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The present economy is characterized by excessive specialization mass production and competition. This has increase the importance of advertising in the modern business world. Advertising is growing as a industry in the modern national and international scenario. Advertisement have two basic purpose: to inform and to persuade. Its inform consumer about a product when it is available, where its available and what prices and they by persuade them to by the product. Its enable the consumer to compare and choose the product service available. This help them to exercise the right of free choice among the various alternative available in the market. After discuss the meaning of advertisement then we will understand the internet advertisement a form of promotion that use the internet and world wide web to delivered marketing message to attract customer. The advent of new technology and internet has introduce new and interactive opportunity for integrated market competition into the company customer relationship. The internet advertising has rapidly become a new popular communication medium firms have been exploring the possibility of usage of the Internet in marketing because of its core advantage in the capacity of fast, integrated and interactive exchange of information. Advertising is an important aspect of the brand communication to connect with the consumer, there are several modes to communicate with the consumer, and Digital advertisement is one of them. It is a relatively new mode to promote brand by using the Internet, mobile and other channels. Digital advertising includes many of the techniques and practices contained within the category of internet Marketing. With the Internet becoming accessible by mobile phones now, the Internet is becoming all pervasive to the consumer class. Advertising on internet is distinctive because of its ability to be interactive and enable potential and existing customer to customize their viewing behaviour. In some product categories, which are digital in nature, the usage of the Internet is well documented.

Objective of the study:

1. To study the role of Internet Advertising is creating awareness among consumer.(students) 2. To measure advertisement effectiveness by measuring awareness knowledge, liking, preference and purchase decision taken by student. 3. To study the role of Internet Advertising in consumers purchase decision making process.

Research Methodology This study adopts a non probabilistic and convenience sampling method for analysis. Quantitative data analysis will be also utilizes in this study to explain opinion and attitude in research participants own words. A non disguised structure questionnaire will be used for study. The study will done on population of student in USBS Campus Talwandi Sabo, District Bathinda. Technique Used: Scaling technique will be used to measure qualitative aspect related to Internet Advertising. The Chi-square test will be used for the analysis for the data to know the significance of the study. Sample Size: A sample of 200 respondents will be selected for non probabilistic convenience Sampling technique. The study will be done on a student of USBS Campus Talwandi Sabo.