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Unit: Traveling Through Europe Lesson: Using Access to build a database for your Gastronomy Section Parts: 2

Part 1 Objectives: Learn to Use Primary Keys Create and enter data into Tables Label and format rows and columns Sort data Show understanding of activity through successful completion of interactive quiz Vocabulary: Database Table Primary Design View Media Tools: Internet Access .avi player (VLC is a good player to have) Microsoft Access Captivate (possibly) Flash Player Assessment Method: Captivate Interactive Quizzes

1. Directions a. Please go to the Wiki site: b. Click on Module 3- Beginning Foreign Gastronomy c. Watch the Video titled: Guide- Part 1 d. Follow the instructions given throughout the video. Feel free to stop and refer back to any part as necessary. e. Pay special attention to the Important Vocabulary Section. These are words that you will hear throughout the rest of the lesson. 2. Access Tutorial 1 a. On the Wiki Site, go to Module 3 and watch the Screencast titled Access Tutorial 1

b. Make sure you understand each step. I suggest that you create a database with the tutorial to make sure you understand. 3. Quiz a. On the Wiki Site, go to Module 3 and click on the link titled Gastronomy Access Lesson Part 1 b. This is an interactive quiz that will test your understanding and knowledge of the things covered in the Guide- Part 1 and Access Tutorial 1 videos. While you are free to use your notes, I would suggest attempting the quiz without them. This will give you a clear picture of the concepts that need further practice before moving on to the next section of Lesson 1. c. If you find yourself in need of help which is not mentioned in the Guide or Tutorial, and you cannot find the answer in the help section of access, please go to the following site: i. ii. Click Get free training iii. Click Access 2010 in the bottom left corner iv. Find, or type in the topic you are looking for into the search bar at the top, and there should be a video or set of instructions. The site is very comprehensive. v. Caution: While I do not want to deter you from getting help necessary for this or future assignment, please do not go ahead at this time. Access can be a very complicated tool. For our purposes, you should not need more than the instructions and videos provided. d. Please feel free to retake the quiz until you can answer all questions correctly and have an understanding of the concepts that led to those answers.