Professional Experience
Training & Professional Learning Specialist, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Boston, MA

Plans and facilitates professional learning experiences for the MTA’s 113,000 members. Works as
part of a team to design conferences, create workshops, and assist local school districts in
designing PD days and plans.

Community Facilitator, George Lucas Educational Foundation 2013-present

Write posts and respond to community members to Edutopia website and Facebook page.

Adjunct Professor, Antioch University New England Keene, NH 2012-present

Developed updated curriculum for the online Education Technology graduate program for
experienced educators to align with New Hampshire state requirements for technology specialist
certification. Classes taught: Technology Tools for All Learners, Next-Generation Teaching &

Co-Founder/Chair of the Board of Directors, Edcamp Foundation 2011-2014

Helped launch movement of unconferences as professional development. Chaired all board
meetings and developed agenda. Maintained wiki with hundreds of global events. Provided
outreach, support, and media contact for those interested in Edcamps.

Instructional Technology Specialist, Burlington Public Schools Burlington, MA 2010-2014

Designed and Implemented K-5 1:1 iPad program. Instructed students in the use of technology
tools. Collaborated with teachers to plan instruction that makes effective use of technology.
Designed and provided professional development programming around technology use.

Special Education Teacher, Upper Darby School District Upper Darby, PA 2002-2010

Learning Support teacher in all academic subject areas. Provided professional development in Four
Square Writing Program, ClearTrack Web-Based Special Education Management System, and
building an online Professional Learning Network. Student Council Advisor 2004-2010. Member
Staff Advisory Committee 2008-2009. New Teacher Mentor 2006-2007. Enhancing Education
Through Technology Consultant 2005-2006. Anti-Bullying Committee 2002-2003.

• Emerging Leader, ASCD, 2015

• Pathfinder Award, Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, 2014

• Impact Award, Academy of Education Arts & Sciences, 2013

Conference Keynotes
• New England 1:1 Summit, Burlington, MA (April 2015) — “1:1 Programs in Elementary
Schools” (panelist)

• Massachusetts School Library Association, Amherst, MA (March 2015) — “What’s In Your
Toolbox? The Things That Make a Library and School Great”

• Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative, Burlington, MA (June 2012) — “Can I Use
That? Public Domain, Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons”

Conference Workshops & Presentations
• MassCUE, Foxborough, MA (October 2014) — “Focusing the iPad on Creation”; “Syncing Library
& Technology” (co-presenter)

• MTA Summer Conference, Williamstown, MA (August 2013) — “Crash Course in Creativity on
the iPad” 6-hour workshop, “Unconference” (co-facilitator), “ED Talks” Coach

• New England 1:1 Summit, Burlington, MA (April 2014) — “1:1 iPads in Elementary School: A
Student Perspective” (Co-Moderator)

Orlando. Hartford.5 hour workshop. MA (April 2012) — “App Smackdown” (moderator). Cambridge. MA (October 2013) — “Crash Course in Creating on the iPad” 2. “ED Talks” Coach • Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative. Burlington. Burlington. Burlington. Manchester. MA (February 2013) — “Heading Towards Hybrid Learning Models” (panelist) • EduCon. Manchester. “Syncing Your Library & Technology Programs” (co-presenter) • Google Apps for Education New England Summit. Burlington.com dancallahan. MA (March 2014) — “Google Drive Workflows for the iPad” • Leading Future Learning. MA (October 2012) — “Using the iPad for Creation in the Elementary Classroom”. Social Media . Burlington. MA (June 2013) — “Creativity with the iPad” • International Society for Technology in Education Conference. MA (November 2012) — “Introducing Google Docs in Elementary School” • MassCUE. MA (March 2013) — “When Really Great Things Go Horribly Wrong” (copresenter) • Massachusetts School Library Association Annual Conference. San Antonio. Foxborough. Burlington. PA (January 2012) — “What Should Every Citizen Know?” • Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum. MA (March 2012) — “What Should an Elementary 1:1 Program Look Like?” (co-presenter) • EduCon. Philadelphia. Boston. Belmont. MA (April 2013) — “Curriculum Tools Smackdown” (moderator) • iCon. MA (November 2013) — “Edcamp: Teachers Teaching Teachers” (90 minute workshop) • American Association of School Librarians Annual Conference. MA (August 2012) — “MTA Unconference” 1 day unconference (co-organizer) • Peers Forum for Excellence in Teaching Summer Institute. Foxborough. Williamstown. CT (November 2013) — “Syncing Your Library & Technology Programs with 1:1 iPads” • MassCUE. FL (January 2014) — “School Wide Reform and Inclusion Town Hall” (moderator) • Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. RI (April 2013) — “Creativity with the iPad in Elementary School” • TechForum Boston. NH (December 2013) — “Syncing Your Library & Technology Programs” (co-presenter) • National Writing Project Annual Meeting. Boston. RI (November 2011) — “Fall Forum Unconference” 1 day unconference . Providence. Providence. TX (June 2013) — “The Teacher’s Survival Kit for iPad Integration!” 3-hour workshop (co-presenter) • Blended Learning & Technology Conference. Sturbridge. MA (March 2014) — “The Shift to Digital Learning: How Educators are Being Supported” (panelist) • Assistive Technology Industry Association Annual Conference. Williamstown. Burlington. “1:1 iPads in Elementary” • MTA Summer Conference. “Syncing Your Library & Technology Programs” (co-presenter) • MTA ED Talks.Yes or No” (panelist) • LearnLaunch Across Boundaries. “Social Media for Professional Development” (co-presenter) • New England 1:1 Summit. “iPads in Elementary School” • Tech Forum Boston. MA (June 2012) — “Beyond the Report: iPad as Creation Tool”. Want to Help?” • MTA Summer Conference. MA (March 2014) — “Lively Debates: BYOT or 1:1. Philadelphia.DAN CALLAHAN em url tw danielcallahan@gmail. Newton. MA (August 2012) — “I’m Destroying Professional Development. MA (March 2013) — “Syncing Your Library & Technology Programs” (co-presenter) • LearnLaunch Across Boundaries. Williamstown. MA (June 2012) —“Presentation Creation Apps”. Worcester. “Unconference” (co-facilitator). “Introduction to iPad” • Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative. PA (January 2013) — “Turning it from Sucks to Rocks” (co-presenter) • Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. NH (November 2012) — “Using the iPad for Creation in the Elementary Classroom” 3-hour workshop.net @dancallahan • EdTechTeam New England Summit featuring Google Apps for Education. MA (August 2013) — “Building Digital Texts with the iPad” 6-hour workshop.

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Instructional II. Instructional II. Instructional II. PA [Inactive] Middle Level Citizenship Education 6-9.• • • • • • Elementary Education K-6. PA [Inactive] Middle Level English 6-9. PA [Inactive] Middle Level Mathematics 6-9. PA [Inactive] Reading Specialist K-12. Instructional II. Instructional II. Instructional II. PA [Inactive] . PA [Inactive] Middle Level Science 6-9.