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STUDENT SENATE BILL 2012-1079 TITLE: AUTHOR: SPONSOR: AMOUNT: Funding for Pride Student Unions Forum Project

Senate Allocations Committee Senate Allocations Committee $ 2,400.00

Special Request for 1. Honorarium ($750 Speaking Fee * 2 speakers) + ($400 flight * 2 tickets) + ($100 hotel fee)

$ 2,400.00

Grand Total:

$ 2,400.00


Bridget Siegel

Active Members: 350 Purpose: The Forum Project (TFP) offers creative opportunities for individuals and communities to deconstruct and dialogue about the oppressions we face and to develop creative tactics for liberation. We work through Theatre of the Oppressed, critical pedagogy and other creative techniques to engage people to explore and understand the world, their communities and their lives. There will be multiple workshops that students will participate in. Main foci of the workshops include self-awareness/identity-development, social justice at the University of Florida, and understand how injustice and oppression manifest on the micro and macro level.


Proviso: This allocation will exhaust at the end of the fiscal year; June 30, 2013