, most of them awesomely attractive, and a goodly number downright pure and simple beautiful. A jewel of an islet, offshore Gota Village Resort in Caramoan Peninsula is one of them. The entire peninsula of Caramoan is in fact a virtual tourism Eden, replete with exotic islets, pristine beaches, lagoons, rock formations, freshwater pools, underground cave and rivers, diving spots of diversified corals and marine life. These unique and natural features of Caramoan are the reasons why Caramoan has become a favourite location site by producers of the highly rated reality TV series Survivor. Coupled with CamSur Governor LRay Villafuertes uniquely judicious but aggressively innovative tourism development program, Caramoan Peninsula has substantially boosted the province to the stature of top tourism destination of the country. Caramoan itself with Gota Village Resort project of the provincial government as centrepiece was chosen by Top Resa Paris, Europes largest travel and tourism forum, as best tourism destination in the world in 2008, the same year that Nature magazine selected CamSur as best eco-tourism site of the world. CamSur was also cited top player in this part of the world by Cond Nast Travellers Survey for Asian Islands Destinations. Occupying the other spots in the short list of fabulous islands and beaches of the Philippines are El Nido in Palawan, Boracay in Aklan, Palaui Island in Cagayan Valley, Panglao in Bohol, Bantayan Island in Cebu, Samal in Davao, Siargao Islands in Surigao del Norte, Great Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga, Pagudpud/Bangui in Ilocos Norte. -GBClaveria

PhilHealth urges members to avail of 50% discount on premium contribution

By MaRLON a. LOTeRTe Legazpi CiTy -- The philippine Health insurance Corporation (philHealth) in the Bicol region reminded their individually paying members to avail of the 50 percent discount on their annual premium contribution. In line with the increase in premium contributions set to start by July this year which requires individual paying members with average monthly income of P25,000 to pay an annual premium contribution of P2, 400, the 50 percent discount is one way to save and minimize the impact of the increase, said PhilHealth V Information Officer Paulette Santiago. The discount can be availed by the said members who will pay their whole year premium contribution within January to June this year. Santiago further said the discount applies to premium contribution not only for this year but also for 2013. They can also pay in advance for their 2013 premium contribution. With the discount, they can only pay P1, 200 per year instead of P2, 400. The said discount can also be availed by newly registered Philhealth members provided that they pay their contribution before July 1 in which the new premium will take effect. Some members might be apprehensive to avail of the discount but its one way for them to save that certain amount. With the contribution made in advance they will be also saved from being bothered by payment deadlines, Santiago added.

GASA Southern Luzon Bureau under his watch has eight Surface Observatory Stations. These include Legazpi City; Daet, Camarines Norte; Sorsogon; Virac, Catanduanes; Calapan, Mindoro; Catarman, Eastern Visayas; and Romblon. All these stations have their back-up generator set and corresponding stocks of diesel fuel to operate the station 24/7 in times of calamities. He said, on a regular basis, his agency conducts weather observation every three hours a day, and this would only take 15 minutes per observation. Dalida dispelled earlier reports from disaster officials in Catanduanes that the Doppler radar would be functional

amidst fear of lack of power supply to engine the radar station. Carlos Briones, spokesperson of Catanduanes Governor Joseph Kua, in a text message, said the island province would be experiencing rotating brownouts starting on Friday because, according to him, the Catanduanes Power Generator Inc., (CPGI) could no longer supply the required diesel- fed electricity to the First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative (FICELCO) due to financial constraints. FICELCO is being supplied with electricity by CPGI via their diesel fed generator and two hydrothermal plants operated by Sunwest Corporation (SUWECO).

uNeP student shares experiences in Japan sojourn

Fresh from an island nation in east asia, Maria Jela Mendones Moran, an incoming third year Bachelor of arts Major in political Science student of the University of Northeastern philippines (UNep), shared the invaluable insights she has gained during her 9-day sojourn in Japan. Moran was among the lucky recipients of the Japan East-Asia Network of Exchange Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme which was initiated by Japan during the 2nd East Asia Summit (EAS) held in 2007. The 5-year programme includes an annual exchange of about 6,000 youths from its 10 member states, including the Philippines . Her stay in Japan from April 10 to 18, Moran shared, has exposed her to the culture and way of life of the Japanese people, thereby appreciating the uniqueness of our own nation. Few of the historical places that we have visited include the Hiroshima site where every nook and corner seemed to speak of the tragic piece of history. We were also brought to the environmental center in Hiroshima and made to experience their customs through the homestay program. All of those experiences made me appreciate more the value of being a Filipino, Moran added. Atty. Remelisa Alfelor-Moraleda , UNEP President congratulated Moran for being included in the list of students from all across the globe to represent their respective universities and be a part of the prestigious JENESYS programme. Moran is one of the ace students of UNEP, being a consistent honor student from elementary to college and being included in the scholarship program of the school. She has also shown an exemplary leadership skill having chaired various organizations inside the campus. UNEP takes pride in her accomplishment and wish the same to our other students. Moran likened her Japan experience to the many awards that she has received. Her scholastic record also speaks of her commitment to further widen her turf. She was hailed

MaRia JeLa MORaN as class salutatorian in 2006 and received various citations in 2010. She also took over as President of various school organizations which include her stints in the Supreme Student Government of UNEP High School and UNEP College of Arts and Sciences Community Extension Services. Moran is also a member of PAG ASA Youth Association of the Philippines (PYAP)Iriga Chapter and an officer of the Barangay Youth Organization in Iriga City . UNEP will continue to hone its students in preparation for their bigger role in the community pursuant to its mission of producing quality graduates and global achievers.

ltFrB oFFice Site

roy SAN rAmoN

Chairman James Jacob of the land tranmsportation and Franchising regulatory Board (ltFrB) signing the deed of usufruct for the 300 square meters lot donated by the Naga City government for use by the ltFrB in building its extension office in the city. the lot is located beside the land transportation office at the back of the Naga City Hall Building. looking on are Naga mayor John Bongat (right), Vice mayor gabby Bordado (left) and members of the Sanggunian Panlungsod.

