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Sunday 9th December Objective Travel from Wellington to Abel Tasman National Park Set up camp at Bark Bay. Timetable 6.15 am 7.00 am 7.30 am 8.00 am 8.25 am 11.35 am 12.30 pm 3.50 pm 4.00 pm 4.45pm 5.15 pm 7.00 pm 8.00 pm 9.30 pm All children report to school hall for equipment check. Depart in private transport for Inter-island Ferry Terminal. Check in baggage and equipment Board ferry Depart Wellington for Picton Disembark at Picton, load Charter bus and Mini Van Depart Picton. Travel by bus via Nelson to Kaiteriteri Arrive Kaiteriteri, load charter launch Depart Kaiteriteri Bark Bay (38 / 16) (Gear - 40 extra units Bark Bay) Arrive Bark Bay Set up Campsite (2nights) Dinner Night game. (Time dependant) Bed and Sleep.

Monday 10th December Low Tide:1.15pm High Tide: 7.30pm Objective Travelling to Totaranui by water taxi Tramping from Totaranui to Bark Bay 7.15am 8.15am 9.00am 9.45am 10.00 am 10.15am 11.30am 11.45am 12.15pm 1.45pm 2.15pm 6.15pm 7.00pm 9.00pm 9.30pm Breakfast Camp clean /Duties Free Time Make scroggin and snacks. bag check pack lunch and walking gear. Start walking to Medlands Beach Morning Tea Depart from Medlands Beach by VISTA to Totaranui (36/13) Arrive at Totaranui Lunch Leave Totaranui. Tramp to Awaroa Estuary Cross Awaroa Estuary (Low tide 1.15pm) Cross Onetahuti Estuary Arrive at Bark Bay (High Tide : 7.30pm) Dinner Camp Activity Bed and Sleep

Tuesday 11th December Low Tide: 2.17pm High Tide: 8.30pm Objective Move camp from Bark Bay to Anchorage. Tramping from Bark Bay to Anchorage Start Group Rotations 6.45am 7.30am 8.00am 9.30am 10.30am 10.45am 2pm Rise, morning exercise: walk /run/swim/yoga!? Breakfast make lunch for tramp Pack up own gear and tents All gear to Medlands Beach Nicholas and Melissa depart Kaiteriteri for Anchorage on VISTA. Arrive @ 1.30pm Morning tea Tramp to Anchorage (Lunch on the way) Group 1 Split from main group at Torrents Bay for Cleopatras Pools. Tramp back to Anchorage via hill track Afternoon tea / Free Time / Triathlon? Dinner Activity / Beach Football Sleep & Bed Group 2 Sea Kayaking with Instructors Group 3 Anchorage Challenge Swim?

4.00pm 7.00pm 8.00pm 9.30pm

Wednesday 12th December

Low Tide 3.11pm

Objectives: Sea kayaking, walking to Cleopatras pools & Pukeatua Bay 6.45am 7.30am 8.00am 9.00am Rise, morning exercise: walk /run/swim/yoga!? Breakfast make lunch for tramp Kitchen Tent duties Group 1 Group 2 Sea Kayaking with Instructors Anchorage Challenge Swim? Lunch Group 1 Anchorage Challenge Swim?

Group 3 Tramp to Cleopatras Pools via Torrents Bay (low tide?) Tramp back via hill track Group 3 Sea Kayaking with Instructors

12.00pm 1pm

Group 2 Tramp to Cleopatras Pools via hill track. Tramp back via Torrents Bay (low tide?)

4.00pm 7.00pm 8.00pm 9.30pm

Free time Dinner Activity Sleep & Bed

Thursday 13th December Objective Travel from Anchorage to Kaiteriteri 7.15 am 8.00 am 8.30 am 9.30 am 10.30am 11.00 am 3.40pm 4.00 pm 5.00 pm 6.30pm 7.30 pm 9.00 pm Rise, morning exercise: walk /run/swim/yoga!? Breakfast make lunch for tramp Pack up own gear and tents Free time Morning Tea Tramp to Coquille Bay Depart Coquille Bay to Kaiteriteri via VISTA (36/12) Arrive Kaiteriteri, pitch tent Free Time / Beach / Shower! Dinner Awards & Slide show Bed and Sleep

Friday 14th December Objective Leaving Kaiteriteri returning to Wellington 6.00am 6.30am 7.00am 7.30am 10.00am 11.15 am 12.45pm 1.15pm 4.30pm Rise Breakfast Pack own gear and pack up camp Load charter bus and depart Toilet stop Pelorus Fish and Chip lunch in Picton Check in at Picton Ferry Terminal Depart Picton Arrive Wellington . Students collected by parents/caregivers