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In order to register to vote, everyone must prove age, domicile, citizenship, & identity.

Here are the documents you should bring, some documents offer multiple proof: Domicile: If you live on campus, have your APM sign a form with your campus address Citizenship: Birth Certificate, passport, naturalization papers Identity: License, passport, US Armed Services ID card, or UNH ID. You can also bring a valid photo ID card issued by either the federal government, state, county, or municipal government, other photo ID deemed legitimate by the supervisors of the checklist, the moderator, or clerk; or you can have your verification of identity made by a supervisor of the checklist or the moderator or the clerk. If you do not have any of these proofs, you can fill out an affidavit, swearing that it is true.

If you do not have an approved photo ID: Between Nov. 1, 2012 and September 1, 2013 any voter who does not present an approved photo ID will be permitted to vote after executing a challenged voter affidavit. What if I have no form of identification? Youll be asked to sign a challenge voter affidavit. After the election, youll receive a letter from the Secretary of States office requesting that you confirm that you voted in the election. You will have 90 days to respond. If you dont, the Attorney General will conduct an investigation to determine ifyour vote was fraudulent.

What if I am already registered to vote? Bring one form of photo ID, preferably a license.
More info:,, or 603.271.3242.

For UNH community members who are voting in Durham (Oyster River HS) and want a ride to/from campus, there will be a clearly marked UNH shuttle making stops at Sawyer Hall & HoCo (Main St. stop) from 9AM-7PM. Our thanks go out to Transportation Services for providing this service.



NO VEM BE R 2012

Message from the Manager: Y-O-L-O

We all know that November is traditionally a month of giving thanks. I dont know about you but I am feeling particularly thankful so far. We are so fortunate to have escaped Hurricane Sandys wrath without a scratch. Times like this certainly have a way of humbling us, whether directly affected or not. The threat of Sandy alone threw in our faces the obvious fact that tomorrow isnt promised to anyone; you only live once (YOLO). YOLO shouldnt be an excuse to start acting reckless, so dont get any ideas! It means keeping your priorities straight and working to achieve your fullest potential. It means not letting insignificant things stress you out, getting rid of excess, and showing loved ones that you appreciate them. The happiest of people dont necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of what they have. Happy November!

Inside Woodside

November Socials p.2 Love My Life @WS p.3 Make Your Voice H eard, p.4 Housing Visit & Su rvey, p.5 Win Cat s Cache p.5 Mid-Yea r Housing Processes & Forms p.6 Room Te mp. & Windows Warning p.7 CA Hirin g p.8 FREE WS Mug p.9 Being T hankful All Year p.10

In This Issue:

Connect with @UNHwoodside

This month @Woodside


11/2Nacho Night (9pm, WS-CC) 11/7Smores-2-Go (8-9pm, Coming to you) 11/9Melted Crayon Art (9pmWS-CC) 11/15Thank You Cards (10-6pm, WS-Mailroom) 11/16Turkey Toss (9pm, WS-CC) 11/19Pie Eating Contest (7pm, WS, CC) 11/27DIY Stress Ball (2-6pm, WS-Mailroom) 11/28To Be Determined (8-9pm, Coming to you) 11/29Lets Talk About Music (9pm, WS-CC)

*Subject to change, advertising to follow.

*Important Resident Council Meeting* Tuesday, Nov.13th at 8:30pm [WS-CC]

Make your voice heard! Representatives from Housing will be visiting us to get YOUR feedback about living on campus!

Join us and youll be entered into a drawing to win one of ten Cat's Cache gift cards worth $25.

Coming to Woodside this November:


Keep an eye out for the link & prize info!

