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Jack's arrival at the Giant's House.

TBB SURPRISING AND INTERESTING Of THE GIANT KILLER: CONTAINING AN ACCOVNT OF HIS ASTONISHING ADVENTURES AND NUMEROUS EXPLOITS AGAINST GIANTS WITH TWO AND THREE HEADS AND HIS Marriage with the Duke's Daughter. BT THURIiO GRUMBO. you'l tee. WHOM HE HAD DELIVERED FROM HER . T was a II the same to Jack. Written in Verse for the Amusement of all good LITTLE GIANTS AND GIANTESSES. blest was with faithful love. : LONDON ORLANDO HODGSON. ENCHANTMENT. did last all obstacles remove. Embellished with 14 fieautiful Coloured Engravingt. A Giant-killer Who He At was our Jack. never did true nnurage lackt Whether they two heads hnd or three. .


in king Arthur's days. Or seen on English ground. Within a cave Upon And CORMORAN his name he Hig deeds we here recount. And three yards measured round. this spelt. IN Cornwall. Who From contributions large did raise all the country round* this Giant dwelt. A Giant there was found. . Saint Michael's mount.JACK. Eighteen feet high Giant stood. THE GIANT KILLER ! Jack kills the Giant in the Pit. The largest heaid of since the Flood.

And At to his cavern haste. This Giant he would slay . as sure as he was born. Six oxen on his back he'd take. instead of sleep. was JOHN CILLER ." had. Ere morn he dug a The pit quite deep. Whose name. Their cattle off he swept At the Lands-end there liv'd a lad. sleep. He took his pickaxe. or hogs he'd nothing make* Tie twenty round his waist. kilPd those he chanc'd to meet. On a 'dark night. Both house and home they left. lanthorn. Jack vow'd. He to the mount did hie. He He Of half an ox each meal did eat. . For well this Giant they might dread. And bugle horn to play. Folk were afraid to sheep. spade.\ HISTORY OF JACK. his approach the people fled. Giunt*s cave close by. They call'd him. else Or two good all fat sheep. he such courage 44 JACK THE GIANT KILLER.

A And He swore he Jack would said. "Ha! ha I" < says Jack. With sword and belt did him reward. One blow the Giant kill'd. do you feel just now ? You'll roast and eat me ere I'm cold. So that the Giant never pit that straw. T No fear Jack's mind e'er fill'd Good aim he with his pick-axe took. saw The Jack had made. But ere a dozen yards he made. My Giant bold. soon as they heard Of Jack's adventure bold. He cover'd it with sticks and And over them earth laid. . Jack then drew forth his bugle horn. Jack laugh'd and "I'm not afraid." How The Giant roar d. But first you must learn how. The justices.THE GIANT KILLER." Jack sought. On which "This is in letters gold. } the valiant Cornish man. blast blew loud and shrill . the mountain shook. kill. The Giant he began to storm. fiercely then He in the pit was caught.

in a wood.HISTORY OF JACK. He sorely 'gainst To be reveng'd poor Jack did he swore.He rested qn the grass. Where he confin'd some ladies good. His name was THUNDERBORE. rail. Enchanted castles. Another Giant heard the tale. He thirsty was. Giant Thunderbore carries Jack into his cave. . Old THUNDERBORE he kept. Jack into Wales a journey went. his strength was spent. Whose friends their absence wept. And thro' this wood did pass..

And told him. Who were hut m w'V . To But first. Awake he could The Giant thence not keep. And on him dine that day. Stood on the kitchen stones. Then on his shoulders Jack he threw. T'waa near a well. his water fetch'd. he in Poor Jack did his slaughter lust room \verc strewn. For he determin'd Jack to eat. the Giant knew.THE GIANT KILMili. A brother giant he would treat. The castle floors were cover'd o'er With human skulls and bones. That they together Jack might eat. it was Jack. looking at his belt . When pepper'd it had been. There found Jack fast asleep. great delight he felt. Where limbs mid heart? of men slain. And huge tubs full of human gore. His heart would be most dainty meat. himself he stretch VI. That By And. fetch him went straightway. restrain. with a grin.

