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Notes on McFarland, D.

(2012) Organizational Analysis - Week 6 - Lecture 2 - Application

Organizational Culture as normative control

Organizational Culture is an Ideology offered in the name of those with a claim to authority Kinds of Authority Managerial (Managers define identity) Expert (Internal) Objective (External views) - Mostly positive reviews

Ideology instilled via presentation rituals

Presentation rituals occur everywhere They are informal Characterized by a decentralization of power They are subtle (We aren't even aware of it!) Behavioral displays: meetings, sessions, in the lunch room Artifactual displays: Desk paraphernalia, clothes, etc

Member response to organizational culture

Role-Embracement Commitment It is the most common outcome Role-Distance Reflective Self conscious Connect by enacting a part Contrived-Self Sociall skill Controlled ability to shift stances Not all members invest equally in Tech Marginal members Utilitarian demand Have estranged view Full members Price of power is submission Can have a cynical view Balancing acts: leaving room for authentic self Manage time = Separate work and non-work time Manage response Cognitive distance Emotional distance Summary Organizational culture is a means to normative control The ideology is enacted via presentation rituals and organizational self Members respond to organizational culture and seek autonomy

Prepared by Ariadna73

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