lieualso first 1775; comClapp's Abel Captain pany (third), Colonel John Daggett's regiment (Fourth Bristol county), 1776, serving


ment. tenant




Rhode Island campaign; also in CapJosiah Keith's company, Colonel Daggett's regiment, in Rhode Island, 1778, and in Captain Isaac Hodge's company. Colonel John Hathaway's regiment, at Little CompHe was captain of ton, Rhode Island, 1779. Fourth the Third company, (Colonel Dean's Bristol county) regiment, and in Colonel Isaac Dean's regiment in the Rhode Island camHe was a farmer in ]\Ianspaigns in 1780.
in the


and was educated there in the public schools.He was associated from youth with his father in the coal and ice business, and succeeded to his father's large property and business interests. Under his ownership and management the business has continued to grow and flourish. Mr. Deane is one of the leading business


of this section, upright in his dealings, of


sound judgment and large influence in the community. He lends his aid, influence, time and money freely in the public interests, but
has declined public office and honors. He is a member of no secret orders or clubs, and devotes his time almost wholly to his business and domestic afifairs. He married, October 12, Mereen Flynn, born at 1873. .\bbie Mayhew Whitneyville, Maine, June 17, 1849, daughter of John and Lucy Ann (Alayhew) Mereen. Her father was of French descent, the sur( )

and a prominent citizen. He married at Norton, September 19, 1769. Children, born i. Rev. Samuel, of .Scituate, at Alansfield: Massachusetts graduate of Brown University, 1805; died August 9, 1834, aged fifty: pastor of Second Church of Scituate twentyfour years married Stella Washburn, daughter of Hon. Seth, of Raynham an authority on colonial history, author of "History of Scituate". 2. Jacob, lived in house built by his married ]\Iehitable Reed. father 3. John, mentioned below. (VI) John (4). Deane, son of John (3) Deane, was born in Mansfield, June 4, 1774,
; ; ;

name Morin, having been anglicized to Mereen, and was born in 1805, at Kennebec,
age of eighty-eight Mayhew, born 1819, at East Machias. Maine, died 1862, at \\'hitneyville, Maine, was of an old New England family children Lorenzo Mereen Helen ^lereen, married Jerome Berry: Abbie Mayhew Mereen, mentioned above; Augusta Orin married Edward Getchell ;\Iereen,

Maine, died

in 181)3, at the


Her mother, Lucy






and died


Norton January



He was


of Mansfield when he married, April 4, 181 1, Elizabeth Carpenter, born ]\Iarch 9, 1785, died March 18, 1832. He settled at Norton. Children, born at Norton: i. John Jr., February 28, 181 1 of Dedham, master of transportation of Taunton branch railroad. 2. Maria, born

Mereen: .\rno IVIereen. Mr. Mereen kept a His father, small store and dealt in lumber. John Alereen, was a resident of Bath, Maine, and died there married Rebecca Chandler. .\bbie Mayhew Mereen married ("first) Charles










1815. Oliver,



6. Pliny, 1819. 7. Calvin. February 17, Cornelia, October 10, 1822. 9. La-

1818: mentioned below.

prelate, .\pril 9. 1824. (\'II) Oliver, son of

Flynn, born October 23, 1840, at Searsport, Maine, died in 1872, in Colorado. They had one child, Mereen Chester Flynn, born October 23, 1870, at Sauk Rapids, legally adopted by her second husband. Children of Edgar H. and Abbie M. Deane: 1-2. Eliza Bell and Oliver Lewis (twins) born

John (4) Dean (or


Deane), was born


Norton. June


26, 1883, at ried July 15, lips,

Dedham: Eliza Bell marHarold Randolph Webb,

educated in the public schools. He Canton, Massachusetts, where he bought a coal and ice business which he conducted until his death, and was numbered

He was



M. E)., of Arlington, Massachusetts: child, Frank W. Webb, born April 26, 1909. Oliver Lewis died at the age of six months.
This surname


the leading and most ]5rogressive and successful merchants of the town. He was interested in town afifairs but never sought or In politics he was a accepted public office.


