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Greenhouse Management Vegetables and Fruits




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Author : L.R. Taft

To Supply a source from which information as to the methods used by the more Successful Florists can be drawn, this book has been prepared. As originally written it consisted of about ten chapters, which were intended as a sort of Appendix to greenhouse construction, but the subject of greenhouse management was deemed worthy of a separate volume, and accordingly the copy was withdrawn from the printer and considerably added to.

Greenhouse Effect and Global Climate Change Management
Author : Aaradhana Salpekar, Kadambari Sharma

This Book will be of immense Help to all those contemplating to acquire expert Knowledge of greenhouse Effects and global climate change management. The past several years have seen the emergence of a new Interest in the issue of global climate change within the Scientific community. Until quite recently, a century-year old theory about man's emission of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the role of Water vapor and global warming has remained largely unexplored. With increasing evidence on growth in greenhouse gas emissions, and with the advent of Computer models to simulate global climate, the scientific community has been examining in greater detail the Complex issues involved.

Greenhouse Technology and Applications
Author : Ajay K. Sharma, Vilas M. Salokhe
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The greenhouse Cultivation is an agro-system that presents important productive advantages in comparison with unprotected or open-air cultivation. A greenhouse protects Crops inside from greenhouse protects crops indeed from extreme temperatures, high winds, heavy rains, destructive storms, and Insects and diseases. The aim of this book is to provide in depth Knowledge of the greenhouse Technology and its applications to students and other readers about the greenhouse cultivation.

Emission of Green Agriculture Sector Mitigation
Author : Venkatesh Bhardwaj

House Gases (GHG) and Measures for

from their

The human activities are changing the concentration of naturally occurring Green House Gases in the environment. These gases are generally long enough lived in the atmosphere, very widely dispersed in the Environment and warm up climate globally. The increase in food production may also increase the Green House Gas Emission. Therefore, before an alarming situation arise the techniques for the Reduction in the emission of Green House Gases from Agriculture sector, without reducing its production potential, should be developed.

Green House Science and Technology
Author : A.N. Mathur, S.C. Kaushik, Surendra Kothari

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The greenhouse maintains an Atmosphere congenial with regards to temperature, humidity, sunlight and carbondioxide concentration for the vigorous growth of different types of plants. It has been observed that an ability to exercise control over the Crop microclimate results in many fold increase in the crop photosynthesis. Thus agricultural production per Unit area could be increased to a great extent and Crops can be taken over a wider period of time., if controlled Environment practices are followed. The present book gives a compressive view of various aspects of greenhouse technology.

To find more books on Greenhouse visit at (USA) or (UK)

To find more books on Greenhouse visit at (USA) or (UK)

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