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On Tuesday morning, there were three groups had presented their opinions and their analysis of the short

stories that were given to them. The first presentation is on the short story entitle Neighbours. The story is about a situation in a neighbourhood area. The specific area where the story is happens was not been told but the story takes place in Penang. The presentation starts with the introduction of the panels which the panels were more than before. Based on my reading, there were not a lot to study as the characters and the story line of this short story does not have a lot of issues that was to be raised. Later, I found out that there were several issues that rose as the presentation goes on. The first panel starts with the summary of the short story where she explains about the flow of the story. For short, the summary of this short story is that the story starts with the scene where Mrs Koh scolded both Mr Koh and Mr Tan. They were being scolded because there were mess that was made when they were coming back to their home. Mrs Koh argues why Mr Koh had used their newly bought car as the medium of transportation to send Johnny Leong to hospital. Then came Miss Chee asking whether Johnny and Veronica were fighting again and that statement shocked everyone. As the conversation about Johnny’s family goes on, then came Nathan who is a dentist that lives nearby ask tem what happened. He then told what happen the last time he met with Johnny. Then came Ramli who was an elderly told the people that his daughter said to him that she had not seen Johnny for quite long time. Then, everybody starts talking their experience that they had with Johnny’s family. The story was mainly about the neighbourhood area where the neighbours of Johnny Leong’s were very busybody about other people’s matter. The ending was not clear as we did not know who was the person that were going to tell Veronica and Lily but as in my personal opinion, Mrs Koh who were the one that would told Veronica and Lily about Johnny. This is because Mrs Koh had a family and she would understand how to talk about Johnny to them. Besides that summary, the panels also explain about the theme or the issue that were raised from the story. One of the major theme or issue was the busybody of the neighbourhood. It was the major theme because there were a lot of explanations and examples that were given by the panels about the busybody neighbours. Besides that, the panels also explain about the characters and specifically about the character that shows sincerity. The character was Mr Tan as Mr Tan shows no selfishness and were aware the seriousness of life. Besides that, they also explain that the neighbours treat Johnny’s family as the subject of their conversation. On top of that, the panels also share their experience of gossiping about her teacher. The presentation ends with the conclusion of the story.

Besides that. He knows that Captain Matsumoto died in New Guinea. The presenters first explain about the characteristics of the boy where the boy was considered strange from other people. The friendship was that good that Captain Matsumoto shares his family picture and allow the boy to ride his white horse which was the horse was a symbol that no one except the captain can ride it. Another issue was these people that were challenged by war. As we all know. Captain Matsumoto on the other hand shows a friendly character where he made friends with the boy. The boy and Captain Matsumoto have strong relationships that even greater than a captain to his . Captain Matsumoto also portrays a human side in in him. Besides that. The boy was also filled with curiosity where the boy was curious about the white horse. As a captain of an army. they will beheaded people when people does not show respect to them. This happens when the boy takes the book from the library. during the Japanese occupation. The presentation started with the summary of the short story. The boy was considered strange because he likes what people want to avoid and he also makes conversation with a captain as seems like he talks to everyone else. The presenter point out that Captain Matsumoto offered the boy to marry his daughter. the boy also shows brave attitude in the story. After explaining the characters of the boy. the presenter explains about the characteristics of Captain Matsumoto. This can be proven by he let the boy to ride and to use the white horse. The story is about a boy who makes friend with the Japanese during the Japanese colonization. This makes him different from the other typical soldier. Besides that. The boy make it a turning point where a normal boy talks and hanging around with the captain of the army but still survive until Captain Matsumoto leaves the country and died. One of the issue was the memories of the boy about the Japanese occupation. the captain looks at the boy with suspicion although the boy claims that the books were meant for burning purposes. he still involved in that era. he still can tolerate with people. were trying to accommodate to the superior people. Captain Matsumoto was differ form other typical soldier where usually a soldier was trained to be strict and cruel. he should display a strict and serious person type of guy. the presenters also had rose another issue which was the lost of companion. Although he did not suffer much from the occupation. The friend was not ordinary as the friend was named Captain Matsumoto who was a captain in the army. On top of that. After that the presenter presents about the issues that were risen from the short story. he was also a tolerate person. This is specifically happens between the boy and Captain Matsumoto.The second presentation was about The Matsumoto Light Horse Artillery. The presentation continues with the explanation of two main characters which was the boy and Captain Matsumoto. The boys did not care what would happen to him as long as he got to ride the white horse. Although Captain Matsumoto have straight attitude where he very defended and determined in realizing the ideology of the military. Later he gave up to write to Matsumoto’s family due to the second world war.

. another theme was inequality that had been given to everyone. The presenters also point out the symbols that being shown in the short story such as the catfish and the white horse. Besides Lastly. the presenter concluded that sympathetic portrayal that was being shown by Captain Matsumoto. That was why the boy recalls back the incident where he knew Captain Matsumoto.