ily is

as are the names Nicholson, Nickson, Nixon, etc.,

Republican, in religion a I'nitarian. He married, at Norton, January 21, 1844, Eliza Hunt, born 1821, died ^larch jt,. 1907, daughter of Oliver Hunt. (VIII) Edgar Hunt, only child of Oliver Deane. was born October 22. 1846, at Canton,

from the christian name Nicholas. The famvery numerous on Cape Cod, and nearly

if not all, persons of the name of Nickerson are descended from the immigrant ancestor mentioned below. (I) \\'illiam Nickerson, immigrant ances-

tor, a

weaver by


was born





was Mary, daughter of Mark and Jane (Prence) Snow. Her ancestors included Governor Thomas Prence ( Prince and Stephen

and came from Norwich, England, 1637, with his wife Anne and four children, sailing in the ship "John and Dorothy," April 5, and landing in Boston June 20. He went to Watertown, Massachusetts, where he was admitted a freeman. May 2, 1638. Removing to Yarmouth about 1646, he was representative from that town to the general He court of Plymouth Colony in 1655. bought lands of the Indians at Manamoiet (Chatham) before December i, 1663, settled there soon after, and passed the remainder of His his life in that place, dying about 1690. sons-in-law, Robert Eldred (Eldridge), Tristram Hedges and Nathaniel Covell, were in court with him October 31, 1666, on account of a letter he had written alleged to be deIn those days faming Governor Hinckley. freedom of speech was not a reality in the colonies. As his lands were purchased with1604,
in April,

Hopkins of "Mayflower" fame.



Mercy, born March 17, 1691-92; married Joseph Johnson, April i, 1714. 2. Nicholas, March 19, 1694-95. 3. Ebenezer, June 13, 1697. 4. Jane, April 6, 1699; married Judah Baker, of Yarmouth, June 18, 1724. 5. Mary, August 13, 1701 married James Hardin, October 8, 1724. 6. Thankful, July 26, 1705; married Benjamin Burgess, June 15,


out the persmission of the authorities of Plymouth Colony he was engaged in long litigation, but finally he was allowed his lands. He married Ann, eldest daughter of Nicholas and Bridget Busby, of Norwich, who came over in the same ship as the Nickersons. Ann was born about 1609 she received a legacy from her father in 1660. Children: i. Nicholas, mentioned below. 2. Robert. 3. Elizabeth, married, October, 1649, Robert Eldred. 4. Ann, married, October, 1657, "Trustrum" Hedges. 6. John. 3. -Samuel. 7. William. 8. Sarah, married, about 1662, Nathaniel Covell. 9. Joseph. (II) Nicholas, son of William Nickerson, was born in England about 1630. He settled permanently in Yarmouth, dying there March He married Mary, probably 26, 1681-82. daughter of John Derbe (Derby) one of the earliest settlers of Cape Cod. Children: i. Hester, born October, 1656 married Jonathan White, son of Peregrine, of Marshfield, February 2, 1682-83. 2. \^'illiam, January 12, 1662 (single 1658. 3. Elizabeth, December, in May, 1706). 4. John, September 10, 1664; married Elizabeth Baker, of Yarmouth, August 14, 1696. 5. Mary, July 6, 1668; married Simon Crosby, of Harwich, August 27, 1 69 1. 6. Sarah, May i, 1674; married John Burgess, of Yarmouth, about 1694. 7. Patience, April 3, 1682 (single in May, 1706). (III) William (2), eldest son of Nicholas Nickerson, was born January 12, 1658. He was a "soldier of Yarmouth, Fourth Expedition," 1675-76. He lived in Eastham till about His wife, 1696, then removed to Harwich. whom he married at Eastham, January 22,

(IV) Ebenezer, son of William (2) Nickwas born in Harwich, April 6, 1697. He married, October 13, 1726, Elizabeth Mayo, great-granddaughter of the Rev. John Mayo, the first minister of the Second Church in Boston, and a descendant of Major John Freeman, Governor Prence and Elder Brewster. They lived in that part of Harwich which in 1823 became the town of Brewster. He and his wife were admitted to the church March 24, 1727-28. He moved to Provincetown where tradition says he had the fourth house built died there February 15, 1768. Children: i. Mary, born August 3, 1727; died young. 2. Hannah, baptized November 17, 1728. 3. Mary, baptized July 19, 1730. 4. Elizabeth, baptized August 13, 1732. 5. Seth, born October 21, 1737. 6. Nathan, born November
25. 1739-


