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Question : Is POR_CUSTOM_PKG redundant in 11.5.10 ? Answer : Not really, it is still used.

However rebuild of account functionality was moved to OAF from por_custom_pkg in 11.5.10 Questions : Which version of iProcurement saw the demise of AK Developer in Oracle iProcurement ? Answer : 11.5.10 Question : What is a punchout? Answer : This is a mechanism by which buyers can navigate to Suppliers website straight from iProcurement. Once the shopping is finished, they then checkout the basket on suppliers website itself following which the shopping basket is brought back to iProcurement. Shopping basket is nothing but a returned XML file that contains the list/quantity/price of items checked out from suppliers website. Questions : Do we create purchase orders in iProcurement ? Answer : No, you create requisitions in iProcurement. Question : We need to submit PO Creation as soon as the Requisition gets submitted & auto-approved in iProc. How can we do it? Answer : In Workflow "PO Requisition Approval", The item attribute SEND_CREATEPO_TO_BACKGROUND needs to be assigned value of N. This will enable Real-Time processing of requisition mainly because the user can get a PO Number within the same browser session if auto-approval is enabled. Questions : What are the key advantages of punchout over local catalog management? Answer : A. You do not need to maintain the pricing information of items. Supplier will publish their latest pricing details in their iStore. B. You do not need to upload the items of your supplier into your system. C. The up-to-date stock level information is made available on Suppliers Website. Question : When shopping basket is brought back from suppliers website after punchout, how does the item category code of supplier item get mapped to the category code in Oracle? Answer : Suppliers punchout basket will always contained universally recognized category codes i.e. UNSPSC codes. You will need to define the mapping for each such expected code in eCommerce gateway. These will be mapped to your inventory category codes (the good old mtl_categories ). Question : Have you done any customization in Oracle iProcuremnt? Answer : Note: All the implementations of iProcurement will involve customization of workflows to some extent. Customization to Account Generator workflow is a must for any iProc implementation. You may visit the article Oracle Account Generator Workflow Example to learn steps for customizations of Account Generation workflow in Oracle Apps. Question : Give me an example of extension for Oracle iProcurement using OA Framework . Answer : Use this article link to help you explain the answer. Question : What is the advantage of punching out via exchange, rather than punching out directly to suppliers website? Answer : If you enable punchout via Oracle Exchange Server, you will then have to open up your company firewall just for the exchange server. However if you decide to enable a direct punchout, you must open firewall for Suppliers server. Question : If a requisition has been approved in iProc, we want such requisitions to be Auto-Approved once they get converted to PO. How do we facilitate this? Answer: In Workflow "PO Create Documents", assign a default value Y to attribute "Is Automati Approval

Allowed?". Question : Give me some example of personalizations done to Oracle iProcurement. Answer : a. Change the Branding Logo. b. Add Purchasing News and Purchasing Policies c. Removed field New Supplier from iProc Supplier Region Question: If you are not yet on 11.5.10, how to enable debug in iProcurement ? Answer : cd $ORACLE_HOME/../iAS/Apache vi $ORACLE_HOME/../iAS/Apache/Jserv/etc/ssp_init.txt DebugOutput=/home/Aitupuat/ITUPUAT/ora9/iAS/Apache/Apache/logs/debug.log DebugLevel=5 DebugSwitch=ON vi $ORACLE_HOME/../iAS/Apache/Jserv/etc/jserv.conf ApJServLogLevel debug vi $ORACLE_HOME/../iAS/Apache/Jserv/etc/ log=true Question : After the purchase order gets approved, you wish to send Purchase Order electronically to the supplier. Which XML document format is used? Answer : "PO 007" is the OAG format that is used for electronically sending XML Purchase Order to supplier. Question : You wish to customize the Purchase Order header in the XML file that gets sent to supplier. How will you do it ? Answer: Two options:a. Modify the XML Message Map for PO-007 using XML Gateway Developer. b. Customize view PO_ECX_HEADER_ARCH_V(prior to 11.5.10) or customise view ITG_PO_HEADER_ARCH_V(11.5.10 onwards) NB: I will add more questions, in due course.