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may 27-june 2, 2012

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NALALATA SPRING Bula, Camarines Sur Minesbureau bares new groundwatersites in Bicol
Bula, Camarines Sur

Naga declares State of Calamity due dengue cases


NAGA CITY -– The alarming rise of dengue cases prompted the city government here to place the city under state of calamity. Mayor John Bongat said the Sangguniang Panlung- sod has filed and already approved a resolution Tues- day (May 22) declaring state of calamity following the recommendation of the local government health office citing that 25 out of the 27 have already recorded rising number of cases of dengue. For the last quarter, dengue victims reached 303, with

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LEGAZPI CITY – The regional office of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) has identified several groundwater sites in Bicol that could be developed into sources of supply for communities e x p e r i e n c i n g scarcity of potable water.

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i n g scarcity of potable w a t e r . (Turn to page 6)
sHe is CoMing t o n A g A

sHe is CoMing

to nAgA

3rd Floor, GerONiMO BlDG., BArliN ST., NAGA CiTY •(054) 472-57-71 •TeleFAx: (054) 475-62-62 •CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

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may 27 - june 2, 2012

Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection

Fr. AllAN S. FeNix

St. Paul’s - Few Minutes with Father

Dear Friends, here is the latest news from the publisher of my book, the St. Paul. Please do help me promote the book to the Filipino community in your area. If there is a nearby St. Paul bookstore in your area, for sure, they will be carrying it. All of the proceeds will go to the Clergy Health Fund of our Archdiocese.

Hello, Fr. Allan! Thank you for the materials you emailed. Regarding the back cover text/blurb, we will extract texts from the forewords of your resource persons. We are currently working on your manuscript. I will email you and keep you posted on the progress of your book. Also, do you have preferred date of release of your book? I heard the proceeds/royalty fee or your work will go to the medical fund of your community there in Bicol. We could conduct a book launch there in Bicol so as to have a better promotion of your book, thus good sales and at the same time, medical fund raising for Bicol Region’s clergy. We usually provide prior to the book launching promotional materials such as invitations, posters, and banners as our preliminary book campaign. How do you like the idea of having a book launch? How about first week of October? Let me know so we could prepare in advance the materials and the book launching program. Thank you very much.

Grace and peace, Mabel Grace V. Canals Editorial Assistant BOOKS Section CREATIVE Department ST PAULS PUBLISHING

Contact Nos.:

Office: (02) 895-9701 to 04 local 304 Mobile: (63) 0915-9317274

naga declares

Barangay Dayangdang topping the list with 36 cases followed by Barangays San Felipe and Con- cepcion Pequena with 30 and 20 cases respectively. Other baran- gays have recorded ranging from 1 to 16 cases. The Sangguniang Panglung- sod responded by allotting P1 million for the purchase of chem- icals to be used in eliminating dengue carrying mosquitoes and larvae in breeding places. Part of fund will also be utilized in the education and information drives of the city government to raise awareness among the locales in combating the menace. Barangay officials were also encouraged to take an active part in spearheading clean up and information drives to activate all barangay health committees in giving lectures regarding the importance of keeping their sur- roundings clean at all times. This is also in line with the Department of Health’s latest campaign against dengue dubbed “ Aksyon Barangay Kontra Den-

gue” or ABaKaDa, an effort to rouse the community to take an active part in curtailing the threat of dengue in their respective ba- rangays. City Health Officer Dr.Vito Borja said the community plays a significant role in combating the recurrence of the virus. “We need the consistent sup- port of each member of the com- munity for a zero-casualty cam- paign of our local government unit. It is actually as simple as going down to basic of keeping our surroundings clean to keep the virus at bay,” Borja said in an interview. Borja advised each household to cover all water containers, de- clog roof gutters and cover stag- nant water areas with soil. Old tires and cans in the backyards are also possible breeding places that need to be eliminated. “For self protection, we are also encouraging the resident to wear long sleeved shirts, pants, and use mosquito repellants whenever needed,” Borja added.

and use mosquito repellants whenever needed,” Borja added. PHL Financial Analysis (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan

PHL Financial Analysis

(Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs- DFK International – is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

GROWTH: At long last, there are now more positive global analysis of our economic survival and growth. Among the good points mentioned are our young population (good for both production and consumption). It was pointed out that even as local jobs are not yet fully available, the excess manpower finds worthwhile earning positions elsewhere – paving the way for continually increasing inflows of foreign exchange via OFW remittances now reaching US$20bn. Phl’s gross international reserves are now bigger than our recorded foreign exchange obligations. And we are not indebted anymore to the World Bank! Whereas we used to be called the basket case of Asia – now the Phl is considered as one of the best investment destinations hereabouts, perhaps better than Indonesia which used to be the “darling” of global investors. Our stock market performed creditably well last year – giving investors more than reasonable returns. GOOD SIGNS: Given due recognition is our advancement in agriculture – especially in rice production. In 2008 – we had to import almost 20% of our domestic needs. Now the projection is we may no longer import rice come 2013, and our importation this year could be our last this decade (we pray). Also noticed was the government’s on-going program for public-private partnership in building roads, railways, power stations. Analysts believe that our banking

opinions unlimited Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN 

system – despite the sudden closures of weak banks (including Export and Industry Bank and some rural banks) is healthy, probably one of the strongest in ASEAN. Credit was given to our democratic system – as shown by the popular land reform decision on Hacienda Luisita – and the charge for impeachment against no less than the highest judiciary official of our country. Praise God for all these bright tidings. SENATORIABLES: President P-Noy and Vice president Binay have informally launched their campaign for would-be senators of their respective camps. To be honest about it – the newcomers have lesser chances against the more popular reelectionists (Escudero, Legarda, Cayetano, Trillanes, Pimentel et al). The incumbents have the big advantage being seen on TV as sitting judges of the impeachment court trying CJ Renato Corona. Those with name recall – thanks to their relatives with good reputation – are also favored. In this list would belong

Biazon, Angara, Tanada and Mrs. Villar. For his supposedly (late) sportsmanlike acceptance of having benefited from

the 2007 elections cheating – Migs Zubiri is now making provincial sorties with good acceptance ratings. Indeed

– it takes all sorts of antics and lots of money to get to the Senate. We are “lucky” because we don’t have such wherewithal to throw away. WEATHER: If our Department of Agriculture guys are jumping with joy with our bumper rice and corn harvest

– they must realize that planting and

harvesting are dependent on good water supply and sunshine. For both these factors – Somebody up there is “responsible”. My biggest mistake before was presuming that all my lifetime achievements came about because I am “intelligent, hardworking, persevering, etc.”. I vainly forgot – that being human, it was the providential hand of the Lord that guided me! Thus - Opinions Unlimited encourages every Filipino to thank our God for the gift of good weather, and the continuing opportunity to produce from the land that he has “leased” to us. Whatever we have now – and those that we may receive in the future – are but God’s trust investments in us. We must use them to produce – so that the fruits could be used to help those unable to tend for themselves. All earthly treasures we save here, stays here! Those that we gather for our use in heaven are what matters. Amen! WISDOM: A Christian who carries a cross on his shoulder, will never have the space to carry a chip there!

