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7-STAR Qualities of a 7-STAR Helper

Thereareadiversitiesofgifts,differencesofadministrationsanddiversitiesofoperationsbutthereis ONESPIRITandONELORDthatworksallinall1Cor12:46
One man with a vision can not get the job done alone!

1cor12:28AndGodhathsetsomeinthechurch,firstapostles,secondarilyprophets,thirdlyteachers, afterthatmiracles,thengiftsofhealings,helps,governments,diversitiesoftongues.
Greek definition of "Helps" in 1Cor12:28: "antilepsis", and means "rendering practical aid and support. i.e. to be a "practical aid and support" to our pastors in support of the vision in the local church. In the Old Testament, the Children of Israel are a "type or shadow" of the church. Numbers 11:10-17 Moses needed 70 Spirit Filled helpers to cater for 5 million Jews Ex17:8-16 Aaron, Hur and Joshua Supported Moses and gave him a seat to help defeat Amalek. Helps Ministry "holds up the hands" of the Leader so that the church can win the victory. Rewards of Helpers: - Aarons dynasty became the Priests of God. Ex 28:1 - Joshua became one of the greatest Conquering Uncompromising Leaders of Israel Josh11:16-23, 24:31 - Hur became grandfather of Bezaleel - Highly skilled designer of items in Gods Temple. 1Chro2:20 7 Deacons of Jerusalem (Only One of them became a Reference Point - Stephen) Acts 6:1-10 The Young Church needed helpers, so they could focus on prayer and the word v5,8,10,15: Stephen was called into helps and thru this became a Supernatural Man. Acts6:7 When Helpers come into a ministry, the WORD thru the instrumentality of the Set Man and the Leadership is multiplied. This is CRITICAL because it is the multiplication of the WORD that creates DISCIPLES, NOT the multiplication of miracles. There are certain people that can never be reached until the WORD increases to a minimum required level. (E.g. RCCG HOM now has members that we did not dream of having before) The 3 Consequences of Lack of Helpers: Stale Word, Stunted Growth and a Stagnated Church. 7-STAR Qualities of a 7-STAR Helper Helpers see the Glory - Acts7:1 Stephen starts his long charge with The God of Glory. Acts7:5556 Helpers are filled with the Holy Ghost Acts 6:5 (If you want the Holy Ghost, Go and Tarry Luk 24:49 And behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high) Helpers are filled with, and have a revelation of Faith Acts 6:8, Rom1:17 - For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Helpers demonstrate unusual power Acts6:8 Helpers receive Divine Access: - Deut 31:14-5 God asked Moses to call Joshua too hear Divine things Helpers carry and exhibit unparalleled wisdom, knowledge and understanding Acts6:9-10 He narrated the entire story of Israel in Acts:7:2-50 Helpers BIRTH the next SUPERNATURAL MOVES OF GOD. Acts 6:54-60 Jesus signaled to Stephen that it was time to come home. The stones didnt kill him because we are told he fell asleep - Acts7:60. His mission was accomplished. The finality of that MISSION was the planting of the seed for the REDEMPTION OF A MAN NAMED SAUL. The last words of Stephen clearly demonstrate this in Stephens Last Prayer in Acts7:60