If you do not plan to live on-campus next semester for ANY reason, you must submit a petition by noon Friday, November 9th. Petitions received after that time will not receive full consideration. The petition form is available at the Housing Office or at the Housing website. Common reasons for petitioning include graduation, withdrawal from UNH or participation in a UNH sponsored exchange/study abroad program. If you have a more individualized situation, please know that while each petition is reviewed carefully and considered based on the individual circumstances that are presented, most petitions will not be approved. Students who petition by November 9th will receive a decision from Housing via email prior to Thanksgiving break. If your petition is not approved, you will be financially responsible for the full amount of your spring semester housing charges. More information is available at housing/process/petitionforreleaseFAQs.html .

If you are not returning to the apartments for second semester you must check out at the Office by 3pm on Saturday, December 15th, 2012. If you do not check out your apartment locks will be changed and you will be charged $75. Your bedroom also needs to be returned to check-in condition for the incoming resident.

If you are switching from one Woodside or Gables apartment to another Woodside or Gables apartment your moving days are January 9 & 10. Because of the number of people switching apts. it is very important that moves happen in a timely manner.

If your apartment has a mid-year vacancy there will most-likely be a new resident coming in for second semester. Residents moving from one apartment to another will be moving on January 9 & 10. Residents moving from other locations into mid-year vacancies will be moving in on January 20th. Residents leaving your apartment are responsible for cleaning their bedroom areas. It is also a good idea for the remaining residents to tidy up before new roommates come in in an effort to put your best foot forward and start the semester off on a welcoming note. A good start to a semester can seriously minimize the chances of serious roommate conflicts later in the year. Please note that students cannot move into vacancies in their apartment without approval from UNH Housing. These spaces must remain vacant for incoming students.

Apartment Change and Pull-In Forms are due to the Woodside and Gables offices by noon on Friday, November 16th. For forms or additional information about this process, please contact your apartment manager or Sarah Taylor at

Room temperature
At this point your heat should be working normally. If your apartment is way to hot or too cold no matter how you adjust your thermostat please call UNH Facilities at 603-862-1437. Too Hot = Wasted energy Unpleasant, & potentially a sign of a larger problem

Too Cold =

Dont let this happen to you! -Close your windows!

Its happened before... Windows left slightly cracked open when it was freezing out, pipes breaking, thousands of dollars in damage billingnot a good situation. Dont let it happen to you! Please make sure that you close your windows during cold weather, especially if you are leaving for an extended period.

Woodside travel mugs were given out at Mugs, Not Drugs in October. If we missed you, come claim your FREE WS mug at the mailroom! *Dining Hall Approved*

Tuesday, November 6, 7:30-8:30am MUB 321 The World Needs All Kinds of Minds Talk By: Temple Grandin Facilitated By: Dave Zamansky Assistant Director of the MUB Tuesday, November 20, 7:30-8:30am MUB 321 How To Spot A Liar Talk By: Pamela Meyer Facilitated By: Paul Dean Chief, UNH Police Department Tuesday, December 4, 7:30-8:30am MUB 321 How To Create A Movement (& More) Talk By: Derek Sivers Facilitated By: Nate Hastings







Wednesday, November 14, 6-7pm MUB I: LIT When Legal, Moral, Ethical and Right Dont Line Up Lt. Col. Patrick Testerman UNH Air Force ROTC commander Wednesday, November 28, 6-7pm MUB I: Movies Through the Eyes of Mae Mobley: A Lesson About Childrens Understanding of Racial Difference from the Help Szu-Hui Lee, Staff Psychologist, UNH Counseling Cetner

Being Thankful All Year The Benefits:

Healthier relationships Increased satisfaction with your life The ability to enjoy the little moments in life more fully Improves overall health

Gratitude requires awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Controlling negative emotions isnt always easy but you can consciously condition your mind to have more relaxed, productive, and grateful thoughts. Ask yourself:

Do I want more from someone or something? Am I waiting for something to happen in order to be happy? Do I judge myself, criticize others, complain about situations, or carry disappointment, guilt, fear, worry, or anger?

Be an Insider! Connect w/ us!

If you answered yes, dont fret. Once aware of your thoughts & feelings, you can start changing them for the betterrefocusing from whats lacking to whats plentiful.

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