No more a forgotten town

THERE was a time long ago when Caramoan , Camarines Sur , so remote, so inaccessible to transportation from mainland Bicol, was lost in the consciousness of people not from this place. Many did not even know there was such a town, tucked in the far corner of the Bicol Region. Because of its distance from urban centers, outsiders described it as out of the way paradise that even the thunderbolt could not reached. Too far, indeed, and seemingly forgotten. That was Caramoan town. More so was Paniman, a poor fishing community of about a hundred families.Very few had seen it, visited it except fish traders. But sometime in l950, a road was built connecting Paniman to Oroc-Osoc passing through mountainous Inangcaohon sitio and to the town proper. The road was, however, left unfinished. And the reason was the funds sputtered, gone. Each time there was an election, politicians would come and promise to fund the road project to woo the people’s votes.Repairs were made. But the road would remain impassable during the rainy months.This seemingly natural order of things had caused little irritation to the villagers. “We can not change what has been decreed,” they said, resigned to their fate.

A Question of privilege

salvador d. flor

For over 60 long years, the Paniman- Oroc-Osoc road has been bare, cratered, muddy, gulleyed despite its short 3-kilometer length and not much fund to spend. The changing of the season from summer to wet months and back has allowed the wilderness to claim it back. Politicians of various persuasions had walked its length, had uttered solemn promises to fund its repair but true to their image, the promises stayed empty. A month ago, I was in Caramoan. But did not you know what I had seen? The road which has witnessed so much of the politicians’ broken promises has been almost completely paved. Only a small portion in the Oroc-Osoc side shows the old picture of the cratered highway Who is the the God-sent mortal who

has given Paniman much reason to rejoice, I did not ask, however. The old dream appears to be taking form this time. Paniman connected to the town proper by a cemented road? That was almost impossible before. But that is correct.I can now motor from Legazpi City to Paniman in only a matter of hours. Look at that.The road which was first built in l950 is at last nearing completion. Today is 2012. Probably if not for the repeated filming of the Survivor series by various adventurers from the US and Europe exposing the almost unexplored places in Caramoan to the world, its hidden paradise would have remained unnoticed, unseen, untouched by people hungry for the exotic. In terms of tourist arrivals, Caramoan may rival Legazpi City with its Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa Ruins or Donsol, Sorsogon with its seasonal Butanding presence. There are more unusual things to see in Caramoan, more experience to savor, more ocean deep to explore.For instance, have you seen the underwater world at the bottom of the rock mountains lining the sea from Paniman to Pandanan in the south? The daring adventurers have more to discover in Caramoan.

Bayanihan Spirit Lives On with DepEd’s Brigada Eskwela Campaign


Bayanihan spirits have been observed again at ZEFERINO ARROYO HIGH SCHOOL, IRIGA CITY this May 21-26, 2012. For years, teachers, parents, students, community officials and stakeholders have been doing their part to help public schools prepare for classes in June via Brigada Eskwela campaign. The campaign also known as the National Schools Maintenance Week, takes place every May, during which volunteers prepare the school for the start of classes by conducting minor maintenance work such as repainting of roofs and exterior walls, leaking water pipes, ceiling boards, broken furniture and windows and repair of other facilities. These efforts are undertaken with the help of donations in kind from school stakeholders. This year, the Department of Education expects more participation from schools and volunteers. The campaign

does not accept cash donations. Donors give cleaning/ repair materials, other non-cash assistance for the repair and maintenance of the school while the volunteers conducted the cleaning of school surroundings, repairs and sprucing up of the school building. The activity is done a week before the opening of classes so that on the first day of school the students can buckle down to their lesson. Unlike before that teachers and students had to do the cleaning themselves, taking up a lot of time that should go to learning. Beyond the material benefits generated by this campaign in the form of better classrooms and campuses, Brigada Eskwela also highlights the goodwill generated from the collaborative participation of the community to help others through Bayanihan.

may 27 - june 2, 2012


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Searchfor 2012City Mayoral Awardeesstarts

The City Government of Naga has launched the Search for the CITY MAY- ORAL AWARDS 2012 to be conferred on June 18 this year on the occasion of the 64th City Charter Anniver- sary Celebration. The four Awards to be conferred are:

Distinguished Mayoral Award Special Mayoral Citation Mayoral Recognition City Excellence Award Began in 1968, this Naga City Mayoral Awards is aimed to recognize Nague- ños-individuals and orga- nizations/groups-who have distinguished themselves by their exemplary achieve- ments in various fields of en- deavor, and have contributed positively to Naga City’s de- velopment, honor and glory. May we, therefore, invite you to nominate a person or an organization/group, which you believe truly deserves

or an organization/group, which you believe truly deserves any of the four awards men- tioned above.

any of the four awards men- tioned above. The Guidelines and Nomi- nation forms for the Mayoral Awards, may also be down- loaded from the city hall’s website, Deadline for the submis- sion of the accomplished nomination form and support- ing papers to the Nomination Committee, City Publications and External Relations Of- fice (CPERO) at City Hall is on Thursday May 31, 2012. For further inquiries, please call CPERO at 472-4432 or the Project Coordinator at 6983871 / 4723235.

“isumbong ang pusher”

Drive launched in Naga


NAGA CITY -- A cash re-


to P1 million awaits any tip- ster who can point any drug pusher to the members of the Naga City Dangerous Drugs Board (NCDDB). This is to lessen if not to- tally eliminate the drug men- ace that is continuously crip- pling the undertakings of the NCDDB towards a drug-free Naga City. These objectives are em- bodied in the “Isumbong ang Pusher” campaign launched recently by NCDDB, in col- laboration with the local gov- ernment of Naga, Parole and Probation Office, Department of Interior and Local Govern- ment, Sangguniang Kabataan Federation, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Nation- al Bureau of Investigation, and other stakeholders.

