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SCHS Nursing Specialist Exam Model 4 1.

The normal adult pulse is: 60 - 80 b/m 70 - 80 b/m 50 - 70 b/m 60 100 b/m
2. A 25-years-old male is admitted in sickle cell crisis. Which of the following

interventions would be of highest priority for this client? Taking hourly blood pressures with mechanical cuff Encouraging fluid intake of at least 200mL per hour Position in high Fowler's with knee raised Administering Tylenol as ordered 3. The nurse is conducting a physical assessment on a client with anemia. Which of the following clinical manifestations would be most indicative of the anemia? BP 146/88 Respirations 28 shallow Weight gain of 10 pounds in 6 months Pink complexion 4. Which of the following would be the priority nursing diagnosis for the adult client with acute leukemia? Oral mucous membrane, altered related to chemotherapy Risk for bleeding related to thrombocytopenia Fatigue related to the disease process Interrupted family processes related to life-threatening illness of a family member 5. The gland that organizes the secretions of all other endocrine glands is: Pituitary gland Thyroid gland Adrenal gland None of the above 6. The normal range of blood sugar in adult is: ( 60 80 ) mg/dl ( 80 150 ) mg/dl ( 70 110 ) mg/dl (40 60 ) mg/dl
7. The baby is considered preterm if his gestational age was less than

28 weeks 38 weeks 42 weeks 48 weeks

8. The decrease in the secretions of the thyroid gland hormones is called


Myxedema (= Hypothyroidism) Hyperthyroidism Hypoxemia None of the above 9. The disorder of bone metabolism in which there is a reduction in of bone mass is called: Osteomyelitis Fracture Dislocation Osteoporosis 10. Carbohydrates are stored in the body in the form of:Glucose Glucagons Glycogen Glucose 6 phosphate 11. The force with which the blood is pushing against the arterial walls when the ventricles are contracting is called:Pulse pressure Pressure gradient Systolic pressure Diastolic pressure 12. Atropine injection is given pre-operative to :Relax the patient Decrease the secretion Prevent intra-operative bleeding Decrease heart rate 13. Nursing responsibility before giving Digoxin:Check BP Check apical rate Instruct patient to do deep breathing Do ECG 14. What is the normal weight of the newborn according to statistics ? 3900 gm 3700 gm 2500 gm 4500 gm 15. Before giving antibiotic to a patient which of the followings should be done first: Wound culture Blood tests Wound dressing Sensitivity testing

16. If a S/C injection is to be given, into which level of tissue must the solution be released :Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous Any of the above 17. When assessing the unconscious victim for pulselessness , which of the following is the best artery to check :Radial Femoral Brachial Carotid 18. When administering an antibiotic or a vaccine , the nurse must be alert for the possibility of: Overdoses Hypersensitivity Sings of increasing infection Hypotension 19. Normal intra-ocular pressure: 15-20 mmHg 20-25 mmHg 30-35 mmHg 10-15 mmHg
20. How many times you should take vital signs in the recovery room at the first hour:

6 10 12 14
21. The local anesthesia is given by:

I.V injection I.M injection I.D injection S/C injection 22. When there is an extra chromosome belonging to the pair 21, the following symptoms will appear on the baby except one Small head Long hands Mental retardation Large tongue protrudes from the mouth
23. The difference in close & open fracture is that , in open fracture you have to watch

for: Infection

Hemorrhage Inflammation Pain

24. DTP is a vaccine that covers all of the followings diseases except:

(D = Diphteria , T = Tetanus , P = Pertussis) Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis Typhoid 25. Which of the following substances transmits hepatitis C : Infected blood Contaminated food Contaminated water Infected urine 26. When administering heparin , the substance the nurse would keep available as the antidote is: Magnesium sulphate Protamine sulfate Calcium gloconate Vitamin k
27. The first nursing intervention for a patient with stage I Decubitus ulcer:

Put the patient in the affected side Change position of the patient every two hours Provide good nutrition Take vital signs frequently 28. The layer of the skin that contains the adipose tissue is: Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous None of the above 29. The most suitable position to assess the neck is : Prone position Sitting position Supine position Standing position 30. Hypoxia means : Increase oxygen Decrease oxygen Increase CO2 Decrease CO2 31. The best position to improve breathing is : Setting position

Semi setting position Prone position Supine position 32. In physical examination, using the stethoscope is called : Inspection Palpation Percussion Auscultation 33. The device that is used for measuring temperature is called : Thermometer Spirometer Sphygmomanometer Hammer 34. An enlarged movable lymph node is a sign of:Inflammation Malignant Normal lymph node Any of the above 35. For post-operative patient to do deep breathing & change of position every:2 hours 4 hours In each shift Hourly 36. The main purpose of the vernix caseosa in newborn is Prevent hypothermia Prevent hyperthermia Prevent tachycardia None of the above 37. The umbilical cord of the newborn contains One artery and one vein 2 arteries and 2 veins 2 arteries and one vein One artery and 2 veins 38. Hemophilia-B is the deficiency in what factor of the clotting factors Factor VI Factor VII Factor VIII Factor IX :

39. What is the immediate nursing intervention in sever hypoglycemia: Give N/S fluids Give insulin S/C Inform the doctor Give I.V fluids glucose 50% 40. The first step that should be performed in physical examination is : Inspection Palpation Percussion Auscultation
41. According to characteristics of normal breathing, all are true except one:

Spontaneously Without pain Regular Accompanied with sound 42. The plastic piece that put between the jaw to maintain patent airway is called: Mouth gag Breathing tube Airway Nasal cannula 43. One of the followings is from the signs and symptoms of bleeding in the esophagus: Blood with stool Hemoptysis Red stool Coffee-ground vomiting 44. When giving Aminophylline, the nurse should be alert for : Temperature Pulse Blood pressure Respiratory rate 45. The best time for giving (lasix) is: Any time At night In the morning Before sleeping
46. Which of the following instructions is true according to iron supplement:

Take iron with food Hold iron if there is vomiting Stop iron with constipation None of the above

47. The suitable diet for the patient with renal failure is :

High protein and low calorie Low protein and high calorie High protein and high calorie Low protein and low calorie 48. Which of the followings is a clinical sign of hypocalcemia : Headache Shivering Mind out Weak muscles