the gates.10 HISTORY OF JACK. then he heard. will torture Before he you. Lest you become the Giant's prey : On Still his return he'll bring another. Of which they did not dream. haste away. who. Loud Now And deep groans. they the gates did reach. These o'er When heads he threw. A horrid cruel monster. trice the Giants' These ropes he fasten'd in a Unto the cieling beam . and horrid cries. strong thick cords then Jack did view slip A knot made in each . you'll become the Giant's prey. haste away! Or. with mournful sighs. his brother. Jack the It stood right o'er window sought. Oh! valiant stranger. poor Jack thought. A voice these lines repeat: " Haste ! valiant stranger. . more savage than kills. Now Two death or freedom. This hour my fate awaits." Distracted. They strangl'd were by this device. shrieks. poor Jack's ears did meet.

THE GIANT KILLER. made Their wives he punished thus. 'cause they Their husbands would not eat. hair. He slid down by the rope Then he from each cut off the head. Soon as Jack saw the Giants dead. . And hung up by The Giant Of their did flesh their he found In one. their husbands a treat. The castle gates did ope. three ladies plac'd. slay. No room but was disgraced. 11 Jack relieve! the Ladies from Giant Thunderborc'i Cattle. all He searched the castle around. .

The ladies quick Jack did release From their appalling state. The Giant there great wealth had got. For this olFence ihoy were condemn'.portal stood .!. Where he for many hours did stray.12 . 1 Jack's heart with grief was overwhelm When he their state (lid see. In a lone valley deep. to travel fa>t. At last. . he thought his fortune good. . !. It was. j When a large houK he spied He knock'd. Politely ofter'd them the keys its Of castle and gate.CK. then at the . HISTOUY 01- J. Jack lost his way Between two mountains steep. When night came on.'. ' Then Jack his journey did pursue^ last . Nor en trance was denied. This Jack the ladies gave The castle also was their lot. have. His cash not long would Best -thing. Himself he'd nothing. .! to Thus without food be. he thought that he could do.

quite. Two and ugly heads he wore. And then I'll eat you with delight. . Jack eats hasty-pudding with the Giant.THE GIANT KILLER. Which Jack did much affright large Jack weary was. A Giant huge came to the door. Gave welcome for the night . He heard the Giant next room tread. But no sleep could he meet.'* . And You to himself repeat: "Tho' here you lodge with me this shall not see the morning light My club shall knock your brains out night. and went to bed.

Next morn when Jack he saw. leathern bag beneath his clothes. . the ground.14 HISTORY OF JACK. " Hah And ! say you so I'll ? thus do you do ? travellers so serve?" Cries Jack. he at midnight goes To where he thought Jack slept. right.make." up then poor Jack he sped. He never had been so deceived. a billet Of wood With found. And into this the pudding throws. Jack cautiously did hide . that supplied his place in bed. " cunning be as you. lay And down on The Giant. take. it A A Jack thought Fool of the Giant. Laid on the bed such heavy blows. trick to play. He Jack to breakfast And hasty -pudding did invite. Since he had us'd club law. The Giant scarce his eyes believ'd. My To get life try to preserve. No life he thought was left. And from his mouth did slide.

The 'Giant starM to see him eat. Hrs did embrace. his way pursue. "Hur can do that as well. The pudding 44 out did flow. out his bowels fell The Giant thus brought to his end." the giant cried. Jack travelled gaily on . says Jack. " A To you I'll quickly shew . . the place .*' His knife into When his guts did glide. No The servants did the offer'd for felt Jack Prince oiFer Prince attend. did Jack commend. lady to rescue. pleas'd.THE GIANT KILLER. As he to Wales his way did wend. Splutter hur nails. a Magician's wicked arts. 15 Had no suspicion of the cheat. He From overtook the King's eon. trick When they had done. King Arthur's son did A m those parts. With wonder him survey 'd." He in his bag a knife did stick. his part Right well Jack play'd. Like Jack.