- al Bureau of Investigation, and other stakeholders. Mayor BONgAt NCDDB, which serves as the exclusive

Mayor BONgAt

NCDDB, which serves as the exclusive policy-making, monitoring, and coordinating body on the prevention and control of drug abuse in Naga City initiated the program in the hope of gaining the com- munity’s support in deterring drug related incidents, particu- larly curtailing the prolifera- tion of illegal drugs in the city. Hon. Alex C. Nero, NCD- DB Presiding Officer, said that the board will execute programs and projects for im- plementing short-term, long- term, and sustainable solutions

to the drug abuse program of the city. “We want to save the users, specially the youth who are usually the vulnerable prey in this drug deals and bring into the folds of law the pushers who are ruining the future of their victims,” Nero said in an interview. The blessing and inaugu- ration of the new NCDBB office located at the Civic Center, here in Naga City was simultaneously done dur- ing the launching of the said campaign. Nero said that they

need a bigger space to accom- modate their clients. This, he said, is a sign that the commu- nity is already taking an active part in deterring the drug trade in the city. Naga City Mayor John Bongat said that Naga is the only local government unit which has initiated the insti- tution of a dangerous drugs board. Bongat, thru City Or- dinance 2001-064 created the said entity when he was still City Councilor. NCDBB will continue to support the government’s campaign by promoting awareness on the dangers and ill-effects of drugs in the lives of its every victim. They will continue to conduct commu- nity outreach programs, and will incessantly produce and publish campaign materials to awaken the community’s great role in stopping the ille- gal drug trade. Tipster may reach the NCDBB through hotline num- bers: 698-3053 or through their mobile hotline, 09179992696 or 09186154262.

Migz free surgical operations program benefits CamSur folks

The MigzGinhawang Operasyon, a humanitarian medical mission launched by Governor LRay Villa- fuerte and son Migz just last March of this year has made significant progress towards its primary goal to provide free surgical opera- tions for constituents. To date, a total of 2,032 beneficiaries provincewide have already undergone sur- gery for cleft palate, external cyst, wart, including 996 cir-

cumcisions. Of the total surgical op- erations conducted under the program 998 were for exter- nal cysts, warts and moles with cancer potential and 38 for cleft lip/palate. Under the Migz Ginha- wang Operasyon, tests relat- ed to the operations such as X-ray, blood chemistry, ECG, and post operative medicines are also free. Free surgeries for cleft plate were conducted re-

free. Free surgeries for cleft plate were conducted re - Bringing BACK tHe innoCent sMile A

Bringing BACK tHe innoCent sMile

A young nurse attends to a child patient while the mother cuddles the toddler (top photo) preparatory to cleft palate operation under the Migzginhawang Operasyon jointly sponsored by gov. Lray Villafuerte and son Migz. In bottom photo, Dr. Dennis reforma, Libmanan District Hospital Chief assisted by a team of nurses prepares to perform surgery. Inset photos show two child beneficiaries after the successful operation. - ArciLLA/mmec

cently at the Libmanan Dis- trict Hospital from May 17 to 19. According to Dr. Dennis Reforma, head of Libmanan District Hospital, 38 patients availed of this surgical proce- dure and most of them came from remote barangays of Calabanga, Ocampo, Goa, Minalabac , Pamplona and Libmanan. The patients went home with smiles on their faces, which they could not do before the operation. The free circumcisions started last May 3 were con- ducted in several venues, as follows: 77 youth from the town of Gainza were cir- cumcised last May 3 at the Libmanan District Hospital; 107 young people coming from the barangays of Iriga City, and the towns of Mag- arao, Sagñay and Ocampo were circumcised at Ocampo Municipal Hospital and last May 8; another 110 patients coming from Iriga City and Ocampo. The town of Nabua posted the most number of kids who availed of the free circumci- sion numbering 290 which were performed at Sal For- tuno Gym, Nabua National High School last May 19. In the town of Bato, a total of 104 kids availed of free cir- cumcisions at the San Miguel Elementary School last May 11. This was followed by 103 more on May 21 in the same town. Some 94 youth coming from Sipocot, Cabusao and Lupi also availed of the sur- gery at Sipocot District Hos- pital last May 15. MigzGinhawang Op- erasyon doctors traveled to Siembre, Bombon to per-

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PIA brass directs staff to disclose any Ombudsman complaint

Initial survey shows nobody has pending case

QUEZON CITY – Not even one official or employee of the Philippine Informa- tion Agency from the 16 provinces of Southern Luzon has a pending case with the Ombudsman. PIA Director-General Jose A. Fabia found this out in a face-to-face meeting on Wednesday (May 23) with the staff of the three regions in Southern Luzon – Calabarzon, Mimaropa and Bicol - who had their cluster meeting in Mabini town in Batangas. A random survey conducted at the PIA central office also showed that most officials and employees have no pending case with the Ombudsman. A recent report, allegedly coming from the Ombudsman, ranked PIA as number four among agencies with the most number of cases filed with the Ombudsman in 2011. It had 490 cases. “This came as a total sur- prise to the management,” Fabia said, stressing that the agency neither has had notice of disallowances, suspensions, nor notice of charges for all au- dited funds by the Commission on Audit since he assumed of- fice in 2010. The director-general thus directed all officials and em- ployees to disclose any pend- ing case with the Ombudsman in the form of a memorandum containing the name of com- plainant, the charge, and the date the complaint was filed. Certified copies of the com- plaint, answer, or any docu- ment issued in connection with the complaint are to be

attached. He also directed personnel with no pending case to submit a memorandum to him stating that they have no pending case, or that they received summons relative to any pending case. “Non-disclosure of pending

case is considered conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service,” he said in his May 24 memorandum. It was gathered that PIA at present has a workforce of only about 400 from all over the country.

a workforce of only about 400 from all over the country. CAt field deMo FPEC, Inc.

CAt field deMo

FPEC, Inc. president and BIFArPCIL founding president Vicente S. Avila (top photo) giving instruction to the commandant and CAT officers coming from public and private schools in Rinconada during the pre-field demonstrations in connection with one-day seminar workshop and field demonstrations held at the University of Saint Anthony campus in Iriga City.