ViSit our WebSite:

Bikol reporter
by JACoB r. JoVe master teacher 1 Iriga Central School, Iriga City


may 13 - 19, 2012

Problems Facing Public elementary Schools

tours and travel In Focus

Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC) comprising the City of Naga and its neighboring municipalities which are Camaligan, Canaman, Gainza, Magarao, Calabanga, Bombon, Pili, Bula, Minalabac, Milaor, Pamplona, Ocampo, San Fernando and Pasacao is now on its final stage of implementing its much awaited project dubbed as Tooling Up for Tourism, Local Governance Support Program for Local Economic Development. This project is adopting tourism as a way to achieve balance economic development among the fifteen (15) member local government units of MNDC. It goes without saying that this aggrupation of LGUs is both an alliance and an institution whose membership is voluntary and its thrust is the realization of its cooperative undertakings. This project more than ever is the response of the LGUs to the task of sustained economic development by way of local autonomy mandated by the 1987 Philippine Constitution and the Local Government Code. While Naga City and the municipality of Pili have experienced modest economic growth all the 13 other member municipalities of MNDC could hardly manifest the desired development and for this much is to be accomplished. It is for this reason that the said project Tooling Up for Tourism of the MNDC was initiated. This will in effect be the answer to decades of under development by way of maintaining the basic operating principle of resource sharing of tourism potentials in the growth area. The intent is for the LGUs concerned to pursue program of activities that will create jobs generating the needed economic impact through effective governance. With these concerns pointed out the Tooling Up for Tourism program of MNDC qualified for LGSP LED support as a collaborative project of the Canadian government and the Philippines as well and for this reason it needs the support of the LGUs in the development and implementation of their unique tourist destiFor this long term goal as envisioned to be realized by the LGUs within the MNDC enclave we should harness and pursue innovative developmental approach in the implementation of the project. As a tool for tourism growth, it will create jobs generating economic advantage for its people in the area of coverage. For sure, this would improve the governance environment as a business friendly partner focused on creative ideas and solutions in response to the problem of the wait and see attitude of most our people. MNDC Tooling Up for Tourism Program maintains its basic operating principle of resource sharing but for tourism to achieve its optimum result there is a strong clamor to standardize and specialize support initiatives. Sharing therefore must be effected as a public private partnership for the development and improvement of innovative tourist sites. Products and services and the twinning approach for sharing knowledge and resources among the MNDC members must be effected. This would result to a better and improve products and services. Micro entrepreneurs and the LGU concerned are brought closer towards development paths through: 1. Shifting the status of the current minor producers to be coming direct supplier of tourism goods and services. 2. Encouraging the establishment of new enterprises to supply goods and services, both as secondary and primary suppliers/beneficiaries in places that were not producing said products before. 3. Establishing new tourism sites. Economic development is the main reason and thrust of this project for a balanced economic growth in the area. Consistent with its avowed objective in the upgrading and development and operation of its tourist sites the same
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The Philippines public elementary school system has been riddled with problems for many years now. Year in and year out, there are tremendous challenges that accompany the opening of the school year. And these difficulties linger on throughout the entire school year. The Department of Education, in its quest to give every Filipino pupil quality education, continues to find innovative solutions to this persistent crisis. One of the many problems is the student teacher ratio. During the school year 2010-2011, the ratio was 1:36. Because of the increasing cost of education in private schools, many parents decide to transfer their children to public schools. Since public schools cannot turn away students, the schools become congested. Overcrowding in the classroom is never a good thing both to the students and the teacher. Students in very big classes tend to lack proper focus, motivation, and drive. They tend to be easily distracted and their concentration is often dim. Competing with more than 30 other students for the teachers attention can be very difficult to a young learner. On the side of the teacher, he has to exert more effort to be able to reach out to his students. He has to work harder so that his lessons get across to a class that is 50% more than the required number of students. This can be particularly straining to someone who has to teach several subjects in one day. This is also where the next trouble comes in discipline problems among the students. It cannot be helped that big groups often brew conflict. Children are specially susceptible to getting into trouble with other children when inside very tight positions and situations. Pupils lack of interest also follows. Absenteeism or truancy then becomes prevalent because children think that because there are too any of them, the teacher will not even notice that two or three of them are missing from the class. This connects to another problem which is the high drop-out rate. The dropout rate for elementary students is shown to have increased from an average of 5.99 percent in 2007 to 6.28 percent in 2010. Of course, there are other culprits to this problem. Poverty is often the reason behind children dropping out of school. Some parents would rather have their young help them earn a living than send them to school. These child laborers should have been in the confines of their school rather than in farms, sweat shops and the like but the hardship of life prevents them from doing so. With the rapidly increasing number of students in public schools, we perennially experience lack of classrooms. Every time the school year opens, this becomes a threat to school administrators and teachers. It is therefore not surprising to see news items about classes being held under a tree or in other make-shift rooms. There is also the brain drain among teachers. Many of our comrades have gone abroad to seek greener pastures. In the collegiate level, there is a dwindling enrollment for courses like Education. It seems not many young people are keen on becoming teachers in the future. Lack of instructional materials is also a big problem that hinders children from getting the education they deserve. The teacher is, most of the time, hopeless as to how to solve this quandary. He can only provide so much. There have been many instances when the teacher himself spends his own money just to be able to buy supplies to be used in the classroom. If and when there are materials, most of the time these are simply inadequate. Overall, these problems all point towards the lack of funding or financial support. The budget allotted to education is always, sadly, insufficient to cover all the expenses needed to be able to provide for every public school pupil. All these problems continue to beset public elementary schools in the country. Let us be optimistic that in the near future, the government will be able to provide a solid and effective answer. After all, education is a very important part of this countrys growth and development.