Jack arrives at the Castle of the Giant with Tliree Headt. freely gave. None from him empty went At length the fates it so would have. He his last shilling spent. " I'll for my Prince provide. to me. .'* Lodge there we .16 HISTORY OF JACK. will this night. The Prince was gen'rous. " A Giant. What shall we do for food?" As he to Jack apply'd Jack briskly said. said he." Leave that . who'll fight. this spot. two miles from Five hundred men My cousin is : three heads he's got.

I'll warrant all is welL" I value to Jack rode full speed." B 3 . the castle reached." the Giant cried. your cousin poor. is it then ? to me apply You know I'll fight five hundred men. " Ne'er born we'd better been. To tell you this. my lord/' says Jack. you say It can't ! what . * Alas alas !" the Prince replied." "To seek your life King Arthur's son Two thousand men doth bring. It is a fearful thing." then Jack replied. Than with such monsters to reside. ! 1? They " Leave ' children are of sin. If you'll wait here till I come back. have you for me ? " I've heavy news. Before me make them fly. heavy news for thee" "What news? what news?" What news " For me.THE GIANT KILLER. " I've run." says Jack. "Who's there?" the Giant thund'ring screech'd." all me. not his spell . "'Tis Jack. And loud knock'd at the door. " Coz.

. Jack back did run. The Giant "You cunning chap. " This news does me confound . me that cap." the Grant cried. fun." says Jack. and rusty sword. T fain " Those slippers I would take. and bar." To fetch his Prince. and bolt. shall make all fast. They lie deep under ground. Next morn Jack gave to the Of gold an ample store. " And you. ?'' How " shall I you reward Good Old coz. M on. ! 1 think I'll in my cellars hide. friend Jaek." "Take them. light hearted." . too. and keep them for my sake. With lock. Until 'the king's son shall have pass'd. nothing further mind . "give coat. Away have traveled far. '* Oh cousin Jack. Great use in them you'll find. That they might merry make They pass'd the night in mirth aird The Giant sore did quake. said. king's son The Prince.6 HISTORY OF JACK. journey Jack op'd'the cellar door.

He learnt th' enchanted lady did Her tyrant meet each night. His shoes gave him so swift a pace.Tin. Jack put his cap on right. also. his grief The Prince was he hid. (ilANT KILLER. You then must lose your head. *' Iff The shoes of swiftness sure partake. She made a noble feast The custom of my mansion vou Conform with. where 1 bestow. The '* "This handkerchief. And thus his Prince did save. His coat did Jack surround. must at least. .'* lady's house they soon came to. He there the first was found. The coat invisible will make. . The sword cut any thing. Unto the Prince" she said " To morrow you must tell or know* . Within a forest it took place." sad. . Giant The handkerchief she gave Jack struck his head off at a blow. The lady came. The cap will knowledge bring.

his wood Jack bent shrieks did way.HISTORY OF JACK. Of " the Round Table" did declare Jack a most worthy knight. He piercing He sought the hear. That he the King might please. fear. Of monsters such As thro' a as these. and tloyt the Giant. Jack never had known . The King did Jack invite . To clear the kingdom his intent. Then Jack to seek more Giants went. The Prince and lady inarr'ed were. Jack release* theJctiigltt and his lady. cause without delay.

Thou savage wretch. His coat of darkness now wore Jack. him their " I'm not at ease" cried Jack the brave. Full twenty feet in height. His trusty sword did wield. and lady fair. there destroy his brother.*' this Giant's . But Jack had other game. The Giant groan'd and died. Then at the Giant's legs did hack. Then in his body plung'd his sword. " Until I meet the other. with all Jack's strength. The court'ous With thanks Invited knight. With the most hideous cries " For thy foul crimes. . 21 A monstrous Giant there Jack saw. house to share. ResoJv'd that he should yield.THE GIANT KILLER. to Jack now came. Cut thro' the Giant's thighs The monster fell at all his length. last At one stroke. this thy reward. by their hair along did Who draw Fair lady and her knight. I must seek out And cave.*' Jack cried.

