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Paul Lazarus Emeka Egbunike Daniel Addo Abdulrauf Yamta Abdulrahman Abubakar

Abuja. thus making your country an attractive location for the furtherance of this great cause in Africa. at 080233114562 or egbunike@eee. at any meeting place of your choice. from different angles. easily maintained and eco – friendly. towels and cars. We know that with agencies like yours already in place. Though all this may seem difficult to implement. . has all the resources we need to carry out this project. Ume: The Eco – friendly automobiles international. In one year of our collaboration. It is important we inform you that our cars are both cheap to purchase and maintain. Global warming awareness International (GWAI). Thank you for your consideration of our request. is known to breakthrough even in places where it seemed impossible. our public relations officer. is excited about this project and prospects of Nigeria pioneering the use of eco friendly cars in Africa. Floor 5.COVER LETTER Dr Arthur Ume Managing Director. and we are convinced that Nigeria will not be an exception. as we are all pushing for the same cause. I will follow up with you in the next week and will be available to answer any questions you may have. All over the world. and from our research. with minimal need for importation. we hope that more people will be aware of global warming and it effects and how the use of eco friendly cars and other material can prevent it. with the hope of setting up our equipments and commencing the production of eco – friendly cars for use in Nigeria. The sponsorship and patronage of our cars by the government and respected agencies like yours will be Nigeria’s way of supporting the ongoing campaign against global warming. especially when compared to the conventional gas – driven automobiles. In case of any questions. is respectfully requesting a grant in the amount of $500. please contact Emeka Egbunike. we have decided to spread our wings to Nigeria. Eco – friendly automobiles international. Our firm and its management. Dear Dr. Radio House Maitama. We recognize that Nigeria is a political giant in Africa. countries and agencies like ours are pushing for the use of eco – friendly materials like clothes. There is no doubt that global warming is one of the issues that the world is facing. We are more than ready to be available for all programs and awareness campaigns that GWAI will engage in. As the Largest eco – friendly firm in the world. we are committed to seeing this through. They are cheap. our task is made easier.000 for the production of Eco – friendly cars in Nigeria.

Daniel Addo (Executive Director) .

because life expectancy is low. “Global warming is when the earth heats up and the temperature rises. so they die” (Global. Many cannot take the change. perhaps in the developing countries where the value of life is higher. car emissions and cutting down of trees in the environment all . nitrous oxide and methane trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. which increases the temperature. The firm runs on 100 percent biotechnology from our free CFC air conditioners to our 100 percent bio papers for the firms daily Endeavour. the firm is spreading its wings to Nigeria were it shall implement the eco – friendly automobile.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Eco-friendly Automobile International is the largest eco – friendly car maker in the world. The firm is focused on reducing and possibly eliminating green house gases. seeks to dramatically improve the experience for living as well as the surrounding natural habitats. Pr 1). international organizations and private firms to reduce the estimated rising rates. Considering the major threats our mother earth faces every day. The proposed project for environmentally sustainable cars. Global warming is a global issue that has raised so much concerns and much efforts and resources have been put in place by governments. animals and plants. There is need for remedy. with the integrated wind turbines and solar panels built into the walls and roof. electrical pollution. The firm is equipped with the human resource that know-how to research. The firm is responsible for implementing the eco – friendly water bottles for Nokia factory workers in Romania. towels and cars. Chlorofluorocarbon CFC emitting fridges and its likes. Power is generated from the eco – friendly fuel. the firm and its operation team is intrinsically motivated to solve our everyday problems with the tools we use every day. the car would have the same speed with any decent petrol running vehicle. It happens when greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. STATEMENT OF NEED The best group of positive thinkers has decided to be unique and differentiate themselves by sustaining the environment and reducing global warming in Nigeria. As our ongoing vision achievement of the firm. water vapor. All over the world. The burning of fossil fuels. design and implement any form of eco – friendly system that help reduce and possibly eradicate the damage to the ozone layer in the respective field. Today. our agency is pushing for the use of eco – friendly materials like clothes. like our vehicles. The ozone damage is increasing by one third of its fraction every decade. This hurts many people.

