Easi Door Marketing Aug 22 to rayleigh

Dear Allen Please find enclosed a credit note for 5500 leaflets, due to the exceptional hot weather over three days of the distribution we had a number of distributors who refused to work. As we agreed on the telephone whatever was delivered we would charge you for and any outstanding we would raise a credit accordingly and you would pay it. The roads that were delivered totalled 9842 however as a sign of good faith from our part we are charging for 9,500 not 9842. A list of the roads we delivered can be seen on our tracking to login is your email address and the password "letmein" If you could pay the outstanding amount of £407.56, into our bank Santander, Sort Code 090128 account number 20547427, that would be appreciated so we can pay the distributors in the area. Please let me know what you woulds like to do with the remainder of the leaflets, as Mike has told me you have another event in October. Kind Regards Peter

Rayleigh Aug 22 to me

I could only find three areas of Rayleigh you delivered to, which are Waltham Road, Grosvenor Road and one very small area of Langham Drive ( an area I and my daughter live but both did not receive a Leaflet). I checked approx 12 of our empty properties located at different areas In Rayleigh and not one had a leaflet on the door step and what made it worse I found my competitors leaflets instead. As to your workers refusing to work well that’s your problem, all I know I gave you approx 12000 leaflets costing around £500 and as far as I can see only 2000 have been delivered by your company. You promised a lot but did not deliver (excuse the pun) and for this I will pay you £0. I am now away on annual leave until Saturday 8th September and would welcome your comments after this date.

Easi Door Marketing Aug 22 to Rayleigh

It is clear from the very beginning you had no intention of paying us which is why you find it hard to find companies to deliver for you. I will ask our staff to visit you personally and you can explain to them why you are calling them lairs We do not need to discuss this matter further as I have no intention of wasting my time. We will take legal action Regarding the leafets you gave us 15,000 a number of which were the arong leaflet It is important that you have your facts right. Kind Regards

Easi Door Marketing

Aug 23 to Rayleigh

Hello Allen This is the reply we got from Mike ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Peter Thank you for your email re Allen Benton's response alleging that no leaflets have been delivered and as a consequence he is refusing to pay the requested amount you have invoiced him. I am today meeting with the 6 leafleters who delivered for him within the Raleigh area to discuss his email. It maybe that these people have carried the leafleting may want to visit the shop in Raleigh to ask for an explaination for his comments. Not withstanding what they may wish to do individually my self as the controller of this distribution or Abbots Countrywide, may seek guidence from the authorities on this constructive theft matter, however ultimately you will persue the matter on behalf of Easidoor Marketing Regards Micheal

Easi Door Marketing Aug 24 to bob.stevens

Dear Mr Stevens I refer to our conversation earlier today regarding the work we did for your Raleigh Branch From the beginning of starting the work for Mr Allen Benton at your Raleigh branch. It was clear from a visit by our supervisor, that he intermated that he did not like leaflet distribution companies and our supervisor was left with a feeling that he might not pay his bill. When we tenered for this contract originally our normal terms are 50% up front but Mr Benton insisted that if we did the job he would pay. After a conversation with my supervisor, I spoke to Allen Benton and suggested that if we were going to get a bad debt, we would return the leaflets and he could go else where. However after that conversation he accepted that when the leaflets were delivered in the timescale that he had subsequently requested but not made clear in the beginning he would pay the bill. At the time of that phone call he also informed us that we were not delivering in the areas he wanted us to start. I asked him if he had told our supervior where he wanted to start as he had provided maps outlining the areas. I said to him that if he had not made it clear, then clearly there was a starting point and a finishing point. But we would change where we were delivering to accomodate him. The conversation ended with Mr Benton explaining that Abbotts were a large national company and whatever we had delivered would be paid. Following the end of the period we delivered 10,000 doors by 6 leafleters at all times the areas of distribution have been noted on our website for Mr Allen Benton to check the areas and numbers of leaflets being distributed, however due to extreme weather conditions on the 3 days of the leafleting period we felt unable to impose on oyur leafleters that they ought be exposing themselves to the hot weather. Subsequently our supervisor did go out on these extreme hot days for periods to maxmise the distribution. It was not felt possible and in consultation with myself we decided to terminate the distribution at that time. Whilst every effort has been made by the distributionj supervisor and his team it must be noted that the leaflet in question inviting people to road shows had been in existence since May one of the road shows had already expired, we were now on top of the second road show and wished clarification on the remainder of the leaflets as to whether or not we would continue to deliver for the last remaining road show in October but we were met with extreme resistence and non payment for the leaflets already delivered. I understand my supervisor has held a meeting with the 6 leafleters and told them the position that Abbot Countrywide do not and will not offer to pay for their services. That may then lead to the individual leafleters visiting the premises of Abbotts Countrywide asking for an explaination. We would wish you to consider this matter and advise us in due course what you would like done

with the leaflets held in the posession of my supervisor. As you will see your employee Mr Benton has accepted that delivery was made, however he bases an assumption that properties that are vacant should recieve a leaflet, however it is our company policy not to waste leaflets on vacant properties and/or properties already under sale by Abbotts. Further more if a property askes for no junk mail to be delivered we will not deliver it. Your employee further complains that competitors were delievring leaflets as well. However my company does not have control over what other suppliers do with the customers and we cannot be held responsible if another estate agent decides to do a leaflet drop in the same area. I attach copies of the emails with Mr Benton, as well as a copy of our invoice and credit note. We do hope that on the occasion of Sunday the 19th August at your road show proved worthwhile as we said previously the leaflet being currenly distribiuted failed for the first road show in July, however we await your instructions for the roadshow in october and the leaflets we have remaining. Peter Cooke

Bob Stevens Reply
Inbox x Bob Stevens Aug 30 to me

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Afternoon Peter

The contacts you need are :-

Regional Manager Kevin O’Sullivan

Head Office

Keely Jones


Bob Stevens
Management Accountant,Estate Agents Countrywide House,88-103 Caldecotte Lake Dr,Milton Keynes,MK7 8JT


Dear Mr O'sullivan I understand that you are investigating the problems we appear to have with your Raleigh Branch. My local staff in the area as you will appreciate are extremly annoyed please see a copy of the email I recieved below. They are insisting on coming to see you personally, can you please give me your contact address, so I can pass it on Kind Regards Peter Cooke ============================== ==================== Dear Peter Thank you for returning the audited time sheets from the distributors of Abbotts Countrywide. As you were aware I met with the 6 distributors to discuss Alan Benton's email response to the request from us for payment. In consideration of the response where Alan Benton will pay zero, it would appear that throughout this sinario and right from the very start we were not going to be paid by Abbotts Countrywide. Given Alan Benton at all times during this leaflet delivery had accessed through the website the tracking information we oviously feel suitably agrieved at the stance of Abbotts Countrywide. It is therefore incumbant for me as supervisor to collectively address this matter with the authorties and media. Please can you give me the contact of the Managing Director of Essex as collectively with the distributors I will visit so he can explain to us personally why it is Abbotts policy not to pay their suppliers. Regards Micheal

Easi Door Marketing Nov 2 (2 days ago) to keely.jones

Dear Mr Sullivan As you are aware we have been chasing payment for the work we completed for your company. It would appear we are being ignored. I am now wondering why? Please let me know your policy, please let me know your policy on paying suppliers Kind Regards Peter Cooke

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