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FIDIC Conditions of Contracts

26 – 27 November 2012
M Hotel, Singapore

Course Director
Giovanna Fenster has provided training on FIDIC in Africa, the Pacific, and Australasia. She has presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of construction delegates over the last 15 years.

Key Learning Outcomes
This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the FIDIC contracts. Delegates are provided with practical information which can readily be implemented in the workplace. In particular, you should gain: • A greater ability to evaluate the risk allocation of your (FIDIC) contract • An understanding of your rights and obligations, as Employer, Contractor or Engineer under these contracts • Tools required to recognise when you have a claim, how to bring it, and defend it • Improved ability to evaluate, agree and resolve claims • An understanding of the stages of completion and procedures to be followed at each stage • An understanding of guarantees and retention money under the FIDIC contracts • Knowledge of how FIDIC deals with termination and suspension and an understanding of the risks which termination and suspension bring • An understanding of FIDIC dispute resolution and the tools required to properly bring, defend and avoid disputes

“Very informative and helpful. I can actually apply the contract interpretations discussed.” ~ Manila Water Co Inc.

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Who Should Attend
• • • • • • • • • Project Owners/Employers Contractors and equipment/material suppliers Contract Administrators and Quantity Surveyors Engineers and Architects Multilateral development banks and funding agencies supporting infrastructure projects Legal advisers Insurers Government Ministries and Agencies Contract Managers / Project managers / Commercial Directors in any business and industry using FIDIC contracts REGISTER NOW! Customer Service Hotline: +65 6508 2401

3 + Delegate Group Discount Price All participants receive a course Certificate
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• Notices: when to serve Follow IMA on About the Course It has been over a decade since FIDIC introduced its first edition construction and engineering contract. Through a combination of lectures. well www. the Pacific. the roles and responsibilities of the parties and of the New Zealand.” ~ Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd To talk through the many options available please call our training specialist: Miki Kong +65 6508 2477 onsite. • Roles of the parties and of the Engineer. Gigi has taught law for more than twenty years and has written training courses. • Evaluating extension of time claims: the role of the programme. or take our Tailor-Made option and let us build a course perfect for ensuring the delivery of your company’s goals. In this two day workshop we take a practical. She has provided training on FIDIC in Africa. Hands on. Informa’s main business is in the specialist information providing for global markets. raise questions with the presenter and work out practical solutions to practical About IMA – International Management Academy IMA is the Asian professional skills training & development academy of IBC Asia. Delegates are encouraged to discuss matters. She represents BCA from her base in Wellington. slides and course notes. We focus on claims. We operate in 70 countries. what to do when you receive one. Delegates will be provided with a comprehensive set of notes that includes case studies.ibc-asia. and • Disputes: how to avoid them and what to do when they arise Once you have completed this workshop you should have greater practical understanding of: • Clauses which raise difficulties in . how to defend them. New contracts have been added to the suite and updates developed. and other matters which have practical implications for users of the contracts. (8 attendees or more) “The course was precise and informative. She has completed the Association of Arbitrators' specialisation in construction law and the Higher Diploma in Arbitration and was tutor for the Association's well respected courses. which we would be more than happy to alter to meet your needs. this workshop will provide a thorough. The contracts have been used on a multitude of projects across the globe and have gained recognition as the pre-eminent construction and engineering contract. Gigi was a member of the first board of the Construction Industry Development Board. how to bring them. Wellington. SAVE MORE with Group Registrations 3 + Delegate Group Discount Pricing for groups of 3 or more delegates registering for the same workshop! REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 register@ibcasia. been a lead presenter in the Binnington. We have over 25 years experience in providing innovative. Gigi has a particular interest in standard construction contracts.FIDIC Conditions of Contracts 26 – 27 November 2012 | M Hotel.” ~ Manila Water Co Inc “Speaker was very competent. Case studies were very helpful in understanding the legal concepts. Choose from any one of our 130+ public training courses and we will ensure a customised fit for your organisation. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own copies of the FIDIC contracts. Copeland & Associates Training courses for the construction industry. She provides ongoing consulting services to private firms and government.” ~ Chemoil International Pte Ltd “It is very related to the actual needs of the organization in terms of contracts type that should be applied in various types of projects. She is an associate member of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute New Zealand. In this capacity she has presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of construction delegates. hands on look at the FIDIC contracts. and the FIDIC Contracts in particular. for almost 15 years. how to serve them. part of the Informa Group and a public listed company in the UK. interactive presentation This workshop is designed around case studies and practical examples. and manuals and seminar notes for the construction and other industries. Singapore About the Course Director Giovanna Fenster has a BA. Train the Team! Save up to 40% with our On-site Tuition Want to send the whole team? Why not consider one of our On-site packages and save up to 40%! No matter where you are based in the region let IBC Asia bring our extensive faculty of internationally recognised trainers directly to your door. • Risk allocation: how the different contracts allocate risk. Either sign up for an existing course. 150 offices worldwide with over 7000 employees. discussion and hands on problem solving. She has lectured law both to lay people and law students and has conducted numerous training seminars for the construction industry. • Clauses where the drafting could create uncertainty. Some matters to be covered in this workshop include: • Claims: when to bring them. LLB degree from Wits and an LLM (cum laude) from RAU. comprehensive understanding of the FIDIC documents at work. focused and high quality business information and training products designed to help you improve the way your business is managed. She also has a second LLM in advanced contract law from Wits and an MA from the Victoria University. She has. • Clauses which require particular attention if disputes are to be avoided. and clear in communication.

