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Project Objective

The primary objective of this pilot project is to improve the reliability and performance of 11kV/ 220V distribution network by the implementation of Network Management System there by resulting in reduce fault clearance time. Following are the benefit that KESC intends to obtain from this pilot project.       Gain visibility into the distribution network by monitoring network health Improve on fault response and rectification times through the use of technology Digitize its network management and fault reporting procedures Localize faults and link consumers Provide greater info to other systems in a integrated manner Provide knowledge for preventive and reactive maintenance

2 Scope of Work
The scope of work for the pilot project should include, but not limited to the following:

2.1 Monitoring of Network Stats
Improved monitoring of network assets in order to enhance efficiency in day-to-day network operation and maintenance. Recording of data from devices placed on network nodes, mainly PMTs and substation that provide real-time network stats related to distribution network. Following is the minimum data set that should be recorded and displayed on a near real-time basis.       Phase Voltage Phase Current Fault Status Status of Switches(ON/OFF) Thermal temperature of Transformers Phase Power Factor

Devices should be able to raise alarm based on pre-set criteria. In case of faults and alarms/ information should be displayed on the digital representation of the network.

2.2 Remote Controlling of Network Switches
The task includes:   Immediate isolation of the faulty side along with the fault indication at user end, in case of any fault occurrence in the network. Remote tripping of 11KV switches from HT operation centers and receiving the confirmation of switch status.

Ensuring network security. system control and quality of data.2. Possibility of easy updating and implementation of new technologies when required at a later stage. load growth planning. 2. The tool should be smart enough to suggest critical issues in terms of network maintenance based on the data available. Analytical tool that provide the user with flexibility of analyzing any part of the network based on different parameters. Proposal should provide a snapshot of the following • • • Details of analytical tools for network reporting.3 Reporting Software and Analytics The solution should be able to provide real time reports based on various network parameters with varying level of detail in a form of user friendly interface. Proposal should have the details of the basic reports for operational efficiency. The database for the system should be maintained in a format that is easily readable by other system which would facilitate integration. Operational reports would serve as a basis for preventive maintenance. . network nodes and time. Enhanced monitoring and observability of network components down to low voltage levels. Details of reporting dashboard and web view. Management reports would summarize the information to report vital stats. potentially using the smart metering infrastructure. customer services. energy efficiency and asset utilization. It should also facilitate customized reporting based on network parameter. new connections etc.4 Further Aspects     Integration and feasibility of the proposed solution with existing systems of KESC.