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may 27 - june 2, 2012

Science and Math Education in the Philippines

By rOSELLE t. CAAyAO-JEBuLAN teacher II zeferino Arroyo High School, San Agustin, Iriga City

Why has science and mathematics education in the Philippines deteriorated? “Filipino students perform poorly in Math: In the 2003 National Achievement Test, the average grade is 44% for elementary and 36% for secondary level. In TIMMS 2003, the Philippines ranked 41st out of 45 countries in Mathematics. There is a shortage of almost 50,000 teachers, and the result; teachers teaching multiple subjects. The trends nowadays are interactive and more visual class discussion. This arouses students’ interest and gives them the idea that mathematical concepts are indeed a fun learning activity. For instance, before discussing formulas, it is better to let students discover certain patterns by some examples with the use of computing devices. Formulation of proofs is better when students are able to interact with the figures. Relationship between variables can be better understood when students are able to see the effects of changing one variable.” According to a University of the Philippines (UP) expert, this is because local education persisted in using an obsolete discipline-based curriculum in math and science (which is mostly by rote and without much inquiry and high level of thinking) already rejected as early as 1993 by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Dr. Merle Tan, UP NISMED (National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development) director, said the present math and science curriculum has produced questionable results in the performance of students in the yearly achievement tests which are below those in other countries. Also, Tan said, the present curriculum does not consider the high drop-out rate in local education and is not responsive to the needs of students who might leave school at a particular grade level. “There seems to be a serious gap between science and mathematics education as it is practiced and the science and math education knowledge and skills needed for day-to-day living,” she said, citing a 2007 UP NISMED study as basis for her observation. Tan said a review of the math and science curricula in elementary and high school showed that topics are compartmentalized, inquiry is not encouraged, contents are overcrowded, concepts are by rote, and topics are repetitive. She said students in other countries are performing better because: concepts are dealt with in more depth, ideas and skills are introduced with increasing levels of complexity and in

real-life situation, and connections across topics and disciplines and development of scientific literacy are emphasized. Tan, in a speech before the 170th general assembly of the Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education, Inc. (FUSE), proposed to replace the curriculum with spiraling and integrated one which has long been adopted by other countries outperforming the Philippines in assessment tests. She said the spiraling and integrated curriculum will: avoid major disjunctions between stages of schooling, provide the basis for continuity and consistency in basic education, allow students to learn appropriate to their developmental and cognitive stages, show the interrelatedness of the topics with each and their connections across topics, strengthen retention and mastery of topics and skills, and benchmark Filipino students with their foreign counterparts. “In this world increasingly shaped by science and technology, they will not be alienated from the society where they live , they will not be overwhelmed and demoralized by change, and they can make political, environment, and ethical choices in the face of issues confronting us all,” Tan quoted UNESCO. DepEd to enhance Math teachers’ competencies True to its commitment of giving teachers full support in delivering quality basic education, the Department of Education has partnered with the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines in the conduct of 2010 International Mathematics Educators Convention with special emphasis on Understanding by Design (UbD). “Teaching and learning for understanding requires a big shift. We recognize that changing the paradigm of teaching cannot happen overnight. That is why we need to give our teachers enough time to adjust and transition to the current models of teaching and learning,” said Education Chief Br. Armin Luistro FSC. In line with this, DepEd has encourage mathematics coordinators/department heads, supervisors, and teachers of elementary and secondary public and private schools nationwide to participate in all seminars, workshops and other related activities. Luistro sees the activity as a venue that puts special focus on mathematics as an important tool in creating


progressive society. “I think the greater challenge for us all


how to make mathematics education more interesting to our

young learners and how it can be used to build industries and generate more economic activities.” Inspired by the theme, “Making Sense: Teaching and Learning Math by Understanding,” the convention aims to acquaint the mathematical community on the latest trends in mathematics teaching with special emphasis on UbD. It also seeks to enrich teachers with innovative strategies for meaningful and fun filled mathematics class. “Teaching and learning for understanding is a transformative but very systematic approach to 21 st century mathematics education which many of our math teachers and students will surely welcome. It will provide our students a solid foundation

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DepEd Needs Bundy Clock


One beautiful Sunday morning after the mass, while waiting for my ride to go home, one concerned citizen approached and asked me; “Maam Principal, is there a special consideration to Dep Ed teachers assigned in the barrios as compared to Dep Ed teachers assigned in the cities?” A little bit surprised, but I replied; Why you asked? So she told me her eye opener story. “In my native barangay, me and my pals, observed and used to saw Dep Ed teachers entered the school gate at around 9:00 AM and came-out of the school gate at around 3:00 PM. Counting their time inside the school compound is 6 hours minus 15 minutes recess and a 1 hour and 30 minutes lunch break equal to 1 hour and 45 minutes not counting the time for their chikahan time. Four hours and 15 minutes per day, will this be enough time for a devoted teacher to teach the pupils her daily lesson plan? But me and my pals, assumed that Dep Ed had been well informed about the situation and allowed their teachers to do so. Getting used to it, slowly we let go of our questions and doubts. I got a project in the city and it is located just across the road of a Dep Ed School. The whole project lasted for 3 full months and for the entire period, everyday I saw Dep Ed teachers entered the school gate at around 7:00 AM and came-out of the school gate at around 5:00 PM. Their time spent inside the school almost twice as compared to those in the barrio school where I live, I was pretty sure those teachers can really be able to teach well their daily lesson plan to their pupils. They can even be commended as truly devoted to their profession and Dep Ed can really be proud of them. I hurriedly went back home to the barangay where I live as soon as the project was completed and excitedly reported to my pals the observations I got from that school in the city. Immediately I observed the reactions of my pals, and I was sure that those old questions and doubts came like a flash into their minds. Such as; Can our respected school teachers really teach well their daily lesson plan in 4 or 5 hours time? How can they divide these hours equally to all the lessons they have to teach well their pupils? How come they are not reprimanded by Dep Ed regarding their time-in and time-out? By secretly talking to some resourceful grade six pupils outside the school premises, in order to protect their true identity, we found out several reliable answers to our questions. But the most striking answer we got was this; Dep Ed knows nothing about the anomalous time-in and time-out of their barrio teachers, that’s why Dep Ed never reprimand not a single barrio school teacher regarding the matter. As expected, me and my pals, gave them a follow-up question, how come Dep Ed never knew about this problem? Do Dep Ed not requiring their school teachers to submit Daily Time Record as to be the basis for their pay slip? They answered; “Yes, they were required. We saw