Nigeria is a nation that boasts of 150million people and quite a handful of natural resources including its sole product oil. resulting in fewer emissions being generated” (Hybrid. animal life and environment” (Cars. reduce the sea levels. The eco friendly cars will reduce air emissions. The “Hybrids” are those that run on electricity and gas at the same time. animals. That is 300million cars emitting harmful gases and I bet this will be of great and top level priority to any Nation. This is a big problem to animals. metals and a variety of organic compounds into the environment. Government has not put in a lot of concern about this problem and thus the best group of positive thinkers deemed it fit for us to ameliorate the problem on ground. . balance the food chain and also create a healthier environment for living. they die and animals alongside with plants are sources of food for humans. Pr1). carbon dioxide. save our earth from heating up. These cars are seen as the future and as such should be encouraged. These cars basically run on alternative sources of energy such as hydrogen.contribute to increasing levels of global warming. damaging our health. “Road transport is responsible for the emission of hydrocarbons. plants and humans on these lands. Once the animals have insufficient food to eat. The unavailability of these sources leads to death of humans and a destruction of the food chain and human existence and thus it Global warming should be at every rate reduced to avoid this disaster. nitrogen dioxide. “The hybrid vehicle typically achieves greater fuel economy and lower emissions than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). Cars make a lot of noise and expensive to maintain. The water will cause the plants to die and these plants are a big source of food for the animals. carbon monoxide. There are a lot of factories and industries in Nigeria and high numbers of vehicles and trucks. Pr1). The use of eco-friendly cars in the economy will reduce the global warming in Nigeria. These vehicles run on petroleum and “cars with petrol driven internal combustion engines produce toxic waste products that pollute the air. Now considering the population in Nigeria. The car emissions are literally seen oozing out of the exhaust pipes of these vehicles on the roads. Global warming causes the sea level to rise and thus covers the low lands and soil. save the plants. “Hybrid vehicles can reduce air emissions of smog-forming pollutants by up to 90% and cut carbon dioxide emissions in half” (Hybrid. This accounts for the amount of flies and diseases in the country. “Cars are a major source of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming” (Cars. The environment in Nigeria is not friendly as you see a lot of dirt everywhere and Garbage littering the streets and corners. The economy in Nigeria is experiencing minimal increase and now an average family in Nigeria possesses at least two cars. Pr 20). Pr 3 ). fossil fuels etc. Sunlight acts on some of these to produce ground level ozone.” (Cars. Pr 5). humans. These emissions cause serious problems in the country and need to be addressed properly. the amount of cars on the average will be at least three hundred million cars.

Pr 5). Asthma sufferers collectively lose millions of working days every year. irritation to the eyes. They cause respiratory diseases. and exacerbate existing breathing problems. The project will sustain our preserve our environment making it habitable for organisms. . which damages crops and trees. and erodes our old buildings and ancient works of art” (Cars. Carbon monoxide causes drowsiness and poor mental alertness. “Chemicals from direct air pollution plus ozone are toxic and each has a specific effect upon humans and the environment. “Air pollution from transport produces acid rain. costing employers and governments hundreds of millions of dollars” (Cars. such as asthma in children and other medical conditions in the elderly.The project is extremely necessary in the Nigerian economy considering the high levels of toxic emissions that occur directly and indirectly. Pr 4). The project will also have huge benefits on the health sector in Nigeria by reducing the amount of respiratory diseases.

As an agent of green technology and an agent against global warming.PROJECT DESCRIPTION Objectives: Eco – friendly automobiles International. Eco – friendly automobiles International hopes to drastically reduce the emission of carbon by cars. we expect to have reduced the use of carbon-emitting cars by over ninety (90) percent. we – Eco-friendly automobiles International will employ the following methods. in carrying this vision to other parts of the world. once the grant is given. and within the next twenty (20) years. Presently. Our main objectives are. and then other parts of Africa and the world. that will easily deliver these cars to the doorstep of their buyers without delay. • • • Creating carbon-free cars within Nigerian. believes in green technology. thus reducing the carbon emission from cars within the country. 45% of the grant money will be put into Zenith bank premium fixed deposit account to further increase the grant money. and University of Nigeria Nsukka. Devising a sophisticated distribution system. This will go a long way in reducing the overall emission of carbon into the atmosphere – which will in turn reduce the rate of environmental depletion as a result of global warming. in Nigeria. Methods: In order to implement all that has been put down on paper in the objectives. Our firm is focused on making carbon free emitting cars first. Eco – friendly automobiles International hopes to start from Nigeria. Ecofriendly automobiles cannot fold its arms and do nothing about it. By implementing theses stated objectives. • Since most of the grant will not be immediately put into use. it is feasible to kick start this campaign in Nigeria. Import the best and affordable steel from Mital Steel Company in India. Considering how fast the natural resources and atmospheric shields are swiftly depleted. • • . Implement the design technique by the team of researchers from American University of Nigeria. Making these eco-friendly cars affordable to everyone at affordable prices.