Seth, son of Ebenezer Nickerson,


Harwich, October 21, 1737, and bapMost of his life was tized two days later. passed in Provincetown. He married March 19, 1761, Mary Smith, of Chatham, a descendsecant of "Mayflower" stock. He married ond) Isabel (Eldridge) Dyer. He had sixteen children eight by each wife. The fourth child and second son was Ebenezer. (VI) Ebenezer (2), son of Seth Nickerson, was born in Provincetown, August 17, 1768. He married (first) Salome Collins, who bore him five children, one son and four daughters. He married (second) Eudoxa White, daughter of Thomas White and Prudence Hayward, who lived in Phillipston, Massachusetts, and were of I,exington-Concord stock. By her he had thirteen children, six sons (the youngest named Thomas White) and seven daughters. Ebenezer Nickerson was one of the leading merchants in Boston of his time, and had extensive shipping interests. Freeman's History "His almost fastidof Cape Cod says of him ious candor, truthfulness, and honesty commanded the confidence and respect of all who
; :

knew him. Perhaps few private citizens were more generally known, or indeed, more pro
verbially esteemed as an upright, honest man, throughout New England." (VH) Rev. Thomas White, son of Ebenezer (2) Nickerson, was born in Boston, January 6, 1826. In early life he was a merchant in Boston; in later life a clerg>'man of the Episcopal church in Massachusetts. He died November 14, 1905. He married, January 6, 1848, Martha Tillinghast, daughter of Stephen and :\Iary Smith (Barker) W'estcott, and descended through Jeremiah, Samuel, Benjamin, Captain James and James, from Stukely W'estcott, one of the original proprietors of Providence, Rhode Island. Stephen W'estcott was a prominent and highly successful merchant in Thomas White Nickerson had six Boston. 2. Gerchildren: i. Florence, died young. trude, married Rev. Charles Mcllvaine NicholStuart, married Hattie son. 3. Archibald 5. Thomas Bennett. 4. Stephen W'estcott. White. 6. Philip Tillinghast. married Grace Livermore Tobev. (VIII) Rev. Thomas White (2), son of Rev. Thomas White ( i ) Nickerson, was born He graduated from in Boston, June 25, 1858. Phillips Academy, Andover, in 1876, and from
results to both congregation


and community. His parish is in a most flourishing condition, and a recognized valuable factor in the moral uplift of the city. He has taken an especially
active interest in the local Union for Home Work, serving as chairman of its executive committee. He is president of the standing

committee of the Diocese of W'estern Massachusetts; a


of the Pittsfield


Evening and Park clubs, of the Colonial Wars and Mayflower societies of Massachusetts, and of the Harvard Club of New York. He married, January 10, 1888, Mary Louisa Hoffman. Her father was the distinguished dean of the General Theological Seminary of New York. He has one son, Hoft'man, born December 6, 1888; a graduate of St. Mark's School, Southborough. now a student at Harvard College.

The Johnson family



Harvard College in 1880. He then entered the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in New York City, graduating in 1884, and receiving his B. D. degree in 1886. He was ordained deacon,
Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 18, by Bishop Paddock, and ordained priest in New York City, May 31, 1885, by Bishop Henry C. Potter. From September, 1884, to June, 1887, Mr. Nickerson was assistant to the rector of Calvary Church, New York, Dr. Henry Y. Satterlee, later bishop of WashingFrom June, 1887, to June, 1895, he was ton.
1884, in

Those who were descendants of John Johnson, who settled as early as 1635 at Ipswich, Massachusetts. He was a proprietor of that town, He bought land in a shoemaker by trade. in Ipswich, removing later to the ad1654 He deposed in 1671 jacent town of Rowley. He died that he was sixty-seven years old. January 29, 1685-86. Walker Johnson, doubtless a descendI ant, was born in Leominster, but removed when a young man to Westmoreland, New Hampshire. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. He was killed while at work in a saw
( )

early at Leominster, WorcesMassachusetts. county, ter have been traced of these first set-


rector of St.





charge developed a capacity He early established a misfor large service. sion (now St. Luke's), and after his congregation grew to unwieldy proportions, divided the parish, thus founding the present St. Mark's Church. During his ministry a new church "^ite was mirchased by St. Paul's and the initial work generally accomplished which resulted in the erection of one of the most His beautiful church edifices in New Jersey. next charge was the rectorship of the Church of the Messiah, Boston, where he remained from 1895 to 1898. In the spring of 1900 he was secured as rector of St. Stephen's, Pittsfield, which he has since served with beneficent

He married Philena Pufifer, in 1829. daughter of Benjamin and Sally (White) Children: Lydia, Puffer. (See Puff'er, VI). Martin, Charles F., Lewis, Sarah, Benjamin Walker, mentioned below. Walker, son of Walker (II) Benjamin Johnson, was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, December 6, 1828. He was educated there in the public schools, and during
boyhood worked on his father's farm. He came to Hopkinton, Massachusetts, in 1848, and found employment in a boot and shoe

He followed the trade of shoemaker factory. there until he retired in 1900. He was a Republican in politics and for a number of years was on the Republican town committee. He married, in 1851, Eveline D., daughter of Aaron Read. 'She died October 14, 1895. October i. Mary Elizabeth, born Children: 2. .\aron'L., :\Iarch 19, i860, menI, 1856.


