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90 days to Business Growth Breakthrough Executive Masterclass

Achieve more than others in just 90 days

This Executive Masterclass will help you achieve more in just 90 days than others do in a whole year! Step out of your business for just 3 hours and create your winning game plan for the next 90 days with this inspiring event. Success comes as a result of applying a proven system which is what youll gain from this Masterclass. The 7 point Profit Accelerator Tool helps you focus on actions in 7 key areas which working together can bring a dramatic cumulative growth. The tool, which youll take away in spreadsheet format, becomes your live control as you dramatically improve results in just 90 days and then go onto even greater growth in the following 90 days! If you have ever wanted clear focus on the way forward, greater control of growth, exciting results and to leave your competitors behind then this Masterclass will set you apart and bring you superb results. Your incisive half-day is in two parts. Youll first set your goals by following the Executive Masterclass 4 part Growth Probe structure. Youll then be introduced to the Profit Accelerator tool and work through its 7 action parts, dialoguing how each can work for you and interacting with your coach and fellow delegates. The 7 point plan addresses: Increase lead engagement Improve conversion Reduce marketing waste Increase sales frequency Improve on revenue volume Improve profitability Manage customer retention

This Masterclass will not only make you think about opportunity for growth but help you prepare a realistic plan to achieve it.

Is this 90 day Business Growth Executive Masterclass for you?

If you want to get a firm grip on business growth, want fast results and want to have the ability to respond to both challenges and opportunity and achieve it all in 90 days- then this Executive Masterclass will deliver for you big time! Youll be prepared to be probed and questioned and ready to implement change. Above all you will be competitive and impatient for results.

What youll gain from this Masterclass

Youll walk away with energy, vision and focus for the next 90 days. Youll have a clear picture of where your business will be in 90 days time and a step by step plan to get you there. Importantly you will have gained a clear vision for success, the impetus to increase productivity and the knowledge of how you will achieve targets

Executive Masterclasses by Malcolm Gallagher

Malcolm Gallagher, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and CEO of The Executive Boardroom is a practical and effective Executive Masterclass facilitator and an acclaimed international motivational speaker. Over the last 10 years over 42,000 delegates have heard him speak both in the UK and Overseas on business, sales and marketing performance improvement. He is an acclaimed strategist and is known for his fresh thinking on business growth. Malcolm is the CEO and Founder of The Executive Boardroom, a dynamic collection of programmes, brands and meetings where leaders meet about achieving excellence in Governance and Growth.

The style
Your Executive Masterclass is an ideal blend of learning and interaction. The content is focused and incisive. As with all Executive Masterclass titles, there is a strict limit on places so you can get the most from the event. Maximum capacity is 8 persons in a boardroom setting.

Executive masterclasses are bite-sized and incisive events with proven and fresh content. The small group (min 3 max 8 persons) helps you get the most from your affordable investment and delivers an effective and personal event.

AM events START at 9.30 to 12.30 PM events 1.30 to 4.30.

Your investment:
Executive Masterclasses bring you HIGH VALUE at AFFORDABLE PRICES. Your price is kept low as we remove frills, such as expensive colour brochures. We focus on delivering your great and valuable content!

97+ VAT Early Bird offer (usual price 137+VAT) for bookings before Christmas 2012 on any 2012/2013 dates.
Included in this HIGH QUALITY half-day (3 hour event) Malcolm Gallagher as your expert facilitator Comprehensive event manual and pre-Masterclass grounding pack Refreshments at registration and mid-event NEARLY 300 worth of valuable bonuses FREE Additional on-line resources of templates and toolkits (Value 97) FREE 90 day Virtual Coach support (value 200) by Malcolm

For 2012 and 2013 dates please see below

90 days to growth 15-Jan AM 04-Feb AM 05-Mar AM

11-Dec AM 31-Jan AM 28-Feb AM

Manchester Yorkshire
28-Jan AM 06-Feb AM 07-Mar AM 17-Jan AM 05-Feb AM 14-Mar AM

21-Jan AM 12-Feb AM 12-Mar AM

All dates are subject to availability and booking levels. Venues vary but all are in our Executive Boardroom setting. The capacity at any date is 8 persons, the minimum is 3 persons. Please check with us regarding any changes or extra dates Why not combine your chosen date with the Executive Masterclass in the other half of the day for a great days learning! See our full schedule in the appendices Offers are available for multiple bookings across titles or groups of persons please contact Kim Gallagher or call 01670 518080 The 97+ VAT early bird price is for bookings made within the advertised time of pre-Christmas 2012 for any dates . Usual price is 137 + VAT per person. This title can be privately facilitated for you or your team in-house. Please contact Kim on 01670 518080.

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Tyneside (Gateshead) Teesside & Durham Manchester & North West Yorkshire Kent and South East Executive Masterclass Tyneside Executive Masterclass Teesside Executive Masterclass Manchester & North West Executive Masterclass Yorkshire Executive Masterclass Kent

To book by phone, for invoicing or for multiple bookings please contact Kim Gallagher on 01670 518080 or

Read on for the End of 2012 and Early 2013 schedule of all titles

The Executive Masterclass schedule

Presentations 04-Dec PM 25-Jan PM 26-Feb PM 25-Mar AM 04-Dec AM 25-Jan AM 26-Feb AM 25-Mar AM 15-Jan AM 04-Feb AM 05-Mar AM 15-Jan PM 04-Feb PM 05-Mar PM 31-Jan PM

11-Dec PM 30-Jan PM 19-Mar PM 16-Jan AM 19-Feb PM 19-Mar AM 11-Dec AM 31-Jan AM 28-Feb AM 16-Jan PM 31-Jan PM 28-Feb PM 18-Feb PM 28-Mar PM 19-Feb AM 30-Jan AM 18-Feb AM 28-Mar AM

Manchester Yorkshire
05-Dec PM 23-Jan PM 06-Feb PM 27-Mar PM 05-Dec AM 23-Jan AM 21-Feb AM 27-Mar AM 28-Jan AM 06-Feb AM 07-Mar AM 28-Jan PM 21-Feb PM 07-Mar PM 29-Jan PM 17-Jan PM 05-Feb PM 06-Mar PM 24-Jan AM 27-Feb PM 06-Mar AM 17-Jan AM 05-Feb AM 14-Mar AM 24-Jan PM 14-Mar PM

21-Jan PM 11-Feb PM 11-Mar AM 22-Jan AM 11-Feb AM 11-Mar AM 21-Jan AM 12-Feb AM 12-Mar AM 22-Jan PM 12-Feb PM 12-Mar AM 13-Feb PM

Sales Management

90 days to growth



20-Feb PM

Marketing Plan Performance

18-Jan AM/PM 31-Jan AM 18-Mar AM 18-Mar PM

21-Feb AM 29-Jan AM 21-Feb PM 20-Mar AM 20-Mar PM

27-Feb AM 20-Feb AM 15-Mar AM 15-Mar PM 13-Feb AM 13-Mar AM 13-Mar PM


BOOK NOW - Click to visit the Executive Masterclass Online Booking Centre (credit card or PayPal) Or call 01670 518080
Tyneside (Gateshead) Teesside & Durham Manchester & North West Yorkshire Kent and South East Executive Masterclass Tyneside Executive Masterclass Teesside Executive Masterclass Manchester & North West Executive Masterclass Yorkshire Executive Masterclass Kent