• • • Set-up special assemble line for these new brand of eco-friendly cars. In the past. will add the needed pedigree to the management team. Paul has worked on major projects like the assembling of Toyota Prius in Africa. • Emeka Egbunike (procurement Manager) o Having studied Project Management at Yale and worked for BMW in the middle-east. . • • Staffing/Administration: Different personnel will be involved in different tasks. newspapers and mobile telecoms networks. this job suits no other person than Emeka. • Daniel Addo (Customer care) o Daniel has previously worked for MTN customer care unit. after our first fleets of eco-friendly cars are ready. Since he was head of procurement while at BMW. He will be in charge of relaying the company’s concerns and intentions to our customers and the public. Daniel studied public administration at the popular Oxford University. that support the “green” cause like “green and clean” and the Imo State Government of Nigeria. We will reach out to the populace through media houses like TV stations. governments and organizations. The following people will be at the helm of affairs in their different departments: • Paul Lazarus (Project Manager) o Paul is a mechanical engineer that did his PhD in bio-diversity and renewable energy at Harvard. He will be in charge of the entire project. Finally. Emeka. and he is a guru at public relations. Employ 100 men to start work on the new brand of cars at the new assembly line Partner with existing NGOs. we will launch a bonanza of 70% off for the first 1000 units sold. who also happens to be Nigerian. as to the eco-friendly car project.

drastic measures will be taken according to company policies. • Abdulrauf Yamta (Chief Mechanical Engineer) o Yamta will be in charge of the overall every day running of the car assembly plant. and in the case of any lapse. Evaluation: Accountability is highly emphasized in our company and this is enforced from the highest level of management down to the lower hierarchy of the company. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. will be in charge of all the financial operations of eco-friendly automobiles international. The voices of the customers will be heard.• Abdulrahman Abubakar (Financial Director) o The don of the London Business School – Abdul. Yamta is very meticulous and has previously worked at Volvo in the UK. and steps will be • • • . Most departmental workers are answerable to the director in charge of their departments. Below is a list of different ways through which eco-friendly automobiles International keeps track: • Monthly reports will be delivered to the management team from every single department of the company. This will entail activities that went on during the monthly period of business transactions and other company activities. Manufacturing activities and book keepings will be inspected. financial auditors will audit the account records of the company. and the directors are also answerable to the managerial team. Quarterly. There will also be monthly inspections of all the departments in the company by the managerial team and the project sponsors. These reports will finally be relayed to the project sponsors for scrutiny. It will also help in day to day tracking and organization of company business activities. SAP will help in financial tracking of income and expenditure of the company. SAP business solutions will be integrated into the business practice of the company. Customer satisfaction is also a very important to Eco-friendly automobiles International. The reports will vary according to the different departments that produce them. He will be heavily involved in the assembling of the eco-friendly vehicles. and copies will be sent to project sponsors. He has ten years working experience with Zenith Bank Nigeria plc.