our teachers filling-up their DTR several days before the 30th of the month, they even asked each other if a certain date was a holiday or not. They do it just before the deadline for submission because we do not have bundy clock at our principal’s office.” Bundy Clock – a time clock used to record when an employee starts and finishes work or to regulate scheduled services, to record work period, to clock on or off for work. Now, me and my pals, understood why Dep Ed doesn’t knew the problem regarding those anomalous daily time records of their barrio school teachers. Since we, me and my pals plus those grade six pupils, all agreed that our devoted school teachers always filled-up their DTR with a perfect attendance with time-in at 7:00 AM and time-out at 5:00 PM, even though some of them do report to our school only 4 days a week. Can they not be guilty of cheating their DTR? Is it okey to cheat as long as you are not caught? What kind of values is this that our devoted school teachers are installing into the young minds of their pupils? There is a saying, “SA MATA NG MGA BATA, ANG GINAGAWA NG MGA MATATANDA AY TAMA!” No wonder why, just imagine at the youngest stage of our education system, our very young pupils are already being exposed to mini-corruptions or cheatings. Naturally, as they grows old, majority of them will be proned to become a corrupt citizens if not a corrupt government officials. So the saying says, “IN THE PHILIPPINES SOCIETY, CORRUPTION IS A CANCER DISEASE!” But me and my pals plus those grade six pupils, still believed that it’s not yet too late to act, in correcting those habitual STIGMA of cheating their DTR by our barrio school teachers. Simply pleading to the generous heart of our Dep Ed Secretary to provide bundy clock to all elementary schools nationwide. Me and my pals plus those grade six pupils, are now knocking at the office door of our beloved Dep Ed Sec. Bro. Armin Luistro. Sir, you may not be aware of these but it is a fact that there are several diseases sprouting inside the Dep Ed structures, but we agree that it’s really difficult to eradicate them all at once. So, may we suggest to do it one at a time and slowly but surely all those diseases will be eradicated. Yes, it might be costly for Dep Ed to provide bundy clocks to all the schools nationwide, but that cost is just a loose-changes as compare to the values of recovering the trusts and confidences to our barrio school teachers. If the school time-in at 7:00 AM and time-out at 5:00 PM will really be utilize well by our devoted barrio school teachers, we will all agree that the quality of education in the barrio schools will be elevated to a higher degree of standard. Poverty might be a factor to the poor performances of our pupils in the barrio schools, but if our devoted barrio school teachers will really give their 100% dedication to their profession by utilizing the proper school time and converting it into a quality-

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inner chess By J. HENry DANICAN
inner chess

may 27 - june 2, 2012


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Search for Saringaya awardees on-going

The Department of En- vironment and Natural Re- sources (DENR) Bicol is still accepting nominations for this year’s Saringaya Award, the regional office’s recogni- tion for exemplary achieve- ment of individuals, groups organizations and corporate entities who made a niche in environmental protection, conservation and manage- ment. DENR Regional Execu- tive Director Joselin Marcus E. Fragada said the regional office through its various op- erating units such as the line bureaus, sectoral services, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Offices (PENROs) and Community Environment and Natural Re- sources Offices (CENROs) is still accepting nominations for exemplary environmentally sound industries, NGOs, POs, institutions, and others. “Nominations for the Sar- ingaya Awards shall be ac- cepted by DENR field offices and line bureaus until next week” Fragada said. On its 12th year now, Saringaya Award is given to industries, non-government organizations, people orga- nization, local government units, groups or associations, other government agencies, the Academe and other enti- ties in the Bicol region who, as a group, corporate body or individuals have supported DENR Bicol through the es- tablishment and implementa- tion of the program towards protection, conservation, and safety of the environment. Last year’s winners were:

Energy Development Corpo- ration- Bacman Geothermal Production Field, Environ- mental Management Depart- ment thru the leadership of

Environmental Superinten- dent Engr. Leo Zancho A. Mago (Special Category); Amelia B. Gonzales, a pro- fessor at Bicol University (In- dividual Category); Tactical Operations Group 5, 1st Air Division Philippine Air Force (PAFTOG) through the able leadership of Col. Guillermo A. Molina Jr. II (Other Gov- ernment Agency); Corporate Network for Disaster Re- sponse Calabanga, Camarines Sur thru the able leadership of President, Board of Trustees Ramon R. Isberto (PO/NGO Category); Masbate Gold Project of FILMINERA Re- sources Corp. and Phil. Gold Processing and Refining Corp. for the 1st award and the Ra- pu-Rapu Polymetallic Project of Rapu-Rapu Minerals Inc. and Rapu-Rapu Processing Inc. for the 2nd award (Large- Scale Industry Category); as well as the Municipality of Ragay thru the able leadership of Honorable Mayor Ricardo B. Aquino ( Local Govern- ment Unit). Nomination forms may be obtained from all Provin- cial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO), Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), Mines and Geosciences Bu- reau (MGB) and the DENR Legal Division. Saringaya is a Bicol term for abundance of growth, lush, and healthy environment teem- ing with green trees and moun- tains ideal for biodiversity and a well balance ecosystem. Saringaya Award, which is in the form of a plaque and certificate, is done during the culmination program of the Environment Month celebra- tion in June.

program of the Environment Month celebra - tion in June. seniorCruzAn 2012 the lovely elders joined

seniorCruzAn 2012

the lovely elders joined the SM sagala parade dubbed as Seniorcruzan at the SM City Naga held last May 17, 2012, a program of the SM Cares Committee on the elderly affairs geared towards promoting the welfare of the elderly.

Bfp steps up school, dorm inspection

In preparation for the opening of classes on June 4, Interior and Local Gov- ernment Secretary Jesse Robredo directed the Bu- reau of Fire Protection (BFP) to step up the inspec- tion of all school buildings, universities, colleges as well as student dormitories and boarding houses in order to check on their compliance to fire safety requirements and standards. In a directive to BFP Of- ficer-in-Charge C/Supt. Sam- uel Perez, Robredo said that the fire bureau should take the lead in the fire prevention and safety efforts in schools and dormitories in order to ensure the safety of millions of students who will start their classes next month. “The fire bureau should exert all efforts to guarantee

“The fire bureau should exert all efforts to guarantee the safety and security of our students,”

the safety and security of our students,” he said. Early this year, a fire broke out at a dormitory for students in Sampaloc, Ma- nila where around P100,000 worth of property was dam- aged. Fotunately, no one per- ished during the fire. In compliance with Ro-

bredo’s directive, Perez said he has already ordered his regional and field directors to make the rounds of all uni- versities, colleges and stu- dent boading houses in their respective areas to determine if such establishments are abiding by the mandatory requirements set forth in the

Fire Code law. Among such requirements are: presence of fire alarms, automatic fire suppression system (AFSS), smoke de- tector, exit signs, which should be a foot long; first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and pathways leading to fire exit which must be accessible to the occupants of the said es- tablishments. The Fire Chief said that if the fire bureau discovers any fire safety violation, it will immediately inform the management of universities, colleges and dormitories to immediately correct all the violations. He said erring establish- ments will be given a certain time frame to correct their violations before the BFP will conduct another round

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3rd txtFIrELyMPICS 2012

3rd txtFIrELyMPICS 2012 Event 1 team member, Joshua Belleca during the Hose throw and roll relay

Event 1 team member, Joshua Belleca during the Hose throw and roll relay event.

