Microchip RFID Forced Implantation in the Philippines (English Subtitle

Watch on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmw2lDNv494 For more information, visit: http://nyxstory.wordpress.com/the-mark-666/ ……… Man1: I was surprised when I saw this.. “666 is a system of the one world government” This is really happening in our place… 666 .. Those who are living below.. climbed the mountains because we were being chased by those who enforce this 666.. Everyone that will be caught, will be implanted with a microchip.. with the size of a rice grain.. Then you will really see the symbol inside of it.. They also have a symbol of 666 on their foreheads.. Since then, everyone in our place climbed up the mountains While others went to the cities and in random places.. Girl: Where are you from, Kuya? Man1: Our province is really in Negros and my wife is from Cebu.. There we met in Cebu because I worked as a baker… “panadero” Then we met each other…. So for those who are yet ignorant of these things, Right now, I can testify that this symbol is very real… Once youʼve been implanted with this… It means that you are already owned by them… Girl: Kuya, you said that “666” was really inside the microchip? Man1: Yes, it was really inside of the size of a rice-grain.. Then once it was implanted on you They will put you a mark of “666” on your forehead Girl: So there are people who already have this “666” on their foreheads? Man2: Yes, and itʼs color black.. like a tattoo..

Man1: So people would run for their lives,, and once theyʼve been caught, They will lose their consciousness when it was implanted on them.. Because they will now be controlled by them.. So they will obey whatever evil was commanded them to do… Girl: So they are controlled like robots? Man1: Yes, they are controlled.. That even if they were told to kill somebody.. Now, they can do it.. because they are under their control… Boy: Are they still there, even until now? Man1: Yes, they are always there… Girl: How about you Kuya, where are you from? Man2: The same as him, but in Sta. Catalina.. Man1: Iʼm from Bayawan and heʼs from Sta. Catalina.. Man2: We are just in once province but different towns…. ……… Man2: That is really happening in our secluded & solitary place.. Itʼs just six oʼclock in the afternoon.. Everyoneʼs in fear and hiding inside their houses.. ..and every house is closed.. We canʼt do anything since they are many… Boy: Are they forcing to enter the house? Man2: Yes, of course. Youʼre just lucky if your house is solid and made of cement with steel doors.. Then they canʼt force to enter inside your house… Girl: What if you donʼt want to be implanted with the chip? Man2: They you already know where youʼll be heading to.. You already know that….. Man1: You will be killed.. Girl: Kuya, when did this start?

Man2: Itʼs been a long time.. since I was 7 years old.. This has been long-time happening in our place.. Girl: Whoʼs the reigning president then? Man1: The president was Erap Estrada.. Man2: I thought it was Ramos? ……… Girl: So there are many who has this mark already? Man1: Yes, thereʼs many.. because it has been long time occurring already.. Man2: There is really a “666” marked on their foreheads.. Itʼs like a black tattoo.. I was still young at that time but I can still remember it.. Whenever they see people, they will take them by force.. ..and forcefully implant this microchip.. If they reject.. they will be killed.. Man1: ..but youʼd rather want to be killed, than to take part in their evil deeds.. Man2: ..but if they donʼt want to be killed, then they have no choice but to surrender to them.. Man1: At least, even though you die,, you did not share in their evil deeds.. ……… Man2: We stayed in the mountains, since it has become common there.. It commonly happens to remote areas.. “maliblib” ..unfrequented places… Here in Manila, you can seldom find remote areas.. Boy: So it only happens in secluded & solitary places? Man2: Yes, of course.. They will not do that where they will be seen by many. They will forcefully take someone in secret.. Man1: Their evil acts are done in secret… They would be riding a car, and they would stop over when they see someone.. Forcefully implant the microchip and put the mark on their forehead.. Man2: This is not happening here, right? Because thereʼs many people..

