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Testing our Design Specifications

How this specification has or has not been met with specifications with evidence Specifications
The program must be suitable for the year 4's

This program has been suitable for the students. We may look at a variety of variables bellow. Language, Ease of use etc. to judge this specification. Although by the description of our interview it was suitable and for our audience. Please scroll down and refer to diagram 1. According to this graph we have met this one as the graph tells us that we have covered a lot of animation as the survey does tell us. According to my observations when these students were looking at our product they were quite joyful and laughing, hence I think we have met this specification. Quite obviously in our own technical testing you can see what the content is as it directly relates to this scientific content hence we have met this target. In our own technical testing in front of Mr.Jesse we proved that it works on the smart board although it is hard to click on the content however in overall it was abled to use on more than 1 device. Quite obviously there have been three variables used in our quiz; time, correct and incorrect answers. Please refer to diagram 2 bellow. Acording to the students the level was mostly very easy and alright which means that it was not to complex. Obviously as in our product when you click things they move around.

There should be a lot of animation (the 4BM students like animation)

The product could contain entertaining sprites. The sprites should be funny.

The finished design should teach the students about solids, liquids, gases, atoms and other science stuff to go along with their unit "How the world works?" The program should be able to be used by 4 or more students so that it could be used on the big smart board or the laptops, since this program isn't compatible with the i Pad. The product should contain one or more variables The vocabulary must be understandable by year 4 students and not be to complex

The product must be interactive

When there is text on the screen it should be We did not follow this as the only sound we used was spoken by a person clearly to make the the sound of the examples as we did not really refer program easier to understand. to this. It must be colorful and include an interesting layout

According to the feedback collom most people surveyed that our product was very colorful and great to look at. We have not used any media therefore not subject to copyrights.

All the media used must not be subjected to copyright. eg.(music and the pictures should be from Creative Commons)

Diagram 1

Animation in the product

12 Number of people 10 8 6 4 2 0 quite a lot a lot a medium amount not much none

Amount of animation

Diagram 2

Level of Vocabulary
14 12 Amount of people 10 8 6 4 2 0 its vert tough tough alright Level easy very easy