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The Pitch

Group Members: Vineeta, Juan and Rachael Chosen Genre: Heist/Bank robbery Title of film: 999 Tagline of film: Rebellion seeks no approval Basic plot synopsis:
The film follows a vivacious young girl who embarks on several heists. A master of her craft, things soon turn difficult as she struggles to maintain a normal school life and her father who is a police officer who is in hot pursuit of catching the criminal. Like all great heroes, the young girl needs assistance to carry out this risky and complex venture so she recruits wayward teenagers aged 16+ but still manages to assert her authority among them. This sassy yet profound film will evoke a mixture of emotions from the audience.

What type of characterisation will you have?

The protagonist will be a schoolgirl aged 9 to 10 who is intellectually strong and has a secret life which involves amazing crime sprees. With her mother out the picture, the girl has grown up self-reliant and self assured but her fun develops complications when her father who is a police officer becomes involved she will have to make difficult choices. There will be fast paced action sequences but equally slow paced sequences to show character study and maintain the element of equilibrium.

Describe Mise En Scene to be used or any visual motifs?

Mise En scene will include settings in school and if available a bank. This will mirror the girl's two lives and will be shown in stark contrast. High key lighting will be used for the shots in school symbolising a safe place and low key lighting in the bank symbolising danger. Visual motifs will include guns, money etc.

What are your ideas about Cinematography/ Photography

There will be long shots emphasising the height and size of girl. Also establishing shots and close up shots showing the intensity of the situation. Also tracking shots to involve the audience in the heist and empathise with the girl.

Conventions of trailers/posters/film mags you plan to reinforce or reinvent?

Conventions of trailers will be a mixture of visuals and words and also may contain voiceovers. The trailer will conclude with an amplified crescendo leading to a climax like many trailers. We will reinvent heist films by basing the plotline on an unconventional character which is the young girl.

What resources will you need?

The actors in the trailer will include members of our families and friends. Props we will use will be fake guns and fake money etc. Costumes will include school uniform to show the young girl's school life but also black costumes to blend in with the robbery heist theme. The setting will include interior and exterior surroundings for example some shots will be taken in school then outside in streets.

Justification of ideas in relation to genre and recognisable film influences, also what is your Unique Selling Point:
Our ideas have been influenced by films such as 'Catch that Kid' and 'Kick Ass'. These film include a young girl in there plotlines and have elements of violence and includes the genre of heist. Our unique selling point is that we are subverting the conventions of heist films which tend to generalise by having typically men in their 40's as the main protagonist and involve gang wars and stealing money. This film will bring a refreshing change to the male dominated genre.