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TSE: Safety
Department of Electrical Engineering
Documented by Zahidur Rahman 208 063 707

Z Rahman Tshwane University of Technology 3/9/2012

Table of contents Section A: Single questions Section B: Safety features Section C: Bibliography

Section A Question 1: What is safety and why do we need it in a workshop? A condition of being protected against harmful consequences Question 2: Define what is an accident? An accident is an undesired and uncontrolled event caused by unsafe acts and conditions Question 3: What procedures must be followed when an accident occurs? In a workshop, an accident should be reported as soon as possible to the safety and health authorities in the company. Further procedures will be carried out by the corporate heads Question 4: What current act guides safety in a workplace? The national Occupational Safety Act (NOSA) Question 5: What is a safety committee and how does it work? A safety committee is a group formed for decisions taken on the preference of conduct amongst the workplace. They are responsible also for processing accident victims for health and life insurance schematics Question 6: What is a fire drill? And why do you need to know it? A fire drill is when all personnel in an area is sorted under an order such that if an emergency evacuation is to occur, all workers can be accounted for and if anybody is forgotten, they will be spotted missing immediately Question 7: Make a table of the different types of fire extinguishers, when to use it and the type of material/liquids it contains. Fire extinguishers Fire hose Dry powder spray Carbon Dioxide canister Element Water Ammonium Phosphate Base Compressed CO2 gas

Section B Written down safety features for: Personal safety (own) o Clothing o Hair o Hair should be tied if long A hair net is advisable when working in dense places such as inside machines Hair should be preferably kept short to avoid complications An overall has to be worn for safety of the body No loose clothing should be allowed near active machinery or equipment Rubber gloves should be worn when handling heavy electricity Goggles should be worn when eyes are under hazardous conditions Face masks are advisable for soldering smoke

Conduct You must work to your best abilities which is not necessarily at your maximum potency Keep healthy and fit in case an accident happens, it is essential that you can escape with damages that are not severe to a healthy body Always work when you are fully active and not in a slumbering mood

Personal safety (others) o Your conduct Treat all workers with respect and avoid conflicts on a workshop environment Do not distract and disturb an occupied worker. Rather observe and await for when he is free

Your workplace

Workbench Keep your workspace clear of needless components or equipment Avoid bringing fodder and beverages near your tools, components, and chemicals Work on heavy current should be carried out when there are at least two people present Make sure you have sufficient lighting for the work you do, struggling for light causes maneuvers that can cause havoc All tools should be returned to their designated places and should not be taken out of the workshop without proper arrangements

Tools All tools must be kept in a orderly fashion for easy detection Tools should be maintained regularly and checked for errors Stacking of tools is hazardous because confusion and possible damage to expensive tools and thus should be avoided Plugs and sockets should be visually checked for damage or wear by the user damaged or defective tools should not be used and must be replaced or repaired as soon as possible to avoid losses and temptation of emergency usage when soldering, keep a wet sponge nearby to clean the tip

components and boards component datasheets should be read for power ratings capacitors should be handled with care to not overload the component, capacitors may explode and so are hazardous components heat sinks should be mounted onto heating components such as voltage regulators or power transistors be sure not to overheat tracks when you solder, tracks are easily detachable


handle ferrite chloride with care, remember that the stains caused by this chemical does not come off your clothes Dispose of ferrite chloride on earth, do not dispose in a sink, it may erode pipes. all containers should be labeled correctly stating the material inside them all substances should be kept in a cabin with a hazard label, any containers removed should be returned as soon as their use has expired, keep in mind, many substances look like water or juice!

Floor Floors are to be kept clean at all times, nobody likes to work in a dirty place Keeping the workshop free of slippery liquids is compulsory. It is essential that slippery surfaces are avoided at all costs Markings on the floor should be respected for the colour it represents and should be followed

The workshop o Working space o There has to be proper ventilation systems installed unless working in an open area, then ventilation is not compulsory Machines should be marked with colour coded markings around them Exits must be clear and other signs of vital information must be visible A first aid kit should always be maintained and present Workers must know basic first aid procedures Sufficient lighting must be kept within the confines of the entire workshop area and lighting must be regularly maintained Backup power should be available in case of a blackout, this should prevent damages to circuitry

Storage of materials and equipment A store room must be managed for safekeeping of materials or even tools

Equipment should be placed on a wall if mass storage is utilized. Markings of the shape of tool must be present such that tools are kept in order Reactive materials must be kept at a safe distance from active chemicals Flammable materials must be kept under surveillance and away from heat as much as possible A scrap yard is advisable to have instead of keeping a lot of loose materials

Ladders Ladders that can be stored neatly, should at all times be kept folded whilst not in use Space should be provided for solid ladders Helmets must be worn in areas where ladders are used All ladders should have rubber pads under their feet to avoid slipping Stationary ladders should be kept clear of unless you need to use it

Equipment Equipment should be regularly maintained and checked for errors Rules and regulations should be respected as well as methods and directions of use for every equipment Using equipment regularly is also a good way of maintaining the device The right equipment must be used for its true designated purpose. Using equipment for wild tasks are not advisable

Hand tools o Working with hand tools When using certain tools that make the user active in motion, a safe distance must be kept from all directions to avoid distractions and collisions. Hand tools must be kept away from liquids unless liquids are required for operation

o Safety

Using gloves for hand tools is a good safety precaution

A conscious mind should be kept at all times to be aware of the conditions of the workspace, an accident cannot always be avoided, but its damages can be reduced

Power tools o Working order o Tools that need to be greased should be clean and greased only in the required areas

Power cable Cables should be kept always protected. Consider the photographs for details

Machinery o Working order o Proper tutorials should be revised before working on any machine for the first time Machine maintenance should be learnt unless a maintenance technician is available Machinery must regularly be strictly maintained for the slightest problems Machines should be kept away from each other at a safe distance

Power cable Cables should be kept always protected. Consider the photographs for details

Safety guard Safety guard must always be durable and firm on its place A safety guard must only be reliant incase an accident has to occur, at all times, a worker must be aware of the possible dangers when working with the machine

Section C

Bibliography Physical information attained From the Pretoria Technical High School