Joshua Belleca during the Hose throw and roll relay event. Event 1 team member, robert Dy

Event 1 team member, robert Dy during the Hose throw and roll relay event.

robert Dy during the Hose throw and roll relay event. (from left to right) Jr tan,

(from left to right) Jr tan, ronald Cheng, & Sherwin Sy during the Fast Deployment event.

Cheng, & Sherwin Sy during the Fast Deployment event. (from left to right) Vincent Lo, Jr

(from left to right) Vincent Lo, Jr tan, ronald Cheng, & Sherwin Sy during the Fast Deployment event.

Cheng, & Sherwin Sy during the Fast Deployment event. (from left to right) Inggo gutierrez, Vincent

(from left to right) Inggo gutierrez, Vincent Lo, ronald Cheng, Sherwin Sy, Jeffry Jao, FM William Belleca, Joshua Belleca, JJ Azaña, robert Dy, Jerome Dykow.

Belleca, Joshua Belleca, JJ Azaña, robert Dy, Jerome Dykow. President Gerry Chua of Txtfire Philippines, during

President Gerry Chua of Txtfire Philippines, during Naga city txtfire launching

of Txtfire Philippines, during Naga city txtfire launching Txtfire representatives with Naga City Chin Po Tong

Txtfire representatives with Naga City Chin Po Tong Volunteer Fire Bridage, Inc.

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may 27 - june 2, 2012

mines bureau bares new

Among those identi- fied through the intensified groundwater assessment program of the MGB are the Palhi Spring in Sorsogon City; Tulay na Lupa, Mam- purog and San Vicente wa- tersheds in Camarines Norte; and Mandali River in the municipality of Milagros, Jubuyuan Watershed of Aro- roy and Tugbo, Nadawison and Domarog of the towns of Cataingan and Uson, all in Masbate. Others are Bagong Silang, Macad, Caranan, Balogo and Odicon Springs within the watershed of Pasacao; and Nalalata Spring, Ballester Panoypoyan, Upper Casug- ad, Nadal, Casugad ff1, Ca- sugad ff2, Casugad ff3 and Casugad ff4 located inside the Bula Watershed, both in Camarines Sur. The assessment program was conducted by the MGB under its hydro-geological project whose implementa- tion was started as early as the 1990s in response to the need to identify more water sources to address the re- gion’s dwindling water sup- ply, particularly during the dry season. When developed into wa-

ter supply facilities, these groundwater sources could address the problem on pota- ble water being encountered by various areas in the re- gion, Luis Loyola, the MGB regional technical director based here on Tuesday said. Palhi Spring in Barangay Capuy of Sorsogon City, Loyola said had 12 sub- springs that discharge a max- imum total of 600 gallons per minute enough to supply all its adjoining eight barangays and even part of the nearby municipality of Castilla. The Mandali River of Mi- lagros, Masbate that accounts for about 3,300 gallons per day could provide sufficient supply to fill up the projected water demand of the town of Mobo and Masbate City that are presently living through water scarcity, he said. Assessment of ground- water potential for Milagros was focus on collection of relevant information regard- ing the town’s present water resources within a five ki- lometers radius and to for- mulate a water development plan for the construction of a water system, Loyola added. In Aroroy, Masbate, Loy- ola said the Jabuyuan Water-

shed had eight springs with varying combined discharges from 0.019 to 5.760 liters per second. He recommended that a water impounding structure is constructed and a coop- erative is formed to manage a small water system in the area. In Uson, Masbate, a to- tal of five live springs were identified during a mapping survey and assessed to be po- tential potable water sources for the municipality whose communities rely on deep and shallow wells for their household water supply, EMB regional chief said. Results of geological and geophysical survey in Cataingan, Masbate, mean- while, showed limestone which underlies 70 percent of the municipality. This mineral, according to Loyola is relatively an ac- quifer which contains water of undetermined capacity which can be tapped for do- mestic use. In Camarines Norte, the groundwater sources identi- fied are concentrated in the southern portion of Mt. Labo while in Pasacao, Camarines, five springs were located and measured for the water dis-

Naga lines up 64th Charter Day activities

Naga lines up 64th Charter Day activities


A similar geo-hydrology

was also conducted in Bula watershed to identify poten- tial potable water sources for development and maximum utilization. Discharge measurements were conducted on different artesian wells and springs within the area and it was found out that Nalalata, Bal- lester and Nadal springs are potential water sources. Pasa- cao and Bula watersheds are located in Camarines Sur. The identification and as- sessment of these groundwa- ter sources in several areas of Bicol, Loyola said would guide local authorities in providing safe water supply to their constituents. Identifying and assessing the potential of these pos- sible water sources will also serve as pointers for local government units covering them in instituting measures for the protection and pres- ervation of these resources in line with “Water for Life” campaign of the government which was used a theme for the recent Earth Day celebra- tion. Parts of these measures, he added, are the protection of the forest cover from il- legal tree cutting and timber poaching activities and the preservation of the ecologi- cal balance of these areas.

migz free

form circumcision for 61 youth there last May 18. In the town of Lupi, 50 kids from the municipality

of Ragay including Lupi had their circumcision last May


In another health thrust of

Governor Villafuerte, the Ocampo Municipal Hospital in partnership with the Phil- ippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation con- ducted a diabetes and hyper- tension screening which ben- efited some 50 patients. According to Dr. Gerry Villafuerte, head of the hos- pital, the one-day activity included body mass measure- ment, FBS, blood pressure level taking, urinalysis and lecture on diabetes and prop- er diet and hataw exercises.

bfp steps up

of inspection to check if such violations have already been corrected. Regional directors shall submit their reports on viola- tions and compliance to the Director for Fire Safety and Prevention not later than May


Perez also ordered BFP personnel to intensify their fire safety awareness cam- paign with the conduct of lec- tures, fire drills and distribu- tion of fire safety materials. “We will conduct our evalu- ation thoroughly. Even the smallest fire safety violation shall be checked considering that what is at stake here is the safety of our people,” he said.

science and math

and a strong transition from school to work and from school to life,” Luistro stressed. As a matter of practice, DepEd revises its curriculum every ten years to make it more responsive to emerging changes of the learners in particular and society in general. This is why the department has been conducting seminars to integrate UbD in the lessons as part of the refinement of the curriculum. “By integrating UbD in math subjects, we can address the difficulty in understanding math every Juan Dela Cruz in our country experiences. Moreover, the UbD curriculum will integrate local culture, indigenous technology and joyful math teaching and learning for our students to have a better appreciation and easier learning of mathematics and its concepts,” explained Luistro.