and soon did spy The cavern that he sought. The Giant with his club close by. His eyes like balls of fire appeared. And in his head did stare. 'good lack. bristles Like wire the of his beard. Jack tlay another Giant near the entruncg of hit Cat*. his hair. soon fast hold/* . Jack swjft rode on. And felt himself quite bold "Oh. Like curling snakes His coat again put on did Jack.HISTORY OF JACK. Was sitting deep in thought. monster! are you there? Your beard I'll .

not Jack behold." says Jack. the treasure took. oh!" sneeringly cried Jack. And at the farthest end.THE GIANT KILLER. "I " The Giant did with can't. twenty are at least. no doubt. Nay. Escape you never can. When Jack they saw. this the case? then take it so. blows. Jack miss'd his aim." "Ha! "Is Then you so? oh! Giant. Who did their fate attend. you know. Now take you by the snout. fury glow. did wretched captives look." What "You "The Until they Giants keep us here." said they. His club he laid about. nay." brings you here ?" then Jack did say. they all cried " Ah wretched poor young man ! ! You " one of us will make. Altho' he felt his t3 The Giant could Cut off the Giant's nose. Thro' bars. Jack search'd the cave." ." will Jack stabb'd him in the back. yet well it told. out. make a feast.

I'll shew. they've got their dose. They'll kill rio more of you. they'll kill- To-day some more. " But dine you shall before you go. I think. Will last. Then Jack The A knight. be your fate or mine." " Well " then/' said Jack. " Two And May days a^o they roasted three. some time. " I've finish'd both their lives and sport. And tell them the success that he Gain'd m the giant fight. In short. Some money with you take.I HISTORY OF JACK. You therefore now are mine. they've dinner got. And sent them to King Arthur's court. Likewise his lady bright. I wot . on them then did dine. to see him was right glad So was his lady fair. the knight to see. handsome ring for Jack they had. "The He truth of what I say." set off." then anlock'd the gate. Their heads have cut off close. This motto work'd in hair: . you'll see.

But gain'd our lives and liberty.THE GIANT KILLER." Guests were invited Jack to meet. A herald breathless To say Was came. His kinsmen's wrongs he And The I'll swears "Jack shall be. His friendship they did crave. let -not so Jack. Giant soon they'd see. drawbridge to it led Then Jack put on his dark'ning coat. a Two heads this giant did possess. Under a Giant's fierce command. all He guests said: trembl'd. While all within was mirth and glee. A . "Pray him come." castle stood within a moat. 25 From valiant Jack's victorious hand. A splendid feast they gave. Brave Jack they royally did treat. fl And The warrant that he ne'er goes back. coming Jack to claim. will redress. Against the Giant sped. And he was THUNDREL namM. . "Behold in dire distress were we. fun you shall see some. tarn'd.

A I pretty miller thou. Yet danger found was And ' this near. bread. With laughing makes me burst. I vow. Fa. Right in the middle Jack cut thro* This bridge on either side. Let him be I'll alive. to catch me first Such big words off a stomach poor. fe.20 HISTUKV OF JACK. These cuts Jack well did hide. the blood of an Englishman. quit." . or let him be dead. roar'd out lustily. threat met Jack's ear. fe. fum. ." good Giant! better sure You'd do. The Giant could The monster not brave Jack see. 1 smell fi. Until he near the centre drew." the villain "Art thou that did dare To I kill my kinsman Jones? grind thy with my teeth To powder ''Soft! soft! thy flesh will tear bones. faw.'* grind his bones to ! make me " Ha ha! indeed ! old biter bit. fe. wonder much your mill you To follow me.

. Oiant Tkundrel purtues Jack over the Drawbridge His coat of darkness he threw back.xim'd and \vore. He seem'd as if a castle walk'd. Then round the castle run. A The Giant loud novel sight this race.THE GIANT KILLER. The Giant I'. The very earth did shake. The Giant stamp'd and tore. did roar. did Jack. indeed. But much way did not make. His shoes of swiftness wore. The Giant after Jack then stalk'd. full Jack round and round did run ipeed.