President, Bicol Association of Tourism and Hospitality Educators (BATHE)

nations including products and services complementing existing tourist growth drivers and other tourist sites. This Local Economic Development idea advances a new approach on tourism potentials in Metro Naga most especially the municipalities comprising it. With particular emphasis is the common and perceived trait of Camarinenses in this growth area. They are noted for their warmth and hospitality. With tourism in Camarines Sur gaining the upper hand compared to other provinces in Bicol the flow of development to the outer peripheries of Metro Naga will be good to the economy benefiting the people in the area in view of expected patronage of tourists. We must therefore work as concerned individuals in coordination with public and private entities and redouble our efforts to go through the changes to get to the beautiful and exciting places which are waiting to be tapped. It goes without saying that the tourism campaign slogan of the Department of Tourism, Its more fun in the Philippines could be better replicated with another tourism slogan that The most fun can be found in Camarines Sur notably Metro Naga as a new growth area in Bicol for Tourism.

inner chess

the effects of multi-media teaching

by mA. JANe royoNg Iriga Central School, Iriga City
With the advent of new innovations and advancements in different fields, the use of the latest technology in audio and visual has become a prevalent tool for teaching. Gone are the days when teachers would rely only on traditional instructional media and methods to present the days lessons. Nowadays, innovative teaching and learning strategies using the latest technology are the latest trends in bringing knowledge to the students. Multi-media teaching is a method of instruction that uses sound, text, images, video, animations and interactive content from computers and other electronic or digital devices like MP3 players, mobile hones and the like as a way to impart information to students. Today, many teachers have already made multi-media teaching a part and parcel of their everyday instructional method by offering an array of multimedia options to support teaching and learning not just within the four walls of the classroom but outside of it as well. Beyond the classroom, teachers can utilize multi-media by adding value to what has been discussed in class. Students also have a better time retaining the lessons because it provides them with access to previous lessons and class presentations. Since multi-media teaching has become an accepted educational practice for instruction, the 21stcentury teacher should bear in mind that this method has different effects to students and teachers alike. Let us first discuss the good effects. First is its versatility. Because multi-media appeals to little children as well as collegians, it can be used for teaching across all grades and year levels. Educators can make use of this device in teaching various subjects. It is also interactive, which means it is easier to individualize to be able to cater to a specific learners unique needs. Whats more, it can be accessed from different settings whether it be a home or school computer, a mobile phone, or other portable devices like laptops, netbooks, or tablets. It likewise encourages and allows students to actively participate in discussions more effectively. The students become more interested because of the combination of video, text, sound and graphics while at the same time allowing them to be more analytical in real life situations and settings. Multimedia provides an interactive way for students to participate in a lesson. The lesson can be accessed both in and out of school and can be modified for ones individual learning needs. However, this depends on whether technology is available to the students even outside of the classroom. It is has also been found that there is an improved learning environment when lessons are ably supported by multi-media.
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may 13 - 19, 2012


Bikol reporter

Querubin is guest speaker PrC CamSur celebrates of NCF rotC graduation rites World red Cross day
the turn-over of command from the outgoing ROTC Corps Commander to the new incoming Corps Commander. The graduation ceremony was graced by the NCF President, Ms. Marguerite Michelle V. PaduaHornby, College of Criminal Justice Education Dean, Dr. Marilyn F. Balares and her students, and other school heads and administrators. The ceremony was also well-attended by government units with representatives coming from the PNP, BFP, BJMP, PHIM, PA, PAR, with special support from the Division Commander of the 9th Infantry Division, MGen. Josue Gaverza Jr. AFP and the Chief of Staff, Col. Cesar Idio (INF) GSC PA. The Naga College Foundation ROTC unit is under the leadership of NSTP Coordinator Ms. Marivic VargasBalance,RSW and the ROTC Commandant Lt. Col. Joselito Pastrana (INF) GSC PA, 9th Infantry Division, with the assistance of the NCF ROTC Coordinator Mr. Paul Hornby.

by lIzel S. mACAtANgAy
iRiga CiTy - as all Red Cross societies worldwide and the international Committee of the Red Cross celebrate the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, the philippine Red Cross-Camarines Sur chapter also highlighted the commemoration through a medical mission with the indigenous people (ip) at Barangay Santa Teresita, here. More or less 100 IPs from the Oyango tribe received free medical assistance and free medicine while 120 community youth volunteers or members of the Red Cross 143 in Barangay San Pedro, in the municipality of Buhi were given first aid training. Other activities were also launched simultaneously to mark the red day. One of which is the launching of the PRC-Camarines Surs Flag Day campaign. The theme for this years celebration is Youth on the Move.