DEED OF EXtrAJuDICIAL SEttLEMENt WItH WAIVEr Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the heirs of the late LAgrIMAS S. BAutIStA who died intestate on August 2, 2011in Naga City City with no known debts; the deceased left one (1) unit of tricycle with franchise to operate in Naga City with motor engine described as follows: Cert. of reg. No. 10842276; MAKE: yamaha; Plate No. Et.7437; Engine No. 4PF-244403; Chassis No. 4PF244403; Series: rS 100; the parties being all of legal ages and with full civil capacity to contract hereby divide and adjudicate among themselves the described tricycle in EQUAL SHARES; the Heirs hereby WAIVE and RELINGUISH their undivided Rights and Interests, over the described tricycle in favor of ANtHONy S. BAutIStA, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Imee M. Abardo-Estrada., Doc. No. 241, Page No. 49, Book No. XVII, Series of 2011.

BIKOL rEPOrtEr Published: MAy 27; June 3 and 10, 2012

EXtrAJuDICIAL SEttLEMENt OF PArCEL OF LAND NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties are the legitimate heirs of the late Sps. CLArO g. DEL VALLE and MArCELA M. DEL VALLE who died on April 6, 1970 at Alaminos, Laguna and June 28, 1992 at San Jose, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, respectively; without any will and with no known debts, left a parcel of land situated at Sitio Calabuyan, Libmanan, Camarines Sur, the parties all of legal ages with full civil capacity to contract hereby agree to adjudicate among themselves the described parcel of land, as stated in the Extrajudicial Settlement of Parcel of Land signed by the parties, acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Renato P. Cachero, Doc. No. 196, Page No. 41, Book No. XIII, Series of 2012.

BIKOL rEPOrtEr Published: MAy 20, 27; June 3, 2012

EXtrAJuDICIAL SEttLEMENt OF EStAtE AMONg HEIrS NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties are all of age, children and legal heirs of the deceased JuAN u. DEL gALLEgO, who died on January 24, 1980, at Mandaluyong City, without any will or testament, and with no known debts, left a certain real property situated in Bgry. Mansalaya, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, that pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court, the parties with full capacity to contract agree to DIVIDE and ADJUDICATE among themselves in thirteen (13) equal shares and the share of the deceased co- heir, JUAN R. DEL GALLEGO is hereby divided equally between his two (2) surviving children, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Cleto R. Suarilla, per Doc. No. 1027, Page No. 106, Book No. III, Series of 2012.

BIKOL rEPOrtEr Published: MAy 13, 20 and 27, 2012


NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties: Anastacio C. Nem Singh, Alfredo C. Nem Singh, Helen NS. Sahurda, Sheila I. Maralit, Devi I. Baduya, Lal Antonio NS. Idnani, Kishkor NS. Idnani, Editha P. Idnani, Sita NS. Ednani, Mohan NS. Idnani, Bernardino F. Consulta, Gloria F. Consulta, Gabriel F. Consulta, Lourdes C. Abrillo, Rosario F. Consulta, Ricardo F. Consulta, Alberto F. Consulta, Celia F. Consulta, all of legal ages are the legitimate heirs of the deceased HErEMIA CONSuLtA who died in Manila, Philippines on April 14, 1958 without any will and with no known debts, left certain real properties at Barrio Ayugan, Ocampo, Camarines Sur, with OCt No. 69 registered under the name of HErEMIA CONSuLtA and OCt No. 23 registered under the name of EXEQuIEL CONSuLtA, the parties all of legal ages with full civil capacity to contract hereby agree to adjudicate and apportion the entire hereditary estate among the heirs with intestate succession as stated in the Extrajudicial Settlement and Partition of Estate Among Heirs with Authority to Sell signed by the parties, the parties hereto, in order to effect the Extrajudicial Settlement do hereby name, constitute and appoint CHARLES P. BADUYA to be their true and lawful Attorney-In-Fact, for them and in their name, place and stead to do the acts and deeds stated in the Extrajudicial Settlement, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Le- oncio M. Clemente, Doc. No. 10, Page No. 3, Book No. 120, Series of 2006 and Atty. Elsa Verdadero-Perlas, Doc. No. 560, Page No. 112, Book No. I, Series of 2006.

BIKOL rEPOrtEr Published: MAy 13, 20 and 27, 2012

may 27 - june 2, 2012

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AKO BICOL, nakisumaro sa Brigada Eskwela sa Legazpi

Nakisumaro an AKO BICOL Party List sa prim- erong pag-arangkada kan Brigada Eskwela 2012 sa ciudad nin Legazpi. Pinangenotan an naunambitan ng aktibidad ni Elias B. Calisura – Political Affairs Assistant III kaiba an mga volunteers gikan sa TAU Gamma Phi – Barriada Chapter. Obheto kan pakikisumaro kan AKB tanganing suportaran an Departamento de Educaccion (DepEd) bilang preparasyon sa pagbubukas kan klase ngonian na paabuton na Hunyo 4, 2012. Ginibo an paglilinig sa Buenavista Elementary School, Legazpi City. Labi labi man na ikinaogma asin nagpapasalamat an principal asin mga paratukdo kan naunambitan ng eskwelahan sa tabang na pig-ofresir kan AKO BICOL. An inisyatibo soboot kan AKB na pigtau para sa Brigada Eskwela dakulang bagay na para sa saindang eskwelahan huli ta pig-alay an oras asin panahon para digdi.


The MAG Dancers, the homegrown dance group choreographed by Ela- dio Nagrampa Jr., bested 17 other groups during a dance showdown held at SM San Pablo last May 18, 2012. Nagrampa said the MAG Dancers, which is the performing cultural group of Mayor Madelaine Al- felor-Gazmen, was picked the Grand Champion in the Ultimate Talent Search Showdown-Season 3 spon- sored by the food chain, Chow King. He said that he anchored the moves of the repertoire of his group around the gov- ernment’s tourism campaign, “It’s more fun in the Philip- pines.” “A judge told me we not

more fun in the Philip- pines.” “A judge told me we not only promoted the City

only promoted the City of Iri- ga, but we also included the whole country in our winning entry,” he added.