Sarah, wife of Samuel Gunnison, of Andover Jacob, mentioned below Noah, who removed to Kalamazoo, Michigan. (\ ) Jacob, third son of Thomas (2) Gray, resided in Andover, and married Elizabeth Kittredge. Children Esther, William, Hiram,
; :


III) William Alfred Kimball, son of Reuben G. Smith, was born at West Head, June 8,

1 861. native


attended the public schools of his

town until he was twelve years old. Then he went to sea on the schooner "Annie

and perhaps


(V'l) William, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Kittredge) Gray, was born in Andover, and resided in that town and Ipswich, where he married Rebecca, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Alan.sur) Shattuck, born May 28. Children: I'^sther Alinira, Williain and 1831.


Esther Almira, daughter of Williain

and Rebecca (Shattuck) Gray, married

Albert Butler, and had a son and daughter, Frank M. and Albertina. She subsequently became the wife of Orice M. Gracey, of Ipswich (see Gracey, IV).

Alay" of Portland, Maine, and then sailed as cook for a year on the "John B. Alorris" and then on the "William R. Drury," a threemasted schooner, as steward. During the next two years he went in fishing vessels to the Newfoundland Banks, and was for a time cook on the ship "Irene." When he came of age he gave up the sea and took a position as conductor on the Lynn & Boston Street Railway. .\fter three years he accepted a similar position with the West End Street Railway of I'.oston. where he continued four years, and then for a time was a foreman in the employ of the Independent Ice Company. For the past ten years he has been a clerk in the employ
of his brother-in-law, Jesse S. Newcomb, of .Somerville. He is a member of the Marketmen's Relief Association of the Columbia Association of Webster Lodge, Knights of
; ;

SM ill


Reuben Smith, a descendant of the Smith family of Cape Cod, settled in Westhead, Xova Scotia. John

Smith, the progenitor, settled in Barnstable as early as 1640. Reuben Smith married Deborah Covell. Children William, Alfred, Reuben G. (mentioned below), Mary Jane, Dorcas, Ruth, Sarah, Elizabeth, Matilda and

G.. son of Reuben Smith, was Clark's Harbor, Nova Scotia, October 22, 1837. He had a common school education, and began to follow the sea in his boyhood. He rose to the rank of master mariner, and was captain of the schooner "MerryCoval," then for several years first mate of the "Sunny Region." Next he was captain of the brig ".Annie Mitchell" and afterward was mate and captain of various New York vessels. He was drowned in 1870 on his return trip from Savannah to Boston while making sail on the brig "Hattie." He was an expert navigator, and an honorable, upright capable man in all the atifairs of life. In politics he was a Re])ublican and in religion an Adventist. He






Pythias; of Concord Lodge, Free Masons; of Covenant Lodge, Odd Fellows and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. He married (first) Sarah E. Goodwin; (second) Laura Amelia, daughter of Jeremiah S. Newcomb. (See Newcomb). Children of first wife: I. Albert R., born December 4, 1882; married Lena Barker. 2. R. Wesley, June 8, 1884; married Emily Bean child. \\'inston A., born February 6, 1907. Child of second wife, 3. Clifford Newcomb, born September 23, 1903.


(The Nk'ker.soii Line. For preceding generations see William Nickerson 1 ).

(Ill) William (3). son of William (2) Nickerson, was born at Chatham about 1668. He was an ensign in the militia. He also lived

Chatham. He made proved November 15,





October 19, married





who married

about 1700; (sec(second),




married Susan M., born March 25, 1840, at Clark's Harbor. Nova Scotia, daughter of Levi and Marinda Nickerson. (See Nickerson, \11.) Children: i. Drusilla, married Albert R. Cass and has a son, Gilbert Cass. 2. William .Alfred Kimball, mentioned below. 3. George llyron, born September, 1865 married

William, born May mentioned below. 3.






6. Mercy. 5. Elizabeth. 7. Nathan.Anna. 10. Deborah, 9. Deliverance.








Charlestown child. Jennie \'era. 4. Thomas Hall, born November 23. 1875; married Alice Rice child, Evelvn .A.

