Year 6 Camp Packing List

Medications – all medications to be put in a clearly named bag with a recent photograph & written instructions. Medications will be given to the nurse on Monday 19th November (day before departure). Please check these items off with your child as they put them into their bags. **** PLEASE NAME ALL ITEMS ****

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One large, soft bag for your belongings – not a suitcase – put in this bag
Underwear and socks for four days PE uniform – shorts and shirt T-shirt which is the same color as your HOUSE SHIRT. Do NOT bring your house shirt! Pyjamas 4 tee-shirts/sports shirts (Send old clothes as these will get wet and muddy) 3 pairs of shorts (suitable for walking in) Long sleeved sweatshirt/light jacket for mornings and evenings A pair of long trousers (light) One pair of strong, ‘worn in’ sports shoes or similar to be worn during ‘dry activities’ One pair of old sports shoes or rafting shoes to be worn during ‘wet activities’ A pair of sandals/flip-flops A swim suit A plastic poncho/rain jacket A towel Flashlight, with batteries packed separately. Mosquito repellant A large plastic bin liner for putting wet clothes in Alarm clock – one per room group Toiletries A. Hair ties, Soap and shampoo, B. Toothpaste and toothbrush, C. Deodorant NIST hat Sunglasses (optional) Sun block lotion Mosquito repellent One or two books for recreational reading Camera or disposable camera (optional) Water bottle - good quality refillable Healthy snack for Tuesday morning Small named sturdy plastic lunch box

One small day pack (Back Pack) – put in this pack

        

Please DO NOT bring:  mobile phone  i-pods & electronic games  expensive watches & jewelry  money – not needed  sweets/lollies or extra food – there will be plenty to eat

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