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The Beach

A Poem

By Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

One day I went for a walk,

On a lark,
On the beach,
Avoiding shark.

I picked sea shells pure,

Upon the surf,
Placing them later,
On my turf.

I saw snail shells too,

In the sand,
Listening in,
To the band.

The tide was in,

Moon far away,
Cousin earth,
Starry day.

Sand on feet,
Cool to touch,
Much too, much.


I saw star fish true,
Upon the shore,
Sailing in,
More and more.

Jelly Fish,
I stayed away,
Far from me,
Sunlit day.

Sting Ray shell,

Upon the beach,
Very easy,
For my reach.

So to the beach,
I do go,
Wandering there,
To and fro.