Sustainability: Such an important project as this one will need to be sustained throughout its life spam.25 $9750. Normally. Researchers from AUN and UNN have donated their design for eco-friendly cars for implementation. investment incomes and government grants have gone a long way in sustaining the eco-friendly cars project.50 Amount .20 $45775. this design would have cost thousands of dollars.070. They help out with reaching out to the public and spreading the news about our eco-friendly cars. It is noteworthy. fundraisings. campaigns.70 $44. personal contributions. they gave it for free. but because of they share the same vision. and feedbacks will be collected and tracked. a number of sponsors have identified with Eco-friendly automobiles International so far.50 $1155. that the following have committed to this company in one way or another. Forms will be handed out with every unit of car sold.545.60 $1250. They supported Eco-friendly automobiles International with media rights and publicity.55 $64. They donated 200 hectares of land within the industrial zone of Imo State. membership incomes. • Imo State Government: they share the same goal and ambitions as our company. Green and Clean: this is a NGO that is dedicated to renewable energy for a cleaner tomorrow. So far. Also. These feedbacks will be relayed to the design team and the project sponsors.650.taken to improve on any complains. • • • BUDGET INCOME Source Support Government grants Foundations Corporations United Way or other federated campaigns Individual contributions Fundraising events and products Membership income $15.

50 Other (specify) $5755.000 $606.50 $2750.75 $1786.25 Supplies $250.) Web Designer SAP business solutions Financial Administrator Auditor SUBTOTAL: Amount $149999.30 Total Income EXPENSES Item Salaries and wages (breakdown by individual position and indicate full.000 Personnel expenses $2750.70 Overhead expenses $2300.90 $24.25 $999. benefits and other related taxes $6750 Consultants and professional fees $50.50 Media and Campaigns $7955.25 Revenue Government Contracts Earned Income Other (specify) $12.795.85 Direct project expenses $5009.50 $156786.455 $4000.00 DIFFERENCE (Income less Expense) $(-260.25 $7554.750 Travel $10.000 Insurance.50 $1250.000) .In-kind support Investment income $3205.or parttime.50 PT PT PT PT $FT/PT FT $240.55 Rent and utilities $1145.95 Total Expense $500000.

Their main job is to control the budget. charge or tax for every tone of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere. The main headquarter is located in Abuja. helping the fight against global warming. The executive director finance and administration. these cars will decrease the dependence on gasoline. to reduce global warming in Nigeria. GOVERNING STRUCTURE  CEO: This is a qualified person who has the required leadership experience in coordinating people within the organization. The executive directors are the people responsible for supervising the use of our organization’s resources to meet its goals. • As they use less gas than the conventional gas engine. Executive director monitoring and controlling has three departments in it. the monitoring board and training committee. The selection board carries out interviews. This organization has embarked on a project in order to fight global warming in Nigeria. Eco-friendly Automobiles International has its presence in different other countries of the world.    . SIGNIFICANCE • There is this policy in Nigeria that requires individual emitters of greenhouse gas to pay a fee.ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION ORGANIZATION HISTORY Eco-friendly Automobile International is the name of our organization that aims to create awareness and encourage the use of eco – friendly cars. This deals with the training of people on how to use the newly purchased eco – friendly cars. Maitama area District. and setting up equipments for the production of eco – friendly cars for use in within the country. This will make ecofriendly cars desirable products. and hence the gasoline prices. Being the best of our kind in the world. The introduction of these eco – friendly cars will help reduce this effect of greenhouse gases and even improve people financial state of most companies and individuals. With gasoline prices now reaching record highs. eco – friendly cars emits less greenhouse gases. this deal with budgeting part of our project. its allocation and organizational spending.

we have also shown a detailed budget on how the money that you give us will be spent. and with our firm’s commitment to the creation of such cars. and the support of your company. we are convinced that we can en-list Nigeria amongst the nations fighting global warming. Countries like the United States of America and England have spearheaded this research and have come up with ways to fight it. the vision will grow. as earlier stated is the biggest issue in the world now.The executive director production deals with the production and distribution of eco – friendly cars to different sectors of Nigeria. however we know that with time. we anticipate your reply as we make fight Global warming in Nigeria. The use of eco friendly cars is one way. A lot of research is being made. . Africa and the world. to discover ways fight and avoid its occurrence. Therefore. on an international level. We have shown you the role that eco friendly cars have to play in the fight against global warming. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE CEO Executive director monitoring and controlling Executive director Finance and administratio n Executive director production Monitoring board Training committee Bursar’s office Selection board Distribution board CONCLUSION Global warming. This proposal has described our commitments and what we plan to do.

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