in much amaze Kept viewing of the sport. Jack nimbly 'fore the Giant skippM.I HISTORY OF JACK. Giant! tell me. The more he plung'd the worse . Then o'er the bridge did bound. " Oh. He tumbl'd moat. Jack laugh' d and jeer'd. The mud the Giant fast did hold. Jack would fain have smote in the The bridge gave way beenath his weight. then cut matters short. Jack heartily did curse. . pray. The company. too. And Who anx'ously on Jack did gaze. flung. When my They Say. Over the fatal cuts he leap'd. shall poor bones you mean to grind. for mirth inclin'd. The Giant follow'd him right straight. . got a cable A team of horses The noose o'er both his heads was Him from the moat they drew. it be to-day?" quickly slung. And And safely reach'd the ground. Like thunder he did rave and scold.

But idleness was not his bent. Jack this huge Giant thus did end. 'Twas that alone lie fear'd. Together they the day did spend Jn mirth. Jack tend* a Team of Horses to draw the Guwf </ the moat. Quite happy he appear'd. As he was dragg'd to land. ottt Jack with his trusty sword stood by. and with good cheer. Some time Jack at the castle spent. and cuts off" hit Head. Made both his heads like lightening fly. c 3 . Astonish'd folk did stand.THE GIANT KILLER. Then to his friends did steer.

he'll " Folk to his castle invite. be not With you my crust I'll afraid. share. An old man Jack espied. kid A But make him 41 evil rue." the hermit "If you can like my fare. Then give them shapes of beast: Sometimes he'll kill them out of spite. His wickedness. son. know you well. At a lone house. Says Jack. " You conqueror of Giant's are. There's one hard by you must not spare.i) HISTORY OF JACK. Enchavited castle. Would make a stout heart weep. should I recount. Jack once more To mountains bravely hied. . a bed afford who's lost his way. on yon mount. stor'd ?" With purse but poorly "You're welcome. tell me. pray. To seek for Giants. Doth GALLIGANTUS keep. close by his door. both brave and true. And on their carcase feast. 1 said. Can you A traveller " Good father.

And risk his life most The lady to absolve. my son. you to this should feel it incliii'd. And will undertake. About the monster's park does run And Her shape.THE GIANT KILLER* The daughter of a duke he caught. cheerfully. . " Now None your approach can If see. Jack promis'd that next morning he Th' enchantment would dissolve. " There's many who deplore her Their courage would employ . just like a deer. fate. castle gate th' Wrote on the you'll find What will enchantment break. you. this lady may Set from her bonda'ge free . And through the air he had her brought By dragons fierce a pair- "He of her still mis'ry makes his fun. fiery griffins But guard the gate. he keeps her here . If in your coat you make your way. A lady young and fair. All who approach destroy.

full Giant's overthrow. The fiery griffins But freely caught his eyea. golden trumpet he saw there. he pass'd thro*. his ground." Jack seiz'd shrill the trumpet blast of joy. A . When A he the castle gates drew near. Those gates. Jack enters the Castle of the Giant Qalligantui. At break of day Jack did arise. on it blew . His coat be on him threw. that numbers did annoy. Xow open wide they flew. 'Neath which these lines he found: And had made good " Whoever can Shall cause the this trumpet blow.HISTORY OF JACK.

. Did with the courtiers stay. . take. castle was by fire consum'cl. and aioay in a whirlwind. Jack clove his head at one fell stroke. Jack kills the Giant Galligantus. The Giant trembling stood. seem'd full of smoke. he bent his \vay There of his battles made report. He The The welter'd in his blood. lady and the knights resum'd Their proper shape and make. the Magician fti The castle shook. The Jack griffins flight did now towards King Arthur's Well pleaa'd.THE GIANT KILLER. court.

ER. sent. His heart with joy was (HIM . THK GIANT KIU. lady liv'd content. . His courage was admir'd.34 HISTORY Of JACK. With the duke's daughter Jack did wed. his Dayi m When the duke got his daughter back. A large reward the king Jack And always Jack with his call'd him friend. With h'.r his life did end. and tpendt Joy and Content. He went to court. and there found Jack. Who had the Giant kill'd Jack's fame throughout the kingdom spread. Jnck marries theDuke^JangJiter. The king had so desir'd.

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