Colonel ariel O Querubin (pN) (M) Ret. visited Naga City last March 16 as the guest speaker for the ROTC graduation & Turn-Over of Command Ceremony of the Naga College Foundation. Colonel Querubin Ret. is a recipient of the philippine Medal of Valor and is the most bemedalled officer in the history of the armed Forces of the philippines. He is also credited with one distinguished conduct star, two Distinguished Service Stars and seven gold Cross medals, and many other awards. Querubins military exploits are legendary and his tales of heroism in the field inspired the men and women of the Naga College Foundation ROTC unit. Querubin graduated from the Philippine Military Academy Matapat Class 1979 and went on to serve as an officer in the Philippine Marine Corps. Querubin held many command and staff positions in the marines but was mostly

assigned to the field where he gained extensive combat experience fighting in all of the combat zones of the Philippines. Querubin was also deployed to East Timor in 2001 as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force. Querubin underwent training with the Australian Defence Force completing a Masters Degree at the University of Canberra in Australia. Colonel Ariel Querubin Ret. addressed the young army cadets and cadettes of the Naga College Foundation ROTC unit recounting tales from his distinguished career as well as the many sacrifices he has made for the good of the nation. The cadets of the ROTC unit were very inspired and happy to have a true hero of our nation supporting their graduation and the ROTC program. The ROTC Graduation and Turn-Over of command ceremony recognizes those cadets who have graduated from the ROTC program and signifies

The campaign which started May 8 and will last until May 11, is a fund raising campaign where youth volunteers are mobilized to solicit donations through the Red Cross cans. For every donation that is dropped in the donation can, donors will be given Red Cross decal I SERVE. In Naga City , members of the Red Cross youth put up free BP checking booths in Naga City and other Filcab terminals alongside with a free blood typing activity. The same was also put in place in SM City Naga to enjoin the shoppers to support the said campaign. Ms. Nanette Rodrigazo, PRC Camarines Sur Chapter Administrator raised her appeal to the donors to support their fund raising campaign. The annual solicitation of funds is undertaken to sustain the chapters programs on blood services, disaster management and trainings on first aid, basic life support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
It will be followed by the parade of whale shark replicas to be presented by street dancers in colorful native attires in honor of the butandings in the afternoon. Another highlight of the festivities is the fluvial procession at the mouth of the long and winding Donsol River where a large pod of butandings usually converge at this time of the year. It will be participated in by an armada of outrigger boats decorated with whale shark replicas and festive colorful buntings. In the evening after the holy procession, ballroom and disco dancing will be held at the sprawling town plaza. Tourists will be offered tours along the Donsol River for firefly watching, which serves as another spectacular attraction. There will be games and stalls put up at the town plaza all night long while music continually plays until the wee hours of

home nursing care and psychosocial support program. Every penny that goes to the Red Cross also goes to our beneficiaries who are in dire need of these services, Rodrigazo said in an interview. Rodrigazo also made emphasis on the important role of the youth in uplifting the most vulnerable. The youth forms a major part in the disaster risk reduction and management, advocacy on voluntary blood donation as young donors themselves, public health information education, participatory hygiene and sanitation, emergency response and leadership values and formation. The Philippine Red Cross also strongly support the governments effort to equip the communities, particularly those in disaster prone areas with basic know how and capacities on risk reduction management to lessen, if not totally eliminate the number of casualties in any occurrence of untoward disasters.
the next morning. People would be in the streets talking with each other and having fun. Butanding Festival is the way how we give thanks to the Lord of giving us the gentle butandings. It may not be as glamorous compared to other festivities in the Philippines, but we consider it the most important part of the year as it is the best way we express our thoughts as people and nature lovers, Alcantara said. The presence of whale sharks in the coastal waters here was known to the local residents fore over 100 years. But they believed these gentle giants were dangerous. This wrong notion changed when in January 1998, a group of scuba divers discovered its presence and interacted with the whale sharks.

Butanding festival . . .
saint and the Butanding Festival to welcome the reappearance of the whale sharks, which usually come in droves during this time of the year. The festival used to be held in April but local official decided to move it to May 18 in time with the towns fiesta celebration, so that it would be more fun in Donsol during the day, the mayor added. The town fiesta marks the homecoming of Donsolanos who are now living elsewhere of the country and abroad to take part in the traditional revelries while the festival officially signals the opening of another high adventure season of underwater interactions between humans and the enormous but gentle sea mammal. Dual celebrations in a day, the mayor said. During the town fiesta, we cater not only to our returning town mates but also to thousands of visitors from nearby places who have been accustomed of celebrating with us. In the Butanding season, we play hosts to another thousands of tourists coming in for whale shark interaction, Alcantara said. With two festivities rolled into one, the merrymaking will be certainly fabulous, he added. There will be holy masses to be capped by mass baptismal of babies at the towns century-old church in the morning, followed by traditional food offerings in every house until nightime and holy procession in the evening, apart from other church activities in honor of the patron saint. Also part of the fiesta activity is a civic-military parade.

