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Internet trade threatens exotic animals The worlds endangered species are at risk because of the Internet. Online shoppers are buying huge numbers of exotic animals. This is a new danger for many creatures already threatened with extinction. Illegal hunters, collectors wanting stuffed rhino or tiger heads and Chinese medicine already threaten thousands of species. The International Fund for Animal Welfare 5 (IFAW) wrote a report called Caught In The Web - Wildlife Trade On The Internet. The organization warns that a number of rare species may face extinction due to the illegal internet trade in exotic animals. In a single week, it found 146 live mammals for sale on the web black market. They included a two-year-old giraffe, an adult gorilla and baby chimpanzees. IFAW also found 5,500 products made of ivory and elephant skin and over 500 10 tortoise shells for sale. The organization has called on providers to put an end to the lucrative and anonymous trade in endangered species sold on the Internet. It also wants governments to offer information warning consumers that it is illegal to buy species threatened with extinction. But the IFAW report is only the tip of the iceberg. Experts value the illegal global animal trade 15 at billions of dollars a year. The World Wide Web makes the situation worse. Trade on the Internet is easy, cheap and anonymous. The result is a cyber black market where the future of the worlds rarest animals is being traded away, said Phyllis Campbell-McRae. She also warned: Trade in wildlife is driven by consumer demand, so when the buying stops, the killing will too. Buying wildlife online is as damaging as killing it yourself. (271 words)

1.- Based on the ideas of the text, answer the following questions using your own words as far as possible. (25 words maximum each.) (2 points) a) What are authorities asked to do? b) What other elements, apart from the Internet, are contributing to animals extinction? 2.- Say whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE according to the text. Copy the evidence from the text. No marks will be given without the evidence. (1 point) a) A lot of money is spent each week to buy endangered species. b) If we buy exotic animals online, we are as guilty as those who kill the animals.

3.- Choose ONLY THREE of the following words and write a synonym (=), an opposite (), a definition or a sentence (only one of these four) to show that you understand their meaning in the text. Use your own words. (1.5 points) a) already (line 4) b) wildlife (line 5) c) due to (line 6) d) mammals (line 7) e) endangered (line 12) f) to warn (line 18)

4.- Write down three grammatically correct and meaningful sentences by matching both columns. ONLY THREE of them are correct. (1.5 points) Chinese medicine is said being very dangerous Because of illegal internet trade Sales on the Internet would be less dangerous The buying and selling of animals on the Internet if they were not anonymous. may cause some species to disappear. if it is used by people who doesnt understand it. many species of animals may soon be extinct.

5.- Write a composition of about 100 words on ONE of the following topics. (4 points) a) Cats or Dogs? There's only enough room on the planet for one of them, and you have to decide which stays and which goes. Which do you choose and why?

b) We should not sacrifice animals lives for human vanity (leather, fur, fashion,
etc.) or amusement (zoos, circuses, rodeos, etc.). Discuss.