Girl: ..but time will come that it will also happen even here in Manila.. If it is already happening in your place, then it will also happen here.. Thatʼs why we were led by The Lord to make this warning tracts… To warn the people beforehand and let them know about this microchip.. Man2: What if it was forced upon me, and I cannot do anything.. since they are armed with guns.. Boy: Itʼs better to die than to commit sin, Since you will be accountable to God on the Day of Judgment.. Girl: If it was enforced upon you and you cannot do anything.. Just call upon the name of The Lord, Jesus Christ.. Man2: Are you a catholic? Girl: No.. we donʼt belong to any religion.. We just worship and believe in Christ Jesus.. Nothing else.. Man2: Good thing, it did not happen to me.. but I do believe that it is real.. and none in our relatives receive that mark.. Girl: At least, this is just to testify here in Quezon City & Manila, That this is REAL, because it already happened in your place… Man2: Yes, it will also happen here… Girl: In America, this microchip is used in some hospitals as an ID so that they will no longer be needing any documents.. but it is not enforced.. it is a FREE-WILL choice.. But they donʼt know that what they thought for good, was meant for evil.. ……… Girl: Did you know that this is written in the Bible? Man2: Yes, of course. Everything can be found in the Bible.. Everything that is happening is written in the Bible.. Girl: Amen.. it is the Word of God, right? He has given it beforehand to let the people know whatʼs going to take place.. So that the people can prepare.. Man2: Who would not believe in the Bible right? But the help that we can get from the Bible, are the lesson it teaches.. We can know whatʼs right or wrong..

Girl: Not only so, it also foretells the future events.. Written in the Book of Revelation.. “Pahayag” “Apocalipsis”.. ……… Man2: Others are even saying itʼs not real, because they donʼt see it happening.. ..but I really saw it with my two eyes.. They really have a mark on their foreheads.. It is three “6” like a tattoo on their foreheads.. Girl: We never imagined that it would be a literal “666” Man1: After reading this.. “Symbol of 666” .. This already happened in our place.. Thatʼs why I told him, “This already happened to us, right?” Man2: Itʼs only now thatʼ Iʼve seen this again since my childhood days.. Girl: For time is really coming when it will also happen in Manila.. So hereʼs the thing: It is written in the Bible, Did you know Jesus is coming soon and all of these things are happening? Did you know? Because you are a witness of these things.. It is written in the Bible, that when these things take place, His Return is at hand…. Man1: Amen. Girl: Have you read that? ..that Jesus Christ is returning here? Man2: No, I havenʼt… Girl: When He returns to reign on earth, Our current government is corrupt, right? Corrupt, full of evil and wicked men.. When He reign on earth, all of those will vanish from His sight.. So, what kind of life should we want? We would long for that better life, where everything is well and you donʼt have to live in poverty.. Knowing then, that He is returning.. How should we prepare while waiting?

If we are longing for that better life with Him, what do you think should we do while waiting? Man2: Of course, we would be careful.. ..and PRAY.. Girl: Pray, indeed… for us to become closer to Him.. Ask for forgiveness for all of our sins.. For He is returning soon and it is shameful that we are still living in our sins.. Even though, He already paid for all of our sins, It is important for us to always repent and ask for His forgiveness.. And just like what Ate Lenita said before, Upon waking.. Before going to sleep.. We ought to PRAY….. Thatʼs it.. Thereʼs NO religion, nor church.. We are talking about Christ Jesus, His soon return and reign on earth….. Wherein evil and wickedness will no longer exist… Which is not commonly known by most people, They thought that death is the end of everything.. They donʼt know that poverty has an end.. That is why we are sent to people like you.. To give you hope that you will not forever stay in poverty.. Thereʼs a better life waiting in Christ Jesus…. ..Are we okay on that? ^_^ Thank you.. Thanks Kuya.. Kuya, whatʼs your name? Man2: Marvin.. Hereʼs Ate Lenita.. ..and Kuya Roel… ..THANK YOU….. =) ………

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