SoliD golD paWnShop naga citY

Notice is hereby given that all pawned items for JANuAry 2012 which were not redeemed will be auctioned on JuNe 04, 2012 at 9:00 oclock in the morning.

auction Sale

Ipinapaisi sa publico na ang gabos na ipinagsangra kan eNero 2012 isusubasta sa HuNyo 04, 2012 alas 9:00 nin aga.
BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 13, 2012 the management


tours and . . .
must be facilitated and supported by government and the private sector. This support services shall come in handy with owners and entrepreneurs of resorts, restaurants together with the transport sector doing their share not to mention the academe whose training of tourism workers is a must if we are to expect the revenues being realized in tourism. More than at any time in Metro Naga Development goals, all this things will be the source of stimulus for the sustained inflow of tourists vis-vis existing destinations and services. Activities on building the capacities of front liners in tourism including tourist guides and the transport sectors organizing and supporting travel and tour operators and aggressive marketing strategies must be given the needed support and encouragement. Along this concern the project can optimize the contributions in this area of opportunity with the Bicol Association of Tourism and Hospitality Educators (BATHE), the Bicol Association of Travel and Tour Operators (BATTO) including the Hotel Restaurant Resorts Association of Bicol doing their share.

SoliD golD paWnShop

195 Panganiban Street, dinaga, Naga City
Notice is hereby given that all pawned items for JANuAry 2012 which were not redeemed will be auctioned on JuNe 04, 2012 at 9:00 oclock in the morning.

auction Sale

Ipinapaisi sa publico na ang gabos na ipinagsangra kan eNero 2012 isusubasta sa HuNyo 04, 2012 alas 9:00 nin aga.
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SoliD golD paWnShop

ubaliw, Polangui, Albay
Notice is hereby given that all pawned items for JANuAry 2012 which were not redeemed will be auctioned on JuNe 04, 2012 at 9:00 oclock in the morning.

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Ipinapaisi sa publico na ang gabos na ipinagsangra kan eNero 2012 isusubasta sa HuNyo 04, 2012 alas 9:00 nin aga.
BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 13, 2012 the management


Bikol reporter
according to Mr. Salvador Alarcon, an old resident of the barrio and this columnist friend but hotel and boat owners, small traders and the workers hired by the foreign filmmakers. Hotels and lodging houses have sprouted not only in Paniman but also in Caramoan poblacion. Mr. San Pablo who owns a hotel in the poblacion said the number of tourists continue to swell by the day. In my early years in Paniman, I spent so many summer afternoons watching the sea and wondering what was beyond the ocean. From my barrio, the bluish mountains in northern Catanduanes could be seen on a clear day. It is over l5 kilometers from Paniman. After finishing high school in Caramoan but with little hope of getting to college, I went to Catanduanes to stay for a while with a carpenter uncle. From there, I made my way to Laguna and then to Palanan, Isabela to work at a logging concession. Mine was a life always on the go. And I loved it.

may 13 - 19, 2012

But my memories of repeatedly crossing the ocean to Catanduanes and back by frail sailboats would keep coming back. Perhaps because it was pure adventure. In those days, the only means to get to Catanduanes from my barrio was by small sailboat. On fair weather, it would take us half a day to cross the ocean. During stormy months, very few would dare venture out into the sea. In one of these trips by sailboat with another uncle, the rudder broke while we were far out into the sea because of big waves. I looked at my uncle with apprehension but he showed no sign of panic. He fixed the rudder while our boat turned in circles. Finally, the wayward rudder was put in place. The tiny boat lurched forward, shuddering but it kept moving. After what seemed an eternity, the mountain behind Paniman appeared and then the barrio came into full view. Our ordeal was over. republic of the Philippines oFFICe oF tHe muNICIPAl CIVIl regIStrAr libmanan, Camarines Sur

a question of . . .
paved streets and swarms of daily visitors from near and far places. Such amenities before did not exist. What the barrio had was an empty beach, kilometers of it, a few fishing boats, nipa houses similar to what Miguel Lopez de Legaspi had seen when he arrived in the Philippines centuries ago. Tourism has not, however, benefitted all its inhabitants,

general luna St., Naga City


auction Sale

on JuNe 1, 2012 of all unredeemed articles pledged from NoVemBer to deCemBer 2011 at 8:30 a.m. BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 13, 2012

from my window . . .
DFA to side with Filipinos was referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chaired by Sen. Loren Legarda who said that Philippine laws and international agreements on human rights should take precedence over international agreements on diplomatic immunity. Sen. Legarda also said that the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Immunity is not absolute as this does not allow a foreigner who has a diplomatic immunity to rape a Filipina. The Philippine government should withdraw the diplomatic immunity it granted to this technical officer and treat him according to the law of the land. ***** It is good that SC Chief Justice Renato Corona has decided to take the witness stand in the impeachment trial against him because that is what the people are expecting from him. The long presentation of evidence of his defense lawyers are boring and some are irrelevant and immaterial according to the presiding Judge, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Remember how valiantly CJ Corona publicly said that he will not resign; that he will face the impeachment trial and that he is not stupid? Well lets hear his story. For me, I do not care if he is found guilty or not for betraying public trust, I just want to know the truth. Its not only CJ Corona who is on trial here. The Senatorjudge will also be judged by the people. It is easier for Corona to get eight (8) votes to be acquitted than sixteen (16) votes to be convicted. I want to see if our Constitution works in this historic impeachment trial.

