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Name: Microwave and Applied Electromagnetism

Concentration Area: Telecommunications Description: Microwaves devices are researched such as wave guides, micro tape lines antennas and filters, problems of field scattering, RCS and Radar techniques. Projects: 1. Development of Autonomous Robotics through the Football of Robots. 2. Computational Electrodynamics using finite differences and the timedomain and tetrahedral cells. 3. Study of mesocopics systems and its applications: Maser effect in ferromagnetic materials. 4. PROJECT AMANAIARA 5. Project 4G

Name: Organic Electronics
Concentration Area: Electronics Systems Description: Development of micro and optoelectronic devices and using organic polymer material. Projects: 1. Formation of conducting polymeric trails using IJP.

Name: Electronic Instrumentation
Concentration Area: Electronics Systems Description: This line of research is dedicated to the study and development of instruments, procedures and measurement techniques involving electronics and informatics. Projects: 1. Development of a advanced controller: Study of magnetic structures for Spin Electronics. 2. Indirect measurement of electric current using the magneto-optical effect. 3. Research and Development in Virtual Instrumentation. 4. Electrical impedance tomography, by induction / magnetic detection. Identificação: Identification:

Name: Integrated Circuits Design
Concentration Area: Electronics Systems

3. Power flow analysis of modeled in the substation level systems. IP packages routing towards TOCO multi-sheltered networks. 7. Studies in loss calculus methodologies in SEP for the Pool-bilateral model. 2.Description: Modeling of semiconductor devices for simulation of circuits. 5. Adaptive filtering. Electrical impedance tomography. Study and Implementation of encoding schemes for innovative channel for the Brazilian digital television system. Optimal capacitor-bank allocation and voltage regulators on distribution and transmission networks. Projects: 1. 8. Modeling of analog CMOS integrated circuits using VERILOG-AMS. Planning and Dynamic Energy Systems: Applications in the Brazilian Electric System 7. Intelligent IP packages towards multi-sheltered networks. Error processing in Power systems using generalized state estimation. 3. Projects: 1. Projects: 1. 4. Name: Power Systems Concentration Area: Energy Systems Description: Processing of error at the state estimation in Power Electirc Systems. RF Integrated Circuits design using the CMOS technology. 2. 5. Transmission and modulation techniques of digital data. Using of techniques of computational vision and neural networks in video processing and encoding. Design of integrated circuits and analog radio-frequency. The Networks of Broadband Communications and Quality of Service. 3. 6. . The Wireless networks and the MIMO technology. Name: Communication Systems Concentration Area: Telecommunications Description: Signal Processing and images. error correction strategies and data compression. Application of optimal power flow in studies of charge cut in the planning of the power electric systems operation. spread spectrum. Reconfigurable Analog Integrated Circuits 2. 4. Computational tool for the electricity purchase management. with emphasis on CMOS technology. Data communication via the electric network. by induction / magnetic detection. 6.

.8. Cooperation project between UFPR-UFSC: Support computational tool development to the power systems operation under the market condition.