Noose and Gibbet, Sheffield Investigation Friday 18th Feb.

Date:12/11/10 PR Members: Lee s, Nick, Lee m, Simon, Mal, Rhona Guest: 15 - 20. Rooms to investigate: Rooms 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13 Bar area Corridors Stairs Toilets Cellar. Sightings: All Rooms, cold spots, (1 room which is alot colder then rest) cleaner locked in room 12 Corridor, feeling of someone brushing past, and being watched. Stairs, Feeling of being pushed down the stairs. Toilets, Feeling of being followed in, someone stood behind you. Bar area, Brass ornaments being knocked off, taped or moved. whispers, cold spots, taps, PROJECT-REVEAL REVEALS PRE FINDINGS…. ROOM 7 - Ghostly whistle when carole was doing an evp session, Dog Barking Room 6 - A growl when simon was doing lone vigil Room 12 - when lee m and lee s was in room doing vigil, there was a blow on the mic. Groups: Group 1 - Si - Mal - ( Lee M ) Group 2 - Lee - Nick (Group 3 - Lee M - backup group if needed depending on people )

Plan of action: Time line 9:15 arrive 9:30-10:00 set up 10:30 - 45 start - intro / History tour / and building tour (this will not be one big talk - people will be split into the groups then the team leaders will do a little talk to there group about who we are, what we do, and what to exspect tonight) 11:30 start investigation Rooms with equipment: 4 – Van Der Graaf / Glass 6 – CCTV "laptop in room 4" - EVP Recorder (lee's mikomo) 7 – Ouija board/Paracorder 8 – Strobe/e smog/franks box 9 – Locked off Camera/Ramsey 12 – Full Spectrum/IR Floodlight/EFP 13 – CCTV "laptop in room 9" Table and Glass Work/EMF Probe


The Railway Hotel was an unremarkable Stones pub, which like the others in the area survived on trade from the steel industry after the local slum housing was cleared.. The demise of the steel industry led to its first demise in the early 1980s. The announcement that the Student Games led to its rebuilding and re-opening as the Stadium. This was an odd choice of name as it is across the road from the Arena and not the Stadium. The second re-incarnation lasted till 1995, when the pub closed down for a second time, only to re-emerge as the Noose & Gibbet. The Gibbet outside portraying the body of Spence Broughton. Again geography is not a strong point; Spence Broughton was gibbeted outside the Arrow, (later renamed Pheasant) near Carbrook Hall on Attercliffe Common. Discovery of Spence Broughton's Gibbet The remains of the Gibbet-post of Spence Broughton, who was hung in irons on Attercliffe

Common after being executed at York for the robbery of the Sheffield and Rotherham Postman, have this week been dug out of the ground.

It is solid old oak, perfectly black and quite sound, though embedded in the ground since 1792. It consists of a massive framework, 10ft. long and 1ft. deep, firmly embedded in the ground to support the Gibbet-post, which passed through it's centre and was bolted to it. Some 4ft. 6in. of this post is left, the remainder of the post is 18in square. This relic was discovered by a person named Holroyd, in making excavations for the cellars of some houses in Clifton Street, Attercliffe Common, opposite the "Red Lion". It was conveyed into the garden of that Inn, where it may now be seen. Many hundreds of persons have paid it a visit. Source: Times Newspaper 6th May, 1867 Opposite the new Sheffield Arena, the sports and concert venue in Broughton Lane, there stands a public house with the name, ' The Noose and Gibbet ' Outside the pub there is a replica gibbet containing an effigy of the highwayman Spence Broughton,after whom the road was named. Broughton was a gentleman farmer from Lincoln who married well and was in receipt of a large dowry which he squandered through gambling at cock fights. To recoup his loss he turned to crime becoming a member of the Hatters Club, a local band of Attercliffe villains. His life of crime was not to last for long, he was hung in 1790 for the robbery of the Sheffield Mail on Attercliffe Common. He was hung and gibbeted in chains close to the site of the present day pub, his remains were left for 27 years as a deterrent to other would-be thieves. He was the last man to be treated this way in England. Today the pub contains several depictions of Spence Broughton and the Hatters Club, and allegedly the highwayman's hand !

The Story.

Broughton was born near Sleaford in Lincolnshire, of very respectable parents, his father, during his lifetime, having followed the occupation of a farmer in an extensive line. He has a sister now living who keeps a genteel and well frequented inn on the South Road. He married a young woman of fortune when about 20 years of age, by whom he had three chilldren, two boys and a girl, which offspring with their mother have the misfortune to be surviving witnesses of his shameful exit. He lived with Mrs. Broughton for several years in conjugal happiness, till he formed a connection both dishonourable and fatal. He left his family, and pursued a life of gambling. Spence broughton was found guilty of the Rotherham to Sheffield Mail Robbery, he was sent to court to face his fate, the wherebaouts of his acomplace was not known, Spence was left to face the blame. Although he was six miles away from the robbery at the time, he admitted to recieving some of the proceeds, and was duely found gilty. Shaw was the man to confess everything, while Oxley escaped and hid. "Spencer Broughton, you have been found guilty of the Rotherham Mail Robbery, It is my duty to inform you that you shall be sentanced to death by hanging untill you are dead. In order to deter other his punishment should not cease at the place of execution but his body should be suspended between earth and Heaven, as unworthy of either, to be buffeted by winds and storms.” Spence requested a pen, ink and some paper on the eve of his execution ""Surely I have greatly transgressed the laws both of God and man! In what manner shall a sinful wretch, like me, presume to approach the throne of mercy? Alas! my repeated provocations do now wound me to the very soul. How have I trifled away the hours, the days, the months, and years of my life! O the profligacy of my heart! O the misery that I have, as it were laboured to bring forth! Father of mercies, forgive me. Jesus, my saviour, plead for me, for, if thou inclinest thine ear, I am eternally happy; otherwise, eternally miserable.

To thee I commend my soul --- O take it to thy heavenly protection! So shall I pass thro' walls of tears, to the heaven of perfect and uninterrupted blessedness. Grant me, gracious God, this heart-felt dying request, and I will not be dismayed; for thou alone art a refuge for those who confide in thee" Spence was well behaved during his capture and his time in the cells. He only ever had one regret "I have one regret, and one regret only. I am saddened to learn Oxley is not to share the fate with me in the gallows" It is reporeted that whilst on the way to the gallows, Spence was heard to say to the Governor of the Castle. "This ride will be the best ride he had ever experianced, and I forgive the world, exept Shaw and Oxley" Spence was placed on the gallowws were he lifted his face cloth, put the rope round his neck, parayed and said that he was a murdered man. Within seconds of his statement, he was hung till dead. After his execution, Spence's body was delivered to Sheffield, Attercliffe Common, were it was put into a Gibbet.

Hark, his blood, in strains so piercing, Cries for justice night and day; In these words which I'm rehersing, Now methinks I hear him say— "Thou, who art my spirit's portion In the realms of endless bliss, Available When at first thou gav'st me motion Knew that I should come to this. He was hung up and left hanging for over 35 years as a detrrent to other criminals. Oxley was later found by a policeman who found him hiding, when he gave chase he found Oxley dead with his throte cut, he didnt want to share the same fate as his mate Broughton it seems.

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