r. guinhaWa PAWNSHoP
general luna St., Naga City

In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that geNAro PASCuA AgArAN, has filed with this Office a Petition for Change of First Name from rudy to geNAro in the birth certificate of rudy PASCuA AgArAN who was born on APrIl 08, 1961 at Badoc, Ilocos Norte and whose parents are AtANACIo A. AgArAN Jr. and SoledAd B. PASCuA. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than 19 mAy, 2012. (Sgd.) emIlIe A. dAIrAo Municipal Civil Registrar
BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

auction Sale on

mAy 25, 2012 of all unredeemed articles pledged from NoVemBer deCemBer, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 13, 2012
eXtrAJudICIAl SettlemeNt oF PerSoNAlIty AmoNg HeIrS WItH WAIVer Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the surviving wife and legitimate children and sole heirs of the late roSeNdo C. BArBoSA Sr. who died on April 04, 2004 at La Anunciacion, Iriga City without any will and with no known debts; the deceased left a certain motor vehicle particularly described as follows: makeSuzuki, type of Body-mC, year model-01, motor/ engine No.-F14-224304, Serial/Chassis No.-gP125306661, Plate No.-mC-0516-5034, mV File No.051622925, Cr No.61671093, the parties being all of legal age and with full capacity to contract hereby divide and adjudicate among themselves the described Motor Vehicle in EQUAL SHARES; the Heirs hereby Waive, Renounce and Quitclaim their Shares, Interests, Ownership and Participation over the described Motor Vehicle in favor of RICHARD N. BARBOSA, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Aldrico T. Abao., Doc. No. 309, Page No. 62, Book No. XIV, Series of 2012.
BIKol rePorter Published: may 6, 13 and 20, 2012

AdJudICAtIoN By Sole HeIr oF tHe eStAte oF mACArIo AVIlA PortIN ANd elIzABetH PortIN NOTICE is hereby given that GERALDINE A. PORTIN, of legal age is the surviving grandaughter and sole heir of the late mACArIo AVIlA PortIN and elIzABetH PortIN, who died on May 18, 1939 at Libmanan, Camarines Sur without any will and with no known debts, left a parcel of land situated in Bahay, Libmanan, Camarines Sur, the party of legal age adjudicate unto herself the described property as stated in the Adjudication by Sole Heir, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Reynaldo L. Herrera, Doc. No. 277, Page No. 57, Book No. 55, Series of 2012.
BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6, 13 and 20, 2012

dpwh projects lined up . . .

DPWH 5 Regional Director Danilo E. Dequito during an interview. Reports have reached his Office on the complaints of motorists experiencing traffic builtup and other inconveniences due to road rerouting. We are assuring the public that all efforts are being done to finish the projects on or before the target date of completion, the director added Albay 2nd District Engineering Office is now expediting the completion of several projects along Daang Maharlika (DM) road. One of which is the Reconstruction of Pili Bridge along DM Junction Legazpi City-Sto. Domingo-Camarines Sur Boundary road (Phase I), Penaranda St., Legazpi City, fronting former Albay Hotel. Several alternate routes were identified by the City Government of Legazpi for the convenience of the traveling public. The bridge length will be increased from 12.60 meters to 15.60 meters plus one meter elevation, purposely to accommodate the great volume of water discharge that resulted to flooding on the road pavement during heavy rains, explained Director Dequito. The project has an allocation of P11.30 million sourced from the CY 2012 DPWH Regular Infrastructure Program. This amount is for the removal of the old structure, construction of the bridge substructure, concreting of roadway, base preparation and for the bridge approaches. The project is targeted for completion on the last quarter of this year. We are also expediting the completion of the construction of box culvert and slope protection along Culliat Section in Daraga, Albay, said Albay 2nd District Engineer Walter Lubiano during a radio interview. Said road section had long been subjected to public criticism because of the frequent flooding on its pavement brought about by the diversion of the flow of water from Busay-Bongalon River towards Daang Maharlika. This is a calamity funded project with an allocation of P5 million and we aimed to finish this project early part of June this year, added DE Lubiano. Considering the bulk of vehicles that pass said route, appropriate warning/informative signs, barricades and lighting facilities were installed in the area. We also stationed flagmen to man the traffic 24/7 to avoid accidents and traffic build-up, he concluded. LVC

Thank You
Our family acknowledges with deep appreciation your kind expression of sympathy. We will forever cherish the life of our Dad,

eXtrAJudICIAl SettlemeNt oF eStAte AmoNg HeIrS NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties are all of age, children and legal heirs of the deceased JuAN u. del gAllego, who died on January 24, 1980, at Mandaluyong City, without any will or testament, and with no known debts, left a certain real property situated in Bgry. Mansalaya, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, that pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court, the parties with full capacity to contract agree to DIVIDE and ADJUDICATE among themselves in thirteen (13) equal shares and the share of the deceased coheir, JUAN R. DEL GALLEGO is hereby divided equally between his two (2) surviving children, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Cleto R. Suarilla, per Doc. No. 1027, Page No. 106, Book No. III, Series of 2012.
BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 13, 20 and 27, 2012

evelio garchitorena BaDiola Sr.

and eternally wave to the heavens as he begins his journey among the angels. Badiola family sincerely thank you for your sympathy and friendship.

