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29 Thomas-Mann-Strasse, 28213 Bremen OVERVIEW Dr. Aidan Boyle is a scientist, new media artist and composer. He explores innovative ways of using new media to create novel Reactive Environments. He uses interactivity as a medium to explore the blurring boundaries between art and science. His research involves real-time sonification and visualisation of dance performance. His research on experimental transdisciplinary artistic production incorporates emerging media, algorithmic methods, visuals, sound design, and the use of the computer as co-performer. Through his scientific background he manipulates sound and light, mutating them through movement into electroacoustic music and visual art. His work explores the emotion that is experienced through mixing interactive visual and sonoric media in contemporary dance performance. Through his experimentation he is pioneering both performance art and sound design and has exhibited and performed in Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Spain and Brazil. In 2011, one of his works was shortlisted for the Kultur und Kreativpiloten - a German nationwide competition for entrepreneurs. He lectures in Art & Technology to provide students with the theoretical and technical background, and practical experience in the conceptualization and production of collaborative, multi-disciplinary artworks. He is currently a lecturer at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. EDUCATION
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M.Phil. in Music & Media Technologies, Trinity College Dublin, May 2010 Electronic Music Production, Sound Technology Centre, 2007-2008 Post-Doc, UNICAMP, State University of Campinas, Brazil, 1994-1997 Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry 1991 Université de Grenoble, France, 1991 B.Sc. Analytical Science, Dublin City University, Ireland, 1987

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Composition for Mixed Media and Electroacoustic – M.Phil, TCD, 2008-2010 Electronic Music Production - Sound Technology Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2007-2008 Singer and guitarist – bands: INISHOWEN (France), Coyote, Lost Padres (Brazil)

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Digital electronic interface development – BasicSTAMP and ARDUINO Sensor Technology: Infra-red, ultrasonic sensors, motion tracking Computer programming – MAX/MSP, PBASIC, PDE (Processing), computer/user interfacing. Image manipulation, image processing, VJ software (ARKAOS), ISADORA. Taught courses in multimedia digital music, in Ireland and Brazil


2011 Semi-finalist in Kultur und Kreativpiloten - a German nationwide competition for entrepreneurs sponsored by RKW and U-Institute. (Submitted a proposal for Reactive Environments in performing arts and advertising industries).

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5-6 July 2012 Cora Mesophyll An experimental physical-theatre performance directed and choreographed by Cindy Cummings. Interactive audio-visuals are generated using motion-tracking technologies and biometric data processing. Arts and Technology Research Lab, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. March 2012 The Wishing Tree A transcultural interactive installation and accompanying workshop which integrated art education teachers and students between 10-12 years in Brazil and Portugal. Collaboration with SESI (Serviço Social da Indústria), Campinas, Brazil), Professor João de Meira chain of schools in Guimarães, Portugal, and Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil (UNICAMP). 10 Feb 2012 - Beyond The Bubble: European Musical Academy and Ballettschule Jaqueline Davenport in conjunction with dancers and professional musical artists from various Bremen dance institutions and dance schools. Director Joèl Detiège. Kult Theater, Bremen, Germany. 12 December 2011 – Dance Perfomance, at Die Glocke, Bremen, Germany. combining Dance, Theatre, Visual Art and Sound. Director: Dr. Özen Odag, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany Visuals: Neill O’Dwyer, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Nov 19 2011 Dancestoned. Contemporary dance work in conjunction with live generative visuals. Choreographer: Veneta Gerganova. Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. 24 Aug – 16 Sept 2011 - G-Spots: Storming, AIR/HMC, MAVF, and Library Thoughts, Budapest exhibition. Opening remarks by Gyorgy Orban. Curator: Beata Szechy - HMC, Istvan Sziranyi (president of the Hungarian BookArt Association). 31 May – 02 June 2011 – Stillness, contemporary dance performance. Sound design and visual production of dance performance. Choreographer/Director: Dr. Özen Odag, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. 23 April 2010 – Leather ice, Mixed media work (piano, cello, violin, flute, vocal and electronics), Contemporary Music Centre New Music Marathon (CMC), Limerick, Ireland, 2010. 05 and 12 Sept 2010 – G-Spots, An interactive multimedia technology art installation, Casa das Caldeiras exhibition centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 10 May 2010 – Bwaajige Ngwaagan (Dreamcatcher), An Interactive Dance Performance, TheaterSpace, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. (See 29 April 2010 – From Drums To Light, A live interactive music composition for dance, Beckett Theatre, Dublin, Ireland. 13-18 Nov 2009 – An Interactive multimedia technology art installation at Entertainment=Emotion, International congress in communication and media psychology, Benasque, Spain. 13 June 2009 – Touchless Sensorial Interfaces – Systemic Poetics and Interactive Music, developed the interface used in the PhD thesis:Dr. Paulo C. Teles, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brasil 12 Sept 1997 - Portraits of Lunacy – It is the Others who are Mad, Multimedia Exhibition and Visual Art Installation at Campinas City Museum, Campinas, Brazil. 1997 - Multimidia Exhibition and Visual Art Installation at Sibgraph – 1997, México City,

PAPERS IN ART AND TECHNOLOGY 15- 21 Nov 2009 -The Twilight of Flesh: Body, Mind, Art and Sensorial Artificiality, paper presentation at Entertainment=Emotion, Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual. Organizers: M. T. Soto (U. Autònoma Barcelona), P. Vorderer (CameRa, Amsterdam) 28-29 Feb 2008 - Touchless Interactive Multimedia Interfaces – from electronic music to endoinstrumental post-music: aesthetic considerations and preliminary experiments, paper presentation at iEnter (Conference on Interactive Entertainment), Barcelona, Spain 5-7 June 2008 – Paper presentation at New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Genova, Italy, Developing an ‘Antigenous’ Art installation based on a Touchless Endo-System Interface

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LECTURES AND COURSES Innovation & Creativity Management – BioBiz University Studies Course (2012) Art & Technology - University Studies Course, Jacobs University Bremen (2011) SOUND COMPOSITIONS Available for listening online:

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