Singapore www. Some matters discussed here include: • Time bars. Singapore www. there are a number of routes open to the innocent party.00pm Course Program: This program is a guide and may be altered to better address participant requirements on a consensual basis. Some of the matters covered here include: • the FIDIC approach to subcontractors. Forthcoming related IMA Events Advanced Balanced Scorecard 27-28 August 2012. • The Employer’s financial arrangements. • Dealing with concurrent delays. and mid-afternoon refreshments will be served each day. • Employer’s claims. • • • design liability under the different contracts. How notices are served and communications made. Some matters discussed in this session include: • Taking over before certificates are issued. Singapore www. Suspension and Cancellation Where one party breaches the contract. Lunch. • unforeseeable physical conditions and difficulties. Some matters discussed in this session include: • How variations are issued. choosing the right FIDIC contract for the job In this session we discuss procurement options and provide an overview of all the contracts in the FIDIC family. Plant & Materials This session starts to hone in on some of the areas which commonly lead to claims on construction sites. In this session we focus on the stages of completion and. some discussion and case study. and testing • • • • • • Dealing with changes in costs. • Cancellation by the Employer where the Contractor is in breach.30am | Course Commencement 9. Design Liability. and • ‘Ownership’ of the float Session 7: Acts of God. 3 and 4 of the FIDIC contracts. • An overview of all the contracts in the FIDIC Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting 29-30 August 2012. • the new subcontract document. • Clause 1: definitions that you need to know. or where the contract becomes impossible to perform. ownership of plant and materials. and Final payment Session 4: Time Anyone who has worked on a construction or engineering project will know that most claims and disputes have timing problems at their heart. • The Engineer’s obligation to respond to a claim.00am Course Conclusion 5. being loosely based around the 20 clauses that run across the FIDIC Tender Preparation & Evaluation 6-7 September 2012. • Cancellation by the Contractor where the Employer is in breach. on taking over. • The Engineer’s role in resolving disputes. • How variations are valued. • Early Taking over. the Contractor and the Engineer In this session we focus on clauses 2. Session 5: Taking over and defects The FIDIC contracts are divided into a number of stages of completion. Some matters covered in this session include: • Unilateral termination by the Employer.ibc-asia. • Dealing with extension of time claims. • Risk allocation under the FIDIC contracts. Value engineering. • Who can act as the Engineer. • Impartiality of the Engineer. midmorning. Here we focus on the procedures to be followed when making claims. • The contractor’s representative.ibc-asia. and • Performance security. Matters covered here include: • The role of the In this session we focus on some of these problems. Delayed payment. • Employer’s claims. The workshop will follow the same structure as the FIDIC documentation. in particular. Each session will include some lecturing. Session 6: Measurement.Course Outline Course Registration 8. with rights and obligations attaching to each. • Dealing with omissions.ibc-asia. and • Adjudication Session 3: Subcontracting. Variations and Payment Like most construction and engineering contracts FIDIC recognizes that the ability to vary the works is key to a successful project and that the financial and time related consequences of any variation must be properly managed. • Serving notices. Interim payment certificates.ibc-asia. and • Tests on completion Session 8: Making Claims and Dealing with Disputes Throughout the workshop we will have considered the different claims clauses in the contract. and on dispute resolution. Singapore www. • Suspension of or call our Customer Service Hotline at +65 6508 2401 REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 www. • Extension of the defects notification Follow IMA on UPDATED TRAINING CALENDAR READY FOR DOWNLOAD Please visit IMA website for more information on our wide range of available courses at www. • Early . • Failure to remedy defects. It will therefore be useful irrespective of which FIDIC contract you happen to be working with and will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire contract. Session 1: Procurement options. • The programme. We then go on to consider the general provisions in the first clause. Unforeseeable Physical Conditions. Some matters covered in this session include: • Which FIDIC contract for which project – procurement options. dealing with delayed drawings or instructions. and • Dealing with Acts of God Session 2: Role players: The Employer.ibc-asia. • The role of the Engineer. Some matters covered in this session include: • When does time start running against the contractor.ibc-asia. Retention Financial Modelling in Excel 20-21 September 2012.

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Attendance will only be permitted upon receipt of full and click “Register On-line”. HSBC Building Singapore 049320 Bank Swift Code: HSBCSGSG Bank Code: 7232 Book a group of 3 or more delegates and pay per delegate SGD 2. VISA or MasterCard accepted) IMPORTANT NOTE Please quote the name of the delegate. event title and invoice number on the advice when remitting payment.295 – SAVE SGD 300 PER DELEGATE! • Multiple Bookings Discount pricing is applicable to groups of 3 or more delegates from the same organisation registering for the same workshop. • All fees stated include luncheons. Bank charges are to be deducted from participating organisations own accounts. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS The best way to pay by credit card is through our secure on-line registration process. LET IBC ASIA COME TO YOU! To talk through the many options available please call our training specialist Miki Kong Tel: +65 6508 2477 | Email: onsite. 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