Mommy Ludy Manette Mahal

Carlos Evelio Jr. Bembot

In-laws, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.

eXtrAJudICIAl SettlemeNt ANd PArtItIoN oF eStAte AmoNg HeIrS WItH AutHorIty to Sell NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties: Anastacio C. Nem Singh, Alfredo C. Nem Singh, Helen NS. Sahurda, Sheila I. Maralit, Devi I. Baduya, Lal Antonio NS. Idnani, Kishkor NS. Idnani, Editha P. Idnani, Sita NS. Ednani, Mohan NS. Idnani, Bernardino F. Consulta, Gloria F. Consulta, Gabriel F. Consulta, Lourdes C. Abrillo, Rosario F. Consulta, Ricardo F. Consulta, Alberto F. Consulta, Celia F. Consulta, all of legal ages are the legitimate heirs of the deceased HeremIA CoNSultA who died in Manila, Philippines on April 14, 1958 without any will and with no known debts, left certain real properties at Barrio Ayugan, Ocampo, Camarines Sur, the parties all of legal ages with full civil capacity to contract hereby agree to adjudicate and apportion the entire hereditary estate among the heirs with intestate succession Extrajudicial Settlement and Partition Among Heirs with Authority to Sell signed by the parties, the parties hereto, in order to effect the Extrajudicial Settlement do hereby name, constitute and appoint CHARLES P. BADUYA to be their true and lawful Attorney-In-Fact, for them and in their name, place and stead to do the acts and deeds stated in the Extrajudicial Settlemenet, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Leoncio M. Clemente, Doc. No. 10, Page No. 3, Book No. 120, Series of 2006, and Atty. Elsa Verdadero-Perlas, Doc. No. 560, Page No. 112, Book No. I, Series of 2006.
BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 13, 20 and 27, 2012

may 13 - 19, 2012

the effects of multi-media . . .
And best of all, flexibility in learning exists with the proper use of multi-media. Teachers become more creative when equipped with the right instructional tools. Misuse and overuse of multi-media can also pose a problem among educators. If a teacher relies too much on it, then learning and teaching becomes undeveloped. It is not always a guarantee that the student will learn faster, better and more. In fact, some studies show that too much use of multi-media tools can be disadvantageous to both teacher and student. Other problems also exist. One would be the upkeep and maintenance of multi-media tools. Many schools are working hard to keep computers up to date and in good condition. They struggle to be able to keep up with the heavy multimedia demands in the classrooms. One more problem is what is called the digital divide or the disparity in the access of technology. There are still a good number of students who do not have access to the internet much more to simple computers that equip with multi-media capabilities. Then there is the limitation of technology and the access to it. Cost would be one element to take into consideration because multi-media tools do not come cheap. But of course, the most noticeable disadvantage in using multimedia in the classroom is the necessary technology. Preferably, the ratio between student and a computer or device to run the interactive lesson is one to one. But in a country like the Philippines, this is wishful thinking. The government does not have the necessary budget to provide public schools with enough equipment. Private schools may have the needed tools but they command higher fees. Indeed, multi-media teaching has innovated the way education is going as it has greatly enriched learners concepts, skills and perceptions as well as help the teacher but multi-media should never act as a replacement for the teacher but should only serve as an aide to facilitate better learning in and out of the classroom.

Bikol reporter
da chief says no . . .
organic farming and also suggests combination of in-organic and organic farming. He also instructed the National Irrigation Administrator (NIA) for the immediate rehabilitation of the Daet Talisay River Irrigation System (DTRIS) where Regional Director Engr. William Ragodon assured that the rehabilitation, with P15 million budget, will start on the second week of May. The NIA also cited the P8.4 million budget for the rehabilitation of the other irrigation facilities in the province. Secretary Alcala also discouraged the distribution of fertilizer because it cause corruption instead the agency conducts trainings on organic farming and also distributes registered seeds

eXtrAJudICIAl SettlemeNt WItH WAIVer Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the surviving heirs of the late ANtoNIo QuIeN who died at New Jersey, USA on September 5, 2008, without any will and with no known debts; left parcels of land situated in Concepcion Grande, Naga City covered by TCT No. 38781and TCT No. 38979, that pursuant to Rule 74, Sec. 1 of the Rules of Court, the parties with full capacity to contract divide and adjudicate among themselves extrajudicially the described land in pro indiviso, the mentioned heirs hereby WAIVE their rights and participation and interest over the described properties in favor of their co-owner CHRISTINE QUIEN-SUA, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Florencio R. Rosales, Doc. No. 715, Page No. 43, Book No. 25, Series of 2011.
BIKol rePorter Published: may 6, 13 and 20, 2012

to farmers for them to produce certified seeds. The Secretary also requested Governor Edgardo Tallado for the creation of the special court or green court to settle environmental issues, illegal fishing and others. Secretary Alcala led the distribution of the P15.9 million worth of farm machineries, planting materials, fishing paraphernalia, livelihood checks, and raffle of other agricultural goods during the stakeholders forum. Also nine engine were distributed to mayors of nine coastal municipalities here by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) worth P35,000 while the boat will be provided by the local government units to be used for Bantay Dagat.