Fldad. Caleb. Son of William (3) Nickerson, was born at Chatham and died there December 18, He resided at Chatham and 1748-49. North Chatham, and was executor of his father's will. In 1743 he sold his share in the estate of his brother \Mlliam and removed to






North Chatham, then was selectman three


Old Harbor. He He owned part


10. Susan M., March 25, 9(See Smith, 1840; married Reuben G. Smith.

of Half Moon meadow on Red River Neck. He married, in 1733, Mary, daughter of


Moses and Deborah (Cook) Godfrey. She was born Sej^tember 4, 171 1, and was a "Mayflower" descendant through her grandmother, Deborah Hopkins, daughter of Giles, who marShe married (second) Seth ried Josiah Cook. Smith, o-i Chatham, November 18, 1756, died Children, born at Chatham: .\pril 24, 1782. May 27, 1733; mentioned below. 1. Joshua. 3. Caleb, April 2. Deborah, October 27, 1734.

of anJust how the title of a sacred office of the Catholic church came to be used for a surname It is lost in the obscurity of ancient history. is suggested that it must have been a personal name or a nickname of some progenitor, as

The surname Bishop


cient English origin.

Major and Deacon are sometimes given. Other surnames such as Pope are of the same class,
liishop was a common name in however, England many centuries ago. No less than eleven immigrants of this surname came to Massachusetts before 1650 with their families. \arious branches of the family in England have coats-of-arms, titles and dignities of various kinds. |ohn Bishoj), progenitor of the Connecticut and doubtless of the Vermont family of this He sketch, was born in England about 1600. was one of the twenty-five immigrants who came with Rev. Henry Whitfield's company from England and founded Guilford, ConHis name was signed second to the necticut. riantation Covenant made on shipboard, June The 1. 1839, Mr. Robert Kitchell signing first.
(irder of

Moses, February 25, 1739. 54. Mary, June 6. I'ebruary 3, 1741. 8. ro, 1745. 7. Elizabeth, March 29, 1744. Deborah, March 24, 1747. fV) Joshua, son of Caleb Nickerson, was burn at "Chatham, May 27, 1733, died at HarHe rerington, Nova Scotia. April 16, 1821. moved to Harrington from Chatham after 1762



to the




Shag Harbor.


married, December 15, 1754, at Chatham, She died at I5arrington, FebEsther Ryder. ruary (), 1819. He was one of the pioneers Children, born at Chatham and of the town. Harrington: I. Caleb, Chatham, May 22, 1757.







Zenas, Shag


Harbor, January 15. 1767- 4Simeon. 6. Joshua, mentioned


indicates the respective social

(VI) Joshua (2), son of Jo.shua (i was born at Shag Harbor, Nova




resided at Oak Park, Harrington, Nova and died there. He married Tabitha (or Dorcas) Kendrick, of Harrington, June 26, She was a sister of Martha Kendrick 1785. who married Simeon Nickerson of this fam:

standing and ages of the company, judging fnim analogy in similar cases. He was fifth on the list of trustees of the Indian purchases and one of the four magistrates appointed to administer justice and preserve peace in the community. He brought his family of several children with him and is said to be brother of

She married (second) James Smith, and had children George, Thomas, Susan and Elizabeth .Smith. Children of Joshua: Joshua, Esther, Edward, .-Xzubah, Eevi, mentioned

James Bishop, who settled in New Haven. His estate was the largest in the colony with Children, the exception of Mr. Whitfield's. probably all born in England: I. John. 2


Wilkinson. 3. Tabitha married married James Steele. 4. Daughter,


was born about

Levi, son of Jo.shua (2) Nickerson, 1800, at Harrington, Nova



Marinda Nickerson, married Scotia, probably also a descendant of the immigrant, William Nickerson. All the Nickersons trace

Harbor, Harrington. September 11, 1820.
22, 1822.

He lived in Clark's ancestry to him. Children John Edward,

Azubah Ann, August Thomas Smith, March 26. 1824.

Seth Hall, April married 8, 1831 (first) Edward Pierce; (second) Jacob Nickerson. 7. Tabitha (Dorcas in some records), February 4. 1833. 8. Peter Kenney, July 13,




17, 1829.

6. Elizabeth,



was the first of the Wallingford, Vermont George, Jeremiah and Hethuel came from Wrentham, Massachusetts, to Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, and thence to Shrewsbury, Rutland Bethuel was in the revolucoiuitv, X'ermont. tion from New Marlborough, Massachusetts. Children, born at Rutland or Wallingford: i: 2. Bowen. .\sa. 3. Silas, mentioned below. children Betsey, married Rueul Todd 4. married Adelaide Charles, Joel, Horace. Knight Lucinda, married Green Arnold and had Rueul Arnold. 5. Sylvia, married Emery





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