Meanwhile, an Irigueno is one of the younger cyclists being eyed to give veteran campaigners tough competi- tion in the 2012 LBC Ronda Pilipinas which kicks off in General Santos city. Cris Joven (25) of baran- gay Sto. Nino, is ranked no. 7 in the top 36 pre-qualified riders in the 2011 edition of the race. Joven, one of the members of the Team Ameri- can Vinyl/LPGMA is actual- ly one of three other Irigueno riders in the pre-qualified list, Alvin Benosa, who is ranked 24th, and John Ricafort, who is ranked 29th. Benosa plays for Team Philippine Army, while Rica- fort is with Team Philippine Marines. Iriguenos Michael Pili, who is also a member of the Team Philippine Marines; and Ronnie Nacario, of the

Team Bicol-Southern Taga- log, also qualified for the 96- man, twenty-day race which covers 2,000 kilometers of tough routes. In last year’s edition of the country’s summer cycling tournament, Joven ruled the 214 km. second stage of the 2011 LBC Ronda Pilipinas, to win the P50,000. lap prize. He is also with the team heavily favored to win the team race as it had won most of the major tours in the coun- try in the past four years. The streaking performance of Iriguenos in cycling con- tinues the feat of Diomedes Panton, the first Irigueno to have played in the Olympic Games. Panton competed in the men’s individual pursuit, 4,000 meters in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, U.S.A. -fpj

Palace calls on parents to support K+12 program

Malacanang hopes that parents, showing reluctance to adopt the K+12 program, would eventually support the new initiative aimed at improving the country’s ed- ucational system. In a radio interview over dzRB Radyo ng Bayan on

Saturday, Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the Palace understands the reaction of the parents regard- ing the program. “Sana patuloy na po ang ating maging pagtanggap doon sa K+12 program. Naiintidihan natin na kapag nagkakaroon

deped needs bundy clock

time of teaching well their daily lesson plan to their pupils, the factor of poverty that causes the poor performances of their pupils can be counteract and be easily overcome. And those mini-corruptions that were sprouted in the barrio schools will be uprooted and eradicated. All of these can be made possible by simply installing in all barrio schools an electronic recorder and clocking device we commonly known as “The Bundy Clock”. So the shocking and eye opener story ends and we parted on our ways. Several minutes later I’ve reached my home, and after greeting to all the members of my family, I entered my bedroom and seated in front of my laptop. As I started recalling the story automatically my fingers were clicking those keys in the keypad, and my teardrops started falling coz I admit that I was really hurts by this shocking and eye opener story for being a former barrio school teacher myself. Even though not all of us barrio school teachers were guilty of those accusations, I hereby call on you, together, hand-in-hand, let us all glamour to Dep ED Sec. Bro. Armin Luistro for the installation of a bundy clock to all public schools nationwide because it is the only way for that STIGMA of cheating our DTR will be gone forever and to be able to regain back the trust and confidence of our pupils…

to regain back the trust and confidence of our pupils… talaga ng pagbabago, nagka- karoon din

talaga ng pagbabago, nagka- karoon din ng kaunting resis- tance, ng kaunting reluctance,” she said during the interview. “But hopefully, makita na- man ng lahat that the program really aims to give our children a better education,” she added. The K+12 program will add two years to the country’s ba- sic education and increase the capabilities of students who would opt to work after gradu- ating from high school. The program is part of the Aquino administration’s efforts to re- form the educational system in the country. The K+12 begins with kin- dergarten, six years of elemen- tary education, four years of ju- nior high school, and two years in senior high school. The pro- gram will be implemented in all public elementary and high schools nationwide this com- ing school year. After the Aquino adminis- tration assumed power, Valte said it focused on addressing wide-ranging concerns plagu- ing the education sector. It has so far addressed the shortage of classrooms through the public-private partnership program, as well as shortage of textbooks and schoolbooks. Armchairs and desks were also mass produced out of con- fiscated illegal logs in Mind- anao with the help of TESDA, Valte said. With regards to govern- ment’s preparations for the

school opening in June, Valte

said government agencies, particularly the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is in the look out to protect con- sumers. “Nagpaigting po ng ating Department of Trade and In- dustry ang kanilang monitor-


are reminders from the DTI kung ano ang mga safe na school supplies na dapat bilhin para a mag-aaral na babalik ng paaralan,” Valte said. The government wants to ensure that quality standards are followed and that consum- ers are protected from over- priced school products, she added.

the past week, there


are followed and that consum- ers are protected from over- priced school products, she added. the
are followed and that consum- ers are protected from over- priced school products, she added. the
8 may 27 - june 2, 2012 Brigadaeskwela2012 Mayor gAzMen Held in iriga Sto. Domingo,


may 27 - june 2, 2012

8 may 27 - june 2, 2012 Brigadaeskwela2012 Mayor gAzMen Held in iriga Sto. Domingo, IRIGA


8 may 27 - june 2, 2012 Brigadaeskwela2012 Mayor gAzMen Held in iriga Sto. Domingo, IRIGA

Mayor gAzMen

8 may 27 - june 2, 2012 Brigadaeskwela2012 Mayor gAzMen Held in iriga Sto. Domingo, IRIGA
8 may 27 - june 2, 2012 Brigadaeskwela2012 Mayor gAzMen Held in iriga Sto. Domingo, IRIGA

Held in iriga

Sto. Domingo, IRIGA CITY - Mayor Madelaine Alfelor Gazmen here chal- lenged on Monday (May 21) school administrators, teachers, parents and ba- rangay officials to help maintain the city’s top performance in education, particularly on the Nation- al Elementary Achieve- ment Test. “Our strength lies in our unity, cooperation and in- volvement of the community that is why we had managed to stay on top, ipadagos ta po adi” Mayor Gazmen told a motley group of teachers, government employees, ba- rangay officials, and civil society groups who attended the launching of the Brigada Eskwela 2012. The launch was preceded by a motorcade around the city proper from where they eventually dispersed and drove directly to their re- spective assignments. The city government di- vided and assigned several staff of the various depart- ments of the city into three

clusters, to help in the cleaning and preparation of the different schools in the South, Central and North Districts of the city. At the central school, District Superintendent Ruby Abundabar said that the Brigada Eskwela is meant to prepare the schools for the opening this year. “This year’s Brigada is meant to pave the way for a new chapter in Philippine education, as Sec. Luistro put it. That is, on June 4, the classrooms shall be ready, the teachers will teach and the pupils will be taught their first lesson for the year,” she said. Abundabar also reiter- ated the No Collections policy of the DepEd. “The PTA can only collect school-related fees after they have liq- uidated and made known their previous disburse- ments; and bared the rea- son for the collection,” she added. -fpj

denr Bicol opens exhibit at sM City naga

she added. -fpj denr Bicol opens exhibit at sM City naga Above photo (L to r):

Above photo (L to r): SM representative Engr. Jen Balde, ENrO Oscar Orosco, Iriga City Mayor Madel Alfelor- gazmen, Naga City Mayor John Bongat and PENrO ramos during the inauguration of DENr’s Biodiversity Exhibit at the Event Center, SM City Naga last May 22,2012. the DENr exhibit which consists of photos of Migratory birds and Marine life is being done in celebration of the Ocean Month and International Day of Biodiversity and will run until May 26.