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe SPeed PAWNSHoP, Jr. Bichara Complex, San Antonio Poblacion, Calabanga, Camarines Sur, pawned from deCemBer 01-31, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at roWeNA ASPe PAWNSHoP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga City, pawned from deCemBer 01-31, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

KASulAtAN Ng PAgmAmANA NA mAy PAgBABAHAgI At mAy PAgtAlIKod SA KABAHAgI Ipinaalam sa lahat na ang mga nabanggit na mga pangalan ay mga anak at tunay na tanging tagapagpamana ng namatay na sina BArtolome B. Perez namatay noong October 14, 2005 sa Brgy. Tulo, Batangas City at dIoNISIA ClAVerIA Perez na namatay noong Agosto 19, 2011sa St. Lukes Medical Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, na walang anumang pagkakautang at wala rin namang Huling Habilin ay nakaiwan ng apat (4) na lagay ng lupa at isang (1) bahay sa Brgy. Tulo, Batangas City; ang nabanggit na mga ari-ariang minana ay napagkasunduan na bahaginin ng mga tagapagmana naayon sa kasulatang kanilang nilagdaan; at bilang PAGTALIKOD at PAGPAPAUBAYA ng kanilang karapatan sa lupa na may TD No. 024-29-019-04-093 at bahay na may TD No.104-03673 na nabanggit kina LOURDES P. AVILA at RAMONCHITO C. PEREZ, sa harap ni Notaryo Publiko Quirino P. Clemeno, Jr. Kas. Blg. 490, Pahina Blg. 99, Aklat Blg. XXVI, Taon 2012.
BIKol rePorter Published: may 6, 13 and 20, 2012

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at e. Boy ASPe PAWNSHoP, Prieto Street, Filabel Arcade, dinaga, Naga City, pawned from deCemBer 01-31, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe eXPlorer PAWNSHoP, ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from deCemBer 01-31, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties all of legal age are the legitimate children, grandchildren and sole heirs of the deceased Sps. germAN gAllego BAtAllA and CelerINA goNzAleS-BAtAllA who died on November 23, 1977 and January 10, 1983, in San Juan, Metro Manila respectively; without any will and with no known debts, left parcels of land situated in Bgy. Magais I, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, the parties all of legal ages with full civil capacity to contract hereby agree to divide and adjudicate among themselves the described real properties as stated in the Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate signed by the parties, acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Bienvenido P. Go, Doc. No. 102, Page No. 101, Book No. XXVII, Series of 2012.
BIKol rePorter Published: APrIl 29; mAy 6 and 13, 2012

eXtrAJudICIAl SettlemeNt AmoNg HeIrS

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at r. m. ASPe PAWNSHoP, Cor. Panganiban & elias Angeles Street, Naga City, pawned from deCemBer 01-31, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe IguAldAd PAWNSHoP, Cor. Igualdad ext. & J. Hernandez Ave., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from deCemBer 01-31, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe CroWNJeWel PAWNSHoP & JeWelry Store, Bichara mall corner J. Hernandez & gen. luna Sts., Naga City, pawned from deCemBer 01-31, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

notice to the puBlic auction Sale/SuBaSta

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPe SuPerPAWN PAWNSHoP Crown Jewel Holdings Inc., elias Angeles St., San Francisco, Naga City, pawned from deCemBer 0131, 2011 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JuNe 01, 2012 from 9:00 A.m.-12:00 NooN. redemption/renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until mAy 28, 2012 only. tHe mANAgemeNt BIKol rePorter Published: mAy 6 and 13, 2012

Bikol reporter

may 13 - 19, 2012

Da SecretarY in Daet

emIly BordAdo

daet mayor tito Sarion, Secretary Proceso J. Alcala and NIA Administrator Antonio Nangel led the release of tilapia fingerlings into the daet river. Secretary Alcala inspected the Alawihao dam and committed to release P5m for its improvement. Behind Secretary Alcala is NIA Administrator William ragodon.

Da chief says no more rice importation after 2013

By ROSaLiTa B. MaNLaNgiT

DaeT, Camarines Norte There will be no more rice importation in 2013, stressed Department of agriculture (Da) Secretary proceso alcala during the press conference following the and stakeholders forum and distribution of farm machinery and agri inputs for the local farmers and fishermen here last May 3 and 4 .
Sec. Alcala said that in 2013, rice will be sufficient and rice exportation will be possible because of their

efforts to support farmers through the rehabilitation of irrigation facilities, support for seeds, different trainings especially on organic farming and other needs of farmers. Alcala explained that the government will reach the target for 2013 because at the end of this year, they can irrigate 191,000 hectares of land for rice planting and they have encouraged the early cropping in Central Luzon wherein more than 200,000 hectares participated and harvest will be this coming August. He said that with the high price of fertilizer inputs in farming, the DA is continuously conducting trainings on
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NAGA CITY - What joy would parents felt when one of their children bring honors to the family! This happens to parents of Catherine Bena Tindugan Ollete who graduated valedictorian in the University of Nueva Caceres (UNC) high school. A consistent honor student from kinder and elementary, Cathy or Bench shows more talents, she was also a musician and can play several musical instruments, passed many scholarship and recieve many awards. As valedictorian, she will enjoy a full tuition free scholarship. Her parents, both civil engineers are very proud of their only daughter. Her mother, Engr. Carina Tindugan Ollete, is presently assigned at the DPWH 3rd Engineering District Office, while her father Engr. Ruben M. Ollete is the muncipal engineer of Minalabac town.